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Inktober Day 31! That’s a wrap somehow I was able to finish this whole month through. I wanted to thank you all for the nice comments and tags on my pieces and for 200+ followers. I can’t believe that many people are following me?! I still remember when I only had 5 followers (and those were all my friends sorry for my intense spam of ML fanart haha). I’m really grateful to old and new followers and hope we can all continue to grow and improve together.

Robert Vaughn, suave 'Man from U.N.C.L.E.' star, dies at 83
The 'Man from U.N.C.L.E.' star battled acute leukemia.

Sorry for taking so long to post. Yesterday we lost the inimitable Robert Vaughn. He most definitely lived his life to the fullest. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. 

With the timing of his passing, I think it is important to remember that not only was Robert a liberal Democrat, but he put his politics front and center in his life when it would have been easier for his career and personal life to keep quiet or private. He was outspoken in the media against the Vietnam war before the tide of public opinion had turned and he wrote his PhD dissertation on the effect of the House Un-American Activities Commission on theater. I hope other stars follow his example in the coming years. 

As many of you know, I’ve been a Napoleon girl from day one. Here is one of my favorite Napoleon Solo scenes. What was your favorite Napoleon Solo moment from the series? 


Blake brockington is a fucking king.

I’ve been crying all morning. because earlier this week, he killed himself.
Blake was a black trans guy. So even when he wasn’t being discriminated against because he’s transgender, he also had to deal with racism. This is sad for me, because I can relate to him on so many levels. I remember seeing a post of his talking about how it’s okay for trans men and cis men to be feminine and he sort of helped me, inspired me to come out as genderfluid. He inspired me to be more comfortable being me. So I followed him and saw that he inspired A LOT of people. He helped so many in the trans/ genderqueer community. Blake was the first openly trans homecoming king at his high school in Charlotte, NC. He’s very sweet. Super kind.
Literally a great guy, and I know I wasn’t the only one that was touched by him.
You are missed Blake. You are loved.

Long live the king.

Follower For Ever (100 follower milestone)

I can’t remember that I every reached so many follower at a rp blog before and I really want to say THANK YOU! I had an amazing time here with a lot of great people. Let’s hope for another good year. 

(I have so much more to say to a lot of people I roleplayed with. Please feel loved and keep on with the good work.) 

It feels like eternity:

@stillsolo You helped me out when I started this blog and didn’t know what to do or who to trust. You always give 110% for the people you care about and I adore your passion for roleplaying in general. I will always be patient with you and wouldn’t even unfollow If he hadn’t an rp together. Honestly, don’t get too stressed. I will always understand. 

@direktorsonkrennic You were one of the first blogs I followed. Back than I didn’t imagined to find such a nice mun behind such a character as Krennic. I love writing with you ooc and ic and all the crack rps we had/have and will have in the future. Please never leave this muse. 

@lamaantua We talked so much. You always have a open ear for my whining and you play your muse really great. I love ploting with you, even though we BOTH are terrible at it. XD Thank’s for putting up with me. I couldn’t imagine this blog without you at my side. 

@kylobenjaminren I still kinda blame you for the stripper AU, you know. But it’s like the best thing that happened to this blog to be honest. XD You write such a sweet and cute Ben and always give me almost more BenPoe feels as my weak heart can handle. 

@rogueofren Broooo. Where have you been? I miss your bad puns, man! Also I lost track of our rps. You were here from the beginning and even though we hadn’t the greatest plot I loved writing with you ic and ooc. I hope you are well. 

Special thanks to: 

@promisingagent We don’t write for such a long time yet, but all our rp’s are great so far. Hopefully more will come in the future. 

@thesonofsolo for sending me memes. Hopefully we have more rps in the future.

@leyofirstorder I still owe you relies. *sweat* Thank’s for being patient with me. 

@iamthecrder for making whishlists come true. 

@demonofeden for so MANY amazing rps. Let me love you, buddy.

@blonde-in-the-cockpit for giving my poor heart all kind of emotions. I really enjoy our threads. 

@xwingacepilot for putting up with my bullshit crossover. 



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Rogue One: 

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Other fandoms:


My daughter is 10 now and many long term followers remember her as just a baby.

She has her own phone and on New Years Eve I noticed she had been texting a boy all night long.

