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Title: Poolside

Pairing: Stanley Uris x Reader

Type: Platonic | Romantic | Familial | Other

Warnings: ehh, none really, richie’s cute lil trashmouth

Summary: richie’s just about at his limit with stan dragging them to the pool everyday just to ogle at you, the lifeguard. so one day, he takes drastic measures.

Being a lifeguard wasn’t all it was cut out to be.

As you sat in the hard plastic chair, watching slightly sulkily at the kids having fun below you, splashing around and screeching with laughter, you found yourself thinking, “did I really do three years of training for this?

Derry was a good town. You couldn’t remember the last time anybody had drowned - certainly not in your lifetime. Most of your shifts were spent blowing a whistle at boys catcalling you, breaking up petty fights and - unbeknownst to you - being gawked at by Stanley Uris every other day for the entire summer.

To his credit, he had been meaning to strike up conversation. The time just hadn’t come yet. He’d never particularly liked public pools - they were rowdy and loud and the stench of chlorine was overwhelming, but to stare at you for a couple of hours, maybe it was worth it.

Not to his friends, though.

Richie could only be occupied by girls in bikinis for so long before he began to complain the pool was lame. Eddie wore huge jelly sliders and never once touched the water, hissing with a blanched face that “people pee in there, Stan, and - and leave their plasters in there. Used plasters, all bloody and infected and-” he reclined on the poolside, curled up into his horror. They mostly let him be. Bill was a strong swimmer but he didn’t enjoy it too much, same as Stan.

But he did enjoy the view.

“It’s stalking,” Richie commented today, disgruntled that Stan had dragged them to the pool again.

“It is not,” Stan shot back irritatedly, dumping their bag full of towels and goggles onto the wet, tiled floor. “It’s not like I follow her home, or anything like that…”

“You’re right,” Richie amended. “That would require you to know where she lives. Or like… anything about her. Do you even know her name?”

Stan opened his mouth to retort angrily, then froze and let his jaw drift shut reluctantly, glaring at Richie with an annoyance that made it clear he wanted Richie six feet under.

“Didn’t think so,” Richie chuckled, and then before anyone could tell him to stop, reached out with both hands and shoved Stan over the edge of the pool, into the artificially-blue water with a splash and a half-yell.


You started at the yell, cutting clear across the din of the indoor poolroom. You glanced down at a dark-haired boy your age - perhaps slightly younger - waving at you with both arms, then point to a mass of ripples and bubbles foaming in the water.

“My friend fell in - he can’t swim!”

Oblivious to the groans his two friends gave and, admittedly, slightly excited that you were finally getting some kind of action, you flew down the white plastic stairs, readied yourself at poolside, and jumped.

Almost immediately your hand closed on what felt like an arm - you tugged, already feeling the lack of air constrict your throat - it was the deep end after all, and the boy was near the bottom.

You broke the surface and pulled the boy up with you, arm catching onto the poolside as you inhaled sweet lungfuls of air with one hand still clamped around the boy’s arm.

He was your age too, fractionally older-looking than the dark-haired kid who’d alerted you, with hair that was probably curly when dry but now looked like scraggly rat’s tails hanging limply about his ears.

“You OK?” you eventually asked, hoisting yourself out of the water and squeezing your hair to wring out the water.

“Yeah.” He didn’t even look at you, cheeks bright pink in the fluorescent lights. “Um - thanks, I guess.”

“You guess?” you countered teasingly. “Would you rather have drowned?”

The boy shot a glare at his dark-haired friend, who had sucked his lips right in to hold back a laugh. “Actually, I can swim just fine.”

You glanced in surprise from him to the dark-haired friend, and cottoned on. An almost embarrassed silence slid over the small group. “I see,” you said with the smallest smiles. “So is this the part where I kick you out of the pool for inappropriate conduct?”

“Please do,” the bespectacled boy grinned. “I’m sick of this fucking pool - Stan only drags us here every other day to gawk at you- OW!” An elbow to the ribs from another boy in thick jelly sliders effectively shut him up.

You glanced back at the other boy - Stan - who’s pink blush had deepened to an almost painful wine-red. Unsure what to do with yourself, you let out a slightly awkward, breathy chuckle.

