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Feel Again (3) (Soulmate au)

Summary: One day every human being on the planet received a mark in some place on their body at the same time; these marks are the initials of your soulmate and their date of birth. What do you do when your soulmate is not the person that you have a relationship with?

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2267

Warnings: Fuffly

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When Bucky opened his apartment door, what you saw wasn’t what you were expecting at all. His living room was beautiful; there were two black sofas and a giant yellow rug. It was perfect decorated, although it didn’t seem as if anybody actually lived there.

He leads you to his bedroom by your hand, it was cozy and you could clearly visualize him in there. He had light blue walls; his bed was messy with the grey shits and dark blue pillows. On the corner he had a white desk full of things you didn’t pay much attention to “Sorry about the mess” He says entering his bathroom “I’m gonna find a towel for you… both of you.” You keep holding the puppy close to your body, the poor thing was shaking. You need to find a name for him, but all you could think was ‘Caramel’ because of the amber/cream fluffy fur.

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thomas brodie-sangster pisses me off so much

like every so often I’ll watch a movie and it’ll be like “SURPRISE THOMAS BRODIE-SANGSTER” and I have to guess how old he is and I’m always wrong

today’s topic: tristan and isolde, released in 2006

look at this infant child baby

he’s probably, what, eight?


and before anyone goes “oh, bb, that’s just because you don’t know what real teenagers look like,” first of all, I only stopped being a teenager like four years ago, I think I remember what they look like, and also, even teenagers don’t look like that.

did justin bieber look like an 8-year-old when he was 16?


did nathan kress look like a toddler when he was 16?


fucking thomas brodie-sangster


I kinda understand when most of the fans don’t like their favorite anime to be adapted live, but this seems very ok to me. I especially want to watch it first before giving more judgement whether it sucks or not since the cosplay & trailer attracted me enough (of course it’s gonna be a bit weirder comparing to anime/manga duh~). And since Sorachi-sensei wants the fandom to give the live action a chance, I’ll give it a chance. Just remember guys and gals, THIS IS A MOVIE, NOT A COSPLAY CONTEST.
I hope it’s gonna be released in the United States :(( WANNA SEE IT!!!

A big dedication to the jonsa fandom

This post is about my history with game of thrones and jonsa and how i realized that shipping jonsa and being part of the jonsa fandom became an important part of me. Pls, friends, remind that i'’ brazilian, so my first language isn’t english, so this post is doomed to have some mistakes.

So, basically, i’m a shipper since forever. I always liked shipping even when i didn’t say  the word “shipping” for it. I remember being seven years old and watching harry potter and loving ron and hermione with all of my heart and wanting them to be together (around the time prisoner of azkaban movie was released), and then i was nine and i would spend the whole day watching youtube videos with this couple from the soap opera, i mean, i seriously watched the whole soap opera every single day waiting for a moment with my couple. When i was twelve i started reading fan fiction and then i became a professional shipper, like if i’m watching or reading something, i will look for something to ship. 

I started watching game of thrones around the time season two after reading a post about Sansa character during this season and how she was made for being queen. I remember thinking “omg this girl is so beautiful and seems to be so amazing, i need to know more about her”. So, i already starting watching GOT loving sansa, even if she was a little bit annoying in the beginning (but i already had a great idea about her from the post i read in this blog that i loved with all my heart). 

Then i discovered got fandom actually hated sansa (like????) and people in brazil calls her “Sonsa” that is a pejorative way of saying “fool”. And i was so hurt and so protective of her like she was my best friend and nobody could speak ill of her when next to me (im still like that). I connect a lot with fictional characters, so i always feel protective of those i love. I'm hardcorely (i don’t even know if this word exists, but, if not, im inventing it) Sansa Stark defense squad. I love her and that’s it. 

So, i started watching got, i read the first book (only the first one) and it was time to start reading fanfiction. Back then, i didn’t ship Sansa with anyone, so i would just look for fics with her in fanfiction.net. Almost all the fics were SanSan (Sansa and Sandor) so i gave up reading fic for the time being. But from time to time, i would look in fan fiction.net to see if there was some interesting ship with sansa. And thats when i found “a winter's tale” from justadram back in 2013 and thats it, i became a jonsa shipper. I mean, i didn’t read any meta back then, but after this pic the idea of jon and sansa as ship warmed my heart. 

