i remember when i first read that book


I remember when I first started being in magazines, I had pretty thin skin. I was this nerd that read books and stayed home and didn’t go out. I had this big complex because I didn’t go to college. There was a whole era where I got linked to everybody. People that I had never met. I was like, “How? I’m home alone reading chapter 12 of a book.”

There’s a lot to say about Jingo, and I wish I was in the right headspace to really write coherently, but I’ve been sitting here with this text post open for about half an hour trying different sentences and finding that none of them quite fit what I’m feeling.

There’s a lot of anger in this book. It’s hard to notice, sometimes, because it’s also an incredibly funny and ridiculous book. There are a lot of jokes! But some of those jokes come to a sharp and unexpected point. That scene with Detritus and the Riot Act is hilarious; it’s got Vimes at his most dry and sarcastic and it’s got Detritus methodically picking up a man and using him to hit a bunch of other men. But it’s also got that sharp moment when one of the men claims that Klatchians have killed people, and Vimes asks “who?” and the man falters and says “…everyone knows they’ve been killing people!” and that’s such a familiar sounding phrase that it pulls you up short.

And any conversation between Fred Colon and Nobby is going to be hilarious, and there is nothing funnier than watching Nobby quietly make a fool of Fred’s casual ignorant racism. He doesn’t even have to try hard! But then: “You know we’re better’n Klatchians. Otherwise what’s the point?

There’s so much of that in this book. Little moments, that betray the frustration and anger behind the entire plotline. When I first read it, I was thirteen, and didn’t notice most of it. But I distinctly remember reading for the first time that scene between Carrot and Goriff:

“We can tell which way the wind is blowing,” said Goriff calmly.
Carrot sniffed the salt air. “It’s blowing from Klatch,” he said.
“For you, perhaps,” said Goriff. 

I’ve never forgotten that. That was how I remembered Jingo after reading the entire series and going back again. There are others that hit me harder now (the “they are us” passage in particular) but this was the scene that telegraphed perfectly to me the bitterness and frustration in this conflict, in watching it, in living it.

And then Jingo gives us what we all want so badly, the whole time, watching this play out. Vimes puts his foot down. He charges in. He arrests the leaders of the opposing nations. He arrests the armies. He stops it, he ends it. And there’s still frustration, there has to be, there’s no way everything can get better overnight. But he saw how stupid the whole thing was and he made it stop. There’s anger in that, too, because it’s what the angry part of us watching the conflict wants to have happen. We want to arrest the armies. We want to arrest Lord Rust and Prince Cadram and everybody like them. We want to end it, and we get to do that alongside Vimes. If only we didn’t have to put the book down afterwards.

I need to make some space for my own anger at the end of this tirade here. Reading the tags on some of these posts, a huge number of them echo the same core sentiment: “relevant.” And it is. It’s so relevant. And I’m so angry. Because it shouldn’t be. We shouldn’t still be here, watching the pebbles bounce. We shouldn’t feel an aching familiarity in the words of a bigot declaring that “everyone knows” something completely made-up, or in a family leaving their home because the people around them are claiming it doesn’t belong to them. Why are we still here. Why is this still happening. Why is this still relevant.

I’m extremely glad to have this book, as an excellent story and excellent social commentary, to be relevant in this time. But I still wish that it wasn’t.


SKETCHY BEHAVIORS | Heather Benjamin (RH)

Through her dense and detailed packed line drawings to her more focused ink brush pieces, Rhode Island based artist Heather Benjamin’s work is visceral, cathartic, and autobiographical. It offers a completely unapologetic and unflinching look into an artists’ own struggles with life, body image, self confidence, and sexuality.  We find her and her art to be inspirational, honest and badass.

We recently ran into Heather at her booth at the LA Art Book Fair and caught up with her a few months later to ask about her art, her experiences at RISD, her influences, and her thoughts about her work and her life. 

Photographs courtesy of the artist.

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Can I be honest here? When I first saw this scene, I was honestly worried for a second that All Might would be a untouchable, a bit arrogant and overly confident guy. Just for a split-second, I thought “Oh no, he’s gonna be one of those untouchable hero-idols again who will only show up in the story whenever there’s a really big fight that the protagonist can’t handle”.

Why I thought that – perhaps because I felt something about his behavior was faked. Perhaps because he just picked up the nearest piece of paper he could find and wrote down his autograph without even being asked for it, probably thinking that everyone would love to have his autograph, anyway.