When I was 10 and in fourth grade I had a crush on girls but was too shy to ever talk to one. This dude she was texting with came up to me and shook my hand and said it was nice meeting me the week before, a pleasant young goofy looking fellow.

When she went to the bathroom I snuck in and checked the conversation, mostly all about Minecraft, Undertale, and music and normal 10 year old stuff, except the kid said his dad was letting him ‘party’. Who knows what that means, at 10 it could be a sip of beer or champagne, probably not doing lines of blow.

I hate that I had to check but it’s the moment I realized she is growing up. I want to protect her but also want to trust her and that will happen over time.

Remember when I first found the furry side of Tumblr and I like went all out I went ham and I remember I lost so many followers cause up until then was like a vaporwave/funny blog that had like 5 different popular posts in constant rotation and then like after the furry thing I started being really personal with my content and from there it’s just been a gradual transition into using Tumblr as a way to connect with a group of friends and share some art with creative people on the side

As I have many times before, today I got into a (friendly) shouting match with my favorite attractive Swedish man.

Those of you who’ve been following me a while may remember the AmRev Prof, who I had two years ago.  He had enough winning quotes to create a horoscope post.  He encouraged me and mentored me when I was just a lowly freshman on an unspoken quest for validation.  He giggled himself to tears at the thought of park ranger hats when I told him what my future plans were.  For the last two years, he’s been trying to get me into another of his classes, and our schedules have never lined up.  At this point, with only one semester left for me after this one, they probably never will again.

But there is one class that remains untaken…and untaught.  Since I was a freshman, there’s been an American history class that I’ve wanted.  It’s the missing link in the progression from American Colonial to American Revolution to American Civil War.  It’s the elusive Early Republic class.  Which nobody teaches, ever.  The AmRev Prof, though qualified to teach it, refuses to teach it, no matter how many times I ask him.  Today’s conversation, in the middle of the history department, as I waited for a meeting to which I was several minutes early, went something like this:

“Megan!  How are you?”
“I’m well, how are you?”
“Very well.  I’m teaching American Colonial in the fall, if you’re interested!”
“Ooh, I’m taking it right now with [Puritans Prof].”
“What are you teaching next spring?  I know it’s a year from now, rather early.”
“Hmm, I’m really not sure yet.”
“I’ve only asked you like five times!  Pleeeeeaaaase, it’ll be fun!”
“But it’s BORING.”
“It’s NOT boring!”
“Niklas?  Megan?  Is that you yelling out there?”
“Yes, it is, Tony, I’m sorry.  -laughing through my pain- IT’S NOT BORING AND YOU’RE MAKING ME SAD.”
“-laughing at my pain- WELL, THAT BREAKS MY HEART.”

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I completely feel you to be honest and through all this ship shoving down my throat I became so uncomfortable with this ship in particular - I remember few months ago (maybe half an year) when suddenly everyone turned everything into jikook on my dash and i had to take a break from tumblr for few days then unfollow SOO many people - I can take shipping but please don't force it everyone's throats

sorry to go off on a bit of a tangent here, in general… i think the beauty of tumblr is that you can post what you want and follow who you want, blacklist what you don’t like and generally have that stuff stay out of your way if you want, like i have a ship i don’t like and i almost never see it thanks to that. i do like jikook tbh which is why this bothers me all the more…since i am capable of seeing them and their moments for what they actually are and then people make it into all this weird stuff… there is a problem with people overdoing it and forcing it (idk why because they have a lot of moments?) just to be clear, i don’t feel like posting a lot about a particular ship is shoving it down anyone’s throat because you can always just unfollow or blacklist if you don’t like it ;;, what i think is shoving it down people’s throats is when you ‘steal’ moments from other ships and force people to see it your way, like twisting the truth? and this weird delusional behaviour and glorifying of jealousy… what the heck is that… you can ship your ship without being really weird and a larry about it ykwim? 

