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About the matpat gaster theory did you watch the first one only or did you watch the other one it also has three parts he only has two out and it is a game theory it is his opinion and he based that opinion on the evidence HE finds in the game so before you go of saying some thing please look at everything he also explained in the first video he was scared of the game because people immediately threw hate at him when he made previous Undertale videos.

Did you really get triggered because I remembered something about this gaster thing I put together, and me stating my opinion on the matter?

I love matpat, I love his videos, I just said something like “man I’d have loved him addressing the points I found”

I didn’t attack your god or something chill out.

its been like 6 or so years since I’ve been a fan of tbfp; I remember my first exposure of them was their content on machinima, at the point when that was all they exclusively made.

and it’s just weird how even though they’ve gained so much traction and are technically among the big lets player names in terms of internet fame, they’re literally still just “dudes who play video games”.

Like, no unnecesarry screaming, text emphasis on jokes they make, it’s just them sitting on a couch talking about the game, randosm stuff and are just entertaining by just hanging out. It’s nice that they never lost the casual nature they have when it comes to their core content. The most they do is get better equipment, expand their media (podcasts, streaming, occasional vlogging, etc.), and have a different from multiple artists create thumbnails for each new playthrough (which i absolutely love).

It’s just nice that I can still boot up a video, and still think they’re all pretty damn down to earth.

lol suddenly remembers the first time i saw lesbian porn when it was accidentally unlocked at a hotel room i was staying at with some friends in 2010…there was straight porn unlocked, too, but i complained when they switched to that on the excuse that the dude was ugly. 

also that EXACT NIGHT, the telephone music video dropped. this was a little before wi-fi was always in hotels, so we sat in the lobby of the hotel trying to get a signal to watch it. 

WHAT a fucking formative night for my sexuality jesus christ

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OK WHAT I WAS GONNA SAY WAS that i thought it was funny how almost everyone on victor's side thinks yuuri's being a typical playboy by using victor when he's just a dorky figure skater who loves katsudon and just wants to prove himself which kind of reminds me of canon!victor like how we all first thought that victor was a playboy and had some kind of ulterior motive but then it turns out he was just really in love

I still remember watching episode 10 (for the second time, I was drunk the first time 。゚(TヮT)゚。 ) and it completely changing how I perceived Viktor as a character. And then I had to sit down and revise the whole fic to match!

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When they went to St Barthes a few years ago, I think Louis had some twitter follows/activity to suggest he was binge watching Breaking Bad (or some other show). Eleanor, the pro that she is, also followed a few actors from the show if I remember correctly. Can't remember the specifics, but it did seem like he was watching telly while on holiday.

there’s this too

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So I'm just genuinely curious, do you have any negative opinions and criticisms on Star Trek TOS? It's just I don't think I can remember you doing so when you've expressed quite A LOT of negativity on most of the other shows, so I can't help but wonder what criticisms you've got for TOS. :/

Well, if you watched the Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War review, you’ll see how I’ve cited some of the dumber episodes of TOS. Otherwise it’s got a loooot of issues with women (Star Trek overall has a problem with its attitude toward sexuality - insert your own joke about Star Trek fans not knowing about sex here hurr hurr), its understanding of science is… limited, at best, and while there is occasionally continuity, since it was the early days they hadn’t really figured out all the fine details of how the future worked (we also can just casually time travel for historic reasons because why not).

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Fuck it, youre making me give in, where can I watch lazy town?

HAHA YES. It’s such a great show, honestly.

I think they’re all available on YouTube now but if you want the fandom’s backup, here’s all the seasons on Google Drive:

Season 1 Pt. 1

Season 1 Pt. 2

Season 2 Pt. 1

Season 2 Pt. 2

Season 3

Season 4

and of course, Robbie’s Dream Team.

