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“You already [know what happened after I left the barn]. The four of you combined. You remember more about that night than you think you do.” WHY THIS STATEMENT MAKES SENSE - the bolded part at the end omg! (NOT MINE)

Firstly, let me clarify a few points on why this statement feels like such a big plot hole to us, the audience, who know about the NAT videos, the details about the other characters, and the events after Alison was buried:

1) Alison only knows what was happening from her perspective. While this feels like an obvious statement, it must be stated. We as the audience know the story from multiple perspectives: Melissa, Jason, Garrett, Byron, CeCe, etc. This adds a significant dimension to the events of that night, but Alison would not have known these other perspectives because she drove away from Rosewood early the next morning. In other words, Alison is only saying that the girls know about her experiences from her perspective. We’ll look at these experiences more in-depth in a bit.

2) Alison clearly isn’t thinking about all the extra details that happened that night (it was a traumatic night last year when she suffered a serious head injury—she might not even remember all of it) because she tells Hanna that “it won’t make a difference” to tell her the truth. This shows a certain hopelessness toward her situation. Why use the little time she had to talk with Hanna by trying to tell her an extremely complicated story with an even more complicated backstory when, to Alison, it really wouldn’t have made a difference to her situation? At this point, she would still think it was A who had hit her, following through on killing her (as A had texted they would do earlier that day). She also still wouldn’t know who A was because Mona had only recently started being A again. Plus, there is the added complication of her mother protecting the “murderer” instead of her daughter. Not only does Alison not know how to defend herself if she were to return (and she only barely escaped with her life last time after using all of her skills to try to outmaneuver A), Jessica burying Alison would have eroded any small amount of trust Alison had that her mother would protect her. The belief that the truth “wouldn’t make a difference” also reveals Alison’s blindness to the girls’ situation dealing with A. Ali had some strong narcissistic tendencies in all of the flashbacks we see of her, and we can see them come through strongly again here. Because the details don’t make a difference to her, they also don’t make a difference to the girls. Because Alison has proven some people aren’t A to herself, she didn’t think to share this with the girls (Alison was amazing at learning secrets; she was horrible at sharing secrets). As Maya pointed out, Alison was always in the middle, the center of attention. She enjoyed making other people orbit around her. This kind of mindset wouldn’t just go away after a year of isolation. We can, though, see that Ali does care for the girls—she herself understands that returning to Rosewood is dangerous as she says in her conversation with Hanna (she could be killed if she’s discovered by A or in serious trouble if discovered by the police), yet she does so repeatedly to keep an eye on the girls and save them a number of occasions. It is good character development that Ali has a limited perspective even though she is portrayed as knowing all. She has strong narcissistic tendencies that keep her from understanding what the girls need.

3) Ali herself did admit to Hanna that what happened to her was complicated. Interestingly, she makes a connection to Algebra in which you must find X. What could be more complicated than finding X? Finding A. (Perhaps a little clue from the writers?) So let’s get into what happened that night to see if we can unravel what Alison meant:

Toby: The first person Ali sees upon leaving the barn is Toby. From the video A sent the FBI and the blood stain later found on Toby’s jacket, the girls know that Alison and Toby were together because Alison was wearing Toby’s jacket (as Hanna can testify because she “can inventory each piece of clothing in all of their closets”. Now, it wouldn’t seem like Alison could possibly know that A sent this video and that the FBI showed the girls (unless she is somehow in on this kind of information). She can, however, know that Emily has been hanging out with Toby. They publicly hung out at The Brew, and Alison has clearly been keeping a close eye on them since she knows to come back to check on Hanna, where Emily is and that she needs to be saved from the car fumes, when Spencer needs to be saved from Ian, and even when Aria is in a drugged state because of Meredith. She also knows Toby well—as a master manipulator, she would know that it matters to Toby to clear his name to one of his only friends; of course he would tell Emily about that night to prove his innocence. Alison very likely assumed that the girls know that Toby and she met up and that Toby saw her get into the car with someone else (this last point being important because Toby needs to prove that someone else saw Alison after he saw her alive).

