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The Diary of Mr. & Mrs. Ackles

TITLE:  The Diary of Mr. & Mrs. Ackles

PAIRING:  Jensen x Reader


WARNING:  Oral Smut (female receiving), talks of being caught in sexual acts by in-laws, NSFW Gifs below the cut.

SUMMARY:  Follow the story of Supernatural star, Jensen Ackles and his pop star wife, [Your Name] Ackles as they deal with the pressures of fame and being newly married. As told through their point of views…You think you know, but you have no idea…this is The Diary of Mr. and Mrs. Ackles.

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  So, this is my first attempt at smut, so please be gentle with me.  LOL!  Please let me know how I did.

DISCLAIMER:  This is strictly for fictional purposes only.  Any real life people mentioned that are portrayed in a negative light is not how I feel.  Just pretend they’ve been naughty.

(Gifs are not mine)

The Talk 1.1

As soon as I took my final bow for the evening, I quickly ran off the stage and right into my husband’s embrace.  He had just given me the best surprise of a lifetime.   “Oh my God, baby.  I can’t believe you’re here.“  When I pulled back, I reached out and playfully slapped him across his chest. “Why didn’t tell me you were coming?”

“Ouch.”  His green eyes stared at me wide eyed, as he grabbed his chest where my hand had landed.  "Well, I was trying to surprise my wife.  I didn’t know that I was going to get beat up in the process.“

“I’m sorry, honey.” I wrapped my arms around his neck.  Standing on my tiptoes, I captured his lips in a kiss.

“Now, that’s what I’m talking about.” He said placing a kiss on my nose, and I giggled.  

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Glitch In The Matrix Stories #13

Call Of Warning

My mother told me once that when I was just a toddler that she was in the kitchen ironing and then heard a voice behind her say “Alister”, which is my name. She turned around and obviously nothing was there. 

Then, recalling where I was, she ran to the living room where I apparently was up at the window and near to falling down and luckily caught me. This is super strange and she says she does not have a clue how it happened as nobody else was home at the time and had left me to watch the TV briefly.

Credits to: AlisterM

Weirdest Coincidence In My Life Time

In January of 2011 I went to a “lock-in” at a local indoor skate park where everyone would skate or bike from 9pm until 9am and nobody could leave until your parents picked you up in the morning. My friends and I had a great time and filmed some clips and it was great. I was 15 at the time. 

I met a lot of cool people from around the area and I also noticed these two weird kids that were there. They were both probably 11 or 12 years old. One kid was fat and had a buzz cut and the kid he was with was taller, really skinny, and also bald (not sure if he had health problems or just no hair like Caillou). They sat up on the ramps without a skateboard or bike and just stared at us and it was pretty weird but I forgot about it for a long time.

Fast forward to summer of 2014, I was skating in my home town with two of my good friends that both skated. After a few hours skating at the middle school we headed back to my house to play Xbox. We started talking about skate spots and eventually about the indoor park that I had gone to a few years back. 

I started telling them the exact story and even described to them the part about the two weird kids. Specifically as I’m talking about the kids I saw, my friend gets a Facebook message sitting next to me. The message came from someone he had no mutual friends with and all it said was “did you hit Ashley?”. He had absolutely no idea who the person was or why he asked that. The person was from a town almost an hour away from us. I was looking at the message and told him to look through his pictures to see if we recognize him. So my friend starts scrolling through his public profile pictures and saying that he’s never seen him before. 

I decide to take a look. It was a short fat kid with a buzz cut. I jokingly comment that he looks like the kid from the story I was in the middle of telling them. I take a good look and realize that he looks exactly how I remember the kid sitting on the ramp. I start to get a little weirded out but just think it’s a look-alike. I’m clicking further through his pictures and then it happens. There he is in a picture with the fuckin’ bald kid exactly how I remember. I was completely freaked out.

So three years after I attended the skate park, I just so HAPPENED to be telling my friends about my time at the park and I just so HAPPENED to be telling them about those weird kids at the exact moment that this message just so HAPPENS to pop up on my friends computer. I couldn’t believe it. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. I’ve had some pretty weird coincidences but this one blew them all out of the water.

Credits to: jmason215

My Phone Called My Friend’s As We Touched Hands 

This girl was a friend of mine I didn’t meet often. As far as I know she is a bit of psychic. We met at a pub and left our mobile phones on the table in front of us. We were talking and I dearly held her hands in mine. 

At about the same time her phone rang and she said excuse me, got to check the phone. There was my name as the caller and in fact my phone had started a call to her.

Credits to: GioLasar

Me And A Friend Lost 3 Hours Of Time

I was staying a night at a friend’s (Marley) house since her mom was going to be out for the night and she thought it would be fun if I came over. We decided that around 10pm we’d bake some cookies since nothing’s better than fresh sweets at night. I perfectly remember at 10 pm checking the time on my computer and saying in a few minutes we should get to baking.

Few minutes later we do get up and head to the kitchen but when we get there, the clock reads 1am. That’s pretty impossible given minutes earlier I’d JUST seen it was 10pm. I know on the internet you can lose track of time but I think it’s pretty unlikely we sat there for 3 hours without realizing it. We checked all the clocks in the house and yeah, it was definitely somehow 1am.

Just to be sure that us ‘losing track of time’ wasn’t the case, we checked our computer histories since we were on them just before getting up to bake. From 10 m to 1am there were no sites recorded, meaning for 3 hours we hadn’t been online at all. It was like we’d both just sat there doing absolutely nothing for hours and if that’s somehow the case than neither of us remember it at all.

Credits to: CassMasterGreen


Request from anon: can you do an imagine like drunk in love by Beyoncé

Sammy’s POV

“Party tonight?”  I walk into the Jacks’ house. “What’s the occasion?” J asks. “A youtuber throwing a party. Inviting everyone. We down or are we down?” I point at everyone in the living room. “Can we bring guests?” The boys point to the kitchen and I turn around to see all the girls standing there, waving at me. “I don’t see why not.” I shrug, greeting the home girls. “What’s up baby?” I greeted Y/N individually. “Ha ha Sam.” She playfully pushes me off of her. “Come on baby, when are you going to stop playing hard to get?” “When I start wanting you.” She winks, walking out the kitchen and sitting on the couch between Nate and J. “Damn she fine.” I say to myself, going back to everyone too. 

