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Bad Reputation

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Pairing: Shawn x Reader

Request: It wasn’t

Warnings: A N G S T

A/N: If you’re not a fan of angst, don’t read this. ALSO!! The second part to this made me cry it’s not done but i will finish it if you request a p2, proceed :)

I ran inside the apartment tears streaming down my face, I was sobbing uncontrollably, seeking the comfort of my boyfriend.

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replaying BBS0.2 and I’m just now realizing that when it zooms in on Ven during the trio scene, his eyes. actually. move. a couple times. it’s super subtle and I probably only noticed this time because I was sitting right in front of my tv BUT???

I thought it was strange enough that his eyes were open in the first place if the illusion was just representing his physical self as Aqua remembered him last (like Terra) bECAUSE HIS EYES HAVE NOT OPENED SINCE HE WENT TO SLEEP




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what was the first thing you ever animated?

i used to make a lot of stuff when i was 11 using mspaint and this weird program that let u import pictures as frames and turn them into a gif, i dont remember what they were tho

i DO remember that when i was 13 my parents bought me a bootleg of adobe flash and i made a pokemon battle hold on hold on i might be able to find this hold on

ok while diggin that up i actually found a lot of my first attempts at animating im.. hold on these are really bad i think im gonna post them as inspiration so every1 can see how SHIT i was when i started

wow this has been terrible

I can’t draw this weekend, so here’s a wip of a much longer series of drawings I’ll post one day

I’m not as big of a camren shipper as I used to be but of course I still love it. But what confuses me is all these little indirect they do , like remember when it was Camilas big first performance at the BBMAS and Lauren surely tweets a few hours before the performance “all eyes on the moon”,, and Lauren knows what that shit does to CS but she does it anyway. And today ty dolla posts two pics of him and Lauren on his Insta story and I mean 15 MINUTES LATER camila puts up a picture with the caption “I remember when I was young and I touched the sun”. Like come on you can’t call people delusional over that it’s so obvious what that statement means ?, now I do understand some people can go very overboard with their theories and delusions, but most of the theories of u gather the facts always end up basically being true , we just don’t have the confirmation from L and C them selves to know wether it was real , but may I say all Camilas female pronouns she’s using in her songs, it all has to end up coming out eventually ,“ a relationship friendship that didn’t end the way I wanted it too u never really got to say the things u wanted to say ”
But yeno it could be about anything at the end of the day , but one day the truth will come out and my old little CS heart will be rocking in her old chair with a little smile on her face

Fannibal Bus Tour: The Verger Estate

This location is a historic site and there is a lot of filming there. When we were there, they were filming in one area and striking the set in another. This location was used as both Mason’s estate (inside and out) and several locations in Florence (interior). The elevator scene with Chiyoh and Jack, and Jack’s dinner with the Pazzis were both filmed here.

This is the side entrance of the building, but it was used as the front of Mason’s house.

These same windows, shot from the inside, were used as Hannibals view over Florence.

That’s going to be the first and last picture I will post from the actual tour. We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside. There is a lot of art and it is copyrighted, so I will have to paint a picture with my words, and a few official photographs from their website.

This is Mason’s bedroom. Don’t remember a huge piano in Mason’s room? That’s because they shot around it. On the other wall, not pictured, is a huge tapestry that became part of Mason’s headboard

This is the dining room when Will and Hannibal are Mason’s “guests”

Above the fireplace there’s a painting, which you can’t really see here. You can find it online if you look for “After The Bath” by Peel. I don’t want to post it here because there’s the double whammy of copyright and child nudity. For filming Mason’s dinner they moved the painting to be directly behind Mason at the head of the table. Draw your own conclusions.

