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I Guess Studying Can Wait...

A/N: I was studying for a test that is tomorrow but this idea came to mind and I HAD TO WRITE IT. I may fail this test but shush, this was more important!! I Swear!

Request/Prompt: XX

Summary: You forget to study for a test, before you could leave Jason distracts you

Relationship: Jason Todd x Reader

Warning(s): Make-out scene?? 

Word Count: 300+

Note: XX

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You cared very much for your grades in school and couldn’t have a bad mark on any assignment or test you were given. You always studied a week before and somehow memorized everything you learned, however lately you were slacking off and it was only last minute you remembered about a big test on Monday. You were at the Wayne Manor watching a few movies with Jason when it suddenly hit you in the face, your eyes widened and you jumped up from the couch causing Jason to jump at your sudden actions.

“Y/N?” He reached over and grabbed your arm with a concerned look over his face, pulling you back towards him. His hand landing on your hip as you were turned to look at him, your hands pressing against his chest.

“Y/N?! What’s wron-”

“I forgot about the test that was on monday, if I don’t get a good mark on this my grades could PLUMMET. My parents would kick my ass!” You try to get out of Jason’s hold to get out of the Manor and back home so you could start studying. But you failed miserably as Jason only seemed to hold onto you tighter to prevent you from running off.

You saw him roll his eyes as you glared up at him, using all the strength you had in attempt to get out, “Jason! Let go-” You were taken by surprise as he slipped his arm around your waist and pressed himself against you, his other hand coming up and resting on your cheek, closing the distance between you two in a slow kiss. You were hesitant, but slowly you began to kiss back with your arms looping around his neck, breathing in his scent while holding back the urge to moan as he nipped at your lip. You ran your fingers through his hair, feeling your shirt slowly riding up your torso while Jason’s cold hand pressed against your bareback.

You pulled back with a small gasp, both you and Jason heavily panting and faces flushed red. You couldn’t help but smirk as you lean forward just a touch, your lips brushing against his but you didn’t connect them, feeling his other hand slowly trailing down your body only to stop at your hip.

“I guess studying can wait…”

The Gift of Rosie

Happy Mother’s Day, my lovely friends! Here’s a little Rosie story for you all. It’s rated G. Big thanks to @mizjoely for looking it over for me and @mrsmcrieff for her Britishness! It’s also on AO3 and FF.net. Enjoy ~Lil~

Molly had picked Rosie up from school and was taking her to John’s where the sitter was waiting on them. She was in a bit of a hurry because she’d had to split her shift with a coworker in order to help John with the running. Since Mary’s death, Mike had been much more accommodating with Molly’s schedule, especially considering the amount of overtime she’d put in over the years.

“Aunt Molly,” Rosie said as the cab rounded the corner on her street.

“Yes, love?”

“Where’s your mummy?” the five year old asked.

Rosie had become more and more inquisitive about Mary and mothers in general in recent months. It was heartbreaking, but expected.

“My mummy died when I was little, Rosie,” she answered.

“Like mine.”

“Well, yes. But I was a bit older. I was six.”

“I’ll be six soon.”

“Yes you will, dearheart,” Molly said with a smile.

“You remember your mummy, don’t you?”

Molly swallowed back tears. “Yes, I do.”

“I wish Daddy would marry you so I could have a mummy all the time.”

She wrapped her arms around the little girl. “Rosie, you may not be my daughter, but I couldn’t love you more even if you were.” She kissed her little blonde head, then drew back and looked in her blue eyes. “Your mum is always with you. She was an amazing woman and she loved you so much.”

Rosie blinked and nodded. For a moment Molly thought the child might cry, but she didn’t. “I love you too, Aunt Molly.” She snuggled up against Molly’s side and sniffled. “Daddy needs a girlfriend.”

Molly laughed, not only because it was a strange observation from a five year old, but because John had a girlfriend, he just hadn’t introduced Rosie and Emma yet.

“And not that accountant woman. They won’t last another month,” she said before turning back to watch the passing scenery.

Molly just shook her head. Rosie might not remember her mother but there was no doubt that she was the child of Mary Watson. Not to mention Sherlock had been teaching her the science of deduction practically since birth.

“I want to do something for Molly for Mother’s Day,” John said to Sherlock on their way to the scene of a triple murder two and a half weeks later.

“I don’t think Tobias counts as an actual child, John,” the detective replied drily.

“You know what I’m talking about, Sherlock!”

“Of course I do, and I’d thought about it as well. She’s a mother figure to Rosie. Your child adores her.” Sherlock looked at John and thought carefully before he continued, “The other day she told Molly that she wished you would marry her so that she’d have a full time mum.”

John’s head jerked up. “She said that?”