But gosh, was I wrong. In the mere span of a few minutes, all those worries were shut down.

Untouchable? Invincible? No. All Might is shown to be bleeding and hiding behind a strong façade only a bit later.

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Him not showing up in the series apart from important fights? Ha! Since the manga started, All Might has been at Izuku’s side as often as possible. I even miss him when he isn’t there, because I’m just so used to him being close to Izuku (even if it’s just watching from around the corner like a worried dad)


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And then, when I rewatched BNHA, I noticed this little scene here:

All Might didn’t just pick the notebook up and write his autograph into it. He really read it first. The book had fallen open during the fight with slime guy, if I remember correctly. He probably caught sight of the sketches of heroes Izuku had done and took a look into it.

He noticed how detailed Izuku’s notes where. He took into consideration how much time the boy had spent gathering all those information about the heroes, and how much love had went into each detail. Knowing Izuku, that fanboy probably even wrote down his thoughts near the notes, little bits and pieces of excited rambling and theories.

All Might didn’t write his autograph into the notebook because he egoistically assumed that it would be what the boy wanted.

He wrote the autograph into the notebook because, after seeing Izuku’s addiction to heroes, his love for everything concerning it, he knew how much this autograph would mean for the boy.

Well done, Horikoshi. You managed to literally pulverize all the clichés concerning shounen-mentors and designed one of the most lovable, dorkiest yet most awesome characters I’ve ever seen. Not to mention what a heartwarming relationship between mentor and student was created here.

Also, what kind of dorky autograph is this, you drew your own eyebrows and eye-shadows under it you utter DORK

I don’t know how many people remember this but there was this one line at the beginning of ACOTAR that really stood out to me the first time I was reading it. When Feyre’s talking about when her mom died and the promise she made she says:

“In our world where we’d forgotten the names of our gods, a promise was law; a promise was currency; a promise was your bond.” (pg. 16)

This is never brought up again in the rest of the book or in the entirety of ACOMAF but this might be part of the reason Feyre was so upset with Rhys when she found out about the mating bond. She’s grown up with this belief that a promise was everything and if you broke it it was considered this huge betrayal.

“He’d-he’d promised not to lie, not to keep things from me.” (pg. 494)

“‘You promised-you promised no secrets, no games. You promised.’” (pg. 495)

Rhys told her that they wouldn’t keep secrets and everything and considering that he kept this huge secret from her, while his intentions were good, I think Feyre definitely had a right to be upset and not see it that way. I also think her reaction had to do with Tamlin. During the scene where Feyre’s confronting Rhys about the bond there’s a lot of internal dialogue on top of the things actually being said out loud.

“Something in my chest was caving in on itself. Some part I’d thought long gone.” (pg. 495)

“'I don’t want to hear this. I don’t want to hear you explain how you assumed you knew what was best, that I couldn’t handle it-’

'I didn’t do that—’

'I don’t want to hear you tell me that you decided I was to be kept in the dark while your friends knew, while you all decided what was right for me-’” (pg. 496)

“And I saw the pain and sorrow I his eyes. Saw it and didn’t care, not as that thing in my chest was twisting and breaking. Not as my heart—my heart—ached, so viciously that I realized it’d somehow been repaired in these past few months. Repaired by him. And now it hurt.” (pg. 496)

I think it’s pretty clear the whole situation was reminding her of what it felt like when she was with Tamlin and people were making decisions for her again. Of course we know it was actually the opposite of that with Rhys, he was trying to make sure she made the choice herself to be with him, but it makes sense that Feyre would see it that way. It hadn’t really been that long since she’d left Tamlin and all the pain was still there, even if she was healing it was still very much there and this was kind of opening that back up again and bringing back those memories. As sad as it is that she didn’t react well to the mating bond it’s understandable. I know people wanna hate on her for it but just looking at it from her perspective it does make sense that she would feel like that.

I could not tell you if I loved you the first moment I saw you, or if it was the second or third or fourth. But I remember the first moment I looked at you walking toward me and realized that somehow the rest of the world seemed to vanish when I was with you.
—  Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Prince

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moments when i should have realized i was ace; when i discovered that people become attracted to someone when they take clothing off and show bare skin. meanwhile, im like ?????

That reminds me of when I read the comic book, ‘American Born Chinese’ in my first year of high school. The artist narrates himself developing a crush on a girl because he saw her take off her jacket, and reveal her bare shoulders.

