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This is really interesting actually, ‘cause when we announced you were gonna be on the show all your fans got in touch and tweeted and everything, and a lot of them have been saying this, ‘Don’t ask Louis about his personal life, just ask him about his music and what he plans to do,’ but I know that they’re so protective of you and the other 1D guys.

a list of Dream Daddy Plot Twists™ that are better than the Cult Ending plot twist (spoilers):

• Damien being an IT guy that volunteers at pet shelters and wears glasses
• Hugo being a huge wrestling fan
• Brian never actually wanting to compete at dad stuff but just awkwardly trying to impress MC all the time
• Robert’s child being a gorgeous businesswoman with a girlfriend
• the weed that Mat and MC bought actually being oregano
• literally anything else

I can’t believe Jessica goes from being blindsided, becoming a Have-Not, being forced to wear a toad costume, having her closest ally evicted, and being on the block the next week to literally being the most powerful person in the game right now with her ally back in the game, being the HOH, winning the POV and having the Halting Hex all at once.

And she STILL squanders all that potential.


 from the 1980 animated Lord of the Rings musical (this exists. )

This scene is the ultimate EPIC climax in Mount Doom. It’s right after Frodo claims the Ring for his own (the potato-faced person is Samwise the frog is golllum)

 a cinematic masterpiece. take notes peter jackson…. this is REAL filmmaking…

Here are the lyrics so you can sing along:

Frodo of the nine fingers
And the RING of DOOOM

to all the people who think my sketches are pretty

what you usually see are my commissioned sketches, which are… refined.
my actual personal sketches/drafts, however….

i have literally no idea how i manage to use any of these to do proper lineart and typesetting but i somehow do

Big nose

Baekhyun: You know what people say about guys with big noses

Yixing: That they have more mucus??

Baekhyun: -sigh- Hyung… Of all people you should know


Joxer, Prompto, and Nymeria.

Arwen’s name was changed to Nymeria. I have always been meaning to rename her because her name sounds too similar to her mother’s which is Arya. I was having the hardest time coming up with a good name for her… but how perfect is it that she is named after Arya’s direwolf in Game of Thrones.

Charlie Eats Dice for Power
Justin, Travis, Clint and Griffin McElroy
Charlie Eats Dice for Power