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Happy Birthday Rihanna!!

Some of you already know, but Rih was actually the first celebrity to show my work love! She saw my sketches on Twitter back in 2010 & i’ll always remember the feeling when she followed me & dm’d me… “Yo dude! I’ve been seeing some of ur designs! Ur sick wit it!” ❤ Many ongoing & surreal convos later…next thing, she had my work as her Twitter profile picture, and in 2011, she invited me to one of her LDN Loud tour dates where we finally got to meet each other. She even told me to bring my work. Her loving embrace was like we had known each other for years! She is truly a beautiful, humble & genuine soul! This is a long ass caption, but I wanted to share what a cool person she is. I’ll always be grateful for her support & can’t wait for us to collaborate one day! Keep continuing to kill it & enjoy your Birthday Rihanna, you deserve all the blessings ❤❤❤

one time in art class this guy was sitting next to me and he was the only one who had the charcoal pencil i needed so i was going to ask him for it but when i looked over i saw him move his phone… and he was watching hentai. in art class. in public. i still remember the look of utter fear in his eyes when he realized i saw it

Colin: Spa’s...

“I’ve taken a couple of licks, a couple of beatings,” he said. “I remember one time when I went in one day, there’s a Russian-Turkish bath house in New York that’s really brilliant that I went to one day and I was feeling, this was years ago, I was feeling really low on myself and so I got two guys to give me the Platza [oak leaf treatment] and I just kept asking them, ‘Harder, harder!’ and they beat the bejeezus out of me. They asked me to put a shirt on before I went upstairs because they thought if the manager saw the welts on my body that they’d be fired.” …





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Hi Levi and Mikasa. Can you tell me who revealed your feelings first? And How did the other one react? ---Greetins from latin rivamika fans

“We didn’t. We just both agreed on it, if that makes any sense. It all started when she decided to be a hero and get hurt saving me.

 When Mikasa woke up and I saw her sitting in her hospital gown something in me snapped”

“I remember that day, but wait… isn’t that saying that you were the one revealing your feelings first? Because you kissed me Levi”
“ Oh but you agreed to it”
“…” glares



Not sure why, but when I woke up this morning a total ball of anxiety for some reason.  I am on top of all my work related projects (which usually are my cause for stress when I wake up).  So that’s not really it. But it definitely was pulling for me to stay home and calm down.

It did not help much when I pulled up the team workout calendar and saw that today was going to be descending sets, and those were tough before but with being moved up a lane that increases the challenge for me.  And then I remembered reading the team email yesterday where the coach said we have 5 more weeks of really tough workouts before they begin to taper for their big state meet coming up in April.  And I think maybe reading that before i went to bed last night had it on my mind when I first woke up and made me anxious.

Needless to say - I pulled myself together and got to the pool like a good boy.  And this workout was challenging but I kept up just fine and once again my worry was for nothing.  You would think I could get that under control with all of the experience of proving it wrong - but here I am 43 years in and still it gets me more than I would like it too!

150 swim/kick/pull

12x100 on descending intervals

No extra rest in between on the 2:25/2:10/1:50  (repeat descends 4x’s)

50 easy

100 pull scull every 3rd length

Kick set 50′s on the 1:30

  • 1x50 kick fast
  • 1x50 easy swim
  • 2x50 fast kick
  • 1x50 easy swim
  • 3x50 fast kick sprint

50 Easy

2x 25’s sprints on the :45

50 Easy



“Just the way the mother stood by her daughter all through when the devil was possessing her.”
“Oh, I know. I love that part.”
“Yeah. I… I remember it so vividly. Um… Shane, my son, he got a stomach virus the first time that I saw that movie. He was vomiting for two days. It was just… It was awful. Poor little guy. This was when I shared custody with my former husband, and it was his weekend. So I… I was there in the car, just… Sort of bundling my son, and he’s getting sick in this bucket I brought. And he’s crying his little eyes out. And then I thought, BAM! The Exorcist. And I looked in the rearview mirror of that car, and I said, "Mandy Riddle… If the mother in that Exorcist can keep it together while Satan himself is making a mess inside that little girl, you can get through this.” So… You know what we did? We grabbed that bucket and marched right back in the house.“

