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hi, i’m Emily, i’m an unemployed 31 year old trans woman and it’s my birthday on the 9th of January, but this isn’t about me getting stuff, as much as i would like a nice garlic press >.> i have some savings and live with my parents and am out to and get on well with my mother which is a situation i know is better than a lot of other trans people out there. my girlfriend is not anywhere near as fortunate that though, i’m sure anyone who follows me can remember that i used to reblog her donation post a couple of times a day but she had to delete her blog a few months ago and only just remade.
her parents are invasive, abusive and controlling, Elly had to remake her blog because her mother found it and was reading it behind her back and has threatened to call the police on her, since she was forcibly outed to them her dad has bounced between yelling and angry outbursts and ignoring her. they invaded her privacy and went through her room while she was visiting me in July and her living situation has been super unstable since then, she’s been applying for jobs and looking into alternative housing situations but has had no luck since then. she has to pay for her hormones, a lot of her food, car insurance, other medical expenses and pay down some old medical debt every month which makes it extremely difficult to save anything towards moving.
i wish it were possible for her to come live with me and be safe but i live in the UK and she lives in California and well, for two unemployed trans women with very few qualifications that would be Incredibly Expensive and very sadly doesn’t seem feasible any time soon. anyway, i really really hope some of you that see this can donate even a little something her way or at least are able to spread this post so other people might see it and help her, knowing she has something and is a little more secure would make me feel a looot happier for my birthday <3

please donate via paypal to ellythemaxx@gmail.com <3

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hello! uhm okay so this is really embarrassing but could you reblog this so people know i’m alright? :“) i’m adda (jiminguk) who deactivated a couple days ago and some people (wow thank you so much) worried that i deleted after posting that i was feeling down. i remade my blog because i deactivated the other one impulsively. i can’t get it back because tumblr support won’t help me… so please could you reblog this? i also want to get some of my precious followers back (which sounds really selfish of me, but trust me–thats not my intention. they were just really lovely ;;” /weeps)
thank you!!

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Are you a fan of Harry potter, if so what house would you belong to?

I actually really enjoy Harry Potter, I just don’t talk about it a lot. I’m a Slytherin.  Also my wand is Elm with unicorn hair core (I actually just remade a pottermore account a couple days ago cuz I wanted to take the house quiz again..Still a slytherin :P)

Matt's Time

Warning: this is long. I was closing on a Thursday night a couple months ago and almost immediately started having an interesting shift: the husband of a customer (?) called to compliment me and headhunt me for his company (I turned him down); a woman wanted a drink remade from the day before and called me unprofessional (that’s a whole other story); etc. It wasn’t too busy, just many odd things happening.

My shift manager came back from her lunch (which had been interrupted by the aforementioned woman and two phone calls). I’m relatively new and I said to her, “Well, I bet that was one of your more eventful lunch breaks,” to which she replied, “Yeah, no kidding - two phone calls, that woman, and I had to kick someone out!" 

Our store is L-shaped and the said kicking out had happened around the corner from the bar, where I couldn’t see. I asked her what had happened and here it is:

The first of her two phone calls was a man asking if Starbucks monitors the wifi usage in its stores. She said she wasn’t sure, but it certainly isn’t a secure connection so you shouldn’t be conducting financial business or anything. He then said:

"No, no, I mean, if I were watching porn.”

To which she said:

“You can’t watch porn at Starbucks.”

Later, at the end of her lunch, she walked back to the bathrooms. A woman stopped her, apologized, and asked if she worked there. My shift said that she did.

“Well, could you talk to that man over there? He is making me uncomfortable and I’m here with my kids,” she said.

My shift said that she would. She walked over to the guy’s table, and he’s on his laptop, watching porn. With the SOUND ON. No headphones.

She says, “I’m sorry sir, but you’re going to have to stop. You can’t watch porn in the store.”

He looks up from his computer, completely serious, and says, “NEVER. INTERRUPT. MATT’S TIME.”

She just pointed at the door and said, “Out!”

Oh, and he order a tall white mocha? Seemed like a weird drink for a dude watching porn in a public place. But I don’t really know.