i relate to this comic way too much

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I'm a fan of angst and I just want to ask this just once. Only once. I want to see some angst happening to Lance. (If you can) I love him but, I just want to see him suffer. 8c. I know this might not be related to Maid Cafe, but I kind of want to see some Langst :c. I hope this isn't too much to ask x.x.

A.N. While I won’t draw anything out of the cannon of this universe, there will now have to be a comic for ‘chapter 7 shadows’ to celebrate the current +7000 followers. And yeah… I will probably do the more intence scene. Its more practice for me. OR it may be way less crazy.. but yeah… keep an eye out for the chapter comics.

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hello!!! i love the comic omg, and i had a question? there are a lot of ace people in relationships in this comic which is AMAZING, so i was wondering if you were gonna explore different ways people relate with their asexuality? like i am asexual, but i also like doing sexual things w my partner just bc i like the intimacy of it, and that's a side of asexuality that isn't explored even in ace representation!! but if you don't plan on it, that's totally fine too!! ilysm 💓💓💓

Thank you so much! <33

Carla is open to sexual intimacy but is waiting because of religious reasons (so, it’s separate from her asexuality)

Gene is sex repulsed so that’s a no-go for him

Ace and Rolly are both on the ace spectrum but I totally feel like they would be open to exploring things (or…. already could be, I mean look at Rolly’s face when Connie asked her about it.) 

I’m just wary of having my characters confirm being sexually active because that usually provokes people to draw steamy fanart/ write steamy fanfiction and they are all teenagers and I don’t really wanna see it. 

As for my other ace characters who aren’t in relationships, I’m not sure on what they would be open to! I haven’t really thought about it past that 

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Aw man... The latest one shot comic of Papyrus pulling Sans out of the dark, heavy sludge of depression... I can really relate to both sides of that. Very meaningful symbolism and so much what it feels like, to help someone out if it, and to be stuck in it. That said though, I couldn't help but also laugh and remember the canon Papyrus quote: "CONSTANTLY EMITTING SLIME... THAT'S WHAT BROTHERS DO!" XD

I can relate to both too - I’ve been on both ends of such situation.

XD yep, that’s what brothers do exactly, absolutely. But when they do that in the house, it gets problematic, to say the least.

Because I did the writers one already and theres also lots of cool fan artists out there. I love that you all make art and put it out there, and visualise the many amazing aus and fic we have. Seeing your fan art on my dash always brightens my day and i feel like no amount of yelling over all of your awesome arts in the tags is ever enough to express the joy i find in it.

These are mainly people i’ve found through check please and its a very incomplete list but here you go, a rec list of some of my favourite fan artists:

@angeryginger makes the most beautiful lineart! You can really tell how much time and effort goes into her art. Her Nursey is The Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Ever Laid Eyes On and the Nursey/Ransom fanart just kills me dead on the spot when it comes across my dash.I really appreciate how detailed and emotional her work looks. go check it out if you haven’t already!

@leopeach  You art style is so cute and I love how you use colours! I’m in love with your Lardo and your Lardo/Ford content is the best thing. The skateboarding comic made me laugh so hard i cried. Im still crying over your bisexual Rosa Diaz picture tbh. top notch wlw content and a super soft and cute style !

@jackzimmermannn your jack is so good. a high fashion jack. the créme de la Jack. I love your Samwell Women’s Volleyball Team art especially. I love the general aesthetic your art has, it looks very free and light. Your Jack portraits are the kind of art I’d hang on my wall. You manage to convey so much feeling, such a Mood™ with very little lines and colours and I admire that a lot


The Cutest Art Style. Your comics make me laugh Too Hard andI could look at your frogs fan art all day. Lardo getting asked to draw dicks constantly is Too Relatable.  Looking at your art just makes me feel warm inside and gets me to amile and laugh

@sunnyypeach first off your blog title is A+, second off your art style is so expressive and original! Its very recognisable and I love the way you draw Bitty so much, the style really suits him! Your Nursey is incredible and Dex’s goutfits are relatable af. I love how colourful your pictures are and the way you do faces is so cool! your art is the kind I always insta-reblog when it scrolls across my dash

@showsonface your lardo made me say “Im gay” out loud. Your KVP is really great! I love, love love your lines. They look so confident and clean! I like how they seem almost a bit geometrical in places. i envy the way you draw fabric. you bless my dash constantly with Soft Zimbits and im grateful for it

@peanutdoodler​ I’m so in love with your art style you have no idea. Your pictures just always make me feel so purely happy when I look at them. They just exude joy and happiness and I swear I can hear angels laughing when I see it. I really appreciate how you draw hair and how you give it so much volume. I want to run my fingers through it even though its a drawing.  love the cartoon-y ness of it. I love how your jack looks like such a smug dweeb. 