Sherlock nodded.


“She also predicted your break-up with the accountant before you ever introduced them,” Sherlock said smugly.

“I should limit your time together.”

“Don’t discount DNA, John. She’s very much her mother’s daughter.”

The doctor smiled fondly. “That she is.”

Not wanting to see his friend fall into a gloom over Mary’s memory, Sherlock changed the subject back to Molly, “So, Mothering Sunday…”

“Ah, yes. I was thinking that the three of us could take Molly to lunch. Make a fuss over her. Give her flowers or something.”

Sherlock rolled his eyes. Typical. “That’s a bit conventional, don’t you think?”

“What do you suggest?”

He thought for a moment, then had a brilliant idea. “This shouldn’t be up to us, John. We should let Rosamund decide.”

“Why won’t you tell me where we’re going, Sherlock? You’re making me nervous,” Molly said as she studied the passing countryside.

“Relax, Molly. It’s not as if I’d take you somewhere dang…er…ous.” He dragged out the last word as if he knew it wasn’t true.

She turned and looked at him, her head cocked to the side, eyebrow raised judgmentally.

“Okay, perhaps I would. But not today. It’s a surprise. You like surprises.”

His voice was suspiciously high and… odd. “Listen, William…” He gave her the stink eye, the same stink eye he always gave her when she called him by his first name. “…tell me what’s going on, now!” He knew better than to try to use his tricks on her.

“For God’s sake, Molly, calm down. It will be worth it, I promise.” He pulled his mobile out of his pocket, then added, “And if you call me William again I’ll tell everyone about the incident with the falafel vendor.”

She gasped. “You wouldn’t!”

Sherlock smirked. “You know that I would,” he said, without looking up.

Just then the cab pulled to a stop.

“We’re here.” He leaned forward and paid the fare.

Looking out her window at the large empty field, she asked, “Where?”

Here,” he said sarcastically.

Molly wanted to reply, but decided against and started to open the door.

Sherlock reached across her, grabbing her hand. “Stop. Stay right where you are.” Then he pulled a black sleeping mask out of his pocket. “Put this on.”

“Oh no! Last time you blindfolded me I ended up in the Thames.”

Sherlock laughed. “That was hilarious!”

Molly was NOT amused. She took the mask from his outstretched hand, then pinched his thigh.

“Ow! That really hurt!” He rubbed at his ‘injury’.

“It wasn’t supposed to tickle.” Holding up the mask she asked, “Why do I need this?”

“If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you.”


He sighed. “It involves our goddaughter, is that enough?”

Of course it was! “Fine.” She put on the mask. “Now what?”

“Just wait.”

Molly heard the car door open and shut, then she thought she heard the boot open and shut as well. She waited, wondering what the hell was going on. Finally, her door opened and someone, Sherlock obviously, took her hand.

“Step out, Molly, I’ve got you,” he said.

She did, carefully, very glad that she hadn’t seen any large bodies of water when she had looked around before she put on the mask. “Okay, Sherlock, what’s next?”

“Now we wait,” he explained.

“For how long?”

“As long as it takes.”

It took more than fifteen minutes. Eventually, she convinced Sherlock that she needed to sit down. He put a blanket (she assumed it was a blanket, at least it felt like one) on the ground and helped her sit. They spoke very little, but she heard him typing on his phone and occasionally talking to himself.

Finally he said, “There you are. I was wondering if you were going to show.”

“Someone was being indecisive about what to wear,” John said. “Hello, Molly. Curious yet?”

“Only completely,” she answered. “What’s going on?”

She was suddenly startled by a hug. A hug from a very small person. “Happy Mother’s Day, Aunt Molly,” Rosie Watson said, then kissed her cheek.

“What? I- I mean, thank you, Rosie,” Molly responded, a little choked up.

“Help her up, Uncle Sherlock,” Rosie demanded. “We have a lot to do.”

He did, then they were on their way.

As they started to walk, Rosie took hold of her hand. “Uncle Sherlock, you’ll have to hold her other hand or she’ll fall. Unless you want daddy to do it?”

“I won’t let her fall, Rosamund,” he said gruffly, taking hold of Molly’s free hand.

“I bet you won’t,” the child responded.

John laughed.

They walked (mostly uphill), and sure enough when Molly stumbled on the uneven ground, Sherlock was there to steady her. Rosie prattled on about school, deducing her classmates and teachers all the while. Sherlock kept asking questions, egging her on. Finally they came to a stop, and both Rosie and Sherlock released her hands.

“Okay, Aunt Molly, you can take off your blindfold now.”

She removed the mask and looked around. It was a bright, sunny day and it took a few seconds for her eyes to adjust. When they did, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

“What do you think?” Rosie asked excitedly, jumping up and down.

