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Humans Are Actually Alteans

NOW HERE ME OUT. This is just something I’ve been thinking about since all Alteans can’t just be gone and it makes me too sad to think that Allura and Coran are the last ones.

So what I was thinking with how humans can be Alteans actually relates back to how the Blue Lion was created. In Voltron Force there was this arc explaining that five planets brought together resources to create the Voltron Lions, I don’t remember that arc very well but it made me think

“What is the Blue Lion was built on earth?”

Again hear me out, a loooooong time ago even more 10,000 years ago Earth was having an ice age people. It makes sense that the Blue Lion, Guardian Spirit of Water was built on a planet covered more or less 70% in water and ice. My money is that the Blue Lion was built underwater to be kept safe, along with the researchers, in an underwater city sounds familiar huh?

If that’s the case, maybe a couple hundred scientists, researchers, explorers, etc may have called Atlantis and Earth their home for a time but the planet was not very suitable for a mass population to live on which may factor in to why Earth has been left untouched by the rest of the universe. Anyway, moving forward it’d also be interesting if a few other species like the Merfolk and perhaps even other species humans could consider myths now were actually other alien species that remained on earth  

Now, why did they remain on earth? For this the first thing that came to mind was Ilos from Mass Effect. That when Zarkon and the Galra empire rose to take over the empire, the planets the Lions were built on were cut off from the rest of the universe to prevent Zarkon from conquering them and learning the secrets of the Lions

And like Ilos, the Altean research team could have put themselves in cryo perhaps to wait things out or for the Voltron Force to arrive, other species like the merfolk and even other Alteans could have lived and maintained the city along with others and they could have become keepers to the city and the Alteans but it couldn’t have lasted forever right? It would take a lot of resources they’d eventually have to journey to the surface when the ice began to melt

Some Alteans and other species that had lived on Atlantis chose to live on the surface, perhaps alongside the small human population that survived the Ice Age. The Alteans took their features to blend in and accepted their new home and the species. Only a handful remained in Atlantis, some Alteans, mostly merfolk since a few pods were left active, perhaps the Alteans with the most knowledge of their culture and Voltron.

Then, when the species began to intermingle. Humans and Alteans began to evolve into a new form of Alteans that lost their mystical abilities like manipulating quintessence from lack of exposure to its raw form or maybe even losing the art from it not being caught. It happens over long periods of time, these Humans/Alteans lose their long life spans and the Altean culture. They eventually lose the points of their ears and the markings on their bodies but evolve to adapt and survive in harsh environments so that’s how humans got their current appearance. Because really, they are the ONLY species we’ve seen that resemble Alteans, literally the only different appearance wise are the ears and face marks. 

Also I’m thinking around modern times human’s lifespans may have grown again to around 100-150 years but not nearly as long as the original Alteans (again, a Mass Effect reference, shh)

I’m not saying these human/Alteans lost everything about them that makes them Altean, but many of the information and culture was lost when Earth had to cut its ties completely to keep hidden from the Druids and Zarkon’s rise to power. There may even be some Alteans descendants that still remember the stories of their people and their abilities, some may even still have such abilities and watch over Earth

These Human/Alteans that still remember tend to retain their long lifespans and have been watching over the planet and protecting it, maybe they’re an order of sorts for them? They may have also helped humanity evolve faster through technological advances

Perhaps there are members among the Galaxy Garrison?

Now I’m going into more headcanon territory now but imagine if Sam Holt was one of these Altean/Humans? Or maybe he may even have been one of the scientists in the cryo pods who was one of the original scientists to work on the Blue Lion? Or maybe he was just a descendant that remembered  

Just, I’m not letting go of all that foreshadowing he said to Katie during the last family dinner that she will be a part of her own team and do something extraordinary. If he helped built Voltron who’s to say he can’t notice a potential pilot? Also, back to Sam being Altean, he’d jump at the chance to be on a mission to travel out to Kerberos, the furthest humanity has gotten out to space he’d give anything to go out there and see the universe again because how much do these Alteans really know about how damaged the universe has become?