@bittysplaylist​ has the softest zimbits. It’s comfort food in art form. Your lines are so flowy and organic and I wish I had that. Your Bitty and the November Snow comic had me wheezing. while I’m at Bitty, I love your Bitty so much! Love how you characterise Jack. and the sheer volume of cp art you’ve put out is astounding. Your art manages to convey emotions very well and its always so atmospheric.


​ again! beautiful af Nursey drawing! lovely lines! I like the way you draw the bodies and how you do anatomy. your frogs art makes me laugh so much and you really capture these idiots so well. 

@omgpieplease​ I yell about your art so much in the tags already but its so! good! It always looks so thought-out and nice and it has such an…. uh….Sorgfalt (??) to it. I love the sketchpages the most. Your characters seem so organic and real and you do such great backgrounds i want to cry. I always notice the lighting a lot in your pictures and i love the clothing you put the people in. I really appreciate the effort you put into things like the ace off! project and I like how muscular your Bitty is.

@happyzimm your art is incredible! I love the colours and I love the way you shade. Your Lardo is everything. (The aesthetic™ !!) Your faces are so so beautiful and I love how clean and calm your work looks. I would buy an entire comic book of that stuff. 

@manyahello The softest! Zimbits! Ever! and you do animation which already makes you a superhero in my book because that shit is so much work! Your not-a-morning-person-jack art is the one true jack for me.

There’s so many more of you, but this post would get too long. I love all of you so much! Go tell your favourite artists what you appreciate about their art!

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ur awesome and really cool and I can relate so so much to these fuckin comics my dude. my dysphoria is kind of terrible because I'm fuckin fourteen and my bust size is going into heckin D and I have thighs to fuckin match so I'm Not Happy with my physical body. I'm already starting my transition, I'm on hormones, but I can hardly wait. coping with people at school and dysphoria and just general depression is hard. these are so great and they cheer me up a ton my man!! have a great day cool guy


I’m really stoked that my dumb comics are relatable in ways that help you with your dysphoria, dude. As a fellow D-range chest fella (and mine came in really early on too, it was tragic) I totally feel your pain. This is just incredibly sweet and nice, and I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to express these things because they’re unbelievably humbling and inspirational to hear.

I’m going to laugh my way to the grave that you think I’m cool because I’m the giantest nerd weirdo IRL, but seriously, thank you so much, friend. I’m beyond glad that you’re enjoying my comics so much and I will endeavor to continue providing them. :)

Thank you again~

rockinginneverland  asked:

hello!! I just found your blog and omg I'm so glad I did, I honestly never have I related more to someone posts than your own! I can relate to them on a whole other level and I think is pretty great knowing that you are not alone. so if i reblog like every single post of yours, its cause it speaks to my soul! youre fav. thank you for this posts

Thank you sooo much for your message! Yes absolutely, you’re not alone! I used to feel that way too so I’m grateful to know my comics can help people feel better. Have a wonderful day! xx ♥️

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helloo! i know you are really busy and you probably get loads and loads of messages but if it's not too much trouble could you possibly recommend some art blogs which are similar to yours in terms of posting about mental illness? thank you so much!! sending lots of love and positive vibes your way xxxxxxxxxxxx

I’m not busy, and I don’t get loads of messages , but YES I have some recommendations, and thanks for the love. :)

Mental Illness-Related Art Blogs

Positive Drawings

Comic Blogs that sometimes mention anxiety, depression, or difficulty coping etc.

When in doubt, draw some W.i.t.c.h.-fan art. I wanted to draw some action poses and I’ve been wanting to draw something W.i.t.c.h. -related since I started collecting the magazines again (I had like 80 out of the ~120 magazines and decided to complete my collection). Perhaps I draw the other girls like this too. And some side characters. Like Elyon. And Orube. And Cedric. And Phobos. I just want to draw everyone.