Ezra: Alison had a confrontation with Ezra about her lying about her age. Alison, not knowing that Ezra purposefully met Aria to write his book, could very likely assume that Ezra had told Aria about his past relationship with Alison. This would be expected for Ezra to share, which is why it was later so hurtful to Aria to learn about.

Ian: After meeting Ezra, Alison and Ian filmed the video at the Kissing Rock and Alison threatened him with the NAT videos. Hanna specifically asks Alison if she went to meet up with a boy (because that was who Alison was and what Alison did). Alison does not refute this, just that it wasn’t Noel. Spencer and Emily found the tree with “Alison loves Ian” carved into it (which Alison likely knew they had discovered), and without knowing that Alison and Ian had just been together at Hilton Head, the dots could be connected that the boy Alison went to meet was Ian. Alison herself had shared that she was into older boys. It also isn’t far-fetched for Spencer to connect Alison’s threatening behavior that summer to her relationship with Ian. Alison and Spencer had been fighting that summer because Ali had caught Spencer and Ian kissing and was threatening to tell Melissa. Spencer was shocked by this behavior (“I thought you were my friend!”) because this was atypical Ali behavior. Ali was a bully, but she loved her secrets and she loved knowing her friends’ secrets. Spencer could have realized that Ali had acted like that because she wanted Ian for herself and therefore needed Ian and Melissa to break up—Melissa learning that Ian had kissed her little sister was a sure-fire way to get that without Alison having to reveal that she had been with Ian herself.

Spencer: Alison and Spencer then have a heated argument at Spencer’s home in which Spencer separates herself from Ali’s orbit. After this argument, Spencer follows Alison with a shovel. This is when Ali discovers that Spencer is “speeding” and sends her back to the barn to sleep. This confrontation is important because it reveals that Alison is no longer wearing Toby’s jacket. This makes it apparent that A was clearly trying to frame Toby for Alison’s murder by planting blood on his jacket (How was this blood obtained? Why did A have Toby’s jacket since we last saw Alison wearing it?).

Garrett/Jenna: Garrett pretends to kill Alison by hitting Spencer’s field hockey stick against the tree to fool Jenna. This is a great example of a moment Alison would not have thought about in making her statement that the girls knew what happened to her that night. She had proven that Jenna wasn’t A, and there was clearly some kind of trusting relationship between Alison and Garrett (Alison nodded to signal that Garrett could pretend hurt her). Plus, this was one of the few unplanned moments of the evening, so it wouldn’t have stuck in her memory as being as important.

Byron: The next person Alison met was Byron to blackmail him for a second payment for not telling Ella about his affair. Alison had been pushing Aria to tell her mother about the affair. Toward the end of that summer, Alison had even convinced Aria that Byron and Meredith were back together (this was why Aria trashed her father’s office). What seemed like Alison acting as a moral compass was really Alison toying with Aria because she knew her well enough to know that Aria was the “fixer” in her family and would not be able to emotionally handle telling her mother (it wasn’t until Aria realized that it was more compassionate to tell Ella about the affair that she was ready to share her knowledge). Aria knew Alison as well, though, and knew what Alison was “capable of” (as Alison herself says to Byron). Alison abused people when she learned their secrets; this was true of how she treated her friends (fat shaming Hanna) and acquaintances (Noel’s girlfriend left him once Alison discovered her boob job). Aria could have guessed that Alison wouldn’t just let that huge of a secret rest, even if it were an adult. She had access to Byron to learn that he had seen Alison the night she “died”.

The attack: After thinking she had escaped A’s threat to kill her that night, Ali walks back to her house (though what was she going to do? She was spending the night with the girls in the barn, so it doesn’t make sense she would be going to sleep in her own house) where she is sabotaged from behind by CeCe. I think that Spencer was somewhere nearby when this happened. After Alison sent Spencer back to the barn earlier, we know that Spencer did return because Alison waits to see if she receives any more A messages while watching the girls sleep in the barn. This means that Spencer left the barn a second time because in the pilot we see her return to the barn, saying she “thinks she heard a scream”, which would have happened after Alison saw her sleeping. I think Spencer was nearby when Bethany was attacked and thought it was Alison like Mona and Melissa had. At first it seems like Spencer left the barn a second time because she’s investigating the scream. However, there are three reasons this explanation doesn’t work for me:

1) if Spencer had left upon hearing the scream, she would have most likely woken the other girls to go with her,

2) if Spencer went to investigate, she would have encountered Melissa burying Bethany, and

3) Spencer’s flashbacks later in the season seem like they’re trying to show us that Spencer witnessed the attack. Her flashbacks are a drug- and trauma-addled combination of her near-attack on Alison with the shovel and the sounds/sights (for example, the blood spray) of the violent real attack with a shovel.

