i remember seeing your face on the wall of the just jeans store in the city once

Avenge This

Steve Rogers/ Reader

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Words: 1,560

Summary: In a matter of minutes, the storefront you worked so hard on gets destroyed by those Avengers and their fights. If only you could believe that Captain America could truly make things right.

Prompt: I am feeling lazy to write a captain America idea will you write it so I can read it ? | “I accidentally destroyed your shop in a super villain battle and that was your livelihood and you’re so pissed and I’m so so sorry, here, let me make it up to you somehow.”

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Author’s notes: Hire me @ marvel. this request is like a month old lmao bless up

This can’t be real.

No, no, no, you refuse to believe what your deceitful eyes are telling you.

You watch as the firefighters take out broken pieces from your clothing boutique after an attack in the city. Your parents even warned you about the potential threat of having this happen and here you are, immediately regretting not listening to your parents when you first moved out here.

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Across the sea, in a faraway place, you are there
I go and go but I can’t see you
But it’s a bit too far to go back

  • The next time Eunwoo meets Bin Bin is 17 and Eunwoo is 18 
    • It’s the first time he’s going back to the seaside in 6 years and Eunwoo’s been excited for ages 
    • The past six school holidays flying by with projects and competitions and soccer matches and Eunwoo getting prizes and trophies left and right and being elected class president but Eunwoo also really missing his grandpa 
    • And he hasn’t had his grandma’s stew in forever!! 
    • Eunwoo also trying to ignore the fact that Bin lives there and that he might run into him 
    • And so when Eunwoo steps out of the car and allows his mum to lead him into the shop to choose the first bead he’s gotten since he was 12, he’s a little hesitant 
    • Eunwoo remembers tinkly windchimes and odd-shaped mirrors and he walks now into the store with hands too high to wander over soft cushions and old silver boxes
    • But the fan’s still spinning lazily overhead and he’s still surrounded a musty wood-lacquer smell and a stronger, overriding smell of the sea 
    • And then he sees him, bare arms sprawled out on the counter with his face squished against the glass, asleep 
    • Eunwoo stopping in his tracks and time doing the same 
    • Because Bin looks exactly the same as Eunwoo remembers, but different
    • Bin’s eyes are closed and smudged with black and his hair’s a lighter shade of brown, as messy and unruly as it used to be 
    • His eyelashes are just as long and Eunwoo watches the rise and fall of his back as Bin sleeps
    • And he looks so peaceful, the same way he looked all those years ago when they fell asleep in Bin’s bed 
    • But all too soon Bin’s mum appears from a back room and gently raps her son on the head 
    • And Bin’s blinking in the bright light and pouting and stretching, limbs flying in all directions until he realises there’s someone in his store 
    • His top lip disappearing in a pout as he sniffles and bows and mumbles a greeting 
    • Until he straightens and he sees Eunwoo, cautiously peeking at Bin 
    • Bin: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
    • Because he hasn’t seen this boy in forever when they used to be best friends 
  • Bin’s mum chasing them out of the store to go grab lunch and catch up while Eunwoo’s mum selects beads for their family 
    • And so they do, silently wandering into the nearest food place and ordering their food 
    • And as Bin places his order before him Eunwoo can’t help but stare at Bin’s back profile
    • The small 11 year old, all flailing limbs and high pitched squeaks, now a filled out 17 year old, lean with dancing and shoulders broader than the ocean 
    • Eunwoo watches as Bin reaches back to pull his wallet out of his back pocket and his back and arm muscles ripple clearly under his loose black tank top 
    • Eunwoo swallows hard; he knows Bin grew up, but into someone Eunwoo would find insanely attractive? He’s not sure he predicted that
    • He notes one, two, three piercings in the shell of Bin’s left ear and a helix on the right and a small box in Bin’s left back pocket - cigarettes? 
    • And as they quietly sit down with their bowls of soup (Bin with an extra bowl of rice, Eunwoo could laugh at how Bin that is), Eunwoo looks at the way Bin’s eyeliner looks perfectly smudged, almost as if he applied it before going to sleep and rubbed his eyes when he woke up 
    • Since when…? 
    • Bin, with a mouthful of food: “been busy, city boy?" 
    • Eunwoo chuckling awkwardly and nodding 
    • Bin: "must have been pretty busy not to come down to see your friend anymore, huh" 
    • And Eunwoo winces because even though Bin was the first one to leave, Eunwoo was also the one who skipped out on six whole years of coming down to the seaside
    • Eunwoo: "yeah, competitions and matches and student council all that." 
    • Bin, looking up at Eunwoo and eyes slightly softening because of course he would 
    • Of course Eunwoo would be high achieving and be student council president and go on competitions and be the captain of whatever 
    • Bin, coughing to cover it and humming: "sounds interesting enough to skip out on visiting for." 
    • And they finish their meal in silence, awkwardness thick between them, nothing like the smooth rivers of conversation that used to flow before 
  • Bin standing up at the end of it and indicating for Eunwoo to follow him out of the restaurant 
    • Bin leading the way to a small alleyway facing the ocean but not quite in the sun and leaning against a wall and pulling out a pack of cigarettes 
    • Bin: "a smoke?" 
    • Eunwoo is stunned because he remember an entire week of biology lectures about genetic mutations and compounds in cigarettes and cancer 
    • And he’s trying to match that with this boy standing in front of him, in ripped jeans and piercings, still young, still fresh to the world 
    • Eunwoo, hesitantly: "no thanks?" 
    • Bin, snorting and looking away: "thought you guys from the city smoked more than we did." 
    • Eunwoo, about to spill something about the harmful effects of smoking when he notices Bin side-eyeing him 
    • And there’s something hard in Bin’s gaze as he lights his cigarette without looking at it, almost challenging and daring him to say something about the habit, something so fierce and angry and desperate all at once that Eunwoo swallows his words and nods mutely 
    • Bin looks away 
    • A moment of silence, and then -
    • Eunwoo, trying again: "so how’s SuA?" 
    • Bin, snorting again: "she’s leaving for a dance academy in the city next semester” and they fall into a sort of silence, tinged with something bitter and somewhat yearning 
    • Bin taking a drag and tugging at his earrings 
    • Eunwoo, trying again: “when did you get those piercings?”
    • Bin telling him about each time he went to get a piercing and the reason behind each one 
    • Eunwoo seeing his eyes light up as he talks, almost like the way they used to light up when Bin rambled on about the superheroes he liked 
    • But it’s different, he knows it’s different 
    • Bin isn’t Binnie and Eunwoo isn’t Eu Noo anymore 
    • There’s no reason why after six years of being apart the rift between them should be able to heal
    • But there’s also no reason, a small voice in Eunwoo’s head says, that it shouldn’t be able to either 
    • Eunwoo isn’t sure why he wants Bin to like him again - he doesn’t know why he’s craving Bin’s acceptance, Bin’s easy smile, Bin laughing as bright as the sun 
    • Bin’s changed, he tells himself, when he slips under the covers that night 
    • He doesn’t need Bin’s approval to be here, he thinks to himself, he has every right to roam the seaside with his grandparents and his brother 
  • But somehow the next morning when he gets up, he finds himself in sunglasses and a tank top and shorts, stumbling onto the wooden boardwalk with two ice cream cones to hand to a surprised and surly Bin 
    • Bin: “ice cream in the morning?”
    • Eunwoo, smiling slightly: “you never used to have a problem with that.”
    • Bin, eyes clouding over: “yeah.”
    • Eunwoo coughs slightly and removes his flip flops - his legs dangle over the side of the boardwalk and where they used to skim the surface, now half his feet are submerged in the water
    • He doesn’t want it to be awkward, he really doesn’t
    • Eunwoo: “so uh”
    • Eunwoo: “when did you start smoking?”
    • Bin laughs and Eunwoo can’t help but think that no matter how much Bin smokes, his voice somehow seems still feels silky, free of the rumble and grit most smokers have
    • Bin: “a month ago, same time I got my helix done.”
    • And before Eunwoo can open his mouth, Bin adds, “why not?”
    • Eunwoo, closing his mouth sheepishly because Bin’s probably had these kinds of questions before 
    • Bin, chasing a stray drop of ice cream running down his cone with his tongue: “got a motorbike too.”
    • And immediately Eunwoo’s ears perk up because dammit, awkward or not, he wants to see this motorbike immediately 
    • His mum never let him near motorbikes, said they were too dangerous and Eunwoo is a good child so he never really went near one but damn he wants to see Bin’s 
    • Bin peering over at Eunwoo and grinning slightly at his evident excitement because damn the awkwardness, he’s proud of the bike he’s worked to save up for: “wanna see?”
  • Eunwoo staring at this heavy, heavy helmet in his hand 
    • Is he supposed to wear this?
    • Already Bin is fitting his helmet over his head, tugging the strap across his chin 
    • Eunwoo staring 
    • Bin sighing, “so much for the city boy slick,” and fixing the helmet on Eunwoo’s head for him
    • And suddenly Bin is really close, hands on either side of Eunwoo’s head and Eunwoo has to gulp and look down at his feet before his mind latches on to things he doesn’t want to think about 
    • He’s never really considered it in detail before, but 
    • Bad boy Bin?
    • Is actually 
    • Kind of attractive
    • Like, highkey
    • And Eunwoo doesn’t know what to do with this information 
    • Bin squinting at Eunwoo’s blush and the way his eyelashes flutter when he looks down and Bin just adjusting the strap because there’s no reason why he should be flushing red - is the strap too tight?
    • Bin fussing over the strap for way too long, eyes trained on Eunwoo’s lashes more so than the strap until Eunwoo gently untangles Bin’s hands from his face with soft fingers and fixes the strap himself 
    • Bin suddenly feeling a twinge when Eunwoo lets go of his hand 
    • But all too fast Bin releases Eunwoo and swings his leg over the motorbike, motioning for Eunwoo to get on 
    • Eunwoo not being able to figure out where to put his hands 
    • Bin pointing to the handles below the seat
    • Bin watching Eunwoo dubiously prodding the handles 
    • Bin sighing and reaching back to grab Eunwoo’s hands
    • Eunwoo squeaking slightly and blushing and hoping Bin didn’t notice 
    • he totally did
    • Bin smirking and winding Eunwoo’s arms around his middle 
    • Eunwoo flushing because wow 
    • He knows Bin dances
    • He just didn’t know how much 
    • Or how fit Bin is 
    • But Bin doesn’t give him time to dwell over it because Eunwoo’s suddenly flying, wind blowing in his face and through his shirt 
    • And Eunwoo’s laughing, and his heart is racing and it’s a wild, wild feeling that leaves him breathless and giddy and exhilarated and all sorts of free 
    • And he only notices when Bin stops the motorbike outside Eunwoo’s grandpa’s house that his chest is flush against Bin’s back and his arms are wound right on Bin’s abs and his chin is tucked in the sweet dent between Bin’s neck and shoulder and that if Bin turned his head a little, just a little, he’d be able to kiss him 
    • Eunwoo swallowing hard and releasing Bin, leaning backwards and gently unbuckling his helmet
    • Bin watching Eunwoo look back once, wave, then disappear into the house and suddenly feeling something terribly missing from his middle, his shoulder, his heart
  • Bin lying on a rock in the shade, hands behind his head and thinking of Eunwoo 
    • How Eunwoo’s laughter in his ear sounds like moonlight bottled up and let loose among the wind-chimes Bin repairs in his free time 
    • How Eunwoo’s arms fit right into Bin’s sides even though Bin’s used to Rocky or Jinjin riding backseat
    • How Bin’s heart aches every time he sees Eunwoo glance his way with something akin to anxiety and discomfort in his eyes
    • He knows that it’s him causing the discomfort and it’s him lashing out from harboured feelings of betrayal and loneliness and he knows that this behaviour is something that shouldn’t be forgiven no matter how bitter he is 
    • But Eunwoo didn’t visit for six years 
    • Didn’t even send a message 
    • Didn’t even bother asking Bin’s mum how Bin was
    • And every time Eunwoo’s mum walked into Bin’s mum’s shop Bin sitting up like a shot, eyes searching for familiar, gentle smiles and soft hands 
    • And every time he’d let Eunwoo’s mum leave, hearing about Eunwoo’s latest competition or match or charity project without asking, what about me?
    • He’d let her leave without asking after Eunwoo’s number, Eunwoo’s SNS, Eunwoo’s contact information because if Eunwoo’s too busy to come down even for a week, who’s to say Eunwoo isn’t too busy for Bin
    • Bin swallowing his tongue and smiling bitterly after every visit because dammit, he was 10 and he looked at Eunwoo like Eunwoo hung the moon in his sky, but Eunwoo’s busy and Eunwoo doesn’t have time for someone like him 
    • He knows he promised, he promised Eunwoo, hands sticky with ice cream and looking out to the pull and crash of waves on rocks that no matter what happened, he’d always go to Eunwoo 
    • But now, even with Eunwoo laughing by his side, he isn’t sure if Eunwoo wants him to 