“Wh- what… are we really riding in that?” Molly asked, dumbstruck.

“Of course! We’re having a picnic after the ride and ice cream when we get back home. It was all my idea,” she added proudly.

“Rosie also wanted to pet a unicorn, but Sherlock explained that they didn’t exist,” John interjected.

“Then I said that just because he’s never seen something that doesn’t mean it’s not real!” the five year old said, cutting her uncle a scathing look. “He needs to use his imagination more.” She stuck her tongue out at him. The gesture was returned by the forty-three year old man-child.

Molly laughed as they were ushered into the basket attached to the colorful hotair balloon.

The ride was simply breathtaking. Rosie squealed and laughed the entire time, completely unafraid of the dizzying heights. The child was a wonder; the perfect combination of Mary and John. She was beautiful and kind, intelligent and brave. She was perfect. Molly felt herself tearing up as she watched John pointing out some castle ruins to her goddaughter. It wasn’t fair, Mary was missing everything.

“Molly,” Sherlock’s voice pulled her from her dark thoughts.

She wiped a tear from her cheek as she turned to him. “Yes, Sherlock.”

“She’s happy, you know. We have to take some comfort in that.” He wiped away another tear that had fallen, then tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. “She loves you so much.”

Molly nodded, unable to speak.

“That’s a feeling I completely understand,” he whispered with a soft smile.

Over the roar of the wind and the burners, Molly heard Rosie say to her father, “I was wrong, daddy. I want Aunt Molly to marry Uncle Sherlock. Besides, I already have a mummy and she’s always with me. Aunt Molly said so.”

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Hi! I hope you're doing ok^^ I just wanted to ask, because I'm also completely in love with makoto, what was the moment where you like, fell for him? Was it from the first second he appeared in season 1 or at a different moment? :D You don't have to share of course, but as he's your fav I thought I might ask you ^^ hope you have a good day ~

Hello :D ahhhhhh it was actually in few “steps”!!! <33

When I watched ep01 for the first time, I had no idea what kind of character he would be. But after few mns, this happened:

THIS made me melt for the guy immediately, that was one of the sweetest smile I saw for an anime charac///////// and I remember my cheeks got warmer at this sight ahahah >////<  but I wasn’t seeing him yet like my crush charac, it was only the beginning :)
After some episodes, I could see how kind he was, he became quickly my fav in the anime <333 but it’s definitely the episodes 5 & 6 that made me realize how much I loved him///// With ep5, we could discover his insecurities, so it made me get even more attached to him. But the episode ended like this :

We learnt just before that Makoto was scared of water but at in this scene, he doesn’t even think twice, he reacts right away and just run to save his friend. 
It was so intense!!!  I didn’t expect him AT ALL to react this way, I thought he would freeze tbh. It’s the scene I remember clearly how I was feeling. When the credits appear, I was really shocked, but when I saw the trailer for the next episode…..”shocking no breathing”………it’s so unfair for Rei, but I was terrified for Makoto. Really, TERRIFIED. And the worst, when this episode came, we had to wait TWO WEEKS for the next one :’((  I kept playing this scene again and again to reassure me, that he would be fine//////
I think it’s really at this point I realized how Makoto was important for me. To be that concerned about a anime character……the last time I felt this way was for Fai from TRC, one of my biggest fav charac.

Then, episode 6 finally came.

Do I really need to explain why I was moved at this moment :’) 
I guess it’s because I am someone very unconfident and I struggle to surpass my fears. So seeing Makoto who is trying his best all the time, and moves forward because he knows he isn’t alone and will take the strength and the love of the persons he cares about for this………….*leave to cry for a moment*
This was the moment for me, the moment I knew Makoto was the character I will love all my life and that I would cherish every smiles of him <333

And I fell more and more in love with his character during the rest of the season, and next season, and cd drama and novels ect…

I think it’s really when a character makes you smile or cry, touches you deeply, when your emotions are guided by them, that you begin to say 
“yes, that’s the one”

The Gyroscopic Collapse

Ok. I’m still heavily breathing. I’ve rewatched with calm and subs and WHAT IS THIS EPISODE. So much happened. Really, really a strong one. Not only for shamy but for everyone.

