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Hi! I want to request a Draco x Reader c: it’s the scene where Voldemort is asking the students (?) to join him and Draco’s parents is calling Draco. You tried not to let him join but he did anyways. And then years later you end up with Neville (XD omg) and you and Neville were taking your kids to the train and you see Draco. The rest is up to you x3 sorry for requesting such a long one ;-;; (I love your blog btw <333)


You remember it vividly now, as you lean away from your child holding gazes with a familiar man you had last seen many many years ago. Draco Malfoy watches you in a sort of awe – you would be lying if you didn’t admit to enjoy the admiration, - and the note of old romance, the ache of first love leaves a bittersweet taste on the edge of your tongue. You offer him a timid smile, one that he returns only coolly. Beside him is what you assume is to be Pansy, clinging to his arm as brushes the hair of her eleven year old boy.

The Battle of Hogwarts is where you had last seen him, when He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named called for him to come over. You and he stood side by side, your hands grasping his desperately in fear. Once his name was called you froze in terror, then snapping to him to beg him not to leave. All he could do was look at you in that somber, heartbroken way as he softly pried your fingers from him as if it hurt him to be touched by you. He pulled your knuckles close and gave one last gentle kiss that barely brushed your skin – the gesture, however sweet, was a sign of doomsday and you burst into tears, a high pitched squeak squeezing past your tightly shut lips. “Please…” You begged him. Your heart tumbled to the bottom of your chest as he turned away, “Draco…please—“

“Honey?” A voice whispers in your ear and you smile immediately. Neville’s nose brushes against your cheek as he pulls away, his arm wrapping around your waist as his warm green eyes met yours, “Are you okay?”

Briefly you glance at the place Draco once stood, your brows shooting upwards once you find him standing closer than before – is he going to chat you up? Noting Neville by your side, the look on your highschool sweethearts faces turns sour and he smoothly moves back to his wife.

“Oh, nothing, nothing.” You say, turning to your husband, “I just can’t believe that—“

“—first trip to Hogwarts already?” He raises a brow. You nod, ”Yeah, me neither.”

“Speaking of which, professor,” You say, hugging his waist and tilting your head upwards, “Shouldn’t you be on that train as well?” An amused look passes your features as the apples of his cheeks dye a cute red.

“Guilty.” He admits with a smile. Inching closer you land a soft kiss on his lips before pulling away.

“Don’t be late now and set a terrible example.” You finish with a wink.

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“Star Wars is the first film I remember watching, and it had a massive impact,” he says. “Me and my brother started acting out these films at home. Just running around,” he raises his hands as if holding a blaster, and makes child-like firing sounds. Did he ever think he’d get a chance to live out those dreams for real? “No, never. Who does? I mean, I’m sure there are some incredibly focused, driven sociopaths who think, ‘Yeah I’m going to be in a Star Wars film’, and then aren’t surprised when they are, but I’m not one of them.”

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hey remember the time bismuth tried to murder a child because he wasn't completely on board with murdering your enemies when poofing them works just as well? good times. god i'm glad your stanning for a splendid character like that.

hey remember when pearl tried to kill Steven as a baby?

hey remember when steven was falling to his death and pearl just watched and did nothing? 

hey remember when lapis tried to drown steven and connie?

but bismuth is evil for wanting to kill slave owners

uh huh


Shance Step-Up au

AHAHAHA I havne’t watched the movies in years I can’t remember for shit what they’re about but I woke up with flo-rida’s “low” stuck in my head and an image of Lance and Shiro dancing to it SO

