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Skulls and Roses ☠️🥀 (Part Five)

Jeon Jungkook

Tattooist AU!. College Au!

Genre: Fluff? - I guess, Tiny bit of angst

Word Count: 5k+

Part One I Part Four

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I Give Up - part 26 (A Baekhyun Series)

The bedroom door closed with a click and you were halfway out of the bed scrambling in much of the same way as Baekhyun had before he vanished through the bedroom door.

You tried to move as silently as possible and you found your clothes from yesterday on the bathroom floor. Hygiene be damned, this was an emergency.

You heard his voice through the door, much too close to where you sat with your heart in your throat on the edge of the bed.

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yandere!EXO reaction when they get jealous

(requested by anon: Yandere!Exo reacting to someone talking to their crush/girlfriend? Love this blog btw!)

BTS version

warnings: swearing, angst, violence

little note: yandere = a person either in anime or real life who would harm or kill others for looking/interacting with their crush as well as make their crush happy whatever it costs

As a guy, whom you knew from school, approached you, you felt a burning gaze coming from behind you and you didn’t need to turn around to know who it was. You quickly finished the convo and came up to your boyfriend.


He was staring blankly at you, not saying a word. „Sehun it’s no-“ „Am I not good enough? Maybe you got tired of me so you don’t need me anymore?!“ he grew furious and started shouting. You ran up to him and cupped his cheeks, rubbing them softly. „I need you.. so much“ he grabbed you around the waist and pulled you closer, resting his forehead against yours.


„Oppa ple-” „What does he have that I don’t?“ he hit the air with his hand in anger. „What?!“ he leaned a bit forward as he yelled. You reached him quickly and put your hands around his neck. He tried escaping your touch but you didn’t let him. You played with the back of his hair, calming him down. He picked your chin up, gazing into your eyes. „You’re mine“


You approached him and as you opened your mouth to say something, he lost it. He kicked the nearby table with his leg and threw the chair away. You ran up to him, pressing your hands against his chest. He tried pushing past you but you managed to stop him. You hugged him tightly and kissed his cheek many times. He groaned softly and turned his head towards you, kissing you deeply.


As you approached him, he shot you an angry yet vulnerable glare. He looked down to the floor, still not saying a word. You got up to him and hugged him, planting a small kiss on his lips. As you saw he was unphased, you sighed and moved away but he pulled you back and kissed you. „I don’t want anyone else to look at you the way I do. No one“


„What did he want? Ask you out on a fucking date maybe?! You know, you should go since he’s so interested in you“ he breathed heavily and looked at you with regret. He touched the back of his neck in anger but not at you, at himself for yelling. „I’m a fucking idiot, you should really leave me I-“ you pressed your hand gently over his mouth. „Oppa stop.. please“ you removed your hand from his mouth and hugged him tightly, listening to his heartbeats that calmed down slowly.


„What did he want?“ he asked calmly but you knew that was just a mask. He watched you like his prey as he moved closer and closer to you. You hit the wall and he placed his hands on each side of your head. „I won’t ask twice“ he growled. „He just wanted to chat, I don-” he hit the wall with his right hand, almost leaving a hole in it. „He doesn’t get to look at you. What’s mine is mine“


He stared at you with a deadly glare. “Kyungsoo he’s ju-’‘ “Oh so I’m not ‘oppa’ anymore?!” he chuckled sarcastically, starting to shake from anger. You quickly hugged him, resting your left hand on his chest and softly rubbing it. You kissed his neck gently. “Oppa it’s okay..” he calmed down instantly, pulling you closer.


“Xiu let me e-’‘ he cut you off midd-sentence. “Who the fuck is he? How the fuck does he dare to look at you that way? Only I can look at you!” he pointed at himself as he kept yelling. You reached his hands and slowly traced them up until his hair. You softly played with it while resting your forehead against his. “Shh I’m here..” you cooed, softening him slowly.


You wanted to calm him down but it was way too late for that. He furiously punched the wall beside him, leaving a small dent. He breathed heavily and rested his head against the wall. You came up to him from behind, caressing his back in small circle movements. He grabbed your hands and turned you to face him. “I’m sorry, I would never hurt you..” he brought your hands to his mouth and kissed each palm gently.


He looked at you with a hurt expression as he exhaled. “Wow I am that easy to replace am I?” your eyes widened at what he said. “No oh my God Lu ple-” “I saw the way he was smiling at you and he wants what’s mine” he said with a low voice, his posture changing from anger. He grabbed you around the waist and closed the gap between you. “But I don’t share” he growled against your ear making you shiver.