* Maybe the only thing that left me a little concerned was Raj moving. I was somehow enjoying it. I’m not sure what will mean him being with Bert. I’m not sure I wanted to have the latter even so around (he’s funny, but … enough).
* I didn’t expect the gyroscope project to end so abruptly! It has been a continuous plot for over a year and a half. I wonder what will be the guys’ future projects.
* Which brings me to Amy and her fellowship . Does this mean that her project with Sheldon will be stopped too? Or just suspended? I hope this second hypothesis, I really enjoy shamy working together.
* So the tradition to send someone away for the summer is back LOL Although it’s odd she’s leaving now and not next week. What’s happening?!?
* Btw, can we discuss briefly of howardette? Clingy Howard was super sweet. Their final scene was over the top. They are still so in love after all these years.
* I still have. so. many. feelings. about. those. dorks.
* First the serious stuff: I almost cried when Sheldon retired in the empty apartment. He felt so vulnerable. It reminded me of 9x04 and my heart broke.
* Then he proved how much he has grown in these years. Remember the last time everything in his life made him feeling overwhelmed? He jumped on the first train and run away. What has he done now? He stood and faced the problems. I’m not crying, you are.
* And he NEVER asked her to stay. He made sure she didn’t think they would make love in exchange of that. Her happiness always came first.
* Even if he admitted he can’t star without her, that’s so used to have her close and she makes him feel secure. Yeah, hand me that kleenex. 
* “I’ll love you no matter what.“
* Finally happened what I have been dreaming since FOREVER. You know, every time someone begged for proposal I always thought that first I wanted to solve that point first, and in THIS way. Sheldon wanting her. Desiring her right there, in the spur of a moment. No plans. No birthday presents. Pure love.
* The kisses. The way he kept caressing her.
* “Lovemaking”
* The way he leads her in the bedroom.
* Their face when they close the door good lord!!!
* I spent the good part of this morning picturing the situations in which those words and sounds were being made…

The Force Awakens: Behind the Scenes

You guessed it. It’s Julia here, back at it again from the fiery pits of hell that I like to call my bedroom, and welcome back to our weekly show, “How Many Times Can Adam Driver Fuck Julia Up!?” Last week, we had a short discussion about the way Adam Driver (Kylo Ren) twirled his lightsaber. This week, I would like to talk about the ‘behind the scenes’ gifs that have surfaced the internet this past week. 

Let’s begin with a simple one. John Boyega and Adam Driver rehearsing the Snow Fight scene. This one gets me going, man. LET ME POINT OUT THAT AFTER THE TWIRL ADAM DOES, HE DEADASS SLAPS JOHN IN THE FACE WITH HIS GLOVED HAND (I don’t remember seeing that in the movie, so I think that was a joke thing). I would also like to point out that John was legitimately TERRIFIED of Adam during the filming of the whole snow fight scene, so that makes every bit of my love for Adam just grow stronger. HE HAS SO MUCH PASSION FOR THE CHARACTERS THAT HE PLAYS IT IS INCREDIBLE.


y’all i thought he looked good in the actual film but something about seeing him from a different pov is so breathtaking and it just does things to me how can someone be so fucking beautiful 



this gif makes me crack up fucking idiot looks like he almost hit himself in the head i love him


AHAHWHahHA ha HA :)))))))*)$^)_%&)&))) )*:****(:(((((:(:(:(

To everyone asking me if I’m continuing the weekly prompts: I don’t know. 

There’s a lot of stuff going on in my life and I completely forgot to post the prompts the past couple of Fridays (sorry). So checking tumblr, thinking of a new prompt, making a new post, keeping track of fanfics, it was kind of becoming a chore for me, which isn’t fun at all. Then the cancellation news, which was the last straw for me. 

Now the show is un-cancelled ((lol and yay), but I honestly don’t want to have this responsibility of remembering to do it every week. I’m going to think about it and decide if I continue this or not and if I do, next Friday I’ll have a new post up (but don’t keep your expectations high).

In any case, you guys don’t need prompts to write. There are sooo many plot points to write about, both missing scenes from season 1 as well as spec for season 2, that you should do it anyway. We have over a year ahead of us before a new season airs, so don’t let fanfics die down regardless of what I do.

And yay for all of us!!!! 

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On the Steve Agee podcast last week, Michael talked about how Tom helped him get through the underwater scene in the pilot.

Michael: “I remember we were in this tank where Clark saves me at the end of the episode, he dives under the water and saves me in this car. I had to be in this 12 foot tank, submerged, with this big weight on me to hold me in the car and we had to take this snorkeling class and I get down there (makes Darth Vader noises) I’m not Darth Vader. I’m under the water and could hear “Michael? Are you ready, Michael?” faintly and I was supposed to give the thumbs up…and the thumbs up quickly went to thumbs down. I Michael-bolted right out of there… I swam up to the top (heavy breathing) “I can’t do this, man, I’m 12 feet under water. I can’t do this. I’m freaking out.

And Welling’s looking at me, Superman. “Supes, I can’t do this!” And he’s like “Listen, dude, you’re fine. We can do this. Just take your time.

