i relate to this show so hard


top 20 degrassi characters (as voted by my followers): #2. Zoë Rivas

“We all have one thing in common - we want to be loved for who we are. We need to celebrate our differences. For instance, I’m gay. I’m not bragging about it but I’ve always been afraid to say it and I’m not anymore. I want this place to be a safe space where everyone feels free to be themselves. Welcome to Degrassi.”


PopCrave: “’Restricted mode’ does not show videos with anything LGBT+ related in its title and blocks out openly gay YouTubers…”

Thomas: “I sincerely hope this is fixed soon. So upsetting. The LGBTQ+ community should not be ‘restricted’.

As someone who strives very hard to make my videos accessible for all ages, it is so bizarre & unreal to be deemed a restricted channel.

It is all I and many other creators do to simply normalize the existence and inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community, and that’s now deemed inappropriate?”

I can only hope [YouTube] will amend this. In the meantime I’m gonna keep doing what I can do to provide a platform promoting representation.

[YouTube Creators] I strive to make my channel accessible for all ages, so I hope you will indeed look into this & why I am a restricted channel.”

Dodie Clark: “[YouTube Creators] you’re blocking everything with a hint of LGBTQ+! Vids of me swearing aren’t restricted but transwomen makeup tutorials are” 

Things I've put in my 2017 bullet journal

Just in case you’re after some inspiration on what to put in you bullet journal here are some of the things I have put in my 2017 bujo. 

  • Future log- a basic in all journals. Lets you plan months ahead.
  • School/uni future log- very useful for keeping track of due dates, exams, and other school related events. Less muddled than having everything in one future log making it less likely that you’ll forget something. 
  • 2017 calendar- so you can have all the days at a glance. It’s really useful for planning events 
  • Resolutions- but keep it light, if you make them too hard you won’t stick to them. That being said try to challenge yourself. 
  • Me to my future self- a page to fill out once a year listing all my current favorites(shows, books, music, food, etc). I usually fill mine out around my birthday, which happens to be in January. It’s a really cool thing to look back on years on. 
  • Habit tracker- keeping track of sleep, healthy eating and whatever else fits your lifestyle. 
  • Books to read and films to watch- keeping track of your friends’ recommendations or books/films you’ve been meaning to get around to for a while. A list like this ensures that you can always find some to watch or read. 
  • Some quick and healthy recipes- a godsend when you have no idea what to make for dinner. Bonus points: the ingredients list can be used as a shopping list when you’re out and about. 
  • Memories page- things you’ve done, places you’ve been. Another great thing to look back on in a few years. 
  • Doodle page- fill it with cute little pictures when you’re bored. I’m also planning to do the month of doodles challenge in February. 
  • Gift ideas- when a great gift for someone pops into your head you can write it down and use it when their birthday or some other special occasion rolls around.
  • ‘I want to learn to’- obviously things you want to learn be it a language, knitting or just a new recepie. 
  • Want and need- a list of things you want and need so when you have some extra cash you want to spend you know exactly what to spend it on. 
  • Birthday page- so you can keep track of everybody’s birthdays.

“I really had no idea. They barged into my house in April, brought me happiness, and now gave me this award. Thank you so much. I’d like to thank all the production related staff… also, I like to adress them not as “hyungs” but as “my members.” I’ve always been scared, afraid and nervous doing a variety show, but I’m so happy to be together with my members. When I was serving in the military, I was longing for this moment so much. I’ll accept this award as you telling me to do better. When you search my name online, “not funny” pops up as related. I’ll set my goal in getting rid of that. I’ll try hard to live up to the expectation of this award. If you call me Takgu, I’m Takgu, and if you call me Donggu, I’m Donggu. As Donggu, I’ll let go of myself and try my best to make you laugh. Thank you.”

Always love and respect KNJ

Okay I know I’m late but I have to talk about this. Namjoon is so strong for sharing his feelings with Always just as much as he did with Reflection, saying how he wished he was dead and life is a coffee he never ordered. I never thought this genre of music would drag me in so deep yet his lyrics are so meaningful and makes me love him even more. We can relate to him a lot more on a personal level with how he expresses his true feelings and that is very special.

