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every time the inner cynic in me starts questioning if we’ve set our hopes too high about a canon force bond, i remember that that’s literally the only possible way Kylo will find them on Ahch-To.

think about it. the ENTIRE PLOT of TFA revolved around the First Order being unable to locate Luke or Ahch-To. they tried everything; there’s nowhere left to look and no other information for them to find. so what’s changed since TFA? 

Rey is there.

all logic dictates that Rey is the key to Kylo finding Ahch-To at long last. and the only way for that to work from across the galaxy is through their mysterious connection.

Precious Moments

Time shared,
Time spent,
Time given
Time taken–
each moment
in time
so very precious
and dear.
For every moment
for each time
you’ve given to me
a smile, a laugh
a warm hello
I am grateful to you
beyond any words.

I have come to know
that all moments in time
are so very precious and dear
but moments spent
with you
are so very cherished –
whenever I need a tranquil
escape from the chaos
of life–
I will reach within
and remember
the moments (precious moments)
we two were able to share.
Thank you, my friend
for being there!

Pamela Rae

For a dear friend who soothes my soul, happy once around the sun day.

Provided we don't all bail ship after the finale, what needs to happen in Season 8 to wipe the last couple of seasons' bad taste out of your mouths?

I’ll go first, and I’ll put them under the cut because I like to ramble.  Remember, all of these are just my opinions and you might have different ones.  No disrespect intended if I step on some toes. 

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An old “coupon” from one of the kids (I don’t remember who made this one) where evidently all I seem to indicate is that I need time to myself.

OUAT questions?

This is a rant. I’m frustrated and irritated with the crap OUAT has become. I didn’t check for typos so read at your own risk.

Hook is a bastard. He’s selfish. He’s a bully and a murderer that never pays a price for his crimes but is rewarded for being a bully fuckhead. CS is 10000 times more abusive and toxic than Rumbelle. If only for the main reason​that Emma is so desperate that she sweeps all conflict under the rug. But there are actually many reasons they are worse.

Showing my age here but remember TV shows back in the 70’s? Probably even earlier than that? They never had ant continuity. The writer’s wrote characters based on what they wanted for the plot not of it made sense. The writing was so simple and contrived it seemed to reflect the mindset of the audience or at least the audience they think they have.
It was terrible , and every other character existed for the central characters. Plots, backstories could change weekly, because of the week writing. And again it reflects their audience. No effort, no need to think about it.

1) Everyone on Once Upon A Time now live to prop Hook.
2) The show forces his manpain on us because they will not focus a small, loud obnoxious group that never existed until S2.
3) The show throws away backstories, characterizations to ensure CS , esp Hook gets everything without the characters actually needing to work on it.
4) The doesn’t even hide the fact that they intentionally have characters forgive and forget past crimes made against them to further the plot. It no longer needs to make sense if it means that at the end of the day Cs/ Hook were propped up.

Effortless storytelling by lazy writer’s who obviously don’t care about the show’s history, the backgrounds and nuances of characters. They just simply write blindly to prop a pirate asshole . They must think the intelligence of the audience is very low.

The show is talking reboot if they get a s7. They rebooted back in s3 when it became about Hook.

This show holds no surprises or intrigue anymore. We all know that all characters will instantly forgive Hook. Look at how fast Emma forgave him for trying to kill Henry.

CS “drama” gets resolved almost instantly. No tears, anger, breakups.. just Hook’s manly tears.

The only happy ending, or long-term angst in question is Rumbelle.
Rumple is the only character whose past is always held against him. The only character whose heroism is forgotten even by Belle. Rumple has actually done noble, heroic acts.
His heroism he never needs acknowledged, or needs to call himself something a million times to make it true.
Hook’s heroism is him doing something selfish, never actually doing something heroic
Because just him saying he is automatically makes it true on this show.

I hate Hook, I hate the writing. The show deserves to be cancelled.

We all know who will get a happy ending and who will not. The show paints it obviously.
Belle will move on, Rumple will die and be forgotten.

Fuck the writer’s, ABC, Adam Horowitz, Eddy Kitsowitz, and Once Upon a Hook. The show is a joke.