Arc V 143 - Yuya Sakaki vs The Dimensional Rift

…Brought to you by the Leo Corporation :P

The Good:

  • I really liked how everyone seemed to remember Zarc  rather than just go all like “oh yeah no one remembers when the universe was almost destroyed” and even more how we saw their reactions and their disbelief that a mere boy saved them all.
  • How rather than the usual anime thing of “Yeah we buy the world some more time” or “I’m sure everything will be alright” they’re actually trying to stop the vicious cycle of Zarc’s rebirth and put it to rest.
  • Yuya struggling with his emotions and his reactions to how Reira sacrificed himself but now needs his help, particularly how he continues to be preoccupied during the entirety of the duel afterwards
  • The Maiami Championship is being completed now! And Gongenzaka reminds us all why he’s the most underappreciated character of them all, his resolution to save both Yuzu and Reira  to the point that he goes as far as to change his playstyle is so touching and I expected nothing less from him.
  • I know many people hated how Yuya taked back to Yoko’s chiding and while i’m not defending his rudeness I think it was not possible for Yuya to be able to respond normally in the state he was in and as usual I think Yoko was able to understand why Yuya did what he did.
  • The Lancers are the final boss and I’m so ready for this!

The Bad:

  • ok I admit it the whole thing with the dimensional worm hole seems a little too convenient right now, and I dunno how it’s less volatile than the previous transportation method :P

The Random:

  • Yes the post title is a reference to Scott Pilgrim (yeah I saw the post), and yes I do think it looks like the Seven exes thingie :’D
  • If Dennis is gonna be on Xyz and Shun on Fusion I wonder who will he met with on Synchro…
  • Reiji called Ray his sister!!!

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The Freshman Book 3 i like Zig too. But what about Becca? When i saw "Relationship Improved" thing i was in shock! She is very complicated character and I really couldn't understand her intentions. She falls only boys and rich/popular boys. Why Mc? What do you think?

I remember you posting about this! Perhaps Becca is a romance option in the future? 😉

BTS truly started from the bottom. I remember bypassing their MV when they first came out. I eventually went back to it and saw the potential that could come from this. It was School Luv Affair that I was officially shook and their 2015 concert in Chicago that I officially died. They are breaking records and striving and I’m honestly very proud of them and their achievements. I hope they enjoy it and look back with no regrets. 🙃

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It's so interesting that they give gifts when you go watch a movie! That doesn't happen in the place I live in... I suppose it's to get people to watch it multiple times. I remember you went to see it right? Did it not sell well or is it a Japanese cinema thing?

It’s not released in Hong Kong yet. I merely went to buy ticket vouchers that can exchange for a legit ticket when the movie is being released in cinemas. I’m still about 3 weeks away from actually seeing it so I don’t know where you got the idea that I already saw the movie.

Japanese movies, especially popular anime movies, frequently hand out gifts to cinema-goers, usually in the first few weeks after the movie’s release. Kuroshitsuji is just taking the gifting game waaaaay too far (lol) and still have shit to give away for 2 straight months.

The only reason they have the capacity to do this is BECAUSE the movie is selling well, not the other way around. If no one is even willing to see moving pictures, it’s hard to imagine changing their mind with a still picture/gift.

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Hello again, I remember Bryke saying Republic City would be like Manhattan happening in Asia. However, when I looked up the places they said they used as inspiration for locations in RC, I only saw western locations. I think I remember you talking about this a while back and that it looked too western because it was Aaron Ehasz rather than Bryke who was the one truly understood the eastern influences of avatar. If he designed Republic City instead, how different do you think it would have been?