Later that night, we all gathered again, ready to go to the party. “Why did we meet up here again and not at the actual place of the party?” Y/N asked confused. “Uhhh, Pre-game!” Rupp sings, lifting his shot glass to the air and everyone cheering with him. After the pre-game, we all made our way to the party. “Stay together y’all, don’t want to lose each other.” G yells over the loud voices and we enter the crowded party. “Stick together, yeah?” I cling onto Y/N, smiling like crazy. She laughs hard, before we both walk straight into the crowd. “To a good night.” I hand Y/N a shot and we both chug it down. “Want to be my wing man for tonight?” Y/N asks me. “What?” “Help me find some guys to hook up with.” “Why would I do that?” “Why wouldn’t you?” “I was seriously when I said I wanted to get with you. I still want you.” “Oh, oh my gosh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know. I-I just want you to know,” She tries yelling loud enough, “I just don’t see you like that. I just want to be friends.” She tells me. “Friends. Right. That’s fine with me.” I felt my feelings get hurt. “I’ll see you later.” She kisses my cheek before walking off into the crowd. 

After a few hours, I just watch her go from girl friend to girl friend. Laughing and having a drink with them. She looked fine one minute, than the next minute she’s totally wasted. I quickly get up from my seat, and rush to her drunk self. I approach her slowly, and she turns around, looks at me for a few seconds before realizing, “SAMMY! YAY!!” She claps, shrieking. “I’m glad you’re here!!” She wobbles to me. I just laugh at her. “You okay?” I ask her. “YEEAAAHH!! I am greaaatttt!!!” She sings joyfully. “Come on,” I try to grab her, but she keeps dancing, “No! I want to dance!” She pushes me off. “Okay, let’s dance together! Over there!” I said, pulling her toward the exit. Right before we reached the exit, a song starts playing, “WAIIITT!! THIS IS MY SOOONNNGGGG!!!!!” She starts dancing heavily, eyes closed like no one was watching, singing her heart out. 

I’ve been drinking, I’ve been drinking
I get filthy when that liquor get into me
I’ve been thinking, I’ve been thinking
Why can’t I keep my fingers off it, baby?
I want you, na na 
Why can’t I keep my fingers off it, baby?
I want you, na na
She points at me, starting to serenade you

Cigars on ice, cigars on ice
Feeling like an animal with these cameras all in my grill
Flashing lights, flashing lights
You got me faded, faded, faded
Baby, I want you, na na
Can’t keep your eyes off my fatty
Daddy, I want you, na na
Drunk in love, I want you

We woke up in the kitchen saying,
“How the hell did this shit happen?”
Oh baby, drunk in love we be all night
Last thing I remember is our beautiful bodies grinding up in the club
Drunk in love

She grabs me, pulling me against her, 
We be all night, love, love
We be all night, love, love
Dancing on me

We be all night,
And everything alright
No complaints from my body, so fluorescent under these lights
Boy, I’m drinking,
Park it in my lot 7-11
I’m rubbing on it, rub-rubbing, if you scared, call that reverend
Boy, I’m drinking, get my brain right
Armand de brignac, gangster wife
Louie sheets, he sweat it out like wash rags he wear it out
Boy, I’m drinking, I’m singing on the mic to my boy toys
Boy, I’m drinking, I’m singing on the mic til my voice hoarse
Then I fill the tub up halfway then ride it with my surfboard, surfboard, surfboard
Graining on that wood, graining, graining on that wood
I’m swerving on that, swerving, swerving on that big body
Been serving all this, swerve, surfing all in this good, good
Her face one inch away from mines, smiling

We woke up in the kitchen saying,
“How the hell did this shit happen?”
Oh baby, drunk in love we be all night
Last thing I remember is our beautiful bodies grinding up in the club
Drunk in love

We be all night, love, love
We be all night, love, love

(I’m nice right now)
Hold up
That D'USSÉ is the shit if I do say so myself
If I do say so myself, if I do say so myself
Hold up,
Stumbled all in the house time to back up all of that mouth
That you had all in the car, talking ‘bout you the baddest bitch thus far
Talking 'bout you be repping that third, I wanna see all the shit that I heard
Know I sling Clint Eastwood, hope you can handle this curve
Foreplay in the foyer, fucked up my Warhol
Slip the panties right to the side
Ain’t got the time to take draws off, on site
Catch a charge I might, beat the box up like Mike
In '97 I bite, I’m Ike, Turner, turn up
Baby no I don’t play, now eat the cake, Anna Mae
Said, “Eat the cake, Anna Mae!”
I’m nice, for y'all to reach these heights you gonna need G3
4, 5, 6 flights, sleep tight
We sex again in the morning, your breastases is my breakfast
We going in, we be all night

We be all night, love, love
We be all night, love, love

She starts laughing uncontrollably, leaning against me. “Thanks Sammy,” As we walk out that party, “You okay?” “Yeah, just drunk.” “Haha, yeah I could tell.” “I really like you Sammy. Like in a like like way but I just keep trying to tell myself that nothing is there so I force myself to not like you, in hopes of my feelings disappearing.” She slurs her words and I looked at her shocked. “Did they disappear?” I ask her knowing she will tell me. She looks up at me, “No..” She says before pushing me and throwing up on the ground. “Okay, let’s get you home.” I rubbed her back, sitting her in an Uber remembering that night perfectly. 

[There will be no continuation to this imagine.] 

anonymous asked:

MC finds out shes pregnant while still in school and dealing with morning sickness. Not dating the guys yet just slept together at a party? How she finally tells them and how they react? so like a two part from both pov. Please and thank you when you have time!

So for those of you who saw that post about “Yamato’s part being over 1200 words long”… yup. it was for this.

I thought It was going to be hard to make the other characters match his in length… and then Saeki’s happened (a little over 1400 words).

This request is in MULTIPLE PARTS (Yamato/Saeki and Ren/Takao/Yuta) So there isn’t a 7k wall of text on someone’s dash.



