i remember being so excited that he was going to be back

Claudia and Noah Stilinski

Ok, so even though I’m so excited that we finally learned Mieczyslaw “Stiles” Stilinski’s real name, can we take a moment to acknowledge the absolute tragedy of Noah having to lose his wife literally all over again. He had to totally admit to himself that she wasn’t real, knowing that he would be losing her again, so that he could remember Stiles. I honestly thinks it’s the most tragic moment I’ve ever seen on teen wolf Plus! How does he tell Stiles that his mother came back because I think when he finds out it’s going to completely shatter him - especially because he’s always blamed himself for her death and won’t finding out that his being erased from reality brought her back just confirm that in his mind?!?!! Just too many feels TW!

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I really love how Luffy reminds himself of none other than the first time Sanji confided his dream to him, before he yells at his cook that their adventures aren’t over yet. I don’t think Sanji mentioned the All Blue that often to the crew as we’ve never seen him talk earnestly about it to them, but here we see Luffy, remembering as clearly as it happened yesterday the dazzling smile of excitement Sanji had on his face as he told him about the ocean of his dream. That’s just how much Luffy cherishes Sanji’s dream and the happiness it brings to him, but here his cook is being carried away from him crying, and I’m sure Luffy knows that he’s crying. But by yelling at Sanji that their adventures are waiting for them, he’s basically telling Sanji to never give up on his dream, that he’d be the one to take him to All Blue no matter what. Luffy’s not going to give up until he brings back Sanji’s smile he endears so much, so let’s hope that Sanji also doesn’t give up - until his captain and his nakama finally saves him. 

March 19th, 2016: The day I met my hero.

I was so nervous and excited. The first time I met him it was for the autograph session where I had him sign my favorite DeLorean model. I remember going over what I’d day in my head, but when the time came all I could make out was, “Hi Michael, my name is ____. I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me, and for being here today. It really means a lot.”. He said my name, was soft spoken and kind.

Looking into the man’s eyes I was overwhelmed at the kindness and compassion I saw in them. I remember him just kinda looking at me. He never said a word about the costume, but he regarded me.

In a daze and disbelief, I carried my model DeLorean back to where three of the coolest guys I know were waiting for me: Joe, Andrew, and Steve. Their presence in that moment meant so much to me.

For the photo session a little later all I could think was, “Man you get ONE shot at this. You get this photo ONCE in a lifetime. Don’t. Fuck. It. Up.”. I calmed my nerves best I could, and walked through the curtain and greeted him. He looked over, regarded me once more, and said, “Nice to see you again!” I’ll never know if he was being kind, or if he actually remembered me. I really want to believe he did. Having your hero remember you? Damn. THAT is heavy.

For the photo there was a strict “no touching” rule, and when I accidently and instinctively moved too close, the photographer called me out on it and I was horrified and promptly apologized. So if you look at the photo, I have my arm kinda behind my back. That’s why! After it was over I simply told Michael thank you, and left.

Those of you who know about Parkinson’s know it’s a big deal that he flashed that wonderful smile in the photo. I remember picking up my photo after it printed and being near tears upon seeing it.

A year ago today I met Michael J. Fox.


Unknown feelings

I was so excited today, I’d just realized that I was in love with my bestfriend, and I couldn’t hold it in. I was going to confess my feelings to him, and hoped he would feel the same way. I mean we already lived together and we have had our moments of romance. But lately he’s been a little distant, so I thought our BFF night out would do us some good and bring us back to how close we were together. I mean we cuddle when there are thunderstorms, mainly because I’m afraid but he’s always been there to calm me down and stays with me throughout the night.

Remembering this I can’t help the smile that’s on my face when suddenly my phone starts to vibrate. My heart rate picks up thinking that it’s from Jack, but I’m being mentioned in some Twitter post by a fan. Opening it up I see jack kissing Madison, this cheek he’d been hanging out with lately. He’d swore to me when I asked him that they were just friends and that I’d be the first to know if anything changed. I could feel my heart breaking as I went, texting Jack.

*after their text convo*

Quickly I rushed up to my room taking down all the picture frames and throwing them into the card board boxes I’d gotten from our neighbors. Tears were streaming down my cheeks as I through my clothes into athletic bags and garbage sacks. My phone continued to vibrate but I didn’t pay it anymore attention. I knew that Jack worked about an hour and a half away. Theist text I read of his said he was coming home at three so I needed to be out of here by 2. I wiped at my tears as it became hard to see. I wanted to sit down and curl up in a ball, but I had to get this done first. I called Nate, begging him to come get me and to help me move out.

