i remember when i first watched it i was like 'what the hell

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Watching the gifs one can see that h/l go from v interactive/giddy to sedate and somewhat melancholic (especially dear Louis). Watching them I feel that Harry was the one who decided to finally move on. I remember leaving my first love ( for valid reasons) and it hurt like hell. Because I'm old I remember Gwen stefani dating her bandmate and then they had a breakup and they still stayed together as a band. Same with Fleetwood Mac and probably many other bands. Love is not always a fairytale :/

To think of how circumstances changed for them over those five years, how they’ve changed in response, how much we’ve seen and how much we haven’t…

9 Dec 2010

25 Nov 2011

26 Nov 2012

22 Nov 2013

17 Nov 2014

25 Nov 2015 — as Harry said at a different moment in the interview above, “I think it’s better to, if [a relationship’s] not right, it’s probably best to say goodbye…if you’re not in it, if you’re not a hundred percent in it, I think for both parties it’s probably best to say goodbye.” And Louis agreed. Whatever’s between them at present, it’s nice to know they’re on the same page with that idea. 

Imagine being Jax’s old lady and waking up after an accident not able to remember him or the club.

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(Just because this idea came to me and I really liked it. Yes I know I am a bitch who loves feels.)

You woke up with a killer headache not knowing where you were. Those were the first thing you remember. That and you were sore as hell. You were groaning as you tried to sit up when you felt someone take our hand.

“Hey just take it easy. You’re safe.” A deep voice told you. You looked over to see an insanely handsome man watching you.

“Where am I?” You asked.

“You’re at the hospital. You scared the shit out of me. You know that?” He chuckled as he leaned forward to kiss your head just as you pulled away.

“What’s going on?” You asked him.

“You were in an accident darlin’. It’s gonna be alright though. I’m right here.” He assured you. “The boys are all waiting to hear how you are too.”

“Boys? I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You admitted. “I’m not even sure where I am.”

“Babe, you know who I am don’t you?” He asked hesitantly.

“I don’t. I’m sorry.” You told him. “Should I?”

“Jesus Christ!” He muttered looking upset. “I’m Jax.” He told you. Just as he was about to start speaking again there was a knock at the door and a doctor came in.

“I see she’s finally awake.” She told you with a smile. “Let’s check her out. See what shape she’s in.” She added. The more they tried to explain things to you the more overwhelmed you got the man never lost patience with you though. You didn’t know who he was other then his name, but something in you told you he was someone very important to you and you could trust him. You just hoped your instinct was right.


I remember when my otp first showed up on my dash.
They were so cute.
I contacted a many of people…
My best friend of many years was like
“That shows on netflix, watch it”
And I did.
I then went to tumblr.
(After binge watching EVERY EPISODE ON ONE NIGHT)
And there it was…
The glory of my otp.
I found
Fan art and fan fics
Aus and Alt. Personalities
Gender queer characters
Gay as hell characters
A lot of use of the word “hella”
The fluff,
The angst
And the smutt
Oh god the smutt

And in my head swear to god and my otp,
I could hear it…

Everyday I look for new fics and art
Listening to my head now sing
“I’m coming home, I’m coming home, tell the world I’m coming home”


And now I have a serious problem and I should really seek help.
I will…..

After I finish this last chapter.

I realised today that I have avoided watching/reading anything Merlin related since it ended. I repressed that shit to the point where I forgot how much I loved it. Like I genuinely forgot. My best friend and I used to watch random episodes when it was still airing, hell we used to rewatch whole season’s when it was airing, and after it ended I remember for a couple of years she would ask if I wanted to watch an episode of Merlin whenever we had nothing better to do and I’d say no. We havent even spoken about Merlin in the last 2 years! But a couple of days ago when it was late and we were tired and wanted something to watch before bed. She said what about Merlin? I said omg I haven’t watched that in ages! Sure… but can we do one of the lighter episodes? She agreed. And fuck did I remember. We watched the episode titled Once and Future Queen where Arthur and Gwen first kissed and I don’t think I breathed the entire time. I was transfixed… I had forgotten everything and everyone. I had just repressed it all. I think the last 4 years I had lived in complete denial of everything that happened including me ever having even watched the show. My best friend said I refused to even discuss or talk about it. And I remember vaguely saying lets not talk about it right now whenever she started discussing anything to do with the show, but I didn’t realise I hadn’t spoken about it for 4 years! Any way the floodgates have opened and I’m rewatching everything and I literally just cry through every episode. I’m just coming to the end of season 2 and I’m a fucking mess. Like I cry in the shower thinking about them. And when its past 3 in the morning and I force myself to stop watching and go to sleep I end up on YouTube watching fan videos and crying some more. It’s been an intense couple of days. I think I’m broken.

Moral of the story: don’t shut down and wait four years to mourn anything. When it all finally hits you you’ll be worse for it.