And I remember thinking, “…. ?? That’s not how a crush works!” and even to this day, I cannot for the life of me empathize with what’s happening here.

- Fae

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I'm not usually one for angst, but I just had a thought and maybe you can give your insight on it too. What if Seven & MC both died in [insert some sort of accident here] and entrusted their child(ren) to Saeran? How do you think that would go? qq thank youuuuu

(◞‸◟;) so sad but I will write!

  • The news of the car accident was jarring for Saeran
  • But his new title of legal guardian to his niece, his brother and sister-in-laws 6 year old daughter, was overwhelming to say the least
  • He remembered them asking if they could put him down in the will and he just shrugged it off as something you did, he never actually thought anything would come of it
  • The first day was the hardest
  • She was quiet
  • More quiet than she normally was
  • He could tell that she was sad and scared
  • In her little hands she had been clutching a picture of her with her parents on her 6th birthday 
  • His place wasn’t exactly set up for kids
  • He hadn’t even been able to grab most of her stuff or her bed from the old house
  • So he placed some blankets and a pillow on the couch for her
    • “Are you…hungry?” he asked
  • Though she still didn’t make eye contact with anything but the floor, she shook her head ‘no’
  • And Saeran sighed in relief
  • As he was staring into his empty cabinets at a few cans and an old box of crackers
  • A grocery store trip would be a must the next day
  • He had Yoosung watch her during the afternoon so he could go out
  • He figured it would be too much for her to go home and see everything so soon
  • It was sad to see all of the things scattered around the apartment
  • Saeyoung’s half-finished toy projects still lay on his work bench
  • The calendar hanging on the wall with appointments that will never be made
  • Spoiled food in the fridge
  • He lingered in the hall to look at photos
  • There were the wedding ones
  •  Saeyoung hugging Saeran during the reception, a huge grin on his face as always 
  • And pictures from the birth of his niece
  • He had never seen Saeyoung so happy
  • Saeran remembered holding her small body for the first time in the hospital
    • “She’s…cute,” he said with a half smile
  • He threw some toys that looked promising in a bag and loaded her bed up
  • Taking one last look at the place before leaving
  • He would have to figure out what to do with everything eventually, but for now he’d focus on his niece
  • His computer room was cleaned out and he moved her bed into there
    • “You can decorate or whatever…I tried to grab what I thought you would want but I can always go back,” he placed the bag next to her bed
  • She ran to the bag and began rummaging through it, throwing out a few things until she found what she wanted
  • A cat stuffed animal she’s had since she was an infant
  • She pressed the paw and Saeyoung’s voice came singing through
  • He had recorded both of their voices singing lullabies and saying sweet things to her
    • Mommy and daddy love you so much
  • She clutched the cat and began to cry
  • Oh shit, she’s crying…
  • Saeran froze for a moment not knowing what to do
  • He knelt down next to her and placed a hand on her back
    • “It’s okay to be sad…and it’s okay to cry,” he said softly
  • Not the best words but it was all he could think to say
  • He made a mediocre meal for dinner and she picked at it a lot without eating much
  • Saeran didn’t blame her, but he knew his cooking would improve the more he did it
  • Which, he guessed, would be just about every day now that she was there…
  • He cleaned up the plate’s and bowls from the table
    • “Is this normally when you go to bed?” he really was lost
  • She nodded and grabbed her kitty plush to get ready for bed
  • He could hear the sound clips from the cat going off intermittently as he washed the dishes
  • When he finished and her light was still on he peered in from the doorway to see her sitting in the bed crying softly
    • “Do you need something? To like…talk or something?”
  • She shook her head
    • “Well…mom and dad would…read to me,” she said through whimpers
  • Right, of course
    • “I’ll be right back,” he said
  • When he returned he had a book in one hand and was dragging his computer chair in the other
  • Sitting next to the bed he showed her the cover
    • “S-” he choked for a second, “your dad used to read this to me when we were your age,” he opened it up
    • “Dad did?” she wiped her eyes and seemed interested for the first time since she arrived
    • “Yeah, he did. He always made sure to explain things to me, and do voices,” Saeran smiled remembering it
    • “Dad did that for me, too,” she smiled
    • “I’m not your dad…but I can try my best to read it like he would.”
  • He closed the book and stood up
    • “Do you like ice cream?” he asked her
    • “I do”
    • “Stories are always better with ice cream, I’ll go get some.”
  • He had seen her smile finally
  • Perhaps he was getting somewhere
    • “Ice cream? In bed? Is that okay?” she asked
  • Saeran shrugged
    • “I think for tonight it’s okay.”