Namjoon is very talented with pretty much anything, the way he contributed to the Wings album also, helping each member with their songs after knowing them and being able to tell their story after so many years. I respect him a lot. Doing all this on top of having the responsibility to lead BTS shows that he is a very hard working human being who deserves a lot of respect, love and appreciation. 

His ever growing love and support for his members, fans, friends and family. 

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His determination.

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His talent.

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Kim Namjoon everybody

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Always love and respect KNJ~

I will honestly defend Peyton Sawyer to my grave!! She’s honestly just such a complex and real character. I know she fucked up, but so did literally every single other damn character on the show. And they’ve all made mistakes that were just as bad (and honestly at times even worse) than the ones she made. This fandom is such a hypocrite when it comes to her character just because some ship didn’t get endgame. Like HONESTLY. Forever part of the Peyton Sawyer defense squad.

Occupations Masterlist:

The Music Industry~

OKAY, so under this cut you’ll find a list of #55 jobs your characters can hold in the music industry aside from classic band members/solo artists. I know for bandom RP especially it can be hard to come up with unique jobs for OCs that still enable them to create connections. I’ve organized everything into categories for easy searching and defined even the most intuitive titles, so hopefully this helps!

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i just read that vogue article with a.sp and like ….what?

i do agree people tend to idolize and idealize rory to large extent, and they shouldn’t, and even at 32 it’s hard to find jobs and it’s easy to just kind of flail, but the thing is, the rory from the original show would work her ass off. she wouldn’t just expect to get the job because she’s Rory Gilmore, she’d know how hard it is in the journalism world now and up her fucking game. 

and tbh it’s not about about being too hard on her, it’s about not wanting to see her regress to this pod of a person where she’s in a cheating cycle with l.ogan when we’ve seen them grow up and develop together so much in the later seasons of the original show. 

to me, it was more about wanting to see her flail and kind of be stagnant cause that’s true to life, but to also see her work her ass off to get those pieces at GQ and go into that interview with that online magazine with ideas to bounce off of 

to me, it was about seeing her fight for what she wants; that’s what made her stand out as a character to me because while some of the smarts came as natural talent - don’t get me wrong - she fought tooth and nail to get into most of the positions she ended up in, esp with academics and business. 

cause that’s what rory does.

Who's in the mood for some angst?

Guzma will go to great lengths to avoid shedding any tears when he’s upset. He’s definitely conformed to the ideal that men don’t cry, or show fear, or any kind of weakness like that, and while he *almost never* gives in, when he does finally cry, he cries hard!

It’s usually accompanied by beating himself up. Literally. Pulling on his hair, digging at his arms and face, punching himself, as well as walls, smashing things, etc… it’s dangerous for anyone to try and comfort him when he’s like this, because he might lash out at them as well.

The only person who can get near him in this state is Plumeria, and it’s not necessarily because she trusts that he won’t lash out at her. She just isn’t scared of the possibility. He hasn’t struck her yet, but he’s super tense, like he’s doing his best to restrain himself, and he still tells her quite seriously to leave him the fuck alone.

He HATES it when people feel sorry for him. Guzma didn’t ask for your goddamn pity! And yet he doesn’t push her away when she kneels down beside him and pulls him into a hug.

She doesn’t have anything to say. No “it’ll be ok” or anything like that. All she really does is just stay with him in silence, and let him get it out of his system, while at the same time preventing him from doing any more harm to himself.

Eventually he calms down enough to fall asleep. She’ll stay with him still, just in case he wakes up, but after a while (as long as he’s remained asleep) she’ll step out. When he does finally wake up after a long rest, he’ll be a bit disoriented, but otherwise ok. After a shower and some food he’ll be back to his old self again like nothing ever happened.

That’s Guzma for you… acting cool and tough while suppressing all that inner turmoil until it builds up too much and he overflows again.

Patronus Test

Alright, people have asked me for advice in the past about the patronus test, and I have been thinking long and hard as to what my advice should be. I have finally figured it out, so I’m going to share it.