It wasn’t a ship that was a lot in my mind. I would sometimes look for a fan fiction and thats it. but then, came season five and when Ramsay said to sansa that jon was the new lord commander and the zoomed her face and the next scene was with jon and stannis (and if im right, it was stannis offering jon the north, i think, im not sure, feel free to correct me) and i remember thinking “does that mean that jon and sansa are going to meet”. And after Sans ran away all of my hopes wore on it. And then, came season six. And they met. And not only that, but they met and they had this great chemistry. I saw 6x04 and i thought to myself “is something happening there or it is just my shipper mind?” AND THEN I CAME TO TUMBLR AND I DISCOVERED THAT A LOT OF PEOPLE SAW SOMETHING THERE TOO AND I DISCOVERED THE JON X SANSA TAG AND I BECAME ADDICTED TO IT. 

i mean, seriously, i never had any hope for jonsa really happening or jon and sansa even meeting. And then, there was a possibility for them to meet? and not only did they meet but they also had chemistry? i mean, what are the odds of this happening???????? IS THIS REAL LIFE?

During season six, i would look almost everyday on the jonsa tag. Even after it finished i would read all the amazing fan fiction that started to appear and all the amazing metas (i live for metas, you can all create how many meta you guys want, i love them).

I’m so deep in jonsa that i can’t see game of thrones ending in a good way without then being endgame. And with the approaching of season seven and the beginning of season seven, i start coming a lot more in the jon x sansa tag and the jonsa tag and looking at blogs that sansa, i even started to make, very shyly, my own posts. i cannot lie, im addicted. 

And what i want to say with this post is “thank you, jonsa shippers”, thank you for keeping my hopes up, thank your for the amazing work you do, the fanfics, the metas, the posts, everything. 

I don’t only love shipping jonsa, i love being part of the jonsa fandom. I speak of it like we’re a club of very the coolest people around that meets to drink wine and play cards and you’re all close friends and when i say that i ship jonxsansa to someone and that person reacts like ‘wtf", im all like “we’re an amazing fandom, you should join us”  or when someone says “i don’t know how you have the courage to ship in game of thrones, everyone dies”, i say “but the good part of got isn’t the end, it’s following the history and trying to discover what is going to happen and being part of something”. Shipping jonsa is being part of something.

So, thanks my folks, lets keep with our shipping and with our comrade and our hopes. And thanks to the people who had the courage of reading this giant post that is basically me talking about myself. 

(if i said anything wrong, feel free to correct me)


When Yuri!!! on Ice was first beginning, it was compared endlessly to Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, but now that both shows are completed, does that comparison hold up?

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I will admit, movies to me are so much more than entertainment. If the movie is good enough, beloved enough, it becomes a part of your life.

I cannot remember the first time I watched Hocus Pocus, I was five when it was released and close to six when the VHS hit shelves, so I really only remember a life of watching that movie.

As a kid, it was more than just my favorite film.

It was a family tradition, the reason that for so many years I dressed up as a witch for Halloween, and why I absolutely love black cats (I now have three). As a child the neighborhood kids and I would reenact scenes from the film and the whole movie would come to life in front of us.

As I grew older the movie remained near and dear to me, from a worn VHS to a crisp new dvd. Watching throughout the year, too eager to wait until October rolled around. It always brings a smile to my face and reminds me of so many happy memories.

I was standing in Spirit the other day with all the new Hocus Pocus items and surprised my mother by knowing the words to the spell that changed Binx into the black cat we all know and love. It’s hard not to remember the words when you’ve enjoyed the same movie, several times a year, for the last 24 years.

Disney prides itself in making memories like this for people who love and cherish their films, which is why I find it so disheartening that they have decided to remake one of the best Halloween movies of all time.