Its a fucking wild time reading the reblogs on my Hunger Pangs excerpts with people going “please, someone make this into a book” like…I mean, it’s nice to have validation that people want it? But when the words “an excerpt from my upcoming novel” are literally the first two lines of the post I do sometimes have to wonder if a pop up book wouldn’t be better.

And then I remember what I’m writing…

So I started watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. I remember reading this book when I was in my teens, probably around the age 15. The first and only time I ever read it, I “enjoyed” it. Well, as much as you can enjoy a book about teenage suicide. It’s been 10 years and I still find it to be an important book, if not a bit draggy and filled with teen angst and melodrama. I was a bit disappointed to see a few reviews for the show that completely missed the point. Sure, it might drag a bit. We all know that book to movie adaptations sometimes (most of the time) miss the mark, so we all go in with lower expectations. And they tend to add or cut off certain scenes that may or may not mean a lot to the plot. But when the journalists writing the articles complain about the amount of teen angst or the fact that Hannah used cassettes instead of something more modern or the usage of 80′s music or other trivial. The point of 13 Reasons Why is to address the fact that a teenage girl killed herself and that there were many reasons why she did so, none of which have anything to do with the minor issues found in the show or book.

Rant over. I get salty when older men who seem to forget what it is like to be a teenage girl in high school.

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You've been writing genre fiction about women and minority groups for a while, which has had the reputation as something of a boys' club (though I know there have been many female authors there from the beginning). Can you talk about whether it was tough to pitch something like Alanna to publishers at first, since she's a female character that is definitely written for a non-male gaze audience?

I didn’t write it for a non-male gaze audience. I wrote it for whoever was going to read it. Yes, I wanted girls to have heroes of their own to read, but I just wrote it for whoever was going to read it. It’s not a bad thing for boys to see women kick butt.

I pitched to several editors in that I said “It’s about a girl who disguises herself as a boy in order to become a knight.” I very briefly summed up the plot of what was then a seven hundred page single novel and sent it off. I don’t remember how my agent pitched it once it was broken up for teens, but again it was a single page cover letter and the manuscript. 

Did I get pushback over the content? Nope. The first person to read it didn’t get the rules of chivalry or their importance. The second editor to see it saw a better home for it than her house, and recommended we send it to the third editor. The third one bought the series. Nobody questioned the female-centric aspect. I was very lucky, and it was a time when parents, teachers, and book people were looking for female heroes for teens.

the most important //n.h

Look! It’s more about Dad!Niall and little Maeve! I saw a prompt on my prompt list that sparked the inspiration for this and it’s a little short, but I’m just really excited to be writing again and I really hope you all like it! 

The hospital room was relatively calm.

You’d gotten less than four hours of blissful, quiet sleep in the calm room, the only noise coming from the heart monitor that you were required to wear and the whirring of the machines. Early in the evening, the room was chaotic. You were sitting up in the hospital bed with your knees pulled up to your chest and Niall by your side, chanting and cheering you on. He held one of your legs back and he coached you as you pushed, doing everything in your power to bring your baby into the world before midnight. And then the room was filled with tears and cheers, your little one measured and weighed and wrapped up in a soft white blanket before being passed onto you and Niall. You’d spent a good few moments with her resting on your chest after she was born, your nightie ruined and your cheeks wet with tears of joy and pride. She was absolutely beautiful.

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I saw the first movie in the theaters when I was eleven years old. I’d already read the books and I was so excited to see everything on screen. But I wasn’t expecting what happened: I fell helplessly in love with Daniel. He was my first celebrity crush. I remember I used to think it was so special that we were almost the same age, born just 6 days apart. He was such a cute kid.

Cresco Amor: Chapter 2

Author: @hips-bef0re-hands
Timeline: Season 6
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Summary: How I think the ‘ship came to be
You can read part one here

December 25th 1998

“Maybe I did want to be out there with you

“I know we said we weren’t going to exchange gifts…but uh, I got you a little something”


“Merry Christmas”

“Well I got you a little something too”

The two agents rushed excitedly to Mulder’s couch and began to open their gifts. Mulder tore the wrapping off his with the enthusiasm of a child, letting scraps of the paper fall to the floor. Scully was more careful, using her thumbnail to break the seal of tape with surgical precision.