               This was a joke, right? It had to be. I flipped the box back open and unfolded the instructions yet again. My eyes skipped over the page, searching for something,anything that I did wrong. I must have messed it up, right? But the test was idiot proof: pee on the stick, and then wait 3 minutes. Shit, I sighed and clenched my eyes shut.

               I remembered that night perfectly; surprising considering how many drinks I’d had. I remembered how hard it was to walk, how I kept stumbling around until Yamato finally said it was time to go home. I remembered how when he’d tried to drop me off at my dorm, I’d pulled him inside, giggling. I remembered how he’d tumbled after me, onto the bed, both of our breaths reeking of alcohol. Of course the one thing we didn’t remember was a condom.

               If it had seemed awkward before, this sure wasn’t going to make anything easier. I steeled myself, with a few deep breaths, before crumpling up the instructions and throwing them and the faintly, but surely, double-lined test away. I found myself moving without thinking, packing my books, fixing my hair, and walking to class in a daze.

               I saw his hair from the back, the tousled auburn hair that I’d remembered running my fingers through as I cried his name. Oh God, I caught myself, and exhaled, trying to calm myself down, Stop it, don’t think about that now.

               “Hey,” Yamato had turned and seen me standing, frozen while my thoughts ran wild. He smirked, and pulled my chair out for me, “You just gonna stand there?”

               I quickly threw my stuff on the table and sat down. He seems normal, do I seem normal? I felt my cheeks growing hot for some reason. Why? It’s not like there’s a reason for me to feel this way? We’d acted the same as we always did after that night, maybe hung out a few times more just the two of us, maybe he’d been a little nicer to me, but it wasn’t as if he’d asked me out or there had been a repeat occurrence.

               ”You okay?” He peered at me, with his eyebrows raised, “You look kinda green.”

               I nodded, but now that he mentioned it I did feel a little sick. My fingers tugged at the collar of my shirt uncomfortably. Do I have to tell him? I hadn’t given myself the chance to think about it since I found out, We aren’t dating, it was just one time— And I don’t know what I’m going to do about this yet. I suddenly wished I’d given myself more time to think before I’d just gone to class like I normally did. The more I worried, I felt my stomach twisting into knots.


               I turned to look up at Yamato, who looked genuinely concerned now, as he rested his hand on my shoulder. I need to tell him, I thought, as I looked at his eyes, It is his— Just as I took a breath to ask when I could talk to him, I felt a pang run through my stomach. My hand flew to my mouth and I swallowed.

               ”Excuse me—” I barely managed to gasp before jumping from my seat and running out of the room.

               ”Wait!” Yamato called after me, surprised.

               I didn’t stop, as I hurried out of the class. Not here, not here, I forced myself to choke back the rising vomit until I reached the ladies room. I could hear Yamato chasing me but didn’t turn around, too afraid that I’d puke in front of, or God forbid, on him.

               After I came out of the restroom, with my stomach empty, and mouth repeatedly rinsed, I saw Yamato with his arms crossed, head down, leaning against the wall in front of me. The door swung shut behind me and Yamato’s head jerked up. He looked me square in the face and stared me down.

               I waited for him to say something, but he didn’t. Please, don’t just stare at me, I pleaded silently, unable to take the intense glare that Yamato was giving me. Averting my eyes, I bit my lip. My heart raced, Not now, I can’t take this now.

               “Why won’t you look at me?”

               I just kept staring at my feet, “I don’t know what—”

               “You haven’t looked at me since I said hello,” Yamato took a step towards me, “And you just ran out of there so fast, and you’re not going to tell me what’s going on?”

               I flinched as Yamato took another step, close enough now that his 6 feet height was getting intimidating as he looked down at me, “Please, Yamato I can’t do this today—”

               “Can’t do what?”

               I didn’t respond.

               ”Can’t do what?”

               He grabbed my wrist and I clenched my fingers into a fist, “Don’t do this right now!” I protested, “Don’t pretend like you give a damn when you just went back to normal after that night.”

               “Are you talking about—”

               “How could you do that?!” I cried, all the pent-up irritation flowing out at once, “How could you just pretend like nothing happened? Like nothing had changed?”

               Yamato’s eyes were wide now, as he let go of my wrist, “______, I don’t—”

               “What am I supposed to do now?!” My voice cracked as hot tears welled up in my eyes, “How am I supposed to know what to do—or what you—”

               I fell silent as Yamato wrapped me up in his arms. He cut me off, pulling me into his chest. Quietly, he sighed, and I felt his hot breath wash over my ear.

               ”I’m sorry, I didn’t know—” Yamato whispered, “I didn’t realize you thought that too.”

               With his words, my heart ached, I knew that a few days ago I’d have been so happy, maybe it could have meant more.

               I squeezed my eyes shut, and prepared for what I knew I had to do, “I wish you’d said that a day ago, but now—” I couldn’t say anymore, the words caught in my throat. Can I really do this? My heart raced and I stayed hugging Yamato, unable to let him see my face as I told him.

               “What do you mean, ‘now’?” Yamato stiffened, and then pulled away from me, “Have you moved on? Do you…” A flicker of hurt or anger flashed across his face.

               “God, no!” I denied it loudly, “Yamato I—” I sighed, Do it, I told myself, “I’m pregnant.”

               A moment of complete stillness passed. Neither of us breathed. The moment stretched into an eternity, feeling as if everything around me had completely frozen, including Yamato. I watched him, afraid to see his reaction, and yet needing it. His face changed slowly, unsurely. Was it horror? Fear? Regret? I couldn’t tell. Yamato’s eyes stared straight into mine for a second, and I could see the turmoil behind them, although he struggled to keep his face neutral.

               What have I done? I thought, overwhelmed with regret that I said anything. I broke eye-contact with Yamato, but felt his arms around me again, gentler this time. I felt his shaking hand patting my hair. The tears that had been building spilled over, trailing down my cheeks as Yamato let out a heavy, shaky sigh, and hugged me tighter.


