i remade these

Yes I’m too lazy to draw something out of this so I’m using something I did like 2 days ago

It’s been… I think 2 weeks since I remade my blog. Let me tell you that it was one of the best choices I’ve made. There’s so much I can do now that my blog is a main one, and I just feel really comfortable here. The community’s been really good to me so far and filled with a lot of talented people (hell my followers no matter the fandom has been amazing). This list isn’t exhaustive, but I want to give thanks to everyone who is following me and want to honor some of those I’ve been able to rp with or just admire from afar. 

@craniumaniac @plumeriaxskull @theagentlooker @remembranceless @denkinokikai @auxiliaire @mimic-pikachu @sad–man @handsomejackhoney / @nicholas-wolfwood / @downtheriverstream @uragirazu / @starglitter @katsubou @bigcalavera @beat-down-boss @ask-yomonsterboy @firespun @mutterbiest @mctherbeast @bloodsplatteredmoon @deriision @resfebxr @itsburnet @skulls-and-bunnies @skulliisms @meinior @shvrker @curiousobjecthead @typenullandvoid @professor-abs @plumeriaxskull @royaleliite @rowdyruffpearl @skull-bxnes @attitxde @nharmxnic @pixie-hound @skytamcr @rottenrhythms @rocbites @alloypetal @tabithq @salonmciden @shyxgruntxaustin @sadiebreane @tapubulusgarden @shieldarchitect @kahuna000 @lookerisms @lawlessenforcer @mallowofalola

+ everyone tbh. 

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Hi I'm quite new to tumblr so I was wondering if you could recommend me some of your favorite blogs? (Bonus if they're tae biased he's my bias!) Thank you I really love your blog!

welcome!! i have lost track of who i follow since i remade. but these are my favorite tae biased (or just a lot of tae) blogs: @1versegrl @taechy @02tae @taesfav @taegrl @taesgrl @dumbdumbf @taeries @01taetae @kimtahyung @fhawn @21stcenturygirlsbybts @tae1 @1taeguk oh and follow @parkejimins

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nicknames: AJ and Laurens!

height: 4'11"

time right now: 6:48 pm

tast thing i googled: hamilton karaoke

favorite music artist: Panic! At The Disco

song stuck in my head: Nonstop from (of course) Hamilton

last movie i watched: The Lego Batman Movie

last tv show i watched: Freakish

what im wearing right now: A tank top & some shorts.

when i created this blog: Sometime in the beginning of last year?? But, It was on another blog. I’ve remade since then.

the kind of stuff i post: Gay, Shitposts, Stuff I’m Into, Gay

do you have other blogs: Some Retailwatch blogs.

do i get asks regularly: Nope ;_;

why did i chose my url: My QPP gave it to me & I’m the wiki of myself.

gender: fuild

hogwarts house: ????

pokemon team: Instinct

favorite colors: Gold, Black, Blue & Silver.

average hours of sleep: Who knows???

lucky number: 13

favorite characters: Too many.

dream job: (Voice) Actor

number of blankets i sleep with: 4 or 5

following: 100 ‘n something. I think.

tagging: @lord-memers @softhanzos @vitalfluids @starsandfossils @neverdotodaywhatyoucandotomorrow @sonderingtrashcompactor @goodtrash16 @katsukatsu !! Y'all don’t have to do it if you don’t want to!

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what fashion trends do you predict for the year and what movies will be remade

I know practically nothing about fashion unfortch. A lot of color and crazy foolish couture probably as a means of like artistic rebellion towards this dystopian era maybe. And I’m gonna say. Gummi Bears


                                         ‘Oh the bitten mouth, oh the kissed limbs,
                                     oh the hungering teeth, oh the entwined bodies.

14 million subscribers? that’s fucking insane! i’m so glad that i can be a part of such a kind and understanding community. jack’s videos have helped make me happier and i’m really glad i came across his channel. to jacksepticeye, the future of the channel, and many more videos !