Mulder arrived at his gift first, a small, leather bound notebook. Inside the front page, in Scully’s perfect scrawl was a message.


I can’t wait to read the first book by The Fox Mulder; there is nobody I would rather find all the answers with.


- S

He looked up from the message at his partner.

“For when you decide to get out of the car”, she said. He remembered their conversation only weeks before.

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Would You Let Me Love You?

❝ I will admit that I cried and had to stop writing because it hit such a sensitive part of myself. But furthermore, enjoy. xx

word count: 2k +

It was on Twitter the first time you saw the rude comments. You were out for dinner with the boys - it was the last day of promotions and to celebrate, you all went to your guys’ favorite restaurant. You were looking through your phone while waiting for the food to arrive. Seokjin, your boyfriend was sitting next to you. His hand placed on your thigh as he scold the young one. Scrolling down the notification timeline, you couldn’t help but read the comments. 

She’s so fat, ugh. What does Jin see in her!?

Someone please get her out of the picture!!

She’s a foreigner, only wants Jin oppa for the money. 

Oh God, her thighs are huge! Grosssss!! Jin deserves better, not someone twice his weight. 

Time froze as you scrolled and scrolled - torturing yourself with the ugly words said about you. You ignored all these comments ever since you and Seokjin announced your relationship to the fans. Some of them were happy that you made the eldest of BTS happy; then there was those rude fans. These are what his fans thought about you - someone gross because of your weight. A foreigner, who can’t speak Korean, makes you a gold digger. There’s photos of female idols that make a perfect pair with Seokjin. Making comparisons of you to them. You swallow hard as you try to hold back your tears. How can people live each day insulting someone they hardly know? What good does it make for them? You didn’t notice that you were staring at your phone when you felt Seokjin squeeze your thigh. 

“Y/N-ah, eat,” he said in his best English. 

In front of you the food as arrived. More than fifteen side bowls, meat grilling on the small grills, lunch boxes, kimchi soup, gimbap, and salad. You could hear your stomach growl. Looking around, all the boys are chattering away, laughing, and having a good time. You look beside and watch Seokjin stuff his mouth with meat wrapped in a lettuce leaf. The thoughts that you’ve kept locked up behind your mind somehow escape the lock.

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Shit I forgot about in the Raven Boys

 I’m doing a re-read of The Raven Cycle because the first time around I read them so fast I apparently don’t remember shite about what happened. Or my memory is just that bad; possibly both. So just little things that were pointed out to me by my brain during my re-read. Will do for the others too eventually when I feel like it. 

  • Aglionby has a hunting club. Hound dogs, horses and all.  Fucking horses. Just how pretentious can one all boys boarding school get like smh 
  • The book takes place in April. I don’t know why I just assumed it was like June or something. I need to pay attention to dates more
  • Blue wears fingerless gloves that she knitted. God, no wonder Henry likes her so much, like that look is Madonna af 
  • Gansey has a frappuccino-stained notebook in his backseat. You know what that meanssss 
    • He’s also messy as fuck. Like god damn son do you have no shame?
  • Adam and Ronan dragged each other on dollys with Ronan’s BMW like those kids do give and shits about their safety 
  • Adam asks if he’s invited when they go somewhere. Someone protect this child 
  • When the Pig started up again, the Stevie Nicks song Gansey describes is called Edge of Seventeen. Perfect. 
  • Adam has shitty handwriting! 
  • 300 Fox Way’s phone number is often mistaken for a gentleman escort company, like whatt 
  • Declan is a senior at Aglionby. Does that make him and Ronan like Irish twins or something? I need answers 

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Do you have any tips for rewriting a fairytale?

I personally love a good fairytale retelling. I feel like this is a theme that’s a little more popular especially in fan fictions and YA books. I remember when Wicked first came out there seemed to be a flood of stories that started surfacing because people love seeing classics re-imagined. There are a few key elements that can help your story stand out.

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Whomped up this pedigree chart for my friend who’s reading TWoK for the first time and couldn’t remember who was who in Chapter 12. Tried to keep it simple - I have so much more to say about the Kholins.

“I’ve read all of Hemingway’s books by now. He’s not even my favourite writer, but I just keep going back to him.”

-Ryan Ross third volume second chapter

and then you remember that Brendon was reading Hemingway in the first volume when he and Ryan met