i remember walking home alone in the dark

🌟 June Fics 🌟

» all i wanna get is (a little bit closer) by Talinor

“‘Decent’?” Keith asked with a hint of incredulity. “You’ve seen me shoot before, Lance.”

“Yeah,” he said. “But I’ve also seen you dance.” He shot a smug grin at Keith. “No comment.”

» All My Reasons Why by tylerproposey

It starts off as an infatuation, nothing more than admiration for the entrancing blue eyed boy. 

» and when it’s over, I’m still awake by esbis

They relearn how to not be scared of love. They fall back into gentler, longer kisses: in the dark kitchen at midnight, dancing to a song they remember from high school; in the morning, as a thank you for being alive.

» Another Chance by sleapyGazelle

Lance is walking home alone late at night when he’s accosted by some not so lovely people. The night takes a turn for the better when his old crush arrives to help him out.

» As I Wait for the Sky to Fall by EnglishCivilWar 

Lance sighed deeply. Maybe, if he concentrated, he could expunge his mind of all troubles and cares by balling them up and blowing them into dust, and then their weight would be be gone forever, and he’d be light.


» Ascension by Gigapoodle

Four times where Lance feels insecure, and one time where Keith has had enough.

» Castle on the Hill by GamerAlexis

“I’ve, uh, never had a best friend before,” Keith confessed softly.

“I guess I’ll have to be your first!” Lance declared.

» feel your whisper across the sea by carmiros

You’ll hear the music fill the air, I’ll put a flower in your hair. Though the breezes through the trees move so pretty, you’re all I see.

» Fire in our Hearts by thearchangelofsass

There are shapes raining down from above him, and it takes Lance a second to realize that it’s them. It’s the lions, free falling from an unknown height, with their paladins following suit.

» hairway to heaven by paladarns

Keith hasn’t cut his hair in 3 years. Gayness ensues.

» hey, keith? by furrykeith

Lance vents his feelings to a sleeping Keith.

Or so he thinks.

» in your shoes by lydiamartin

The one where Keith and Lance live in different cities but swap bodies – and angry love notes – multiple times a week.

» Lions in cages by curl

Keith and Lance get captured and have somewhat of a heart to heart in a prison cell.

» Long Legs and Short Skirts by dontstudywritenovels

Lance really enjoys wearing skirts, but is afraid to let anyone on the team know

» Out of Everyone in the Room I Only Have Eyes for You by acrylic_gold

Despite the beautiful faces in the room, the blue paladin can only seem to focus on one thing.

» something i don’t know by TheBrokaryotes

In which Lance knows things about bees and math and thunderstorms, but he doesn’t really know that much about Keith.

» Sorry, Who Are You? by squirenonny

When Keith was seven years old, he spent a year in La Quinta with a boy named Lance, the best friend he ever had. Ten years later, Lance and Keith reunite at the Garrison–only Keith doesn’t remember who Lance is.

» Squeezing My Heart by morvish

5 times they kissed, and 1 time they talked about it.

» Stick with me by VulpesVulpes713

In which Lance makes the mistake of touching a plant he knows nothing about, resulting in a rather 'sticky’ situation for him and Keith.

» Take your fake wedding bouquet by princetins

Lance and Keith are friendly rivals in a street full of florists. To get ahead of their competiton, Keith proposes to Lance - a pretend-marriage to fuse their shops without suspicion. Lance agrees.

» we don’t like outsiders (in our corners of the world) by quinte

There’s nothing really that can comfort him but at least, he thinks, this feeling is new and warm and he can work with that.

» What We’re Missing by Stitchlips

Lance is feeling homesick on the Fourth of July. Keith finds him.

» you had me at merlot by ryomakun

Keith accidentally starts a YouTube channel. Lance, of course, refuses to be left out. It goes about as well as you’d expect.

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K is for Kindness

Title: K is for Kindness… or kissing

Prompt: Reader is kind to Jonathan and helps him in several ways. This confuses Jonathan because he is not used to it.

Words: 1,438

Warnings: This is my first writing like this, so… read at your own risk.

Originally posted by that-thing-that-feeling

Jonathan woke up with a stiff neck and the smell of bacon lingering in the air. He sat up on the living room couch wondering why he was not in his bed. After stretching and rubbing his eyes, he noticed a plate of bacon, eggs, and toast sitting on the end table waiting for him. Jonathan was confused. It had been a very long time since someone had made breakfast for him. The distant clinging of dishes made him snap out of his thoughts and look towards the kitchen. You noticed him in the kitchen doorway just as you were drying off the last dish and putting it away in the cabinet. He was just looking at you in complete awe, so you decided to say something.

“Morning, sunshine,” you said trying your best to sound cheery.

“Wh- what are you- did you make breakfast… for me?” Jonathan questioned.

“Of course? It’s the morning?”

Jonathan let out a genuine “Thank you, (Y/N),” followed by a wince as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“Ugh I knew I shouldn’t have let you sleep on that couch last night,” you said noticing his discomfort. “You were just so tired after we stayed out so late looking for Will that you just passed out the moment you sat down. I tried to wake you with no luck” Then you giggled, “and I’m not strong enough to carry you to your bed so…”

It was coming back to Jonathan now. Last night, he went looking for Will, and as he walked past (Y/N)’s house she came out and joined. Jonathan told her that she didn’t have to, but she insisted saying that it wasn’t safe for him to be out this late and alone. He remembered that (Y/N) helped look for his brother without any complaints, but she insisted that we came home a few hours after it had gotten dark. Jonathan didn’t want to at first, but eventually caved once (Y/N) promised him that she would come back out and look for Will with him again.

Jonathan smiled at her last remark. Why is she doing all this, he thought. He got Goosebumps when you reached up touching his neck as gentle as a feather. 

“Hopefully it won’t be sore for long,” you say blushing when you realize how long you have let your hand linger on his neck. “Now, go eat up.”

“What about you? Aren’t you hungry?”

“I ate while you were still drooling on that sofa.”

Jonathan quickly reached up and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. This made you laugh.

“Relax, I was just kidding,” you giggled.

Jonathan relaxed and began to laugh with you until you calmed down and said “Now seriously, go eat your breakfast.”

“You know, (Y/N), you didn’t have to do all this…” Jonathan said gesturing around him. “Staying with me…. Making breakfast… cleaning up…”

“Probably not..,” you said with your eyes looking around the room from the couch to the plate to the kitchen sink. “..but I did, so whatcha gonna do?”

Jonathan let the silence linger until you had to speak up again. “anyways..” you said while grabbing your backpack and walking towards the door. “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow at school?”

“Yeah … I will… at school.” Jonathan said while walking you to the door. After he opened the door for you, you guys shared a smile. You caught yourself letting your eyes dart back and forth between his eyes and his lips. Turning red you attempted to get your mind off him by putting on a serious face, pointing to the end table with the plate on it, and saying “eat!” Turning and walking away towards your home, you began to feel the butterflies in your stomach calming down. Jonathan watches you leave, and regrets it when he waits for the door to shut before he lets out a “thank you.”


Jonathan put on his coat and headed for his car. Tonight the town was putting on another search party for Will, and Jonathan didn’t want to be late. When he pulled up, he saw Hopper talking to someone that couldn’t quite see. Walking closer, he realized that it was his mother. “Mom?!?! What are you doing here?? I thought you had to work??”

Joyce broke away from Hopper and turned to her son. “I did sweetheart, but (Y/N) came in this afternoon and offered to take my shift. You know, she is really something Jonathan. She’s quite the caring person, and…” Joyce kept going but Jonathan became lost in his thoughts. (Y/N)… she has helped me out about 5 or 6 times since Will went missing… giving me the notes I miss from class, going with me to help me search for him, taking me home, making me breakfast… no one ever makes me breakfast… ugh she even did the dishes, the dishes. And now.. taking my mom’s shift… but why? Why is she so nice? Why is she so nice to me? People don’t normally…

Joyce was still talking when Jonathan snapped out of it. “I–I’ve got to go! I’m sorry mom; there’s just something that I have got to do.” Jonathan ran back to his car and screeched out of the parking. Pulling up to the store that you and Joyce worked at, he started to get doubts. What I am even doing here, he thought. He decided to go ahead and go inside while he still had the courage.

Walking in, he saw you counting out change for a customer.  “(Y/N)! Why have you been so nice to me lately?” said Jonathan. To your surprise you looked up to see Jonathan walking towards the checkout counter, staring at you with absolute wonder. You gasped audibly but quickly tried to cover up the sound by handing the older woman in front of you her receipt and telling her to have a nice day. You waited for her to leave, and when the door closed behind her, you turned your attention to Jonathan.

“Why aren’t you out looking for Will?” you asked trying to change the subject.

