i remade the first one

heyo!!! ur friendly neighborhood hyungwon stan w an edawn url is here doing a follow forever!! i’ve done one in the past on my previous blog so technically this isn’t my first one but i remade since then and haven’t done one yet so.. this should count as the first, right?

not only did i hit a follower goal a while back (like 2+ weeks ago lmao) but i also want to show appreciation for my mutuals who have stuck w me through my constant acc changes nd hiatuses nd random mass deletion of posts nd. .. i feel like i don’t deserve u guys? ?? which is dumb to say but i know i’m not the greatest mutual nd i suck at responding to messages nd reaching out to make friends so it’s a wonder why u still follow me but!! i’m glad u do. pls know that i care abt u guys nd consider u all my friends even if we don’t talk or we just follow each other. u make logging online so much fun n entertaining nd when i’m stressed or sad or lonely scrolling through my dash makes things better, even if it’s for .7 seconds. u all have quality blogs nd are super nice nd friendly nd funny nd i don’t regret following u. thanks for always being amazing!! if the biggest group hug could happen it would be happening rn. :-) ━ ysa (aka 6hyojong)

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simple graphic is simple because i’m super tired

     When this comes out I’ll be at work, so I won’t be here personally to celebrate for about two and half more hours, but I wanted my thank you to post when I thought a lot of people might be on! At first, I wanted to post a follow forever, but I’ve made so many friends here over the three years since I remade Kairi ( and even some of you from the Kairi blog I had before this one ) that I was afraid of leaving someone out by accident.

     So, here, have this overly sappy thank you to each and every one of you who have stuck by me, offered encouragement, watched from afar, spoken to me, written with me, and literally just existed, even if we never interacted.

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My Rabbits *Fable Variant* pins arrived today and I’m over the moon with how they turned out! I’m so glad I pushed to get the first batch remade because the quality on the new ones is exponentially better! If you’d like one of your own, they’re now live in my Etsy shop (https://www.etsy.com/shop/fawnlorn). 🌸 #illustration #fawnlorn #matthayton #pins #pinstagram #pingame #etsy #rabbits #sunsoutbunsout

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