Happy New Year🎉

everyone’s been doing something special for the ending of this dreadful year so i thought it would be wrong i didnt say something.

so this has been my first year on tumblr (i think i started in august) and ever since then I discovered ze amazing football fandom. I was so happy and surprised that there were so many different ppl ACROSS THE WORLD that loved football as much as i do & fangirl over hot players bc i used to think tumblr was only for bands and tv shows lmao (which it technically still is and its totally cool if ur in those fandoms, you do you 👉😉👉) . Anyways lmao I remember when i first started out and all i did was follow everyone and reblog absolutely everything. All of my followers had been porn blogs and until another football blog followed me and I actually messaged her telling her saying that she was the first real person to follow me and how i was so happy & grateful for that (lmao i was such a dork, and that person still follows me and ill never forget you😘😂) . So ye this is been a really cool experience, ive found out so much more about football and have been able to express my own opinions on teams/players/etc and a lot of yalls have been very nice about it so THANKS FAM YALLS ARE THE REAL MVP!! not to be cheesy but tumblr is like my escape from life when things get stressful and I appreciate those of you who like my stuff. A lot. Seriously i love each and every one of you. Finally, it is New Years Eve, so have fun dont do anything reckless tonight! If youre gonna stay home and be a loner thats coo bc thats what im doing (feel free to hmu if ur night isnt going as planned or if u just wanna talk 😊)

Cheers to 2016! 🥂 

(i dont drink that would be illegal)

I was tagged by @pricumalek thanks Sara :)

rules: tag 20 followers you want to get to know better

name/nickname: kate, KG

height: 5′0

hogwarts house: not a harry potter fan

last thing I googled: migraine lyrics by twenty one pilots

fictional character you’d like as a sibling: uh..i’m watching law and order SVU so i guess olivia benson cause she’s badass 

number of blankets I sleep with: 2 

favorite bands/artists: Prince, twenty one pilots, fall out boy, panic at the disco, bruno mars, one direction, little mix, nicki minaj, 

when did I make this blog: July 2016

how many blogs do I follow: 97

what do I post about: mr robot and rami, shameless (mainly mickey), other random stuff, shit posts lol

do you get asks on a regular basis: no 

aesthetics: i had some but i can’t remember at the moment (i’m on this new medication that makes my memory bad)

I’m tagging: @gothiccmalek @automaticmechanicusername @elliot-saderson @are-you-fight-or-flight @elliotsbf @ramihackme @ramilamadingdong @blingostarr @mcmalek @ramicorps @gothmalek @yacklemore @wallstromsexual @ramifeels @hackerboyelliot @ramiolii @aldersontrash @smolmimalek @raimalek @ramiaddict

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I read my first ever ogoc imagine on here about a year and a half ago maybe? but I lost your blog before I could follow you because my phone had reset. But Im glad I found you and its awesome to be back, brings back so many memories when I reread the stories 💕 And I also remember me being so confused, i was like who tf is y/n 😂

hahaha welcome back! I’m glad I got to be your first lol

hope you’ll find new favs now that you found me again! Xx

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Saw what you wrote on Twitter re: online haters. You're either Rihanna level and can shut it down like a bad bitch or you're thin skinned and let the hate get to you. I think both Elise and Natasha have gotten better at dealing with the uglier side of the fandom lately. But if you hate an actress, if you think they're untalented or racist or transphobic or any of the other awful and untrue things people have said about them, why the fuck are you watching their show? I've unfollowed so many ppl

True lmao.  Like I know my wife Demi is TERRIBLE at social media, especially twitter which is why her manager handles it now lmao.  But I remember when she barely had followers and she would be on it all the time and say she loves twitter, interact with fans, and now she hates it.  Natasha and Elise are barely relevant so there aren’t stan twitter accounts attacking them 24/7 over nothing so, yeah right now, they’re dealing with it pretty well and should learn to.  Which sucks for Natasha bc her job is literally to monitor stuff on social media, especially stuff about herself.  I would get too addicted doing that and rely too much on what people say about me.

I honestly don’t get stan twitter that constantly sends hate to other fandoms and celebs??? Like, you spend your free time hating and being angry??? Yikes lmao.

                          YUURIVY’S FIRST ANNIVERSARY

                          January 1, 2016 – January 1, 2017

It’s been one full year since I made this RP blog, and I wanted to say to everyone: Thank you!!

I never would have made it this far without the help of so many great RPers. And I never would have had a generally calm first year if I hadn’t followed so many nice people! Every last one of you all made this year a good one, and I’m happy to have rped/known all of you.

So, just to celebrate, under the read-more is every last (generally long, so more ‘roleplay’ and not ‘in-character’) thread that I have/had with my partners; be it complete, ongoing, or dropped. They may not have all lead to something mind-blowing, but they’re here to say that I remember them all dearly–and when the time comes, I would be honored to write with you all again!

