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The DMs // (bobby m. imagine)

Anonymous said: So I just realized I did something really stupid. So there’s this really hot upperclassmen in my school right. So I was gonna send his newest post on insta to my friend but clicked him because he was first. And he saw it so I’m super embarrassed. Anyway this has inspired a story I hope you can write. Maybe the reader is like Bobby’s friend and she accidentally sends his own post to him saying she likes him or something? And he confronts her about it?

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HI! I just got enough courage now to say that I really love your art and the klavipolly blog gives me so much life I can't handle all of it!! And is it okay I'd like to ask for some Klapollo fic recs? Also I'll say this again, I love your art so much!!

OH! Hi!! It’s the first time I’m requested to give fanfic recs!! I’ve never done this so I hope I’m doing it right~

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve been reading klapollo fanfics for about three years now, and I haven’t bookmarked them… but, I remember ones being so good I never forgot how they developed.

SO, without further ado, here’s my list of the fanfics (some of them, really. The list is longer but I’ve been here for about an hour haha) I truly liked! (I like h/c the most though, so if that’s not your cup of tea, I’m so sorry!!)


Complete works:

I Want To See You Smile Again by TheLesbianGavinners. In my humble opinion, it’s one of the best post-AA4 klapollo fics ever written. It gives you such bittersweet feelings you’ll end up wanting more. I recommend it 100%, and more if you like angst and h/c. 

sleep no more by Prinsipe. A character-study fic that centers in Klavier’s three most important relationships, with Klapollo being the main focus. It includes Gavin family backstory, and it’s pretty well written. 

For Your Consideration by SummerMermaid. A post-AA6 fic that makes you feel a lot of things regarding these two idiots obvioulsy in love. It makes you feel desperation at one point, but the ending is so good.

The Straight and Narrow by Neriede. A down-to-earth Klapollo (I like to think of it that way, because it almost tastes like real life.) and a slow-burn fic that leaves you very warm at the end, despite dropping a big bomb.

Incomplete works still updating:

Turnabout Dungeons (And Dragons) by Synthpop. I must confess I’ve never played Dungeons&Dragons, but this fic makes me want to do it (even more). I like it because it insert them (Apollo, Klavier, Trucy, Ema, and Athena) in a fantasy world where they act the same but with magic. Except Apollo. Also, Klapollo, and the slow-burn that feels amazing and goes pretty well along with the stories (yes, there are two stories due to the roleplay being played.)

Sent Messages by SummerMermaid. Seven years have passed since Apollo established himself in Khura’in again and he’s coming back to the States. Klapollo? Yes, but it’s complicated. You’ll find how seven years really changes a relationship.

loose ends by greatcatsby. Ahhh how could I forget this one? It’s basically Apollo forgetting to tell Klavier he’s staying in Khura’in until the very end. Then, something big happens and– It stills need to be updated! I’ve been waiting for the next chapter with great desperation~

Backup Vocals by SummerMermaid. I’m noticing a pattern with any fandom I’m in. I always tend to end up in Band AUs about my otp. This one though takes the cake. An AU in which an important character (now) lives, and changes everything, except Klavier’s prosecuting career. Apollo is a musician!! APOLLO. GOD OF MUSIC. As it should have been!! And they both form a band. And drama is just starting!!

And that’s it! Of course there’s a lot more, but I can’t really find them due to my stupid mistake of not bookmarking them. 

THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!! I’m glad you like the askblog, but I must apologize for the lack of updates and good content. I’m working on new things though, so stay tunned! 

fuck i opened this and entirely forgot what i was gonna say

OH YEAH!! that @ reminded me
 i’ve noticed tumblr is fucking garbo at like…showing me anything ever

but if u ever want me to see something u drew or anythin like that, ur best bet is probs gonna be to @ me AND tag it deadwooddross (dross not ross)


My lovely bae just sent me my passport from CT from when I visited her and forgot it, and I find myself reminiscing again. I really need to stop. I haven’t looked at this stuff in forever.

Anyway, you guys probably don’t remember when I did that MCL Meme by @ladylemoon (thank you for making such a fun meme!) for Deviant Art back in June of 2012. Well, I just found the one I started, to ‘do it again’, in December of 2012. I don’t think I ever posted it, but seeing as I’ll probably never finish it anyway, I guess I’ll share this old thing. beh.

@rockyroadsmith and @honeynutfemios are in this too, go figure. XD 

(It’s so long on the post. Why is it so long? I’m sorry if I made it all utterly ugly. If you do look at this.. thing, open the links in a new tab so you can zoom in)

Remember, Remember AU

Remember, remember, the 5th of November
The Gunpowder Treason and plot;
I see of no reason why Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.

