i remember when these pics were posted

Your insecurities show.

This is cliche, but confidence is key. I get a lot of questions asking- what do guys like/how do I keep him interested? I hate saying this, but you should be confident being the person you are (fake it till you make it). I remember those weekends that I’d go out with my SDBF (developer- I posted pics when I had IG: JXSB_), we would always take his limo. We went to all the lounges/restaurants in Toronto, and EVERY SINGLE TIME when the chauffeur came to pick us up, girls right BESIDE me would be hating. These girls legit said- why is he with her? He should be with me instead/he could do so much better! These were some orange Oompa Loompas. My SDBF said- did you just hear what they said, don’t you feel so lucky that I love you? I replied: no, if you want them, you can have them. Go get em!

He was in fucking shock! I made it obvious that I am not scared to lose him, there are a sea of men who can provide me with what he did. We were together for almost two years, and I finally broke it off December 2016 (day before his birthday). He begged but his attitude isn’t worth the money (he came back every time I dumped him). He was a multimillionaire, sure that’s great, but I had also found someone who is worth a whole lot more than that… he has watches that are worth millions.

Don’t allow these men to take advantage of you. Don’t allow him to have power over you. You are a luxury, you are a Goddess, and you already know that. There are plenty more where he came from. Ps- men also want what they cannot have, especially wealthy men. Why? Because they think their money can buy them anything, it’s nice to give them a reality check.

not can related but remember when that fan posted a pic with davonne during bb18 casting and then davonne was on bb18 and they were like “little did she know she was going in the house for a second time and i didn’t go in at all” sdkjfskdfj

So at the moment everyone is questioning what possessed the Renault designers to make them think that yellow pants on the overalls were a good idea. Well FEAR NO MORE because the answer is here.

Remember back to December when Carlos posted this photo:

I think we can all agree that this is a good photo. Renault certainly thought it was. I imagine the conversation in the office went a little like this:

Designer 1: “Man, that beach pic Carlos posted yesterday was bomb

Designer 2: “I know right?! If only we could could be as cool as him…”

Designer 1: “Maybe we can… If we just incorporate his yellow board shorts into our overall design…”

Designer 2: “Oh my… Freddy, you’re a genius!”

Designer 3: “Guys? Aren’t you worried that this might look a little.. stupid?”

Designer 1 & 2: “SHUT UP Curtis! Always killing our vibe..”

As well as attempting to be as cool as Carlos, the yellow pants might also be their way of saying that even though Carlos couldn’t come and race for them this season due to his contract, they still love him and would be happy to have him in the future (let’s be real, who wouldn’t?)

So there you have it. Renault just wanted to show Carlos the love he deserves, and look as fabulous as he does in this picture. Whether or not they achieved it is up to you to decide.

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hi cube! awhile back you were posting pics from a childrens book on insects (the drawings looked like cute japanese mascots) and it made me sooooo happy bc i used to have that book when i was younger!!! do you remember the name of it by chance?

here you go!

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who were some of your favorite 2014 racefakers to make fun of

This blows because I cannot remember his url for the life of me but there was this kid that told everyone he was korean. Then when people were like “if youre full korean why are you white” and he was like “im korean but the body is white.” and the next day he posted a pic of him flipping off the camera directed at me and my group

There's more

Guys I don’t know if you recall this but there was this bts pic of a red bed (presumably magnus’) and there were like a dozen lights and cameras focused on it. (I can’t find this pic now it’s so far down the updating accounts’ feed)

And this same pic was posted when episode 7/8 was being shot. I remember because matt’s takeover was prior this. And they were still shooting the episode when it was posted.

So what I’m thinking is… either they did film a scene about malec’s first time and they may present it as a flashback in the later episodes or it got deleted (honestly if that happened then wtf) or maybe they filmed the aftermath of the scene where magnus may express his previous consent?

Or maybe the show the first time next episode….