He furrowed and unfurrowed his eyebrows at you and said, “I asked you first; why have you been so nice to me?”

“Because, Jonathan, I care about you, and… your life hasn’t been the easiest lately. I want to help you… any way that I could. I’m sure you’d do the same for me,” you said this while using your thumbnail to clean up and imaginary scratch on the counter; only to look up when you were done talking.

Jonathan replied with his voice barely above a whisper, “Yeah, I would. Of course I would.”

You tried to minimize the smile that swept across your face with little to no luck. Then a concerned thought came to you. “Jon, why aren’t you out looking for Will?? You should be out there instead of here for goodness sakes.”

“I was, but when I saw that you took my mom’s shift-”

“You came here for that? You should be ou-”

“I just thought-”

“Thought what, Jon?”

“That…” he looked down at his feet.

“It’s true.” You said to your own disbelief.

“What’s tru-”

“What you thought.”

He looked up at this with a cautious smile, but then took it away quickly. “I don’t- I don’t know what you’re, what you’re…talking about.”

“I uh, I like you, Jonathan.” Now it was your turn to look down at your feet, but before you could, you saw him look up at you with wide eyes.

“You do?”he whispered stepping closer to the counter.

“I do. I like you a lot, actually,” you whispered back.

“I like you too.”

You both stood on opposite sides of the counter blushing, smiling, and staring at each other until Jonathan leaned forward and gently kissed you. The moment your lips touched the world felt brighter, fuller, better. His lips were chapped, but you didn’t mind it at all. He reached his hand behind your head and deepened the kiss. You became so weak in the knees that you had to put one hand on the counter to support yourself while you put the other flat on his chest. You two didn’t stop until you heard the distant chime of the bell on the door, meaning a customer just walked in. You didn’t even bother to look at who it was because your eyes were on Jonathan. His brown eyes were looking back down at you, and for the first time in a long time you saw something resembling happiness in them.  


Jilted Part Two (John Laurens x Reader)


Request Queue

Warnings- This fic is extremely triggering. There is major angst and anger. There’s violence. There is hella drinking. There’s sorta self harmish vibes. There’s rape. There’s cheating. There’s a thousand swear words. 

A/N- ( Boyo am I sorry)

Song- Space – Ally Hills 

Words- 6,615

What does someone do when their world crashes around them? When life throws punches at them while their hands are tied behind their back? Do they break so entirely that they don’t think they’ll ever be whole again? It’s nice to think that you could never let one person or their actions affect you so deeply, but it’s never quite that easy, is it?

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anonymous asked:

Hey, I've been looking for a fic and I remember Stiles being followed so he tries to call Scott but he gets the last few digits wrong and ends up calling Derek? I also think Derek is a firefighter? I can't for the life of me find it and I'm starting to doubt if it's even a sterek fic

Could this be Derek Hale, The Hero Beacon Hills Needs: Issue #1 by MellytheHun?

This series started with this Tumblr prompt, “it’s the middle of the night and i’m walking home alone in the dark and there’s this guy following me and he’s starting to gain on me and i found this phone booth with a lock on the door and i tried to call my best friend but my hands were shaking so badly i accidentally dialed the wrong number and i don’t even know you but help me” au

Stiles is walking home when he’s stalked by a dangerous stranger and an even more dangerous stranger comes to his rescue.

Eyes On You

Requested by @liivylava I was wondering if I could have a Happy imagine based on the song Every breath you take by The police? 

Happy never intended to become some creeper stalker, staying in the shadows, watching every move a women made. Yet here he sat, in an empty lot, hid behind a tree, watching (Y/N) coming home from yet another date.

He’s been at this for the last two months, when he couldn’t have his own eyes on her, he made sure a prospect was watching her every move.  He didn’t do it because he was obsessed with her, well maybe he was just a little bit, it was for her safety.

Once it was known that the Tacoma Killer had himself an Old lady, she became a target, he always worried about her. Even now, two months after she had left him; because of an error in his judgement, he still loved and cared about her.

Jealously, nagged at the pit of his stomach and clawed it’s way up. His jaw clenched tightly as he watched yet another jerk walk his women to the door.  He’d watched it a half dozen times before, the parade of men, in the last two months.  

He felt betrayed at first, that she didn’t really care about him, since she started dating so fast after leaving him. If it wasn’t for Gemma and Tara, explaining how heart broken she was, he may have made a mistake, and ruined everything. Instead, he took a step back, and waited and watched.

All the past dates would walk her to the door, they all thought they were going to kiss her, or touch her in some way, but  (Y/N) shut them down every time. It gave him hope, he’d chuckle every time those bastards would walk away, with a frustrated look on their faces.

He’d watch for her to appear in her bedroom window, she never smiled anymore. He couldn’t help but think it was his fault. Until now, it all changed, and he wasn’t ready for it.

Tonight’s date was a change, he looked like a pretty rich boy. He drove a fancy car, he was dressed nice, and looked like he worked in an office.  Not the type of guy, she had been seeing, Happy watched as they walked towards the door.

She leaned against her front door, her face illuminated by the porch light.  A soft smile on her face, as she reached out and touched his arm. He stepped close, his arms encircled her waist, pulling her close, then he was kissing her.

His blood started to boil, it took everything he had in him, to stay on his bike and not storm across the street and pummel the guy for kissing what was his. He took a deep breath and waited, and watched. (Y/N) broke off the kiss, she stepped back unlocking and opening the door to go in.

He heard her voice being carried through the night breeze, thanking him for the nice night. Than pretty boy’s deep voice rumbled about not letting the fun night to end. He tried to push his way in, Happy watched as she pushed him back and shook her head.  

She clearly telling him no, that she wasn’t interested. The guy wasn’t taking no for an answer, and he shoved her harder.  She fell back hitting the door, then (Y/N) fell to the floor. Pretty boy jumped on top of her, starting to manhandle her.

Happy let out a primal growl, jumping off his bike, he stormed across the street. Grabbing the man by the shirt collar, jerking him away.  He threw him out of the house, throwing him to the ground.

Happy straddled his chest, hammering at his face with his large hands. “Stay away from (Y/N)! She’s mine, touch her again and I’ll take you apart!”

“What the hell Hap?” He felt her small hands pulling at his Kutte. He fell away from the man he was on top of.

Pretty boy slithered away to his car, peeling away “Are you okay little girl?”

“Why are you here?” She stared at him, her eyes angry.

“I’ve been lost without you….I love you so damn much.” He looked up at her. “I dream about you..”

She pulled away from him, wiping the tears away.  “It’s over, it was the moment you slept with that croweater! You have to let me go.”

“Just give me another chance to explain….you have my crow. You belong to me…my heart is yours.”

She pulled away from him. “I can't….I’m sorry, you broke me.”  She walked towards the house, her shoulders slumped. “I [lan on getting it covered next week.”

“I’m not ready to let you go baby, I’ll always love you. I’ll always be watching you….protecting you.”

She whirled around, storming towards him, shoving him.”Why can’t you leave me alone? I can’t breathe…I try to pretend and smile through the pain. I can’t do it if you’re not going to leave me alone!”

His arms wrapped around her, lifting her up cradling her to him. “I gave Lola a ride home because her ex was threatening her, or so she led me to believe.  I checked the house, to make sure it was safe….that’s the last thing I remember, until you walked in….”

She felt his hot tears on her neck, she wrapped her arms around his neck kissing the top of his head.  “Hap.”

He raised his head his dark eyes looking into hers, for a second everything fell away. She lowered her lips to his, gently kissing him, he returned her kiss passionately.

Carrying her towards the door, inside the house, covering crows, bad judgements, and all other hurtful things were forgotten.


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A Housemaid - Part 5

Part 1  | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5


Originally posted by mvssmedia

Genre: Fluff

Characters: Kim Taehyung x You

Word Count: 1.8K

Plot: You haven’t heard from Taehyung ever since the party, and you doubt you ever will since you’ve stopped working as a housemaid for the Kim’s.

(Y/N) = Your Name

You felt so stupid. To think that there was the slightest possibility of you and Taehyung ending up happily together in the end, was probably the dumbest thought you have ever had.

You didn’t know it at the time, but the reason for getting butterflies when he came near you or feeling so shy– it was because you liked him. And you thought he felt the same way when he kissed you. That was before you overheard the conversation he had with his parents.

You were mad, sad, confused, and embarrassed, all at the same time.  You don’t know why you felt the way you did because their words were all true. But you just kept thinking about that night, and all the emotions took over your thoughts.

Taehyung kissed you, that had to have meant something, otherwise, why would he do it? And he didn’t agree with his parents, but he didn’t really defend you either. Either way, whether it meant something or not, it was too late. You will always be the maid girl– too poor for anyone like Taehyung.