disclaimer i have never ridden a motorbike before i have no idea what it feels like lmao


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Min yoongi x Mafia!reader

warnings : violence, drug abuse, cussing 

genre: angst, fluff, romance, drama

word count: 1,624

character profile 

summary: Min yoongi aka Agust D an underground rapper on the come up , finds y/n outside of a club hurt and on the verge on passing out, little did he know saving her would turn his world upside down

AN: hey hey hey! this is my first bts x reader fic i’m kinda excited!!!, english is not my first language so please be nice with the critic! i had my friend matt proof read this so to make sure that i didn’t make any mistakes. this is going to be be multi chaptered, ill try to update once and if i can twice a week so i still have time to write one shots! also this one is more of an introduction but there is a teeny bit of yoongi x reader interaction at the end of this fic. hope you have fun reading this- sora 

@josh-the-smol-bean-dun wanted me to tag them when the chapter comes out so here it is dear!  

 Intro           chapter one 

Sighed y/n walked into the living room,  the evening sun illuminating her friends brown skin who was laying on the couch playing with her phone.“Wheres your sis’ y/n asked the short haired girl.’'She has a game , supposedly shell be pitching for all nine innings.’’ came a lazy reply. One would think that for twins they would be similar which turned out it wasn’t the case all. while rukiya had the same face as her sister imara they couldn’t be more different Imara was the bubbly, popular one who loved sports and early mornings ,while her sister was more stoic, cynic, a homebody who loved to sleep and watch tv.

 Don’t misunderstand rukiya was popular too but it was more that people were drawn to her because of her good looks and ’‘mysterious” aura instead of her personality. ‘’By the way akiho sent me a message that said we should be at 9pm at sin city’’ said the girl. ‘’Well lets hope there wont be a brawl or she’s going to lose her job’’ came a muffled reply from y/n as she was taking off her hoodie.

’’If that happens she’s going to kill ya you know’'y/n laughed ‘’ill burn that bridge when i get to it.’’ ‘’don’t you mean cross the bridge when you get to it?’’ rukiya asked confused ‘’i like the sound of burning a bridge better, kinda dramatic don’t you think?.’’ y/n said.  Rukiya rolled her eyes at that ‘’anyways hyun-jin cant come she has a date night with her girlfriend but if something comes up we can call her’’ ‘’aight aight’’ said y/n and walked towards the kitchen. Today’s mission wasn’t really that big or important just a meeting with a low grade gangster who thought he was slick by running his business in the streets that was obviously y/n’s territorial.  

As she arrived in the kitchen she immediately took out some vegetables, meat , noodles and started to cook. Thirty minutes later she took out two plates , placed them on the table and called rukiya to come to the table. The tall girl  plopped on the chair not bothered to sit upright and started to shovel in. ‘’myour food rally isch the bescht’’ y/n frowned ‘’stop talking with your mouth full you’re going to-’’ rukiyas coughing interrupted her , sighed walked over and hit her on the back several times and sat back down ‘’from the way your scarfing down that food someone might think you haven’t eaten for days’’ Rukiya looked at y/n ‘’you know damn well that akiho  cant cook and hyun-jin has a girlfriend who cooks for her the whole time’’ 

 Y/n raised one eyebrow ‘’and your point is?’’ she asked ‘’I’m trying to preserver just in case that day comes’’ rukiya shuddered , to be fair akihos cooking was disastrous how she always managed to mess up a simple recipe was a mystery to y/n ‘’You do realize that i cook most of the times?’’ ‘’exactly most of the time which means theres a time where you don’’ rukiya replied. ‘’Gosh what would y'all do without me’’ she sighed , stood up and started to collect the dishes and walked into the kitchen ‘’we’d probably be dead’’ came rukiyas voice from the living room who was still sitting at the table

‘’anyways-’’ she continued ‘’ I’m going to take a shower start getting ready.’’ ‘’Aight aight heard ya don’t use all my shampoo tho its from lush and was expensive as fuck!!’’ Y/n replied as she was putting the dishes into the dishwasher. She walked back into the living room looking for any mess that needed to be cleaned up. The apartment was simple. The walls were painted white , there were a few decorations on the walls , mostly paintings that either y/n or praveena  hyun-jins girlfriend drew. 

Pictures frames were scattered everywhere around the apartment some with people  that were long gone or not involved in her life anymore some with her current friends . A red couch was to be seen on the left side of the living room with a tv and  a small zen table that had a vase full of sunflowers that were withered. ‘’I need to throw them away-’’ y/n thought as she spotted them. ‘’Maybe ill go by the florist tomorrow when everything goes well tonight.’’ she continued.  She decided that shed throw them away another day as she simply didn’t feel like doing it at the moment and walked out of the living room straight to her bedroom. 