Or the Quirkless!Toshinori AU no one wants. 

-blinks innocently- Continuing onward with my expansions…  I promise this one is a lot more tamer then the last two. I think. 

 Read the post that inspired this idea.

- It’s unknown whether One for All (and by extension All for One) exist in this world. Perhaps it does, perhaps it doesn’t. 

-Either way, Toshinori never met Shimura Nana. Never received One for All, never became a hero. 

-Quirkless. The word leaves a foul taste in Toshinori’s mouth. Quirkless. The ultimate stigma in a world full of quirks. Quirkless

- All Toshinori wanted was to become a hero. Ultimately, it is his lack of Quirk that prevents him. He is denied from countless Superhero Schools. It’s not that he has a Quirk that is unsuited for heroics and would have been placed in the General Departments. He cannot even join the Support Department, because he doesn’t have a Quirk

-They do not even allow him to try. 

-Unwavering, Toshinori doesn’t give up. He studies martial arts, does strength training, learns how to use weapons. He grows stronger, until the point where people are surprised that this lean, tiny skeleton looking of a man is able take down someone twice his size. 

-It isn’t enough. 

-The first time Toshinori saves someone, intervenes before any Pro-Hero arrives, and stops the criminal. He is over the moon. Perhaps now people can see that he doesn’t need a Quirk to be a Hero. 

-At first, the police arrest him for illegal use of his ‘Quirk’. After all, Toshinori isn’t a registered Pro-Hero, he technically isn’t allowed to use his ‘Quirk’ to engage in battle. 

-But someone finds out. The charges are suddenly dropped. The police look at Toshinori awkwardly. “Look, next time, just wait for a Pro-Hero to arrive okay kid?” The police chief says. 

-That’s it. There is no praise. There isn’t even anger. There’s just this shunning shame that people fumble to cover up. Toshinori is Quirkless. People don’t know what to do with him, what to say with him. People want to believe the concept of Quirkless doesn’t exist. There is pity. 

-Toshinori’s dreams take a hit. This encounter leaves him reeling. 

-But it doesn’t dull his determination, his idealism. He smiles to himself. Perhaps the road to Pro-Hero is not the answer. Toshinori wants to help people. There are other ways to do that. 

-So he tries. He finishes school and applies to the military only to be rejected. He applies to the Police Force and is left with an awkward “We’ll call you.” He applies to the Fire Department. They do accept him. 

-Yet despite the fact that he finished training, they do not allow him to come out when their services are called. 

-”Look Yagi,” the chief said, after Toshinori confronts him, “You’re a great kid, but the matter of the fact is that you don’t have a Quirk to protect yourself. We worry okay?” 

-Toshinori wants to scream. ‘What about Miyazaki?’ he thinks bitterly of his fellow co-worker with the ability to control wind. ‘His Quirk would make the fire the worse if he had used it. Or Yamamoto whose Quirk is practically useless, the ability to make things glow. None of those quirks would help to protect yourself when actually helping people!’

-Toshinori quits the next day. What’s the point if they won’t actually let him help? 

-Quirkless. Toshinori has never hated that word more than ever. 

-The thing is Toshinori knows, knows he isn’t the only person in the world that is Quirkless. Last he checked, 20% of the world’s population was Quirkless. The number grows smaller every day, but they still exist. 

-The thought nags at his head. So he checks. 

-The number actually holds around 17.5% but it’s still a large number. But what Toshinori finds is sickening. There are no Quirkless people in position in power. There isn’t a current world leader who doesn’t have a Quirk of some sort. Even the police force, who originally pride themselves on hiring Quirkless people are slowly phasing the idea out. The only Quirkless people on the police force left are old and close to retirement. All new hires have a Quirk. 

-In the few decades since the first discovery of Quirks, the mindset has reversed. Before, Quirks were an oddity that humanity slowly embraced. But as the majority of people began to be born with Quirks, the thinking shifted. Suddenly it was wrong that you were born Quirkless. An obsolete thing, a weak link in the chain of evolution that people were just waiting to phase out.

-Toshinori thinks it’s unfair. Humanity went centuries without Quirks. They did extraordinary things without the need of Quirks. 

-Their voice is being silenced. 

-We are not worthless! We are not something meant to be discard and unwanted. We can do more. We are not determined by the Quirk we do not possess! We are not broken! We are not something meant to be hidden away and forgotten. We exist!