the wedding

part 3 of The White Dress series (with the help of the lovely @infinityywar )

part 1 part 2

request stuff here

  • tom’s wearing heel inserts in his shoes so he’s not ThAt much shorter than you
  • “tom…. are are you wearing lifts ? you weren’t this tall at the rehearsal dinner”
  • “uHhhHhH what? no . i’ve always been 5’ 10”
  • you have one of those signs at the back of the isle that says “pick a seat not a side, we’re all family”
  • robert walks you down the isle and gives you a kiss on the cheek before giving you to tom
  • “you look so absolutely beautiful, darling.” tom takes your hands and he’s shaking
  • chris evans officiates the wedding he took a special class online just for you and tom
  • after the ceremony everyone cheers for you and tom aS you leave the chURCH he puts on tHE MASK and does a backflip off of the last sTAIR
  • “i just got married!” he yells and takes you in his arms and you just giggle
  • “well hello there, spider-man”
  • “hello there, mrs. spider-man”
  • in the lobby where you guys have the reception theres a box that says “leave a note here for mr and mrs spider-man”
  • anthony writes “remember to give him his juice box every 5 minutes, (y/n). i’m warning you.”
  • “please welcome mr. and mrs. thomas holland!”
  • he whispers in your ear how much he loves you and has waited for this moment since he met you while you have your first dance.
  • your first dance is to (there is) no greater love by amy winehouse bc you both love that song and it’s so sweet and jazzy and adorable
  • and you surprise him by having the dj play umbrella and he’s so compulsive that he has to do the choreography when he hears it you’ve got an umbrella on standby
  • when he gets to the part “and you can run into my arms it’s ok don’t be alarmed,,” he walks over to you and does the lil dance and you’re dying ! and he’s living it uP
  • eVEryone around you is hooting and hollering
  • after the dance ends his hair is a mess and it’s super curly and its so cute bc the curls are in front of his face and you lOVE that
  • there’s another slow dance and toms in the bathroom so robert takes you on the floor and tells you “you make him really happy”, “he talks about you all the time” i swear he never shuts up about you, it’s actually kind of sad how much that boy loves you", “i don’t think i’ve seen anyone more in love than that spidey boy”, “i’m so glad he finally found someone as wonderful at you”, etc.
  • it’s time for toasts and anthony gets up to the mic “listen toms still a lil asshole alright”
  • and his dad does a toast and it’s really funny and then gets like rlly sweet and he’s like “i’ve always wanted to have a daughter, because four boys in one house was a chore, but better late than never right?”
  • and his mom starts crying before she even gets two words in and she can’t even finish her toast and you just stand up and hug her and she whispers “welcome to the family” and you cry harder bc you’re a holland now?????
  • “it’s weird to think that you’re an official member of the holland family now, although ever since tom brought you home i’ve always thought of you as our daughter”
  • and harrison’s toast would be so cute but low key jealous bc he’s tom’s best friend but he knows that you’ll never take him away from him and he says “i remember when tom told me that he loved you, and i was so over the moon because he finally found someone to make him happy. when i asked him how he knew he loved you he said, ‘she didn’t look at me weird when i asked to do the spider-man kiss’ now that, that’s true love right there.” and everyone claps but before he sits down he says, “we’re going to need a new name for the trinity now that you’re in it too”
  • noW it’s your guys duty to find harrison a lovely girl bc you guys reaLLy want to double date
  • paddy makes a toast “you’re so much cooler than tom i’m impressed he actually tricked you into marrying him” and tom shoves him while everyone chuckles
  • harry and sam go on to talk about how happy you make tom and how they can’t imagine a time where tom wasn’t talking about you
  • “well he’s your problem now so good luck.”
  • tom making a toast: “i’m so glad i caught you in my web” likE someone stoP him “i told you tom, 5 references only!”
  • “i’m sorry darling, i can’t help it!”
  • he’s toasting and goes to pull out something from his coat jacket it’s the spider-man diary from when he was a kid and itS THE FUCKING KISS LOG “i remember when i first kissed y/n” and he’s kEpT a lOg oF all yOur kiSses and they all were rank 10 up until like 4 kisses in then he started ranking them 12
  • omg the pictures , the groomsmen all have spideR-mAn soCks and tom is wearing the maSk
  • and robert is wearing the iron man mask and he takes a picture with tom and tom posts it on his instagram and he’s like “thank you for always being my mentor” and it’s so cUTe
  • and just a picture of you, tom and tessa and she’s licking your cheEK
  • tom’s caption: my favorite girls

Do you guys remember when I said I went to the place where they filmed Stylo? Well I took soooo many pictures
I’ll try to post them all soon, but for now, here’s the first!

the life and times of ryan ross masterpost

a few people have asked for all the posts in one place, so this is that! if this is the first you’re seeing of this, and you have no idea what it is, i shall tell you. it is an almost 7k word long, very poorly written quasi-biography of ryan ross. basically, i wrote down everything i remember about the boy then added pictures and links.