I can’t remember who’s responsible for putting these all together when Bädo Innos was pulled randomly for copyright infringement at the end of December, but that superhero is somewhere out there and they have my eternal gratitude <3

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weird story: i watched the movie version of heathers first, and i remember snapchatting my friend about how fucking gross and abusive jd was and she replied 'what no he's a babe' and i was really confused and weirded out by her. when i finally watched the musical, afterwards i snapped her back 'MUSICAL JD IS MY SHITTY TRASH SON' and i really think that says something about the difference between musical-jd and movie-jd's personalities

It’s so true tho omg

The Distance Between Us Part 2

(A.N. HEY GUYSSSS!!! Here is part 2 of The Distance Between Us! A warning before you start reading this might trigger you if you ever had body self-image problems. Remember your beautiful! Anyways, Enjoy ._.)

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“It is but just know when you look up at the sky thinking of me I’m also looking at the same sky thinking of you, my love.”
With that, he grabbed his trunk and owl and got in line to board the train.
My eyes followed his every move to him walking in the train corridors through the windows until he took his seat with his fellow Slytherins.
As the train started to move against the tracks he waved his final Goodbye.
Watching the train until it’s out of my sight I think, “What am I going to do now.”


Pulling my house scarf tighter around my neck, I start to walk back towards the castle.

Once I entered the castle I go to the Great Hall to the Christmas feast provided to the students who are staying for the holidays.

Taking a seat at a random table I start to put food on my plate.

“Hey, Fatass I don’t think you need any more food you look like a cow.”

Turning my head at who made that insult I see a smirking Crabbe walking into the Great Hall.

Anger running through my veins I reply.

“Piss off, Crabbe.”

Seeing his smirk turn into a frown he says, “Thought I would help my best mate from dating a literal cow. So be a lamb and stop eating like one.”

Looking down at my stomach I see that my stomach has gotten a little bit bigger but it wasn’t drastic.

Tears threatening to fall from my eyes I quickly gather my things and head to my common room leaving the food on my plate untouched.

Entering my common room I let a few tears roll down my cheek. Pushing my way up to my dormitory I bump into a fellow house mate quickly I apologize and slip my way into my room closing the door.

Taking all of my outside apparel off I go to the bathroom to take my makeup off.

Standing in front of the mirror I slowly take my makeup off.

Have my cheeks become bigger?

Taking a step back from the mirror I push the button of my shirt up so that my stomach shows.

Turning to the left a bit so that my right side faces the mirror I start poking at my stomach.

I didn’t even notice I have gotten fat. Crabbe is right Draco is dating a cow.

Taking in my whole appearance I conclude that: My collarbones aren’t as prominent and my thighs are thicker.

Shaking my head I slip out of my clothes and put on pajamas and I slip into my bed and fall asleep.

“Jesus fucking Christ why is it so bright in here?!”

I turn my head towards the open window that has the pretty morning sun coming into it.

Knock Knock!

Groaning I put my pillow over my head.

“Hey Y/N. Can I come in?”

Pushing all of the blankets off my bed I sluggishly make my way to the door.

Opening it my good friend F/N (Friend Name) appears.

“Good morning, Y/N! I’m going down for breakfast want to join?”

Thinking of the events of yesterday I shake my head, “You’re so kind but I’m not hungry. Thanks for the offer.”

“Oh, it’s okay! Go back to bed and enjoy some more sleep you deserve it!” Turning on her heels she walks down the corridor.

Closing my door I suddenly remember something. Opening the door back up I stick half of my body out of the door. “Hey, F/N if there is any mail for me can you bring it to me?”

Stoping in her tracks she responds, “Oh, Of course!”

With that, I close my door and get back into bed.

That day F/N said there was no mail for me.

Same thing for the next day and the day after that and the day after that.

Sitting down at the lake as the sun starts to go down for the night I look up at the sky and think, “Are you thinking of me too?”