  • Shiro is studying dance at this fancy ass arts academy, right? And he’s a golden child, has won many teen awards, his teachers all love him, his peers envy him. But on his second year, he gets into a slump.
  • Completely out of nowhere, he hits a wall. He can’t make any progress. It looks to him like he’s even regressing. Nothing inspires him to dance like he ued to.It’s starting to affect school, so he goes to his most prised mentor/teacher (Allura) and asks for advice.
  • She tells him to go to *fakename* club on *fakername* street on a certain night of the week in a certain time, and tell them Allura sent him.
  • It’s shady af but he trusts her plus he’s getting desperate, so he goes.
  • They take him to the back, then outside, and into a warehouse. All this time he’s sure he’s getting murdered and probably eaten. There’s even loud music coming from there, surely to mask his screams.
  • Nope lol, it’s music people dance to. More specifically, have dance battles to. There’s gambling so it’s illegal technically and that’s why it’s secretly in the back??? idk.
  • The poiNT IS. He grabs a drink, sits back, tries to figure out why Allura sent him there. I mean, it’s a cool place, but so far he hasn’t seen anything he hasn’t seen before. That’s before the real battles begin, tho. Up until then it was just warmups. Beginners.
  • The first battle blows his mind. It’s not that they have marvelous techniques, although they do, it’s more about how alive their bodies are. How alive the dance is. Nothing like the rehearsed, controlled dance he’s used to. Shiro’s hypnotized.
  • At some point, “Rolo” and “Lance” are called forth. People snort and chuckle when they hear the last name, and Shiro even heard some girls behind him say something about how he should have kept his distance after what happened last time.
  • Shiro is even more intrigues now.
  • Lance turns out to be a god. Or an angel, at least. How else would you explain someone being this pretty? His tan skin practically glows, his eyes are the color of what diving into a pool on a hot day feel like. And he’s wearing loose sweatpants and a crop top for christ’s sake. Shiro hasn’t felt this gay in a long while.
  • And lord, can this boy dance. He’s a little sloppy, his movements a little too erratic, but dear heavens does he make Shiro’s heart race. Still, he tries to do some complicated flip flop near the end of his dance, loses balance and trips. He doesn’t exactly fall, and recovers pretty quickly, but from the loud Boo’s all around, Shiro assumes either it was an embarrassing mistake in this place, or these people were just waiting for him to fail.
  • Lance loses the battle but wins Shiro’s heart (I’m made of cheese lemme live)
  • Shiro goes to talk to him, and Lance is, predictably and understandably, in a shitty mood, but having a tall incredibly handsome dude express so much interest in him is def helping.
  • Shiro invites him to the academy, because surely if anyone could get in on a scholarship it’s this boy.
  • But Lance is having none of this. Rich people’s academy? That shit’s ain’t for him. He does dance battles for the money. Where’s he supposed to get money if he spends all his day repeating the same dance movies in some classroom?
  • Shiro is desperate enough to offer him money if he teaches him how to move like that.
  • Lance jumps on the offer and the private tutoring starts. All the while Shiro keeps low-key trying to convince him to at least think about applying. Also there’s LOTS of flirting, and SO MUCH sexual tension. Especially whenever Lance takes Shiro out clubbing, so he can “feel the music in his soul”. All Shiro feels is Lance’s ass grinding into him, but Lance says he’s improving so who is he to disagree, really?
  • He’s doing better at school and when Allura asks, he tells her about his lessons with Lance.
  • Allura is surprised, but overall pleased. She says they’re a great match and Shiro blushes right down to his buttcheeks.
  • Shiro breaks through his dance-block and doesn’t really need the lesson anymore, but he keeps taking them bc he wants to see Lance and although they’re close now, he still isn’t sure they’ll still be close without the excuse to meet.
  • Their first kiss is in one of the clubs Lance takes him to. They’ve both had a bit of alcohol before stepping on the dance floor, and they’re really feeling it, dancing so close and tight some people think they’re trying to fuse into one. Lance’s hands are all over him, in his hair, on his abs, was that grope on purpose??
  • Shiro’s hands also drift to his waist, then his ass, and once that happens they both know there’s no going back. Lance initiates the kiss, but Shiro’s the one who takes it to the next level with prying his lips open and kissing him like his life depend on it.
  • So they become super gross lovey dovey boyfriends and it’s all syrup sweet and so cute you’d have to punch a wall after seeing them smile to each other. 
  • One day Lance gets a call from Shiro’s fancy academy inviting him to an audition and he’s like ??????
  • A couple of months back Shiro took a video of him dancing “for reference”, and then gave it to the adminitration, hoping it’d impress someone enough to give Lance a shot.
  • Lance is a little mad that he did that without talking to him, but by then he was actually starting to become convinced to give it a shot.
  • He’s accepted on a scholarship ofc and after about a year, he and Shiro get an apartment together and live happily ever after :D
  • They also adopt 2 cats and a dog.
  • And a parrot.
a different kind of woman// old man logan

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Requested By Anon: Please, I beg, do an imagine where Logan falls in love with the reader and Laura says something to Logan about her being the perfect mother because you always hang out with her and you’re always so nice. Logan can’t find it in himself to stop smiling. 