Turned on the light, opened the wardrobe and took out a pair of black jeans and a black sweatshirt. ‘’too much black?’’ she asked herself and chuckled remembering how once akiho told her ‘’that you couldn’t go wrong with black even if it means you’re head to toe dressed in it.’’ She quickly got dressed, took a hairband and pulled her hair into a low ponytail. Brooding over tonights plan she didn’t notice the tall girl standing in her doorway ‘’you kinda remind me of those ninjas or spies from the movies.’’ Y/n jumped

 ‘’Holy mother of fuck, can you stop doing that you’re going to give me an heart attack’’ she wheezed her hand on her chest trying to calm herself down. Rukiya chuckled and revealed her pearl white teeth. ‘’ I’m called panther for a reason’’ ‘’ok first stop that cuz you look creepy as fuck right now and secondly i gave you that name when i was drunk as hell but for some reason it stuck with you’’ ‘’ah yes-’’ rukiya replied , her hand on her chin looking up as if that would help recollect the memories of said night. ‘’That was at the freshmen frat party wasn’t it? didn’t you-’’ ‘’we don’t talk about that night’’ y/n interrupted and grimaced ‘’just like how barton and Romanov don’t talk about Budapest, which i still wanna know what happened  but i digress’’ she continued. 

‘’Anyways i’m ready lets hit the road i want to check out the fuckers before we officially meet’’ rukiya smirked and dangled the car keys. They both put on their shoes and walked out the door. Similar to y/n rukiya was wearing black pants with a dark purple hoodie with a black beanie on top. They arrived at the car , y/n sat into the passengers seat while rukiya walked around the car and sat into the drivers seat.

 ‘’Please for the love of god , just for once drive safely’’ y/n said. ‘’The hell do you mean i always drive safely’’ rukiya replied while lifting an eyebrow ‘’uhm no remember how you almost ran over that old lady at a crossroad? Or the time where you almost crashed into the car in front of us? god its like you’re playing need for speed or something’’ y/n countered back. ‘’Aight granny-’’ y/n playfully glared at her ‘’ at least let me pick out the music.’’ ‘’Yeh whatever we have the same music taste so sure go ahead.’’

The sun has already gone down, taking with her the bustling and business of people trying to get to their destination. The sky was painted dark blue, speckled with stars that could faintly be seen because of the city lights. the window rolled down as the summer wind blew into her face. Yn truly loved summer, the time where all types of people came out a night to gather and drink, talk have fun together and just live life. ‘’How ironic’’ she thought and scoffed bitterly. 

Here she was , on her way to something that could lead into a blood bath while people around her wont be knowing whats going on in the shady parts of Seoul. ‘’We’ve arrived’’ came Rukiya’s voice pulling y/n out of her thoughts. She unclasped the seat belt , reached to the backseat and fished out a backpack. ‘’We cant take the whole backpack with us so you gotta hide the guns and knives on your body’’ said y/n. Rukiya nodded absentmindedly while storing a few pocket knives into her holster around her forearm.

 They got out of the car, locked it and started to walk towards the club. Already from a far you could see people lining up to get inside. ‘’Apparently theres this rap battle going on and a few famous underground rappers are here’’  Rukiya said and lifted her eyebrows looking excitedly at y/n  ‘’we’re here for work’’ she reminded the tall girl . ‘’Honestly i could give a rats ass about work’’  ‘’me too but if they continue to do this bullshit in our district what do you think will that say about our group?’’ Y/n countered. 

‘’Yeh yeh whatever you say boss.’’ They arrived at the front door of the club where a big buffy security guard was standing ‘’business again?’’ he asked, his voice being almost drown from the beat that could be heard till outside. ‘’As usual’’ y/n replied. He stood aside and opened the door, just as they were passing y/n saw a boy that had striking mint blue hair . 

He was leaning against the wall next to the security guard holding a cigarette , dressed in black skinny jeans a white shirt and gold chains.  As she met his eyes, that seemed to be darker than the night, she saw that he was smirking as if he knew what kind of effect he had on people. She scoffed and rolled her eyes, she couldn’t believe it! the nerve he had to be smirking at her like that. Unknowingly to her he continued to stare at her as her figure vanished as she stepped into the the club.

part two tba next week!  

Auston Matthews - Part 19

No explicit content… I think

We spend the rest of the afternoon lounging around Auston’s apartment. Alex and Breyana are hanging onto their brother’s every word, knowing they will be leaving him tomorrow and not knowing the next time they will be able to come up and see him. I feel a bit of guilt for having him to myself so much, especially the last few days.

I find myself staring at Auston several times, taking in his laugh and how he interacts with his sisters and parents. My phone buzzes with an email around dinner time, I open the email and see it’s from the professor for the university, my stomach plummets and it must show on my face because I feel a hand on my knee and the warmth that spreads throughout me tells me it’s Auston’s.

“You okay?” He asks softly, the rest of his family distracted by Mrs. Matthews ordering them around in the kitchen.

I give him a tight smile and nod once, he doesn’t buy it but he doesn’t push the issue. I excuse myself and step out onto the balcony to read the email.

Dear Miss. (Y/N),

I hope to hear from you in the next 24 hours about your decision. Please know that everyone here at the University is at your disposal if you have any questions or concerns. We think that you would be a fantastic addition here and eagerly await your answer.

It’s signed by the professor I met with and even though the entire email is three sentences long it weights as much as a dictionary. I let out a long sigh and place my phone back in my pocket, resting my hands on the railing and leaning against it. The stars aren’t out yet and I desperately wish they were. I hear the slider open behind me and I turn, not ready to have company but it’s just Auston holding out a sweatshirt to me and I realize I came out here with just my t-shirt on. I eye it warily, looking for a certain logo on the front and he seems to know what I’m looking for.

“It’s my USA one, Y/N,” he huffs at me, though there’s an amused expression on his face. “It won’t bite you.”

I give in and take the sweatshirt from him, giving him a small smile and his face falls, seeing that I’m upset. Though he seems to know that I wish to be alone because he slowly slides the door closed again. I hold the hoodie out in front of me and see the familiar USA logo, I turn it around see the name Matthews sprawled across the back. I stare at it a moment before pulling it on, it fits surprisingly well and I realize it must be an older one. I inhale deeply, thankful that I’m facing away from the apartment because I can feel several pairs of eyes on me.

A strange sense of comfort falls over me and I hug my arms around myself, swimming in Auston’s scent. I again marvel at the fact that he was able to comfort me without saying more than a few words to me or touching me.

I give myself a few more moments to compose myself before walking back inside, not wanting Mrs. Matthews to once again think that I’m upset.

               No one asks me about the message and I don’t offer to tell. I take my seat at the table across from Auston and feel his foot nudge mine, I nudge it back before moving my knee so it’s against his calf. I feel my face heat up from the simple touch and I hide my smile by shoving a pile of food into my mouth.

               Alex is next to me and she quickly engages me in conversation and for the first time since my meeting, I feel myself completely relax, surrounded by people that I care so much about and I realize that no matter what I decide tomorrow, they will always support me. Dinner drags on, Mrs. Matthews really going all out for our last night in Toronto and by the time we get to dessert my pants are unbuttoned and a crane is going to have to come and pick me up.

               I stare at my bracelet and twist my wrist so that a shower of sparkles rains down on the table. I eye the charms closely again, and a memory from my first night in Toronto comes rushing back. I remember grinning across the restaurant table at Auston and telling him that I have a week to find him a thank you present. I purse my lips and twist again, watching the sparkles, an idea forming in my head.

               I glance up at the clock on the wall that reads 7:26. I still have plenty of time. I nudge Alex and start whispering in her ear my plan, she listens closely and I can feel Auston’s eyes on us. She nods eagerly and glances at the clock as well.

               “Dad, can Y/N and I borrow the SUV? There’s one last thing we want to pick up before tomorrow,” Alex asks, and Mr. Matthews looks up from his plate to nod at her.

               “Sure,” he says and goes right back to his food.

               Mrs. Matthews studies Alex and me for a moment, both of us giving her big smiles and she rolls her eyes. Auston keeps trying to catch my eye and I purposefully keep my eyes down to my plate. He nudges my leg with his impatiently and still I avoid looking at him, a smile playing on my lips.

               “Done, Alex?” I ask, seeing her finish her last bite. She nods and we both stand from the table. I finally look at Auston, but his eyes are trained on my waist and I quickly reached down and buttoned my pants, grateful that no one else had noticed. A smirk plays on Auston’s mouth as he trails his eyes back up to mine and I give him my best disapproving look.

               “Don’t be too long,” Mrs. Matthews calls as Alex and I pull on our coats and shoes.

               I can still feel the heated stare from Auston and I think back to three days ago when he bent over in that custom suit and nearly made me combust. I eye my shoes for a moment and consider the jeans I’m wearing, too tight but who cares. I drag my boots on and bend over to lace them up, cause you know, you can’t squat and tie your shoes.

               I take my time and when I’m done, Alex opens the door for me, I take a quick peek over my shoulder and meet the blazing glare of two brown eyes. I smile to myself and saunter out of the room, Alex right behind me.