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Hey, Tati! :) Hope you're well. This is a little random, but I thought I'd ask you because you're knowledgeable about networks, etc. So, since the finale airs on the 23rd, the whole season should be on Netflix the following week, right? Because of that deal the CW made with Netflix last year? I know that Legends was up soon enough after that it struck me that the season had just ended, but I can't remember how much time had passed.

Correct! The entire season is supposed to be up on netflix 5 days after the finale airs.

It’s so weird that every show on the cw has had their couples have a sex scene but TF seems like it’ll never do one with wa. Is it a family show lol ?

Also correct! If you’ll notice, SG has no sex scenes either.

The Flash and Supergirl are TV-PG
Arrow, Legends, Supernatural, Riverdale, etc. are TV-14

The ugly part about American society and television is that kids are allowed to be traumatized by watching a woman get impaled every single episode, but not allowed to see two consenting adults have even a hint of sex lmao.

Hey everyone!! I saw Hamilton last week, and since I know a lot of you won’t be able to see it for a while, I decided to tell you all the little/cool parts that I remember.

- During Hurricane Hamilton is standing in the center of the stage and the lighting is all around him makes it look like hes standing in the center of an ocean or something, its really cool because the lights move like waves too!!

- Literally so many Lams moments. I didn’t really see all the hype about Laurens and Hamilton, but I swear to god, in every other scene they had an intimate moment. Lots of Hamilton putting his hand on Laurens shoulder and pulling him in tight

- There was this really funny moment (I think it was in Helpless) were Hamilton and Eliza are kind of dancing together, not slow dancing or anything just swaying to the music, and Angelica takes Eliza away but Alexander doesn’t notice, so he does this weird pelvic thrust to Eliza only her father has taken her place by this point and Hamilton basically pelvic thrusts Mr. Schyler and its hilarious

- The Schuyler sisters high five a couple times and it was adorable

- The female ensemble. Just…. the female ensemble. The men were wonderful, but jesus christ these girls were absolutley marvelous. Every time they were onstage I couldn’t take my eyes off of them

- Everytime Hamilton mentions his mother this one emsemble girl is held up and then gracefully dropped, signifying her death and its really cool

- Before the show starts, Jonathon Groff goes over the PA systems and (in character) tells everyone to silence all cell phones “to enjoy my show” 

- The Cabinet Battles were so great. They broke the 4th wall constantly to get to audience to go “ooooh!” and if you were near the front row and cheered for Hamilton, Daveed would glare at you and Hamilton would be like “yEAH” it was so funny

- When Hamilton says “SIT DOWN JOHN YOU FAT MOTHER*****” if you look in the corner, King George is there and he had the most HILARIOUS reaction, he covered his heart and looked away dramatically

- When Phillip says “the ladies say that’s not where the resembles stops” he did a pelvic thrust and it really looked like he was suggesting that he and his dads dicks are the same???

- During Burn Eliza actually burned some letters onstage and then threw them into a trash can and it looked so cool

- Phillips death was the saddest part of the whole show for me. Lin’s face just crumpled up when he saw him in the hospital and I just about died, and when Eliza came in it just got so much worse. once he died she just let out the most  heartbreaking wail/sob and i swear to god I died

- angelica and eliza were like cute bff’s throughout the whole show

- there was no choreography during Wait for It. None. The ensemble just sits in chairs behind Burr

- They had to add a few beats after the line “Immigrants: We get the job done” because the audience just went nuts

- I don’t know why Okieriete Onaodowan doesn’t more credit or fans because he was so amazing!!

- Jonathon Groff was so funny. Honestly everytime he came onstage the audience was just in tear from laughing. During I Know Him, he did this hilarious little dance with that laugh before “John Adams?”

- Literally everyone expressions during “never gonna be president now” was so funny they were like “hamilton you done messed up”

- Basically it was the most amazing experience ever, and stage dooring made it 200% better because the cast was so nice!! Whenever I would ask for a photo they would say “of course!!” and made sure to make eye contact with the fans 

happy-cherry replied to your post “feel free to talk to me about azazel & shingeki no bahamut! I want to…”

i’m really worried that he’s gonna die for real this time… :(

I KNOW. I keep remembering how the director said in S1 azazel was actually supposed to die when his gregor castle crashed, and I wonder if that indicates in S2 he’s actually on borrowed time ;___; Like, it’s obvious he’s going to survive ep4 next week since in the 3rd PV there’s many scenes of him not shown yet in the anime, but is he even going to last until ep12? I mean, in s1 he was only like a middle boss or something, so him getting much more spotlight this time around is really worrying bcs wow is it raining death flags in here ;__;

I’m just thankful for Mugaro’s existence really. Mugaro being the supposed ‘holy’ child or whatever implied he’s from heaven side, so I think the staff wouldn’t kill Azazel until the conflict with him being a demon and Mugaro being ‘holy’ appears and forces them to part or Mugaro destroys the world for Azazel or something. /coughs

S2’s like 24 eps long, and I’m pretty sure azazel would survive until at least ep10 when the plot set up is all built, but after that he’s kinda a fair game.