You were in your room. In fact, you’ve been in your room since you’ve stopped working at for the Kims’. Since your mother got back, you weren’t needed to take her place anymore. Without work– or Taehyung, there was nothing for you to do except to mope around in your room all day.

“Honey–” your mother called from outside of your room.

You never told her exactly what happened between you and Taehyung. You didn’t tell her the good or the bad. But you figured she probably has some clue. She was your mother after all. She knew you would like Taehyung before you even met him.

“Lunch is ready,” she said.

“No thanks, I’m not hungry” you called out back.

You were too upset to even move. All you wanted to do was stay in your bed and do nothing. And when you meant nothing, you meant literally nothing. You didn’t even want to be awake because when you were awake in your room alone, you were left alone with your thoughts. And because you were so upset, the only thing you kept thinking about was Taehyung, whom of which you didn’t want to think of.

“Okay honey,” your mother said from outside your door. “If you need me, I’ll be in the backyard, gardening.”

You heard her footsteps slowly get quieter and soon disappear. You buried your head in your pillow and tried to fall asleep for a nap.

Just as you about to doze off, you heard a faint knock coming from your front door. You waited for your mother to answer it, but you remembered that she was in the backyard.

You waited for the knocking to stop, hoping the person would just leave, but they didn’t.

Annoyed, you got out of your bed and walked to the window to see who the culprit was. You couldn’t see them from your view, and the knocking still didn’t stop, you had no choice but to answer the door.

You practically stomped to your front door. You were angry that you had to get out of your bed and angry at how annoying the person was.

When you got to the door, you turned the knob and swung the door open harshly, ready to tell whoever was on the other side to get lost. But when you opened the door, you felt embarrassed and surprised to see Taehyung.

“Taehyung?” You expressed in a shocked manner.

When you opened the door, his face seemed as if let off a bit of relief. He stood at your door awkwardly. He was dressed nice, in a dress shirt and pants and his hair was parted in the middle. He looked so beautiful, while there you stood in front of him in your pajamas and bed hair.

“Um, w-what are you doing here?” You asked nervously.

Taehyung looked away from you and started looking everywhere but you. He opened his mouth, but closed it again, only to say nothing. He gulped and quickly grabbed something from his back pocket and handed it to you without a word.

“What’s this?” You asked, taking the envelope slowly from his hand.

“Uh, it’s your check…”

You looked up from the check that was in your hands to slowly look up at Taehyung. You don’t know why, but a check was the last thing you thought it would be and you were disappointed to find out that it was just that.

“Thanks,” you said in the most monotone voice ever.

Taehyung gave you a small side grin, still not looking at you, and you faked a soft smile back. Then you grasped the edge of the door, ready to close it and put an end to what was too much for you to handle, but Taehyung stopped it.

“Open it,” he said. He finally looked at you.

“Wh– no,”

You didn’t want to open your check in front of him because, technically speaking, he was the one who paid you. Did he want to see if you were satisfied with the amount of money you got or something? It would be too awkward.

“Just open it,” Taehyung insisted.

He looked deep into your eyes and gave you a look that made you feel almost sad.

You squinted your eyes at him and sighed. Not knowing what else to do, you opened it.

You lifted the envelope flap and the first thing you saw was a white sheet of paper. You pulled it out to see that there was writing on it. You glanced at it, not reading anything, then looked up at Taehyung with a confused look. You opened your mouth to ask him what it was, but he cut you off before you could.

“Read it,” he said, shifting his eyes away from you.

You looked away from Taehyung and back to the paper.

Regret:  to feel sad or sorry about (something that you did or did not do): to have regrets about (something),” you read out loud.

You furrowed your brows as you re-read the card silently in your head. You didn’t understand what it meant. It was just a simple definition.

“I don’t get it,”  you simply said as you waved the paper in the air.

“My fear,” Taehyung said.

His Adam’s apple got larger as he gulped, and that’s when you remembered. Taehyung’s biggest fear was the feeling of regret.


“(Y/N), I’m sorry. I regret everything.” Taehyung lowered his eyes towards yours and frowned as he spoke each word.

“I regret that on the night that I met you, I just left you alone with my mom. I regret never walking you out every night when I knew you hated the dark or insisting on giving you a ride home. I regret not talking to you and acting like you were just a housemaid when my parents were around. You’re not.”


“I regret never inviting my friends over to meet you just because I was too stupid to realize how much they would’ve loved you. I regret not calling you when you left because I missed your voice and your laughter every day.”

Taehyung stepped a bit closer to you and you looked away from him, not knowing what to say or think. Every word that came out of his mouth made you remember how bad he hurt you.

You felt like you were about to cry, but you were stopping yourself. You didn’t want to look like his words were affecting you, even though they were.

Taehyung stepped closer to you again and you could feel your heart beat like it used to. You hung your head low and he swept the pieces of hair that fell behind your ear. That’s when you felt the tears fill up your eyes.

“(Y/N),” he said, gently. “I regret that I didn’t defend you when my parents said all that crap that wasn’t true. You’re not just a housemaid. You’re my friend–”

He picked up your hands and held them in his. You felt his thumb brush against your hands and you felt butterflies all over again.

“–But most importantly, (Y/N),” he paused for a bit, and you waited for him to finish his sentence. You could practically hear his gulp.

“I regret not telling you I loved you– that I love you.”

You shot your head up to look at him. You weren’t expecting him to say what he did, but he did.

What?” You gasped to him very quietly.

Taehyung smiled when you looked at him with confusion. He didn’t reply, instead, he pulled you close to him and brought his lips down to yours.

You were shocked by his action, but it felt so right. It felt as if Taehyung was craving your lips like you’ve been apart for years. It felt like everything was just perfect and that you’d live happily ever after together. But you knew that wouldn’t happen.

You pulled yourself away from Taehyung’s hold and looked at his confused, almost heartbroken face.

“Taehyung,” you sighed. “Your parents… they wouldn’t allow this–”

“Don’t worry about them, (Y/N)” he said softly, not wanting you to cry again.

“They’re your parents. What about the business or your family name?”

You didn’t want to think about his parents, or how much money they had because it only showed how much you weren’t supposed to be with Taehyung.

“I’ll change my name. I’ll take yours,” he persuaded. The words that came out of his mouth sounded like a joke, but the way he said it sounded serious. “(Y/N), you’re like my other half. I could barely last a week without you, I don’t know what I’d do if you were out of my life for good.”

Taehyung could see the worry in your eyes and could tell you still weren’t convinced.  

“My mom loves you, (Y/N). She talks about you all the time– it’s really annoying, actually.”

You chuckled. You missed Taehyung’s mother, she was so friendly and kind.

“My dad just cares about the business and money. I don’t even think he cares that much about me,” he laughed, even though the words he spoke of were kind of depressing.

He stepped towards you again, pulling you into a gentle, warm hug. “I want to be with you forever, (Y/N). Nothing else matters. Not my status, my family name, my parents, nothing. All that matters is the fact that I’m in love with you.”

You smiled at his words and embraced his giant bear hug.

Even though you knew it would be difficult to be with Taehyung, he made it feel like everything will be okay, and maybe it will. The worse thing that could happen would be his father disowning Taehyung, but that was unlikely. You knew Taehyung would fight for your love, and you would too.  You were happy that Taehyung was back in your life, as your friend, and as something greater.

“Taehyung…” you said with your face buried into his chest.

Taehyung stopped playing with your hair and moved his hands to your cheeks. He lifted your head up and looked down at you, grinning widely.

“I love you too.”

Thanks for reading everyone! This was our first series and we’re sooo happy so much people like it! Thanks for all the love & support <3 PS, if that were me getting that lame dictionary.com definition in the letter i would’ve been like “okay, but where’s the check?” lmao

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Akashi, Aomine, Kagami, Midorima, Himuro, and Nash when their s/o thinks they are cheating, but they really aren't. Although their s/o decides to hide in their bedroom, saying they were 'away' on a business trip, but spying on them? Thank you!

I hope it’s good! ;-; -T-chan

You always knew your boyfriend was popular both with women and men. And while it did make you happy, knowing he was yours, it also made you jealous whenever you saw a woman too close to him. You hoped that jealousy would end, but it turned into fear of him cheating on you. At first you laughed it away, yet each time you hanged out with your friends, all you heard was how popular your boyfriend was with women.

You confronted him and though a bit dissatisfying, he assured you he didn’t cheat on you. You believed him. But the feeling remained and with each day passing, you couldn’t help but wonder if he really was faithful, so you decided to spy on him. You knew he would be angry if you were caught, but you couldn’t be at calm without making sure he didn’t cheat.

Biting your lower lip, you were sitting on the floor of your wardrobe in your bedroom, hidden behind clothes, but open enough to hear. You sighed, what seemed like hundredth time and you were ready to give up, when you heard him walking inside. Slowly standing on your feet, you opened the doors, to see him.