-The current world is wrong. The government is wrong. Perhaps Toshinori was never meant to be a Pro-Hero, a hero to those with Quirks. Perhaps Toshinori was meant to be a hero to the Quirkless. A voice that would scream from the rooftops, that would prove that being Quirkless made you just as dangerous, just as strong, just as powerful as someone with a Quirk. 

-That night Toshinori begins to plan. 

-Two months later, the government building falls to a terrorist bomb attack. 

-Toshinori didn’t need any special Quirk to pull that off.

-And if years later Toshinori meets a boy so much like himself, Quirkless and dreaming of being a hero… well that’s between him and the boy. 

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i was pretty sure i have seen gifsets of yoongi praising and supporting jk and i found them! yumebaah(.)tumblr(.)com/post/162022076339/jeonbase-just-a-bunch-of-yoonkook-2-min & jeonbase(.)tumblr(.)com/post/164082412692/just-a-bunch-of-yoonkook-9-yoongi-praising

ahh yes !!! i remember seeing them but i somehow forgot to include them 😭 jeonbase really be out here saving lives,….but honestly yoongi is jk’s #1 fan and would probably rise from his grave if he ever heard someone say that jungkook wasn’t the best at something. the only time it’s allowed is when he says it himself, but even then it’s a joke. also, i’m a sham omg i found this in my drafts

and apparently i’ve already been working on a video for it ??? i don’t even remember making it though omg

In high school I went through a battery of psychological testing so they could figure out what was “wrong” with me. After hours of testing, I still didn’t have a diagnosis. They did tell me though that the tests showed I had ADD but they weren’t going to diagnose me with it because my grades were too high (ableist much?) After awhile, I kind of forgot about it until a few months ago. I realized that I was relating to a lot of ADHD posts I was seeing and suddenly remembered that encounter from a decade ago. I did more reading and talked with a friend who has ADHD about shared experiences. The more I read, the more I saw myself so I decided to bring it up to my therapist. After describing my symptoms (without mentioning ADHD) she asked if I had ever been diagnosed with ADHD and so I explained my experience. She was astounded I was denied a diagnosis due to grades and started me on Strattera. The Strattera didn’t really help but it felt so good to be validated by my psychiatrist. At my last appointment, we decided that I should try Adderall. I just started it over the weekend and I am amazed. I can think so much more clearly. I am able to direct my focus. I am calmer and more clearheaded than I can remember being. I’m having less meltdowns and anxiety because I can now follow conversations and stayed focused on the task at hand. I have a long history with psych meds and most of it has been challenging and disappointing. For the first time I have found a medicine than truly helps me and is having minimal side effects. I am just amazed right now and so excited to have finally found something that really helps.

AO3 for those who only use FFnet

Hi, folks!

For many of us, when we started reading or writing fan fiction, the obvious place to get started was Fanfiction.net. It’s right there in the name, and it’s a very well-known and popular website. So if you want to read a piece of fan fiction, it’s highly likely that it’s there, and if you want a lot of people to see your stories, FFnet is probably where they’re going to check.

I’d only ever heard of FFnet and had been using it to post my own stories since 2004 (and to read them since … I don’t even remember). When I joined Tumblr in 2014, I kept seeing people talk about “AO3,” and seeing people link to stories there in the same way they’d link to FFnet. When I learned that AO3 stood for Archive of Our Own, and that it was another place to post fic, I just assumed that it was about personal preference, and promptly forgot about it because I already posted to FFnet and that felt like enough.

It wasn’t until a self-righteous troll started to threaten fic writers in my fandom for posting explicit stories on FFnet that my attitude changed. Like many other authors, I managed to get an AO3 account, where I posted all of my stories, in the very unlikely event that the troll managed to follow through on their threats on FFnet.

And, well, I’ve discovered that the only thing I like about FFnet more than AO3 is exposure. Everything else, I prefer AO3 either a little bit or a lot.

If you’ve only been using FFnet, or you have an AO3 account but you’re really not feeling all the fuss, this post is for you. If you’re interested in joining AO3, but you don’t have an account, feel free to send me a message!

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Your Baek post almost took my life. I literally stared at it for the last 25 minutes or so because he is just so beautiful fluffy puppy hot af take me now hip thrusts tongue sassy smirk cutie 5yo wait is this even legal? The b/w sexy gifs of him with that sex hair omfg I can't. You forgot one thing though. One very, very important thing. His hands. His fucking gorgeous hands deserve a separate post just as long because I can't remember ever seeing a guy with hands as beautiful as Baek's.


*whispers* magic~

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