I love this comic way too much.

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Do you 2 have a process for the comics/story? Does 1 of you/both come up with the comic ideas and decide who draws what? Or do you only draw what you yourself came up with? How much of the timeline do you have planned? Sorry for all the questions.

Short answer:

Long answer:

We are in nearly constant communication through skype and talk about RB every day to synchronize headcanons and add to the lore of the world. Both of us contribute with ideas that end up becoming comics, but to be honest Sol is responsible for around 90% of the world-building, my role is mostly to add details, point out plot-holes, possible solutions to those plot-holes, and occasionally interrupt by saying “Hold the phone, now give the phone to me, THIS NEEDS MORE TORIEL”.

We pick together what ideas to turn into comics depending on what information feels more relevant or necessary at the moment, decide who is going to draw what, and while drawing consult each other when we’re stuck about how to make the particular scene move forward or how to make this dialogue sound right.  This comic for example was almost entirely Sol’s idea, my only addition was the twisted ending, but at the moment of turning the idea into comic the dialogue and pacing was all mine. This one however was my idea, but I became stuck at the middle and Sol was the one that came up with the dialogue and actions for the last pages. There is a lot of communication going on before, while and after the comics are made.

As far as the timeline goes, we have a whole chronology planned that goes from events that happened before the monster were vanished underground, and extends far into the future after the pacifist ending. The anachronistic order of posting gives us a good deal of freedom to move and rearrange events however, so we have important points in the timeline decided that are unmovable, but a lot of free space between them to add more important story point. So, I would say the timeline is thoroughly fleshed out, but it allows opportunities for constant development.

Most of our comics so far can be read as standalone, but we also have a couple of arcs planned for the future that will encompass a series of comics. When the moment comes for an arc to start, those comics WILL be posted in chronological order. And of course, the Masterpost will always keep everything in chronological order and is updated with every comic, so if anybody wants a way to start reading Royalblue that post is the place to go.

- Poisond


this senpai is just too tired to function

[this is a scheduled post]

can i tag you @blushingninja? it probs not r related but midway i just thought “oh maaan, this gives me the vibe of ‘he swings three ways’ and makes me wanna reread that fic for the thousandth time” XD lol (no, srsly, ive reread that fic so many times it’s not even funny. i should leave a review soon… damn)


EDIT: Please read the version with music in this post and help to reblog it instead! It’s the way i initially pictured this comic being read and i’d love if you guys could check that version out :) 

Yuri Plisetsky: Soldier

Finally made a comic about Yuri! I took a lot of creative liberty with this one since Kubo-sensei didn’t reveal too much of the story surrounding Yuri’s family, though I feel like it’d be a sad one! I hope I managed to convey what I had in mind, and give Yuri’s character even more depth!

do reblog if you enjoyed this and feel free to follow me for more YOI related stuff! You can check out my other comics here

I take no credit for any of the images used >> Image credits: Yuri!!! On Ice, Ajin [bankbook] 

the-ultimate-enigma  asked:

Hiya just wanted to tell you that that underbed au is some NOICE stuff :V If you don't mind me asking (and if it isn't spoiler stuff obvs) what's the story with Gaster in the au (aside from being Sans dad)? I'm a Gaster fanatic overall so obviously I had to ask : D

Ah thank you! c:

Gaster himself doesn’t play a huge role, (since he passed on before the events of the comic) so you won’t see too much of him besides what will be in flashbacks. But he is a really important factor! Particularly to why Sans acts the way he does in the au.

Sans mentioned in page 1 that Gaster passed on in a work related accident. (If you’re curious to what his job was, like in canon, he was a scientist.) What Sans didn’t say was that he was working a similar job to his father at the time. So Gaster’s passing was not only emotionally difficult, it made Papyrus worry that the same thing could happen to his brother. Sans of course, being the caring bro he is, looked for safer job options to ease his brother’s fears. Eventually he ended up working as a human guardian. And that’s where Underbed begins! c:

Gaster’s passing also makes Sans protective nature even greater. Since his dad isn’t around anymore, he sort of takes place of that parental role. That nature extends to Frisk as well, since Sans gets to see them grow up from a newborn.

