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Adrien the Old-School Nerd

So, it turns out anime isn’t the only visual media Adrien draws inspiration from.  Remember this dance from Rogercop?

I thought it looked familiar…

  • Chat Noir: Something about Paris makes me wanna dance 
  • Fred Astaire: Yeah SAME (Top Hat, 1935)

I remembered that the penumbra podcast comes back from hiatus soon and I’m so excited. All my podcasts went on hiatus and I fell back into anime hell without them to guide me

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  • Nickname: Babi, Babs, Bibi, Talara, also some stupid nicknames from inside jokes with my friends such as well of deception (poço de decepção) and unbearable heat (calor insuportável)
  • Star sign: capricorn 
  • Height: probably around 162cm
  • Time right now: 18:44
  • Favorite music artist(s): bts, svt, exo, jake bugg, aoa, bigbang
  • Last movie I watched: kimi no na wa
  • Last tv show watched: goblin
  • What are you wearing right now?: red shirt with grey pajama shorts with tiny animal paws on it
  • When did you make your blog?: i don’t remember the day but it was in 2012 
  • What kind of stuff do you post: anime, kpop, memes, aesthetic shit, art 
  • Do you have any other blogs?: yas, @kingdom-of-magi and @talaradraws
  • Do you get asks regularly?: sometimes?? i guess??
  • Why did you choose your URL?: back then when i decided to read the tokyo ghoul manga, my friend and i were making jokes about kirishima ayato’s name and bunnies. so. kiribunny. yas.
  • Gender: lady 
  • Hogwarts house: ravenclaw caw caw
  • Pokemon team: instinct 
  • Favorite color: pastel pink and black. also orange.
  • Average hours of sleep:
  • Lucky numbers: 4… maybe 7 too?
  • Favorite characters: kim yeol, okumura rin, mikasa ackerman, seo ha joon, kageyama tobio, kozume kenma, kuroo tetsurou, bokuto koutarou, kirishima ayato, mado akira
  • How many blankets do you sleep with?: 1 or 2
  • Dream job: listen. i. have no idea. i just. can i be a dragon or

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/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ Would you like to make a contract with me?

This is from that one magical girl anime right? I don’t remember the name but I’m like 80% sure that the contract thing is a bad idea. Which means I’d love to make a contract please and thank you

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nickname: Erio, from my username ^_^
zodiac sign: Gemini
height: 166 cm
last thing you googled: right hand rule … i’m struggling in physics someone help me
favorite music artist: I mainly listen to anime music but somone got me into kpop and so far I like BTS and BlackPink
song stuck in my head: Los!Los!Los! (Youjo Senki ED song)
last movie you watched: I don’t remember sorry … might have been Confessions (2010) since I read the book like two months ago
what are you wearing right now: jeans + t shirt + red hoodie from middle school
what do you post: mostly anime and my artwork 
why did you choose your url: my chemistry textbook had this chart full of pH indicators and Eriochrome Black T had the prettiest gradient imo
do you have any other blogs: uhh I have a sketch blog that I post really bad sketches in, it’s pretty dead lol
what did your past relationship teach you: sometimes you’re the only one invested in a relationship, and its not fun trying to carry everything by yourself…
religious or spiritual: spiritual i think?
favorite color: black
average hours of sleep: 7
lucky number: 7, 13, 27, 34
favorite character: HIJIKATA TOSHIRO FROM GINTAMA always 100%
how many blankets do you sleep with: 2
dream job: getting paid to draw whatever I want _(:3」∠)_
last tv show i watched: oh jesus I don’t really watch TV shows
when i created this blog: March 2016, although I didn’t start using it until 2 months later
do i get asks regularly: hahaha I’ve never received any asks before :’) please come talk to me
hogwarts house: thought I was a Ravenclaw but apparently I’m a Gryffindor
pokemon team: Mystic
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Wait, people seriously doubt the assumption that Victor can’t speak Japanese?

Honestly, I’m baffled that people find it so hard to believe the likely possibility that a Russian man who had never ever anything to do with Japan can’t speak the language.

But alright, if you’re one of those people (or if you just want to read a detailed explanation supported by scenes from the anime), let this be a “Victor and Yuuri actually communicate in English” Masterpost.