Fueled by her half memory and fear that she had done something, these two memories could have easily become connected. The issue here is that I cannot think of any reason why Alison, who would have already been pulled from her grave and on her way to the hospital with the Grunwald, would think that Spencer witnessed an attack and thought it was her. Perhaps this is an example of the writer’s giving us Spencer’s flashbacks to make the connection since there isn’t any other connection they can make.

Alison did not know who hit her, and she would not have known what else was happening that night. Plus, even though Alison reveals herself to the girls, she clearly doesn’t want them to actually believe she’s alive: she always shows up when they are in a partial dream state (except when saving Spencer’s life, in which case Alison hid her identity). When Alison says that they know what happened, she’s not talking about the Grunwald because she doesn’t want them to realize that she was saved.

From Alison’s perspective, this is why she thinks between the four girls they know what happened:

-Emily has befriended Toby, who Alison could count on to tell Emily about his role that night

-Aria is in a serious relationship with Ezra, who should have told her about his relationship with Alison and that he saw her that night

-Hanna learns that Alison had gone off to meet a boy, Emily and Spencer learn about Alison and Ian’s relationship, and Spencer knew about Ali’s odd behavior forcing her to tell Melissa about the kiss

-After learning that Toby loaned Alison his jacket, Spencer would know that Alison was no longer wearing this jacket during their confrontation

-Aria is Byron’s daughter, knows about his affair, and knows how Alison abuses other people’s secrets

-Spencer likely witnessed the attack on Bethany – how does Alison know this?

People often get hung up on the word “remember” here, but this (mostly) makes sense to me. It was a year ago. These are random details, and the liars are not good about making connections and digging deeper into the information they have. Mostly, I think that that comment is said for Hanna to pass on to Spencer, who really does “remember more than [she] thinks she does.”
Me: so we were interpreting the word ‘remember’ wrong! Essentially, Alison meant that they have enough RESOURCES to work out the important parts from her PERSPECTIVE. Brilliant post! Thank you @skinnyappeal-blog :)

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screamedsooloud can choke, that hoe was throwing shade at us when that kaylor kissing lorde pic came out and wouldn't shup about how we would photoshoop kaylor kissing and guess what? we did you stupid and if that was a boy instead of karlie those binches would do too so pls she's so annoying i always make sure she's blocked

Omg this drag right now. I don’t follow her for reasons, but let’s be real; they probably photoshopped Taylor and Zayn kissing at least twice. Remember when they all *died* over Zaylor after one music video?

If you don’t like a ‘ship,’ that’s fine, but why go out of your way to shit on it, you know? Don’t you have other things to do? Like why is it such a big deal if people think Taylor and Karlie would be a cute couple? How does it affect you in any way? Oh..right….it doesn’t.
Just let people be and stop being so mean about everything.

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Who is the author? I am confused, did I miss a video

he’s a character that mark played way back when. a lot of people don’t remember him, but he’s slowly making a comeback in the community (which makes me happy omg).

he’s from cyndago’s sketches ‘danger in fiction’, which mark starred in as the author! they’re great little shorts. 💚

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Do you know that video were Vernon reads a comment out loud and said "Mingyu makes my ovary-" and then josh screams "nooo" and hansol is like "oh sorry sorry" I'M LAUGHING ABOUT THIS FOR THE PAST 10 MINUTES. HELP.

OMG That video is so fuuunny! LMAO I remember I first saw it on tumblr and I though it was one of those fake subs but when I saw the video I was laughing soo haard! 