Midorima heaved a sigh when he closed the doors behind himself. He narrowed his eyebrows as he stared at his phone, looking at your message. It was sudden for him to get a message, saying you went on a business trip. He wanted to see the meaning behind, yet no matter how much longer and intense he stared at the message, there was no answer that could satisfy him enough.

“That’s odd…” He murmured and locked the phone. “Leaving so early. Is everything alright at their company?” He thought aloud, completely unaware of your presence in wardrobe. “I should give them a call later to ask when they come back.”

Midorima sat on bed and placed glasses on night table beside before covering his eyes. He felt a slight headache coming and all he hoped was for it to be mild. The last thing he wanted was to spend the rest of the day grumpy and in bed. Lying on his back, he slowly dozed off into slumber.

You took the chance and walked out of the wardrobe. Quietly watching your boyfriend, you walked to his side and knelt on the ground. Leaning on bed, you observed Midorima’s peaceful expression before your eyes fell on his lips when you heard him mumble. Your eyes widened and you smiled.

“I love you…” You whispered and kissed him on his cheek before you left the bedroom.

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Murderous; P.2

 Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Smut, Angst, Murderer!AU SERIES 

Summary: People can be deceiving; majority of people are deceiving if you really think about it. People lie every day. Whether it’s about watching the new season of game of thrones or ignoring someone’s text and saying you fell asleep. But when murder is the new talk of the town and everyone seems like a suspect; the truth seems to slip further and further away every second. Everyones on edge, as they should be. Wrong things happen when you trust the wrong people.

Word Count: 3,253

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P1 P2 P3

Your dad flipped through files as you both sat at the dinner table.

“Dad, did you get a suspect?” You asked as he sighed deeply.

“We thought it could be the best friend, or maybe some on the student council that was jealous of her, we even checked that creepy kid from fathom. Everyone’s allies check out…everyone except that new boy, Taehyung” he answered.

You stopped eating as you nodded for him to continue.

“He said he was at home preparing for the next day at school, which seems perfectly logical to me. You’re the new kid, it’s a new school, you just had your first day and want to be ready for the next.” Dad shrugged.

“Then whats the problem?” You asked as he shuffled through his files again.

“He lives alone, there’s no one to confirm his statement” dad sighed sadly.

There was a moment of silence between the two of you before you spoke.

“Do you think he did it?” You asked curiously as you played with your food.

He stared at his files before slowly shaking his head.

“It wouldn’t make sense” he commented as he crossed his arms in deep thought.

“That's what i said!” You stated excitedly as you jumped up a little.

Dad narrowed his eyes at me causing me too shrink back into my seat.

“Remember, don’t get involved” he said in a singish tune.

“Dad i know…its just, the boy is new and he’s already being shunned” you said causing his dad stance to soften.

“This is why i tell everyone that we should keep it under wraps, so shit like this doesn’t happen” he sighed as he shook his head.

I nodded in agreement as i continued eating my food.

“Why does he live alone?” You asked yourself more than you asked your dad.

“Not sure, the boys a complete mystery…and thats not going to sit well with the town” you dad said as he cleaned up his files.

“But just because someone lives alone and likes to keep private doesn’t mean they’re a murderer” you stated as you took your dish and his too the sink.

“Not in this town” you dad sighed as he kissed you forehead “goodnight, remember that i won’t be home till late tomorrow so lock up” he said as he walked away.

“Ok!” You shouted out as you washed the dishes.

You finished washing up before skipping upstairs to your bedroom.

As you opened the door you realised how dark your room on. You swore you had left the light on but shrugged it off as you close the door.

You flicked the light on and turned towards your bed.

Taehyung stood in front of you wearing a black hoodie and black sweatpants.

Before you could scream, he placed his hand over your mouth as you were pushed up against the wall…again.

As you realised who it was you pushed him off of you.

“What the fuck are you doing here?! How did you even get in?!” You whisper yelled as you pushed him further into your room before subtly checking if your dad’s door was closed.

“We’re going to prove my innocence remember? And the back door was open” he stated innocently as he started pacing back and forth in your room.

“You can’t be sneaking into peoples houses, that doesn’t necessarily help your case” you stated as he sat on your bed.

“I know, i know, im just…im freaking out ok? I’ve never been to jail, what if the murder manages to pin it on me! no one knows me here, no one will defend me” he said quickly as his eyes were glued to the floor in a worried daze.

“hey! calm down, i have an idea” you said pulling your desk chair in front of him and sitting down.

“A plan?” He asked as hope sparked in his eyes.

“My dads the chief of police, so i have access to the progression of the case. But im one-hundred percent positive that in the next couple of weeks you’ll be painted as the killer and the police will have you as their top suspect” you stated.

He sighed deeply before you continued.

“So firstly, you need to change your school image” you say sternly as he placed his hand in his hoodie pockets.

“My school image? What do you mean?” He asked.

“Look the first thing the police will do is ask the school about your behavior. Your teachers, your peers, random kids. Anyone.” You started.

“Right now, you’re acting like a murderer. You’re shut off, your cold and most importantly, your new” you said as he nodded his head paying full attention.

“But…i really don't like people” he sighed in frustration.

“No one does, you have to fake it. Start paying attention in class, put your hand up, talk to students” you said as he laid back resting on your bed.

“What if it doesn’t work?” He asked worriedly.

“Your decent looking and people are already interested in you, trust me, it will work” you said as you stood from your chair.

“ you cant wear those ripped up hoodies anymore either ok” you said as you walked over to your desk.

“I only have ripped up hoodies and i have no money so what am i gonna do?” He asked as he returned to his sitting upwards position.

“Its ok, you can borrow my brother’s old clothes” you stated as you checked the time.

“You have a brother?” He asked curiously as he stood up.

“Yes, now take the clothes and go, there in the room next to mine, also meet me outside the school gate tomorrow, ill help you with your image changing” you said as you shoved him towards the door.

“Hey…..” he said as he turned to face you, stopping you from opening the door.

“Thank you” he whispered before letting you open the door and leaving your room.

You sighed and shook your head before deciding to go to bed. You had a long week ahead of you.

When you spotted taehyung at the gates of your school the next morning, you had too do a double take.

Firstly, he looked completely different. Secondly…he looked insanely good, people were definitely going to pay attention to him now.

“How do i look?” He asked tugging on the sleeves of his button up shirt.

“Like the neighborhood good boy who should be on the school council” you said as you looked him up and down.

“Is that good?” He asked as the two of you started walking into school grounds.

“Very, now for practice. What do you say when someone calls you a murderer?” You asked.

“Fuck off, i didn’t do shit”


“Im sorry that you feel that way, but i didn’t do anything”


“I hate this already” he groaned angrily as he shoved his hands in his pants pockets and kicked rocks away.

“Its gonna be a long day, get ready” you sighed as you watched the number of students entering the hell hole increase.


To say Taehyung was doing good would be an understatement. At first your friends were confused as to why you were hanging out with him, but once he started talking and joking around, they were in love.

The teachers appreciated his class input even though half the time he was wrong, they liked that he tried.

He was actually a chick magnet. You already knew how to up his reputation, rumours. You may have told a friend of yours that taehyung was the love child of a prince and his dad sent him here to keep him undercover…and you may have said this in front of the school’s most notorious rumour spreading hoe, Bethany.


Taehyungs reputation had done a full 180 and it wasn’t even third period yet.

“Taehyung! Do you think you could stay behind after school and help me with my math?” Lisa asked as she approached the two of you with a nervous jisoo.

“Im sorry, i might have plans, but if i don’t ill text you. Write your number here and ill put it in my phone later” he said before winking at her.

As you grabbed books from your locker you refrained from rolling your eyes as a pink blush covered her face.

“okay, bye taehyung” she said before giggling and skipping off with jisoo.

“Bye Taehyung” you mimicked as you closed your locker angrily. He laughed before poking your arm playfully.

“You jealous?” He asked as a smirk graced his face.

“I said nice neighborhood boy, not fuck boy” you said rolling your eyes at his new found confidence.

“You think I enjoy this? You and I both know id rather be sitting at the back, alone” he said as he fixed his hair.

“Whatever, just meet me at my house after school okay” you said. He nodded before the two of you parted ways to get to your next class.

As you sat in your last class of the day, your eyes kept flicking towards the clock.


You faced forward to see Hana turned around towards you.

“Where the fuck have you been” she asked.

“I know, I’m so sorry but i promise its important” you stated.

As Lucifer, your desk buddy examined your answers.

“Y/N your punctuation is appalling. Your sentences are filled with comma splices! You can fix that with a semi-colon, a full stop or even a freaking conjunction” lucifer ranted causing you and Hana too both roll your eyes.