  1. Remember, a patronus is supposed to show a hidden part of your personality. It is supposed to show our soul. We won’t ever know for sure what our soul is, but us and only us can have an idea. Our answers to the patronus test and going with your gut is super important, because these words are symbolic for other things relating to our souls. Do not second guess yourself. Your gut response is key.
  2. Meditate before taking the test. The test says to relax before you take it. Most times I have taken it, I have been too excited or almost nervous. I wasn’t relaxed. When I meditated before taking the test, not only did the patronus seem right, it was also what my gut said my patronus would be way before the test even existed.
  3. Make sure to think long and hard about your happiest memory before taking it. This is important. It is as important as if you were actually conjuring your patronus with magic. Once you have a happy memory to grasp onto, answer the questions based off how your gut would react in your happiest memory versus in the moment. By listening to your gut in your happiest moment, you are going to receive a patronus that represents the most pure part of you. That’s what a patronus is all about - the purest part of you to bring the light to darkness. The purest part of you which is your soul.
  4. If you get an animal you would have never expected or don’t even like, that is not a bad thing. No animal is bad, even if you are afraid of it. This animal shows your true soul, and there are good aspects to every animal. There is no good and evil when it comes to these animals. You need to look at the symbolic meaning of the animal. Just do this by googling their symbolic meaning or looking up facts about them. You will find yourself in the animal, trust me. 
  5. Trust your gut. That’s really the last piece of advice I have. I have said it before, and I will say it again. You know what your patronus is once you get it from the test. It doesn’t matter how many times you take it and meditate, you will know once you see it. The test’s algorithim makes it so you can answer all the same responses and get a different patronus each time. This is to make people more unique, but it also gives them more options. All those animals usually have similar symbolism. You will just know which one is yours. 

@aclane submitted: Here’s my OC, her name is Kinah! (I’ve read this meant “strong-willed” in African and I think it really suited her) She isn’t related to SnK in any way, I’m trying to write my own story I try to work hard so I could publish it some day and she is part of the main characters.
She has quite a hard backstory but she’s always trying to do her best and surpass her limits (sometimes it can actually do her wrong though because she tends to push herself too much). Even if she seems really distant and harsh she is actually really caring and protective over the people she thinks are worth it she just has her own ways to show it.
Here I tried to draw her in states she wouldn’t be often, she isn’t really expressive with her facial expressions in general but I also like her when she’s like this even if it keeps being quite subtle. ¾ view is a bit weird but I’m trying to get better!
Thank you for your time and kindness over us seedlings. SnK has been a major source of inspiration for me over the past years so thank you for that too! I hope you’re having a good day Mama!

(Sorry to hear that anon! Hope you feel better soon!)


> Would pull silly faces and tell you crazy stories in an attempt to make you laugh

> Not really fazed even if you don’t

> If you feel exhausted then he’ll be happy to cuddle with you

> Definitely the lover that runs his hand through your hair and tells you all the great things that you are to him

> Calls you a dozen pet names 


> I imagine she’d have a hard time relating to the feeling, but she’d try really hard to make you feel appreciated

> She’ll make you tea and bundle you up

> I imagine when she was lonely she’d make little light shows for herself, and she’d be happy to do so for you!

> Big sigh of relief when you finally crack a smile


> Similar to Symmetra! Bundles you up nicely with a mug of cocoa

> Reads you old legends and recalls cool stories from his life

> Compares you to the royalty of yore and tells you that you’re even braver than them

> Gives you lots of hugs and kisses

> Admin GK

“List five facts about your most favourite sim of yours and send this to 10 Simblrs whose sims you adore.”

Thanks for tagging me @ice-creamforbreakfast

I decided to choose “Disapproving Sim” because as I am an extremely grumpy old lady he holds a very very special place in my heart.

1. Disapproving Sim disapproves of this book. It’s shite.

2. Disapproving Sim disapproves of Yoga. The gusset of his shorts keeps digging into his crotch.

3. Disapproving Sim disapproves of bananas (aka sick-sticks), hard boiled eggs and this kitchen in general. It’s FAR too small.