Enjoy–but if you don’t read on, then Happy New Years!

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Okay so I've been following you for a while and I've gotten this overwhelming feeling of comfort from you and your blog like you could almost be my best friend/older brother and id like to thank you for that

This is so weird to me (not like it weirds me out) because I have literally been so inactive on this piece of trash website for so long, I just come on and reblog stuff every so often. It’s just weird to think that me not doing anything really specific or posting my own content makes people feel good (although I’m very happy that I’ve made you feel comfortable). Like I just do not like this website anymore. I used to dedicate so much of my time to this place and then I was like instantly nup. Like it’s just full of so much shit I don’t care about. I just have this account now so people have links to my cosplay shit and my insta. I remember when I used to care so much about how many followers I had and would check out every account that followed me, but now I barely even glance at this thing. I know I’ve kind of completely ignored what you said but I guess I just wanted to let people know my feelings. I’m extremely glad that I have impacted people’s lives but this website isn’t really anything for me anymore. I mean if you wanna stay in contact with me or keep checking out my content it’s best to just go to both my insta’s or add me on snapchat cause I post there constantly. I’ll probably reblog the occasional thing on here but just know that there’s no real feeling behind it. It’s just for the people that are still here. I’m basically just going, oh, someone else might find this funny or agree with me on this topic. I don’t really care if anyone see’s it, but if they like it then that’s good. This website has just kinda become shit and also full of shit people. So yeah. Basically what I’m saying is if you wanna follow my hijinks and read something that isn’t as fucking depressing as this go to the links in my bio. 

Cool beans.

I’m back.

whoa, the last time I logged in was when 2 years ago. WOW, I use to be a tumblr-holic, retired in 2012 when I got married and then - life happened. I’m just here. Back on tumblr, hoping it with consume me again. har har :D 

Well for those who use to follow me (hi , if you remember me?)

I was still going to college when I met my husband, he returned from his second deployment and hitched me. I followed him - had a culture shock to military life. Yes, it’s adjustment. (maybe that’s another blog to rant about). finished my degree (just two years late) HAHA. Oh, and my hubby and me are proud parents of three dogs. pretty much. 

It’s crazy to see that many of the navy girlfriends and wives I use to follow on here - some got married, some got divorced, some popped out two-three kids, some just fell off the face of the earth (like me :P)… I will say, 5 years now…there’s nothing to talk about when it comes to “military life” - all I can say is that at the time, I was a young naive crazy in love 19 year old, who followed a boy and thought he could save me. In many ways, he did. But it took the both of us to do a lot of growing up, a lot of tears, and happiness to learn the ropes of having a positive marriage. I look forward to what the future holds.

Tumblr, I left you when I was 20 years old. Can you believe it? I’ll be 25 in 9 more days.

Xo, M.

Get to Know Your Followers Tag

i was tagged by the lovely @yoprepon, thank you champ! x

Name: dorota

Height: 181cm

Hogwarts House: idk depends on a test but i’ve had rawenclaw recently

Go to SSBB Character: who?

Fictional Character I’d Date: SO MANY like hmu if you exist but let’s say Princess Leia for now

Favorite Band/Artist: Marina and the Diamonds OneRepublic, Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys (and some more but I can’t remember anything atm)

When Did I Make this Blog: i have no clue ahaha

How Many Blogs Do I Follow: 221

Do I Get Asks on a Regular Basis: are you serious with this one lmao

Aesthetic: A MESS

i’m tagging: @iconicpopstar@a-girl-anachronism, @diamondbender, @loeuws, @bonergayoner, @iamtasos, @piiipes

thank u @captainsrogers​ for tagging me in this!!

name: ciela

height: 5′2 or 5′3?? my license says 5′3 but …. i don’t trust the government

hogwarts house: also a mix of like ravenclaw/slytherin but mostly slytherin i feel

go to SSBB character: tfw u don’t know anything about video games and had to google ssbb……. do they have spyro. if so choose u spyro

fictional character i’d date: my favorite ever lesbian scientist cosima niehaus 

favorite band or artist: bastille, andrew bird & tool

when did i make this blog: i don’t even remember???? ik i started using it more this past december tho so let’s just say december 2016

how many blogs do i follow: 299 wonderful bloggers!!

