i remember the first time when i heard just dance

anonymous asked:

Shuffle your music playlist and list the first five songs that come up and whatever memories you have associated with them

1) Sheryl Crow- Mississippi
I remember my mom and I blasting this in our kitchen and dancing while doing the dishes when I was little.
2) Kanye West- Last Call
I remember my brother and I doing a puzzle at 3 AM one summer night while we listened to all of Kanye’s albums in order. It was the first time I ever heard this song.
3) Gregory Alan Isakov- Big Black Car
I remember sophomore year laying in my room with all my lights off listening to this song and just crying.
4) The 1975- Fallingforyou
I remember being at their concert with some of my friends. We had just moved to the back of the Rave because a couple of us were having panic attacks. When this song came on we all calmed down and were singing along while we had our phone lights/lighters out. We all put our phones away for the rest of the concert and just had a great time with each other listening to the music and dancing. It’s one of my favorite songs and one of my favorite concert memories.
5) ABBA- Dancing Queen
I remember my aunt had a jukebox in her bedroom when I was little and this is one of the songs she had on it. My aunt, me, and our dog Buddy used to run around her room and jump on her bed while singing and dancing to this song.