                                                 END OF PART 2

Road to the Winter Classic Episode 2 Highlights

man these videos are absolute gold mines why havent i watched these before

  • michael latta got into approximately 4752 fights
  • i didnt realize this was the time period of the longest shootout (i remember watching the highlights of that it was nuts)
    • brooks orpik scored in the shootout and willy shouted “holy fuck i’ll be damned”
  • wardo simply lost his shit when he saw that latts got a salad and a bunless burger just to look good in front of the camera
  • after excessive celebration by the boys, trotz muttered “they wonder why i’ve lost my hair”
  • carlzner had dinner together along with the training staff (can you say married?)

kuzy and ovi went to a wizards game together and it was adorable

i also discovered the origin story of the “ice cream. need ice cream” gif

“fuck i gotta go here i gotta fucking go. come on baby”

THEY LOOK LIKE A FUCKING BOYBAND. brooks laich and holts and wardo and carlzner could make a good boyband tho tbh

aw brobeans in the sin bin together how cute

brouwer and carlson decided they wanted to join too

RETURN OF THE ABE LINCOLN BEARD. looking good, greener

nice socks, john

you: haha you can have the remote 

me: have you seen the one where they eat bugs?

me: sometimes i remember when rhett looks to the left hes looking at link in the monitor. sometimes i start crying and ive watched 200 episodes in 3 weeks

i’m watching behind the b’ and literally feel like i’m about to cry when they bring up the julien firing. like they were like “change comes quickly to the boston bruins” and i was like “i don’t remember them making a change” and then just stopped and i was like “….oh”


the gnats on the roof on a spring day in february are swarming

too much to let me eat my salad in peace, so i move down

to the next level of the building, which is not nearly high

enough to jump from. i don’t think about those things much

more anyway, not with the soft dog on the couch & a girl

who loves me in the bed, the blooming tulips on the table

& the afternoon light. sometimes i think of you still,

when it’s late & i’ve had too much to drink & all i want

to do is be younger, rolling down the hill in the park

before we rode our bikes home at sunrise & fucked

in your warm bed. yesterday i watched a show on MTV

all about girls on a college campus who become vigilantes

because no form of authority will address sexual assault,

& i told you to watch it before i knew it would make me

remember the tremble of your hands after i touched

you, so i’m sorry about that. i’m sorry i still think of you

sometimes, because that’s not fair & everything isn’t so bad.

in 1999 zoe leonard started making an art installation

where she stitched together the rinds & peels of hollowed

fruit, & it’s still on display all these years later, rotting

away in a sterile museum next to a piece called “crying

instructions,” which is all to say i loved you once.

zoe’s friend died, which is why she started suturing

the decaying facsimiles in the first place. the girls

in the show on MTV probably understand, like we do,

about stitching skin over something empty, & going

away, & gone. they probably understand the taste

of blood in your mouth, & the swarm of gnats, & the red

ladder of the rickety fire escape. they probably understand

too-warm winter, & rooftops, & never-arriving spring

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Thexan, Arcann…

I can remember from my earliest childhood memories how much I wanted to be like the both of you. I remember how happy the two of you used to be- so carefree and excited about everything. I remember when you started training and fought in the arena- how I would watch you both every chance I had. 

I looked up to the two of you and couldn’t wait to start my own training so I could fight alongside you. I thought about all the worlds the three of us would visit and claim for Zakuul- thinking it wouldn’t be that much different from that month we spent in the swamps. 

Now it seems like none of that is no longer possible- yet here we all are on Odessen; a world still new to all of us with people more new and strange than familiar. I wish it didn’t have to take us going through what we all did to finally be at this point in our lives, but I’m happy that we are all together again.

What I’m trying to say is, I’m glad to have the two of you in my life. You were both good to me in your own ways, even when none of us thought so at the time. 

To two brothers who will always be princes to me,

Happy birthday

With love from your little sister, Vaylin.

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Dream trip: London! actually I’m gonna realize it in a few months,,,,, I’m so happy I could die ㅠㅠㅠ

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