Should there be a part 2 tell me what you think


So, I started reading the Fairy Tail manga from the very beginning and I’m noticing all these subtle NaLu moments that I missed while watching the anime! Like for instance how in the first picture, when the gang gets back from Edolas, Natsu is clearly wearing this black cloak!

Then the next time, in the second picture, we see Lucy and she’s now wearing Natsu’s cloak! Remember in the very beginning of the manga, on their very first job to save Macao, Lucy asked for Natsu’s clothes because she was cold. He said no immediately. But here we see progress, and I bet he offered his cloak to her without even being asked!

And then, of course, in the third picture there’s that smoldering look he’s giving her on Tenrou Island when they’re forming a team again to defeat Grimoire Heart! And she’s definitely blushing because of it!

I could go on and on. But clearly they care about each other:) I’m so excited to get caught up with the manga to see how much further they progress!


You’re Okay, and I’m Here 

“You’re fine,” Annabeth murmured in his ear, rocking him back and forth. “I’m right here. I’m right here.”      |       Percy blinked. After a few seconds, the distant look in his eyes faded, and he said, “Yeah. yeah, you’re here.”   

Summary: Annabeth wasn’t sure how she was going to help Percy. How could she get the upset look on his face to go away? How could she get him to feel better and maybe realize that he was okay? In which, Percy isn’t okay unless Annabeth is there, and thank god that she is. Percabeth. Two part story.

Part 1 | Part 2

It’s finally the anniversary for this fic, and I remember being so excited about it this time last year. It was the longest fic I’d ever written at that time, and it was also one of my first AUs. Weird, right?

I definitely recommend reading this if you haven’t already (and maybe even if you have read it already)! I’m starting my birthday week today, on my actual birthday, so keep your eyes open for all sorts of cool stuff between now and next Wednesday. It’s gonna be super cool.

And I really want to thank literally-s-a–m-e for the awesome cover for You’re Okay, and I’m Here, and seawedebrain for my birthday week cover. You guys are legit so sweet, and thank you so much!

ginhiji headcanons

  • gintoki always gets jealous seeing how respectfully hijikata treats kondo
  • hijikata always gets jealous seeing how excited gintoki gets during ketsuno ana’s weather reports
  • shinpachi and kagura and sougo all know about their relationship but they have to pretend to be shocked every time they accidentally walk in on them
  • hijikata holds down his drink better and generally drinks less than gintoki, so he always ends up helping gintoki home
  • hijikata has 0 problems with being uke, but if gintoki teases him about being a bottom he’ll refuse him sex for weeks and at the same time he’ll insist he isn’t angry but “just busy” when gintoki desperately tells him he didn’t mean it
  • when they haven’t seen each other for a while gintoki buys a pack of the cigarettes hijikata buys and he smokes them to remember his scent
  • if hijikata is sitting on a couch there is a 100% chance gintoki will fall asleep with his head on hijikata’s lap
  • when hijikata was busy with work gintoki stood in line for 6 hours to get tosshi an anime figure that had recently gone on sale
  • hijikata isn’t very good at blowjobs but gintoki gets turned on anyway just because it’s him
Being newly married to Calum would mean:
  • Him calling you “darling wife” constantly.
  • Him trying to have you listed as Wifey Hood on the backstage passes.
  • Him presenting you with a shirt with “the real Mrs Hood” on it and begging you to wear it to the next show.
  • “You do realise I’ll look like every Calum girl in the crowd, right? You might lose me.”
  • “Somebody will return you, babe.” 
  • Being woken up at random points in the night because he’s just remembered you’re actually married to each other.
  • “Calum, go the fuck back to sleep.”
  • “But I’m your husband now, be excited!”
  • “I can be excited about that tomorrow not at 3 o’clock in the fucking morning, Hood.”
  • Him attempting to cook dinner for you but setting off the fire alarm so many times, it kills the battery.
  • Laughing at him as he fits a new battery muttering about how this is what I get for trying to be a nice husband.
  • Finding out what Michael’s wedding gift actually was since Calum claimed it was a surprise which turns out to be a puppy and that Cal has been hiding the puppy at Michael’s house. 
  • “I was waiting for the right time to ask if we could keep him. His name is Frankfurter and he’s a sausage dog.”
  • “You’ll love him, babe, I swear.”
  • Calum following you around the house for days begging for you to just give Frankfurter a chance.
  • “We can have him, Cal. But only if we tell my parents his name is just Frank because my dad will never give up with the sausage related jokes.”
(spoilers) Reasons to be excited for The Flash Season 3!