Hopefully by the end, we’ll all be able to laugh at this scene. (And maybe even stop rejecting the one logical and realistic aspect of you know, communication between people from different countries.)

I shall see you under the cut.

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From Russia with love

No, I don’t think you quite understand. What’s just happened in Yuri On Ice is SO BIG. I’m gonna try to explain how much it means to me as a gay Russian woman (and figure skating fan) in her late twenties, and how important this anime is going to be to Russian LGBT community.

Let’s start with figure skating: just a few years ago, this sport used to be such a huge deal in Russia. Back when I was in colledge, I remember the day when professor looked at her phone during the class and her eyes widened in shock. She had to stop the class, and she told everybody: “Evgeni Plushenko won silver at the Olympics. Not gold. Silver.” We were all shocked, as well. Some students even cried. And I knew, back then, that it was the end of the era, but I also knew that our brilliant, amazing legend had surely inspired another legend-to-be, and the new star would inspire the next one, etc. That’s the real beauty of figure skating: even the best only shine for a few years, but you always know that the next one will be even better. Inspiration after inspiration, step by step, this sport relentlessly moves forward. So, when my Dad called me last December and screamed excitedly: “WATCH YUZURU HANYU’S SHORT PROGRAM NOW” I was like, yes, finally!

I also remember Evgeni Plushenko’s interview with CNN, where he’d been asked if he would help Russian LGBT community to fight against homophobic laws. “If I can change something, of course I will. Maybe I can help, maybe not, we’ll see. We’re gonna work in this direction.” In the end, he didn’t really ‘work in this direction’, but…

But, if I am not mistaken, Victor Nikiforov is the first gay Russian main character in mainstream media. He’s not a stereotype, not one-dimensional, he’s sweet, kind and flirty, he’s a genius but he has flaws, and works on them. Not only that, he’s got a very realistic, interesting plotline which tells a love story between him and Yuuri Katsuki.

Yes, that’s what Yuri On Ice is. Not a sports anime, but a well-written love story.

Initiallly I planned to write this post after the anime ends, because, well…anything could happen. But now we’ve got 1) an amazing character development for both guys 2) a love confession in one form or another 3) a kiss. We’ve got Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva (World champion and European champion) tweeting about Yuri On Ice and being a fan of Victuuri. And Evgeni Plushenko’s facebook is full of Yuri On Ice stuff, so maybe he is fullfilling his promise, after all.

Finally, we’ve got Russian LGBT community that has its first representation in mainstream anime. And what an amazing representation it is! (What’s next? I hope it’ll be non-white Russian lesbian. That would be excellent.) Despite homophobic laws, despite everything, Russian LGBT community has been fighting a good fight recently, and this support, this representation, however small it might seem to some people, is important.

It is an inspiration to me. To all of us.

can people. not call yuri!!! on ice a yaoi? like i’ve seen some people saying stuff like “I THOUGHT THIS WAS A SPORTS ANIME” and others getting annoyed that it’s still being referred as a sports anime. Which is just plain ridiculous because it’s not a yaoi. Yaoi is a type of gay porn that quite frankly just fetishizes gay men and their relationships for the consumptions of (mostly) straight girls. So saying that this anime is a yaoi because it’s main couple is a gay one is like saying Shadowhunters is a gay porn. (hint: it’s not)

My point from the beginning however is that this anime is a sports anime. Figure skating and Yuuri’s progress in his field is the main focus of the show and while Viktor and Yuuri’s relationship is wonderful and refreshing with how they communicate and deal with their issues, their story can’t be reduced to just “OH MY GOSH I LOVE YAOI”.

idk man just remember that the fact that the main couple in a sports anime is gay and there’s no actual queerbaiting is pretty fucking groundbreaking.

EDIT i do wanna make something clear. Watching the anime for the viktuuri relationship is fine. Personally I enjoy figure skating and therefore enjoy the performances a lot but if your some reason for watching it is because you love the characters or you simply love watching these two dorks have a complicated, healthy, communicative relationship valium absolutely nothing wrong with that. In short: their relationship being the main point of the show to you? Thats totally fine. But please don’t reduce them to something they’re not.

Let me just say it now: Whatever happens in episode 12, I will treasure these past 11 weeks I have spent in the Yuri on Ice fandom.