               This was weird. I couldn’t keep myself from feeling the awkwardness of it all overwhelm me. It seemed like something straight out of one of Saeki’s dramas, except by now the heroine would have had some totally cheesy incident and ended up in the hospital, and then of course, the dramatic reveal. What was with that anyways? Did the heroine not notice having unprotected sex? Did she not notice her missing period? Did she not notice the constant nausea? Or how even simple tasks like walking up the stairs left her completely exhausted?

               I noticed them all. I noticed that Saeki was too drunk to put a condom on right, and that I was too wasted to care. I noticed two weeks later when Aunt Flo didn’t show up. And how could I not notice the nausea or fatigue? I knew even before I took the test, the signs were just too obvious, and yet I had to see it, assure myself that I wasn’t just imagining the symptoms.

               Well congratulations me, you weren’t.

               The whole thing was infuriating, in fact, everything was. I felt so angry, so frustrated, and I wished so desperately to go back in time and just punch myself in the face. Not that I’d regretted being with Saeki. No, no, definitely not. Every time I thought of him, the way he’d kissed me so tenderly, I couldn’t help but smile. We’d been just friends for so long, I’d gotten so sure he’d never return my affections.

It’s your fault, I reminded myself, remembering the way I’d freaked out, yelling about what a mistake I’d made, before throwing on my clothes and running out of his apartment first thing in the morning.

               And thanks to that, we’re the same as before, just friends— hurray, I thought sarcastically, as I walked to Saeki’s apartment. I went over to see him every once in a while, or we met for coffee, but we hadn’t talked about the night we’d spent together, or what I’d done the next morning.

               I sighed, as I looked up at the daunting flight of stairs that lead to Saeki’s place. I used to be able to climb up them with such ease, but now my legs felt so sore just walking slowly. I gripped the handrail as I trudged up the steps at a snail-worthy pace.

               “You doing all right down there?”

               I looked up towards Saeki’s voice, and sure enough, he was leaning over the balcony, grinning down at me with a Cheshire smile across his face. He looked so happy now. His face from that morning flashed in my mind, the hurt that he hid so quickly. I pushed the thoughts out of my mind, and hurried up the rest of the stairs.

               ”What are we watching today?” I asked after we both sat on the couch in front of Saeki’s TV.

               ”Tokyo Travesty Love.”

               ”It sounds terrible already.”

               Saeki smirked, before starting the episode, “You say that now, but I’ve heard that girls eat this stuff up.”

               ”Why do you want to be in this industry again?” I asked.

               Saeki smiled at me, but didn’t answer. The episode started, and he wrapped his arm around my shoulders. I let him, this was how we always watched dramas. I knew it was just an empty gesture, but I felt my heart pounding, and resisted the desire to snuggle into him.

               Oh God this is so heartbreaking, I tried to hold back my tears, but could feel them starting to fill my eyes. “Tokyo Travesty Love” was just as horrible as I thought, with sub-par acting, and complete over-dramatization of everything, so why did I feel this way?

               Suddenly, the TV went black.

               ”W-what?” I sniffled, and turned to look at Saeki.

               Saeki was still pointing the remote at the TV, his thumb pressed firmly into the power button when he turned to face me.

               ”Why’d you turn it off?” I could feel my heart racing as my emotions continued to soar, “T-they were about to confess their love for each other I know they were! It doesn’t matter if she says she’s leaving she’s going to go back right?!”

               ”Honey, why are you letting this show upset you?”

               I sniffed again and dodged Saeki’s hand when he reached forward to wipe my tears away, “I’m not letting it upset me! How come you’re not upset? They’re going to be with each other!” I declared firmly, as I reached over Saeki, trying to wrestle the remote out of his hands.

               ”_____, I’m not turning it back on!” He struggled to hold the remote out of my grasp, “I don’t want to watch something that makes you cry.”

               ”Don’t you care if they never get together?!” I nearly shouted, climbing on my hands and knees after the remote that Saeki was dangling just out-of-reach, “When they love each other so much?”

               Just as my fingers finally brushed the remote, Saeki chucked it across the room and it hit the floor, the back of the remote breaking open. I froze, paralyzed as I watched the batteries start to roll across the floor slowly.

               ”Honey,” Saeki slowly rested his hands on my shoulders, and guided me back down to sitting normally on the couch.

               I just stared blankly at the broken remote, unable to protest or move. I can feel the waves of emotions crashing inside of me. My thoughts kept dashing from the show, to the broken remote, to my mistake of walking out on Saeki that morning. I can’t fix it now, I thought, I can’t fix the remote, and I can’t fix what I did to Saeki.

               I couldn’t hold it back anymore, and started to sob, with my face buried into my hands.

               “It’s just a show honey!” Saeki said, concerned, as he started rubbing my back, “It’s just a stupid drama, it’s not real!”

               ”B-But I can’t fix it—” I blubbered, unable to stop myself, “I just— I did what she did—”

               Saeki’s hand froze.

               I waited for him to say something, I wanted him to say something, but he didn’t. As I turned, to see what expression his face was making, I was suddenly wrapped in his warm arms.

               ”I’m sorry, honey,” Saeki’s low voice tickled my ear, “I shouldn’t have been so pushy that night, I didn’t realize you’d regret it so much—”

               ”You think I regret it?” I suddenly felt anger stir in the pit of my stomach and I tried to push out of Saeki’s arms.

               Saeki’s brown eyes were wide when I pulled back and could see his face, “You don’t?”

               ”I regret—” I sighed shakily, as my voice cracked. This is my chance, I thought, trying to steady myself for the word’s I’d practiced saying mentally so many times. “I regret saying that you were a mistake.”

               There was a moment of silence, as I watched Saeki’s expression morph from confusion into hope. My heart began to ache as I looked at his eyes sparkle happily. God, I’d give anything to be able to just stop it right here, I thought, feeling the hot tears flooding my eyes yet again, I’d give anything to not have to say what comes next.

               As Saeki saw the tears begin to run down my cheeks his smile vanished in an instant, “Honey, what’s the matter? Why are you still crying?”

               “I’m pregnant, Takamasa.”

