i remember when we were watching the movie

“so….when you were giving me dancing lessons?”
[clip of them dancing]
“yes, then”
“when we shared a bed in dartmoor?”
[clip of one of them staring at the other one while they sleep]
“yes, then too”
“what about…even bond night?”
[clip of them watching a movie, shoulder to shoulder, laughing and having fun together]
“i think…..even bond night.”
“when did it start?”
“i cant remember. maybe we’ve been in love since the moment we met.”
“i agree”

I think I’m slowly starting to forget the things that were once anchors in me holding me tight to you.

I can no longer remember what side of my bed you use to keep warm or the smell of the shampoo you use to use. I can’t remember the exact colours of the eyes I use to be so excited to have on me or the movies we use to watch late at night. I can’t remember how you use to write your name in my notebooks when we had the same classes and you got super bored and I can barely remember the feel of your lips on my cheek.

Even though I’m starting to forget the details I romanticized in my head, I can’t seem to forget it all.

Burned into my brain I still remember that laugh, like opening a window to let fresh air in I couldn’t help but turn to take it all in. I still remember the shape of your fingers fiddling with mine when you’re on the phone with your mom. I still remember never fully being able to sit through a movie because you always had a million questions to ask, trying to guess the ending and asking as if it wasn’t my first time seeing the movie too. I still remember kissing that pinkish scar on your knee hoping that somehow I could fix it. 

I guess I thought I could fix a lot of things back then. You were always good at predicting the ends of those movies we use to watch but I guess no one could’ve predicted the end of ours.

remember you and i sat under fireworks and the whole time instead of watching the sky i watched you or how when we went to the beach for the day i almost crashed the car because i kept glancing over to you singing at the top of your lungs or when we lay together so i could show you my favorite movie and you fell asleep in the first part and i was more interested in seeing how your eyelashes flutter when you dream

it took me a long time to realize you were never looking back at me.

For Sixpenceee: A Glitch In The Matrix.

Have you ever tried to recall the oldest, earliest memory you can think of? Like an early childhood memory?
For as long as I can remember, I’ve had this memory of being in a car with my mom and her (then) fiance at a drive-in movie theater. From what I remember, we were watching The Crow. I even recall my mother’s fiance switching the radio stations so we could hear another movie that was playing on the screen next to ours. This memory is vivid.

Fast forward to present day. While casually conversing with my mom, I ask her if she remembers when we went to the drive-in to watch The Crow. I explained my memory to her and Immediately she gets a serious look on her face. She then told me that it was impossible for me to have this memory because in fact she and her fiance did go to a drive in theater to watch The Crow and my recollection of everything was perfect, except for one thing- I hadn’t been born yet. She was 6 months pregnant with me at the time.

Ilinica Calugareanu on her documentary Chuck Norris vs Communism:

I was 6 years old in 1986 and my parents found a way to borrow a VCR. They invited all their friends over and all night they watched grainy VHS tapes of American films. I remember all the movies I watched and especially how I felt when I stepped into the living room. It was like walking into a different dimension – a secret, magical and free world. There were millions of other Romanians who secretly watched films like we did. We all grew up with the feeling that Chuck Norris was more real than the reality presented to us in the propaganda news. Those tapes and their heroes changed a whole generation. So for us, this film is about the magic of film and the power it has to change our lives. One of the biggest threads for me is about the shared experience of watching films in a dangerous and underground space. Movies meant so much more to the people in this film; it was a completely different viewing experience than the one we can relate to today. It is about the way films leave a mark on your life to the point of being able to taste that experience, even after decades have passed.
Instead of watching The Counselor...

…watch this post of collected gifs of Fassy looking extremely bangable in The Counselor.

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Aww. Remember the beginning? When things were so promising?

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This black shirt, Fassy’s most supportive co-star, gives the best performance in the film.

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EYES SO BOTTOMLESS BLUE I practically forgot that I have no fucking idea what’s going on here.

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Arms, sexy. Smirk, sexy. Dialogue, cringeworthy. Why?

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He’s as confused as we are. How did he end up leading this garbage movie?

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His accent is making him sad too. Free him, Hollywood.

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Shark smile makes an all too brief appearance. I was not smiling while watching this movie. My face was more like this:

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And finally, here is Fassy in sweatpants. I have nothing snarky to say about Fassy in sweatpants. It’s fucking beautiful. Practically worth the torture of watching this film. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate. Appreciate Fassy in sweatpants, that is - NOT this film. This film is a nightmare.