Okay I confused myself I don’t what I was trying to prove here. Sorry

U remember back in the day when homestuck came back from hiatus and we all posted pics in like, other fandom cosplays and then tore them off to reveal we were always filthy homestucks underneath?
I feel like ive just done that but my dave strider lookin ass is sittin right here lookin like dave and then i rip off my dave cosplay to reveal a different dave cosplay beneath i never left im here for life jesus fuck everytime i think ive escaped hussies cold calloused hands he ropes me back in with the same generic buck toothed kids and i havent felt this alive since 4/13/16


Theater people are lonely until they find each other. In middle school, I remember feeling alone all the time. Kids would always want to do things that were not fun for me. I’d rather have been doing something creative. There was a failure to connect. I was pretty miserable. When I finally joined the drama club, I was like, Ahhh, I’m not alone anymore. And it was thrilling. I’d found my people, and my life changed completely.


Boy, when I posted that Chowder pic the other day, I did not see that reception coming. Thanks for the notes and the nice comments in the tags and shoutout to my new followers!

I wasn’t planning on doing another Chowder for my June inking bonanza, but someone wrote in the tags that he probably would have had a lot more Sharks gear on and thought they were totally right (I’m sorry I can’t remember your name at the moment!). I also made a very quick follow-up comic featuring Farmer’s impeccable logic.

When some dude texts you “hey what’s up” out of nowhere at 10:00pm.

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How does Ariana get her lips so big? I know she overlines them but overlining doesnt make them plump and some days hers look hella plump and other days they look normal. I remember once Daniel posted a pic of her in a cat mask on insta and some people were commenting lips done bc she had a dent in her top lip, Kylie had a dent to when she first got hers done but the thing is we see her everyday on Snap and she was touring during that time so?? Do you think it's just plumping gloss or what?

idk i keep asking her but she’s not returning my calls

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So after last night I remembered how many people were panicking and posting about Eleanor being at the brits. And just the panic wasn't needed. I have a thought that would be unpopular to others. But I think this will honestly just be in articles if it's anything. Yesterday when Louis was papped would have been a great time to have her in them too, but she wasn't. Jojo's pics might be for an Eleanor article (or literally anything else) and o would be okay with that.

This is all I’m saying.

We had no idea what would happen but panicking unnecessarily didn’t help anyone. And guess what, nothing happened. I saw so many posts this trip to the U.K. would be “stunt central” for Louis and he hasn’t done a single damn thing.

I think the most important takeaway here is that you never know what will happen, good or bad, until it does. And there’s no point in dreading bad things because you’ll just be miserable.

I agree I don’t think anything is going to happen besides the tiny bit of social media and the stupid tabloid articles. And I am trying very hard not to be smug because this is what I’ve been saying since the follow.

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i've been following you for a long time and i just love when you post pics of your outfits/cosplays/apartment. your style is just so cool and you are gorgeous. i hope you have a good time at dinner!!! also (correct me if i'm wrong) i think i remember you saying once you're not really a dog/cat person, but if you were to have a pet, what would it be?

awww that’s so sweet thank you!

i’d love to have a pet bat or a deer, i also think snakes are really cute!

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As someone that have young cousins this 'it's only Doris all the time :(' is utter BS. I even remember when we were seeing so much of Ernest and no Doris but no one 'complained' then. I usually take a lot of pics of my cousin Hannah, so for some time it was only her until Jack also wanted attention and Hannah was all like 'no!' and didn't wanna take any pics anymore. They are kids, so it's really up to their moods and what they want... so I doubt it's Lottie that have a fav or something.

Yeah I remember when people were complaining that Lottie always posted pictures of Ernie but not Doris lol. Exactly, like u said, they’re kids! They don’t always sit still and wait for you to record them haha!