All the good memories will definitely stay with me for a long time; all the weekly fangirling/fanboying over the new developments in the show, all the gifs, all the memes, all the jokes and incorrect quotes, all the beautiful fanart, all the interesting meta, all the sweet fanfics, all the translation corrections, all the Kubo-sensei worship, all the positivity, all the appreciation, all the happiness that this anime has given so many people - I will definitely remember it all with a smile for a long time.

Because that’s what anime is all about in the end, isn’t it? Having fun and sharing it with like-minded people. Personally, Yuri on Ice has made me feel things I thought anime couldn’t make me feel anymore, and that’s just one thing from a long list of things I love about it.

As much as I crave a satisfying conclusion, I can say that these past 11 weeks have been the happiest I’ve been in a while, and nothing can change that. Of course I trust the creators to deliver us the amazing content we expect and an epic (history-making, shall I say?) ending, but just in case it falls anything short of that I can honestly say that I’ve already gotten more than I could have ever asked for and I am happy.

So thank you, YOI, however you may end, you’ve positively affected me and my life and at the end of the day, it’s the good things I’ll remember.

So I look forward to episode 12, whatever it may bring.

Animation Studios' Production Styles
  • Disney: Once a trail-blazer but has since found a formula that works for them and now has trouble straying from it.
  • Pixar: Will give literally any inanimate object or abstract concept feelings. Ironically has trouble writing stories about actual humans.
  • Dreamworks: Has everyone from the seasoned writers to the secretary's preschooler write down ideas and then picks one from a bowl. Makes a movie out of it no matter what it is.
  • Blue Sky: Ya know how Disney has a few successful films about talking animals? Yea lets do that. Only that.
  • Studio Ghibli: Anime is an art-form. We seem to be the only ones that think so.
  • Cartoon Network: Shitty reboots and Steven Universe leaks!
  • Nickelodeon: What the fuck is Avatar? Hey kids want to see another season of Spongebob Squarepants?
  • Warner Bros: Does anyone remember us? Bugs Bunny? Loony Toons? Ring a bell? O-oh I guess we could just make another Lego Movie...
the signs as dumb shit people have said / done at my school
  • Aries: "Wait, Donald Trump is a Republican?"
  • Taurus: "The vending machine fucked me over." / "Kinky."
  • Gemini: *circle of kids in the middle of the hallway singing What Dreams Are Made Of by Hillary Duff*
  • Cancer: *girl walks up to another girl and just smacks her ass*
  • Leo: "Dude, wait, if Mexico has drug smuggling, you think Canada has maple syrup smuggling?"
  • Virgo: "Have you tried anime?"
  • Libra: *senior dude watching A Walk to Remember in the back of the library on his laptop*
  • Sagitarrus: *the senior class is apparently banned from using glitter and popsicle sticks in any kind of arts and crafts project*
  • Capricorn: "Your puns are so bad, they physically hurt me."
  • Aquarius: "Communism isn't that bad of an idea."
  • Pisces: *kid falls face first off the stage in the auditorium*
Okay, let me put this in the clearest terms possible:

Yuuri and Victor are not breaking up.

I know that no one can think rationally right now and everyone is panicking, but step away from the anime for a moment and look at the bigger picture.

What do the authors want to do by having Yuuri say “Let’s end this” and ending the episode right after that? Because this isn’t just Yuuri’s words - it’s the context in which they are said that matters.

They’re purposefully trying to make you feel a certain way. I think we all know what way. Remember the episode with Maccachin’s accident? Or shall I say: the episode that ended with Maccachin’s steamed buns incident that shook all of us but was resolved the next episode with everything being fine?

It’s their way of making sure you keep watching, and yeah, it’s absolutely shitty of them, but they love playing with our feelings, I mean that’s sort of their job.

What I’m saying is: The end of ep 11 will not impact the anime negatively as it is merely a trick of the authors to make sure you worry and return to watch next week. It hardly has anything to do with the actual story.

I mean, of course, Victor and Yuuri’s heart to heart will be absolutely relevant and important, but I wouldn’t get hung up on the “let’s end this” line if I were you. That’s what they want you to do. It’s not worth the stress. They’re not sinking this ship now - they know exactly what they’re doing.