This is Logan oneshot 2 of 4 for the day! I hope you enjoy!

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Hi! Um, I don't know if this has been done yet, but HC for RFA + V & Saeran about MC being a hyperactive weird little piece of potato like an innocent child (e.g. talks to self, gets amazed at small things, randomly dances, jumps so high when excited). lol I hope that wasn't confusing. XD Thank you! :D

*She always smiles whenever you get into your hyperactive mood
*Literally watching you get excited just makes her so!! Happy!!
*Whenever the two of you are working on a recipe together, you’re face gets all scrunchy and just
*Her heART
*Also she’s found it helpful when you talk to yourself
*Remembering recipes is easier when you’re talking to yourself about the ingredients

*lol ya
*He can be like that too
*Sometimes the two of you will just break out into improvised dance
*(Saeran is not impressed by it)
*The two of you can be a handful when you’re both in the hyperactive mood
*So when you both inevitably end up breaking something, you realize that it might not be best to act on completely on impulse when in this mood

*He finds it super endearing
*but when you jump insanely high, he kind of freaks out
*Mom V Mood had been activated
*Pls don’t hurt yourself
*but watching you get amazed at small things makes him feel really happy
*Sometimes you’ll ramble out the things you find interesting and he couldn’t find it any more adorable

*He lives with two hyperactive children
*save him
*(don’t worry he thinks its much cuter when you do it than when Saeyoung does it)
*He really does find it adorable when you start jumping around
*but don’t expect him to tell you that
*Sometimes you’ll catch him staring at you after you’ve done something quirky
*Tbh he loves admiring you
*BUT if you call him out on it, he’ll get really flustered and deny EVerYtHiNg

* You two are like night and day
* Yet it works really well
* He’s very tall and stoic and then there’s you
* Encourages all your craziness
* “Jumin, I successfully bedazzled my face!”
* “That is nice dear, now what would you like for dinner?”
* Loves watching you be yourself
* You spice up his life
* If anyone doesn’t like it then they can leave
* Will surprise you will small things to watch your cute lil excited face


* You are often confused for a middle school couple
* You are both so youthful
* Small things that amaze you will also amaze him
* Loves your energy
* Whenever school gets to be too much he can call you, and your randomness gives him a boost
* Secretly loves to hear you talk to yourself
* He gets to catch a glance what all is going on up in your brain
* Chuck-E-Cheese dates ftw


* you are so cute
* You have almost gave him a heart attack on your cuteness overload many a time
* Loves watching you dance, even if there’s no music
* Will often join in, and on rare occasions will have dance battles
* (Which he lets you win)
* You being cute is all over his social media
* You’re so innocent
* He just can’t even
* What a precious lil egg
* His lil egg

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kagehina babysit natsu ?

“I want to play, too!”

Shouyou jolts mid-jump, landing back on the ground awkwardly as he turns to face his sister. Kageyama’s also stopped, hands still raised and eyes blinking as if coming out of a trance. The ball bonks Shouyou’s head on the way down.

“Natsu, I thought you were watching tv.”

His sister pouts. “It’s boring. And you guys look like you’re having fun, so I want to play, too!”

Shouyou crosses his arms. “You suck at volleyball, though.”

“I do not!”

“You do! Remember last time when I was trying to teach you how to set the ball? You gave up after five minutes!”

“That’s because you suck at teaching!”

“Uh,” Kageyama interrupts. He looks a bit overwhelmed by their bickering. Shouyou remembers that Kageyama’s an only child, and feels a bit guilty for some reason. He shakes the strange feeling off as Kageyama continues, “I can set for you guys. Natsu can, uh. Learn how to spike?”