4. Disapproving Sim approves of Christmas jumpers, music and dancing.

5. Disapproving Sim disapproves of this television show, bicycle related art, these curtains, casually placed decorative plants and this livingroom in particular. The couch is too low and wide so the waist of his trousers is digging into his stomach when he sits down and the cushions are hideous. Also there is a smudge on his monocle.

I tag (as well) @goatkibble, @treason-and-plot, @hyperkaos, @aroundthesims, @nova-neptune, aaaand (I’m going to tag more than ten) @ashuriphoenix, @blythelyre, @novapark, @treborness, @willky12, @roseoakmoonsims, @titosims (if you want to do it again!), @spladoum, @histrionicsandtea, and ANYONE ELSE WHO WANTS TO DO IT!!!

Watching these shows with adventure and crazy things make me both sad and happy. I find happiness in the beauty of the story. Watching the characters defeat the undefeated and conquer the impossible show me that I too can defeat the things that are hard in life. It brings me hope and joy watching these epic stories that are relatable in so many ways. Looking at the imperfect character and looking past their issues helps me realize that people can look at me the same way. But watching these shows also makes me sad. Not only will I never be able meet thesw fictional characters, but I’ll never be able to live like them. The adventure and danger that I for some reason really want. I don’t know why I want this, for some reason I just crave adventure. But I then realize that I will never be able to have adventure like the characters. Life starts to feel boring and dull and I can’t help but wish for more. And maybe this is just me who feels this way, but I think that I’m not the only one. I’m sure that many of us have wished that are lives weren’t so boring and that our lives would be filled with adventure. But I think we often forget to look past the surface of our lives and see the adventures that are hidden everywhere.

ADMIN NOTE: Normally, I don’t take confessions that are this long, but I made an exception. (This is a one time thing though)

I don’t know if anyone from the Regular Show crew will ever see this but I might as well express my love for the show anyway.

Regular Show has pretty much been my favorite show for the last five years. It’s so hard to put into words how much of an influence all the characters have had on me. I’ve come to love them all very much, and I not only think of them as a family to each other but also to me. That’s kind of weird. But yeah. The emotion put into these characters over the years has been so genuine and so real that I find myself relating to a lot of the situations they’re in, even if that situation is trying to stop a high school volleyball coach from destroying time itself. I can’t help but love everyone, even when they’re being selfish, or immature, or just mean. Because their actions tell me that they’re not just a selfish or immature or mean person, they are all deeper than the bad things they do sometimes. And that’s pretty much how people work, because we’re all imperfect.

The show has made me smile when not a lot else could. I don’t know what it is about watching Muscle Man get beat up to Holly Jolly Christmas that I find so hilarious I can forget about things that make me sad for a while, but I really appreciate it. I really do. Even if I didn’t need cheering up at the time, I’ll always remember laughing at new episodes until I forced myself to stop so that I could hear the rest of it. It may not have meant that much to me at first but it does now. 

For a show that focuses on incredibly bizarre events, Regular Show hit really close to home in a lot of episodes. It’s especially taught me a lot of lessons about what it means to grow up when you desperately want to stay a kid forever, which I’ve struggled with alongside Mordecai and Rigby. You have to be responsible because your actions have consequences on other people. People you’re close to might have to leave you, and it’ll probably suck, but you can eventually get over it. Everyone makes mistakes, even awful ones, and when they happen you shouldn’t try to run away from them or make excuses, you have to be up front about them and apologize. It may seem impossible to become a better person later on in life, but if you let yourself be inspired and supported by other people then there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. And, of course, hamboning just might save your life someday. 

I’m going to miss Regular Show very much, and having no more new episodes to motivate me to get through the week will probably hurt for a while. But I hope in the future I can look back on the show and feel only happy remembering all the times the characters have made me laugh or tear up, and how much I loved watching their adventures and rooting for them. I would like to thank the crew for this show that is going to mean so much to me for the rest of my life, and I wish you all the best of luck on whatever projects you’re moving on to next. I’m very excited to see what will begin after Regular Show ends. 

Also, the phrases “OOOHHH!”, “hmm, hmm, hmm”, “oh no, bro”, and “still cold, just like my online dating profile” are permanently incorporated into my vocabulary. I hope you’re happy.