“Lucifer why do you even care, don’t you want to stay the top of the year level?” Hana asked causing Lucifer to roll his eyes.

“Of course I do, but that doesn’t mean I want my friends to be the bottom of the year level” he said flicking your forehead.

“Anyway, that new kid seems pretty cool, I always knew he didn’t seem like the murdering type” Lucifer stated as he passed you your book back.

“I didn’t think so either, I’m glad that people are finally seeing him for who he really is” Hana chirped as you nodded your head happily.

hahaha yer sure thing.

you were about to say something but the sight of jimin hastily packing up his books caught your eye.

“hey jimin, you alright?” you asked with concern as he almost tripped over his own feet.

“Yep, fine, thanks” he said quickly before running out of the classroom.

“whats up with him?” you asked as you turned back to Hana and lucifer.

“didn’t you hear?”

of fucking course, Angel would know. you watched Lucifer roll his eyes before all three of you turned toward her. of course, she was listening to your conversation. you hate when she sits behind you.

“he’s apparently gay” she whispered as if it was taboo.

“And?” Lucifer asked as we all stared at her in confusion “what does that have to do with him rushing out in a panic?” he asked.

“I’m just saying, he’s parents are pastors, don’t you think it’s…kinda of disgraceful?” she asked with a duh-tone.

“what the fuck? what do you mean disgraceful?” you asked as you and Lucifer turned your bodies around to fully face her. this bitch was starting to get on everyone’s nerves.

“As Christians…it’s in the bible” she stated as she shook her head “im basically sinning by breathing the same air as him” she said shaking her head “and don’t get me started on his lesbian best friend, she’s so proud it sickens me” she stated.

you were in shock. you knew Angel was a certified good girl but you actually thought she was kind of alright.

before the three of you could go off on her homophobic ass the bell rang, saving her from humiliation.

as she skipped away you packed your books up in anger.

“and she wonders why people hate Christians, God, I’m a Christian and I hate Christians” Hana said as she joined the angry shoving books in bag club.

“homophobic bitch” lucifer said before getting up and walking out.

You shook it off before walking out the classroom to head towards home when you were stopped.

“Y/N, could you come in here for a second”

Fuck. Mr Kim.

He was a great math teacher, but he had a tendency to be involved in other students lives.

“Okay” you smiled as you pulled out your phone to text taehyung.

‘I’ll be late, Mr Kim wants to talk to me’

“Y/N are you okay, I’ve been worried about you lately” he stated as you both sat down.

Here we go

“Sir I swear I’m fine” you stated as you eyed the clock.


“It’s just that, usually your very vocal in my classes but lately you’ve been…quiet. I know your not the smartest kid in the class but you usually try extremely hard and I was just wondering if everything was okay at home? Considering it’s just you and you father I figured it must be hard for you” he asked as he looked down at you with concern.

“Thank you for your concern sir, but I swear there’s nothing going on. My home life is fine and my dad is more than capable of raising me on his own” you stated through gritted teeth.

Your mum was a little bit of a touchy subject and yes he was your teacher but he had no right to pry.


“No, i didn't mea-”

“I know you didn’t, but sir if you don’t mind i would like to go home now” you said as you stood up with your bag.

“…ill see you tomorrow” he said before gesturing towards the door.

As soon as you stepped out of the classroom and checked my phone you saw 7 missed calls from Taehyung.

You’re dropped as your eyebrows knitted together in worry. What happened? Why did he call you seven times?

As you were about to call him, the caller screen popped up with his name on it.

You answered the phone quickly as you moved away from the classroom you were previously in.

“Taehyung whats wrong?” You asked at almost lightening speed.

All you heard on the other end was extremely heavy breathing.

“I-i-i-its on my hands, i c-cant l-leave” he breathed heavily.

You picked up your speed as you ran through the school.

“What? What do you mean? Where are you?!” You asked worriedly as your heart beat picked up.

“Music room, in the music room” he blurted out.

You made a sharp turn as you sprinted towards the music room.

As you approach the sliding door, you slid it open harshly.

On the floor was a boy from a lower grade his throat was slit and a pool of blood lay around him.

Taehyung was kneeling near the boys head, red blood was dripping from his hands as his eyes were fixated on the cut.

You gasped as you quickly closed the door of the music room.

“What happened?!” You shouted as you gagged repeatedly, the boys eyes were wide as they stared at the ceiling.

“Taehyung what the fuck!” You shouted at him as he moved away from the boy shaking his head.

“I didn’t do anything i swear! I know how this looks but you texted me saying you were still here so i thought id just wait for you! I was wondering around when i heard noise in the music room, i came in and the boy was bleeding from his neck! I-i-i tried to stop it with that cloth b-but it didn’t work!!” He exclaimed back as you paced back and forth in shock.

The skin colour was such a contrast to the red oozing out of it, your forehead was breaking out in sweat and your heart was pumping too loud for your head to think clearly.

“Okay! Okay!you can’t be here, you need to go to my house and stay there, we need an alibi….okay okay i got it. Our story is you were at my house and I was going to meet you there to study, Mr Kim wanted to talk to me so you went ahead, I was walking out when I heard something from the music room and that’s when I found the body” you explained as you pacing sped up.

“But will they believe that?! Y/N im a possible prime suspect and now we have another murder” he said as he tried to wipe the blood off of his hands with his hoodie.

“….your right…we need another person…” you said before wiping out your phone.

“Y/N who are you calling?” He asked worriedly.


“Hana, do you trust me?” You asked as your heart sped up, you knew she was a great best friend and would do anything for you but this might be pushing it.

“Of course I trust you” she answered instantly.

“Great, I need you to go to my house, Taehyung will be there and will explain the whole thing, just….please go along with the story and ill explain later” you said before hanging up the phone.

You took a deep breath as adrenaline was rushing through your body.


“Now go quickly!” You said as taehyung grabbed his stuff.

He ran out the door quickly as you dialled 911.

“MR KIM! MR KIM HELP!” you yelled as you ran towards his classroom, still on the phone.

“911, whats your emergency”

“THERE’S BEEN A MURDER AT ST MARYBOUGHS HIGH” you shouted both at the 911 reception and at your teacher.


“Could you just repeat the story one more time?”

“I was going home to meet up with some friends when mr kim called me into his classroom, after i finished talking to him i remember i forgot my book in my English room, when i had got it i noticed the music room door was open and went to check it out” you repeated as you were sat on a bench outside the school.

“And who were you going home to meet?” He asked

“Kim Taehyung and Jung Hana” you answered as you wiped your tears with the tissues they had given you.

The image of the deceased boy still fresh in your mind.

“Kim taehyung?” He asked curiously as you nodded.

“You can go home Y/N im sure your friends are curious to where you've been” he said sending you on your way.


As you opened the door to your house, you could hear a hushed conversation in the lounge.

As you turned the corner you saw taehyung sitting on the couch with his head in his hands (cleaned of the blood) and Hana standing near the T.v

As soon as she saw you her arms crossed against her chest.

“So the reason why you haven’t been around is that you and him are on a secret mission to prove his innocence and find the real killer” she stated.

You and taehyung looked at each before nodding your head hesitantly.

There was a moment of silence as she looked between the two of you.

“Alright…im in” she shrugged nonchalantly.

You looked at her in shock as taehyung nodded happily.

“It might get dangerous” you warned as you sat next to taehyung.

“If you’re doing it, im doing it and plus, you already have me lying to the authorities” she smirked.

You smiled and shook your head at your best friend. Well, you know what they say, The more the merrier.


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He falls for a 00′ liner (SEVENTEEN)

S.Coups: -you’d come with your cousin every now and again to work where she was a hairdresser. Seungcheol slowly became more and more interested in you. He asked your cousin if you were single or not and he was told he was 5 years older than you- “you’re kidding right? I um feel feel very weird now”

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Jeonghan: -he was talking about a girl he liked in the idol business and he was then told that you were roughly 15. His whole face was pinker that Woozi’s hair when he found out- “omo you’re kidding right? She’s not 15 she can’t be she’s really beautiful I feel creepy commenting on a girl that young”

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Joshua: -he blushed everytime they teased him. He admitted he thought you were very cute. He was told later that you were only 15 but he still said you were cute- “she’s young I get that but she’s really pretty”

Originally posted by kai-tastrophe

Jun: -he didn’t care how old you were he made it clear he had an interest. He took you place, hugged, kissed your cheek, and flirted highly with you. He didn’t care what the other’s thought you were too young for him, to him you were just perfect- “I’ll go get you a drink alright, you stay here and be pretty Y/N” 

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Hoshi: -he didn’t think he’d ever get to meet you, you worked at this little restaurant the boys would go to sometimes. You were decently young to be working there but you worked hard. So when you went to take his order he was staring at you intensely- “what are you talking to me?”  