               The words seemed too loud in Saeki’s dead-silent apartment. They rang in my ears, echoing, and I cringed. I didn’t want to see his face, I was afraid of what I might see. My eyes were unable to leave his however; even as I watched the light in them fall, fall, fall, and then vanish. It was the worst thing I could have imagined, and felt my lip begin to quiver. Takamasa—

               I felt a warm hand against my cheek, and looked back up at Saeki. He started to mouth something, but stopped, and forced a smile instead. His thumb brushed across my cheek, wiping away the tear tracks, before he nodded slowly, and drew me into his arms.

               I never meant to hurt you, I thought as I hugged him tightly, pressing my arms into the back of his white shirt. I never wanted to see that light leave your eyes. It was the light in his eyes that I’d always loved so much, that glimmering enthusiasm and excitement; and now I’d taken that away. I’m so sorry Takamasa—


I had no Idea this request would be so long when I started writing it but phew. 

The Hug Attack

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Reader is badly injured on a hunt which leaded to a fight between them and Dean. Reader leaves and goes to hang out with Bobby to get a break from the boys. Lots of fluff at the end!!!!


The loud bang of guns filled the room. You were thankful for the earmuffs that helped to muffle the sound as you reloaded your gun. Trying to ignore the pain in your bandaged side.

When you had shown up on Bobby’s doorstep with watery eyes and red puffy cheeks, his first response was to chug some whiskey. You got him to settle for a few beers and take you to the shooting range.

It was something Bobby would always do for you when you were younger and got upset (though you would get a milkshake instead of a beer). Which would be quite often since your father would leave you with Bobby while he went on hunts. In fact, you’d say Bobby did a better job of raising you than your old man did.

Bobby set down his gun and took off the earmuffs. “You ready to talk about it now?” He asked. You sighed and set down your own equipment.

"I got injured during a hunt”


"Bad enough for Dean to have a fit about it” you answered. You and the older Winchester had known each other most of your lives. And had been together for almost two years.

"I mean, you’d think after years of hunting together he’d trust me a little, but no! Get scratched by a vampire one time and he wants me to take it easy, stick with researching for a while!” Bobby shook his head in response.

"You’ve had this fight before. So why did it end with you in front of my door instead of doing things with that boy that I would shoot him for if I didn’t care about him so damn much” Bobby’s words made you smile. A little bit.

"He asked me stop hunting” you answered. Bobby froze and just stared at you. His expression was similar to yours when Dean had first said this. Though yours was filled with more anger than surprise.

"He asked you to do what?!?”

"I know! It’s ridiculous! What does he expect? That I’ll be a good little house wife who bakes him pie and waits at home for him? No!”

"Y/n, you know I love you both, but he’s being a dumbass if he thinks you’re going to stop hunting just cause you got a little scratch” Bobby stated.

"I completely agree Bobby”

You whirled around to see Dean standing there. His hands full off with a bouquet of black roses (you always thought they were under appreciated), case of your favorite brand of beer, and even a pie.

"I’m getting out of here before you two get all mushy” Bobby grunted before leaving the room. You crossed your arms and tried to keep a straight face.

"Y/n, I didn’t mean anything I said”

"Didn’t seem that way the other night” You responded. You could remember every word he said that night perfectly.

"I was scared! I do stupid things when I’m scared, you know that!” Dean set the stuff down on a table as he spoke.

"What could possibly scare you so much that you would want me out of the game!?!”

"Loosing you!” He shouted. “I mean, it’s not like the vampire just nicked you, no! He tore up your whole side! I thought you were going to bleed out!” Dean was standing close to you now. You reached and ran your fingers through his hair, his bright green eyes starring at you.

"You don’t think I get scared too? That every time your injured I think of the the thousands of ways we could die? But I don’t let the fear run my life Dean! I trust you to take care of yourself, and you have me, Sam, and Cas watching your back. Same way I have you guys” you reassured. Dean sighed and hung his head.

"I know, and I’m sorry Y/N, I really am. Will you please come back?”

"I don’t know Dean” you muttered. Dean looked up at you in shock. “I mean, if we’re gonna fight about every hunt, and this isn’t the only stuff we keep fighting about. Maybe-” you let out a gasp as Dean wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into a bone crushing hug. “Dean-what-what are you doing?” You managed out.

"I am not letting you go! Ever! I won’t ever loose you!” He exclaimed, sounding like a child who wasn’t getting his way.

"Dean this is ridiculous!”

"Say you’ll stay and I’ll release you”

"Dean!” You whined.

"Y/N” Dean shot back, mimicking your tone. You groaned in frustration.

"Okay fine! I’ll stay!” You exclaimed. Dean released you and smiled at you in victory.

"Wonderful! Now can we seal the deal by having the sex?“

"The sex? You’ve been spending way to much time with Sam” You said failing to hold back youth laughter. You let out a squeal as Dean threw you over his shoulder.

"Dean put me down!”

"Nope! We’re about to cross having sex in the storage closet of a shooting range off the list!” He exclaimed happily. You couldn’t help but giggle.


Request: Can you write an imagine where the girl is close to Robbie and when he finds out she was attacked by another guy, he comforts her?


You and Robbie had been best friends since you could remember. Your families were close growing up, and you guys had been inseparable since you were four years old.

You grew up together, attended school together, and basically were there for each other through everything.

You were now both in your third year of college, both attending different schools in California. You lived next door to him in an apartment, still as close as ever, but lately you felt drifted apart from him.

You had a new boyfriend, which you enjoyed, but Robbie didn’t. He was extremely protective of you, so you didn’t like introducing him to the guy’s you went out with.

Your boyfriend, (y/BF’S/n) insisted on meeting Robbie though, since he was your best friend.

They met once, it was fine, apart from being a tad awkward, everything went well.

Robbie didn’t feel the same though.
You could remember the night and his words perfectly.

“Y/N I really don’t like him. He gives me an odd vibe.” He said.

“You say that about all my boyfriends.” You nagged.

“That’s because no one is good enough for you.” He defended.

You had rolled your eyes at his comment.
“I’ve never complained about any of your girlfriends!” You replied.

“That’s because I’ve never had a girlfriend, ya nut.” He joked.