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Nicknames: Many but one of my faves is Pistol”. My boss made some joke business cards with “Pistol” in my name. They are one of my prize possessions. BTW yes I’m American, no I don’t own any guns. 

Star sign: Scorpio and supposedly I’m a classic expression. 

Height: 5′4 and three quarters. 

Time right now: Noon

Last thing you googled: “Weather in Maui”

Fave music artist: Depends on the day. JS Bach, Miles Davis, Sarah Vaughan. No use asking me about pop because that changes constantly. 

Song stuck in my head:  Toto’s Africaaaaaa @gramjams damn you 

Last movie I watched: In cinema: Arrival - Amy Adams - watch it. On DVD/TV: Inglourious Basterds because we wanted to remember a time when Nazis were unequivocally evil. 

Last tv show I watched: Top Chef! Love drama and food. 

What I’m wearing right now: Jeans, fave Boston t shirt, wool hoodie, lumberjack plaid socks

When I created this blog: Hmmm 2016.

The kind of stuff I post: Women being badasses in all kinds of ways.

Do I get asks regularly?: Hardly. Mine is a sleepy blog. 

Why did I choose my url: Kiko - an actress whose life has mirrored mine in some ways (minus fame and supermodeling). Blue is my favorite color.

Gender: Garden variety lady (- line courtesy of @weasal thank you hahahah) 

Hogwarts House: I once took the quiz, it told me I was a Hufflepuff, even though I never was very into HP, somehow that was upsetting to me,,,

Pokémon team: Pokemon Go to the Polls (Hillary on the 2016 campaign trail, adorkable)

Favorite color: Blue

Average hours of sleep: 7

Lucky number: 13 and 4 (4 is considered bad luck in many Asian cultures)

Favorite characters: Liz Lemon is white me but a lot funnier and straighter, Clarke Griffin, Lexa, Lisbeth Salander, Princess Leia/Rey, Carol Aird, on and on…  

Dream job: I kind of have it now???

Number of blankets I sleep with: I like 2 but wife likes 4 which translates into occasional blanket wars. 

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anonymous asked:

who was your first kiss? (if it was a pleasant story for you, if it wasn't a pleasant story you can ignore this ask!)

Omg my first kiss was when i was……..13 i think! I was at a friends house having a movie night and we were all watching the exorcist and thought it was so funny
Anyways me and my gf at the time started snuggling a bit near the end of the movie and after like minutes of face touches and nose kisses we kissed on the lips. I remember it rly fondly omg

send me nsfw/romantic asks!

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☝ - How tall are you?

I’m 5′5!

📝 - Story from your childhood.

Ah. When I was about 9 years old, I and some other classmates made homemade butter. It was during a Gold Rush history lesson the entire school participated for about 3 days. We got to dress up, make butter, look for gold in a pool, and watched a movie involving the California Gold Rush. Also, I remember when I first got to go to my first book sale. I was so happy, and the entire place was so colorful. I wasn’t able to buy anything because we were still poor back then, but it was fun! (not much of a story)

🙈 - What makes you shy?

Attractive people ahaha I can’t look them in the eyes. 

📚 - Career goal you want?

To become a teacher. I want to get my credential and my MA. I’m aiming to also become an instructor overseas. 

🐶 - Do you own a pet?

I did. He passed away last November while I was at school

i convinced my mom to watch kung fu panda 2 with me cause we were gonna watch 3 but i realized i hadn’t seen the second one since it first came out and my mom never saw it and she actually really liked it

i remember one time when i was in middle school, and like limewire and kazaa and bearshare were huge, my friend tried to download the Grudge so we could all watch it during our study hall, and when we opened it, it was not the horror movie, but rather a porno in which a chick has revenge sex with some fat old dude. and that’s the story of how all of us learned to never download movies. 

Why are you looking up my skirt? I thought you were going to help me by getting the dish soap. You may as well know that I like to wear a Tena under my skirt, especially around the house. It makes me feel secure. No, I haven’t peed in it, well maybe a little. It feels a bit squishy against my puss and while I’m mostly an adult women sometimes I like to spritz in my panties for convenience. Now go ahead and feel me if you wish.

