i relate everything to downton abbey

I was tagged by @zaytsevs, thanks! :)

nickname: Vale
height: 1.63 m
last thing I googled: The late show with Stephen Colbert Youtube
fave music artist: Keane
song stuck in my head: Rivers and Roads - The Head and the Heart
last movie I watched: Big Hero 6
last tv show I watched: Downton Abbey
what are you wearing right now: pajamas
when did you create your blog: June 2016
what kind of stuff do I post: Everything related to Modena Volley
do you have any other blogs: My main blog is @tripleyturn
do you get asks regularly: sometimes I do :)
why did you choose your url: the blog is devoted to Modena Volley <3
gender: female
hogwarts house: -
pokemon team: -
fave color: violet
average hours of sleep: 7
lucky number: 16
fave character: Seth Cohen from The O.C.
how many blankets do you sleep with: 1
dream job: high school teacher
following: 364

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