In no particular order. I’ll provide sources if you ask about a particular one, and please add anything I missed!

  • musical episode!
  • 4 way crossover!! (that STARTS on The Flash)
  • A 25% chance of a character being confirmed lgbt+
  • Harry will be back!
  • Cisco/Harry banter
  • Tom Cavanagh in general
  • Kevin Smith (remember Runaway Dinosaur?) directing an episode!
  • Tom Felton & inevitable HP references
  • Pokemon Go references? *crosses fingers*
  • Vibe powers being further explored!
  • Westallen maybe finally becoming canon (even if you don’t ship it, no more will-they-won’t-they for what we all know is inevitable)
  • Quickwest?
  • Dr. Alchemy!
  • Grodd returning (for 2 episodes!)
  • ~time travel~
  • maybe the last time we’ll see Barry’s mother die (until 2024, probably)
  • meeting Caitlin’s mother!
  • some version of both Leonard and Laurel showing up because of their all-shows contracts (also Malcolm Merlyn, but I’m honestly surprised he’s still alive so I don’t know if everyone’s excited about that.)
  • If nothing else, at the very LEAST, more material for fanfiction!

53 days. The hype is real.


#whitetshirtproject // When I was in 6th grade, I remember going back to school shopping with my mom and being able to fit into a size 0 skirt. I was so excited because I was finally able to fit into adult clothes, when my friends were still wearing kids sizes. I felt womanly and grown. My hips continued to grow and grow until I took shape into a pear figure. As I got older, I filled out more, and found myself struggling with my body image in my high school years, skipping lunch and counting calories. It wasn’t until the end of college when I started to embrace my figure and truly feel womanly and beautiful in my own skin and bones. 

When I was wrapping up my senior year of high school, I had just broken up with my boyfriend when he decided to turn my friends against me by telling them “things I said” about them (none of which true). I lost my three closest lady friends. It took years to recover and learn to trust before I could grow friendships with other ladies, learning that women-to-women friendships are some of the most important to have and harvest.

My sophomore year of college, I slumped into a depression and stopped eating entirely. The thought and smell of food made me feel sick; to get anything into my stomach I was essentially gagging it down the entire way. Before long, my long, beautiful blonde hair started falling out in clumps and was lackluster. I was basically forced to cut all of my hair off, so I cut it right above my shoulders and dyed it black.

My entire life I have struggled with a neurocardiogenic disorder called vasovagal syncope. I would faint on a regular basis, triggered by stressful medical situations and would find myself fainting in my anatomy classes and during dissections throughout my schooling. I found it to be humiliating to faint in front of my colleagues. My mom played it to be something simpler than it was, because as I got older I discovered that it is actually considered a chronic illness, since there truly is no cure. I found solace in talking to other women on Facebook groups and throughout Tumblr discussions, finding strength in the situation and learning that I truly am not alone and that other women (and men!) face the same struggles.

I have had rosy cheeks due to “chicken bumps” for as long as I can remember. I remember in middle school, girls making fun of me because “i didn’t know how to wear blush” (this was before I even wore make up), and still to this day if I don’t wear foundation, people will ask “are you embarrassed?” or point out the fact that I’m “blushing”. For the longest time I was self conscious about it but I truly embrace it now as I consider it one of my “signatures”.

At the end of the day, I’ve learned that there are parts of me that I can’t change and I have two choices : to let it make me miserable, or embrace it and thrive within it. So, I’ve chosen the latter. Life is beautiful when you won’t let it knock you down.

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“So let me get this straight,” Harry said slowly, furrowing his eyebrows in confusion ever so slightly. “Your mum–”


“Shut up, Canada. Anyways, you lied to your mum that you had a boyfriend, and now that pretty boy’s backing out, you’re coming to me?” When I nodded my head grimly, the corners of his lips quickly tugged into a smirk. “I thought you hated me, love.”

“I do,” I informed him slowly. I thought that we had already cleared that up, but I guess I couldn’t blame him for being a bit slow. “Look, it’s only for a little bit. She’s coming to visit from Nova Scotia, and I knew that she was going to be on my back about having a boyfriend, especially since my sister’s in the midst of her big fat Indian wedding and I’m still single. And Zayn never would have worked out anyway. He’s Pakistani.”

“So?” Harry asked curiously. Okay, he really was an idiot.