               “Are you sure he will like it?” I ask Alex for the twentieth time, holding the small object in my palm.

               “For the last time, Y/N, you could give him a bag of grapes and he would be ecstatic,” Alex says impatiently back, tapping her fingers on the glass showcase.

               “You’re just saying that,” I mumble back to her but place the object back on the glass and slide it over to the lady who had been helping me. “I’ll take it,” I tell her and whisk out my credit card.

               “Finally,” Alex breathes and I send her a glare.

               As we exit the small little shop Alex loops her arm around mine. “I’m sad to be leaving,” she says to me, her eyes traveling up and down the brightly lit street.

               I look as well and can’t help but feel a little warmth in my heart, it’s a huge city but it hasn’t felt that way at all this past week. It feels comfortable, like I had lived here my whole life. Again I start asking myself the same questions I was earlier; could I see myself walking up and down these streets for the next two years? Could I see myself being a regular at the little coffee shop on the corner?

               Alex lets me look in silence and again I’m reminded so much of Auston. Never once this week has anything felt forced between us, and nearly everything we’ve said and done has been a mutual thing, much to my surprise. I feel my heart twinge a little bit and smile at the ground as I walk. I then think about this afternoon, on the steps and my face turns to fire, my stomach clenching and a roll of warmth engulfing my body.

               “Hello? Earth to Y/N?” Alex snaps her fingers in front of my face and I realize we made it back to the SUV.

               “I wasn’t thinking about him,” I blurt out without thinking and I Alex gives me a funny look.

               “I didn’t say you were thinking about anyone…” she says slowly and then understanding flashes across her face and I curse at myself. “Who were you thinking about Y/N?” She teases, a knowing smile that I want to wipe off forms on her face and I scowl.

               “Shut up,” I snap and quickly climb into the passenger seat, leaving Alex howling with laughter on the sidewalk.

               We arrive back at Auston’s a little later than we had planned, Alex and I had gotten distracted by an ice cream store even though we were both stuffed and freezing. Mr. and Mrs. Matthews had already gone to bed and Breyana was in the shower. Auston was in the chair in the living room again and Alex asked to use his shower so she didn’t have to wait for Breyana. I looked around awkwardly as Alex grabbed her things, there was literally nowhere for me to go hide.

               Auston kept his gaze on the T.V. as Alex walked down the hall to his room but as soon as he heard the door click shut behind her and the water turn on in his bathroom, he was out of the chair and on me in less than a second. I gasped and tried to take a step back but only met the kitchen counter. Auston stopped just short of his lips meeting mine and stared down at me, my breathing already out of control and my eyes on his mouth.

               He placed his hands on the counter on either side of me, effectively giving me no escape route.

               “Can I help you?” I ask sarcastically, annoyed at him for not kissing me.

               Auston breathed in deeply before replying, my eyes still on his mouth when he spoke.

               “Yes, you can help me actually. I need you to stop making me think things that no man should think of when he is within ten feet of his mother,” he snaps at me, his eyes nearly black and I shiver.

               “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I was over here minding my own business,” I shake my head and cross my arms, causing me to brush against his chest.

               “Don’t think I did’t notice your little show earlier,” he whispers and again leans towards me, his head angled towards my neck and my eyes immediately close on their own accord. But he never touches me. I blink open again and see him smirking down at me and I feel a little frustration building up inside me already.

               “What are you doing?” I ask a bit breathlessly.

               “I’m not touching you,” he replies and I scowl.

               “I’m well aware of that,” I snap.

               “In fact, I’m not going to touch you until you ask me to,” Auston breathes and my heart feels like it’s going to implode out my chest.

               “What?” I ask dumbly, my mind refusing to work with his proximity.

               “Remember when I said payback is a bitch?” He says, his breath tickling my face. 

               I try to act indifferent, shrugging my shoulders and breaking my gaze from his mouth to look over his shoulder.

               “You’ll break eventually,” I say confidently, though I am the very opposite of confident right now.

               Auston laughs down at me, his face an inch from mine. “I think you underestimate me,” he mutters and I narrow my eyes at him.

               “Or you underestimate me,” I whisper back and take a step forward, he steps with me and I see his eyes dart down to my mouth and back again. I smirk at him and take another step, this time moving around him so I can escape into the living room, putting a bit more swing into my hips that I usually do.

               Breyana appears out of the bathroom right when I make it over to my bags in the corner.

               “All yours, Y/N,” she says and busies herself at the mirror, towel drying her hair.


               For the first night in many, I fall asleep the moment my head hits the pillow. Even with the three siblings laughing and talking and the lights still on. However, it doesn’t last long within a few hours I blink awake. Alex and Breyana are passed out on the pull out, I had brought my pillow and blanket to where I had spent last night.

               My phone rests on the stand beside me and when I slide the screen open I see a notification from snapchat, someone wants to be my friend. I smile to myself as I hit the accept/add back button. I glance at the time and see it’s one in the morning, I only slept for three hours. Story of my life.

               I feel the familiar buzz of my phone in the hand and I know who it’s going to be.

               Do u ever sleep a full night?

               Auston’s name glares up at me and I roll my eyes.

               You’re one to talk. You have a game tomorrow.

               Touché. Come in here.


               Um I think I’m okay out here.

               Just come in here, I cant sleep.

               Sounds like your own problem.

               Get ur ass in here.

               So bossy

               Against my better judgement, I stand and wrap my blanket around me tightly. Padding down the hallway to Auston’s door, I slip in quickly and shut the door as softly as possible. I glance over my shoulder into the room and Auston is laying under the covers of his bed, his eyes on me.

               ‘So you do listen,” he says softly and I slowly step closer, feeling a bit awkward again.

               “Sometimes,” I reply, keeping my eyes away from his bare chest.

               “Why are you up?” He asks, raising himself on his elbows and moving over to one side of the bed.

               I eye the now open spot warily, not moving. “I would have thought that you realized by now that I don’t exactly sleep a whole lot,” I say.

               “True, but you slept what? Three hours last night?”


               Auston squints his eyes at me in disbelief. “You mean to tell me you have slept one of the past 48 hours and you still look that good?”

               I blush and roll my eyes, “Oh shut up,” I mutter and finally climb up onto his bed, keeping my blanket tight around me as I criss-cross my legs again and face him.

               “I mean it,” he frowns at me. “Why are you so stiff?”

               “Well, I mean, I’m in your room… on your bed… what else would you except,” I mumble at him and focus my gaze on my lap.

               “I’m not going to pounce on you!” Auston laughs. “I meant what I said earlier, I’m not touching you until you ask me to.”

               I eye him for a moment and then turn my attention onto his window, the curtains are open and I can just barely see the faint specs of light in the sky.

               “You lied. You aren’t tense because of me,” he says softly and I cut my eyes back to him briefly. “It’s everything else, isn’t it?”

               I don’t say anything for several minutes, and neither does he. He watches me and I stare out the window.

               “You know, I don’t even own a telescope? I asked for one for Christmas every year since I was fourteen, but there was certain one I wanted and my parents didn’t think I needed it because we had my dad’s. But I always wanted my own… see my own world,” I say softly, not even sure it was loud enough for him to hear. “And now I’m being offered a hundred different telescopes.”

               “But none of them are your own,” Auston finishes for me, his voice just a whisper.

               I drop my eyes back to his, tears welling behind them. Why do I always cry now?

               Without another word, Auston sits up and throws his covers back, scooting over to me and pulling me down to him. I rest my head in the crook of his neck, laying on my side. Auston curls a hand behind my back, rubbing it gently, his other hand slowly stokes my hair as I weep silently into his neck.

               “I thought you weren’t going to touch me?” I ask after a few moments, wiping at my face.

               “There’s exceptions to every rule,” he whispers back to me. I take in his words and snuggle myself closer to him, in return he reaches down and grabs the covers he threw off himself and covers us both, wrapping his arms even tighter around me.

               “You’re the only person I’m not tense around anymore, Auston,” I say softly.

               His only response is to press his lips to my forehead.

Just Sorry? A Mini Series (Chapter 3/??)

Warning: This chapter contains mild smut. Following chapters will contain Smut, Angst, Explicit Language, Daddy Kink, Rough Sex

Previous Chapter: 2

Word Count: 2141

“Okay so, a meeting on Monday, dinner party on Tuesday, graduation speech on Wednesday…” Natalie continued to give Jaebum an overview of what next week’s schedule was going to be but the other wasn’t registering a thing the woman said. All morning his head had been spinning as he tried to figure out what had him constantly thinking about you? Catching feelings for a woman was certainly not on his life agenda and he needed to gain control of it before things became to hectic.

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ROAD TRIP AU - Suicide Squad //Part 1

This is a little AU I wanted to do based off if the Squad wanted to do a little road trip and like explore the world and shit. In this story, Joker didn’t break Harley out, and El Diablo is still alive. Enjoy!

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White Collar AU: Crossroads King

Summary: Gabriel “Trickster” Novak is a con man turned FBI consultant, who works with Y/N Y/L/N to solve white collar crimes in New York.