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remember that time lena was like "a ~friend?" and the look on her face and and her tone that straight up told us right off she thought friend meant fuckbuddy? 'cause that happened. and now the word friend is being thrown around and juggled between lena's eyebrows like she still suspects that it means that. idk what's better, that she canonically assumed that of course kara was getting her pussy ate regularly or that friendship means orgasms obviously

HELP I KNOW also can I just say having Lena say ‘a friend?’ all jokingly and dare i say jealously… and then the whole friends thing becomes a motif… like supercorp is endgame tbqh

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I was wondering if you could help me find a fanfic I read a few months ago?? It's based around Draco being addicted to Felix but not admitting to himself that he is, Harry is his healer and looks after him and they become friends over the time he's there in the healing program. He relapses a few times and I believe they eventually get together, there's also battle of hogwarts events each year which is where the fic starts and that's all I can remember, thank you!

So sorry for the extremely late reply! This sounds like Only For The Lucky by SunseticMonster :)

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What would it take for all the boys in dialover to have the capacity to genuinely love their partner?

Okay this had me stumped with how to write it but I think I nailed it:

I believe, in general, it would take time. Love doesn’t happen overnight, genuine love at least, and you have to remember just how broken the boys are. It would take a lot of time and patience for them open up to you even in the slightest and attempt to genuinely care for you as a human and not prey. That being said each boy is different but once you finally gain their love and affection you can be rest assured they aren’t letting go, all it takes is you chipping away at the exterior.

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Yo! I'm looking for a fic I read not too long ago but I cannot find it no matter how hard I try! Eren and Levi were both teachers, and some of the students (Sasha, Armin, ect) decide to try and get them to fall in love, like at some point they locked them in a room together and kept messing with the temperatures so they would have to hug for warmth or whatever. Thats about all I know~ Hope you can help! Thanks~

I remember this fic! Here you go friend!

I Heard You Talking 
Summary: Levi is a prissy History teacher, who insists on everything being orderly, clean, and on time.
Eren is an outgoing, fun-loving English teacher who every student loves.
Oh, and they hate eachother’s guts.
So naturally, the 104th class decides to get them together, by any means necessary.


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Take it easy Stealth - everyone is rooting for you and that means accepting when you need time. Art is meant to be fun, its for you - please please make sure you do it because you enjoy it, not because you feel obligated to draw something. <3 And please remember, your art is good, I know you dont always see it but we all do. Its amazing and if you ever need telling again you just let me know because I wont stop saying it until you believe it too.

thank you friend <3 

I just wanna take this minute to tell you how much I love and appreciate you guys. I say this almost all the time like a broken record but I’m serious every time I say it. I have met some of the sweetest people on this website through being part of the phandom and I can’t tell you guys are how much your love means to me. Whenever I’m feeling upset at the world or feeling anxious and depressed, I come on here and talk to you babes or read tabinof or watch dan and phil because all these things bring me out of that sadness.
I’m so grateful for all of you for being so accepting and sweet and I hope to talk to SO many more of you and become pals, cause we need to be reminded that we aren’t alone in times of hardship and to be reminded that we do belong somewhere in this world, love you guys. 💕

i was just watching bridget jones amvs with my mom, as one does, and dont @ me because i dont remember the plot at all besides 2 men fighting over a girl since i saw it when i was maybe 9 BUT: the au i was thinking shd be where johnlock are the 2 men, sherlock is just faking and trying to get information by getting close to her (and its from his pov so we never have to question how completely gay he is OK) and john actually kinda likes her but then he butts heads with sherlock and he spends more time with sherlock than he does with her but always under the guise of it being about her and sherlock only even keeps it up because hes worried johns working for some bad dude trying to extract info too and anyway then some Intricate Rituals happen and they just end up making out.
alternatively: femjohn rejecting 2 men fighting over her for femlock and then the men get with each other too
also just generally a bridget jones au not even a johnlock one where that happens

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tbh I ship both Mcreyes and Mc76 (but not R76) but that's because I ship Jeese with everyone because I love him so much. But, I ship McHanzo the least, I really only read the stuff because out of all the current ships it's the only one with a steady flow on content.

The idea of having literally 1000 versions of every trope is alluring at first isn’t it

It’s like I said before, mchan is a convenient ship, which is pretty unfortunate because that makes it easy for people to create the content they do and get off scott free. It’s hard to allow for improvement when there’s next to no criticism, in my opinion. I’m sure we all remember the early - and still very prominent - versions of mchan where McCree was head over heels for Hanzo who didn’t want to give him the time of day or was even straight up cruel despite actually being in a relationship with him. 