It was true though. Robbie had been so focused on your friendship and school while growing up, he never really settled down with a girl. You hadn’t thought about it really.

Weeks later, you still thought about this conversation as you avoided Robbie. You didn’t want him to be upset, or mad. He loved being right, and you didn’t want him to get angry at you.

Your boyfriend had punched you, hard. Leaving a you with a black eye.

It happened the other day. He had always been aggressive, but never violent. However, you were fighting about Robbie. He said you had spent too much time with him, and you defended. Which left you black and blue.

He had scolded you for talking back, then kicked you out of his house.

You were so frightened and confused on what to do.

So now you were stuck in your apartment, skipping classes and ignoring Robbie’s calls.

“Y/N!” You heard Robbie yell, as he knocked on your apartment.

“Please talk to me! Are you okay!? You’ve been ignoring me. I’m scared. Are you alright!?” He begged, banging on the door.

“I know you’re home! Your lights are on!” He added.

You stayed silent, tears trickling down your face.

“Y/N!” He called again.

Suddenly you heard a large banging noise from your kitchen. You ran into the living room only to see that Robbie had kicked your door open.

You turned around once you saw his face.

“Y/N what’s going on?” He said, coming over to you.

You still had your back to him, but he grabbed your arm.

“Something happened.” He whispered, hugging you from behind.

After being in his embrace for a good minute, he turned you around, putting your hair behind you ear. He looked at your face.

“What the bloody hell!” He said loudly, causing you to flinch.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” He whispered, tracing his fingers on your bruise.

“He did this to you?” He questioned, but it sounded more like a statement.

You nodded your head as you began to cry, tears streaming down your face quickly now.

“Oh my god y/n .” He said, embracing you again.

“You do not deserve this.” He added, petting your hair.

“Are you okay? Did he do anything else?” He asked, grabbing your shoulders in order to look deep in your eyes.

“No. He just has a bad temper and Robbie, I’m so scared. I need to end things with him.” You cried out, looking down at the floor.

“Hey, hey, y/n, look at me.” He said, grabbing your chin and made you face upwards.

You looked up at him with wide eyes, tears still threatening to fall.

“Come ere.” He said, grabbing your hand and guiding you to your bed room.

He laid you down in your bed, and then laid down next to you.

“Don’t be afraid. I’ll protect you.” He said.

“I’ll go talk to him tomorrow for you. If he does anything, I’ll call the cops.” He added, facing you in your bed.

“Thanks Robbie.” You smiled lightly.

“Anything for you. I love you y/n.” He smiled, then leaned in and kissed your forehead.

“I love you too.”

“Friends” (Luke Hemmings)

requested: yes

warnings: smut and some swearing

word count: 5,306

Summary: You and Luke have been friends since forever, but people constantly mistaking you for a couple drew you apart. But what happens when one day you and Luke stumble upon each other? Well, things get quite messy and complicated.

I am literally the worst ar summaries lol

inspired by this post

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Song Preference: Crazy - Shawn Mendes

requested: yes

word count: 1030

pairing: Shawn/reader

summary: This imagine is based off the song Crazy by a Shawn Mendes listen to it here.

writer: ellie


It’s funny because there is a point in your life when you say “fuck love.” You try so hard to convince yourself that you don’t need it, but then this person comes along and shakes your whole damn world off. In my case, that person was (Y/N). God, did she make me feel al warm and tingly.

After I broke up with my last girlfriend, I decided to give up on dating as long as I had this whole touring thing going on. I regretted not listening to everyone who told me I was too young to date, because maybe 16 WAS too young to date.

For the following three years after that, I kept the idea that I didn’t need any girls to be happy, but then a cold Wednesday night (I remember it perfectly) I found a girl sitting on the beach. I was walking around town to clear my mind from all the stress, and I noticed her hugging her knees and looking at the ocean, which at the time looked jet black.

I could hear the loud music blaring through her earphones. I didn’t recognize the song then, but now I know it’s her favorite one. She must’ve felt me looking at her because her head turned around and smiled as she noticed me.

“Shawn Mendes?” she asked. I smiled back and responded.


She acted so calm. Most girls just claw my face when they recognize me, but not this one.

After about seven months of being a little more than friends but a little less than boyfriend and girlfriend, we had a terrible fight. I don’t want to recall why we started fighting, but it involved her saying she had been waiting for me to do something about us and me telling her that I didn’t need her. After that she stopped talking to me and I had stopped caring about anything.

I was so used of her staying over at mine just because we would have this long ass movie nights where she fell asleep on top of me. I was used to her staying over just because she felt like sleeping next to me. There was never a time where I felt like not sleeping next to her.

Time didn’t exists when I was with her either. When I looked into her eyes it felt like hours even though they were seconds, and when we were joking around, chasing each other, or cuddling, it felt like minutes even thought they were hours.

The following weeks were just a mess. I was always thinking of her. During family meals, during concerts, during interviews. And let’s not even get into when I was home.

Tonight, a cold Wednesday, I’m laying on my bed having trouble sleeping because she is not next to me. It just doesn’t feel right.

I turn my body to the right to check the clock on my nightstand. 1:38.

I check my phone to see if I have any notifications. Only e-mails.

I roll around my bed with my earphones on trying to go to sleep. In one of my attempts to get comfortable, I roll off my bed and fall to the floor.

I sigh in anger and suddenly start crying.  

“Shit.” I whisper to myself. It is so pathetic. I am literally sitting on the floor of my room crying about a girl. After a while when I had calmed down, I raise my head to look at the clock again.


I finally decide to get up, but not to go back to my bed. I slide a pair of jeans on and put a black shirt on to go to (Y/N)’s house.

I make sure to lock my house before leaving and start walking along. It takes me ten minutes to get to her house. I normally wouldn’t ring the doorbell because I knew I was welcome in anytime, but this time I did because I know she hates me.

It takes her a couple of  minutes to get to the door. A rush of excitement goes through me when I hear the keys of the door. The knob turns and (Y/N) appears at her doorframe.

She is wearing pajama pants and a loose shirt. Her hair is all messed up and her face is clean of make up. She’s not wearing socks or shoes and she blinks repeatedly as she rubs her eyes. She stops when she notices me. Her eyes suddenly grow wide and her mouth opens just a bit.