Warnings: Con-artist!Gabriel, FBI!Reader, slight inference of Lesbian!Jo/Bisexual!Jo, murder with a needle

Word Count: 6086

Author: Gwen

Parts: One

Originally posted by showtime-folks

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“So, where’re we going?” Gabriel scanned the city, observing how you kept driving towards the most run down part.

“Your new home.” You smiled, getting somewhat excited at the face he’d make when you showed him his new place. You knew he was used to luxury and the fact that most of the people you were driving by were homeless said something about where he’d be living. In no time you got there, making sure to lock your car as you headed into the hotel/apartment complex.

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Knight in Shining Sneakers ~ Pietro X Reader

A/N: The idea came purely from the blog imaginesofeveryfandom. The prompt was “ A guy hits on you when you’re out with Pietro… he uses his power to mess with the guy before scurrying away with you” So thank you for the idea, hope you enjoy the writing!
Rating :K+
Theme: 13. Running Away
Word Count: 1,526 words
Warnings: Guys being sort of creepy, but nothing terrible

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Something Sweet

Pietro x Reader

Warnings: Sexually suggestive dialogue 

The sweet spring air tickled Pietro’s nose as he casually strolled down the streets of SoHo, slowly, even by the speedster’s standards. The warming sun caught his bleached hair, almost making it gleam a silver glow in the early spring light. His hands were in the pocket of his worn in blue jeans while he took in the sights the storefront windows had to offer. He knew his and Wanda’s birthday was coming up rapidly, tomorrow infact, and this being their first birthday in New York he wanted to make it special for his sister. But nothing really seemed to stand out…untill the rich smell of chocolate began overpowering the sweet floral aroma of the budding blossoms. He poked his nose up in the air, taking in a good long whiff, muttering in his native language, commenting on how good that smells.

His silvery blue eyes darted from store to store, trying to find a hint as to where the decadent smell was coming from before they finally landed on the powder blue door that you had left open to let some cool air into your little bakery. In the window sat a tower of cupcakes topped with a chocolate cake decorated with a layer of chocolate covered strawberries and an intricate design lining the sides. The window read in pink and white lettering “Something Sweet”. This was more like it! He couldn’t remember the last time he or his sister had a proper birthday cake! And that cake looked more like a work of art than something edible.

The smell that had attracted the Avenger’s sights to your window was actually you making more of those chocolate covered strawberries, a batch had just been hand dipped and was getting ready for decorating when you heard the electric chime dinged signalling to you that you had a customer. You very gently placed down your piping bag filled with melted chocolate, wiping a stray hair out of your face before emerging from the back to help your customer. “Hello there” You greeted with a smile as you began to wipe specks of chocolate from your fingers onto a stray kitchen towel. “What can I get for you today?”

Pietro looked around the shop, filled with displays of slices of cake, cookies, and various other sweets. The scent of sugar filled Pietro’s nose and he reveled in it before finally looking up to you. “Hello.” He replied, his accent thick and glorious as his eyes followed the curves of your body up towards your face, though once he was there he had to stifle a laugh. “So this was the sweet thing I was smelling.” He added stepping to the counter you were encased behind. The Sokovian leaned on the glass counter which doubled as a display currently housing slices of tiramisu and a fruit tart, reaching one hand out to your face.Your eyes darted back and forth as you froze, not sure what this handsome stranger was doing, but you knew with the small space between the counter and the wall you didn’t have enough room to get out of his reach. Besides, you watched the news, you knew exactly who this was, so you knew you were in no real danger. Soon you could feel a calloused finger drag along your forehead close to your hairline and only finally understood what was going on when you saw a dollop of chocolate on the tip of the finger…it must have come from your hands when you were in the back. Relieved you began laughing, finally taking a moment to look over your customer as he licked the chocolate from his finger. “Delicious.” He added as he wiped the hand down his pants.

“Was there something I could get for you today sir?” You asked, still a little freaked out by what had just happened, though Pietro could clearly see a slight blush rise in your cheeks. “Or would you like to sample anything else?” You joked as you used your towel to wipe up any remaining chocolate from your face.”

“Well if you’re offering,” He replied with a wink, causing your face to flush once more. “How much for the lovely cake you have sitting in the window?”

Your heart dropped just a bit when he said he wanted THAT cake….it had taken you hours to put together! “Oh….my display cake?”

“Please?” He asked with a delicious smile. “You see, it’s mine and my sister’s first birthday in this country tomorrow and-”

“Oh, well then.” You said, placing a hand up to cut him off. “Normally those display cakes go for around $50….But…I think today I’ll call it a birthday gift.” You said with a smile before turning around to get a pair of plastic disposable gloves and a cake box. “But only if you let me name one of my cupcakes after you.” You added with a wink

“Oh…You know me?” He asked, now his turn to blush under his dark stubble.

“Of course I do.” You said as you rounded the counter to get the cake down. “Everyone in the city knows the Avengers.” You smiled to him as you handed him the box.

“Alright…but you can expect me back to try this Quicksilver desert.” He said happily before waving a goodbye.

The next day you spent like any other day at your shop…only today you had Quicksilver on the brain. You had been experimenting with a way to make your frosting look a silver when you heard the door chime. You peeked your head around the door, surprised to see Pietro.

“Hello again.” He flirted with a wink as he saw you.

“Well, what can I get for you today?” You asked watching him lean on your counter, his muscles flexing slightly under the sleeves of his t-shirt.

“Something sweet.” He said with a wink.

“I’ve got just the thing…been working on it with you in mind…” You said before disappearing into the back and coming back out with a small sample cup of the silver frosting you had been working on with a spoon, and this time you handed the treat over with your card.

“(Y/N)?” He read looking up to you while he tasted the frosting. “Now that is sweet.” He said with a wink before leaving you alone to wonder what that was about.

Two months later you had come to expect your daily visit from Pietro…Sometimes he’d call you by your name, others he’d call you Sweetness, and others still he’d call you Printesa…Printesa days were your favorite. And every day he always asked for the same thing, just “Something Sweet.” By now you were sure he had sampled everything there was to taste in your little bakery…you even ran out of experimental ideas to try out on him. So when you heard the door chime go off today you were both excited to see your most loyal customer (on the days he paid anyway), but also disappointed you never figured out what exactly the sweet thing was he was looking for.

“Sorry Pietro.” You said with a melancholy tone in your voice when he gave you his only order. “But that’s all…You’ve tasted everything in my shop…I’m sorry I couldn’t find the sweet you were looking for.” You frowned a bit as you leaned on the counter, next to his usual leaning spot.

“Not everything Printesa.” He cooed looking up to you. You could feel his breath on his lips as he spoke and your heart skipped a beat suddenly aware of how close you two were. Before you had a moment to react he brushed his lips lightly against yours, using his tongue to tempt your lips apart before exploring your mouth. His palm cupped your cheek as your hand came to rest on the back of his neck. After a short moment of bliss he pulled back with a smile. “Now I have tasted everything in your shop.” He said coyly as he straightened himself upright, enjoying the blissful look on your face with your jaw hanging open just slightly. “And that was the sweetest treat yet” He added with a smirk. “Too sweet maybe…I think it would go best with a cup of coffee.”

With a smile you crossed your arms under you, looking up to him from your spot on the counter. “Pietro…are you asking me out?”

He smiled down to you with a raised brow. “Is that not obvious?”

“I don’t know…sounds more like you want to eat me.” You teased back with a wink.

“Maybe I do.” He purred, his accent growing thicker as he whispered his post seductive voice causing a shiver to trace down your spine. He glanced over to the hours sign you had posted on your door. “I’ll be back to pick you up when you close.” Frozen, stunned, all you could think to do was nod.

anonymous asked:


omfg YES thank you love. here’s a lil ditty set in the current arc to heal the wounds. i’m unreasonably fond of them (especially eren) being terrible horrible no-good very bad kissers at first so enjoy some of that here. smooch face emoji.

also on ao3.

The sky darkened and the air cooled. It made the sweat on the back of Mikasa’s neck chill over and she shivered on the rooftop, breathing heavily through her mouth. She watched her last target fall, its blood already evaporating in a cloud of steam.

Mikasa turned at the sound of flare guns and watched the skyline fill with smoke signalling the all-clear. She hurried toward the source, hooking on buildings and roofs until she reached the wall. Now that the fight was over she could feel the sore spots on her body where her gear had dug into her skin all day, but there was only a small ways left to go.

She saw Eren down below, his tired form leaning against Armin, and she felt a heady rush of relief as she lowered herself to the ground.