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Wonwoo: -he was teased about it he met you at a fan signing and he just was fascinated with you. He liked you a lot even if you were 15 you found the way into his heart- “I can’t help it she’s like perfect”

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Woozi: -he may have graduated but he remember you from the year before and wanted to spend more time with you. Even though he was awkward about being around you, he wanted to do just that and be around you- “I’m having a really good time Y/N. It feels weird to say I have to walk you home before it’s dark so you get a goodnight sleep”

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DK: -he’d find his way to talk to you or he’d walk you home from school. He tells you ‘a young lady should never walk home alone’ but in all honesty he wanted to spend the time with you. By the time he got towards home the others came to bug him- “so um like same time tomorrow right? I’ll be waiting for you yeah”

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Mingyu: -he got so nervous when he saw you and your friends walking home from school. He felt creepy because he was walking behind you to get home as well. He would walk passed the 3 of you before he heard your friends giggle- “oh um hey enjoy Y/N I um hope you had a good day”

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The8: -he thought you were the cutest thing in the world when you came home with Vernon for a project. He always tried to make you blush- “you’re so cute and smart. You’re amazing I mean you’re taking classes with Vernon and all and you’re even younger that Dino”

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Seungkwan: -he’d flirt with you almost all the time. He gave you pet names and scared boys away from you. Knowing you would eventually break- “so baby how about you and me go out after school. Just you and me and your favorite foods”

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Vernon: -you were his girlfriend his 15 year old girlfriend. He was very protective of you at school when boys your age would flirt with you but he couldn’t do much because you don’t have classes together. But lunch time he stared down any guy who looked at you wrong- “these little boys have to keep in their lanes. They should know you’re taken by now”

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Dino: -you were practically his age and even better you skip a grade. He was in heaven that you were in his classes. His heart sped up and his day always got better with you there- “hello Y/N you look lovely in your uniform today. Do you want to hang out at lunch? I would like that”

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Nine. [Hinanami Week 2017 Day One]

Haha suckers, it’s still the ninth on the west coast. So this isn’t even late.

And even if it was, I’m the mod of hinanami week, who the hell’s gonna stop me.

Anyways, I’ve been playing too much Zero Escape, so here’s a DR Zero Escape AU for hinanami week.


Hajime Hinata woke up with his head throbbing. He groaned, and then proceeded to hit his head on the ceiling as he sat up.

After taking a moment to wake up, the first thing Hajime noticed was that he was in a bunkbed.

The second was that he had no idea where he was.

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I remember when I had grindr (I was 16 at the time) I was walking home alone in the dark on this path that went through the woods and I got a message saying 'well hello there :)' from someone 19 feet away and I panicked, deleted the app and started running …

bye i’d have ran so fucking fast

Thomas Jefferson x Reader. Studying. Part 1.

AN- This is litteraly my first fic, ever. You have been warned. And I’m so sorry if the bottom doesn’t indent where its supposed to, it glitches out a lot and wouldn’t work. Also this was supposed to be posted on Sunday, but I’ll post it now because it won’t let me write any more.13,000+ words

Another day at school, another opportunity to see your friends.

The warning bell rang violently as you ran towards your debate class. Correction, ‘friendly argument class’. You walked in the classroom about to sit down when you were rudely (and not to mention, harshly) cut off by the bell pronouncing you as late.

“Mrs. L/N,” your professor, Dr. Washington, spoke up catching your attention, “You’re late to my class, again,”

“I’m sorry, sir, I swear it won’t happen again,” you cut him off before he could give you any more of his eyebrow sass.

“Just. Sit. Down.” He paused cruelly between each word to drag the sentence on before he could start class successfully.

You nodded and plopped into your seat. It wasn’t long before you heard a faint chuckle coming from behind you, you started to turn your head, but then remembered //who// sat behind you.


You were about to ask him why he was laughing when Prof. Washington interrupted with, “Teams are being randomly selected with a name generator as we speak, the first team,” he paused to make sure everyone was on the same page, “Mr. Jefferson, Mr. Madison, and…”

He hesitated, waiting for his computer to load up the last name, your best friend, Alexander, sweating with anticipation, hoping it wouldn’t be him, however all the girls in the class that weren’t utterly lost in Alex’s eyes were practically jumping out of their seat to be on Jefferson’s side.

It was only three per team.

“ Mrs. L/N,” you practically froze. Why him? Why //Jefferson//?! You nodded politely and stood next to James. Not making eye contact with neither Alexander nor Jefferson.

You were broke from your trance with a heavy sigh from Dr. Washington, “Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Hemmings, and Mr. Reynolds,” he paused to rub his eyes “You will be against the topic of an old classic of ‘School Uniforms’, you may begin disscusing with your team. As for the others in this class, you are to take out your notebooks, open to the next available page, write down your opinion, and take notes once the debate begins,”

“Hey? You with us?” James nugded you politely, popping a cough drop into his mouth. “Huh? Oh, uh, yeah. Pro school uniforms team, got it,” ___________________________

“How could you side with- with- with Jefferson?!” Alex had a tone of almost utter betrayal in his voice and he glared at you as if you had ripped his favourite shirt or something.

“It was my assignment, Alexander, why are you over-reacting?” You rolled your eyes, “I get you dislike him, but he made valid arguments, and even though he’s a cocky peice of obnoxious magenta, he’s really not that bad.”

“Me? Over-reacting?” he scoffed, “You’re the one who’s got their story mixed up. I’m not speaking to you until you realize how childish you’re being.” turning angrily (which you didn’t think was possible) and walking away, he didn’t even stop to look back.

You sighed and head to the library for your free period before lunch.


Everything was going great, you were reading up on slavery, getting all of your notes done, and you were peacefully drawing up some doodles in your mini sketchbook (it’s really adorable and you carry it around everywhere, you honestly always have it with you).

“What’s a friend of Hamilton’s doing drawing the great Thomas Jefferson?” your gaze almost instantly jolted up towards the man now leaning on the table in front of you.

You coughed, and quickly hid your drawings under your APUSH text book, blushing like a mad man. “Jefferson?! I wasn’t drawing you! It was um.. The king of Floofstown!” You said it so fast you didn’t have time to process //what// you were saying.

He chuckled at your panicked whispers, “The king of Floofstown? Sounds interesting, I’ll need more information on it later, but right now, I need your help studying for the test in history next period, you in?”

Was he- did he really just? The Thomas Jefferson, needed //your// help?

“Uh,” you paused looking up at him, all the cockiness was gone in his expression, he looked…cute.

No, you do not think Jefferson is cute. He is everything //but// cute.

“Sure, sit,” you replied patting the seat next to you. An hour that you have to bare Thomas Jefferson.


You found yourself laughing while packing up your stuff to head to lunch. “Jefferson, maybe you’re not so bad after all.”

“I would certainly hope not,” smirking at you, he raised an eyebrow, “Sit with me and James at lunch? It would be a lot more fun with someone who actually laughs at my jokes,”

“I’d love to,” you then said your goodbyes because you got lunch from school and he brought his. Unfortunately you bumped into Alex and waited in line with him.

“We’re going to talk about Laf’s new hobbies today at the lunch tables, plus John drew you a turtle and-”

“I’m not sitting with you guys today,” you cut him off, only to see him almost turn straight around with a questioning look.

“I’m studying with someone today, I’ll sit with you tomorrow,” You rolled your eyes at his mock offense and got your lunch.

Thomas waved you down, surprisingly, the only people at his table were him and James. They sat pretty far in the back actually. That really surprised you.

“Jefferson,” you nodded at him, “James,” you gave your gaze to him as we smiled slightly “How are you two?” you asked sitting down next to them.

“Ms. L/N, aren’t you supposed to be sitting with the other ‘revoulutionaries’? ” James asked in reference of the time you all went on strike about how stupid the assignments were for a shared class.

You blushed when Thomas chuckled in remembrance to your hand made signs and the short tunes Alex wrote. ‘No project discrimination without representation’. The good days.


It’s been a few days since you had become friends with Thomas, but you still called him Jefferson. You hadn’t told the Hamilsquad (Alex decided to name it that, you had no idea why) about it being Thomas, but you wouldn’t think they’d mind.

“Y/N, your phone’s ringing,” John called from the kitchen of Alex’s apartment.

“Can you answer it? If it’s my mom tell her I’m not visiting this holiday,” you replied while fixing up your hair in a ponytail.

“Hello? Who is this?” John spoke into the phone.

“I’m looking for Y/N, this is Thomas, who are you?” John shrieked and hung up.

You ran in the kitchen, “What’s wrong?!” you asked frightened as John pulled you outside.

