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BTS Reaction: You Have Amnesia

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“Hello!☆ reaction, how the boys would react if you suffer from amnesia after an accident and you don’t remember them or your relationship with them. (Just thinking about how they would react destroy my heart 😢💔)”

Ahh, angsty! Here you go, love 💕 I wrote it in this format because I felt it worked best with this request. I’m sorry this took so long. Hope you enjoy! 😘

You and your boyfriend were driving down the freeway, arguing about something he had done at the party. You did’t even remember what it was he did, but you were so angry you started screaming at him.

“Will you shut up for one second!” He screamsed back while glancing at you. His eyes were off the road for only a second, but he didn’t see the other car jump the median, heading straight for you.

All you saw was a flash of headlights piercing through the darkness. Then came the high pitch screech of metal on metal, the sound of your bones breaking on impact. You didn’t have time to feel it before your head smashed against the dashboard, your airbag failing to deploy. Then the peaceful abyss of blackness overtook you.

He sustained serious injuries, but at least he woke up after surgery. You, on the other hand, were in a coma. Your surgeon said your brain swelled from the blow to your head, and it would take time for your brain to heal itself. The hardest thing for him was when he saw the massive bruising all over your face. You were barely recognizable.


Once he’s able to walk after his injuries somewhat heal, he spends all his time at your bedside. Holding your hand, talking to you, just making sure you know he’s by your side. When you finally wake up, you let out some kind of whimper. Jin is immediately at your side, your hand in his.

“Oh, god, Princess. You’re awake,” he breathes, laying his cheek against your joined hands in relief, only for his heart to drop at your response.

“Who are you?” You recognize his voice, hearing it all day while you were in a coma, but you don’t know him. You pull your hand away, uncomfortable holding a strange man’s hand.

“I’m…I’m Jin, your boyfriend.” His voice breaks and he has to force himself take deep breaths to calm down.

You start panicking and crying, and Jin can only press the call button beside your bed and watch you at a distance, knowing any comfort he tries to give would only freak you out more. His throat aches from the effort to hold back his tears.

Once the doctor comes, Jin steps out of your room, closing the door behind him. He drops to his knees right there in the corridor, no longer able to contain his sobs. He feels his heart break, a physical ache in his chest, as his tears hit the white tiles.

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I Still Love Him | e.d

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A/n: written to the quote at the end of Lana Del Rey’s song “National Anthem

And I remember when I met him, it was so clear that he was the only one for me


I was sitting alone in a small coffee shop gripping my mug for warmth while scrolling through my phone when he walked in. The bell at the top of the door rang, the winter wind sweeping him inside. I watched him closely as he walked up to the counter ordering; studying his features. He looked around, instantly locking eyes with mine. I sent him a small smile before taking another sip of my coffee.

“I’m Ethan Dolan” he introduced himself.


We both knew it, right away


The summer breeze combed through my hair as Ethan drove. His hand resting on my thigh the other clutching the steering wheel. I watched him, laughing as he belted out the words to our favorite song. The sun hitting his features just right, almost as if he was glowing. Our laughter filling the air; he was mesmerizing. Our bodies soaking in the summer sun as we laid on the beach together that afternoon. He would scoop me up and carry me unwillingly into the icy water. My screams of laughter annoying everyone around us. It was as if the only people on the planet were him and I, he was the only thing I cared about.

“I love you” he confessed to me as we watched the sunset.


And as the years went on, things got more difficult, we were faced with more challenges


The nights always ended in arguments. I became insecure about myself, and would accuse him of cheating. Rumors floated around about him and a girl constantly hanging out. At first it was just hearsay, and then the pictures started to surface. She was beautiful, way more than I expected. He insisted that they were just friends, but my jealously always showed. He never lost faith in me, even with my accusations. He came home one night his eyes filled with sorrow.

“She kissed me” he cried.

I’ll never forget the look in his eyes as he repeated those words to me over and over again. Tears streaming down his face as he begged for my forgiveness.