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THE BOY NEXT DOOR (Andy Biersack Imagine)
{Requested by anon :3}

You were in the back seat of your car, waiting for your parents to get out of your now old house, you stared at your house through the window, your head resting on your hand as you sighed at the sight of your old home. Your dad got a new job opportunity he couldnt refuse, you got very dissapointed at the news he gave you and your mom that you had to move away.
Even though they saw how mad you got because you were leaving all of your friends behind, they still went to go look for a new house, and to make you even more dissapointed, they found the perfect one.
Your head turned to the back and saw some of your packed up boxes, you sighed once more.
Your mom and dad finally put away the last of boxes in the moving truck and came into the car with you.
“Alright sweetie you ready to see our new home?” asked your mother.
“Why dont I just live here by myself and you guys can move away? Im old enough anyway.”
“Very funny young lady as if we would let that happen.” said your father.
Your rolled your eyes and put your headphones in your ears, but before you did that your mom interrupted you once more, “Oh come on (Y/N), you never know what excited things can happen in our new place.”
“Whatever.” you muttered and finally drowned out their voices by blasting up your favorite music by your favorite bands.

Hours passed by and you saw the sign welcoming you to the new city you were gonna be living in. You never felt more sad and angry in your entire life, but at the same time you couldnt help but feel a little excited, your mom’s words remained stuck inside your head, “You never know what exciting things can happen in our new place.”
Your dad pulled up into the driveway,
“We’re home.” he says stepping out of the car.
“Yeah…home.” you mumbled as you got out of the car yourself, you stared at the huge house for a moment, taking it in, “Might as well get used to it.” you thought.
“(Y/N)! come on honey lets put your things inside.” called out your mom.
You grabbed some of your things from the trunk and stepped inside the house.
You followed your mom to your new room, she opened the door going inside, you went inside as well and became super shocked looking around.
“Well, what do you think?”
“Wow..well..its a lot bigger than my old room thats for sure.” you replied.
“See? things are already starting to get better, and look, theres plenty of wall space to hang up all your sketchings and other drawings.”
You nodded agreeing, in your old room you didnt even have that much space for your drawings so you had to store them away somewhere. You felt kind of happy seeing your new, bigger bedroom.

“Am I seeing a smile or are my eyes deceiving me?” your mom questions smirking and crossing her arms. You giggle and roll your eyes shaking your head, “Moooom.”
“Okay okay, Go ahead and organize everything here, your father and I will be organizing the living room.” she notifies then leaves your room.
You took one last look around then went up to your window, you raised your eyebrows noticing that it was facing the window of another person’s room, it seemed pretty close.
“So much for a nice view, I wonder who sleeps there, kind of a messy person..” you pondered as you kept looking inside.
Days had passed and you and your parents finally got yourselves settled in, your sketchings were hung up on your walls, your new room was very beautifully decorated, you made a couple of new friends at your new school, life was not as bad as you thought it would be in a new city.
You were now sitting in your bed making a new sketch, the drawing was supposed to represent your new life, it was filled with happy things like butterflies, music notes, and colorful swirls.
You were very proud of your art but something seemed to be missing for you, “Riiiiiight.” you cooed, you plugged in your phone to your speakers and played your playlist. The music blasted in your room, you began smiling big and dance your heart out. “Woooo!!!” you yelled, rocking out to your favorite bands. The song The drug in me is you by falling in reverse was playing, it was one of your most favorites, your hair was swaying side to side, your body moving all around, you even jumped on your bed dancing.
You didnt even notice yourself getting the attention of a certain boy in the bedroom window across from yours. He had just came out of the shower, towel drying his beautiful black hair, wearing a black ripped up t shirt and black skinny jeans. He leaned against the window and just stared at you dancing like crazy.

“Who is that?” he asked himself as he observed you, his perfectly shaped lips slowly forming a smile the more he watched you dance. He even chuckled a little,
As you turned around you glanced at him and stood still, he stood still as well thinking that you were going to snap at him for looking at you. But you didnt, you smiled and waved very friendly, he shyly lifted his hand and waved back at you.
You opened your window and leaned on it as well, “Hi there.” you greeted happily.
“You enjoy the show or what?”
He laughed a little and nodded, “A little bit yes, do you always dance like that in your room alone?”
You nodded also, “It helps me with my art.”
“Oh so youre an artist, thats pretty cool, and you must be my new neighbor huh? whats your name?” he asks.
“What a pretty name, Im Andy.”
“Nice to meet you Andy, Now if you excuse me Im gonna get back to dancing now.” you say shutting your window and turning up your music again. You started dancing once more, Andy laughed and closed his window, before looking away he muttered, “She’s cute.”
“He’s cute.” you also muttered getting back to your drawing.

“Andy!!” his mother called out, “Comming!!” he calls back, going downstairs to both his parents, “Whats up?”
“Did you see our new neighbors yet?”
“Oh yeah I saw one of them.” he says smiling a little as he remembered your pretty face smiling and dancing all around your bedroom.
“Well your dad and I were thinking of inviting them over for dinner, you know to welcome them into the neighborhood.”
He smiled even bigger, he thought it would be an awesome opportunity to get to know you. He already thought that you were very adorable.
“I think thats the most awesome idea ever.” He responded.
“Good, I’ll go to their house and let them know.” Says his father.
Andy smiled once more, he couldnt wait until you and your family came over.
Days and nights later, the day came for you to come over, you and Andy have been talking a lot non stop through your bedroom windows, you even showed him one of the new sketches you drew.
He was very impressed and the more he talked to you, the more he came to like you.
And you came to like him more as well, he was such to sweet guy to you, never in your life have you met someone so nice and caring, even though you never really saw him up close
you can spot his beautiful blue eyes, especially in the night time, it almost seemed like they glowed, like if they were stars themselves, Andy didnt even look human to you, he looked like a total angel, and thats exactly how he treated you, just like an angel.

“Well uh, Im gonna get dressed so I can have dinner with you.” you let him know.
“Okay, you dont really need to dress up though just saying.”
“Is that a compliment?”
“Yeah.” he replied, he smiled at you and closed his window. You blushed big time, he always did make you feel so beautiful some how.
Moments later, you and your parents showed up at their house and enjoyed your time having dinner with them. You truly felt welcomed with how friendly and polite they were being.
“So (Y/N) how do you like it here? is it different from your old home?”
“Yeah but its a good kind of different.” you said, your eyes sliding over to Andy’s direction.
“Well Andy here doesnt seem to stop talking about you since you moved here.” says his dad.
He looks down and shakes his head a little embarassed.
You giggled, “Thats okay, I havent stopped talking about him either.”
Andy looked up again at you, his cheeks blushing a light shade of pink on his pale smooth skin. His expression was pretty surprised but he should know by now that youre a girl who is not afraid to say or do anything.
Just then an idea popped in his head, “Uh, Mr. and Mrs, (L/N)? is it okay if (Y/N) and I walk around the block for a moment?”
Your parents approved and the two of you went out for a stroll. The sun was still setting, the sky turning a shade of orange, red and purple, it was the most beautiful sunset you had ever seen, not even back at your old place did you see something so radiant and calming.
“You know when I first moved in here, I never thought I would meet anybody like you, or much less be my neighbor.” you tell him.
“Yeah, my old neighbor was the biggest bitch ever, she even put really dark curtains over her window because she didnt want me looking inside her room, so honestly its very nice to have someone I can talk to, especially since I dont have siblings.”

“Yeah same here, talking to you really makes my day you know that?” you say.
“Back at ya…” he replies, he takes a really deep breath causing you to be a little confused, “What is it?” you questioned.
“Can I tell you something?”
“You should know by now that you can tell me anything.” you assure him.
“Look (Y/N) I know we have only known each other for a fe-”
“(Y/N) sweetheart! we’re leaving! its getting late.” shouted your mom, you sighed and looked into his precious eyes once more, “You can tell me the rest tonight. Later.” you said walking away.
Andy just looked at you going further and further away from him and muttered “I sure will.”
Later on at nightime when the sky was fully black with bright sparkling stars.
You came up to your room and quickly took notice of Andy waiting for you on his window.
You smiled and opened your window up, “Hey!”
“Hey, what took you so long?”
“My parents and your parents would not stop talking, sorry to keep you waiting.” you said.
“Its alright.”
“So, what was it you were gonna tell me?” you asked reminding him.
“Oh yeah, well I was saying that I know we have only known each other for a few days but…I really like you a lot (Y/N).”
Your mouth dropped open, you couldnt believe that such a hot guy would like you so much, not that it wasnt obvious before, but you never believed that it would be true.
You smile grew bigger and wider at his confessin, “Good, because I really like you too.” you also confess.
His heart warmed up to the fullest at your words.
“You do huh?”
“Yeah I do.”
“Then meet me downstairs.”
You raised an eyebrow, “For what?”
“So you can kiss me.”
“Oh Im fucking there.” you tell him rushing downstairs making him laugh.
You went out through your back door climbing over the fence to his back yard. He was standing there like a handsome knight in shining armor, you rushed into his arms and locked your soft lips with his. Your eyes opened wide and slowly closed again, never in your life have you felt a kiss like this, with so much love and passion. As the two of you slowly leaned away you smiled at each other, he held you close to him, his huge hands gently rubbing the small of your back. Now you were truly happy to have moved away from your old home.