Remember last week when you bought me that large coke at that scary movie we went to watch. You were surprised that I didn’t need to go to the ladies even though we smoked that joint. Of course, it was all thanks to my ladies protective panty. I was dribbling every time one of those scary things jumped out at us and finally I just gave in and peed myself towards the end of the show.


I was watching that interview again of Anna Kendrick & Brittany Snow for the first Pitch Perfect movie, and I noticed something… When Anna talks about the shower scene she says:”Just forget it, it’s hot. We’ve seen everything. Were bonding.” Uhuh… Wait what- WERE BONDING?!


Now where did I heard that last part before?….. 



coldwooter  asked:

👀 😊 🐵

* what was the most recent vivid dream that you had?

I went to the club with a friend and mariah carey, we were trying to eat coke w chopsticks in a corner bc we thought that no one would mind but they kicked us out inmediately. i’m missing so many details but i remember this scene lmfao

* what do you like to do as hobbies?

I like reading, talking to friends, watching movies. when i have money, thrift shopping is a hobby.

* which quotes changed you? 

I wouldn’t say that they changed me but i think about them often

judith butler interviewed by sara ahmed


the words you speak become the house you live in 

(don’t remember who said this)


Requested by anonymous

You were leaning against Clint, the archer’s strong arm wrapped around you. The two of you were watching reruns of a show you’ve both seen before, since there was nothing else on, and no movies sounded good to watch.

Suddenly Clint laughed, and you knew it wasn’t because of the show. “What’s so funny?” you asked, tilting your head to look up at him.

“I was just remembering how we met,” Clint replied. “You called me an idiot, and now we’re dating.”

“That’s because you WERE being an idiot!” you retorted. “Only an idiot would refuse help when you were so badly hurt. I think you still have a scar because of how bad my patch-up job was because you were being stubborn.”

“Hey, I like the scar,” Clint stated. “And I know you do, too. You like to run your fingers along my scars whenever I’m shirtless.”

“Shush you. I can still appreciate how rugged they make you look while at the same time not like how they got there.”

Clint laughed. “I still maintain that injury you patched up wasn’t as bad as some of the others I’ve gotten through myself.”

“A bullet grazed your arm! You had a gash a good quarter-inch thick, three inches long, and who knows how deep!”

“Yeah, that guy had bad aim. But it was just a graze. I’ve gotten through getting hit by people with much better aim.”

You playfully elbowed Clint in the side. “Stop that. You are not allowed to be stubborn when it comes to injuries.”

“But mom…” Clint whined jokingly with a pout.

“This is exactly why I stuck with you after fixing you up. Because I knew you needed someone to force first aid on you when you needed it.”

“You know the only reason I let you patch me up when we met was because you’re cute,” Clint pointed out. This was news to you, and that effectively got you to be quiet and blush.

i don’t understand why people think representation in media doesn’t matter especially when you’re young like.  when i was a kid there were no people like me on tv, no aboriginal characters in anything i watched, and then suddenly i watched Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron and i just remember getting really excited about the character of Little Creek and pointing and telling my mum “look!  there’s a character like me and you!” and even though we’re Cree (and i’m only half) and he was Lakota it was just being able to see an aboriginal character on screen that meant so much to tiny me and i started wanting to do everything like him (that movie is the reason i learned to pick things up with my feet with startling proficiency) and the fact that there are probably a million stories like mine out there are reasons why representation in media matters


OKAY GUYS. I know, I’m pretty late bc this movie was released last year and I just watched it a while ago. OKAY BEFORE WE START, I know, Sasuke tried to annihilate Sakura before, but this movie just gave me a glimpse of reality that Sasuke loved Sakura before.

Remember the episode when Sasuke left Konoha and Sakura pleaded to him? OF COURSE NO ONE COULDN’T FORGET THAT ESPECIALLY THOSE SASUSAKU HARDCORE SHIPPERS LIKE ME. OKAYYYY. So, Sasuke simply refused Sakura’s request of tagging along and he said “Thank you, Sakura.” AND THEN POOF HE WAS GONE.

The movie (The Last Naruto Movie), ended with “Thank you, Hinata.” CAN YOU SEE THE SIMILARITY?! I mean, Naruto ended up with Hinata and Sakura ended up with Sasuke. This “Thank you” thing is “I love you” in disguised. Why would Sasuke thank Sakura? For cherishing him? For looking after him? Why would Naruto thank Hinata? For always being there? Of course!