I begged him to stay


Things started to get harder. Ethan was always busy trying to come up with new content for their channel. When the opportunity knocked on their door for another tour, they couldn’t miss the chance to accept. That night we sat down and talked; laid everything out on the table. He told me he thought it was best to go our separate ways. With him being so far away, and our relationship being so fragile he didn’t think it was going to last. I watched him as he talked; not saying a word. Studying his features for the last time. The way his lips creased in a frown, the way his eyebrows scrunched together as he tried to find the right words to say, and the way he played with his fingers and avoided my gaze. I longed for him to look at me, to reassure me that I’ll be fine on my own. I didn’t want him to leave, after all I loved him.

“Please don’t go” I cried.


Try to remember what we had at the beginning


It was strange when we met again. I remember sitting in that same coffee shop where it all began. He looked happy, almost angelic. When he caught my eye, he had to do a double take. Then he gave me that smile, that same small smile that awoke the butterflies in my stomach. It was almost a year since our last conversation, but for me it felt like yesterday. We talked for hours catching up on each others latest adventures. He was just as how I remembered him, throwing jokes left and right. I didn’t remember the last time I smiled or laughed like I did that day with him.

“I missed you” he admitted. It warmed my heart to hear him say those words. 


He was charismatic, magnetic, electric and everybody knew it

The twins were invited to an award show since they were nominated for best comedians. My arm wrapped through his, I smiled as we walked down the carpet while photographers took our pictures. I listened as he got interviewed; the way he talked sent chills down my spine. Just by the sound of his voice filled my body with a desire. I watched him laugh with Grayson the paparazzi calling there names to get there attention. He looked at me on the sidelines, calling me over.

“They deserve to see how beautiful you look tonight” he whispered in my ear.


When he walked in every woman’s head turned, everyone stood up to talk to him


Ethan insisted on taking me out to a really nice restaurant. We were both never ones to be materialistic, but he said for this occasion it was a must. We were celebrating the Twins’ accomplishment of working with MTV on bringing back TRL. To be on tv was their dream since they were little. Ethan dressed in his best clothes, and I put on my nicest dress. When we walked into the restaurant, hand in hand, everyone began asking him questions on their success. When the waitress arrived to take our orders she couldn’t take her eyes off him. I couldn’t lie, Ethan was extremely captivating just from the way he presented himself. When Ethan caught me starring at the girl, and her staring at him he let out a small chuckle.

“You’re the only person I need” he said, kissing me.


He was like this hybrid, this mix of a man who couldn’t contain himself


One of the things I loved about Ethan was that he was always so carefree. We went on a road trip to visit the place he knew I always wanted to see. He had so much energy and excitement filled in him it was a sight to behold. He was always so at peace when we went on trips like this. It was as if he could leave all his problems behind. I knew things were hard on him; he struggles so much to make people happy, and sometimes he forgot about himself along the way. We camped out in a deserted spot watching as the stars slowly appeared. I cuddled next to Ethan on the blanket we shared as we stared up admiring the night sky. Talking about the simple things, and reminiscing. I grew tired and wanted to head back to the truck to sleep, but Ethan held me tighter.

“Let’s just stay like this, for a little while longer” he pleaded.


I always got the sense that he became torn between being a good person and missing out on all of the opportunities that life could offer a man as magnificent as him


For him the nights grew long. He hardly slept because he stayed up with Grayson while they came up with new video ideas. He constantly stressed about wanting everything to be perfect for his fans. That’s what he though they deserved, something perfect. He would wake up in the middle of the night, tossing and turning. Trying to relieve himself of his worries.

“I want to give them the best.” He told me; talking about his fans.


And in that way I understood him


It was the best moment of my life, the one I could never forget. The doors opening to reveal the room full of people as they stood up. Down the long aisle way there he stood, our eyes meeting. His smile was from ear to ear as he watched my father walk me down the aisle. He held my hand helping me up the steps. His hazel eyes pouring into mine as he read his vows out loud to me.

“I promise to love you until the rest of my days” he spoke. My heart beating and taking in every word he said.

“I promise to be there with you through all your hard times” I spoke back to him.

It was the happiest day of my life; the day I married Ethan Grant Dolan.


And I loved him

I remember we walked hand in hand down the streets of Los Angeles. He had the biggest smile etched on his face, and I can’t even remember what our conversation was about. I could still see the color drain from his skin as his eyes stared straight ahead. Once Ethan pushed me behind him It all happened so fast before I realized what was going on. I can still hear the screams of everyone around us running. I peeked from behind Ethan to see a man pointing a gun straight at him.