Okay but this scared the hell outta me

So like, if you read my trash blog (for some reason) you remember how I am making the jokes about drinking orange juice as alcohol replacement (and imitating the alcohol drinking process as I do) whenever I am depressed or tired. I never really knew where did it come from…

But also, like a year ago, maybe a bit earlier, I watched anime Yuru Yuri and decided I was A LOT like Chinatsu. Since y’know she is all sweet outside but real creepy and disturbed on the inside, which used to fit my self-image when I saw that anime the first time. In fact, I used to near the kin-connection with her

So now I am rewatching it AND
GUESS WHAT Chinatsu is doing when she’s exhausted from pretending to be a magical girl for her crush’s little sister??


I TOTALLY forgot about this scene but now I realize that it was stuck in my subconscious THIS WHOLE TIME and I most likely used to imitate her! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANGGGGGGGGG

*x-files music plays*

One of the most annoying tropes I’ve read in romance (and, well, any novels that contain romance in them) is the idea that if someone was married/in a relationship before the OTP!!!! relationship, then it was NEVER “real” or there was “something missing” or what the hell ever. It’s not true for every novel (I can think of some notable examples and thankfully a lot of authors aren’t this narrow) but it’s so ridiculously common that it makes me so freaking tired. I remember even watching a movie where the protagonist was widowed, and when she started a relationship again she told the man “I have known real love. I won’t accept anything less” and then after awhile she’s all ‘THIS WAS NOTHING LIKE I HAD WITH MY HSUBANDDKERKJ!!1 THIS IS TRUE LOVE′. Like. Okay? It’s a good thing your shown-to-be-amazing first husband died because holy shit that was cruel.

There’s this idea that you only get one great love in a lifetime and that’s not necessarily true. Sometimes love ends, whether through death or other means, and it’s perfectly possible to love again.

Y’all. Y’ALL. [Spoilers]

I was going to watch TVD 7x10 and do my review of it even though I was sure that TVD moved to Fridays but then my friend texted me what happened and I just couldn’t bother because holy shit did I not CARE. None of it sounded appealing. What she texted me: “Omg now I feel guilty for watching this instead of doing my work!”

Like, bruh. This is bad. I remember when TVD was like, “Work can WAIT. It’s Thursday and TVD is ON.”

So this was a Damon-centric episode. Shock. And it revolves around the fact that Damon has to admit to feeling guilty about being rude to Lily when she was dying for him to be able to wake up and get out of the Phoenix Stone because he’s reliving a moment in his history, the first time he got blood on his hands, and at that time he wanted Lily to comfort him. This is his hell, guys. This is what JP and CD saw fit to punish Damon with in a stone that’s meant to torment you with your worst experiences. Oh and Stefan is already out of his Phoenix Stone so we don’t even see what his experiences are because who cares when you’ve got Damon to coddle?

And then when he wakes up, he thinks he’s still in hell or whatever and he stabs Caroline in the stomach, snaps Matt’s neck, knocks Stefan unconscious and he slams Bonnie against a wall so hard that she bleeds. And when I read that my first instinct was, I don’t care because everyone is going to forgive him in some capacity anyway. Him stabbing Caroline is probably why Alaric is short with him in the flashforwards and why there’s tension but even that, there’s ONLY tension. I mean sure there may be more than tension in the episodes to come but I mean Damon put Alaric’s children at risk, he stabbed Caroline in the BELLY, there should be more than tension, there should be a constant “stay the FUCK away from me and my family unless you want to DIE” vibe happening, idgaf if he did come out of a hell dimension place, which he got out of because he admitted to wanting his mother (I still can’t get over this).

And Bonnie. Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie. She spends months trying to get Damon out of the Phoenix Stone. She manages to get Stefan out. And apparently Stefan is short with Bonnie throughout the episode for not being able to get Damon out and then when she manages to get Damon out, he’s ungrateful, and then later on he slams her against a wall and harms her. AGAIN. My friend doesn’t really pay much attention to Bonnie’s treatment but even SHE texted:

“N u know at some point I thought there was going to be some sort of break through in the show. Cuz when bonnie “brought him back” the first time he’s all ungrateful *again* to her. N she’s all like ur welcome … n I’m exhausted I just used up all my magic to get u out. N in the present stefan is getting snippy at bon for not bing able to get Damon out. N I’m just like umm… ok this is more bonnie bashing than normal. But it led to nothing.”