And everything is great! That is, until Sam and the Kerberos crew are captured and his hopes are shattered by the state of the universe and what Zarkon has done to it annnndddd that’s all I got 

Well, besides an idea that Zarkon could potentially be rounding up any species/people that have Altean blood in them because they could still be a threat to him and perhaps he has a prison for them? Has them experimented on? Maybe even turns them into whatever Haggar is. After the Haggar is Altean reveal there must be more Alteans out there, I just like to think they’re a little closer to home haha see what I did there 

ANYWAY If anyone wants to expand on this idea go for it, and please tell me about it, also I just really wanted to find a way for the Altean race to keep living on even if it’s in a different form, this may even apply to other Alteans around the universe, they’re still alive just in different forms and shapes to survive

And to end on a happier note anyone who wanted a valid reason for Altean Lance YOU’RE WELCOME

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“Put me down!” For the writing prompt. Tomarry. ^-^ Preferably for 1940s!Tom and Slytherin!Harry. I love you. You are awesome.

“Put me down!” Harry yelled, his voice lost amongst the drunken chatter and laughter currently filling the Slytherin common room.

Of course it was Lestrange who had attacked him as soon as Tom’s back was turned. Harry could see him from across the room, a rare smile gracing his face as he spoke to another inebriated student. The glimpse was gone, however, as Lestrange hauled his body up the stairs to their empty dorm, in the full confidence that no-one would notice their disappearance.

Of course it was Lestrange.

The Lestranges seemed to have an unhealthy obsession with Tom Riddle, though Harry couldn’t tell whether he preferred the Bellatrix of his own time or the Lestrange of this one. Naturally, because Harry couldn’t ever keep himself away from Voldemort for some stupid self-destructive reason, he’d gotten himself caught in Tom’s orbit, and Tom… well, his attentions on Harry had been enough to put Harry at the top of Lestrange’s hate list.

And those attentions were certainly reciprocated. The whole thing was more platonic than Harry would have preferred, but he kept these thoughts to himself lest he ruin his already intimate relationship with Tom.

Harry suffered a hard landing on the floor when Lestrange shrugged him off. Perhaps it was a mercy that Lestrange had taken them to the dorm, as this is where Harry left his wand, but Lestrange wasn’t stupid, despite what Tom liked to say. A second later, Lestrange’s wand was pointed between Harry’s eyes.

“Have you had anything to drink?” was the first thing out of Lestrange’s mouth, which startled a laugh out of Harry.

“Sorry, what?”

“Just answer the question, Potter,” Lestrange hissed, jabbing his wand at Harry and skewing his glasses.

“Yeah, I’ve probably had one or two. Why does it matter?” Harry spoke as defiantly as he dared. “Just what do you think you can do to me?”

Lestrange lowered his wand, but it was not in defeat. “I can’t hurt you. But Riddle isn’t here to protect you, Potter, and there’s something I want to know…” Lestrange motioned with his wand and Harry’s glasses whizzed into Lestrange’s waiting hand. When he next spoke, it was low and crazed and pining all at once. “… What is it about you that makes him want you more than me?”

Harry hesitated. “Well, I could give you some notes-”

Lestrange sneered, and any pity Harry might have felt for him dissipated. “Shut up, Potter. Try to sit still, and it will be over quickly.”

A spike of alarm went through him at that. “Wait- what do you mean-?”

Lestrange grabbed Harry by the hair and twisted him so that he was looking Lestrange right in the eye, and Harry connected the dots. Legilimency.

Absolutely not. Harry would not allow Lestrange of all people to find out his past, his secrets, and- perhaps most damningly of all- his deeper feelings for Tom. He shut his eyes, refusing to co-operate.

“You love him,” Lestrange whispered, and Harry’s heart sank. Of course, in trying to not think about it, he had thought about it. Stupid. Foolish. Weak, as Tom would say, were he not downstairs most likely forging connections through tipsy flirting. “You love him,” Lestrange said again, angrier, and tightened his grip painfully on Harry’s hair.