“Why is Thomas Jefferson calling you? And why didn’t you tell us?” He wasn’t angry, but shocked.

“Alex would have freaked, and I’m going to the park to study with him, if you tell Alex, you’ll never see me again.”

“Do you need a ride?” he asked smiling slightly, which took you back a little. He was helping you?

“Please? That would be amazing!” you whisper yelled, thanking him whilst embrassing him in your signature potato hug. “Do I look okay? Is my hair too fluffy? Should I try and brush it straighter-”

“Y/N, you look great, just put your shoes on so we can spare Jefferson from looking at me,” you nod and follow his instructions, but still fixing you hair to where not all of it was put back, but you didn’t care.


You found your self packing up your books after what seemed ten minutes of studying that was really two hours.

“ So, do you think you finally understand what we’ve been studying, Jefferson?“ You raised an eyebrow looking at him with a smirk. “Or do you need another tutor?”

“Well, Y/N, maybe I was just making sure you understood it, since I have an A, and you,” he paused grabbing his backpack and turning his head over his shoulder, “Have a C. Goodbye L/N”

You stood there in shock for a few seconds, “Wait, I’m going to walk home in the dark, alone?” you voiced your thoughts out loud not realising you didn’t have a ride back to you and the squads apartment.

Thomas stopped and watched you walk passed him, looking in both directions trying to remember which way you were supposed to go. He sighed and put his hand on your shoulder. “Where do you live, L/N?” he asked smiling slightly, but it wasn’t a cocky smile. It was a genuine one.

“Do you know where Alexander lives? I live with him and my friends.” you audibly heard him rolls his eyes, which is another thing you thought was impossible.

He chuckled turning you around and walking the other direction. “Well he certainly doesn’t live on that side of town,” a meek ‘oh’ escaped your lips and you felt heat in your cheeks. Then, the NY winter air hit you, and it hit you hard.

You shivered slightly trying to keep your teeth from chattering as you rubbed your arms. You heard an unfimilliar zip and looked up to see Thomas giving you his magenta hoodie. He zipped it up and smiled at you drowning in the fabric. “Thanks,” is all you could say. He didn’t reply.

All he could do is look at you, smiling as you messed around with the extra fabric hanging from your hands. Karate chopping at the air and giggling. You spin and skip as if you were a kid pretending to be a ninja.

You didn’t know he was staring until he burst out laughing at a “Whaaachaaa!” you had made. You froze, as red as a tomato and started laughing awkwardly. “Sorry about that,” you cleared your throught as he walked you up the steps to your apartment. You started taking off your jacket but he stopped you since you weren’t inside yet.

“Just give it back to me tomorrow, since we’re studying again,” he shrugged it off as you thanked him for everything and requested a buzz in from Alexander.

At some point you forgot you were wearing Thomas’ hoodie and started jumping up the stairs to tell John all of your new jokes. Alex heard you coming and opened the door.

He saw the hoodie and was out cold.

Anon requested: can you do a Shawn imagine please

Missing you:

2015 has been a hectic year honestly, my names y/n and I’ve been in a 3 year relationship with my boyfriend, Shawn. Me, and Shawn both have amazing careers. He sings, and so do I. With that life, comes a lot of touring, and currently me, and Shawn were both on tour. Today, I had a show in my home town, Chicago. It was my dream to preform at the Allstate Arena, and it’s finally coming true. Shawn is coming to Chicago too, a day after my show. The messed up thing about this all, is our 4 year anniversary is today. Shawn doesn’t come in until 11:30 at night which means we can’t really have a proper date. But I guess I’m happy in a way, because 6 days ago when I announced my stop here, and put the tickets online they sold out within 2 hours, and I had to add more. I was expecting 2,000 fans which made me really happy.

I was backstage doing a meet, and greet. I noticed, a lot of fans were Shawn Mendes fans which didn’t surprise me, but the way they were acting was as if Shawn were here, but I knew he wasn’t because he texted me earlier with a picture of him boarding his flight. Whatever, I shrugged it off and completed my meet and greet with no issues. I went back stage, and changed my outfit. I was wearing some dancing joggers, with a silver sequence beaded bra top. My long hair curled down perfectly. I applied a layer of red lipstick, and sat down on the sofa waiting until I was called out. I decided to post a message on Instagram. I got a picture of him teaching me guitar “life stands still when I’m in your presence. 4 years, 4 amazing years of memories, well spent with you. I remember the day we met like it was yesterday. You were at a secluded park where no one would find you hiding from fans, I went there to clear my mind. I was walking down the board walk, and cried. While you stood sitting on rocks, I was in thought when you sat down next to me. "It’s beautiful isn’t it” you smiled at me, as I stared at the sunset. “Yeah” I huffed out a laugh “why is some as beautiful as you crying…? If you don’t mind me asking” your face shifted towards me. I explained everything to you that happened, and you gave me advice. When it was dark, I decided to leave but you didn’t want me walking alone. You walked me home, which wasn’t far from yours. I remember feeling butterflies. As I was about to leave, you asked for a hug. You were shy at first but asked for my number and I happily gave it to you, giving you a kiss on the cheek. 4 years later, 358 thousand texts and over 10 fights, we are strong, and I’m happy I have someone as positive as you are to guide me through the darkness life presents me. I can’t see myself with anyone besides you. I love you and can’t wait to see you and have a proper date Friday 💕" with that I posted it. I heard a knock at the door, quickly did the cross on my chest, and went out. I heard my name being chanted which made me even more nervous. I got strapped up with my mic, and waited on the side of the stage. I sent Shawn a quick text, and headed on stage.

I was having fun, forgetting all my problems and just having fun. The power millions of fans, have over a performer is indescribable. It was towards the middle of my show when I decided to do a little cover of Calvin Harris’s song “How Deep Is Your Love”. “Okay, you guys are making me so happy” I smiled, as the fans cheered, “enjoy this cover” I smiled. The music started, and I started singing with passion, keeping Shawn in my head and how proud he’d be if he were here.

“Open up my eyes and
Tell me who I am
Let me in on all your secrets
No inhibition, no sin”

I felt so much adrenalin, and happiness. I was about do another line, when the music ended abruptly, I stood there confused realizing I was alone. I’m guessing there was an issue backstage. I sat Indian style, and just began talking to the fans. “You know you guys make me happy” I smiled. “I get to preform where I was born, and raised with a ton of people that got me here” I chuckled “you guys are truly amazing”, they aw'ed but suddenly started screaming. I didn’t know what was going on, I just sat there thinking it was for me. Until..

“Oh, her eyes, her eyes
Make the stars look like they’re not shinin’
Her hair, her hair
Falls perfectly without her trying
She’s so beautiful
And I tell her everyday”

Bruno Mars? I heard screaming and pointing, I stood up to be presented with a chair by one of the dancers. “No looking back until the end” she smiled. I sat there confused, I really wanted to peak. I listened and rocked side to side to the song. Until the very last part. I started to realize Bruno Mars wasn’t singing the song, it was someone else. I finally got up.

“When I see your face
There’s not a thing that I would change
‘Cause you’re amazing (amazing)
Just the way you are (are)
And when you smile
The whole world stops and stares for a while
'Cause, girl, you’re amazing
Just the way you are”

I turned around, and my whole world fell…. In a good way. I crouched down, silently crying to myself as the fans chanted. There stood Shawn with roses, a big teddy bear and chocolate. Looking adorable as always. I got up, and scurried to him. He opened his hands wide engulfing me into the tightest hug. “What are you doing here?” I cried pulling back as he handed me the roses. “I wouldn’t miss our anniversary for the world” he smiled giving me a quick peck. “How did you do this” I smiled in shock, looking around. “Don’t doubt the Mendes army” he chuckled. He handed me the rest, of the things as I set them aside. “I’m so glad to have you here” I smiled hugging him again. “Me too, now keep performing. I wanna watch my girlfriend kill it” he beamed with joy as he took a seat in front of the fans. “I love you” I kissed him, “I love you too” he smiled.

I hate you


It was late, way too late. Mae hated being out at night, not because of the darkness but because it reminded her of things. Bad, awful things that she didn’t want to remember, not for a second. Mae had just got back from an apartment complex, taking what she needed, then getting the hell out, but she took too long. She took the same path everyone took when they needed to travel alone: the forest. She walked silently and hastily, wanting to be home already but hadn’t been careful with her time.

Magcon Imagine- Jack G / Cameron- part 1

Part 1

A/N: so this is my first imagine, I hope you like it. Please message me what you thought. Please no hate. Thank you, ily💕 (part 2 coming soon.)


Y/N’s P.O.V.