No one can tell me that JP isn’t illustrating some anti-black treatment toward Bonnie and that there seems to be some sort of conscious-subconscious vendetta against the character AND Kat because no one puts a character through seasons of being mistreated and used and hurt and put down and have that character NOT snap and break and turn against the people who did this to her. It just does not happen, if there is a character who has been treated like Bonnie has, there is a point where that character says ENOUGH and dipsets or explodes. If the fucking Mindy Project can have an episode in which Mindy feels like she’s being taken for granted and so leaves the office and the practice falls apart without her and people come running to her begging for forgiveness and for her help then TV-fucking-D can DO THE SAME THING. And I’m sorry, I’m just going to say it I feel like it’s some sort of jealousy. I don’t know. I pay attention to the way Ian and Paul act around Kat, I have posts about it, the dynamic these three have, the chemistry these three have, this need Paul and Ian seem to have to get all of Kat’s attention, this inherent competitiveness that happens when those two are together around Kat (no one is saying it’s romantic but it’s there), I just feel like Julie can’t take it and she takes it out on Bonnie. Or any time Kat has some serious onscreen chemistry with a male lead like Kai or Kol (not much of a Kolonnie fan but I can appreciate good fucking eye sex) that has to be shut DOWN immediately. NO ONE CAN TELL ME THAT THIS ISN’T PERSONAL.

Edit: I have just been informed that Damon stabbed Caroline in the chest. So I mean, yay for not doing something to deliberately harm the fetuses specifically but like dude, you have a thing for maiming pregnant women. You still put Car and the children at risk. So like.

As soon as I got there, I remembered that me and Tyler Posey used to be very good friends. I took my first acting class ever with him, actually. I remember he was gone for like two or three weeks, and I was like, ‘What happened with Tyler? My best friend is like, just gone.’ They told me that he booked some pilot Teen Wolf and he’s the teen wolf. I was like, ‘No way. That’s so sick I need to start watching it to support him.’ Naturally, when I got to set and he saw me in the makeup trailer, he was like, ‘Dude! What the hell?’

Cody Saintgnue

okay im up too late having feelings about homestuck at the moment because i just watched game over and now i’m crying a little but like. we all talk about it being trash and about how we’re all trash for liking it, and like, true, but also, homestuck means so, so much to me. it’s honestly such a positive and affective and evocative piece of media and i am so, so glad that i found it when i did. i remember it just being so much fun to love and read and experience, and we all produce so much art, and so many fan animations, and so much fic. i mean hell, we created multiple chat RP sites! 

like i dont know about you but i just love how much these characters mean to all of us, and how dimensional they all are, and i know that i personally made two of my best friends in the entire world through homestuck. it has so much personal importance and significance to me, it was the first thing i ever really saw that was expressly geared towards teenagers, with a cast of basically all teenagers, that didn’t try to bullshit about the problems that many of us have to deal with. it was the first thing i ever saw with adequate representation of girls AND explicitly nonstraight characters, and sure, it’s silly. there’s aliens, and flying dogs, and a planet filled with giant jpeg artifacts of the statue of liberty, and all the stupid jokes, and space nicki minaj. but it’s also incredibly emotionally heavy when it needs to be and there is just so, so much love put into this enormous project and so, so many people have been touched by it, and i’m just so grateful for that. 

i still remember being on tumblr right when the game over update dropped, and so many people who hadn’t talked about homestuck in ages crawled out of the woodwork to experience it, and i just remember that being really touching for me. i know i have characters from homestuck that i still think about regularly and identify with who mean the world to me. 

cheers to us, guys. 

Reblog this and tell the story of when you first started researching Columbine

I thought this would be fun to do idk.

It was the summer before 7th grade, and it was like 3am and I couldn’t sleep. I always liked watching documentaries and somehow I came across a Columbine one. I watched it and I’m pretty sure I cried a few times. I must have watched another one because I remember it now being light out. I laid in my bed and thought about what I would do if I was in a school shooting and then I went into my mom’s room and told her all about columbine and etc.

Here’s the funny part: I wanted to see if anyone had posted anything about columbine on Instagram, so I go to the search thing and type “#columbine”. A picture of Eric Harris in a flower crown came up and I remember thinking “what the hell???? Who would make this??” And then I saw a picture of Dylan in a flower crown posted by the same person. This person made so many flower crown edits it was insane. I stared at the picture of Eric in the flower crown and thought “I guess he is pretty cute…… Wait, I can’t think this. He killed people.” And then i turned off my iPod and chucked it across the room. I didn’t read, watch, or hear anything about columbine until the end of 8th grade. And now here I am……. Drowning in my obsession of true crime……

Don’t like Milah? Fine, join the club, but please recognize that Killian loved Milah very much for a very long time, hell the man spent 300+ years seeking revenge for her death and they’ve been together for like 8 years maybe? That’s a very long time for couples on this show. Milah is a great part of Killian’s character and bringing her back actually means more character development for Killian.

  • Milah back in flashbacks = more Killian centric flashbacks/episodes (or Rumple’s but honestly what would they show us? We know everything about their life, we know nothing about Killian and Milah’s relationship)
  • Milah back in the underworld = more of Killian’s character development and coming full circle when it comes to his revenge and proper closure with her.

Please, try to analyze first and freak out later. And who knows maybe she’s not even coming back. Watch first, judge later.