SnowBarry: Unexpected Ship

This is my take regarding the Barry Allen & Caitlin Snow non-canon pairing of the thrilling comics based TV series, The Flash.

I started watching the series not too long ago. Most of my friends are watching it and told me it’s a good one so I gave it try. Even though I’m not really into super hero plots.

And man. After watching the pilot, I was hooked! I remember finishing the first season in one go. Yes. I didn’t sleep at all!

So here it goes, So we got all the lightning chaos caused by the particle accelerator explosion – which gave Barry Allen the ability to run and move faster than the speed of sound. NOTE: Grant Gustin is so effin adorable, I fell for him in less than three seconds!

We got introduced to a lot of characters and the writers established Barry Allen’s unrequited love with Iris West, played by a beautiful actress, Candice Patton. I think Barry was supposed to confess to Iris but unfortunately, The explosion put him into coma for nine months, And by that time, Iris started dating Eddie Thawne. (Rick Cosnett slaying it!). When Barry woke up, the first hazy image he saw was Caitlin Snow’s face, played by Danielle Panabaker is so beautiful and I don’t have an issue with her portrayal, I don’t get the “she can’t act” comments.

It was the “I just noticed you don’t smile too much” line of Barry Allen that got me shipping them so hard. Their chemistry is so undeniable! Plus the fact that Caitlin Snow’s fiancé (supposedly) died during the explosion and Barry being placed in the friendzone corner. Both of the character needs healing and in a way, they can relate to each other because both of them are science nerds as well.

They got me fully reeled when they have this “I believe, you should too.” Moment. I don’t know if the writers planned this, But I didn’t expect that I would sail with this ship.

Like I said earlier, I’m not much of a fan of super hero plots so I don’t have any background in the comics or what and didn’t know that in the comics, The endgame is the West-Allen pairing. I was heartbroken when I learned about this. I really thought Barry will end up with Caitlin! I mean they are so lovable. And it doesn’t help that the writers aren’t making any effort to solidify Iris’ character. What is her motivation? I expected to be more connected to Iris since she’s a journalist (I’m an AB Communication student btw) but I was unnerved when her character appeared to be shallow and Caitlin’s character had been growing each episode, which makes her character one of the strongest in this series. I think the writers needsto do something about this. Because if not, she’s better off being Barry’s bestfriend. Candice is really a good actress and she have this bff vibe with Barry.

It’s unfortunate that there is an insanely mad fandom war between the West-Allen fans and SnowBarry shippers making the The Flash fans divided. West-Allen fans thinks that all the SnowBarry fans are racist human beings, (maybe some are, maybe some are not) We shouldn’t generalize or stereotype people. It’s the plotline that makes Snowbarry fans shipping them, not skin color.

The thing is we shouldn’t spread the hate all over the internet. I’ve been seeing twitter hate post regarding Candice and Danielle. We should be aware that they are just portraying the characters that we love, We should know that they are completely different people behind those characters. It doesn’t make any sense hating this people when we don’t even know them personally. Like seriously guys. Let’s just promote what we love instead of bashing what we don’t like.

 I’m planning to blog more about The Flash, Let me know what you’re thinking!

An actual conversation I had:
  • Dude: Superman is unrelatable. He's too powerful and too perfect. Batman makes way more sense to me because his comics make me feel like anyone can be Batman!
  • Me: Okay, one of those guys has a day job, pays rent, and has to physically donate his spare time to help people... and one of them is #fuckinloadedTM and a trauma victim. Are you sure that Batman is the most relatable...?
  • Dude: Well, I'll never have laser vision. How can I relate to Superman?
  • Me: I... don't...

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Are you aware of any sfw blogs for Jumin? Finding blogs for him like this is a bit difficult and unpredictable as far as I can tell...

Oh, um, I don’t have a lot in mind either. But @/juminssi has a lot of headcanons and some fanfictions regarding Jumin that are mostly sfw. @/shiawasejanaiyo HAS BEAUTIFUL ARTWORKS OF JUMIN and most of them are sfw. @/jumin-h posts and reblogs about Jumin, roleplays too, mostly sfw. @/directorjumin reblogs a lot of good fanfictions and headcanons, sometimes posts too, mostly sfw. @/ameri-lie and @/daodavi draw a lot of Jumin fanarts as well, most of them sfw, and very adorable ❤

Also some blogs that are not centering around Jumin but has some good content related to Jumin : @/myetie HER ART IS AMAZING, her Zen x MC angst comic will kill you (not physically), her comic strips portray Jumin in a REALLY good way, and every RFA members get the love, I love it. @/mewtwo24 often reblogs about Jumin, and I love their fanfiction titled “Learning How to Love” very much, blog is mostly sfw.