Bryke definitely made Republic City more Western than anything else that existed in the franchise previously. It was a mixture of places like Chicago and Manhattan and 1920′s Beijing and Shanghai. I think if Ehasz was more involved in TLOK, it would have skewed more to the Eastern feel. With Bryke, it definitely felt more like The United Nations, and New York City than China.

I’m still not sure I like how much technology there was either. I know it’s been 70 years, but I dunno. I didn’t really think that the radios and cars and robot stuff really fit the Avatar world. I think things like bending and the Spirit World felt like a better fit in a world with less technology.

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When I first saw B's tour schedule for feb/march, I knew B had something personal planned for Friday 18th because why else would he not do a second night at the Forum or some other venue? Turns out they were all headed to OK for the long weekend. So now i'm curious why he hasn't a show for Thursday 2nd march LOL. Remember B cancelled a show for Rae's wedding? Guy has his priorities right LOL.

I like a man with his priorities straight, lol. As for the 2nd March? I really don’t know. I mean, it’s POSSIBLE he just didn’t want three nights in a row, of course. I’ll be curious if there is something they end up doing on that date, though, now. 😄

(Also, I just remembered we’re also creeping up close to Apollo’s birthday. She better snap, dammit…)

Chapter V: The Fall of Dol Guldur (Pt. V)

“It would be a few days later that word would come from Celeborn in the south. When I was not deep in thought, I spent time with Nenduîl and Tárimë. They were growing up so quickly right before my eyes. As I watched them together in the garden, I could not help but see how much Tárimë had begun to look like Êlúriel. Every day I saw her I would remember things Êlúriel told me about her childhood in Ossiriand.

So much had changed in the world I had not noticed. Even the trees of the forest seem to sense the change of the ages.

“Ada,” Tárimë said walking toward me. “See. It is a butterfly. It is so pretty, is it not?”

“It is,” I said watching as it fluttered its wings while sitting quietly on Tárimë’s hand. Suddenly it took flight high above us until it was gone.

“You are going to leave again soon,” she said. “I do not want you to go, but I know you must. When your return, will the war be over?”

“I hope it will be, Tárimë,” I said. “It has lasted far too long.”

She sat beside me and leaned her head upon my shoulder.

“Why are there such things as war,” she asked. “I do not understand them.”

“Neither do I,” I answered. It was true—I did not understand them. I did know why there was a need for them. They seemed to steal lives and souls over something as meaningless as power. It seemed to be the only thing any one being could keep for themselves as things intangible as time could not be tamed.

“War is like winter,” she said. “The days are shorter and the nights longer. Like a season that never ends.”

I felt a chill run through me when I heard her words. Êlúriel had said them to me before I left for Dagorlad. I looked at Tárimë—her face stoic and lost in thought.

“You are wise for your age,” I said softly. “Very much so.”

“Nana said that to me long ago,” she answered. “I take after Queen Êlúriel. What was she like, Ada?”

“She was very wise and beautiful,” I began. “She was noble and graceful. I loved her and love her still. Your mother was right. You are very much like her if not rather short.”

She looked at me and smiled.

“I have not yet come of age,” she said giggling. “When I do, will I be as graceful as a queen?”

“You already are,” I said kissing atop her head.

We sat together quietly—watching Nenduîl and Aranduil at play nearby.

“Thranduil,” I heard a voice say behind me. I looked up to see Elmîr. I rose with Tárimë.

“Yes,” I asked. “What is it?”

“One comes from Lothlórien to see you,” he said.

“Thank you,” I said. I turned to Tárimë. “I will see you before I leave. Go to your brother now.”

She nodded and walked away slowly. She glanced back once with a look that nearly broke my heart. I nodded to Elmîr and we made our way into the palace and to the throne room where two elven men stood surrounded by my council and my court.

“I thought you said one, Elmîr,” I said.

“They accompanied the one that came from Lothlórien,” he whispered.

I stood before the two men—both with long golden hair and grey eyes. They bowed to me.