I loved him, I loved him, I loved him, and I still love him


He tried pushing me away getting me to run, but I didn’t want to leave him. Before I knew it I heard the sound, the sound that I was dreading. Ethan collapsed on the floor in agony; the man disappearing into an ally. My screams for help where the only thing that could be heard on that empty street. I rested his head on my legs; one hand on his wound, the other on his head.

“Stay with me” I sobbed.

His eye stared up at me. What shocked me the most was that he wasn’t frowning, but he had that same small smile on his face. His brows furrowed together when he tried to move. He lifted his hand up to my check rubbing it softly. I looked down at the wound on his stomach, and all I could see was red.

“You know I love you right?” He breathed out.

I held his hand on my cheek letting out a small chuckle through my sobs, nodding vigorously. I heard the sirens in the distance.

“Don’t leave me, okay.” I begged.

His eyes slowly shut as he let out his last breath. The sirens growing louder and louder as I sat there crying into his lifeless body.


I love him

If I ever met Taylor I have no idea what I would say. I remember back in 2006 sitting at my sister’s computer and listening to the new songs she downloaded; one of the being Tim McGraw. I remember making MySpace for the first time in 2007 and I would spend hours just looking through Taylor’s page and rereading all her blog posts. I remember in 2008 my dad surprising me with the Fearless album after they told me I couldn’t get it because they had no money. I remember in 2009 my sister surprised me with tickets to see Taylor, my first concert ever. I remember in 2010 going to the store and picking up Speak Now the day it was released. I remember in 2011 having the opportunity to see Taylor in concert again and sitting down and creating this blog. I remember in 2012 freaking out with my sister when WANEGBT was released and my mom taking me to go buy Red on release day. I remember in 2013 I had enough money to buy my own ticket to see Taylor and my sister flew 1000 miles to watch her with me; the same night we met Taylor’s Mom. I remember in 2014 feeling so excited for 1989 because it was fresh and new and Taylor decided to follow my blog. I remember in 2015 I flew 1000 miles to see Taylor at the Staples Center with my sister because it’s become our tradition to see her together. These were all pretty big milestones for me and if I ever met Taylor I don’t know how’d I ever thank her.

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Honestly I dont trust Lorca At All™. He's got most good qualities a star trek villain has. Wbu?

I legit forgot his name and only remembered when I watched the episode yesterday like. Me: whom?


2 WEEKS AGO I watched Riviera (programme on Sky) and thought hm I’d love to go to Monaco and live that life. And boom. Just back from the place with SD1. I always have a vision board I’m working on and little affirmations I say in my head.
Also tumblr and your own blog is so good for confirming your goals and when you see it come up every day, you subconsciously work towards it.

I remember when I had nothing, literally nothing. The only Lux make-up I had was a passed down Clinique powder. But due to me constantly focusing on all these aspects of luxury living- I’ve honestly gained everything I’ve wanted. I’m not even joking. It doesn’t come easily or quickly but somehow when you want something bad enough- life finds a way to give it to you.

I’m still a developing SB but miles and miles ahead of what I used to be like when I first started out.

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That one scene where like a scene flashes for one second when Elio is remembering stuff and it's like inverted colors? Idk how to describe it but that really killed me. I can't wait until the movie comes out so someone can like revert it to regular color

UGH YES it was like negative/infrared or something but it was such a beautiful little montage of them. god I am literally tearing up right now wtf. this whole film is literally the definition of poetic cinema. like, I’m pretty sure I will go through the rest of my life comparing every film I watch with cmbyn. 

the internet is amazing? like it sounds silly but like remember catching a small part of a film on tv before you had to leave the house or just catching the ending, or falling asleep and never KNOWING what the film was?? Especially if it was old/indie/obscure??

and now u can just google some aspects of the film and you can rewatch it again? its amazing

(also like, not knowing when u’d be able to see the next season of a show, especially here, like sometimes second seasons wouldn’t get translated? and now i can jsut google it and watch like the 5 seasons i couldn’t see as a teen? its so amazing)

I remember watching the quick and the dead for the first time when I was a wee child and thinking

Man. This is a story that is never told. A woman gets to ride in on a horse like any other man and clean up a Wild West town. This is spectacular.