“Who would say no to such charm right?” he said with evident sarcasm in his voice. “Kris really it wa-” “Don’t say it wasn’t like that when it was!” he shouted at you, his eyes changing a shade darker. You looked hurt and your face showed that pretty well. “Oh my God no I didn’t mean to yell, I’m so sorry please..” his voice was cracking. “Please don’t go” he almost cried out so you cupped his face and kissed him deeply. “Just don’t yell..” you pleaded after the kiss. “Promise ”


“Are you blind? Don’t you see his fucking intentions?!” he yelled as he moved closer to you. He smirked at you but it wasn’t a good kind of smirk. “Or do you just want attention?” you looked at him, hurt and wide-eyed. “Oh my God I didn’t mean that I was just angry and.. I’m so sorry” his voice cracked and he fell on his knees, sobbing. You fell on your knees too and caressed his cheeks. You straddled him and cupped his face, kissing his cheeks and then his lips as he pulled you in for a long make out session.

xx hope anon is satisfied; im so inactive im srsly ashamed of myself but not for much longer xx

Imagine breaking Clint from Loki’s mind control

Clint Barton x Reader

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“Why am I back?”

You poured Clint a cup of cold water and handed it to him.

“True love’s kiss and bam good old Clint was back.”

The archer grunted and downed the cool drink. “You’re kidding.”

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Ultimate Fangirl

Summary: My Marvel, inner fangirl gets exposed during my DC press tour, and now that’s all I talk about during my interviews. When going onto Ellen DeGeneres’ show, she not only has questions in store for me but a surprise as well. 

Author’s Note: THROWBACK THURSDAY! I wrote this a long time ago and decided to share it with you guys. I wrote this in first-person, because it’s a bit personalized. It’s based off of my interaction with Sebastian Stan during WWC Sacramento with @pleasecallmecaptain. AND based on Graham Norton’s Spice Girls Prank on Emma Stone.

Pairing: Chris Evans x Sebastian Stan x Anthony Mackie x Reader (Platonic)

Words: 1,648

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Christmas with the Malfoys

Notice: this is a long piece of writing, will take a while to read lmao!

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You take Draco’s hand after he pulls your luggage off of the Hogwarts Express as the two of you look around at the sea of faces until you finally find Narcissa’s.

Draco’s parents had offered to let you stay at their house over the holidays because yours were visiting your brother in Sweden - he was staying there for a while before moving on to Egypt, where he’ll train dragons. Your parents were hesitant about leaving you, but considering you were nearly seventeen, they said the choice was yours between staying with Draco or at Hogwarts. Of course you chose Draco.

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Okay, I have a ton of one-sentence prompts to fill, a gazillion prompt requests and two of these prompts lurking half-finished in my documents folder but YET the Bughead pic for tomorrow’s episode got releashed and Betty’s wandering hand got my mind in dark imaginative places. I thought I was the only thirsty one but I guess there are a lot of us out there so you asked and I happily deliver. This is SIN, this is something I don’t know where it came from. Nevertheless, I hope you all enjoy! 

Under (the) Cover

“Well, never thought I would be stood up by Jughead Jones but I guess there’s a first time for everything.” Veronica mused around the stripped straw of her milkshake, lopsided smirk intact and chocolate eyes shining in teasing, feeling Archie’s chest vibrate from light laughter besides her, the back of her arm brushing casually his pec.

Betty rolled her pretty eyes from across them, the happy grin that she was sporting all day turning even more delighted. “He’s on his way.” She let them now, abandoning her phone in the space next to her on the leather seat, its screen still illuminated by the private chat with Juggie <3 on top, the kissy emojis she had sent him last depicting her playful and bubbly mood. “They had a lot to talk with his dad now that everything’s over.” She sighed in content, still trying to settle down after the emotional roller-coaster of the previous days, the two other teens on the table nodding in understanding before all three of them engaged themselves in an easy-going chat about tonight’s successful jubilee.

As per queue, the characteristic chime that indicated the arrival of new customers echoed in the small diner and Betty whiped her head around, golden locks dancing graciously around her beautiful face, only for her perpetual grin to turn into a full, dashing smile, along with rosy cheeks and all, at the sight of her boyfriend, smiling charmingly back at her and making his way to their now personal booth in his typical lazy strides.

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Poly!Hamilsquad x reader

Author: Lil Laddie

Words: 899

Warnings: Swearing (i think), a bit cliche lol

A/N: This has taken a thousand years to come out and I am so sorry about that! I hope that this lives up to expectations and I’m sorry that it’s kinda short! In other news, I may have a boyfriend and I’m kinda loosing my shit over it. I hope your day is amazing! I love you kiddos!

Request: Can I have a poly!hamilsquad imagine where the reader likes to take pictures and her usual muses are the boys. - @glitterbearbear

A small click came from your camera as you tried to take a sneaky photo of Hercules while he read.

“I heard that.” He mumbled, not looking up from his book.

“Sorry, it’s just with the blinds open there’s perfect lighting in here and I couldn’t help myself.” You apologized, a blush lighting up your cheeks.

“No need to apologize.” Herc looked up at you then back to his book. “You’re cute when you blush. You should take a picture of that.”

“I would rather not take pictures of myself.” You paused, feeling a little too nervous to ask what you were thinking. “Do you think you and the boys would ever feel comfortable with doing a photo shoot?”