Just another boring day in Omaha, nothing to do, nothing at all. Jack (J), my twin brother, is out with my parents buying… I don’t even know what. Sam, one of my best friends, is probably still sleeping, even though it’s about 3 in the afternoon. Claire (best friend that is a girl.) is probably shopping or at Starbucks, and in all honesty I don’t want to spend the rest of the day at the mall, and sometimes she can be kind of a bitch. Then there is Jack (G), my other best friend (and Jack’s J best friend too) I don’t have any idea where he is. Other than Sam, Jack (G) is the person I always go to when ever I need something, anything from advice to help with school work to a person to go see new movies with at the theater to the person who I can take clothes from without bring murdered (Jack (J) would kill me if I even breathed on his precious clothes). Right now I am just home alone watching Paranormal Activity 4, I have watched this movie so many times, the majority of them with Jack (G). We always watch scary movies together normally around midnight to 4 in the morning, it’s just something we always do.

Now I am really wondering where Jack (G) is, so I pause the movie. I try calling him once, twice, three times, four times, five, six, seven, eight. Eight times, where the hell is he? Honesty I have no idea. I guess he’s probably just sleeping or watching tv or something. He’ll eventually see that I called. With that I just turned off my ringer, set down my phone, grabbed a bag of sour patch kids (my obsession) from the pantry, turned off all the lights, sit back down, and resumed my movie.

After watching for about an half hour, I got really bored again, and went back to the pile of dvd’s and grabbed a movie of the very top, that is still wrapped in plastic, The Conjuring (A/N: I don’t know if this is on DVD yet so…yeah). I have only seen this movie once, in theaters with Jack (G), so I decided to put it in.

About a hour in, I was wrapped up in three different blankets and shaking in the dark room. This movie was scarier than I remembered it to be. Good thing I was home alone because if Jack (J) or my parents were home, they would probably think I was insane, but they actually already do.

I was just sitting there watching the movie, when I held a really loud noise in the kitchen. What the hell was that? I got up still wrapped in my blankets and went into the kitchen. It was really dark, but I could still make my way around. There was nothing in here, nobody except for me.

I walked back into the living room, and sat back down, but something was different. Wait… WHERE ARE MY SOUR PATCH KIDS?!?! As I was looking around on the ground and the sofa, a person screamed really loud in the movie and that scared me so freaking badly that I fell over the back of the sofa and landed on the hard wood floor. Ow, that hurt.

I got off the ground and sat back down on the sofa. Then out of nowhere I hear a person yell really loudly right behind me. I then screamed as loud as I could and feel forward onto the ground still screaming.

The next thing I hear is someone cracking up in fits of laughter. Hold on… I’d know that laugh anywhere.

“JACK YOU SCARED ME SHITLESS!” I yelled at Jack Gilinsky, who was still laughing hysterically.

“Oh my god Y/N! You should have seen your face” he said “SAM DID YOU GET IT ALL?!” He yelled

“Yep, all of it” Sam said as he walked down the stairs, jumping over the last three steps.

“What?” I said utterly confused

“I got that entire scene that you just through on tape.” Sam said casually while he was still watching it on repeat. “Oh my god Y/N this is going on vine right now” he said as he posted it onto Jack’s vine account. “Well” Sam said as he through Jack’s phone to him “I have to get home, so see you both at school tomorrow” and with that he walked out the front door.

I then hit Jack as hard as I could on his chest. “OWW!!! What was that for?” He said.

“That was for making me almost pee my pants” I said while laughing at the scene that just unfolded.


Jack G’s P.O.V.

Why is she so beautiful? Why can’t I just call her mine? I wish more than anything that I could have Y/N. I wish we could be more than just best friends. I wish she could she me as more than just her twin brother’s best friend. I wish I meant more to her. I wish I meant as much to her as she does to me.

Her smile is probably the most beautiful thing in this entire world. Her laugh is more perfect than anything that I have ever heard in my entire life. And overall she is completely flawless in my eyes, what she calls imperfections or flaws, I call amazing little details that make Y/N herself.

I don’t have the guts to tell her how I fell, but I am scared that if I don’t tell her soon, I will never get the chance to at all. But I am more scared that she won’t feel the same and that I’ll ruin our friendship.


Y/N’s P.O.V.

*the next morning*

I woke up the next morning at 6:30 so I could shower before I had to leave for school. I grabbed the outfit that I was going to wear and placed it on my bed. It consisted of a daisy floral skirt, tall white over-the-knee socks, dark brown combat boots, one of Jack’s (G) black sweatshirts that I stole from him, and a simple white tank top to go under the hoodie.

After I shower, dried my hair, and changed into the clothes I laid out, I went over to my vanity desk and applied my everyday makeup. Just some eyeliner, mascara, lip stick, and a little bit of cover up over some places.

I then went downstairs and grabbed a bowl from the shelf and filled it with milk. Then grabbed my favorite cereal Y/F/C (your favorite cereal) and dumped it in the bowl. After eating my breakfast I went back upstairs and grabbed my school bag and all of my homework that I had over the weekend.

When I came back down stairs it was already 7:45. Jack (J) was sitting at the counter on his computer scrolling throughs twitter and eating his breakfast.

“Jack we have to get going like right now. It’s already 7:45.” I said to him. School starts at 8:10 but the drive from our house to school is about twenty minutes or more.

“Yeah okay.” He said while closing his laptop. “Hey Y/N, can you go upstairs and grab my phone off my side table?” He said

“Why can’t you? Your legs obviously work. Just do it yourself” I said to him

“Y/N” he said whining “pleeeeaaasseeee” he keep saying

“Fine, but I don’t see why you can’t do it” I said turning around and going back upstairs. While I was in his room I heard the front door slam shut. “Wait what… Hold on” I thought to myself. I looked over at jack nightstand and his phone wasn’t there, but instead there was a pink sticky note in its place. “Very manly Jack” I thought. I went over and grabbed it. It said : “Y/N I’m not your chauffeur. You are 18, it’s time you get your drivers license.” Yes I am an 18 year old girl, who is a junior in high school, who doesn’t have her drivers license, sue me. But I can’t believe Jack would leave me home without a ride to school. My parents were already at work so I can’t get a ride from either of them.

But one person might be able to so I picked up my phone and dialed his number.

“Hey, have you left yet for school?” I asked

“No not yet, why?” He asked

“Jack left me, again. Can I ride with you? Please” I said

“Yeah sure, come over to my house. I’m almost ready to leave. ” he said

“Thank you so much. You are amazing!”

“Yeah, I already knew that” he said chuckling

“Thanks. I’m leaving now” I said, then I hung up.

He only lived 5 doors down from my house, so I was over there in less than a minute. He was leaned against his car waiting for me.

“Hey thank you so much for giving me a ride”

“No problem” he said “anything for a damsel in distress. And by the way you really need to get your license.” He said to me as he laughed.


A/N: so that was part 1. Please send me feedback or message me. So, who do you think the guy is? The first person that guesses correctly will get to be a character in the imagine (btw, I think it’s going to be pretty long and have a lot of parts.) Thank you💕

De la place pour deux

post 5x21 fluff i had started just after watching the episode and i finally finished it today so here you go ♥ (also title means “room for two”)

It’s all pretty weird to go back into that house after all this time.

(She has erased his words of her mind, that’s why you’ll always be an orphan, but he hasn’t.)

Still, Emma pushes the door, her hand holding firmly his warm, oh so alive, palm, and she turns back to catch the tender blue of his eyes. Her heart stops, a sweet heat releasing itself in her chest, and her eyes start to slightly burn.

She thought she’d never get this again.

The savior breathes in profoundly, biting her lips, and she catches the same astonishment on his face.

(She swears she’ll believe in them until she catches her last breath. No more doubts in her mind, not even death could put an end to their love.)

“Welcome home, Killian.” she whispers, her devotion ringing in each word, and he answers her with an unsure smile.

They gaze as one at the place, lifeless walls waiting for them to take one more step in, begging for heat and their presence.

He squeezes her fingers tighter.

This house is only the frame of their home, but they have so much time in front of them now. So much time to paint the walls blue and to scatter flowers everywhere, to stick some colorful children’s drawing on the fridge.

And soon their home will smell just like them, rum, vanilla, cinnamon, leather and a lot of love, and it will fill their lungs as they walk in.

(Her thoughts should scare her. They do not. She wants it all.)

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anonymous asked:

When did you learn you were asexual?

I remember it like it was yesterday….

I was walking down the street, alone, around 12:01 in the morning, when suddenly, a noise broke the silence, i turned, looking around for the source of the noise. There they were. The Asexuals, they came out of a dark alley, rhythmically snapping, in leather jackets and dark sunglasses. I didn’t even try to escape. I accepted my fate. It was not a choice as i became one with the Asexuals and realized that i was home...

Be warned- they’re out there. They’re dangerous…

And they’re coming for you.