The next morning, you were sketching something new and even more beautiful than all of your other drawings.
You grabbed a light blue color pencil and started shading in a pair of eyes, eyes that belonged to your new boyfriend. Life was truly better than before, you had a bigger room, new amazing friends, and a new neighbor that turned out to be your true love.
And you knew that Andy was the one, because everytime you would see him, or he would kiss and hold you, your heart banged inside your chest, butterflies formed in your stomach, and his lips upon yours was the most relieving medicine for you whenever you felt down.
You heard a whistle across from your window, you grinned and stood up from finishing your art, looking at yourself in the mirror to see that your outfit, makeup and hair was absolutely perfect.
“Babe you ready?” shouted your loving boyfriend.
“Ready!” you shouted back, tonight was your first official date and it was going to be a very special night for the both of you.
“Oh! almost forgot something.” you tell yourself, you grab a black marker and finish the title of your sketch, you hung it up on the wall, it was the biggest drawing of all, a big pair of blue eyes and swirls and hearts, and at the bottom were the words in cursive writing,
“The boy next door.”

(Hope this was cute enough :3)

The Tweet - 5

Lauren’s POV

It’s been a couple weeks, living in this world. It flew by way faster than I was used to, but I can’t complain. Fifth Harmony was supposed to be in town this week, and I couldn’t bare to see or even hear about them. I stayed cooped up in my dark room, alone. 

My bestfriends Lucy and Vero came in, and it reminded me of the fact that the fans would ship them and call them ‘Vercy’. They were so happy about it. “Get up loser, Alexa invited us to her photoshoot in Orlando.” Lucy said, ripping the blankets off my body.

“No. That’s where she's going to be." 

"Shut up Laur, for the past couple weeks you’ve been so depressed. Plus, what are chances of us running into them anyways? Come on we need our bestfriend time! Alexa also wants support from us. She said it’s her biggest photoshoot yet.” Vero talked.

“Fuck you guys are so annoying. Fine i’ll go.” I said a little too harshly. 

“YAYYY!” They both hugged. 

We drove in Lucy’s car all the way to Orlando. The last time I was here was performing at the mall, with my sister’s. 

I missed it so much. Thinking about it just hurt way too much. I realized how accepting my friends were about the pictures. I always noticed I was bringing the mood down, so I smiled and finally acted happy. 

The whole time we were in the studio, it was so fun. We hung out with models and they were surprisingly sweet. A blonde girl came up to me, “Excuse me, do you know where room 302 A is?" 

"It’s on the third floor. Right when you exit the elevator, you go straight until you hit a dead end. Then make a right, then the door should be on the left.” I replied almost instantaneously. She smiled and left. 

How did I know that? Oh yea. That’s where my first photoshoot was with the girls. I couldn’t let my sad feelings ruin everyone’s day, so I faked my smile. 

Once Alexa was finally done getting her make up and clothes off, we went into the city to get some ice cream. 


Camila’s POV

We drove all the way to Orlando from Tampa and we finally got off the bus. For the past month, Lauren hasn’t left my mind once. Her note was heart breaking. I needed to tell her how I felt and how sorry I was for not saying anything. But I couldn’t do anything about it. 

Celine and I were on the news and all over Tumblr lately. Once or twice a day I would scroll and then the pictures of Lauren and I would pop up. People called us Camren and it made me smile. Even though I had no clue what she meant in her note, I felt an amazing connection between us when we were together. She made me happy. 

The girls and I got out of rehearsal and we went to go get some ice cream. 

I entered the store and noticed just another couple of girls in it. Ally and Normani went to go order while Dinah and Celine left to go to the bathroom. Celine has been extra stressed lately and I’m sure she’s gonna pull all her hair out soon. I sat at the table and I heard someone call out her name. 

“Lauren! Get your booty over here and try this flavor!” A tall skinny brunette yelled. 

That’s when I saw her. 

She wore a white tank top with black jeans and a snap back and she looked even hotter than I thought was imaginable.

She strutted her way over to her friends and didn’t notice me once. She sat down at a round table and was laughing with them. I guess she’s happy, and moved on.

Dinah and Celine came out and ordered their ice cream.

“You okay Mila?” Normani asked. I nodded my head. 

“Are you sur-”

“Hey guys isn’t that the chick that punched Celine in the face?” Ally interrupted. 

All three of us looked over at her and she looked sad and left out of her friends conversation. 

“Yea it is, let’s go before management causes a scene.” Celine came in. 

We all stood up and headed for the door. Right next to where they were sitting. 

“Holy shit guys that’s Fifth Harmony!” One of them finally realized. 

We all introduced ourselves and talked for a couple of minutes, and I realized that Lauren hasn’t said anything and just stayed behind her friends. We made eye contact and she gave me a shy smile. 

I need to talk to her. 

Lauren’s POV

Camila looked at me and I smiled at her then looked down at my feet, waiting for them to leave. I looked back up and Camila nodded her head towards the bathroom door. I took the sign and headed my way there. 

I waited a minute or two and she came in. 

“Look Camila i’m so sor-”

“No Lauren, shut up. It’s my turn to speak.” She interrupted me. 

“I like you. I like us. I like the idea of 'Camren’. You make me happy and the note you sent me was-”

“Oh shit, you actually read that?” I interrupted her and she gave me a shut-the-hell-up-before-I-kill-you look. I zipped my lips and let her speak. 

“The note was amazing. I don’t know how you knew so much about me and I don’t know what happened before, like you said. I don’t want to know either. The way you made me feel within the time I was with you, you made me the happiest I’ve been in a while. Lo, I miss you. I’m sorry for not saying anything when you pulled that stupid stunt of yours” whoa, where was this coming from? 

When I realized she was done talking, I grabbed her waist and pulled her closer to me. “Camz, I’m sorry. I know you think I’m crazy an-”

She put a finger on my lips to shut me up. “As long as you don’t pull another stunt like you did, apology accepted.” She said, hitting the top of my nose. 

She leaned her head closer to mine and our noses were touching. I felt her hesitant breaths on my skin. This is the moment I’ve been wanting for forever. 

I went to go close the gap in between us. 

Our lips millimeters apart. 

Everything went black. 

I lost a hold of Camila, and found myself in a black room. A screen went on all the walls, including the floor and ceiling and it showed replays and gifs of everything Fifth Harmony. The real Fifth Harmony. I looked around and it made me happy again. A true happiness. 

I moved against the walls looking at all the memories, until I looked up and it showed almost everything that happened between Camila and I. Both on and off screen. There was gifs from the twitcam where I looked at her and she looked back at me and we both smiled. All around it where Camren videos that fans made for us, that I remember secretly watching while on the bus. The way I looked at her. The way she looked at me. 

They were right. 

The fans knew the chemistry we had between us. 

They were right.

“Holy shit.” I heard a voice from behind said. 


"Hey Lauren.” she looked around. “I’m sorry for the past few weeks.." 

"It’s okay, I understand." 

"I don’t think you do. See, I think fate choose this life for you. Not me. I tried keeping up with screaming fans and busy schedules and people being in my business the whole time. I tried to follow all the rules and guideline that management gave us. It was all too much. I don’t know how you guys do it.” She said putting an arm my shoulder. “I think it’s time to go back into the real world, Jauregui.” she nodded towards the fountain that I wished into, that wasn’t there before. 

We walked over to the fountain, that had one shiny penny on the side. 

“Thanks, Celine.” I looked at her and said sincerely. 

“Don’t thank me. All you need to do is realize and learn from this.” and winked at me. 

I looked at the walls again, and one of them changed into a huge clock that read 11:11 in bright blue glowing print. 

“I think it’s time.” she said. I grabbed her hand and smiled. We both faced the fountain, and shut our eyes tightly. 

I wish everything was back to normal. 

I flicked the penny into the fountain, and a huge wave came over me. 


“Ha! I knew a water gun would wake her up! Ally please tell me you got it on camera!” Dinah yelled.


“DINAH!” I exclaimed happily. I woke up in the hotel bed and she was standing there with a water gun in her hands. “HI!” I got up and hugged her. “ALLY!” I tackled her too. 

“Jesus Lo, you’ve been passed out for only fourteen hours, I didn’t think you’d miss us that much!” Dinah said. 

“Hey guys which one do you think is cuter?” Normani came into the room. 

“MANI!” I ran up to hug her, almost tackling her to the ground. 

“Alright Ally, did you do some Jesus stuff on Lauren because she’s extra happy today.” she said choking. 

“Where’s Camz?" 

"In her room, why?”

I ran out as fast as I could. “Wow I wish Dinah could wake up like that.” was the last thing I heard as I left. 

I ran down the hallway to Camila’s unlocked room and barged into it. She was reading a book on the window sill. “Camz!” I ran over to her. 

“Hey Lo, what’s up? You okay?” she replied hesitantly, slowly taking her earphones out from her ears.