The original is so beloved, so cherished by it’s fans and original cast that it doesn’t make sense to tarnish it with a second rate made-for-tv knock off. People are so tired of remakes.

C’mon Disney, we all know you can do better than this.


Rugrats and Gender Roles

Spongebob Squarepants has defined Nickelodeon for the past decade and a half, but it isn’t the face of the network for me.  I am old enough to have watched the pilot of Spongebob when it first aired and I am old enough to remember the Nicktoons as an established brand before it aired.  There wouldn’t be a Spongebob Squarepants successful enough to run almost 20 years and release two theatrical movies without a little show called Rugrats laying the groundwork for Spongebob back in the ‘90s.  Rugrats is my favorite Nicktoon, which is saying something because the competition it ran with on Nickelodeon was already incredibly strong.  Heck, I would argue that Rugrats at its peak is one of the best cartoons that has ever aired on television.  Yes, up there with The Simpsons, Animaniacs, Batman: The Animated Series, or whatever other classic you can think of.  It brimmed with such creativity with its design aesthetic (would’ve thunk America would fall in love with such deformed looking babies?) and concept, which were bolstered by the very thoughtful, funny, and intelligent writing.  Looking back, I can easily see why the show became such a major phenomenon in the '90s and I only regret that it seems like its legacy seems to be overshadowed by Nickelodeon’s current fixation with Spongebob and to a lesser extent, the nostalgia for the more overtly adult-oriented Ren & Stimpy and Rocko’s Modern Life.

I think something that was very interesting about Rugrats that ultimately ended up being one of the show’s many strengths was the structure of the gender roles of the characters.  There was a recurring theme in the show of female characters having more dominant roles over their male peers.  The most subtle version of this is that of the twins Phil and Lil, Lil is slightly older.  This example might sound like I’m reaching, but it’s consistent with the other examples I’m about to lay out.  I realize Lil looks like a something of a Smurfette considering she’s the only girl in the group of babies (until Kimi came along) and that a male character, Tommy, takes the most dominant role within that group.  However, Tommy’s authority is overshadowed by Angelica, who keeps all of the babies under her boot.  The only recurring deterrent to Angelica’s power over the babies is another female toddler, Susie Carmichael.  There are no other characters in the show that have authority over Angelica or Susie that are still young enough to communicate with the babies.  The show later introduces Timmy McNulty, who may be older than Angelica and Susie, but Angelica still maintains the most dominance within their peer group every time they appear in an episode together.  This is particularly salient because Timmy marks his power over everyone through male chauvinism.  Angelica’s eventual overpowering of Timmy McNulty is a direct rejection of the point of view he’s expressing.

These gender dynamic play out in the world of the grownups as well.  The most blatantly obvious example is through Phil and Lil’s parents, Betty and Howard DeVille.  Betty is a large, gregarious, athletic woman who wears a sweatshirt with a big female symbol plastered on it while Howard is meek, timid, and soft-spoken.  The dynamic is not much different with Angelica’s parents Drew and Charlotte.  Drew isn’t as meek as Howard, but Charlotte is even more domineering than Betty.  The stereotypical maternal/paternal gender dynamics are flipped in Angelica’s family, which Charlotte taking the traditionally fatherly role of being the primary breadwinner and Drew taking the traditionally motherly role of tending to Angelica.  With the examples I’ve outlined so far, it seems like Rugrats is a world of boisterous and abrasive women.  It isn’t and they don’t need to be in order to play the dominant role.  Tommy’s mom Didi is much quieter and more dainty than the aforementioned women, but she provides the only steady source of income as a full-time teacher.  Stu is unemployed and I don’t know how much income comes from his inventions, but I’m sure it’s sporadic considering half the time they either don’t work or go awry.  The most important thing about all of these subversion in power dynamics is that the show never frames it negatively.  In one of her earliest videos, Anita Sarkeesian brought up Betty as an example of a straw-feminist character.  I’m not sure I agree with that.  I never felt that the show ever use Betty’s personality as a caricature of feminism nor did they frame her relationship with Howard negatively.  She is aggressive and he is passive, but it works for them.  It never gets anywhere near “this pussified man is whipped by his feminazi wife” territory.  At no point do the dads in Rugrats complain about their roles in their families nor does the show ever mock or demean them for it.  It’s never unusual for the kids either; they love their moms and especially their dads just the way they are.