Joshua’s voice screamins ‘noooo’ no stop him is so funny omg and I love how Woozi was acting really cute and then stops to listen HAHAHA

One of my favs Memeteen moments!

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lately you've been reblogging jinmin and can i say i love that ship so much. how jin always trigger jimin's fully body laughter and how jimin is soooo fond of jin and his awful dad jokes and humor and how they always seem to be a pair lately (going shopping/eating/doing lives tgt) like i just rly love their dynamic avshakka

OMGDKJF jimin’s full-body laughter I AGREE 1000000% remember that video where jinmin watched tae’s celebrity bromance ep together and jin kept making jimin laugh and they were just super cute together omg

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If he wore a white Henley I probably wouldn't make it. And Aviators? Sign me up. Remember your Jessie in FullHouse post? Well, I was thinking Alex has a similar vibe to him in the Forever (weird) music video. I hope Alex goes slightly more hippy with extremely open shirts and long necklaces like the Humbug one. I wonder if he has chest hair now. Hope so. He changes his look every five minutes though so I just hope we get some studio pictures before it changes.

Ahhhhhhh!! I DO remember that post hahahaha and the Forever video!! Omg. Uncle Jesse’s shirt is barely buttoned. I don’t even think it is buttoned actually. I could appreciate Alex like that. Also, pretty sure he’s wearing a vest with no shirt as well. Alex covered that before, so we know he can pull that look off. 

Originally posted by alexturntable

I highly doubt that he’s grown anymore chest hair since we saw it last during the EYCTE era… I don’t think the rest of his body is as fortunate as his head in terms of hair growth. That’s okay though. I can ogle Cam’s chest if I need to satisfy my need for a hairy, manly chest hahaha

I hope there are studio pictures and candids for the new album for sure, and I totally want Alex in henleys and aviators. It’s such a good look. And now with his scruffy face and fluffy hair. Yes. Good. I accept. 

Borrowed this little collage from Rodaina when she made that massive post with all of Alex’s henleys he’s ever worn. Just LOOK AT HIM. What a babe.

Dating Conor Maynard Would Include...

Requested: “Please do dating conor would include!!”

Dating Conor Maynard would include:

  • singing together at the top of your lungs in the car
  • him taking you to fancy premieres and award shows
  • you trying to make him laugh from off screen during interviews on the red carpet
  • “we heard you have a new girlfriend, can you tell us about her?” “yeah, if you see the most beautiful girl here tonight, that’s her”
  • him dragging you into the interviews
  • giggles
  • teaming up to pick on Jack
  • role playing in the bedroom for sure
  • him being able to make you laugh no matter what mood you’re in
  • him writing songs about you
  • late night serenading you with those songs
  • giggles
  • board game nights where he flips the board and storms off because someone was cheating (reference this video pls)
  • going on tour with him when he finally releases his second album (c’mon conor!)
  • sweaty dressing room kisses after he comes off stage
  • him being needy and distracting you if you have some work to get done and he’s bored
  • having to keep him quiet because he’s on vocal rest and he can’t stand not talking
  • snapchat stories full of you zooming in on him making ridiculous faces
  • being friends with the entire buttercream squad
  • having someone who can always light up your world with just a smile

A/N: Omg I did something other than Jack lol. Remember requests are open!

This is a request for @bapsaesaavy ; omg I hope you like it! I low key about died making this. I first thought that I didn’t have a video of Kookie and Tae together but then I remembered this! 

“ I have the cutest idea: you’re their gf and they want to do something really special for Valentine’s Day, so they turn to their fans for advice and they keep asking them to purpose to her! With Kookie and V please? <3 “ I also hope you don’t mind that I didn’t mention Valentine’s Day because well…it’s way past it >.<

Please like or reblog if you enjoy it! :) Please do not claim as your own!