Well, I was the cantor in my church choir when I was younger and I was in choirs all throughout highschool. I didn’t listen to much popular music when I grew up but I did watch a lot of movies, and I was always writing music. When I got into highschool I listened to a lot of rap and techno and eventually found different types of music that I loved like elvis and van halen. I remember myself next to my grandmother, we were singing Donnie Brasco, and for the first time I felt pleasure in singing. I’d also sing at the church, at school, everywhere… But it’s not something I work on. I have no discipline, no technique, I’ve never took any lessons. I just like to play with my voice, from the highest to the lowest pitch. When I listen to myself, the authority of my voice amazes me. It seems naïve to say that, but I love my songs, they move me to tears… When I find myself alone in the studio facing the microphone, I’m so free, capable of anything… I feel safer than anywhere else in these little “boxes” that are my songs. In life, I’m not good at many things: my only talent is to sing. In a song, I know how to express exactly what I feel, even more than in a conversation.
—  Lana Del Rey
I had seen forty Ozu films in Paris in a row. And they were all in Japanese language, which I don’t speak, subtitled in French, which I never want to speak. So I had to watch these films from this slightly detached or outsider point of view. I really loved each one but the one that I remembered the most was a film called Autumn Afternoon, about a father and a daughter on the day of her wedding. I don’t remember anything else about the movie except for the scene when the father comes home from the wedding reception and comes back into his home and we see that he’s basically sentenced to the rest of his life in a certain kind of solitude. Not much happens, but for that one moment everything Ozu did and presented was for that one piece of sensibility, for that one piece of language. And that was certainly good enough for me, it is one of my ten favorite movies of my whole life.
—  Vincent Gallo
Gone Too Long

Summary: Dean leaves the reader (his girlfriend) for a hunting trip. Phone SMUT ensues.
Warnings:  smut, fluff, language
Pairings: Dean x reader
Word Count: 1427
NOTE:  First smut. Don’t be too harsh! Let me know what you think!

The sheets smelled like him. They were the closest thing to being wrapped in his firm arms and you regretted not doing this sooner. It seemed to make the sadness disappear, his smell.

“I miss you. When are you coming home?” You whine.

“Well, we wrapped this one up tonight but were wiped so we’re gonna head out in the morning. About 16 hours. And God, I miss you too. This is the longest we’ve been apart, you know?” His voice turning a little softer than before.

Dean always surprised you. Even when you didn’t think he was listening or paying attention, he was. Hell, he remembered things about your relationship that you didnt. Like the movie you watched when you feel asleep together the first time. Or how he overheard you talking about how much you love chocolate chip pancakes and you woke up to them in bed the next morning.

You’re voice cracked as you teared up a bit, “ugh, trust me, I know. I haven’t been hugged in forever.”

“Cas hasn’t hugged you?!” He joked. Cas wasn’t very fond of displaying affection physically. It was kind of an ongoing joke in the bunker about how awkward it is when someone hugs him. “Plus, I hate to turn this all Pent House on you but as much as I need love hugging… I need a little down south hugging. If ya know what I mean…” Egging a laugh out of you.

“Trust me, I know what you mean.” Dean had been gone 5 days, 6 hours, and about 34 minutes. So that meant you hadn’t had sex in 5 days, 6 hours, and 6 minutes. Servicing yourself just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

“Have you been a bad girl while I was gone, Y/N?” He teases you.

“Please don’t do that.” You hear Sam yell across the motel room. Poor Sam. He was always caught in the middle of some awkward situation between you and his older brother. Whether it be the time he walked in on you two in shower or the time he walked into HIS bedroom and caught you two. Or the time he caught you in the impala. Ok, he basically saw you two having sex everywhere.

“SAMs being a little bitch about the sexy talk, baby. I’m gonna hop in the shower and I’ll text you when I get out.”

“Ok, send me a picture before you get in the shower though.” You make sure to use your sexiest voice so he knows you want a sexy picture and not one of his whiskey glass again.

“Yes ma'am. Catch in a few, girl.” As he hangs up the phone.

You’re all smiles as you wait for his message to come through. He was a very slow texter but he always made you smile. Your phone dings and you open the attachment. Deans reflection in the mirror, shirtless, with a towel draped dangerously below his hips.