**i’ll come back and edit this when i have the companion pieces done, but here’s all of them for now

part 1   part 2   part 3   part 4   part 5   part 6   part 7   part 8

also, while i happen to have your attention, i also make ryden fic rec lists! you can find all of those right here! feel free to come cry about them with me at any time. liveblogging to my ask box is greatly encouraged, i enjoy passing along my pain

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That little grin he has going on after 'sorry' doesn't look sorry to me. It looks smirky, gloating even. I don't know what's going on with either of them, but glad you pointed those other pictures out. Do you remember the photo shoot from your first pic posted when Sam scooted her (pretty territorial to me) across the floor to him. Hand was on the boob then as well. I will never understand these two. Do stuff like we all see and then deny. Their *friendship* is different then any I've ever seen.


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Remember when Cait posted a pic from her trailer and we found out that she has their first selfie together (the one of their shadows in Hyde Park that they took during their first trip to London just a few days after they first met) there? I still can't believe she printed it out to keep it with her always. It's one of my most favorite things ever. ❤

This picture?

I think this is a cropped version but you can still see the selfie in the top right corner. I also heard, but don’t know if It’s confirmed, that the cat painting was made by a fan and sent to Cait. 


Anonymous said to snarkymonel:
How exactly did the “SC kiss” rumor get started? Like…where did it even come from. I read somewhere on Tumblr that some SCs are now blaming Karamels for the rumor??? Do you have any info on how the rumor began and why SCs are blaming Karamels?

After some investigation, I found out the rumors started with this post by citydove1 (first pic). As you can see, there were reblogs claiming they also had seen the video. The funny thing is: no shipper in their right mind would ever come across a video of their faves finally kissing and NOT make at least one screenshot right away before trying to save the whole thing. I remember when a crew member leaked a BTS picture of Mon-El on Kara’s bed (after the Mxyzptlk episode aired) and deleted it shortly after, but the screenshots were all over Tumblr and Twitter within minutes. Also, they never said in which website they saw the supposed video, or who leaked it. Weird, right?

The original post (the one by citydove1) has already been deleted, and so have the blogs that reblogged it “confirming” the rumor, which makes me think they were all side blogs created by the OP so they could provide some “credibility” to the rumor.

After further investigation that ended up leading me to that fake screenshot of a fake TVLine article about yet another SC kiss (second pic), that was posted shortly after SDCC, I was able to find out that this one was also posted by citydove1. Just like in the latest rumor, the original post has already been deleted, but the reblogs remain (thanks, Tumblr), so I was still able to trace it back to citydove1, whose intentions are clearly to stir up trouble in the fandom from time to time.

I don’t know if anyone has already figured that out or not, so I’m tagging this both as Supercorp and Karamel anyway. I have no idea why some people are blaming us for that, but it’s really unfair. I have no idea why some of them think we would go out of our way only to queerbait them, when most of us pretty much stay in our lane and just try to ship our ship in peace.

Lucy goes to the EXO’rDIUM [dot]!

I don’t think I even mentioned that I was going to Seoul, but anyway here is a post about my trip. I apologise, it’s very long with a lot of pictures.

I went as part of SM’s global package, so as always, if you have any questions about it, feel free to ask whatever you like.

If you want to read the posts from my previous EXO global package trips, I’ll link them below:

Lucy goes to the EXO'luXion [dot]…

Lucy goes to the EXO'rDIUM…

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Love Yourself: Build Confidence

So you might have seen earlier, but for those of you who missed it here’s an Ask I got earlier that I wanted to address in a bit more detail:

I could’ve just given a brief answer, but quite frankly, and I don’t think I can state this enough, confidence is such an important thing for crossdressers and Trans* people alike.

Story Time

When I started out this blog, and for a good year afterwards, I was extremely shy. Just think of me as some kind of hermit crab, happy to do anything within my shell but far to retiring to be seen outside of it.

I didn’t really want to draw attention to myself and I certainly didn’t like the idea of people just stumbling across my blog and recognising me. Which is why I covered my face for a lot of my first posts (give yourself a pat on the back if you’ve been around long enough to remember this).