Harry would have borne that pain a thousand times over, though, if it prevented what came next.

Tom Riddle’s cold, taut voice pierced the dorm. “It’s rude to play with things that don’t belong to you.”

It was the only warning Lestrange got before receiving a stunner to the face, yanking him away from Harry and causing Harry to cry out- a sound which he did attempt to muffle, though he knew Tom heard it anyway. Harry picked up his glasses from where they’d fallen out of Lestrange’s hand, put them on, and stood.

He didn’t want to look at Tom’s face. He did anyway.

“You love me,” Tom stated, his expression indecipherable. Harry couldn’t read Tom’s aura either, dangerous and seductive and intoxicating as it always was.

Would Tom denounce him, call him out on what Tom perceived as a weakness? Harry believed that love wasn’t a weakness at all, but he couldn’t take it if Tom’s condemnation was as harsh as he feared. Harry swallowed.

“Don’t hate me,” he whispered after an age of silence.

Tom’s steps towards him were cautious, unnaturally so. Harry felt a stinging in his eyes despite himself which he blamed on the alcohol, and when the first tear spilled over Tom was inches from him.

“Are you so afraid of me?” Tom murmured, catching the tear with his thumb on Harry’s cheek.

“Not of you,” Harry protested quietly, forcing himself to breathe. He could fight Tom on every battlefield except this one. Now he was only awaiting judgement.

“You should be afraid of me,” Tom said, but his voice held neither malice nor any other kind of danger. “I will hurt you. I will own you and I will wear you thin. We will disagree, like we always do. It will hurt you more.”

Harry nodded. His scalp hurt. “I know.”

Tom leaned into him, his lips brushing Harry’s cheek so faintly so that Tom could whisper into his ear. “I will prize you. I will give you the world, and I will keep you by my side. Forever.”

Harry’s eyes had closed of their own accord, and somewhere along the line Tom had come to grasp Harry’s waist as if enclosing him away from the rest of the world. “I know.”

Tom whispered a spell, and Harry opened his eyes just in time to see Lestrange’s unconscious body flung out of the door, which locked behind him. When Tom pulled back, he was wearing a ghost of a smirk, closer to the Tom Harry was used to. His grip on Harry had intensified, not painfully, but enough for Harry to be certain that Tom had not condemned him at all.

“I think we should spend the rest of the party in here, don’t you?” Tom purred, leaning in again to tease him with light barely-there kisses along his jaw.

It was only because Tom couldn’t see his face that Harry gathered the courage to ask, “Tom, if you ever do, er… love me back…” he reddened, rushing onwards as Tom slowly stilled. “Feel free to, you know, tell me. If that happens. So I know where we are.”

Tom hummed, raising his head so that he could look Harry in the eyes, his expression practically fond.

“But Harry… I just did.” 

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Imagine being pleasantly surprised when Woozi sends you pictures of his new hair color.


quiet night

theres just a what-if here about ritsu getting just a bit of psychic empathy and achieving the rest with his writers brain, and theres also a headcanon about mob not being a very good singer or not playing any instrument but being able to whistle very well 

I remember theres a word for that, the very good whistler thing, from a jeffery deaver book Ive read, but I cant find it in my memory anymore

I kinda want it back

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I LOVE THE OBITINE CHILD SO MUCH! Forgive my abundance of enthusiasm, your art is the first obitine child thing I've seen. Please give us all the headcanons!

Aw, enthusiastic anon, I’m sorry it took me so long to respond. I had it all typed up and then lost it, and I’m just now getting around to pulling things together again.

There are lots of different headcanons about this, and I trust you’ll be able to find them. But, well, since you asked about mine:

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WOW has it really been 7 years since I drew anything Invader Zim related? I was going through an IZ phase at the with IZ appearing on Nicktoons and I loved Gir to death. Looking back at the show now, It’s aged very well and way more funny than I remember! Invader Zim, Clone High and Chowder are my top favorite shows with clever writing!