“A photo shoot? Ooo, I hope it’s a nude photo shoot.” John smirked, plopping himself on the couch next to you.

“So, you would be comfortable?” You asked, John noticing the way your eyes lit up with hope.

“If it would make you happy and would be a creative outlet for you, I’m sure everyone would agree to it. Besides, we all know about the sneaky photos you try to take of us.” John agreed, not wanting to let you down.

“Oh my god really?” In excitement you threw your arms around John as he laughed at your reaction.

“Why are you so happy?” Alex asked, walking into the room sluggishly while holding a coffee in one hand.

“John just agreed that all of you will be my muses in a photo shoot.” You grinned.

“A photo shoot?” Alex’s eyes went wide with fear. “You know I love you (Y/N), but I don’t know if I feel comfortable in front of a camera.”

“Why not? You seem to love attention more than anything else.” Hercules said snarkily, making John laugh.

“True, but this is different! I don’t really think I would be the best at this whole modeling thing.” Alex explained, his heart breaking in two as your smile fell from your face.

“It’s going to be very candid and less posed, if that changes your mind at all? I completely understand if you’re not comfortable though.” You sighed, John and Hercules glaring at Alex as your happiness faded.

“You know Laf is quite a model and I’m sure he could show me a thing or two to make sure I look good on camera.” Alex said, not wanting any of you to be upset with him.

“You’re not going to regret this!” You exclaimed.


“I’m kind of regretting agreeing to this.” Alex groaned as you lead the boys on a trail in the mountains.

“Don’t be a baby Alex. It’s just a small hike.” You rolled your eyes at his complaining.

“So, what’s the plan for the photos?” Lafayette asked, moving past the others to walk next to you.

“Photos? We’re not doing those today.” You lied, trying to calm the boys nerves.

“We thought that since you brought your camera and forced on this hike that it was today.” John said, his face scrunched up in confusion.

“Nope, I was just planning on taking pictures of the view from the top.” You shrugged, glad that they were buying it.

“Thank god, I don’t think I’m ready to model yet.” Alex sighed in relief and picked up his pace as he hiked.

“Just let us know when we’re actually taking them. I don’t want to have that stress of never knowing when we’re doing it.” Herc said, a weight having seemed lifted from his shoulders.

When you reached the top of the hike, you could see the whole valley below you. You stepped closer to the edge and began to take a few shots of the view. To your left, you could hear the boys messing around. You smiled to yourself, knowing that this was your opportunity to get some good pictures.

They stood next to the cliff, the beautiful view set right behind them. Alex had jumped on Lafayette’s back and had a wide grin on his face. Laf’s arm was slung lazily over Herc’s shoulders as the two of them laughed about something. John stood next to Hercules, their fingers intertwined as he smiled at something in the distance.

You quickly took a couple photos without them noticing. You smiled at your accomplishment before you quickly joined the group. For the rest of the night, you continued to take sneaky photos of the boys when they were distracted. You knew for sure that at least a couple of them would turn out perfect.


You centered the photoframe on the wall, turning to see the boys standing behind you. They all stared at the first photo you had taken of them a few days ago on the hike.

“When did you take that?” Laf asked.

“When we went on that hike last week. You guys were goofing off and I thought it would make a perfect candid shot.” You grinned, the boys all seeming genuinely happy about the photo.

“You’re such an amazing photographer.” Hercules stepped forward and pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead.

Soon, all the boys joined Hercules and covered your face with little kisses. You laughed enjoying the moment with them. Over the next few weeks, your walls would become covered with photos of the boys in the most random situations. They all would hold moments that you will never want to forget.

Don´t judge a book by its cover Part 1

My entry for Michelle´s 2K Follower Challenge (@luci-in-trenchcoats)

First try at a Story with A/B/O dynamics.

I´ll porbably turn this into a series

Wordcount: 1706

Characters: Alpha!Dean, Alpha!Sam Omega!Reader

Pairing: Dean x Reader (eventually)

Warnings: Angst, language, attempted sexual assult (if this triggers you please don´t read), a little bit of fluff

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When we first met

As an Omega you hadn´t allways had it easy. Burt as an Omega that was a hunter and worked alone? Well while it wasn´t unheard of it was definetily something other hunters frowned upon. That was the reason you avoided other hunters as best as you could your only contacts in the comunity being Bobby and Garth.

Bobby had been a grumpy old Alpha who you had met a few years ago on a which hunt. He had known your father who had been a hunter too and so he had given you a fair chance to prove yourself as he knew that your father had trained his children, all being Alphas except for you, well. You had stayed in contact with the hunter ever since, taking up hunts if he asked you to or you calling him when you were stuck on the reserarch.

With Garth you would even go as far as to call him a friend. Bobby had called you once asking you to help the, at that time still inexpirienced Beta, to hunt down a pack of werewolves. You had taken an immediate liking to him as he hadn´t even so much as raised an eyebrow  at the fact that you were an Omega hunting all on your own.