“I get off at half-four,” you told Stan gently. “If you wanna get out of here, or whatever.”

His head snapped up so abruptly you were surprised he didn’t get whiplash. “I - yeah, I mean - really?”

You laughed at his deer-in-the-headlights expression. “I like movies,” you told him with a grin, before sliding past and mounting your lifeguard chair once again, smiling to yourself under the fluorescent lights of the pool.

No words can do this scene justice. Everything about it is beautiful, the build up, the long moments of just standing in front of each other and slowly coming closer. The premeditation of taking off their shoes, of Adena taking off her scarf. The tension and electricity building between them, but the way they are not in a rush at all, they take their time to enjoy being with the other, just looking, feeling the breath of the other coming closer and closer until kissing is just inevitable because the pull they feel towards each other is that strong.

The intimacy of the whole moment. I remember watching this scene for the first time and really feeling like I was intruding in the most intimate of moments.

Until I can get home and just turn off anon, my asks have been turned off. Some people apparently can’t follow directions and simply unfollow or block. They have to send hate. How fun. Because of that, for the time being asks/anons will be turned off.

Please remember to be kind and treat others with love and respect.

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there's blup baby Ango and magcretia baby Ango, but what about taagnus baby Ango?

very good concept but also very sad? also like, idk there had to be a REASON for lucretia to split up the boys if they have a BABY and are in a RELATIONSHIP so i just have a harder time coming up With A Plot for that. 

that being said: suspension of disbelief and all that, when everyone’s memories come back and taako and magnus look at each other and are like OH MY GODS OUR KID and well, after they remember, its SO fucking obvious, angus is brave, and devilishly clever, and kind of a smartass, he’s so much like his fathers that it hurts. 

Shiro Week 2017

A/N: So @firenashes said to me, you can’t possibly do all 13 prompts for Shiro Week in one coherent fic. Me being me, I said watch me.

Day 1: Time + Space

… …

… ?

… … …

… .. –


He surfaces, in bits and pieces.

Where –

A galaxy spins past lazily beneath his feet.

This is –

He knows this place.

He’s been here before.

Shiro opens his eyes to a sky of endless violet.

He remembers now; his name is Shiro. He’s the Paladin of the Black Lion.

And this is the astral plane, a place where time and space meet, and both cease to exist.

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Would you be able to know how much the birth control implant costs? I use my mom's insurance but it's not that great because i pay $20 a month for the pill. But I've been taking them since January and my memorization to take them is getting worse. I just can't remember to take them on time or even every day. I was thinking of switching but I'm nervous of not being able to afford anything else.

Unfortunately pricing for the implant varies dependent on your insurance policy. I highly recommend contacting your OBGYN and having them run the numbers for you. It doesn’t cost you anything to inquire!

I don’t have the implant, but friends of mine that don’t make a ton of money have them and are still able to afford life. So I’m going to hazard a guess that your policy should cover most if not all of it. 💖

Reasons why I want to meet Taylor Swift:

  • I want to check she’s real bc u know…
  • I want to be able to change my lock screen, profile picture, and probably my wallpaper to a picture of me and Taylor
  • I want to be able to die on a daily basis remembering the time I actually met the most amazing human on earth
  • I want to just surprise all of my friends like *BAM* I just met Taylor Swift suckers
  • Most of all I want to personally thank the woman who gives me strength and inspires me everyday, as well as being my reason to smile constantly. Thank you @taylorswift ❤️

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What is it about the shipping forecast you like so much?

You know the posts about how nice it is to be cuddled up in bed and hearing rain outside? It’s like that; I like being safe and warm inside, and hearing about the storms, wind speeds, rain and fog all around the coast makes it extra cosy 💛

I started a much longer explanation but remembered that this video exists and it basically covers everything, and this girl from the video is me: 

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I saw u were ranting and thought maybe u were sad (but I didn't read it I'm sorry) so I came to offer hugs if u take them from random people. And for what it's worth...I love ur stuff it's awe inspiring and beautiful and I love absolutely all of it. Thankies for being an inspiration for at least me. Okies that's all I hope u feel better <3

You don’t need to be sorry for not reading it! The rant was more about me getting worked up over ppl romanticising abuse in fanfiction and then applying my thoughts on that to my Marvin than my own sad stuff btw.