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eunji trying to take a picture of the fans

Before this happened, I was walking beside JB but didn’t get it on camera and I was super bummed and was standing off to the side, sulking about it. When I looked up again, Got7 had finished their brief appearance at the Toyota booth and were leaving. I was literally standing by myself in this little walkway and my first thought was “maybe, they’ll walk in my direction”. With my iPhone in hand, I held it up to about cheek level to make sure I was able to get their faces– and completely last minute I mustered up the courage to say hi to the members AND MOTHER FRICKIN JR, MARK, AND YUGYEOM LOOKED ME RIGHT IN THE EYES AND ACKNOWLEDGED ME– AND MY BIAS IGNORED ME BUT I MEAN OK

*this is the video I’m referring to when I said, ‘maybe Mark looked at me on the runway because he remembered me from earlier’.




SO I got right to the front in the middle BOTH ARMS ON THE BARRIER I was so happy, it was a nice atmosphere nice crowd, didn’t get crushed, honestly the setlist could have been stronger BUT IT WAS AMAZING and…. Of course I wore my I 💗 JK shirt and he SAW ME AND POINTED AND THEN HE KIND OF TILTED HIS HEAD LIKE HE REMEMBERED ME FROM WHEN I MET HIM BEFORE AND SMILED! OMG 😭😭😭😭 I CANT BELIEVE IT 💗✨ time to prepare for the post gig blues lmao

choi siwon & liu wen for ELLE

so i don’t know how elle magazine (china) works, if it’s promoting the show or if it’s speaking the truth, but i am now kind of incredibly convinced that siwon and liu wen are dating irl after reading a rough translation of elle magazine’s article about them.

irl or not… this is the cutest thing i have ever read: [x]

“Walking into the ELLE set, his eyes lit up. Holding her hand, he praised all her posters, then smiled widely when they stopped at the poster of her posing with a horse. He told her that he loved this poster best because one of his Korean nicknames is ‘horse’. He then had his manager take a snapshot of him posing and kissing her lips on the poster, which in turn had her blushing and playing with her hair, and looking at him with tenderness in her eyes. When we jokingly told him that we would give him the poster, he immediately had his assistant provide his SK address, stating that he would display it in the most important place in his home. This had her blushing even more until her ears turned red, and the atmosphere during the photoshoot became one that was intimate and sweet, which in turn infected all the crew there as well.”

I CAN’T BELIEVE HE TOLD HER ABOUT THE HORSE NICKNAME. and lmao siwon, kissing the poster? in front of her? ahahaha. it surprised me when i read that, but then it also made me laugh because it’s just such a dork thing to do. he would.

“The first time they met, they were feeling awkward due to the language barrier, and from sitting together so closely for the first time. She snuck glances at his smile and his eyes, but dared not to look directly into his eyes.”

awwww. (siwon’s eyes blind me too, i do not blame her at all.)

“During their first photoshoot, they had to hold hands. She did what she normally does with male models (stand far apart until the crew yelled ‘1, 2, 3′). At 3, she grabbed his hand, which made him annoyed and amused, and he said, ‘You’re a girl. How can you hold hands like this?’ It was only then that she realized there’s a technique to holding hands: the guy holds the girl’s hand and puts it within his grasp. From there, she felt like he was a particularly attentive person.”

i knew he was teasing her during that photoshoot. assuming this is the pillow photoshoot (was that their first one? or did they do a general one for the show earlier than that? i can’t remember…) either way, if this was the aired photoshoot, most of this was never aired and it literally just sounds like them being themselves.

“During the kiss in episode 4, she never told him that that was the first time she dared to look closely at his face, and noticed how clean-shaven he was, and how his hair was no longer parted in the middle. Then she was reminded of how his supportive fans left messages on her weibo asking her to change his image, to not let him grow a beard, nor part his hair down the middle. On April 11, she had her very first kiss, while he fell for a pair of monolid clear, beautiful eyes.”

this is the part where i am screaming and flailing and trying not to make too much of it (BUT OMG) all at once. i love that she remembered the weibo messages, ty c-ELF for making her feel a little more at ease around him because if she had seen half the hate messages i see from some i-fans, i don’t think she’d be able to recall fan-comments as fondly (i saw this video of siwon introducing liu wen to some fans at one of his helios events and she looked so touched by the way he interacted with them and their respect for him and her). trying not to scream about the fact that they mentioend him falling for her beautiful ‘clear’ eyes because he’s been saying that 'cear eyes’ were what he most looked for when meeting someone or considering dating someone for years.