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Like This -Part Two

Original Prompt: could you do a dad!tom where it’s basically where the reader and him find out she’s pregnant and some cute things he does whilst she’s pregnant and like telling his family and fans and then when the baby is born, his first bonding moment with the child and then just some cute things after about the baby and tom and reader or something please thank you! [ the baby can be any gender or even twins]

Warnings: fluff, cutesy father!Tom, but imagine Tom with a baby tho

Part One 

Toward the middle of June, Johnathan Robert Holland was born. (Y/N) couldn’t have been more pleased with the fact that Tom had decided to name his son after both of his grandfathers, after all, that was a much better explanation for their kid to tell people than saying his father was the biggest Spider-Man dork on the planet, but that didn’t keep him from showing up to the birth in the suit.

Tom didn’t miss a beat since (Y/N)’s contractions began two days before their son’s birth. He tracked every decreasing minute between them and rushed her to the hospital despite the fact that it would be another seventeen hours and forty-six minutes before she could even start pushing. (Y/N) had encouraged Tom to visit the kids in hospital between her contractions and prior to the delivery of their child, to which he hesitantly agreed. 

Tom had been in the children’s wing with Harry and Sam when his mother called to tell him (Y/N) was ready to have the baby. Immediately, he dropped his phone and started running, his twin brothers trailing far behind him. It was half hour before John entered the world and fifteen minutes before he was presented to his parents. Exhausted, (Y/N) stayed awake hardly long enough to feed Johnathan. Tom refused to leave his fiancé’s side as she slept but for some reason, he was hesitant to hold his son. He had seen and held children before, but the fear or anxieties of holding a child intensifies when he realized that child was his. 

John was a small baby at only six and a half pounds and a little over a foot long. Tom smiled at John’s tiny nose and smiled as he looked between the boy’s face and his mothers. He had her nose and already had tufts of her hair color as well. Tom noticed that John had a similar, tiny, pointed chin and wide ears that he had as a baby. Johnathan’s tiny fingers reached out as he lay in the bassinet and a small cry escaped his lips. Immediately, (Y/N)’’s eyes flashed open and her head ached as her eyes adjusted to the light.

“Can you get him please?” (Y/N) grumbled as she unbuttoned the left shoulder of her gown and pulled the nursing blanket over her. Tom rushed toward his son and slowly scooped him in his arms for the first time.

“There, there John,” he cooed and swayed lightly while cradling his son’s head in his arms. Staring down at the baby in his arms, Tom’s heart started to beat faster and harder than ever before as he continued to cry. His small eyes squinted and his tiny mouth wailed until he nestled up to his father’s chest. Slowly, the child’s eyes opened to reveal large brown orbs just as beautiful as the one’s looking down at him. “It’s okay,” Tom cooed again as he lowered himself onto the hospital bed beside (Y/N), “Daddy’s got you. Daddy’s here.”

“Is he hungry?” (Y/N) asked, her voice groggy and eyes drooping closed.

“No,” Tom sighed, “he just wanted to be held.” (Y/N) moved over to make room on the hospital bed and Tom managed to lie down beside her with their son in his arms. “Yeah, that’s you’re Mum,” he said as John’s tiny hands stretched toward (Y/N). “Love,” Tom called while turning his head toward (Y/N)’s.

“What’s wrong? Is he crying?” Every question she had was regarding what she could do for the baby and Tom smiled.

“Johnny’s fine,” he smiled and placed his lips along her sweaty hairline. “I love you so much, (Y/N).” Her lips curled slightly as her head dropped against his shoulder.

“I love you too, Tom,” she sighed as she placed her little finger between her son’s hand feeling his small but strong grip.

Tom couldn’t help his excitement of being a new father and the pride he felt when holding John made him more confident than he had ever been. “Sam, come here and get this!” Tom called for his younger brother. He held John in his arms and stood up proudly displaying his son and his Spider-Man costume. Sam took the photo with Tom’s phone first while the friends and family who had been waiting at the hospital and were now permitted to visit took the opportunity to photograph Tom bonding with his baby.

“Just remember not to post anything,” Harrison warned.

“Fuck it,” Tom huffed as he immediately pressed ‘post’ on Instagram, captioning the photo: Welcome to the family little Holland, Mum and Daddy love you! As soon as he posted the picture, he turned off his phone and smiled. “Now the world knows,” he smiled down at the baby who had started to make small cranky noises. “Let’s get you to your mum.”

Tom had been a father for little over three months before he was forced to return to the spotlight. “Remember he eats at six,” Tom said as he slid his arms into his suit jacket.

“He sucks on my tits when he’s hungry, Tom, I think I know when he eats,” (Y/N) laughed.

“And the Funko Pop Spider-Man plush toy is his favorite,” Tom muttered as his wife dropped his dress shoes onto his lap.

“Of course it is,” she smirked as Tom slid his feet into the spider socks he had hidden (Y/N)’s engagement ring in a year ago.

“Please promise you’ll call before you put Johnny to bed, (Y/N). I want to tell him goodnight,” Tom murmured against his son’s soft head as he leaned over the bassinet by their bed. Immediately Tessa started whimpering.