Yeah, just like that.

So what happened? How did I go from a cheap crossdressing imitation of The Laughing Man to the Jessica Blaise we all know and (hopefully) love today?

Well… I’d be lying if I said alcohol wasn’t involved, but the real key was to put myself out there. If you’re constantly hiding away then you’ll never be in a position to be yourself.

For me, it was about taking small steps. When this picture was taken I had a few friends who knew about Jess (she didn’t even have a name back then) but it was a very close-knit circle of people I knew well and trusted. I didn’t truly build confidence until I let other people in.

My neighbours (while I was at uni) came over one day and I, without thinking, had left a picture of Jess on my PC for the world to see. After a few minutes of general conversation, one of them eventually asked “Who’s the girl?”

Now I won’t lie here; my heart jumped out of my chest. My metaphorical hermit crab had been caught outside of its shell wearing heels and bright red lipstick. I froze for a few seconds, but rather than trying to lie I thought about how I could use this to my advantage.

“You don’t recognise her?” He took a closer look but just shook his head. He didn’t have a damn clue that he was looking at the same person he was talking to just wearing a different gender.

I told him it was me, but he straight up didn’t believe me. I even had to call a housemate in to confirm that the girl on the screen was me.

Moral Of The Story

So, as heartwarming and Oscar-worthy of a tale that was, what difference does it actually make?

Well, for one, it made me realise that all these faults and similarities I can see between myself and Jess aren’t as obvious to everyone else. I like to think I know my body and face quite well (we’ve been together for 24 years now, it’s quite the inseparable relationship), and that means that I will always see features of my guy self in Jess. Others will not see them, or at least nowhere near as much as you do.

Secondly, and this one I think is a bit more important, it taught me how to make less of a big deal out of crossdressing. We didn’t have a long heart-felt conversation about it, I didn’t have to speak with him in privacy and tell him everything in confidence. He simply found out and that was that; he would’ve reacted no differently if I had told him I enjoyed archery.

Obviously I didn’t go from shy little hermit crab to Crossdressing Superstar overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was my confidence, but once I had broken my shell and realised I didn’t need it as much it became a lot easier to tell others. Every single compliment from a friend or stranger helped to boost that confidence, and I found that insults/hate dissolved quickly and that my friends would always be there to defend me, verbally or otherwise.

I’m gonna leave it there for tonight. I could go on forever about confidence building techniques, but those are the most important ones you’ll need. If you want more 1-to-1 advice please feel free to message me with your situation!

And, as always, here’s a picture for your time. It’s an old one but I think it’s quite apt for this topic.

Remember to like and reblog! The notes I get on these posts really help to tell me whether you ladies are finding them useful or not, and if you have any ideas on what else I could write about then send it over in an ask!

- Jessica Blaise x x

Paladin of the Lost Hour

Manus has gotten way more into Lost Hour crap and I’m looking at making his Solar Circle Sorcery control spell another Lost Hour spell (to go with the Celestial one he has rn). I got to use the Celestial spell Lost Hour’s Offering twice in the last 2 sessions and it just got me hype about Manus being a weird anomalous phenomenon and disaster prophet

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When I first stumbled over sterek during the post season 2 hiatus, it was through fic and text posts and I had no idea who they were. I was reading a fic and wanted to get a picture in my head so I googled them. I remember googling stiles and thinking he was cute, but so young looking (having stumbled across s1 pictures first). And then I googled Derek and I was baffled. Because the fic kept going on about how hot he was and I just thought he was... strange looking. (1/4)

I don’t know what it was exactly, something about the set of his cheekbones or the distance between his eyes, but I thought he looked kind of alien-like. Then I started actually watching the show and after a couple of episodes I found him more attractive and eventually he became so hot to me I can’t really even tell whatever it is I used to see when looking at him. But I was just contemplating that and how I’ve never seen any fic that describes Derek as being anything less than sex on legs (2/4)

(alien cheekbones part 3 [it took me a minute to realize you meant me with that!]) to everyone who sees him. And now all I can think about is other people not finding Derek attractive. Like Stiles is talking to Scott and mentions how ridiculously hot Derek is and Scott is just like. …. really? And Stiles thinking he’s joking at first, or pulling the straight guy crap of ‘I can’t tell when a guy is good-looking,’ but then he realizes that Scott is serious and he’s just completely mystified.