Shouyou puffs up his chest. “Yeah! I can teach you, Natsu, I’m the best at spiking!”

“No, you’re not, dumbass,” Kageyama says automatically.

“Kageyama! Don’t curse in front of my baby sister!”

“I’m not a baby!”

It takes another thirty seconds of bickering, this time with Kageyama involved for good measure, before they figure out their positions in front of the makeshift net behind the Hinata’s residence. Kageyama sets the ball high, easy, and Shouyou cheers his little sister on as she jumps as high as she can, swinging her arm with all her might. Her palm just barely grazes it, but it hits the ground with enough force to make a sound.

Shouyou claps loudly anyway. Natsu turns, eyes big and determined. But it’s Kageyama stepping forwards that has Shouyou shutting up. He watches his friend approach his sister. When he’s close enough, Kageyama holds out his hands in front of Natsu, who blinks at his open palms, and then blinks up at his face. 

“Good job,” Kageyama says gruffly, as awkward as he was the first time he tried complimenting Shouyou’s own spike. 

A sunny smile spreads across Natsu’s face, and she lifts her hands high to slap Kageyama’s hands in a resounding high-five.

Shouyou beams.

My son, the day you were born, the very forests of Lordaeron
whispered the Arthas. My child, I watched with pride as you grew into
a weapon of righteousness. Remember, our line has always ruled with
wisdom and strength. And I know you will show restraint when exercising
your great power. But the truest victory, my son, is stirring the
hearts of your people. I tell you this, for when my days have come to
an end, you shall be King.

You shouldn’t find yourself hiding that part of you to please others, especially if it’s what makes you happy. Don’t be ashamed of who you are or once were, they helped you become who you are today. Remember, that child is still inside of you, watching as you grow, and I promise they’d find the you today to be one truly amazing person. ♡

Something has always bothered me about Harry Potter and I think I figured it out

Okay so the part where Harry survived because Lily sacrificed herself has always bugged me because Lily couldn’t have been the first mother in the history to have sacrificed herself for her child. 

I was rereading the series and watching the movies when something clicked. 

We all know how magical oaths are binding and breaking one could lead to being stripped of your magic and your death. 

Well, I was reading when Snape figured out that Lily’s son was the one that Voldemort was after and begged Voldemort to spare Lily’s life. Voldemort actually agreed to spare her, promised Snape even- and meant it even because if you remember, he killed James Potter without second thought but told Lily to “stand aside” Like Voldemort actually did intend to keep his promise to Snape. 

I think he accidentally created a magical oath at that moment when he promised Snape to spare Lily. So when he did kill her, he broke his oath and was killed as a result. So the next time he cast a spell or did magic, it was snap back and strip him of his life. It just so happened that the next bit of magic he performed was the killing curse at Harry. Instead of killing Harry it back lashed at Voldemort and would have killed him had it not been for the Horcruxes. 

Anyway that’s the only thing that makes sense to me. 

okay but guys renjun is like the leader of the mark protection squad , like man’s always there to intercept the kids when they try teasing him , do u remember in the nct life news where jisung n chenle were whining at mark about him not watching n my man huang renjun was like “because he’s busy” i was like yes renjun protect the child mark lee

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Do you think Aang was trying to hide the fact bumi and kya weren't Airbenders? I remember watching this episode from LOK where bumi had to actually tell someone that he and kya were tenzin' siblings and she was really surprised and mentioned something about kore Airbenders and bumi said no and she said that was sad or something like that, that's really weird for some people to know Aang had more than one child and really bad on Aang's part for not treating his children equally

Why do you think they made Aang such a neglectful husband and father?

It sounded like Aang was trying to hide it, or he just didn’t even feel like it was important enough to bother mentioning his other children to the Air Acolytes. The Air Acolytes didn’t care about them as soon as they found out they weren’t airbenders, anyways. Bryke didn’t want us to see Aang as a neglectful father. They wanted us to see him as the victim. He was so focused on restoring his culture that he just didn’t have the time or energy to devote to his other kids.