“Come here, girl, I’ll give you attention,” (Y/N) said as Tessa jumped onto the bed to lick (Y/N)’s face.

“Don’t forget, my parents are only five minutes away if you need anything,” Tom said as (Y/N) shoved his neglected dress shoes into his hands.

“Oh really? I didn’t know they still lived in the exact same place that you grew up,” she smirked as she pushed him toward the bed to put on his shoes.

“Fine, fine, I’m going,” he huffed. “I told Harry and Sam to check on you every hour or so.”

“Tom,” she finally laughed and threw her arms around him. “I love you so much, but you’re overprotective dad side is showing way too much.”

“I know, love, I just don’t want to be away from him for too long,” Tom sighed with a small hint of regret in his voice. “I brought this on us and I don’t want you to feel as though I’m just pawning all of the responsibility of having a child off on you.” (Y/N) smiled and walked toward him, placing her knees on either sides of the outside of his thighs.

“Thomas Stanley Holland,” she sighed into his ear as she kissed his neck. “I love you so much,” she watched his lips curl into a smile at her words, “but if you ever blame and feel like you’re burdening our family, I don’t know what I’m going to have to do to show you how wrong you are.” He placed his lips against hers and held tight to her waist.

“How about giving me another baby?” he suggested with a smirk on his lips as he kissed her warm skin. She smiled at his suggestion, glad that he was enjoying fatherhood despite the fact that it was thrust upon him so young and so abruptly.

“How about you go to your event and we make plans for that when you get home,” she suggested before kissing him and easing off his lap.

“Is that a promise?” he teased. 

“I guess you’l find out later,” she smirked. With that, Tom hurriedly kissed his wife and went on his way, eager to get the event over with to return to his family. Upon his arrival, there was an even larger amount of interviewers trying to get his attention than normal and he was swarmed with questions, most regarding his new family. “How did you keep (Y/N)’s pregnancy below the radar for so long?” “How does fatherhood feel?” “Did you only marry (Y/N) because you got her pregnant?” “Will this baby put a stop to your career?” 

“Oh wow,” (Y/N) watched her husband answer the slew of questions, their son propped up against her chest staring at his father on the television screen. “Well,” he laughed the little chuckle that he normally saved for awkward situations, “as you know, I accidentally got my wife pregnant before she was my  wife, but that had nothing to do with my decision to propose to her. I actually had the ring stored in these socks for months,” he said while flashing his socks from beneath his pant hems. “When she told me she was pregnant, I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to tell her just how ready I was for this: being a husband and a father. I love my wife, (Y/N) more than anything, except maybe our little boy, Johnny. I don’t have any plans for my career ending because of Johnny and (Y/N), but I would miss them terribly.”

“Do you miss them right now?” the interviewer asked.

Tom folded his arms over his chest and smiled as he thought about (Y/N) and Johnathan curled up on the couch together, waiting for him to get home. “If I could I would be in my sweatpants making my beautiful wife (Y/N) a cuppa tea and watching Netflix with Johnny on my chest and (Y/N) in my arms.”

“And if your wife and son were watching right now, what would you want to tell them?” Tom’s smile grew along his face and he swayed, his eyes gleaming toward the camera.

“Daddy loves you, Johnny and he’s hoping you’re behaving for Mum. (Y/N), I love you so much darling and I can’t wait to be home with you.” His voice got caught on his excitement and his already large smile beamed into the camera. “I’m so grateful for all that’s happened that led our lives to play out exactly like this.”

The Affair - Chapter 5

Summary: The Reader (OC) returns home to find Tom home, but still has an interaction with Negan that actually makes a nice end to her day.

Characters: Negan, Reader (OC) & Tom (OC)

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Swearing & Masturbation

AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10224827/chapters/24044262

Tags: @jasoncrouse @ronweaselz @hiddlesdowneyjr @ali-pennell @melodicdolls @namelesslosers @deepsouth @shanaatjelove11 @warriorqueen1991 @caitydestroys @acklesdowneyandhiddles-ohmy @jaylaelizabethw @prettyepiic @negans-dirty-girl @mamaredd123 @jdmsgal @alyisdead @memphisgirl1977 @negans-network @esmerhya @carrter5 @karaokke @freaktesque @jmackie1983 @jaylaelizabethw *As always, please let me know if you want to be added to the tags or if you wanted to be taken off!*  

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Clay Jensen° Apology Kisses

“Psst Jensen!” You turned your back to the occupied teacher and faced said boy, “Clay! Stop ignoring me you idiot.”

He was hunched over his work, although he wasn’t doing anything. “What do you want?” He hissed, tilting his head slightly in your direction.

You furrowed your eyebrows at his sudden outburst. You two had been close friends for quite a long time but a few weeks after Hannah’s death, he became much more hostile towards you.

“What the fuck Clay? Look I know you miss her, so do I, but you don’t have to be such a dick about it.” Shaking his head he turned back to face the front and you did the same, annoyed at him.