So… I guess we’ll just have to be happy with the FS scene from last week, huh? Sigh. Every time I think they’re finally realizing how important those two are, I have to remind myself they are dumb and will focus on everything and everyone else they possibly can first. Don’t get me wrong - I loved the bits we got from them, but it feels far too incomplete.

What the fuck was that ending? Were they in space? You know what I absolutely don’t care about? Space. Remember when this show was about the normal people behind the superheroes?

The nice thing about this ep was I had very, very low expectations so while I’m disappointed by some things, I’m just kind of like “fine, whatever.”

Except I got very sad at Radcliffe disappearing. Not so much Hope because she was mainly a plot device anyway. Sad for Mack but we’ll see how long they dwell on that before I get too invested. But Radcliffe was a real character I liked played by an actor I love so. :(

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People keep trying to make a big deal about OTAs but I just realized that Odell doesn't go during the first week. I remember him doing it last year and they said something about it. That's when the whole Kardashian rumor started. And I just realized he is pretty much the face of the NFL now and for some reason I feel like people who are behind the scenes didn't expect nor want that.

OTAs are voluntary so if he thinks it’s better for him to work out with his trainer in LA I don’t see the problem..people just like to complain about everything smh


Title: Scandal

Genre/Rating: Fluff & Angst / PG

Characters: JB

Request:  Hi! Can I request something fluffy like JB and his fellow female idol friend are on After School Club and they’ve got a pretty popular ship among their fans (kind of like Markson haha) and they eventually end up publicly dating?

Plot: You and Jaebum are asked to go on ASC for a special episode, which sparks some old chemistry between you two.

Note: Y/S means your ship. Insert your ship name with Jaebum where you see Y/S :)

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I just finished my weekly yoi viewing, and although I usually watch to get my usual shot of gay, this week…I couldn’t focus on Victurri. Plus I don’t want their angst my life is sad enough. Asher what are you saying you love angst.

I couldn’t stop watching Otabek

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I remember a few weeks ago Danielle was filming in a forest, and someone who was watching the filming said they had a bunch of snow there for the scene. So I assume that was the final scene last night. And I could be wrong about this, but I think I also remember that person (or someone) saying Grant was there for that scene too.

I think a few people speculated it was the battle between Vibe and KF in his Vibe, lol. Not sure though.

Another Bonus Sketch! Courn Week

This is actually from 2011, back when a hand full of fans were calling them Gwertney but I thought It fits the late “meet the parents” theme

I remember drawing this, during world tour after the Duncney/Gwuncan business. This scene goes a little something like this:

(dooor bell) courtney answers door

Courtney: Hello who….Mom!!

C Mom: Hi honey i`m so sorry to disturb you this eary in the morning but you weren`t answering your phone last night.

Courtney: Mom! nows not a good time!!

C Mom: Now sweetie i`m just worried about you it`s about time you found yourself a new man.

Courtney: (Sigh) Listen Mom there`s something I need to tell you

(Gwen Decends down stairs)

Gwen: Oh Court there you are! have you seen my bra, I can`t find it from last night ….Hey you don`t mind me borrowing your shirt do ya?

C mom: 0_0

Baby Genius On The Way

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Prompt: Hey saw the gif set you posted of Prentiss asking Reid if he considered having baby geniuses one day. Imagine him telling her “not really, but I’ll be finding out what it’s like sooner rather than later.” Confusing her then shocking her by saying “Yeah, Y/N is pregnant.” Prentiss responds with “What?! H-how long…” to which Spencer interrupts with “Remember last month when I was on vacation for that week?”
Pairing: Spencer Reid/Reader
Rating: Fluff!
Word Count: 1,195
Warnings: Mentions of past sexual endeavors, the reader and Reid are afraid to be parents(if that can be a warning) but mostly they’re both happy!:)
Author’s Note: I enjoyed writing this, I think the ending sucks but you can be the judge of that!:) Oh, and I couldn’t find the gifset but I think we all know what scene it is when Emily talks to Reid about having kids. Also instead of writing about JJ’s pregnancy with Henry I wrote about her recent one!:)

Note: Not yet beta’d so sorry for any mistakes! 


