i remember this from the anime

The truth is…


  • is a sassy bitch, let’s just accept that. always answering back, they’d even answer back to any god (may it be diplomatically or sarcastic)
  • always give people cheap gifts not because they’re broke but because they think that’s the only standard or gift you deserve
  • has a huge disgust with humanity so they either get delusions of controlling the world or they avoid/limit their human interactions
  • their logic is out of this world: it’s either you get mesmerised and see a new horizon or you end up getting crazy because you can’t get it
  • beneath all their layers, they’re one of the smartest and hardworking people out there… always willing to help you study/work/etc.


  • their trigger word is literally food and all its proper nouns. they’d sell their souls for a ceaseless supply of food and they’d won’t regret
  • literally possessive as fuck, aphrodite lives in their titties cos they dun calm down if they see someone circling around their man/woman.
  • obsessed with getting shit organised y'all don’t even know. they will never move unless a very detailed blue print is in front of them.
  • they will keep hustlin more than a twenty of you combined. they know and prioritise how precious time and money are.
  • when they say they can’t do an errand/plea, dun quickly believe them at all cost or you’ll get a small surprise: they’ll do it after some while. 


  • know that archetype of a kind person who’ll obey & follow you to the death but has so many fucking personal motives? yep, that’s gemini.
  • their knowledge and expertise are vastly scary; multilingual people and historians. they aint called GEMinis for nothing, hunty.
  • for them, it’s a dog-eat-dog world. if you don’t match their pace, you’re basically out of their surviving list, whatever list that is.
  • insanely in love and proud making other people swoon over them (oh the oozing warmth of being loved and respected) but says otherwise
  • bad at remembering dates but that dun mean they love you less or you’re not that important to them, just believe in them.


  • they dun talk much but best believe me, whenever they speak it’s either they gon hand you your ass or roast the living shit out of you
  • are all terminally sarcastic bless their souls. they don’t have time for your bullshit, they don’t even have time for their own.
  • they will never side or they will avoid picking a side. they’re the best people to rant cos they will literally get where you coming from.
  • one of the sweetest and loving signs out there but for some reason, they tend to have some problems making real long time friends.
  • always look brooding or even out of reach. that’s cos they’re afraid words/actions won’t come/show they way they really want them too.


  • so demure but once you get close to them/they know they have the upper control, they will fucking nag & bully everything
  • but after the searing primadonna stage, these lions are all just smol precious clumsy beans who must be protected at all cost
  • knows the traditional ways or romancing someone, like the flowers and cupcakes and shy yet formal asking you out for events/dates
  • easily clouded by false/dark ideas and hard to snap them out of it. it takes another brave alpha who can help them out of the cray
  • but don’t be fooled, these lions can be tamed and would be willing to tag along the right people for the rest of their life line.


  • dont slack off in front of them, they will give your ass a whoop back to reality. trust me, they give so much vigour and moral to people.
  • not easily scared of pretty much anything because they always think about the story/reason behind it, for this one, what made it scary?
  • they can get super fucking salty and shady and they aint afraid of being salty and shady, for a good or bad reason whatsoever.
  • they never fail to always see the bigger picture, that also means they’re not afraid to do everything to get to the biggest picture.
  • loves having fun and enjoying life without taking advantage of things or forgetting to be humble and well-grounded.


  • too pure for this world but these people have a skyrocketing tendencies to becoming a yandere (lol they probably already are)
  • their aesthetic perfectionism sickness is practically beyond all earth signs combined: they’ll set fire on anything lower than their standards.
  • too kind and angelic we dun deserve them. we also dun deserve their life sucking flirtatious killer charms. we just dun deserve then all in all
  • these bitches love to meddle with other people’s business tho. either they save the situation or aggravate it, there’s no in between
  • even with all the hate on their kind, libra people just keep their heads up and tryn’a understand and accept other people’s view of them.


  • for the vagillionth time, y'all have to remember that these “””devil children””” are all just 4D weird bastards who easily space out.
  • the sexy airheads we all get from anime. but dun cross them & their fambam, they won’t think twice about apathetically cutting you.
  • everyone’s fairy godmother/father cos if they love you & they see you deserving, they will lavish &treat you so great. aint lying, dis the truth
  • willing to learn from others but is obsessed with “i am the most mature one so my wisdom is the greatest and the only effective one”
  • so many layers, like they’re literally never-ending. but after plucking all these layers out, you’ll see a fragile marshmallow baby inside 


  • they need like a dozen of hobbies as outlets for their energy. if they don’t get the energy out, they become a host of a time bomb.
  • insatiably absorbs all information of all kinds like a baby on his mom’s chest or a tic sucking out blood from a fresh catch: you choose
  • no one really knows if they’re showing genuine reaction/emotion cos you don’t know if they’re forcing it or not or they dun even know too
  • is the jack of all trades cos they have so many talents but can’t focus and drill hard on one cos they jump from different talent to another
  • may come arrogant but always they always want everyone to be happy and enjoying the time, probably more than how libra wants it.