But thank you, so much! You’re so sweet and this means so, so much!! I’ve been having a pretty great night actually, but you just made it even more wonderful, thank you <3 I’ll try to remember this the next time I feel down

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How did you start drawing? I such at art and I see your prices of work and think how can someone make such great art!!!! What is your advice to people who suck at drawing or just a picture in general...

I remember drawing on the walls at age 2, and I never stopped. It’s a passion that I had all my life and will still continue to be my passion! Thanks to the support of my family! ❤ Don’t look down at yourself like that, you can do it! The secret of being a good artist putting that time and dedication at every piece you do. Always keep practicing and looking at other artists art as reference and to help build a foundation for your style! Use that inspiration to help you become great artist! That is my advice to you and those that have trouble with art! You can do it! ❤❤😊😊

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76 and trixya please! Love your writing mama!

Oh gosh thank you doll I love you!!!

76: “I need you to pretend we’re dating.”

“Oh, okay, good fucking morning, Katya. Oh, good morning, Trixie! How are you? Oh, wow, I’m great, Katya. Thank you so much for asking-”

“Trixie, I’m dead fucking serious. Have I ever lied to you?”

“The time you were on heavy narcotics and tried to come into World of Wonder to film and then lied to me about not being on drugs, the time you stole my wig, the time you stole my fuckin’ Red Bull off the god damn dressing room table and drank the entire thing when I wasn’t looking and then told me I was just really thirsty and didn’t remember drinking it all, that time I watched a video of you literally confess your love to me in front of an entire audience and then literally the next day you denied it ever happened, the time-”

“Okay, okay, okay! Shut up! I’m serious! Heart attack serious! What on earth would possess me to ask you for something like this if I didn’t truly need you to do it?!”

“I don’t know, Katya! Maybe because you’re freakin’ crazy?”

“I mean, ya, but like… You’re my best friend. Who else would I ask?”

“Literally no one else because no one loves you like I do. (beat) Of course I’ll do it. Why?”

“Do you need details or can you just meet me at the Hobby Lobby on North Victory Boulevard in an hour?”

“Jesus Christ, Katya, if I die today and this is the story they tell people I’m gonna come back from the grave and haunt your ass.”

“Oh, please, if I’m getting anyone killed today it’ll be me. Oh, and bring your giant double-ended dildo. Thanks. Bye!”


I talked to the McElroys for 15 goddamn minutes and Griffin told my parrot to go fuck itself

Buckle up kiddos, this is a story for the ages

Last night, I went to the Chicago live show, and in short it was one of the best nights of my life. I laughed so hard I choked on my Fancy Theater Sprite™. Cosplayers frolicked amongst people in Shrimp Heaven T Shirts amongst people in their Sunday best.

Towards the end of the show, the boys traditionally asked for questions from the crowd, and immediately over 1000 hands shot up. I was up in the balcony, but I raised my hand anyways for kicks. No waving, no movement. My hand was a beakon, a goddamn lighthouse in the middle of a swarming see of desperate fans. Travis and I locked eyes. I felt my stomach drop.

“The person in the…purple hoodie?”

“You mean this?” I said as I stood and my crimson cosplay robe fell around my shoulders.

“Yeah!! Come on down!”

In a blur I made my way to the aisle as quickly as possible, people clapping me on the back and whispering “don’t mess up” all the while. My hands were shaking so bad that I couldn’t hold on to the railing as I climbed down three flights of stairs and walked down the aisle to the microphone.

And immediately caused someone to face plant into said microphone out of our combined clumsiness and panic (she was ok but boy shitting howdy do I feel bad). I waited for my turn slowly being consumed by blind terror. Everything I said was going to be forever embedded into podcast history for all of eternity. I Could Not Mess Up.

As they called me forward I mustered up every drop of comedic timing within me, every tactic of improv I could remember. I stepped up to the microphone. “So a little over a year ago, we bought a parrot, and it was, like, a cool pet…”

“yeah, AS OPPOSED TO THOSE SHITTY DOGS, RIGHT?” Griffin interjected. The crowd roared for what felt like years, until it was finally quiet enough for me to continue. Dead silence.