(4/4) And so he asks Allison and she’s very polite and all, ‘oh sure he’s… very good-looking. Just not my type though.’ He mentions it to Danny to get a gay guys opinion and Danny’s just… “well he’s got a great body.” Stiles thinks maybe everybody else is cursed or something and seeing a completely different face than he is. After they start dating Derek is pleasantly bemused when Stiles goes off on angry rants about how attractive Derek is and how wrong anyone who doesn’t agree with him is.

Look, all I wills ay about Derek Hale is that his stubble (and then beard) worked incredibly well for him. That first scene he just looked so pale to me. I wasn’t sure if it was a werewolf confronting them, or a vampire. 

But give him even a little stubble (or a little less sickly lighting) and it’s 1250% better immediately: 

A little more, perhaps? Oh yes: 

A beard, you say? 

I’m not a huge fan of the mountain man look he’s got going on lately, though! (I mean, lucky for him he’s not doing it to look pretty for me though, right?) 

Now, before I get distracted by a ll the pics of Hoechlin as Derek Hale that I just googled, I need to tell you that I love your fic idea! I love that everyone is all “Yeah, he’s okay, I guess” while CLEARLY HE IS SEX ON LEGS AND STILES MUST HAVE HIM. 

I would love for someone to write this! 

Throwback Picture from 2013

Somebody just sent me this picture they found on another website.  I think I posted this in late 2013 when I first started posting pics online.  I was too scared to show my face back then.  I remember this dress fondly.  It was a really full dress in a huge size – like at least a size 16.  I added a belt to make it fit, and had plans to alter it someday.  Unfortunately, I gave it away in 2015 when I purged much of my clothing collection.  But I’ve added new items since, and hope I never purge my collection again.  Still, I miss a unique dress like this one.

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Jensen tweeted Elta a 'Happy Birthday' post on insta and called her his best friend with an added "I love you, D." and I'm just staring at it like "ah, okay." and went back to sleep. I'm not even keeping up any more because they're trying SO hard to "Beard the fuck up." that it's not even funny any more, like if they wanted to reclaim their hetero back then they should have tone it down some way back then. No, it's society's damn fault. Fuck you society. Being gay isn't wrong, you dumbfucks.

Hello, my darling!

In the midst of these stormy seas I’m reminded of an incident that occured not  long ago - do you remember when Jared serenaded Jensen with “Right Here Waiting” and Jensen responded with “Everything I Do (I Do It For You)”? I’m saying this because I think Jensen could be picking up the slack when Jared isn’t up for some bearding. I don’t think we’ve seen Jared’s real presence over at his social media accounts for a while.

Jensen’s ig post was pretty telling to me. First off, the picture of D is probably ages old. She hasn’t had blonde hair or had her eyebrows styled like that in ages. Compare to this!

Secondly, here’s the caption with my added emphasis “I know we celebrated all weekend but I just had to throw out one last #happybirthday to my best friend on the planet.  I love you, D.“ So, huh? Jensen wants to reinforce the idea he spent the entire weekend at Austin. Well, that only furthers my suspicions that he could’ve left on Sunday to celebrate Tom’s birthday and to join his husband.

I wonder if the surrogate is indeed the cause of this storm or if the J’s are cooking up something big behind the scenes. This social media bearding is on overkill mode right now and I’ll be surprised if the hets or general fans don’t find it strange.

This dog and pony show does nothing to convince me the J’s aren’t a couple. They’ve survived over a decade of smoke and mirrors, weddings, births, rumours and storms of all kind. An unconfirmed rumour of a surrogate won’t bring them down, my dear! We must stand in staunch support of our OTP in these trying times - their ship will sail through it all.

Don’t let any of this bring you down, sweetheart! I hope you have a lovely day ahead of you. Thank you for the message!

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PS: Jensen may be able to write an adoring sentence or two about D, but does he sing to her? Does he heart-eye her? I think not.

I think this is the picture people were talking about

Ooh, yeah I remember it! But what is weird is when I asked people, they couldn’t tell me who posted it in the first place. Do you guys have any idea? Cause it’s weird that it appeared like that and that nobody knows where it’s from…