“Your Majesty,” one said. “I am Isílion and my brother Tárion. We come to you from Lothlórien with a bearer of a message.”

“Where is this messenger,” I asked.

Out of the shadow stepped figure hooded in a white cloak. Once removed, the room fell silent. I approached her.

“Lady Galadriel,” I said. “This is most quite an honor and rather unexpected. I thought you to be in Caras Galadhon under the protection of guards.”

“I was there,” she began. “And Caras Galadhon is well protected. I come of my own will to you. Our borders are safe as our warriors were able to push them back to whence they came. Dol Guldur. It is now time for you to join Celeborn to bring down what is left of Sauron’s forces that remain.”

“I thought you would be making your way westward by now,” I said. “There is no need for many of our kin to stay longer than we need to. Most of all you, daughter of Finarfin. I am to think you remain for Celeborn?”

“You may think many things, Thranduil, as you will. But I know your heart and it is with your people as ours.”

I motioned for Fëaluin to come to me.

“Prepare to leave at dawn,” I whispered. He nodded and left with Sildúr and Aradin. I returned my gaze to Galadriel. Her beauty had not shown and signs of fading as her age would dictate. She smiled serenely at me.

“Will you remain within my halls until our return,” I asked.

“If it pleases you, Thranduil,” she said. “I will see you and Celeborn again and if it be here then so will it be.”

“Very well,” I said. “I will have my court prepare quarters for you and your companions.”

“I know I will be well served and protected,” Galadriel said.

Ardúin and her sisters Linurial and Súlthulë bowed reverently and escorted Galadriel and her companions away. I gave Eldôr a look he found amusing.

“Thranduil,” he began. “I am quite sure Nenduîl and Tárimë will enjoy her company.”

“What are you not telling me, Uncle,” I asked.

“What would I keep from you,” he asked.

“I am not fool enough to think that the Lady of Light has left her kingdom without someone to see to its routine while she is away. There are only two directions an elf will go and often that is not east to Mirkwood without cause.”

“Elrond remains in Rivendell,” he said. “I do not know whether or not many remain there or in Lothlórien, but he is well aware of the whereabouts of his entire family.”

“Good,” I said. “Then I will not awaken to anymore of them before I leave for battle or is that wishful thinking?”

“No more,” he said smiling. “But they are your kin, you realize.”

“I do not need reminding, Eldor,” I said. “I need this war to end before my kingdom becomes a bastion for any more of my estranged kin.”

I made my way to my study and watched the waters falling in the fading light of day. Tomorrow I would ride to my last battle in this world. I could not help but wonder if I would see Legolas again.”–Excerpt from TKWR Book III: To Eryn Lasgalen by J.M.Miller 02-19-17

Images: ©2012, 2013, 2014. Warner Brothers Pictures. The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey, The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies. All Rights Reserved.

Violence, Abusers, and Protest

My grandfather was a generally peaceful man. He was a gardener, an EMT, a town selectman, and an all around fantastic person. He would give a friend - or a stranger - the shirt off his back if someone needed it. He also taught me some of the most important lessons I ever learned about violence, and why it needs to exist.

When I was five, my grandfather and grandmother discovered that my rear end and lower back were covered in purple striped bruises and wheals. They asked me why, and I told them that Tom, who was at that time my stepfather, had punished me. I don’t remember what he was punishing me for, but I remember the looks on their faces. 

When my mother and stepfather arrived, my grandmother took my mother into the other room. Then my grandfather took my stepfather into the hallway. He was out of my eye line, but I saw through the crack in the door on the hinge side. He slammed my stepfather against the wall so hard that the sheet rock buckled, and told him in low terms that if he ever touched me again they would never find his body. 

I absolutely believed that he would kill my stepfather, and I also believed that someone in the world thought my safety was worth killing for. 