“LW and CSW probably never thought that in less than a month, their situation and relationship would gradually change. Onscreen, they are the sweet and powerhouse pretend lovers. Offscreen, the lovers from different countries would message each other, and according to reliable sources, they have privately gone on dates before. When asked where they went and what they did, she only gave a sweet smile.”

someone remind me this is supposed to be a fake relationship, please.

“She is no longer the girl who kept covering her face in embarrassment. During the photoshoot, she was wearing a bareback dress while his shirt was unbuttoned, but she took the skinship in stride. When asked why her male phobia was no longer evident, she pretended to run away, but the entire atmosphere was a sweet one.”

“When he first heard that she had never been in love before, he was as surprised and skeptical as the rest of us. After privately confirming with the staff that she really never had a boyfriend, he stuck his tongue out, saying, ‘Then it’s true? My sense of responsibility is now even heavier.’”

(is it sad that i’ve watched enough of siwon that i can actually see him stick his tongue out and say those words, rofl.)

“He likes her cheerfulness and candor, then rapidly realized she gets nervous easily and is afraid of getting hurt. He tried to alleviate her nerves by expressing his romantic feelings in a half-joking, half-serious manner, hoping she would enjoy it without feeling pressured. Offscreen, they are continuously learning more about each other. She said, ‘My work is fast-paced, but my feelings take especially long to grow, since I treasure it, and really want to properly cultivate it so that it will last. I do not want a romance which has seen all it needs to see within a short period of time. What next? ‘I like you’ is a very simple statement, but to reach there takes a long time.”

“At first, he was not used to it, but he slowly got used to her pace, and gives her enough time and preparation. The viewers are invested in their romance. His fans left messages on her Weibo, saying, ‘You must let him give you presents! Oppa is very rich!’ She calmly responded, ‘Unni too does not lack for money.’ She does not need material gifts, but the well-meaning jokes and sincere well-wishes really warmed her heart. To her, a lavish, romantic restaurant may not necessarily compare to a picnic in the park, and what attracts her is only the man himself, not the fancy trappings.”

!!!!! the picnic was never aired, barely in the unaired portion, and now i’m wondering if it was too personal….(also, lol, I always wonder why people forget that she, too, is rich.)

“She said that her ideal boyfriend would be a little older, a little more mature, and humorous, so that “This way, we won’t be bored together.” Being willing to listen to each other is very important. She always believes that an ideal relationship is where both parties are equal, with both willing to give of themselves, and not being given more because she is a woman. ‘If I meet the right person, I am willing to change for him, such as not to be so busy, because if both parties are equally busy, the time spent together will be really short. I always felt that love means him showing up at the earliest moment when you need him the most. Likewise, when he needs you, you should be there at the first instance.

She never expressed these words to him. However, when we asked him his expectations from this relationship, he sincerely said, ‘I don’t know where this relationship will lead, but I know we have met. In the future, as long as she needs my help, I will be by her side at the very first instance.”


“This is the most perfect commitment a man can give. And she appears to use actions to declare her hopes: she continues to wear the bracelet he gave her. During his movie premiere, she accepted his invitation and graced the red carpet hand in hand. When reporters asked which actress he wished to work with, he seriously answered, ‘I already have a girlfriend.’”

someone said that those gifts were probably sponsored, but I felt like it had to be a real gift from him to her because his manager posted about him picking it out, and siwon was so proud saying, “really pretty, right?” so idk, idk.

“When asked what tomorrow will bring, she smiled sweetly and said that it is too early to say, but she expressed her wish, “Hope that we will have even more [days like] April.” April 2015 is filled with new experiences and possibilities. When she touched her face, he complimented her, saying her skin has become even better. She daringly and saucily replied, ‘Of course. Isn’t it said that a woman in love is the most beautiful?’”

(so idk, real? not real? but ahhhhhh! and they’re trending on weibo too. this whole thing is amazingly insane.)

[That’s all the ShiLiu / WonWen part of the article, there was more in it though on Liu Wen’s upbringing and background, if you want to read that too.]


Remember that time the Powerpuff Girls set Scarecrow on fire and he ran around screaming like a little girl?