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So I was being a creep and looking through all of mervs instas yesterday and lol at how many pics he has of him and P. I didn't count or anything but he might have more pics with P than anyone else 😂😂😂 (Actually was just looking for some Peta throwbacks and there were a lot more than I expected. Like the one of Sam Murgs, Mark, her and Merv I didn't realize existed.)

i knowww, and i think most of them were from when she wasn’t even with maks anymore right? cute that they stayed close :) although i do remember him posting/commenting to her a bunch too ab he missed her when she was with james lol

so in 2012 I started a massive harry&louis folder on my laptop full of gifs, and I haven’t properly gone through it in aaaaages…. shall we reminisce on how completely embarrassing they were? I think we shall…

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So remember many months ago when someone posted these m&p pics with a huge red disclaimer? And then all the crazies jumped in about how Maks was lecturing/yelling/mad at her, etc etc. And there was no way they were in a happy relationship based on the pics???  Well here is the video.  Obvi someone is upset about something, but it’s clear that Maks isn’t yelling at her lol.  If you want to get straight to the good stuff, jump to the 0:58 mark. 😘😘😘

ok but I remember during the Jingle Ball thing when they were asked about New Year Resolutions, michael said he wanted to lose weight. Now it’s been a few months but people are dying and falling in love with his arms and stuff ‘cause he got the muscle he wanted. He was always more insecure about his body compared to Ash and Calum, but then in Bali he posted shirtless pics and stuff. He’s growing more comfortable with himself, in his own skin, and I’m so proud of my lil rockstar :’)


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And now that you’re done watching that, the history of ScoobyDooMistakes:

When I was but a wee little babby, I grew up on Scooby-Doo, as I imagine a lot of you did. Even though it was a show from the late 60s and early 70s, reruns of the original episodes were still common on Cartoon Network “back in my day.” I remember having VHS tapes of Scooby marathons that I liked to watch on sick days… fun times.

Even back when I was little, I was pretty observant, and would notice errors in the animation. Later on, I’d watch episodes on my first-gen iPod Touch, take screenshots of funny things I found, and then show them to family. Even later on, when my little brother Oliver was old enough, I started showing him the episodes, and going frame-by-frame through the errors to take photos of what I had found.

About a year ago, I decided to create a blog to house the mistakes — originally, it was a total secret, just acting as a convenient place to put the photos, each complete with a short explanation as to what’s going on. The plan was, I’d send friends there, for their viewing pleasure.

…ok, to be fair, I don't have much in the way of friends, so admittedly, there was one kink in the plan. 

After a while, though, I realized that there might be few people on Tumblr who would like ScoobyDooMistakes, so I started adding a handful of relevant tags to the posts. They got a couple notes, and people were obviously enjoying them, so I started to tag things even better. Before too long, the blog had 10 followers, and then 20, and then 50, and then 100… and so, I just kept posting and posting.

I improved the presentation, improved the captions, and generally did everything I could to make it as engaging and enjoyable as possible. It really seemed to strike a chord with people… especially the poorly-drawn faces. Derps such as Shaggy eating a pineapple got over 14,000 notes, and one frame from an animation of Shag and Scoob making sandwiches managed to achieve 56,000+. Even the Scooby derp series that pushed us over 10k got 4,300 in only 12 hours — pretty crazy, huh?

As for the future of Scooby Doo mistakes, it will never, ever stop. After we finish going through the old series of movies, I’ll look at later seasons of Scooby-Doo, and see if any of them stand up to the originals in terms of derp quality.

And even when we finally have completed our quest, having have found every animator’s mistake, and documented every hilarious derp, I’ll just start reposting old mistakes that most of you have never gotten a chance to see. Don’t worry, you’ll never have to live without your daily Scooby fix!

OK, I think that just about concludes the history… to wrap things up, I’d just like to say, to all of you loyal SDM fans out there: thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Even though all you’re doing is looking at funny pictures on Tumblr, and this blog hasn’t put a penny in my pocket, thank you for looking and enjoying.

In all honesty, the past three years of my life have been pretty awful, and I haven’t had anyone to go through it with. What makes me feel better, though, is making other people happier — so you can imagine just how nice it is to see the notes on a post go up and up, and know that each one represents someone who got an extra chuckle in their day.

So yes, thank you all, sincerely and truly, and let’s keep working to make Tumblr a happier, funnier place for everyone!

Thanks for reading, and keep spreading the Scooby love,



Ps. How do you feel about, say… one post an hour, for the next 24 hours, to celebrate?