Mike: “To be clear, we were never trying to say that Aang was a horrible, terrible parent! It’s more about how Kya and Bumi interpreted Aang’s absence. Because he was busy, he was busy being the Avatar. It’s this natural thing where he ended up taking Tenzin around the world because he was the second to last airbender at the time and wanted to make sure his culture continued on. It came out of a place of trying to keep his culture going which was very important to him. Maybe he overlooked spending some quality time with the other kids at one time or another, but it doesn’t mean he was a deadbeat dad.”

I think Bryke play favoritism with Aang as a character, and they wanted to give a “flaw” that was really supposed to make us sympathize with him. Because they have a warped and biased view of Aang, they didn’t realize this would bother people so much. I don’t really think they gave too much thought to why he would need to leave his other children out or airbender culture. I mean, the Air Acolytes are not airbenders, either. LOL


This is how that happened, right? Is that canon now?

“Remember me? The innocent child you’re here to save? You blame Captain Janeway, but the choice was yours. You made the decision to leave Ocampa, and you made the decision to leave Voyager. If you’re watching me now, you’ve come back to take revenge on the people who cared about you. That’s not who you are and that’s not who I am. Don’t do this. Find another way home. Captain Janeway will help you if you give her a chance. Try to remember who you were. Try to remember me.”

Kes - in my series of Star Trek fan art

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Are you a mom? If you are, can you tell me your thoughts on regal believer? Do you like it? How do you see their evolution from almost broken for good to bonded for life?

*glances at the six children I have spawned with my soulmate, one of which is now a legal adult* Mmm. Yeah. I guess you could say that I’m a mom. ;P

Seriously, though. I am a fan of Regal Believer. And here’s why: because all relationships evolve over time–for good or bad–even the parent/child dynamic. Also, people are so much more complex than we allow them to be, even fictional characters. (Quick disclaimer: I am not one of the major OUAT meta folks, so you’re just getting what I remember from watching the series as it aired.) And from my personal experience, the parent/child dynamic is one of the most complex there is. Especially when there is a history of dysfunction in more than one generation of the family.

Regina comes from that kind of dysfunction. Cora was abusive and controlling. The woman killed Regina’s True Love right in front of her in order to get Regina to comply with her wishes–which was being sold into marriage at a tender age. Regina’s father was a coward, pure and simple. I think he was, at his core, a decent guy, but he had no backbone. He couldn’t stand up to Cora. He couldn’t stand up to Regina during her heyday as the Evil Queen. And the only other parental figure in Regina’s life? Rumplestiltskin. The Dark One who, like Cora, manipulated Regina to his own ends.

These are the examples of parenting that Regina has had. She adopted Henry, what?, 18 years into the Curse. She’d already mellowed a bit (because the Curse did exactly what she wanted it to do–steal everyone’s happy endings). We don’t have a lot of data as to what was going on in the Mills home before Henry ran off to find his bio-mom, but I’m guessing that Regina was probably not Cora-level abusive. She was probably controlling and a bit cold. Enough to make Henry believe she was actually the Evil Queen. I’m guessing that Regina probably thought she was doing much better than her mom did. Which is literally what every half-way okay parent who had dysfunctional parents goes through. (Myself included.) Things were probably not great. But they probably weren’t bad. There was probably some pre-adolescent angst on Henry’s part, too. (Because all children think that their parents are the worst at some point, no matter how good those parents are. No lie.)

Things went from maybe-not-great to very-bad after Emma’s arrival. That’s when Regina’s authority was threatened, and ultimately her Curse was threatened. Regina resorted to what she had learned best from the two strong role-models in her life: Cora and Rumple. And also years of darkness as the EQ. Regina does Very Bad Things. And that’s when her relationship with Henry is shattered. She begins to realize what she is becoming during the second season. That scene when David comes to pick up Henry from her place? That’s huge. Because she realizes that she has, in effect, become her mother. And she remembers what it was like to be parented that way. She doesn’t want that for Henry because she does love him. That’s when the healing begins in her relationship with her son.