° ° °

The rest of the school day, Clay avoided you, even going as far as sitting with Tony instead of you at lunch. Angry and hurt, you texted him to meet you at Monet’s at six to study and talk.

Five to six, you arrived at the coffee shop and took a seat at a small table towards the back, ordering yourself a hot chocolate.

When fifteen minutes passed with no sign of Clay, you decided to get started on your English assignment without him.
Once the time reached half past, you sent him a text asking where he was and if he was coming.

No response and thirty minutes later, being sat at the table alone, you left bearing a heavy heart and teary eyes.

° ° °

The next day at school, you spotted Clay getting out of Tony’s Mustang and quickly ran up to meet him. “Hey Clay.”

Being pulled out of his thoughts, he sent you a small smile, “Hi (Y/n).”

“So… Where were you yesterday?”

Confused, he looked at you. Giving him an expectant look, he quickly put on an apologetic one. “I’m sorry, I don’t follow.”
Reaching his locker he put in the combination and started fussing about within it.

“We were supposed to meet at Monet’s to study! I can’t believe you.”

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, I completely forgot; I was with To-”

“With Tony, of course.” You cut him off angrily, “I thought we were friends Clay, friends don’t blow each other off to hang with other people!”

“I’m honestly really sorry (Y/n). To make up for it let me take you to the Crestmont to catch a film?” He put on his innocent face and smiled at you.

“Goddammit man, you know I can’t refuse when you do that.” The first bell rang in the background signalling the students to head to their homeroom.

“I know.” Clay laughed. “So meet me there at 7?”

Swivelling around to make your way to your classroom, you sent him a small wave, “See you there Jensen.”

° ° °

Arriving at the Crestmont, you spotted Clay fiddling at the counter. “Aloha Helmet boy.”

Spinning around, his doubts of you standing him up like he did to you disappeared. He gave you a small grin before speaking, “Oh, hey (Y/n).”

“Don’t look so frightened Clay, I was late because my mom asked me to do something before I left. I didn’t forget or anything.” Sending him a gentle smile, you purchased the tickets and went on into the screening room.

° ° °

Oh how badly you regret picking a horror movie. There wasn’t a lot of people in the theatre so yours and Clays ‘manly’ scream echoed all around.  A series of jumpscares later, your popcorn had been strewn everywhere and you were seconds away from losing your voice.

Breathing a heavy sigh of relief as the credits rolled on screen, you turned to Clay, “Holy shit, never again. Let’s get out of here.” Tired, you got up and turned to leave before a hand grabbed yours.

“Wait a second (Y/n).” His hand pulled you back quickly and before you knew what what going on you felt a pair of warm lips on yours. Eyes wide, you looked to Clay, who looked just as shocked as you did. Seconds passed before he hesitantly moved his lips across yours, his eyes fluttering closed.

You stood there, not moving while Clay carried on. Pulling away, he took note of your confused face, and began apologising, stuttering uncontrollably. “Oh my go- (Y/n), I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to- I should have asked. No wonder you didn’t kiss back. Oh god, I’m such an idiot.” Internally face-palming, his face heated up and he avoided eye contact.

“Clay, it’s fine, I was just shocked.” You interrupted his rambling and set your hands on his arms. “We can try again if you want?”

'What the actual fuck (Y/n)?’

“Oh shit, I didn’t mean that. What I meant to say was… We can… Y'know what, I’m just gonna shut up.”

“That sounds like a good idea.” Laughing, he leant in and pressed his lips onto yours in a passionate and heated kiss. Clay’s arms wrapped around your waist whilst yours connected around his neck.

A few minutes and a make out session later, you both emerged breathing heavily and with swollen lips. He pressed his forehead onto yours and stared into your eyes. “Erm, I guess I’m supposed to walk you home now?”

Smiling at his awkwardness, you shook your head, “That would be ideal, yes.”

Clay intertwined your hands and lead you out of the cinema. “At least, this way we probably won’t be attack by any sadistic nun demons.”

“Oh yeah, I’m sure they’re not gonna waste their precious time on a socially-awkward, skinny boy obsessed with Star Wars,” Clay swung your arms and rolled his cerulean orbs.

“Very funny, (Y/n).”

“, and a… I don’t even know what I am.”

“An amazing, beautiful and kind girl.”

“Very cheesy, Clay.”

Showing off a toothy grin, he replied, “You like it.”

“I know.” Leaning up you left a small kiss on his cheek and closed your eyes in pure bliss.

• • •

Yeahhh… I had no idea how to end that, sorry if it seemed a bit rushed :/
Sorry for all the time skips as well; I’m lazy

song imagine: quit-h.s imagine

you can listen to this song here

Originally posted by grandecurls

They say. “You crazy, just leave him, he’ll suffocate you.”

But I wanna be in your arms.

You sat in front of your friends, Olivia and Danielle on the couch in your apartment. The two of them had the same look on their face. A look that said they were scared for you. A look that said they were scared you were going to get hurt.