All of these are blogs that I follow, I’m not sure if there are more. I say ‘mostly sfw’ because it’s either they have posted nsfw things before or I don’t know if they will post nsfw things in the future. I, myself, would sometimes reblog nsfw things as well ^^; Hope this list helps~

Interesting piece of dialogue I picked up on during The Talking Dead's live broadcast of 5x04 - 'Slabtown'

So I’m watching some Talking Dead episodes with Emily Kinney in them because I’m bored, and a particular piece of the conversation between her and Chris Hardwick really sparked my attention and sent my Team D vibes running wild. Here we go:

Keep reading

I’ve been asked a few times about what makes an OC interesting or appealing.

It’s really advice on how to be self gratifying and ~*how to make a popular character!*~ but whatever.

I’m not really an expert, but I guess I’ll post something. This is just a random vomit of small bits of advice and observation. Please don’t follow this to a T, 100% compliance with this list means something is wrong or you’re trying too hard.

Note this is for drawn/comic style characters. I aint touchin fiction.


  • People won’t readily pay as much attention to something very common. characters. E.g., humans, most kenonomimi, demons orh half-demons, common anthro species, shapeshifters, etc.
  • People won’t necessarily pay much attention to wildly outlandish characters either. E.g., unique special snowflake hybrids, unnecessarily complex species, highly exotic colors for a species, something too complex to be relatable,  etc.
  • That doesn’t mean you can’t make either of these things, just they’ll need to play off something else if you want people to notice them or figure out a way to get peoples’ interest.
  • Yes, sex sells, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessary. Forcing it into/onto your character, especially if they don’t exist just for erotic art, feels unnatural. That said if you’re comfortable with it, you don’t need to avoid it if you don’t want.
  • You need to enjoy your character just as much as other people do, not just the the popularity they may bring you. Wanting a character purely for attention will lead to nothing but disappointment.
  • Seriously, if peeps make you fanart, be gracious with that shit. FANART IS AWESOME MAN.


  • When people see your character, there needs to be something about them that prompts them “hrm, I want to learn more about them.” It can be the way they dress, what they are, their body type, or what they’re doing, but appearance will be the first thing they notice.
  • Avoid excessive gradients and unnecessary rainbows.
  • Establish color harmony. Don’t just pick your favorite colors at max saturation, pick one or two and figure out a pallet that works.
  • Or, even better, just pick out a group of colors that blend well together that suit the purpose, neglecting color favoritism.
  • Highly complicated designs can be eye-catching but also mean it’ll be harder for you and others to draw.
  • Overly simple designs are easy and recognizable but may not be as interesting.
  • Some forms of emphasis somewhere in their design often is great. This ties in to style. Could be something they’re proud of, something they hate, something that they’d be totally oblivious to in their world’s standards, or even something they use or wear rather than something part of them.
  • Yes, good art definitely will help. If you feel your art is holding you back, practice and study more, don’t take it out on your character.


  • Most of the personality should come out through how you present your character, not through pure writing. It’s still great to have a quick explanation or disclaimer to jump to.
  • Try to think of a backstory or description that can be summarized no longer than a paragraph. Obviously there can be more in actuality, but the basics of the character shouldn’t require a novel to figure out.
  • Also include a purpose, even if it’s as simple as “just get by day-to-day.” You can flesh it out more as time goes on or as they evolve/change.
  • Make sure there’s a (at least somewhat) believable personality there.
  • Spend time figuring out their likes and dislikes. This’ll help shape their world and self.
  • Figure out how their physics work. If they’re amphibious, how do they breathe. If they’re robotic, how do you explain their personality. If they have magic, what are the limitations of it.

so yeah that’s just a menagerie of things. now get out there and make me proud, I know you’re all going to start making numerous wait what the fuck no stop making a rainbowdash clone why is i t wEARING A NARUTO HEADBAND YOU FUCKIN WEEA–