This brings me to the relationship between Chuckie and his father Chas, which was one the core strengths of the show.  Chas is widowed up until the second movie, so he has to play the role of Chuckie’s father and mother.  Chas’ personality is what some jerk might derisively describe as “feminized male”; he is shy, timid, passive, awkward, dweeby, wimpy, worrisome, and soft-spoken; all traits he passed on to Chuckie.  His traits often don’t do him a lot of favors in the unforgiving world he lives in, nor do they for Chuckie.  Chas sees this in Chuckie, but he doesn’t balk at his feelings or try to make him “man up”.   He acknowledges his feelings and always makes himself available physically and emotionally to console him.  He doesn’t hide his own feelings from Chuckie either; he opens up to him about feeling scared or being worried about things that are going on in his life.  Chas is not afraid to be openly affectionate to Chuckie either and as a result Chuckie reciprocates the feelings to him.  Chas goes directly against the traditional masculine gender roles in his interactions with Chuckie and it made for the most beautiful relationship in the whole show.  It’s so beautiful that I get a little choked up thinking about it.  Chuckie’s such a scared boy and he has no mother, so I think it’s so wonderful that the only grownup in his life provides a healthy outlet for him to work through his emotions without judgment.  At the same time, Chuckie’s affection provides Chas with a much needed relief from all the anxieties that come with being a shy bureaucrat with a deceased wife.  Based on such a strong relationship, it comes as no surprise that Chuckie’s popularity would eventually overshadow Tommy’s.

I really appreciate that Rugrats was bold enough to challenge stereotypical gender roles.  We don’t have enough media, especially media aimed at kids, that tells girls that they roles in the world aren’t subservient to boys and tells boys that they don’t have to be in total control of everything to be valued.  It’s especially bold for Rugrats to challenge the conventional wisdom in the '90s, considering it was during a time of feminism backlash and comics starring hyper-muscular, hyper-masculine, angry, violent (anti-) superheroes with big guns were popular.


Another fun post! For those of us growing up in the 90’s, one of the best movies (impo) was one that Disney released which was called “Cool Runnings”. When I watched this the first time, I struggled a little to remember what the references were. I figured it out a long ways back, I’ve just procrastinated making a note about it publicly! What I loved was the attention to detail in the helmets, which I’ve put comparisons next to screenshots from tmnt. While it’s a little out of order on Nickelodeon’s part, they got it pretty much down pat - including Mikey being in the back of the rocket/bobsled with the aviator goggles just like the character from Cool Runnings! If you remember, they even made a nod to the movie with having Mikey saying “COOL!!!!” Instead of his normal “BOOYAKASHA!!”
I enjoy piecing together the cross overs like this, I’ll see what else I can find later on :)

Can I just talk about how important Ahsoka Tano was to me at 10 years old?

When I was really little the prequels were some of my favorite things in the world, and eventually I watched the original trilogy and loved those as well, but none of those movies really stuck with me the way the Clone Wars did. When TCW first came out I just remember how EXCITED I was; I was gonna get to see more of Anakin, Padme, and Obi-wan on a regular basis and that made my whole world. And when I got to know Ahsoka? Honestly I think she’s a huge part of the reason I’m so in love with Star Wars to this day.

Up until TCW was released and started airing, wielding a lightsaber was a man’s game. I knew that female Jedi existed and knew a lot of their names, but they were never at the forefront and often were overshadowed by the men, so to see Ahsoka show up and start running right alongside the boys was just fantastic. And better yet? She wasn’t the only girl that got to speak AND fight with a lightsaber; Asajj Ventress was there too!

And as the series went on and more stories were told, we got to see even more ladies brought to the front. Aayla Secura, Luminara Unduli, Steela Gerrera, Riyo Chuchi, and Satine Kryze are just a few of the other supporting ladies that I came to adore over the years. I got to see in this show what I hadn’t seen in any of the main movies; women. Lots of women, with different ambitions and passions and motives, and many times working together.

