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I remember telling @thatninjawordz around the time that this video was taken that I always felt like the worst performer on the mic each month and was going to do better. I’ve been continuously been getting better, and so has everyone involved with #thepoetwillbetelevised. @ahmedalabacamusic (who is playing keys in the video) is doing amazing things in #cali. @simsonkeys, who has been the resident pianista since the beginning has her own band and throws wildly popular house jams (@thathousepartytho), #baxterwordsworth hosts every show everywhere. @_epiphanybee_ has become a well known live painter and her original works are in high demand. I just did three shows in Europe with the love of my life and I can’t wait to see what else we accomplish.

Congrats to us and everyone else who’s been around since the beginning! I’ll see you in a min at @silvanaharlem!

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hi adiba, just curious-- (i think) you mentioned that you've been stanning bts since predebut? What was it exactly that got you interested? I'm just curious cause, no offence, I can't imagine anyone looking at the Mess that was pre-debut bangtan and thinking "wow! what a promising group! must stan!!"

JDBDKDK well clearly i was never someone with good taste but i remember i think it was a clip of jungkook singing that bighit released??? and at that point they had a small cult following n so i saw it a lot then i checked it out and i started watching their other videos
and i remember specifically watching their harlem shake video and i was like “idk who Any of these people are and this video is awful n im stanning”