“Boys, now I have 7 parrots. Please help.”

In all my years, I will never forget the look on Griffin Andrew McElroy’s face as the realization hit him. It was like he was hit by a motherfucking monster truck, and the monster truck was being driven by my seven birds of the apocalypse.

For the next 15 minutes I talked to three of the coolest people alive as all four of us ragged on my 7 horrible, horrible birds. Highlights include:





It was the best night of my entire life and I physically cannot wait until the episode comes out.

Things We Don’t Tell You When You First Join The Fandom Until It’s Too Late :))

applicable to any fandom

  • you won’t get sleep, you won’t get free time, and you won’t go outside ever again
  • you unknowingly joined a cult
  • you can’t ship that without offending someone
  • you increase your vocabulary with nonsensical terms (for ex: quiznak)
  • “have you met our lord and savior [insert fandom favorite]?”
  • tbh, the lord and savior of the fandom can’t save you from SMUT
  • you’ll learn inside jokes and memes that won’t make sense out of context
  • you will cry. you will get angry. you will feel happy. you will be gettin all the feels
  • get ready to be gay bc omg they are perfect human beings
  • you may not survive the fanwars
  • we can’t explain certain things. we can’t explain or defend that one problematic but legendary fanfic (milk fic flashbacks)
  • we also can’t explain the problematic fave but he/she is here to stay
  • do you remember what life was like before the fandom? 
  • [indistinct screaming]
  • fan theories will keep you up late
  • your ass belongs to the fandom now.
  • you can’t escape haha
  • you don’t want to escape…ha ha
  • the fandom can be squishy and soft and feel like a family instead of a war zone
  • be ready to be offended
  • this fandom will have a huge impact on you, most of the time it’s positive. it may seem scary at first but you learn to love and accept it. so enjoy it before it dies (MCR where u at)

So YOU are telling ME that TYRANNUS BASILTON GRIMM-PITCH would NEVER use his wand to make a HAIR BUN and every time he needs his wand he’ll DRAMATICALLY let his hair down FLAWLESSLY brushing down his neck and shoulders??? THE FUCK?


Will & Grace 2x14 Acting Out (February 22 2000)



Dr Zhou Yong Chang’s Obituary

Party member of the Chinese Communist Party, Pioneer amd Founder of China’s Ultrasonic Medicine field, Director of Shanghai Training Center for Ultrasound in Medicine, Honorary Director of Shanghai Research Laboratory of Ultrasonic Medicine, Honorary Director of Ultrasonic Medicine of The 6th People’s Hospital of Shanghai, Professor Emeritus, Recipient of Special Government Allowance of the State Council, Model Worker of Shanghai, comrade Zhou Yong Chang, passed away on October 17 at 8.50AM after failing to respond to the treatment received. He was 95.

From when I was little
I could only go back to my old house in Shanghai once every year during the summer holidays.
I still remember it’s already very late every day when grandfather comes back from the hospital after work.
After he comes back, he sees that I’m watching Journey to the West alone.
Although grandfather is already very exhausted, and he needs to work early in the morning, he would spend time and make a golden cudgel with newspaper to play with me.
The golden cudgel made out of newspaper is ultimately still made out of newspaper, it broke after using it to hit for a few times, so everyday he would make a few of those to let me play with them.

Grandfather was not just a dedicated doctor, professor.
He was also a loving good grandfather, good father and good husband.

Even when he was 93, he still woke up every morning and turned up for work at the hospital.
Because of you, I understood what’s perseverance,
And also because of you,
I understood the spirit of being able to go through whatever suffering,
For the sake of the things I like.
I’m very proud that I could be your grandson,
And I will forever remember the things that you taught me.

We’ll do our best to take care of grandmother.

At the same time, on behalf of our family, I would like to thank family and friends that were here today.
And also very thankful to all the leaders.
And also very thankful to all the medical staff that treated and took care of my grandfather.
And also very honoured and thankful to The People’s Republic of China’s former premier Zhu Rongji
And the current Central Political Bureau Standing Committee, Han Zheng for sending the memorial flower basket.

Dear grandfather, go well.
You will forever live in our hearts.
We’ll always miss you. We love you.

translation: daisyyfields