In the next few years, he gave me a few important tips and pointers for dealing with abusers and bullies. He taught me that if someone is bringing violence to you, give it back to them as harshly as you can so they know that the only response they get is pain. He taught me that guns are used as scare tactics, and if you aren’t willing to accept responsibility for mortally wounding someone, you should never own one. He told me that if I ever had a gun aimed at me, I should accept the possibility of being shot and rush the person, or run away in a zig-zag so they couldn’t pick me off. He taught me how to break someone’s knee, how to hold a knife, and how to tell if someone is holding a gun with intent to kill. He was absolutely right, and he was one of the most peaceful people I’ve ever met. He was never, to my knowledge, violent with anyone who didn’t threaten him or his family. Even those who had, he gave chances to, like my first stepfather. 

When I was fourteen, a friend of mine was stalked by a mutual acquaintance. I was by far younger than anyone else in the social crowd; he was in his mid twenties, and the object of his “affection” was as well. Years before we had a term for “Nice Guy” bullshit, he did it all. He showed up at her house, he noted her comings and goings, he observed who she spent time with, and claimed that her niceness toward him was a sign that they were actually in a relationship.

This came to a head at a LARP event at the old NERO Ware site. He had been following her around, and felt that I was responsible for increased pressure from our mutual friends to leave her alone. He confronted me, her, and a handful of other friends in a private room and demanded that we stop saying nasty things about him. Two of our mutual friends countered and demanded that he leave the woman he was stalking alone. 

Stalker-man threw a punch. Now, he said in the aftermath that he was aiming for the man who had confronted him, but he was looking at me when he did it. He had identified me as the agent of his problems and the person who had “turned everyone against him.” His eyes were on mine when the punch landed. He hit me hard enough to knock me clean off my feet and I slammed my head into a steel bedpost on the way down.

When I shook off the stunned confusion, I saw that two of our friends had tackled him. I learned that one had immediately grabbed him, and the other had rabbit-punched him in the face. I had a black eye around one eyebrow and inner socket, and he was bleeding from his lip. 

At that time in my life, unbeknownst to anyone in the room, I was struggling with the fact that I had been molested repeatedly by someone who my mother had recently broken up with. He was gone, but I felt conflicted and worthless and in pain. I was still struggling, but I knew in that moment that I had a friend in the world who rabbit-punched a man for hitting me, and I felt a little more whole.

Later that year, I was bullied by a girl in my school. She took special joy in tormenting me during class, in attacking me in the hallways, in spreading lies and asserting things about me that were made up. She began following me to my locker, and while I watched the clock tick down, she would wait for me to open it and try to slam my hand in it. She succeeded a few times. I attempted to talk to counselors and teachers. No one did anything. Talking to them made it worse, since they turned and talked to her and she called me a “tattle” for doing it. I followed the system, and it didn’t work. 

I remembered my friend socking someone in the face when he hit me. I recalled what my grandfather had taught me, and decided that the next time she tried, I would make sure it was the last. I slammed the door into her face, then shut her head in the base of my locker, warping the aluminum so badly that my locker no longer worked. She never bothered me again. 

Violence is always a potential answer to a problem. I believe it should be a last answer - everything my grandfather taught me before his death last year had focused on that. He hadn’t built a bully or taught me to seek out violence; he taught me how to respond to it.

I’ve heard a lot of people talk recently about how, after the recent Nazi-punching incident, we are in more danger because they will escalate. That we will now see more violence and be under more threat because of it. I reject that. We are already under threat. We are already being attacked. We are being stripped of our rights, we are seeing our loved ones and our family reduced to “barely human” or equated with monsters because they are different. 

To say that we are at more risk now than we were before a Nazi got punched in the face is to claim that abusers only hurt you if you fight back. Nazis didn’t need a reason to want to hurt people whom they have already called inhuman, base, monsters, thugs, retards, worthless, damaging to the gene pool, and worthy only of being removed from the world. They were already on board. The only difference that comes from fighting back is the intimate knowledge that we will not put up with their shit.

And I’m just fine with that.