“(Y/N), I’m sorry.” I say.

“Are you drunk?” (Y/N) says in a low voice that proves that she was asleep.

“What?” I ask.

“Your eyes are red.”

“They are.” I say as a statement. “You know why?”

She stays silent.

“Because for the past two months I haven’t been able to sleep at all. I haven’t left the house because the sun annoys me. I’ve been crying a whole lot because of you.” I let out.

(Y/N) stays silent and looks at her feet, which are mostly covered by her pants.

“It turns out I do need you, (Y/N), I need you so bad.” I say. “Do have no idea how boring my life is without you. I don’t know how I used to live without you before meeting you, I really don’t.”

She chuckles, letting me wee that beautiful smile of hers.

“I’m sorry.” I finish.

(Y/N) gives a little step forward and looks up at me smiling. “Turns out that no one can replace me, huh?”

I laugh, noticing her reference to my song.

“No one.” I tell her.

“You’re forgiven.” (Y/N) says. I smile as wide as my mouths lets me. “I think it’s like three in the morning, Shawn.”

“Sorry, I just couldn’t sleep.”

“Do you wanna stay maybe?” she smirks.

“Do you want to be my girlfriend maybe?” I question.

She raises her eyebrows and nods after a few seconds.

“It took you a while.” she tells me.

“I know, I’m sorry.” I say getting closer. “But you won’t have to wait no more for me.”


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I met this gem exactly 14 months ago today on 05.09.15. We had been texting for a couple days and I courageously invited him to meet me for the first time at VGBG. For those who don’t know, it’s a German bar close to uptown Charlotte within walking distance to the NC Music Factory. It was my coworker Joanne’s birthday that night. It was around 11PM and I remember that moment perfectly. I had a wine glass in my left hand and a wine bottle in my right. We locked eyes for the first time and it’s as if the world stopped for a split second at that very moment (it’s cheesy, I know). I walked up to him and hugged him (too tight I think… I blame the wine)! I think he wasn’t expecting that. I introduced him to all my friends; he was pretty shy, I could tell and it was so cute. I asked him if he wanted a drink, he said, “yeah!” I got him his long island iced tea (ha gay!) and as we were coming back from inside, before we could approach everyone on the patio, he stopped me and said, “I’d like to meet your friends, but is there someplace you and I could go and sit and just .. talk, you and I?” I lit up inside and I knew at that very moment that he was different than from any guy I had met. I agreed and we sat at a picnic table at a short distance from where everyone else was. Time flew by as we got to know each other that night; three hours passed by so quickly! We were so deep into our conversation with getting to know each other that my friends has to remind me at 2:00am that they existed. It was time to go home. So we wrapped up and he asked me to walk him to his car. As we got there said our goodbyes, out of nowhere, he pulls me in and kisses me on the lips! It was so unexpected, it was so quick! I said goodbye with a smile and closed the door behind him. The night was perfect. He was perfect and from that very moment, I knew that this would the beginning of something…perfect! 💙💛


I met this gem exactly 14 months ago today on 05.09.15, we had been texting for a couple days. I courageously invited him to meet me for the first time at VGGB, for those who don’t know, it’s a German bar in Charlotte, nestled within the NC Music Factory; It was my coworker Joanne’s birthday that night. It was 11:02pm, I remember that moment perfectly, I, with a wine glass in my left hand and a wine bottle in my right hand, locked eyes with him for the first time, it’s cheesy, but it’s as if the world stopped for a split second at that very moment as my eyes laid on him for the first time! I ran up to him, calmly, and not only did I say ‘Hiiiii’, I hugged him too (too tight I think, I blame the wine)! I think he wasn’t expecting that. I introduced him to all my friends, he was pretty shy, I could tell and it was so cute. I asked him if he wanted a drink, he said 'Yeah!’, so we did just that and got him a drink by proceeding to go inside as we were on the outside patio. He got a beer I think. Coming back from inside, before we could approach everyone on the patio, he stopped me, he got close and said, “I’d like to meet your friends, but is there someplace you and I could go and sit and just .. talk, you and I?” I lit up inside of so much happiness as soon as he said that to me and I knew deep down at that very moment that he was different than from any guy I had met up to that point. I agreed and we sat at a picnic table not far from my friends, but far enough in a corner. Time flew by as we got to know each other that night, three hours passed by so quickly! We were so deep into our conversation and getting to know each other that it took my friends as a reminder that it was already 2:00am. It was time to go home they said, he had to work the next day too. We wrapped up he asked me to walk him to his car, and as we got there and as we said our goodbyes, out of nowhere, he pulls me in and kisses me on the lips! It was so unexpected, it was so quick! I said goodbye with a smile and closed the door behind him. The night was perfect. He was perfect and from that very moment, I knew that this would the beginning of something.. perfect! 💙💛

i remember the quiet spring evening i realized you were special to me. i was shopping for clothes with my mom at the mall when a text from you lit up my screen and I remember feeling such full joy that I could never let you go. a few weeks later, I remember asking my friend if you liked me back, and I remember the disbelief when he told me you did. i didn’t believe him. I had to ask you in person.

I remember how you healed me from him by filling every hole he hadn’t filled with quiet “I love you"s and long hugs and the day you said you were mine made my heart swell. the day I finally told you everything about me may have been one of the hardest days of my life, because I was afraid to lose you. you knew me and you stayed. I remember the shock and denial that you may actually love me, and I remember you saying you didn’t. I remember the night I called my friend and she simply didn’t speak because I was sobbing so loudly. I just needed someone to be there. I needed you to be there. you weren’t. I remember talking to you the next day. I remember when we got on a ride at six flags with an overly affectionate couple and I almost held your hand. I didn’t. I remember the day I fell asleep on your shoulder at the movies and how I don’t even remember what the movie was about but I remember feeling so safe and complete. i remember the first time you held my hand when we were sitting in a practice room at school and I was crying so hard because I blamed myself for everything. I remember when you held me close every minute we were alone. I remember how you held my hand under the table, and I remember when you said our hands fit perfectly together. I remember the long late night texts that meant so much, and the day you said you were in love with me. I knew then and I still know now that if in twenty years I don’t wake up next to you a part of my heart will be somewhere else. I remember the day you said you didn’t love me anymore. you just got tired of me. I remember you wanting to be my friend, and then insulting me and leaving me here alone. I remember it all, dear. there is so much I remember and so much I would change.

my advice? say I love you. say it again. buy her flowers, compliment her hair. tell her to have sweet dreams, but never tell her something you don’t mean. brag about her to your friends. hold her hand in public. never let her question your affection. don’t just love her halfway. don’t take her for granted. if she loves you, don’t hurt her. god, please love her fully. even though i will envy her, please love her with all you have.