Don’t let them play you. Believe in the power of Victuri.


Princess Usagi dress

sooo… the colors are all over the place with this iconic dress

(I might or might not forgot the tails on little bows… ok. my computer hated me and I wanted to be done with this dress)

Also I don’t remember how the bow looked in anime, but I go with manga as my main refs, ane here we have a trail.

My fav colors are also from manga, old anime is really bad with a lot of colors that just don’t want to look god. Crystal is not as bad, but it’s just so bland.

EDIT: ok, It bothered me more than I was lazy, so fixed the bow, made the train shorter and do the thing with edges

also tweeked colors on anime a bit, before I just eyedroped them from the image, but yeah… I fixed them a tiny bit… now all 3 look cute

I think yuri on ice is a blessing that came in the right time, i mean 2016 was so shitty from reality to even TV shows and somehow we had this beautiful beautiful innocent and healthy representation of LGBT+ community and people who suffer from anxiety and people of different ages and nationalities on a Japanese anime how rare is that? Also to show case how exquisite ice skating is and how fragile and delicate the skaters are. How it’s relatable and deals with so many issues about a person’s character, emotions weakness and strengths and how the people around him perceives it. Like literally i get so depressed sometimes and it really gets to me how 2016 is sometimes too brutal but tbh i smile helplessly everytime i remember yoi exists and it’s real and our ship is Canon and it’s targeted towards everyone, a gay couple out and far away of the context of oversexualizing males to straight female audiences CAN YOU IMAGINE SUCH AN ACCOMPLISHMENT? Anyhow enough with my burst of emotions Have a nice victuuri day everyday my babies

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@dgraymanweek Day 1 || The Voice of Darkness

Who remembers those little D.Gray-Academy shorts from the 2006 anime aha

its 7 in the morning rn but I just had a dream that they released a Fire Emblem anime called Fire Emblem Relics, and I don’t really remember much except that each game had three episodes but they never got past the Awakening arc because Henry was being Henry and fucked something up and got the anime canceled and the general reaction from fans was “that sucks that they never finished it but I completely understand why they canceled it. dang it Henry”

Important Distinction about NaruSaku

An important thing I think we NaruSaku fans need to remember is that we have our own moments, our own development, and our own ‘origin’ story.

Anime and fillers are currently rewriting the history of Naruto to make certain pairings fit. You’ll see fans using headcanons as facts. The anime studio copy moments from other ships to their own ships because they seem to lack their own ideas or they want to legitimize ships that were previously illegitimate.

I just wanted to remind you all that NaruSaku doesn’t need that. In fact, there are two very important things that we don’t need. We don’t need:

= Sakura to be Naruto’s first bond

We all know that Naruto’s first bond was Sasuke. Then Iruka. Then Sakura and Kakashi. Then Jiraiya. And the list goes on and on with some characters in-between. The story of NaruSaku is not about Sakura being the first one there for Naruto. Sakura was just one of the first people who saved Naruto from his loneliness.

The one thing we can point to Sakura being first in is believing Naruto could achieve his ‘stupid/impossible dream’. This is a point repeated later in the manga and is often overlooked (even though the ending does a complete 180 and Sakura doesn’t seem to care or help Naruto achieve his dream)

= Naruto and Sakura to be destined soul mates

NaruSaku is not about Naruto and Sakura automatically having a connection just like that and understanding each other from the get go. That is not them, we do not need to steal that from other ships. That is not what the manga told us.

Naruto and Sakura did not truly understand one another at first. Naruto was an annoying pest who at times, didn’t know when to calm down or back off. Sakura was very inconsiderate of other peoples life circumstances and said offensive things without even realizing it.

Naruto grew up and obviously learned to respect Sakura’s feelings even if she liked another guy (though he still asked her out on dates, some of which she agreed to)

Sakura grew up to have a better understanding of Naruto and his life struggles. She learned the pain Naruto had to deal with, and the burden he carried.

We must not forget the strongest pillar of NaruSaku is their growth and how they grew up to be better people because of each other.


Always remember what NaruSaku is about and how it stood all on its own. It ran deep within the manga. Other pairings within the series were based off of it. And lastly, our reasons for shipping it were valid without the need to copy other ships or rewrite history.

Have a good day!