But it all came back down to Ahsoka.

Ahsoka was only a few years older than me at the time. She was fun, she caused trouble, she made mistakes, she learned, and she grew. She had trouble keeping up with Anakin sometimes, but what else would you expect from a 14 year old? Besides, she always ended up catching back up with him in the end. I saw a lot of things in Ahsoka that I wanted to be. Her ambition and determination drove her towards getting things done, and even though she was impatient she grew to learn patience eventually, which was another thing I admired about her.

Ahsoka was my role model.

I wanted to be like her more than anything. I had always loved Padme and Leia and drew inspiration from them as well, but I saw in Ahsoka so many of my same flaws and wants that I just so purely identified with. She was a little girl just like me, wanting to prove herself and make a difference in the world any way she could. She was strong and never let her age or her gender get in the way of doing what she thought was best.

I know I’ve talked about this before, and I’m sure there are some of you out there that are bored to tears hearing me talk about how important the Clone Wars is to me, but even as I’m just a couple months shy of my 18th birthday my stance on this hasn’t changed. Because I know that if Ahsoka resonated so deeply with me that I still care about her to this day and even cried like a baby when she showed up in Rebels, that there are tons of other little girls out there who were just as touched by her and the other women of TCW. Representation is so so important, and I hope that the newest trilogy and Rebels will continue to bring us even more great women for the little girls to look up to.

cinemotionpicture's top 5 favorite films!

The Social Network

I can never get sick of this film. The screenplay, the sarcasm, the visuals, the soundtrack, everything about it is fantastic. The first time I rented it I had no idea what to expect, and it turned out being my favorite movie of all time. I now understand why it won 3 Academy Awards.

Donnie Darko

I had been very hesitant to watch this movie because of how terrified I was of the creepy bunny. But after managing to muster up my courage, I realize that this movie isn’t scary, it’s just awesome. Personally I find so much of this movie relatable, from rowdy family dinner conversations to bullshit school lessons and pathetic school assemblies. And of course, an even more pressing and important underlying phenomenon. The story of a person who doesn’t quite relate to everyone else, yet whose life is still so very important. Donnie Darko also happens to have an all-star cast of celebrities before they became famous. I’ve seen this movie about 100 times and I’ve loved it every bit.

The Wolf of Wall Street

WARNING: This is the last movie you’d ever want to watch with your grandma!

The Wolf of Wall Street is the most out of control movie ever! Money, drugs, sex, drugs, constant f*** bombs, drugs. Man, this movie is crazy! But underneath it all, Martin Scorsese did a fantastic job at leading his audience through the insanity of the overly wealthy and the overall downfall of a life of outrageous excess. Everybody went so all out for this film; I’m stunned it was snubbed so badly in the Oscars.


Can’t leave out a classic! James Cameron’s legendary film has a little bit of something for everybody: history, romance, tragedy, action. The movie has it all at a whopping 210 minutes. The original VHS was released in a two casette set, which my parents actually own and introduced the film to me via. I remember having family movie night and watching this movie countless times. Titanic will always hold a place very dear to my heart.

Gone Girl

This is one of those movies that you want to show all of your friends so they can share in its overall mindfuck with you. Yes. When I first read the book by Gillian Flynn, I thought there was no way any movie adaptation could do it adequate justice… except if it was made by one director: David Fincher. The casting was perfect for this movie. The plot, the backdrop, just everything feels like something a little too real and a little too close to home. This movie will leave you in astonishment (when I first went to see it, the entire theater was collectively gasping in horror). If you love mystery, dysfunctional relationships, and major plot twists around every corner, this is the movie to see.

watching the hobbit when suddenly CGI

Concerning Thorin and Kíli's reactions to (spoiler!) Fíli's death...

So, here we go again, with another of my concernings. Spoiler warning, as usual! This time we will focus on the subject of Thorin’s and Kíli’s reactions to Fíli’s death in The Battle of Five Armies…

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