—  i remember it all // you said you wouldn’t leave me
A horrible gift

It all began with a stupid ouija board.

I was 7 years old and I was hanging out with my 15 year old cousin.
She had suggested that we should try and talk to “spirits”.
Me being the follower I am, I decided to go along with it.
I still regret it today.

Nothing happened when we tried to contact the dead, so I contiuned with living my young life.

Until I could feel how people died.


I was sitting in my bed at night reading a story on my laptop, when I began to feel my fingers freeze up.
I thought nothing of it since I am always cold, but it began to linger.
Then my nose felt cold, then my lips, my whole body began freezing.
I pulled the blanket over me and tried to sleep.
It failed miserably.

I sat awake and stared into my dimly lit room.
I felt my lungs give out, causing me to pass out.

I don’t remember the rest of the night.


I woke up the next morning perfectly normal.
No cold, no passing out, nothing.
I walked out to my living room and turned on the television.
It was on the news channel.

I began making some cereal when the news reporter had started speaking.

“A man of 32 years of age has been reported dead as of last night. He had been locked in the freezer of a butcher shop he was currently working at. His fingers had been cut off and blackned. And now, onto the weather…”

I had froze in my tracks.


Since then, I have been able to feel spirits’ presence.

I’ve been able to feel their pain, sorrow, joy, whatever they share with me.

Recently, I had the stongest connection yet.

It terrified me.


My parents had been gone for a while, and I was chilling in the living room watching television once again.

Everything was normal, until I heard a tapping noise.
It echoed in my eardrums.
I decided to ignore it.
I got up to change the air conditioner, when I felt something watching me.

I looked over my shoulder and saw a black figure sitting on my bed.

It chuckled at my realization.

It had whispered a small word, that would normally not mean anything, but it had stuck to me and it still pains me to think about it.


Then it slammed my door impossibly loud.

I still don’t know what or who I saw.

But I still hear it’s voice at night.

Telling me to go.

It follows me. I can feel it everywhere I go.

And I’m afraid it’s going to grow more powerful than it already is.

I’m scared it will attack me one day.

Possibly kill me.

And it knows.

1. Did you bring your umbrella? The weather forecast says there’s 90% chance of rainfall.

2. I found the anthology of poems that you’ve been looking for in the bookstore in front of our old apartment.

3. I still keep the spare key under the pot of forlorn looking plant outside the door.

4. It has been a habit of mine to sleep at four in the morning just in case the phone would ring and it’s you on the other line.

5. Your name is still tucked between my poems.

6. The moon still whispers my name at 9:48 PM.

7. I stopped drinking coffee when the clock strikes twelve.

8. Please don’t drive when you’re too drunk. Have someone sober drive you home. Better yet, don’t let the alcohol take control of your better judgement.

9. My journal aches without the ghost of your entirety lingering in it.

10. Love, I found your old university shirt in the depth of my closet. It still fits me perfectly and I remember how you held me that night when I had a breakdown.

11. Instead of a pencil in between my fingers, I replaced it with a cigarette. Once. I ended up coughing so much that I started to think how you were able to withstand smoking five sticks per day.

12. I’m still waiting.

—  this is how i say ‘i miss you’ | mediwriter
Is this the end?  Part 1

AN: So this is a Sammy imagine. This first part is kind of short but I’ll be posting the next part in a couple of days. Also thank you to wilkinsonsprincess for helping edit this (you guys should go follow her!) (Trigger warning: This does involve some depression, more in the other parts than this one. If you are dealing with depression and need anyone to talk to feel free to message me or wilkinsonsprincess because we’re here for you) Anyways hope you guys like it!!

I still lay on his side of the bed every night. Trying to take in every scent of him that he left behind, but slowly he’s fading. His spot is going from the shape of his body to mine. All I ever wear anymore is his clothes. I’ll wear one shirt over and over until all of his touch is gone.

 I can’t leave the house. I can’t face the world. I don’t know how I’m going to continue with my life without him. He was my everything, the love of my life. There’s no one who could ever replace him.

People tell me to let go, move on, that there’s other fish in the sea. But I can’t. I can’t imagine being happy without him. I pity myself for thinking this way but he was the one who held me together. He made sure my pieces didn’t fall apart. He made sure I laughed when I wanted to cry. He made sure to give me everything I needed. 

I know that people say that you shouldn’t depend on other people making you happy but he did, he made me happy. He loved me the way no one else ever could. He showed me how to let people in and never left when things got tough. 

When there were days I wouldn’t see him, he would call me when he knew I couldn’t answer just so he could leave a voicemail as long as the message limit. I still have them all saved. I spend days just sitting replaying those messages over and over again just to hear his voice one last time. 

The real truth is he did leave when things got tough. Even though he promised he never would.

He still did.

I still remember the night perfectly. 

“What do you think y/n? Things are never going to get better. All we’ve been doing the past two months is fighting. I’m sick of it.” 

His voice had rose and shaken the house with its echo. 

“Sammy, we’ve made it this far. We can get through this. We just have to work harder!” 

Pleading was all I was good at,

“NO! NO Y/N. I can’t take it anymore. This is just-” he motions between us. “I just.. Can’t.”

He walked over to the side table by the door grabbing his wallet and keys. 

“WAIT SAMMY! Where are you going?”

“I don’t know…I just need to get out.”

The thought of running after someone you love had absolutely crossed my mind but it was clear he had made his up. That was the last time I saw him.