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Draw the hell out of Reyes Vidal - Round 2 #1

This is for @makocartwheels !  Sorry about the hand, I have no idea how to draw hands…! ^^;

Hope you like this sketch! :D 

P.S. I think there are 5 more slots left…I think…^^;; I lost count of how many requests I have got so far…. LOL  (I probably can do one per week)


ello it me, was tagged to do bias selfie/selfie/last song/lockscreen/homescreen tag (which i’ve combined lol) by @hobismole, @hixtapexx, @floral-hobi, @gotjhope, @j-obi, @1oyalty, @notjhope, @hobiplz, @my-pink-alpaca ^_^ and I’m not tagging anyone cause yeah

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maybe you're right? people are just assuming the cat eyes and the morning after is from the same scene when it could be 2 seperate scenes

That’s what I thought too, actually. That the cat eyes IS the flashback, there’s obviously more to that scene than what they showed on the trailer. I think Magnus would remember that scene because it’s when Alec first told him he trusts him. Magnus, in the heat of passion could lose control of his powers, accidentally drop his glamour, etc. but Alec assured him that he trusts him, that he trust him to never hurt him. And maybe that’s what he’s thinking about here:

This is obviously real time, and I hope Alec went to Magnus’ to apologize. Not just because he needs his help because of Max(you know its possible):

After that, well… #makeupsex.

But no, I do hope they end the episode on a happy note. I really can’t take all the angst anymore, we’ve suffered ENOUGH.

PS. Obviously I could be wrong, but its still not impossible.

So I just shaved my legs for the first time in like 6 years or so and I forgot how fun smooth legs are?? But also how much I suck at it lmao I randomly decided to in the shower and without my glasses I’m pretty blind so I missed a lot of spots but good thing I’m a lesbian and don’t actually care

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really random but why is it that my heart melts when I remember that namjoon uses a cpap machine?? I hope he sleeps well I hope his breathing is easier!

Awwwwww anon, our Lovely Leader is just so human it almost hurts, you know?   I feel a similar sort of melty in my heart when I think about him too.  I’m just so glad they got him help, I remember when i first heard about his snoring I was worried for him because snoring that much just didn’t sound healthy.  That and he works so hard, when he sleeps he really needs to sleep well!!  

Maybe we can all join this lovely anon and send hopes of relaxing sweet dreams Namjoon’s way < 3


Happy Birthday Iwa-chan~   (ノ≧∀≦)ノ ♪☆゚. 

A doodle of a Dab for all your fast dabs needs

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I had a dream last night I had a conversation with Gabriel reyes about how happy he was about having his engagement ring back because the one that Jack got him didn't fit so it had to be altered... Can I pls request a happy Gabe admiring his ring?

I really, really envy your dream, anon! I want fluffy Gabe and Jack dreams too damnit! He’s happy to have it back where it belongs tho! ;3

Bath/Body Product Magic

This was just something i was thinking about, feel free to add your own

Body wash
Protection, shielding, removing negative energy from yourself, self love 
Face wash
Removing self hate, clearing up misconceptions, glamours
Removing malevolent magic, clearing up mental blocks, banishing
Shielding, beauty, glamours, persuasion
Bath bombs
Absorbing spells directly into skin, powerful burst of magic, divination
Glamours, AOE magic, beauty, big smelly shield
Soothing, smooth things over, emotional softness, self love
Bubble bath
Divination, banishing (when you pop the bubbles), shielding 


The way to your house is too short
I’ll see you, same time tomorrow 

♡ happy 1st birthday, Aju Nice !  ♡