And while the camera work and cinematography have aged it

I still agree with little me

She was on a revenge trip, found revenge for a young woman, had one night stand sex with young Leonardo DiCaprio without any consequences, blew up a town, redeemed russel Crowe without sleeping with him, and rode away into the sunset after a badass hero line

Women don’t get that story. Except that once.

Little me’s opinion is big me’s opinion. Not perfect but still fascinating.

I don’t remember a lot about the Blues Brothers because I watched it when I was a kid but I will never forget that iconic scene where they disrupt the Nazi march

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I'm looking for any good Ereri fics where Eren gets injured or is on the verge of getting injured by a titan. Thanks!

There’s probably a fair few that I’m not able to find because they’re not tagged, but I’m bad at remembering fics so, welp. People probably know a bunch though… any suggestions besides these two?

Summary: Eren is fighting titans when he runs out of energy and his regeneration halts, Levi notices almost too late, and almost loses Eren.

Summary: On a relatively straight-forward trip outside of the walls, Eren is seriously injured and Levi is forced to face up to feelings he’s been trying to ignore for entirely too long. Watching the titan-shifter clinging onto life, the foul-tempered Corporal comes to the sudden realisation that perhaps he might not get the chance to tell the brat how he feels after all.



I was/am watching “Double Trouble” (Season Two Episode Three) and I noticed something. When the Serpentine go down to the Ninja’s room on the Destiny’s Bounty and are looking for any belongings, Cole’s ZX suit is on the bunk under Kai’s. 

(Bad picture, but you can hopefully see the red on the top bunk and black on the bottom.)

I thought that was odd, because I vaguely remembered a scene where it was actually Zane that had the bunk under Kai’s, and Cole and Jay had the other bunk (Cole on bottom, Jay on top). So, I went back and looked at some episodes. 

In “Snakebit”, there’s a scene where Sensei Wu wakes the boys up using a gong. 

Even though you can’t necessarily see the boys’ colors (except for Kai’s arm sticking out there), you should be able to tell the boys apart by their hair. The hair you can see on the bottom bunk is clearly Zane’s. 

And in “The Stone Army” (which is after “Double Trouble”) there’s a scene (the one I vaguely remembered) where an alarm clock is going off in the Ninja’s room (now including Lloyd) and it wakes up everyone but Zane.

See that? Kai is on the top bunk and Zane is on the bottom. And if we look at this other picture from that scene:

You can see the bit of black on the bottom bunk that signifies Cole, and you can assume that Jay fell from the top bunk. 


I know they have continuity errors, some just bother me a lot more than others. ESPECIALLY when you have something one way, switch it up, then go back to the original way.

Seriously though. What’s the point of showing us scenes where the boys are in specific bunks, a smaller detail that we probably don’t need to know about, if they aren’t going to stick to it? I know they have a bigger story to worry about, but come on. Smaller details are important too.

(Sorry about this. But it was just hardcore bothering me (even though it probably shouldn’t have). Sometimes you just have to let it out.)

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I hate to ask this but during the season that shall not be mentioned was Hyde physically abusive to Jackie ? I haven't watched season 8 ever but i know he was verbally and emotionally abusive to her (which is sad because in canon Hyde would never be that way to her)?

Not that I remember. Although, he did sort of let her fall from a damn cliff and laughed his ass off when she got injured a few times, like, you know how shitty these writers were. He may not– lift his hand to her, but he did that.

Look, if he had actually touched her like that, I wouldn’t be here to be honest. NEVER watch season 8, NEVER.

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How do you think Astra likes her a) coffee b) tea, and c) icecream?

Decided to skip the underwear question in favor of food? -snickers- Good call. Goodness, okay, food is hard for me, and just watch, I’m going to contradict my fic on this, I don’t remember if I gave Alex black coffee or Astra, but one of the two liked it and the other was disgusted lmao, but that aside…

I think Astra would drink black coffee when she isn’t at home. I think there’s a difference between liking it and drinking it, but she would. I think she’s learned to consume just about anything regardless of taste, and she doesn’t want to inconvenience people too much, you feel? Plus it’s almost a reputation thing, the whole obsession with not appearing weak carries over even into beverages. 