“Y/N..We can’t just sit back and pretend everything is fine.” Olivia sighs while staring at you fidgeting your fingers, a nervous habit you began recently. “He’s toxic, Y/N.” Danielle agrees while looking between you and Olivia.

You were in a new relationship. Usually your friends would be ecstatic for you. They would tease you and make fun of your new puppy love. However, they did anything but. See, Harry was never the one to be faithful. He told you that from the beginning and what should be seen as a red flag, you accepted the challenge. Something about him was just so enchanting. Harry made you feel things you’ve never felt before. He made you feel beautiful and he made you feel like you were loved.

But you weren’t the only one that Harry was making feel that way. He fooled around with other girls and instead of just running away, you forgave him every time he was another girl. You couldn’t find it in your heart to let go of him.

‘Cause when you call my heart starts to roll 

I always want more

It’s my heaven, my hell

You opened the door to find Harry leaned against the doorway. He was smiling his signature smile, the one that brought out his dimples. You smiled and blushed, the feeling of butterflies in your stomach.

“Hey beautiful” Harry kissed your cheek and let himself into your apartment. He grabbed your waist and pulled you closer to his body.

“I didn’t think you would come by. You said you were busy all day” Y/N pushed her hair out of her face while wrapping her arms around his neck.

“I was.” He was hanging out with Tiffany. “But I wanted to come see you anyways, gorgeous.” But Tiffany had a night shift at the hospital tonight.

Y/N’s heart was beating a million miles a minute. “Oh..you’re so sweet.”

“Try to be.” Harry smirked, as he kisses you deeply.

Inside lives a voice, a voice so quiet

But I can’t hear that voice when your heart beats next to mine

As you turned to put your phone on the nightstand at Harry’s apartment, you noticed a pearl earring. “Who’s is this?”

Harry glanced at your hand while typing on his phone. “It’s yours, goofball. Remember you left it here a week ago?”

Your ears started to burn slightly. As if your mind was telling you You haven’t taken out your earrings often. You’re always scared you’ll loose them.

“Are..Are you sure?” you mumbled while putting the earring back on the nightstand. Your eyes slowly looked across at Harry’s.

Harry put his phone down and pulled you to his chest. “Positive. Who else would they belong to?”

You traced little hearts on Harry’s bare chest. “Yeah..Who else would they belong to?”

I can’t quit you

Hey, it’s Harry. Can’t pick up right now. I’ll call you back as soon as I can.

“Hey, Harry.” You were sitting in the middle of his favorite restaurant by yourself. “I guess you’re just running a little late.”

“I’m just sitting here..Waiting for you. Hurry, please. I’m starving.” You chuckled softly into your phone. “I..I uh. Let me know when you’re on your way.”

“Ma’am? We’re about to close soon..” The waitress looked down at you with sympathy in your eyes. “Did you want to order anything else?” She glanced at your empty glass of wine. You were staring at the candle burning in front of you while fidgeting with your fingers. You cleared your throat, “Um, no. Just the check, please.”

Yeah, I’m gonna regret it

I know I’m gonna regret it

“He did what?!” Olivia shouted. The both of you were sitting in a small cafe. After your argument with Harry last night, he left your apartment. He confessed through text that he slept with someone.

“He didn’t mean to. He was just so mad. And he was drunk!” You tried to argue while tracing the mug that was in front of you with your index finger.

“That doesn’t make it okay! That never makes it okay!” Olivia tried telling you, shaking her head. You visibly winced at her words. Olivia sighed, “What did you say to him?”

“I said the fight was my fault and I forgave him.” Olivia looked up at you and felt her heart yearned for her best friend. Your hands were shaking slightly while you were staring at the mug, eyes red and puffy.

When you said, “Baby, I just want you to lay me down and we’ll

fuck the pain away”

Harry let out one last moan and plopped down beside you. On instinct, you pulled the blanket up to your bare chest. Harry wrapped his arm around your waist and yawned, “She meant nothing to me anyways.”

You nodded your head and sighed. You stared up at the ceiling as Harry snored quietly next to you.

Gonna regret it

“Forgive me?” Harry whispered into your ear while playing with the hem of your shirt.

You were sat on his lap, your arms wrapped around his neck.


first ever song imagine! i had so much fun writing it! let me know if you guys want any more of these types of imagines. feel free to send in a request of your own!

New in Town Pt. 3 (Connor Murphy x Reader)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 4

WC: 2,501 (under a read more cuz it’s long-ish)

A/N: Do people actually like this series? ALSO, JODIE WHITTAKER IS THE 13TH DOCTOR 

You looked at Alana with a quirked brow, “Where are we going? We passed your turn.” She didn’t say anything as she navigated her way to Zoe’s house. You could see her little-satisfied smirk as she drove. You huffed in annoyance and crossed your arms over your chest, “You’re rude.”

“You’ll thank me later.”, she declared as you pulled into the driveway of someone’s house. You didn’t recognize this house, but you were only friends with Alana so you didn’t expect to.