what do i post about: star wars, stevebucky, shadowhunters, aesthetic & some other fandoms e.g. mr robot, orphan black

do i get asks on a regular basis: i think i’ve opened my inbox like twice since i’ve had this blog

aesthetic: blues beiges & yellows, waves crashing against the shore, sunflowers, those studyblr pics w/ like mugs full of coffee or matcha tea, muddy combat boots, none of these things go together but

tag 20 followers you want to get to know better! i can’t think of 20 people but i’mma tag a few?? honestly if u see this on ur dash and u just wanna do it then do it and say i tagged u…….. @highwarlok @littleredruby @luciswrites @waldenbbeck @ryan-potters @betronicas @bodhifinn @islafisherr

Rule: Tag six followers you want to get to know better

Tagged by @banana-ghoul

relationship status: Single

favorite color: Olive Green but earth tones in general

pets: (Lots of family pets) Leopard Gecko (sisters), Two Cats, Cockatiel, Box Turtle (had him since I was 5)

last song i listened to: Fuck I don’t remember I was skipping around the radio. Last one I REMEMBER was “Don’t Wanna Know” by Maroon 5 and Kendrick Lamar, I dont like it but I dont hate it either so I sometimes space out when its on. 

favorite TV shows: Ugh oh man. So many. YGO, YOI, ATLA, JJBA, Space Dandy, MP100, Rick and Morty, etc. 

first fandom: First fandom I think I really participated in online was Naruto. But the first fandom I REALLY REALLY participated in was that Wolf craze on deviantart where everyone drew wolves and sparkledogs n such. Nostalgia.

hobbies: drawing, anime and animation, nature and animals stuff in general, owning too many plants, going to local places I have never been to, getting into hiking, listening to pop music and taking it way too seriously, drinking entirely too much tea, daydreaming, spending too much time on tumblr

books i’m currently reading: none

I’m not gonna tag anyone tho so I guess if you wanna do this, go ahead?

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the snapchat with danielle and Lou being all adorable. I just think big larries only show us small blogs what they want us to see. I've been in denial and thought all antis were terrible but this has gone to far now (1)

(2) and I don’t wanna be associated with the people who are getting literally everyone involved in harassment and such. it’s just difficult to understand these people.

You mean the one of them cuddling at the coffee shop? That was from earlier this year. 

But it says a lot that you’ve never seen that before.

When I was in my Houie phase I started following all the accounts relating to all the women around the boys because I realized that there were so many things going on that the Larries never posted about and that I had to deliberately follow fan accounts for these women because otherwise I would never see or hear about these things at all. In fact I remember that when a Briana account would post when one of Louis’s family had liked something Briana had posted, or had liked something relating to the pregnancy/baby or shading Larries, that the Briana accounts would post it and only get maybe 5-10 notes and nobody else in the fandom would even acknowledge this thing had happened at all. I was like… what’s the point in one of Louis’s liking something if absolutely nobody is paying attention? Who is forcing them to do this for an audience of nobody? Even now when Briana/Danielle/Freddie do things only a few core people will reblog all of it. Most people don’t see/hear about any of it.

It was eye opening to realize that they were deliberately trying to hide so much because they knew it would only make people question what was going on and they knew they had no real answers and couldn’t deal with it properly.

It HAS gone too far. Freddie is going to be one in 19 days. Louis will have been faking this apparently for about 17 months. There is nothing currently indicating that anything the Larries want will happen, to the point they admit they have nothing left to go on. Their fandom is honestly burning down in a way I haven’t seen since his birth/the first photo. They are so aware that so many negative things are happening to their version of reality that they’re trying to stalk and harass everything about these two women to find footholds to cling to. It’s only going to get worst and worst… if you’re a Larrie. If you’re not a Larrie, there’s so much for you to enjoy.

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wait i just remembered you had a nsfw blog, is it like.. pokeporn-? if not can i get a link? c: unless it is- i mean there's no harm in that- it just isn't my type- LOL

Ahaha noooooo omg. That’s the reason I made a completely separate account instead of a sideblog, i like to keep my porn as far away from my pokemon as i physically can lmao

If you come off anon I’ll give it to you! I just dont like posting a link when i have so many minors and people i know irl following me here