i remember laughing so hard at the first video


(I advise you to watch this video first)
(Warning: mentions of Suicide and cursing)
Okay there is several things I would like to say to @markiplier which would probably get lost in the comments section. First off, a while back I used to do this binge thing where I would watch older videos, dead space in particular. Anyways, that Mark who wanted to get to know his fans that is the Mark I had grown to love because all I saw was happiness and that’s what I felt watching those videos. I had never felt that in my life. I mean part of it is still there but not how I remember it being. I do a chuckle or a little smile but I used to grin or laugh so hard that I would cry. I still love Mark nonetheless.
Secondly, Mark I think you need to take some time and find these new goals. They help, I mean for me 5 years ago I was planning to commit suicide and look at me now. I’ll be going to college pretty soon to get a degree in Business so I can open a candy store in Ohio. I think you just need something that you would want to be proud of. It seems to work pretty well I mean look at you and your channel you just need another goal.
(This last one got me a bit emotional and pissed off)
Lastly, absolutely love Amy. She is probably one of the best things that happened to Mark and this community. And I’m honestly done with the shit people give her. I had to quit going on social media for a while because of all the things I saw about mainly Amy. And one threat was enough to leave me in tears for days. I feared for her life I had never met her but I constantly worry about her. So you childish pricks need to knock this shit off. Threatening someone’s life is not okay. You need to realize yes Mark does care about you but he loves Amy. No if’s, and’s or but’s. And that’s final, Do not try to tear them apart. Because you’ll probably be dealing with a pissed off me and that ain’t pretty.