i remember being kinda disappointed in this performance

PSA: The Visual Line’s lines

Im honestly tired of people complaining how few lines The Visual Line (Wonho, Hyungwon, Minyuk) gets, everytime MX releases an album, MV, or special clip. So Im gonna explain something to you guys:

1) Minhyuk is probably the least stable vocal in the group. While he has a nice voice, when it comes to singing live he doesn’t really deliver.

2) Hyungwon is actually fairly good live but I think its because he mostly talk-sings his parts. Another reason he doesn’t get many lines is because from what I’ve seen he seems to not take good care if his throat or gets sick often. I remember he (and some other members) kept coughing throughout the ‘All in’ countdown vlive and during the hotel vlive Shownu mentioned that Hyungwon was sick. So until his throat gets stronger (?) I think Starship is laying off on giving him too many lines.  

3) Wonho actually sounds great live but only when he’s performing without or with barely any choreo. But I think recently he’s been improving, so Starship has been giving him a few more lines. In ‘Stuck’ Wonho got more lines than I.M and almost as much time as Shownu but towards the end of ‘Stuck’, as you’d get tired from performing, he shares his lines with Shownu. If he keeps practicing and becomes more stable I could definitely see him being the main vocal of a song or two.

Here’s some stuff to back this up:

Here’s Hyungwon and Minhyuk performing Hieut live during No.Mercy. Hyungwon is mostly mumbling his lyrics and Minhyuk just doesn’t sound great overall and towards the end his voice breaks? cracks? idk but it suddenly becomes extremely hoarse.

Im pretty sure when groups were performing at Seoul Music Awards, the award show took out the vocals from the audio because you can very clearly hear how everyone sounds. When Monsta X performed Minhyuk sounded bad, Wonho was struggling, and Hyungwon sounded good actually.

But I know Wonho can sing good when there’s no difficult movement involved. When Monsta X performed Amen live, Wonho sounded amazing (especailly that high note damn), Hyungwon sounded good, and Minhyuk sounded pretty bad again. 

I remember the first MR removed video I watched of Monsta x performing ‘All in’ and being kinda disappointed in Hyungwon and Minhyuk. Wonho was fine but Minhyuk kind of hum-mumbled his lines and Hyungwon didnt sing his at all. Thinking back on it Hyungwon probably didnt sing because his throat was hurting at the time but I cant say the same for Minhyuk. (The video got taken down because of copyright claims so I cant show you guys).

In a more recent MR removed video of Monsta x performing ‘Stuck’, Everyone sounds a bit better, Minhyuk still struggling the most, Wonho sounding fine, and Hyungwon is just kinda talking but he still sounds good. 

This isnt me hating on The Visual Line or saying that its good that they get so few lines. I love everyone in Monsta x but I’m not the type of fan that blindly follows a group and calls them perfect for whatever they do. They get the least amount of lines because theyre the least stable live! 

I mean Kihyun sounds perfect even though he’s doing all the choreo and usually has to sing during the point choreo. Shownu also sounds great but I think he needs to improve his breathing technique or something because he sometimes doesnt sing a part of his lyrics. 

I think Hyungwon needs to take better care of his throat, Wonho needs to improve with dancing and singing at the same time, and Minhyuk honestly needs to improve overall but I know he has potential. I mean Minhyuk is the one singing at the beginning of this v app!

Once all that happens our dream of even distribution will come true! 

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ooh and dean doesn't turn down pie in front of his mom - in fact, he eats it with a lot of gusto, to meet her expectations "you still like pie, right?" - in comparison to him dismissing pie in front of sam, who he's known for so long and is closest to...

OH GOSH he ate it with far more than gusto. Like he might be trying too hard to prove how much he still likes pie.

I mean that was partly done for comedic effect, Dean trying to break the tension in that awkward family dinner, especially in the wake of his own disappointment on learning that Mary wasn’t the incredible cook he remembered her being. He was kinda overcompensating there a lil bit.

But now when he’s not trying to perform a character for anyone else’s benefit, he can turn that pie down.