He was staring at JJ again, Prentiss noticed, Spencer’s eyes always seemed to drift to the pregnant woman and she could tell his brain was working at lightning speed as thoughts filled his mind.

“Hey,” she said, getting his attention, he turned to her looking a little startled “I think I’ve asked you this before but from the way you’re looking at JJ it seems like you’re thinking about it, so, are you considering it?”

“Um, c-considering what?” The genius looked nervous.

“Having baby geniuses.”

“I-I mean, I wasn’t really but…” The genius hesitated, wondering if he should tell. “I’ll be finding out what it’s like soon.”

Emily froze, was Spencer saying what she thought he was?!

“________’s pregnant.” He said with a smile, confirming her thoughts.

“What, when, how long–?” She was in shock, she wanted to know everything.

“Remember in the beginning of last month when I took that vacation for the week?” He spoke, interrupting her staggered questions.

“So, ________should be, what?”

“Almost two months pregnant, more specifically 1 month, 28 days, 6 hours and 25 minutes.”

Emily’s smile didn’t falter, of course the genius would have how long it had been down to the days, hours, and minutes.

“Have you told anyone?”

“Other than you no one knows, ________ is still a little shocked about it. She’s scared that she won’t be a good mother since she didn’t have any examples of what one is supposed to be like, and truthfully, I’m afraid too but I wouldn’t say we’re unhappy about it just having some doubtful thought about us and parenting.”

Readers POV
1 Month and 16 days ago

You looked down at the pregnancy tests with horror, your hands were shaking and you felt like you were going to throw up. It couldn’t be right, there had to be something wrong with the tests but your body was telling you it was right, your period was late, you were feeling nauseous most of the time and could hardly enjoy any of your regular favorite foods since the smells had you wanting to puke.

You had to sit down on the edge of the tub to compose yourself, it couldn’t be, you and Spencer had used protection each time!


You thought back to the last day of your vacation, didn’t both of you have hangovers that morning, you were pretty sure you both had gotten dizzy drunk the night before and you know you had sex but you could have sworn you used protection. Now looking down at the tests again you obviously didn’t.

How could you be so stupid?!

Tears started to well in your eyes and soon you were sobbing, you had no idea what you were going to do.

“___________?” Spencer’s voice said, startling you and you looked towards the open bathroom door to see him standing there looking worried. You didn’t even hear him come home, you were so out of it.

“S-Spencer.” Your voice cracked and you saw your boyfriends eyes land on the pregnancy tests.

Instead of walking away from you he came fully into the bathroom, sat next to you and took you into his arms where you continued to cry.

“I’m sorry.” You got out.

“You have nothing to be sorry for, we’ll figure out what to do.”

“I’m scared.” You whimper, clinging to your genius.

“Me too but we’ll get through this together.”

Readers POV
Present Day

You walked up the corridor, files in the crook of your arm with saltine crackers laying on them, they were what calmed your stomach down but you weren’t as nauseous as you were in the very start of your pregnancy and you were glad to be back to eating most of your favorite foods again, minus the stuff your doctor told you not to.

You opened the door to the office and made your way to Spencers desk, you saw him and Emily talking. You smiled when the genius spotted you coming, a smile lighting his own face. He stood to embrace you, planting a kiss to your forehead and then a hand on your belly, you weren’t showing yet but Spencer still loved to touch it and, truth be told, you did as well. You blushed, looking around the pit, wondering if anyone noticed, they didn’t but then your eyes landed on Emily who was had a knowing smile on her face.

You turned and punched your boyfriend in the arm.

“Ow, what was that for?!”

“You told her, we were supposed to tell everyone at the same time,” you turned back to Emily to explain “We were going to have a party and announce it.”

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about me telling anyone.” She laughed, seeing the look on Spencer’s face.

“Telling anyone what?” Penelope asked, coming up behind you.

Shit, now you knew you really wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret until the party.

You sighed “Maybe we should just tell everyone now?” You asked, eyes shifting to your boyfriend who had a smile creeping back onto his face.

“I’m fine with that.”

“Of course you are because you can’t keep a secret.” You joked

“Hey, I kept it this long!”

“Will someone tell me what’s going on?” Penelope voiced, making her presence known again.

“Sorry,” You smiled at her sheepishly as the father of your unborn child laughed and kissed the top of your head, at this point your conversation had drawn the attention of Derek and JJ.

“You tell them.” You said to the genius and he wasted no time.

“_______ and I would like to announce that we’re having a baby.” The smile never left his face which made you smile even brighter as he looked down at you, with both arms around your midsection and his hands gently rubbing your stomach, you leaned back against him more, having your back pressed closer his chest.

