i remembered to draw it

sorry this is so late!! @atomicmangos

okay so after narrowing it down to a few pieces of yours, i ran into this one and had a serious flashback moment. ive never really stuck with a fandom before and after finding out about this show, star vs the forces of evil, i found this incredible community on tumblr!! the artwork the fics, everything was so beautiful! i ran into your account and was immediatley starstruck ( ;0 ), i spent that entire afternoon rummaging through your posts and looking at them over and over again and i started to fall in love with the show and your art style, and began to give it a go at svtfoe fan art.

i saw you were doing a livestream and i was PUMPED, i made an account in the blink of an eye, sat down, and i was just in a trance watching the magic behind your drawings. it was this exact drawing that you were streaming, and i remember how careful you were with the colors and how tedious it looked, yet how graceful you made the entire process. you interacted with everyone and made the stream an enjoyable experience. everything about this drawing is perfect and absolutely stunning, it catches my eye everytime and i remember what an incredible amount of work you put into this.

thats where i made the account i have today, and i made my first reblog, i went to more and more of your streams, more and more people came, and soon enough you were our mango mom. i met my most treasured friends because of those streams and i dont know what the heck id be doing if i didnt run into your art! i probably wouldn’t be on tumblr, i wouldn’t have grown as an artist, and i would’ve never developed my own personal style. but i did and im so so happy with how things turned out and seeing you grow and make even more impossibly perfect artwork makes me tear up a little :’)

so i trace it all back to this drawing and to this day, one of my favorite things to do is go to your streams and have an awesome time, just like the first day.

congrats on 10k mom, i love you so so so much and i adore you in every sense! thank you for introducing me to the world of art on tumblr and to such an incredible show that has helped me grow as an artist, i cant thank you enough for all of the inspiration you have brought to this community!

ill be here for the next 10k, and furthermore <3

Quick question!  I actually remembered to record myself drawing the entirety of that Spirited Away AU drawing (WHAAAAT–?? How can this beeee!? Miracle of miracles!) and since it’s quite a long process, I was wondering what kind of video you’d prefer to see:

  1. A shorter video of the whole thing, sped up as usual. (sped up 40 times normal speed to make one ~10 minute video)
  2. Two videos: One video with the sketch and lineart phase, the other with the coloring and background process. (Maybe sped up 10-20 times normal speed so it’s easier to see what I’m doing)

What do you guys think?


although I can console myself by remembering that he’s technically already seen it, I’m outrageously late in posting this Speed portrait which was meant to be a birthday gift to my best and favorite boy @speedmagick. Would that I were a better illustrator and could make cool drawings of all the great headcanons and AUs you graciously engage me with but I’m afraid you’ll have to settle for weird, moody fashion watercolors. I hope the rest of your birth month is a delight and I can’t wait to see you this summer <3

stay while the melody’s sung
break like a wave on the run
i do be sure I can’t say anymore
i just know that it won’t last forever [x]

hey everyone i suddenly remembered how to draw again? i havent drawn levi in a while and really wanted to practice linework/motion! it’s the return of teal/red aka my favorite color scheme 


More of the poses!

I liked the look of this one but couldn’t decide which way round was better so I went with BOTH!

Dorks are watching too much anime when one gets too tired and uses the other as a pillow.

Another note, I like the headcannon of Undyne having gills on her neck but I do also sometimes forget to draw them on </3 I remembered this time!  Also Alphys is wearing shorts but her lower legs that are where her hands rest are bare

>My Ships<

OTP’s (might draw):

-Jikook (BTS)
-Creek (South Park)
-Sheith (Voltron)
-Davekat (Homestuck)
-Terumob (Mob Psycho)
-Kagehina & Bokuaka (Haikyuu!!)
-Killugon & HisoIllu (HxH)
-Bakudeku (Boku no hero academia) 
-Ichikara (Osomatsu-san)
-Saigenos (One punch man)
-Jotakak (Jojo)
-Johnlock (Sherlock)
-Usuk (Hetalia)
-Midotaka & Aokise (Kuroko)
-Shizaya (Durarara)

-Yoonmin, Yoonseok, Vmin, Vhope, Namjin (BTS)
-Jonadio, Caejose, Josuhan, Giomis, GyroJohnny[??lmao idk the name] (Jojo)
-KaraTodo, Ichijyuushi, Osochoro (Osomatsu-san)
-All BNHA ships

XX NOTPs/Will never draw: XX

-Vkook (BTS) -pls don’t get me wrong there i just wont draw this-
-Straight ships in general ?? Sorry i’m gay

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Diff anon, the fact that both hiro AND hikaru are going to be in a otome game is a gold because I love those two, (and oumami ;))) I also saw that you liked dandelion! Jieun best boy :*> anyways, I rambled too much! keep drawing ;;;

OMG U MADE ME REMEMBER AAAA I LOVE THAT BOYY <33 but jiwoo is my fav I can’t resist the tsuns ahaah 

I’m really looking forward to that otome game asdfghjkl

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another tumblr thing i remember from my youth is the "two sides of tumblr" thing? i remember seeing a digital drawing some girl posted of it where it was like a face divided down the middle of a girl on a computer and one half was a white girl and the other half was another white girl but blonde and it was one of those "fandom vs hipster" things? like that was bad

i remember a Fake Story that was like a Fandom Blogger running into a Hipster Blogger and they snarled at each other or something