“Indians and Pakistanis…we’re complete rivals,” I rolled my eyes at him. “How dense are you?”

“So that’s better than you dating a white boy?”

I nodded solemnly. “Oh, much better. As long as I don’t marry you, we’re good.”

Harry laughed out loud, and I looked on at him in disgust. “Oh, don’t worry, Mira, you won’t have to worry about that.”

come and fade me - a uni au coming to 1dff and tumblr in march

Good job, Kira. Son, we are so, so proud of you. Those were the exact words his parents had said to him before he was sent off to Hope’s Peak Academy, the most prestigious academy in the entire world. He was excited to go. Finally his talent with the arts were being recognized! But when he arrived, he passed out. And he could not remember a single damn thing besides the words of his parents. He woke up in an empty classroom, dazed and confused. “…Where am I?” He whispered, his voice weak. He slowly got out of his desk and he shivered. It was freezing. He shuffled out of the classroom and into an empty hall. He looked back and forth to see if anyone was around and the feeling of dread increased as he saw no one. This was an academy, right? Weren’t the halls supposed to be bustling with students and professors? The pair of animal ears that protruded from his skull pressed flat against his scalp and he whimpered. “Shit…I have a bad feeling.” He mumbled. 

I have had mixed emotions while watching Mark’s new video. Although Mark didn’t have to say it, I see that he was getting teary eyed talking about the memories he had with Daniel and that’s totally normal.

I was also happy because seeing him smile in that video warmed my heart like I havent seen him smile for like a week or two. He was being goofy again and i love it. He needs more time to ease up though.

Gosh, I missed Mark so much that I’m so excited for the all the cool stuff he’s going to be doing.

Like he said: Things may be different, but he will always be the Mark we have always loved and remembered. He’s not going to change anything just because of what happened. AND, I am also sure that Daniel wanted them to continue on forward.

He may or may not be completely happy since the tragedy, but hopefully he will be as soon as time passes by.


Back to Hell (CLOSED)


— The phone rings and the time reads- 12:00am. I pick up the phone, somewhat frustrated from being woken up. “Kamiko Mayumi?..”Yes? Do you realize the ti-” “We need to ask a favor..You remember Mount Massive Asylum?” My eyes widened. Oh hell no.. they better not think i’ll be going back to that pl- “We need you to go back and investigate.” SHIT. “We assure you that the Asylum is completely vacant.” 

That doesn’t make everything better. I rolled my eyes as well as rolling over onto my side. “Miles Upshur, the reporter that was sent there as well, he is still missing. You are the only person left that knows the hospital well enough to get around and at the least.. report back his death.” I was pissed, didn’t they have people for this kind of shit? Not me, I’m just a journalist! With a sigh and a bite of my tongue I replied. “Fine.” “Thank you Ms. Mayumi. You will be granted a $15,000 bonus after completing this assignment.” Oh well that’s just perfect. I rolled my eyes once more, dressing myself and grabbing my camcorder and notebook before taking off in my yellow jeep to the ‘abandoned’ Asylum.

Concert // Elena

The hours flew by and Ethan was making his way back to Elena’s. He was excited. Not only for the show, but it was another chance for the two of them to hang out. Not to mention, it was one of his favorite bands. Most people would think he’s silly for being so stoked for a concert. Just because he couldn’t see the band, doesn’t mean he can’t hear them. Actually, he could appreciate the music they produce more because he can’t visualize them.

He headed down the block to her apartment. He got everywhere he needed to go by foot. Clicking his walking stick along the pavement, he figured he had to be close. His nose caught a whiff of a floral scent. He vaguely remembered she mentioned she lived above a flower shop. He pulled out his cell from his pocket. And told Siri to call her. “I’m downstairs.”

Mira Singh had a plan for her sophomore year of university–getting As in each one of her classes even if it killed her, actually trying to be on time to something for once, finally getting around to calling her sisters back–the usual.

 However, said plan never included her major kicking her in the ass big time; keeping the two (make that three now) bratty teenagers she babysat from killing each other; harboring an enormous crush on her clueless best friend who happened to be from Pakistan, of all places; and it definitely didn’t include making up a fake boyfriend in order to get her mother off of her back.

Fortunately, her arrogant, constantly meddling, Star Wars loving next door neighbor has just the solution. (Or so he claims.)

A story about documenting your memories, boxing, sibling rivalries, Canadian stereotypes, India vs. Pakistan, birthdays, being the third wheel, and cynical love.

come and fade me - a uni au coming to 1dff and tumblr in march 2016

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