“Oh, my God,” Penelope basically squeal, coming closer to put her hand on your stomach as well. “I was wondering why you kept eating crackers, I would have never thought it was because you were pregnant but this is awesome, another little baby in the family!!”

“Congratulations, pretty boy, finally getting that family you’ve always wanted!” Derek said patting Spencer on the back.

“How far along are you?” JJ asked lifting herself up from the chair, she was pretty far along almost in her 8th month.

“Almost 2 months, just a few more days until then.” Instead of her touching your stomach you touched hers and giggled when you felt the baby kick, you couldn’t wait to get to that stage when you could feel your baby kick.

“Why is everyone grouped together?” A different voice asks, you all shift and turn to see Rossi walking in with Hotch.

“We’re pregnant!” Spencer informs excitedly.

You look up at your genius right when he looks down at you with a wide smile. It’s in that moment that you both realize that you’ll both be fine, you would have your doubts, just like any new parent did, but as long as you stuck together and had the help of your BAU family then you would be alright.

Things to remember when talking about the vallaslin scene:

-Solas was flustered (according to Weekes)

-The moral integrity of the romance was important to the writers of the romance

-Even though the scene played out in a few seconds it may have happened over a few hours or days. We don’t know how long they were at Crestwood.

-Lavellan has just spent the last few years making difficult decisions on behalf of the Inquisition. It wouldn’t be a stretch for her to make a difficult decision for herself.




EURUS: Did you bring it?
SHERLOCK: I’m sorry?
EURUS: My hairband. Did you bring it like I asked?
SHERLOCK: I’m not one of the … I-I don’t work here.
EURUS: My special hairband.

EURUS: The one I made you steal, from Mummy.
EURUS: It was the last thing I said to you, remember, the day they took me away.
SHERLOCK: No, we’ve spoken since then. You came round to my flat a few weeks back; you pretended to be a woman called Faith Smith. We had chips.
EURUS: Does this mean you didn’t bring my hairband?

Even the very first time I watched ‘The final problem’ this little scene got my attention. What is it about this 'special hairband’? Why is it mentioned that often? Three times in a row? Eurus made Sherlock steal it from Mummy and that was the last thing that happened before Eurus was taken away.

  1. Eurus has no friend. She wants to play with Yellowbird/Sherlock and his inseparable friend Redbeard/Victor. That ends in a disaster.
  2. Eurus locks up Readbeard/Victor on some unknown place. She never tells where and Readbeard/Victor drowns.  He is never found..
  3. Euros tells Sherlock to steal Mummy’s special hairband. That’s the last thing that happens between them. Sherlock never brings that hairband to Eurus. But she’s still waiting for it.
  4. Eurus starts a fire and Musgrave House burns down. She is taken away to Sherrinford by Uncle Rudi. Her parents are not informed. Later they are told that Euros died in a second fire she started.. Appart from Uncle Rudi only Mycroft knows the truth.

Regarded from a symbolical point of view what could this story stand for? I don’t think Eurus is a real Person. She symbolizes something. And I begin to suspect that is also the case with Victor.

  • Eurus is described as era-defining genius when it comes to deductions. But she lacks emotions. Deductions grounded solely on logic and reason.
  • Victor is the inseparable friend. Full of emotions and love. Friendship in it’s purest form. The basis for every relationship.

What happend? Maybe this:

Sherlock thinks he has a friend. He is full of enthusiasm. But he also loves to play deductions. He is so very good with it. So Sherlock deduces his friend. And the friend is appalled, disgusted and frightened by Sherlock’s extraordinary abilities. The friend says: Piss off! and walks away. Sherlock is hurt deeply. He buries the concept of 'friendship and love’ in the deepest well he can find inside himself and walks away. Burning down the bridges and the whole place of emotions and love as well … to never come back again. Valuing from now on pure logic and reason over everything else. 'The work is all that matters’

Until Sherlock crosses paths with a certain and rather clever army doctor:

JOHN: That … was amazing.
SHERLOCK: Do you think so?
JOHN: Of course it was. It was extraordinary; it was quite extraordinary.
SHERLOCK: That’s not what people normally say.
JOHN: What do people normally say?
SHERLOCK: ‘Piss off’!

Logic and reason alone can be brilliant an great. But they only become good when they are paired with a feeling heart … full of emotions and love!



Now I’ve almost forgotten the curious case of Mummy’s special hairband. :)  

  • Logic and rason (Eurus)  tells little Sherlock to steal Mummy’s hairband
  • That’s probably because Sherlock deduces about himself that he would very much like to have such a special hairband. To use it … to play with it …. because it is pretty ….
  • Maybe Sherlock is a girls name after all?
  • Logic and reason (Euros) is still waiting for Sherlock to lay hands on that special hairband …..



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