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Lineage - Steve Rogers/Reader

Imagine Steve Rogers meeting Phil Coulson’s daughter before a mission…

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Originally posted by hpstuffs

Steve glanced up at the woman taking a seat at the mission table. He’d never seen her before but he got a familiar vibe from her. She looked over at him and smiled, “Hi there.”

He smiled grateful for the ease you put the room at. He was used of new people staring at him awed and amazed, “Hi, Steve Rogers.”

“I know.” You continued to smile at him, “Y/N Coulson.”

“Coulson? Any relation to the late Phil.” He raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Yeah, he’s my dad.” You watched his face changed quickly from getting to know you to regret, “It’s okay…He didn’t talk about me much at work. You know the whole keeping each other safe thing.”

“I’m very sorry…” Steve sighed softly, “He was a good man.”

“I know.” You nodded slowly a small smile still resting on your features, “He spoke very highly of you after he met you. First you were just his hero, but then…well his words were “He’s so cool.’”

Steve smiled a soft chuckle leaving his throat, “That sounds like him.”

“Yeah…he was pretty blunt.” You looked down at your hands, “To be honest I don’t know how he’d feel about me heading out on mission with you.”

“We’re going to be fine. This is a run-of-the-mill in-and-out job.” He told you.

“I’m not worried.” You perked up a little, “I’ve trained for this. My dad taught me tricks the academy never did and besides…”

He smiled seeing that bright curiosity that every Coulson seemed to have, “Besides?”

“I’m working with Captain America.” You smirked a little leaning forward slightly, “Hey does that make me an honorary member of the Avengers?”

He let out another laugh opening his folder up, “I suppose after today we’ll find out.”

Forever | 1: The Beginning of the End

Summary: You and Sebastian Stan became best friends years ago, on the set of the first Captain America movie, and you couldn’t be happier that you had found someone just as witty and caring as you - but will feelings wiggle their way in and get in between your friendship and happiness?

Word Count: 789

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: (Throughout) Language

Characters (in order of appearance): Reader, Sebastian Stan

A/N: I started writing this in 2015, and it was v popular on wattpad so I thought, why not make it accessible to my pals on tumblr? pls bare with me as I post the next 12 chapters, and please, as always, let me know what you think!! I love hearing from y’all :)

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Diamonds & Shutters Part 2

Part 2: Regrets

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Summary: College!AU. Jensen is a baseball player and (Y/N) is a photographer, they are best friends and roommates until someone in Jensen’s life leaves him disconsolate and anguished but (Y/N)’s secret stops her from immediately mending Jensen’s broken heart.

Word Count: 1276

Warnings: Drinking, Lanuguage, I think that’s it

A/N - This is part two my entry for @frickfracklesackles #Natalies1000MovieTropeChallenge #Natalies1000FollowerCelebration The prompts I chose were College!AU and the quote: “I knew it was a great mistake for a man like me to fall in love” from The Great Gatsby, which can be read in PART 1

A/N - As promised as soon as I hit 1.3K I had to post this. I am slowly falling in love with this series and it is only the beginning.

You were frantic, Jensen had left the apartment just minutes after he had told you about Amanda cheating on him. With Jensen’s mind not in the right place, you knew that there was a small chance that something terrible could happen; either he would do something he would regret or something so stupid, so reckless, that he could injure himself without thinking.

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falling for you pt.4 | jimin

Originally posted by kthmyg

Pairing: Jimin + OC! Kim Yejin

Genre: angst/fluff + highschool au

Word Count: 3.3k

Part | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

Jimin’s P.O.V

Sitting on the couch, I ran my hands through my hair, contemplating whether I should talk to Yejin or not. Knowing that I was partially, ok completely, at fault, I had to apologize and make things right with her. I didn’t want to be the one making her upset, instead I wanted to be the one making her happy.

Groaning out loud, I put my head in my hands as I muttered,“Why is this so hard?!

Beside me the couch dipped a little, when a voice asked,“What’s wrong Jimin hyung?”

Looking up at Jungkook, I sighed as I fell against the couch, slumping.“I don’t know how to apologize to Yejin…I feel like I misunderstood the whole situation and got upset at her when it wasn’t even her fault…”

Rolling his eyes, he replied,“Hyung! You just gotta be a man and apologize. The more you drag it out, the more pain she’s going to be in.”

As he stood up, he said,“I’m going out for a run now, so just do it and get it over with, you’re gonna regret it more and more if you don’t, okay? And just relax, she doesn’t hate you, ya know?”

Sighing, I shook my head,“ Yea right, that’s not what it sounded like yesterday.”

Clapping me on my back, he cheered supportingly, “Hwaiting hyung!”

Groaning, I pushed him towards the door and said,“ Okay, okay just go now, so I can get this over with.”

Smiling cheekily, he put on his shoes and walked out the door before shooting me a thumbs up and another hwaiting gesture. Chuckling, I waved goodbye as I closed the door shut behind him.

Where is he going?” a small voice asked behind me.

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