But at home when she goes for her actual likes? Well, I don’t know anything about coffee, really, but I imagine it’ll be closer to one of those embarrassingly long Starbucks coffee orders, the bitterness diluted with something. Nothing too sweet though, it’s still coffee, if she wants something sweeter she’ll get something else.

For tea I feel like she’d go herbal, might even try to grow her own herbs specifically for tea. No creamer or sweetener, just the pure taste of the herbs, hell, maybe even flower tea, those jasmine things and stuff? Alex thinks it’s disgusting, but she’ll try whenever Astra has concocted something new anyway.

Ice cream is a tough one, mostly because due to obvious reasons I’m tempted to just immediately yell (and sing) vanilla ice cream. I mean I think she’d like it, but I don’t think it would necessarily be her favorite. I feel like Kara would have made her try plenty flavors, and though she’ll never admit it out loud, I think she has a soft spot for any flavor that includes cookies. Kara and Alex both know it though, behind all that passive aggressive reluctance, not even Astra can hide that mirth in her eyes as she’s eating it.

This is really fun to think about, lol, thanks ^_^

TFA Rewatch

The Force Awakens played on TV today and I’m liking Finn and Rey for some reason. Rewatching the interrogation scene and I’ve noticed how Kylo Ren is shaking/struggling when Rey was able to read him through the Force. One line that Kylo Ren said about Rey that I remember when she escaped from her restraints (something to this effect, I can’t recall the exact words:

“She’s testing her powers. The longer she escapes the more dangerous she’ll be.”

Adam Driver is such a great actor, upon watching it again. Finn/Poe is just so strong as well. Two months left before The Last Jedi!

Huey, Dewey, and Louie are worthless at simple chores


…but can’t we also assume that Huey, Dewey, and Louie will still somehow also suck at the simplest things? 

I can believe that Huey can catalog every type of bird for his bird watching club, but he can’t remember the names of his neighbors. 

And Louie can climb up the side of a mountain but needs Uncle Donald to open the pickle jars because his delicate hands can’t be smited by such a terrible task

And Dewey could probably tame lions, but he’s terrified of the old cat that sometimes glares at him from the window across the street. 

They’re so adventurous and cool, and occasionally calm, but when it comes to household management and, I don’t know, just sort of existing mundanely they kind of suck. 

“UNCLE DONALD I NEED HELP OPENING MY VITAMINS!” Huey will shout up the stairs. 

Donald will blink down at Huey from over the banister. “Didn’t you climb the side of a temple last weekend?”

“Yeah, but like… these are safety sealed!”

“Can’t your brother help you?”

Louie walks past, hands in his pockets, “yeah, no, my pinky’s very delicate.”

You scaled a cliff on Sunday.”

“All in the thumbs, uncle Donald.”

“Okay, but Dewey-”

Dewey plucks out a headphone long enough to say, “I think I have a hangnail?” and then goes back. 

Needless to say, when it comes to basic existing, these three are practically worthless. 

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10. last movie i watched: Clueless (i love it so much)

11. last show i watched: the latest big bang theory episode

12. when did i create my blog: months ago? I don’t remember

13. what do i post: my fanfics, my funkos, mostly Game of thrones, Harry Potter, LOtR, Star Wars, Anatomy studies (more like kinda erotic body parts), and other shows and movies, funny stuff

14. last thing i googled: gait abnormalities (i’m in rehab med preresidency so)

15. do i have any other blogs: yes, a personal one but its been inactive for months

16. do i get asks: yes, though I get chats more

17. why i chose my url: first it was ladymd for being the direwold lady and a doctor, and then I switched it to be like talisa stark. The doctor wife of Robb stark hehe. 

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19. followers: 15 away from my next hundred!🙈

20. average hours of sleep: as of last night: zero! I was on 24hour duty last night at the hosp huhu

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24. what am i wearing: still in something plus white coat

26. dream job: writer or one of those lifestyle hosts (travel or food or both)

27. dream trip: it varies but now I’d love to go back to Japan or go on a temple run around the Indo-Chi route.

28. favourite food: finger lickin’ fried chicken of any kind and form

29. nationality: can’t be specific but I’m Asian with European roots. 

30. favourite song right now: Homemade Dynamite

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