i remembered narnia

You know what might actually be sadder than if Peter, Edmund, and Lucy were tense with Susan? This…

•Susan only says once that she thinks it was a game.
•Lucy cautiously brings up later.
•She finds out Susan actually thinks of it as a game.
•Peter tries to drop in hints of the small things they experienced together, but she has no recollection.
•The three of them have a talk and find that Susan has really forgotten, or at least suppressed the memories.
•They do treat it as a game.
•Edmund still talks about Narnia to her, but he words it differently.
•"Well, Su. It’s sort of like that time we fled Calormene.“
•"Oh! I remember that story. You told me to be brave then. I never forgot that.”
•"Yeah…I did. Good luck tonight then?“
•Peter tells her stories of Narnia where she was marvelous and she listens intently, saying that she wishes it were true.
•Peter sheds a tear because it was, and she truly was marvelous.
•Lucy constantly calls her Queen Susan as a nickname, and Susan smiles because for some reason it gives her a surge of courage.
•Susan asks why some sermon in church sounds familiar, and Lucy mentions Aslan.
•Susan assumes it was a way to make their Sundays less dry.
•Worst of all, the three of them watched Susan go to party after party, suppress her intelligence, grow more aggressive and short tempered, all the while knowing she couldn’t remember the Gentle Queen they knew she was deep down inside.
•They said she wasn’t a friend of Narnia anymore, but that didn’t mean she had necessarily been angry about it.


It’s the power of Choice, I think. 

The power of Choice: of choosing to ring a bell, to take an apple, to step into a wardrobe, to eat a piece of candy, to pretend you didn’t see, to pretend you didn’t know; to allow anger over love, fear over trust, the lie over the truth. 

It’s the choice to only trust what you can see, only believe what you can know. It’s the choice to redeem yourself and fight for yourself (for what you believe, you will see; what doors you will open, the adventures you will find.)

It begins with a Choice. 

(It begins with a Door.)

One day, you’ll be old enough to start reading fairy tales again. 

C.S. Lewis quotes cycle 1/32


And I really believed it was Him tonight, when you woke us up. I mean, deep down inside. Or I could have, if I’d let myself.

Narnia aesthetic - Susan Pevensie