Season three, we get the Neverland Arc where Henry’s two mommies finally and truly come together for his good. Then Regina’s great sacrifice at the town line in letting him go–and not only that, but giving Emma and Henry the memories of Emma raising him from birth. That’s such an underrated moment for Regina’s character development. That she loves her son more than her own happiness. Something that NO ADULT IN HER CHILDHOOD EVER DID FOR HER. This is a Very Big Deal.

And Henry’s faith in her is completely restored. (I say “restored,” because when he was a young boy, he probably thought she hung the moon simply because she was his mommy.) He believes that she is no longer the villain in a fairy-tale-turned-reality. He believes in her as a hero. My memory is a tad fuzzy on the finer points, but I feel that the fourth and fifth and thus-far sixth seasons (barring stupid plot devices conjured up by the writers of this show for the sake of “shock and awe”), Regina and Henry have a very, very solid relationship.

She will do anything for him. ANYTHING. She changed for him–started changing faster when he believed in her. She became a better person–the person that she was before Daniel died. Young Regina was full of hope and love and faith and light. Had she been able to run away, I think she would have been one of those incredible stories of overcoming an abusive childhood to lead a good, happy life (even though the baggage would always be there). Heck, I’d say that if Regina never, ever found out that Snow spilled the beans to Cora about Daniel, she might not have become the Evil Queen. Unhappily married, yes. But she would have embraced being Snow’s stepmom. She clearly had an affection for kid-Snow–despite losing Daniel. Right up until the moment that Snow mentioned her little chat with Cora. That was the moment, in my mind, that Regina snapped.

But I’m getting off topic. Henry, these past few seasons, has continued to have faith in Regina. (Again, I’m fuzzy on the finer points, so I’m sure that someone more knowledgeable can direct me to any moments during season 4, 5 & 6 where he didn’t have faith in Regina.) This is very normal for children, too–this loving a parent despite said parent’s mistakes, even ones that are doozies, especially when that parent is doing his or her level best to change for the better. Henry is young enough that while things were very broken between him and Regina for a while, it wasn’t too late for it to be repaired. Henry clearly loves Regina.

I’m not woobifying Regina’s behavior from her dark days. She was truly the Evil Queen. She has to keep that old darkness at bay (now literally thanks to splitting herself in two). She did Terrible Awful Things. Unforgivable things. Things she will never be able to take back. Henry loving and forgiving her doesn’t suddenly erase the past. Her loving Henry doesn’t, either. But it changes the future. And that’s everything.

This was just a bunch of disjointed thoughts. But I believe that the evolution of Regina’s relationship with Henry has been authentic. As a person who comes from a less-than-stellar childhood, who has parents who had even worse childhoods, I understand what it is to love and forgive someone who is very flawed. I understand that the parent/child bond is far more complicated than we recognize. And I think some of those themes have played out beautifully with Henry and Regina.


#kdramawomensweek Day 7 - So Goodbye: Ki Seung Nyang (Empress Ki)

“From now on, I will go on with my own path. I will have my own way of revenge towards the people who killed my late father, my child, and my friends.”

Okay, it’s been, like, 2 years since I watched this so my memory of the entire drama isn’t at its best. What I definitely do remember though is Seung Nyang experiencing tumultuous times throughout 50 episodes and she’s had to shed her original identity to exact vengeance for all she’s went through. The above quote is a perfect summary of Seung Nyang’s resolve. After disappearing for a bit, her return hardened her into a woman who became a key chess player in palace politics and she ultimately worked her way up on her own until it no longer became just about revenge but to secure her son’s position on the throne. 

You know what I love about the Sailor Moon fandom?

No one gate keeps. I don’t know shit about Sailor Moon other than planets, hyper femininity, and “cousins” (jk lesbians). I like it aesthetically. I like what it means to people. As a child I liked the three episodes I managed to see. I read the first story arc of the manga but don’t remember very much. I know so very little about it.

But if I mention even the slightest interest in it people are just like ‘oh my god do you want to watch it together?!’

No questions.

No tests.

Just 'hey you like this thing and I like this thing, let’s like it together!’

That’s nice.

More fandoms should be like that.


This Collab is based on the younger generation of the walking dead. I hope everyone enjoys it. As always, I have listed all the contributing editors below.
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