You lick your lips as you remember how truly sexy your boyfriend was. You could feel your pussy throb. You decide to leave Dean something dirty to get out of the shower to.

Text Message Conversation:

You: You are so yummy, daddy. I’ve been a bad girl and will need so much punishing when you get home. Especially if you knew what I was doing right now.

A few minutes later:

Dean: Well, that was interesting. Daddy wants to see what his girl is doing. Send me a pic now.

You send him a picture of your hand down your panties, laying on his bed, with no shirt on. You can only see the bottom of your breasts. Dean loved under boob so this would drive him crazy.
The caption reads “I may get your bed wet. Sorry. (And a smiley face)”

He replies slowly again.

Dean: panties off. Call me in 3 minutes.

You were excited. You and Dean hadn’t done the phone sex thing in a while. You did as you were told and called precisely 3 minutes later.
It rang twice and Dean was straight to business.

“Do you still have panties on?”
“No. Daddy told me to take them off.”
“Good girl, baby. I want you to listen like that all night ok?”
“Ok.” You practically moan.
“I bet your pussy is nice and wet, isn’t it?”
“Oh my god, you have no idea.”
“Good. I want you to slowly rub your clit. Nothing else.”

You give a soft moan in response.

“Mm… That little noise just made me rock hard. God you’re so sexy. Now with your other hand, play with your nipples. That always gets you sloppy wet.”

“Ah, Dean. Fuck I wish you were here.” You felt pleasure all over and this was just from the sound of his sexy voice. You’d pulled up the naked picture from before and imagined his hard body pushed up against yours making you feel this way instead of your hand.

“I will be soon. But right now, I need you to fuck yourself so that I’m not the only one about to cum. Go get your pink toy, sexy.”

The thought of Dean with a grip on his perfect dick, sitting with his pants down in the Impala, made you drip. You ran across the hall to your room and grabbed a decently sized flexible dildo and skipped back to Deans bed. “Got it!”

“Good baby, now lay back and put the tip up to your tight little lips. Don’t put it in but rub it up and down. Get it nice and wet with your sweet juices.”

You do as your told and close your eyes picturing Dean jacking off to your sounds. You make sure to verbalize your pleasure. “It’s so wet for you, babe. Can I put it in?” With your sexiest sweet girl voice.

“Go ahead, baby. Push it in nice and slow. Once you get it all the way in hold it there for one second.”

You let out a heavy moan as the toy spreads your folds and stretches your walls. This toy was nothing size wise as compared to Dean but it was sure better than your fingers.

“Good girl. Put the phone on speaker and put it on the bed between your legs. I wanna hear how wet you are.”

“Ok, it’s there, daddy.” In a moaning sultry voice. Dean eats it up.

“Now, fuck yourself really shallow and fast. ” he knew was a good and fast way to make you orgasm.

You start pumping the toy quickly into your warm center. It makes just a slight squish noise as you pump it in and out that causes Dean to let out the sexiest groan you have ever heard.

“Oh my god, Dean. I’m going to… ”
“Yeah, baby. Cum for me. Keep fucking yourself through it.”

Your body tenses and calms in waves of pleasure. You moan, giggle, and sigh as you come down from your high. You came hard. It was a drippy mess and you toy was covered along with your hand in your juices.

“That felt so good. I need another one babe. I need to fuck myself deeper, please.” You beg.

“Do it. Take that toy as deep as you can and hard. Imagine I’m pounding you after you’ve been a bad girl. I’m so deep into you it almost hurts a little. Tell me you love my dick deep in you, baby.”

“I love taking your dick deep, daddy. It feels so much better then this toy. How are you feeling over there”

You moan as the toy hits deep inside your walls and sets a familiar feeling in your stomach. You pound yourself deep and at medium pace that Dean usually did when he “punish” fucked you.

“God, baby. Your hot ass moans are going to make blow this load quick. Rub you clit. You better come fast if you want to come with me” He instructs.

You rub your clit with your free hand and you those familiar waves wash up over you again.

“Oh…. Myyyy…. Godddd.” You squeal as you orgasm hard around your toy.

“Yes, babyyy.” Dean grunts as he cums in a towel.

“Well, that was fun.” You joke as you pick up your phone from the bed.

“I haven’t came that hard since I left you there” he laughs. “God, I am going to tear you apart when I get home. I miss you so much.”

“I miss you too, Dean. Only one more day. And I’ve got so much planned.”