“I’m more than okay. Camz I’ve missed you and I’m sorry for the past few weeks. I’m sorry for all the unnecessary drama, and I’m sorry for being so distant.”

“Lauren, you’re scaring me.”

I grabbed her waist and took in a deep breath, “No Camz, the only thing that’s scary is the thought of losing you. You mean the world to me. I love you. You’re absolutely perfect to, and for me.” I leaned closer to her. “I’m sorry for being an idiot and taking forever to notice and accept it.” And I finally closed the gap between us. 

She pulled back, “Lo, you’re my idiot.” and poked my nose. She leaned in and we kissed again. 

“HOLY JESUS LORD HEV MERCY! I think I just died Lauren that was so damn cute!” Dinah said quickly as she came in through the doors with Ally and Normani. 

I turned my head towards Camila again, and we were both smiling staring into each others eyes. “I love you too Lauren.” and we kissed again, passionately. 

“I told you I’m not crazy. Camren is real. Always has been, always will be.” Dinah said in a loud whisper. 


A/N: Is it over? Or nah? 

callmearcturus  asked:

THEN I WILL SUPPLY THE KIRINWILL PROMPT. You write the fae, write me a piece about Kirin pretty much perving on having a sorcerer in his midst, how if he weren't a thoroughly modern sidhe lord he'd eat him up, and Will just enjoying Kirin's company, unable to feel the rush of dangerous fae power over the beckoning call of the city. /moonwalks out

For the urban fantasy yogs au

This is definitely going to have more snippets in the future. 

Words: 1726
Title: we’re falling as we grow.

Will fell into the simplest trap without even realizing it.

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luke spills your coffee.

(part two) (part one here)

idea by the lovely kissme-kissme-5sos! hope everyone likes it :))


you gripped luke’s wrist and pulled him back right as he started to walk back out on the street as you remembered something. he turned back halfway with curious eyes and raised eyebrows. “something wrong?”

“aren’t people gonna notice you?” you replied while arching an eyebrow back, wondering if it’d just slipped his mind or he’d acknowledged it and just ignored it. either one seemed weird.

“oh.” luke turned fully around to you and scratched the back of his neck. “i thought that we could just risk it and walk, and if i got seen, we could just run? no?” he added while his cheeks turned red and he got a glance at you. you were basically just shaking your head slowly at him with a blank expression, but you stopped after a minute and gave him a little grin.

“well? do you have any ideas then?” he somehow shoved his hands in the pockets of his tight black jeans, looking at you expectantly.

you pursed your lips while looking at the wall, thinking. luke just needed to stop looking like luke. he was too easy to spot. luckily, you had just the thing to make him blend in a bit more. your grin became wider and he raised an eyebrow as he saw it, wondering what was in store.

“i just might have something that’ll work…”

you pulled your striped beanie off your head and ran your fingers through your hat hair before rummaging around your shopping bags for the pair of aviator sunglasses you’d just bought at the mall, thankfully. not that you had really needed to buy them for a while, living in the city and it being march, but hopefully you’d get to use them soon as spring and summer came.

you found the sunglasses, reached up, and basically shoved them onto his face. “here, wear these.”

luke flinched and leaned back, so the sunglasses were perched on the edge of his nose. he grimaced while adjusting them. “ow! emma, careful! you practically poked my eye out,” he grumbled, and you smiled to yourself but didn’t look up at him, too busy fiddling with your beanie so you could put in on his head.

“cover all your hair with this. no fringe. it’ll be less noticeable,” you said while getting up on your tiptoes just so you could reach, and for once your faces were actually level with each other. you could feel him staring as you pulled the beanie over his ears and tucked in a few loose strands of blonde hair, just fixing it yourself since he didn’t seem to mind, and you felt a blush creep onto your cheeks as you looked back and gave him a slight smile. his breath fanned over your face and it made your nose a little less frozen.

you finished and took a step back from him. it was different from his usual style, and the striped beanie clashed with his striped sweater, but he looked cute nonetheless. there wasn’t really a time where he didn’t look cute, though. luke put his hands on the hat and scowled. “i don’t like it like this. only ashton wears his beanies with all his hair tucked in and he looks weird when he does.”

you snorted. “luke, you look fine. the point is that you won’t look like yourself, so looking weird would actually help your case,” you shrugged, quickly adding, “and, slouch. like, a lot. apparently they only breed human breadsticks in australia, so your height’s a dead giveaway.”

luke just gave you a weird look. “human breadstick? where do you even come up with something like that?”

"you’d be surprised at how many people say it,” you quirked your eyebrows before slowly starting to walk out of the alley. “ready now? my coffee stain’s getting cold and it’s doesn’t feel great.”

luke grimaced as he glanced down at your shirt and nodded. “yeah. sorry.”

with that you two were back into the throng of people, although, you were walking quickly as if you were in a hurry so people would get less of a chance to look at luke’s face, not that they were looking, though. most of them were too busy getting to the next part of their day.

you got back to the starbucks without much trouble. “i’m gonna go to the bathroom and change,” you started, and he nodded while looking towards the menu on the wall.

“i’ll go order, then,” luke started to walk up to the line, still pulling off a good slouch, and you giggled to yourself, thinking about how that would go.

“don’t get noticed, okay?” you said, sounding just a bit patronizing, and he just gave you a grin as he walked up a step in the line.

you rolled your eyes, inwardly wondering what the heck that meant, but headed to the bathroom anyway.

you luckily got the handicapped stall and immediately took your jacket and shirt off, sighing happily as the damp and sticky fabric stopped coming in contact with your skin. you went over and just got the whole thing wet in the sink, wringing it out and repeating, watching the tinted water go down the drain. then, you got some wet paper towels and dabbed all the sticky latte residue off your chest, as well as your bra, and after that was cleaned the best you could, you pulled on one of the sweaters you’d bought at forever 21— didn’t want to get stuck in the fanzone by wearing the 5sos shirt you’d got— and walked back out of the bathroom feeling a lot better.

you spotted luke sitting hunched over at a table, scrolling on his phone, and slid into the seat opposite him with a smile. “hey.”

he looked up, and his face split into a grin. at that moment, you really wanted to take back your sunglasses to see his gorgeous eyes better. “hey, you’re back. nice shirt.”

you glanced down at it and smiled a little. “oh, thanks.”

he nodded, biting down on the straw of his frappucino before pointing to the other cup on the table. “that’s your drink, by the way. i just got what was written on your last cup, hope that’s alright.”

“caramel latte! just what i wanted,” you said, and luke gave you this cute little childish smile. you pulled it towards you and took a sip, burning your tongue a little in the process. when you put it back down, you noticed the name written on the side.

princess emma, with a few hearts at the end.

you felt your cheeks turning hot, and luke noticed what you were looking at. his face looked like it’d turned somehow redder than yours, and he looked down at the table while chewing on his lip ring. “oh, uhm, it was the starbucks girl who added the hearts. i made sure they got your name right this time, though,” he added softly while giving you a wary glance over your sunglasses.

you simply stared back at him, frankly too shocked to know what the heck to do. “i- i- thanks,” you mumbled.

luke leaned into the table a little more, not moving his gaze. “you’ve got some cream on your lip…”

you looked down while furrowing your eyebrows, ready to lick it off, but he lifted a hand, slowly shaking his head as he openly stared at your lips. “lemme get it.”

your faces were centimetres apart, and your eyes fluttered closed, and—

luke suddenly wasn’t there, and you opened your eyes and leaned back, confused expression on your face. you noticed that in luke’s spot was no one other than michael clifford, a snapback sat over his silvery dyed hair and sunglasses over his green eyes. luke was sprawled out on the ground next to the chair.

“hi,” michael started as luke groaned and started to stand up, “sorry to be such a cockblocky asshole, but, luke has to go right now. got a concert to prepare for, you see,” he continued as he looked over at luke and gave him a cheeky smirk. luke pulled down the end of his shirt and scowled back, mumbling an “i hate you.”

“um- yeah, yeah, that’s okay,” you stuttered, trying to digest the situation as you leaned back and watched the two bicker.

michael stood up and grabbed luke by the forearm, starting to pull him towards the door, which seemed kind of hard considering how large luke’s bicep was, but it wasn’t like he was resisting. he seemed almost as shocked as you, mixed in with a little anger, which was probably for michael. “sorry again,” michael called back at the door, “but it was nice to meet you, princess emma!”

luke’s shock must’ve subsided a little by then because he started saying, “wait, but i need to get her—”

the door closed.

that was just— that was unreal. and now that it was over, you realized just how unreal it really was. you gripped your coffee with both hands as you replayed the last two minutes of your life in your mind. you just stayed like that for while, and at the end, you concluded on three things.

one, was that luke needed to give back your beanie and sunglasses. (although if he wore them again and got seen doing so you’d most likely die of happiness)

two, was that you were even more muke af than before. (although you also hardcore shipped luke with yourself because who wouldn’t after all that?)

and three? the concert tonight was going to be a billion times more interesting than before.

and you couldn’t wait.

to be continued!