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The amount of gay in this chapter was off the charts, and we didn't even have a moment between Kurogane and Fai! Could you imagine?? I am so glad you noticed Nokoru sleeping in Suoh's lap, because this is very important for science *flails* but also did I miss something because I'm so used to you calling characters by other names that I legit saw the name "Suoh" and was like, "who the hell is that"? NICK. SINCE WHEN DO YOU CALL MINOR CHARACTERS BY THEIR ACTUAL NAMES. I CANNOT COMPUTE.

OH MAN. I’m so beyond amused that you actually noticed that. That is incredible. 

But FULL DISCLOSURE; I totally had to google Suoh’s name halfway through typing the tags because I legitimately couldn’t remember it. 

More Full Disclosure: I do this often. 

Especially when it comes to minor characters like the Clamp Detectives. I know that one of them is named Nokoru but I can’t for the life of me remember which one that is. And what is the name of the third detective? Who even knows. It’s a mystery of the universe. Literally no-one knows. 

See look now I have to google it halfway through making this post.This is how ridiculous I am. 




Mystic Messenger Week 2016 | @mysticmessengerweek
NOVEMBER 7 x DAY 2 LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT – Option A: How the characters (or your favourite) fell in love with MC

Read from right to left!! ^0^

AAAAAH ;;;; Sorry I’m late!! But I reallly wanted to draw something for this day! I REALLY LOOOVE JUMIN (MY FAVOURITE) AND JUMIN/MC so I drew a scene from his route!! It’s not the exact dialogue though because I can’t remember very well from the top of my head… I also wanted to finish the last panel too but I ran out of time

I really need sweet fluffy things right now ;;;


remember that time in Uncontrollably Fond when No Eul got arrested and she was waiting for Joon Young, but he was basically under house arrest and barely conscious, but he still kept trying everything to get to her; but in the end everyone thought he ditched her and that he was a jerk :’( 

Some things to remember about the scene where Eren defends Mikasa: 

1- Eren was aware of how delicate his situation was and kept quiet no matter how bad the things that were thrown at him (“monster” “it’s better to kill him” “experiment on him and then dispose of him”), but it was impossible for him to keep silent seeing them throwing accusations at Mikasa. 

2- Eren’s language when he screams “NO!” was very informal, which counts as something very disrespectful and unfavorable coming from someone in his situation, throughout the entire court Eren kept a formal speech until they brought up Mikasa and persisted enough for him to lose it and not care anymore (when he calms down after that he rectifies by using a more respectful term, but point still stands) 

3- Eren sure had things to say to the people present there from the start, but it wasn’t until they brought up Mikasa into it that he couldn’t hold it any longer and decided to let them hear what he had to say which resulted in him getting his ass kicked by captain smurf

4- “I may be a monster”,  he says this not caring about the dangerous consequences it entails, just as long as it keeps Mikasa off the hook 

5- I mean

BOI ! 

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Hi Jenny! Ages ago I think you posted a list of your favourite fanfics and I remember reading an amazing one about Dean dealing with the mark of Cain by dissappearing to Mexico- can you remember the fic's name and do you have a link to it please? I've been trying to find it all week! Also I love love LOVE your blog btw thank you for being so awesome

Good morning dear anon!

Yes, I do very well remember the fic you are talking about, because it is one of my absolute favourites and also one of my fave authors in general. :))

The story you are talking about is “La División” by roqueclasique. Here is a link:


And thank you! xx


Hong Seol: “I used to frequently hear that I was sensitive and frustrating to be around. So I worried a lot about that. My conclusion was…“That’s just who I am."”

DM: Actually, he kind of looks like Stan Shunpike.

Andy (playing Grunt): I don’t know who that is.

Ciaran (playing Domri): Harry Potter character.

Andy: I’ve only seen the movies.

DM: He’s in the movies, but only briefly.

Andy: Well, I don’t remember number six very well.

Ciaran: He mainly appears in number three.

Andy: Ugh… who are we talking about?