Day 13: Favourite AALIYAH Era Music Video - ‘We Need A Resolution’ 🐍 

I don’t think this is a surprise to anyone who’s been following me for a while 😆 This song, this video…is truly everything. I remember when this video first premiered and thinking to myself…'Wow, Aaliyah grew up on us all’. My eyes were glued to the screen from start to finish, and I was in awe of the stunning goddess staring back at me. 

I loved the dark, mysterious vibe and overall edginess of this entire video. And OMG the make up! 😩 The dark smokey eye, the red lips 😭 What a look! (@ericferrellmakeup you are King sir!) 

Plus who else was writhing around in a dark pit with snakes slithering all over their body and still looking flawless? No one! 🙅🏻 Aaliyah kept pushing the envelope and this video stands as a true testament of that. It will forever remain my favourite Aaliyah video of all time ❤️

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Can I request a seventeen reaction to someone making their s/o cry? Maybe because they got in an argument with someone or something like that?

Omg this request was really fun to work on, it took quite a while for me to fix things here and there but other than that I hope that you’ll like it! 

S.Coups/Jeonghan/Seungkwan- Once he see your tears falling down from your eyes, he would stop talking and just stare at you for a few seconds. His eyes would soften, feeling regretful. You would try to apologize for the tears and tell him to continue on what he was saying. He would apologize for raising his voice while wiping off your tears. Then he would say that the argument was ridiculous and that you guys shouldn’t fight over simple things. You two would then try to figure out a compromise on the argument. The next day, you’ll probably see a boutique of flowers on your door step.  

Wonwoo/Woozi - He might continue to ramble on their last sentence really softly until he reaches a full stop because he noticed the tears. He would probably freeze up and be really unsure what to do in the situation. He might brush off the topic saying that it wasn’t important anyway. Once you get home, you would definitely receive a text from him saying he was sorry and meeting each other up for something special the next day. 

Mingyu/Hoshi/DK - This bunch would probably be a little shocked at first when they see the tears and try to apologize for the argument happening. You would probably say that he was right and apologize for the tears. He would disagree saying that you were right and he was wrong. He’ll probably do some cute hearts or silly little actions just to make you laugh and forget about the argument once and for all. 

Joshua/Jun - These two are gentlemen, like they would know what to do if this ever happened. Like Jun was in dramas, he got skills. And Joshua is ‘gentleman Joshua,’ I mean he said it himself. When they see the tears they would stop talking (just like the S.Coups and friends at the top) and you would apologize and talk about the situation and how it was overwhelming. They would comfort you (so like talking about compromises and such) until the tears stop flowing out of your eyes. You two would probably take a short walk to the park and he would place his coat around you, while he goes to the convenience store to get some ice cream for you two to share.  

Dino/Vernon/Minghao - When he notices the tears, his eyes would widen in shock, especially if it’s the first time he saw you cry. His mind would go into panic mode ‘Omg, what did I say to make her cry?’ and/or ‘How do I make these tears stop?!’ You would suddenly here a lot of “I’m sorry.” You might also receive an awkward hug for comfort and hear something along the line, “I didn’t mean to make you cry, please forgive me.”

Just remember that these scenarios are not legit, I just based them off of the personalities I see in the videos of them on TV so some of these might be wrong. Also, I’m sorry if some stuff was repetitive but please send in some requests cause my inbox is currently empty.

- Admin Lil Coups  

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: What if they really did film 2 music videos when they filmed She's Kinda Hot and all the 7 trillion dogs Calum had on leashes will be for the Fly Away video? Where did those dogs come from? What were those dogs used for? Did Calum keep them? Would they make him feel better right now? What is happening with all this new music? Remember when I said I wanted new 5SOS music ASAP... Well this really was ASAP WOW. So Fly Away huh... I bet that's going to be good. ANOTHER SONG OFF THE ALBUM THAT ASHTON SAID HE'S NEVER BEEN MORE PROUD OF ANYTHING IN HIS LIFE. It's going to be such a great album. OMG... So many anthems. Such wow. So great for all the rejects like me out there joining the New Broken Scene. It's fine... I'm fine.