  • always late on almost everything. insomniac children of the night, so no matter how dire the situation is, they’ll always be late. deal with it.
  • condescending as fuck cos they know they can do pretty much anything please beware they are vicious machiavellians
  • obsessed with segregating people in their lives; they don’t want their friends to socialise with their family, this group with that group, etc.
  • avoids and gets easily tired with human interaction, but is magically brilliant with human interaction. their magic? idek ask them.
  • after you pass their scrutinising sifting of people in their lives, you’ll just see a funny, dependent, happy-go-lucky, perverted side of them


  • also don’t like taking sides, will never jump onto anything without all the cards are seeable, yet also not afraid to speak up in the end.
  • obsessed and deranged with their fanaticism of any horror shit idk how they can carry on with a fine stomach after all that scary jazz
  • can never be controlled, they might seem controllable or easy to manoeuvre but spare your ass and don’t be fooled by this sign
  • disappears and reappears at their own will, and doesn’t care about the consequences of their absence, they literally don’t care.
  • in the end of the day, aquarius has no fucks to give any of the other signs. they don’t ask for a lot and they just wanna be left alone.


  • are quiet little shits who looks way more gorgeous when they’re mad cos they just turn fiendish but still in a cute way, like wtf how???
  • needs a fuck ton of guidance from older or more mature people cos they tend either the laziest, silliest, or most annoying things ever. 
  • how fucking annoying it is whenever they pull out the victim card like dude shove that thing back where it belongs or so I will.
  • are actually sensible people, kinda shocking for some but it’s the truth cos these people stay in tune with their emotions, they dun run away
  • break them to pieces and you’ll see a child needing to be loved and wanting to know what are the things that they can improve and learn

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    death parade  - flyers (requested by anon)

are you sweating commander?  👀 👀 👀

me: I can’t remember this math stuff. too hard.

also me: *can remember all the names of my favorite characters from countless anime and their personalities and quotes they’ve said and their height and their favorite type of drink and*……

Armin’s Design

Taken from the SnK Character Guidebook 2017, page 37

Disclaimer: My Japanese isn’t great, so errors may be present in the translation. I am open to correction. 
“I wanted him to look gentle and mild mannered, but I also gave him a button nose so he would have a defining feature. Characters in manga often have props to distinguish them, like a unique hat, because there are so many characters, but it’s difficult to notice his nose as a feature. I also made Armin physically smaller than Eren and Mikasa. 
The name “Armin Arlert” sounds like “aluminium”, so it’s alliterative and easy to remember*.
In the TV anime, Armin’s parents made a balloon. I didn’t have time to show it in the manga, but I did draw a rough version of his parents. Clearly, Armin is similar to his father.”** 

Side notes: 
Similarities to Armin:
Mother- Hair, nose, eyebrows 
Father- Eyes

*TN: aluminium in Japanese is アルミ (arumi) which is just one character off from  アルミン (Armin). 
**TN: Sarcasm??? 

  • Sarada: (frowning)
  • ChoCho: Sarada, do you want some chips?
  • Sarada: Not really, ChoCho, why do you ask?
  • ChoCho: Because you act too much like your dad when you're hungry.
  • Sarada: Oh. (eats a potato chip)
  • ChoCho: Better?
  • Sarada: (smiles brightly, like her mom) Better.

im just remembering all the horror stories from kin tumblr back in 2015/2016

  • the person who faked having a prosthetic arm so they could kin the guy from fma
  • meanposts entire existence
  • i remember when someone messaged me really condescendingly and made posts about me because i had a fucking naruto kin and im white
  • person who pretended to be ashkenazi jewish and used google translate to write posts in hebrew
  • suicide baiting people for having the same kins as you
  • kys fake :3
  • the juuzou fakes list
  • edgecult (??????)
  • komaeda kins
  • people being kin with nazi anime characters for some reason
  • that one post saying you shouldnt even relate to characters of different races
  • everyone having that same fucking layout
  • the constant impending fear of getting a callout
  • feel free to add

Bancoran & Maraich’s parting kiss

Manga vs. Anime vs. Stage

Sana Hiroki (19) as Maraich (18)
Aoki Tsunenori (29) as Major Jack Bancoran (27)

putting their age up there for like no apparent reason ;3
just thought it’s an underappreciated fact ;3

HI, EVERYONE‼ ヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ

Neru here hoping that each one of you has been better than I was in these last months. There have only been a couple of them but I’ve really felt that some time has passed since I did the last of these. This time have been crazy for me because of many personal things, so much so that I lost some motivation to continue here and I even thought about deleting my account, but as you can see that didn’t happen and I tried to maintain my good mood as always. I had serious emotional shocks thanks to the fact that I got sick and even though I’m still recovering, I still have all the good vibes that one day my bad luck will end, who knows. I was very surprised to have received some messages from that and a lot of support from some people, and also that despite not being actively editing, having been able to reach the 28k followers, thank you very much for that, it was kinda unexpected! ♥

Today/tomorrow is Halloween so I hope you are having a nice time or are watching some good anime. I was never very open to communication with everyone, but even with that, I lost much more contact with some people with whom I spoke more often, and I didn’t even remember many of your for the url change, but I hope not have forgotten someone! 

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