Also unfortunately, having so much content promotes the idea that This Is All There Is And All That Can Be, which in turn (somehow) makes people think there’s actually a chance of McHan becoming canon. In other fandoms, this makes sense, because the most popular ship usually is the canon ship, but….I’m truly just perplexed at the intense popularity of a crack ship here. I’ve never seen it happen on such a large scale before. Is this what desperation for any bit of lore breeds?

For me personally, one of the best parts about McReyes is that it forced me to create the content I wanted to see. Prior to Overwatch I would sometimes go months without writing a thing, and now - unless I’m very busy - I’m at publishing or at least working on something constantly.

im so sad to say this but he really doesn’t do anything for me outside of and separate from the john watson character and even so it’s like…in relation to johnlock not my personal attraction. EXCEPT for the week after I saw him in richard iii…truly inappropriate because of how good he was at being evil but I straight up…for a week I deeply actively wanted to be having sex with him at all times. would just remember seeing his **** and I was like devastated that we weren’t having sex. truly no one made me feel that way since i saw james spader play a lawyer on broadway.

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Is it wrong that I'm totally completely against the Bengali remake of ipkknd.. the original was so freaking good and couldn't they have just dubbed the show in Bengali instead of a remake?

Hello :)

You have the right to your opinions and no one can tell you that you’re wrong :) I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, we’re all entitled to our opinions and I’m allowed to believe that Arnav is an alien who conducts experiments on Aman in his spare time. None of y’all can stop me, but no one has to agree with me either.

What follows is simply my opinion.

My first thought when I see outrage at the remakes is to remember that the fandom for this show tends to be much too invested, to the point of being overly dramatic about things without fully understanding what is happening.

The hysteria that surrounds the reuse of ‘Teri Meri’ (which doesn’t even belong to 4Lions) for example, is absolutely irrational but makes sense to the people who see it as Arshi’s song. I can understand the michimichi about reusing ‘Rabba Ve’, but since 4Lions themselves are okay with it and are allowing other shows and channels to use it – IPKKND is so big and so well known that there’s no way another channel or show could use it without permission, unless they wanted a lawsuit at their doorstep – I think it’s a bit odd to feel ownership over it.

I agree with you, the original show was amazing :D

As most people have no idea how distribution rights work, they tend to assume that their beloved show is being unfairly copied when it is remade, which isn’t the case. 

In terms of distributing the show, I think the model of remaking it rather than dubbing it makes sense within India. It is dubbed for certain regions though. As far as I’m aware, all the regional remakes have aired on Star’s regional channels. They’re all official remakes that use a different cast and director but try to preserve the original essence of the show.

I think it’s positive to remake the show and showcase actors from other regions who may not have otherwise gotten to work on something so high profile. That’s not to say that regional television doesn’t have it’s own amazing ideas and shows, but the biases in Bollywood and tellywood towards actors to look a certain way cannot be ignored. Remakes give employment and opportunities to people who might have otherwise been overlooked. 

My own biases are clear: I’ve never watched any regional remake of the show and so am ill-equipped to speak about this at length. I don’t want to offend people by insinuating that the original is the best simply because it originated in Mumbai.

I think a dub could have worked, but the result may not have been as culturally accessible as a complete remake. India is rich in both language and culture and remakes are a unique opportunity to explore this.

I already know they change the character names when remaking it for different audiences, but I’m interested in what else they change. Do they also introduce small changes to the customs or rituals to align with their audience’s expectations? Do they change the way the characters dress, even subtly, to reflect the customs of the region they’re airing it into? I think these changes are positive – if we can bring more audiences to love this story then I think that’s awesome. The story is beautiful and deserves to be shared.

My final thought is that disliking remakes of IPKKND without considering the broader context of remakes (both legitimate and illegitimate) in tellywood and Bollywood could be harmful. If popular opinion is against a remake of IPKKND for a different region, then I wonder where the same people stand on OK Jaanu, an official remake of the Tamil film OK Kanmani that uses the same music director and producer and is adapted by the original director, but has different cast and changes the story for a more modern audience while taking out some of the more subtle cultural themes. 

I wonder where those same people stand on Bollywood blatantly stealing plot lines from Hollywood movies, on Hollywood stealing from Chinese and South Korean cinema, and on everyone stealing from French cinema. I find the general discussion is alarmingly silent when it comes to these actual thefts, but fandoms are ridiculously quick to malign official remakes of a show that ended almost half a decade ago.

(I mean, an Indian production company was taken to court for creating Hari Puttar, a story about a magical boy who flies around on a rake, and the Indian courts found that Warner Bros’. copyright hadn’t been infringed even though it was clear to everyone else that it had.)


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