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I Give Up - part 26 (A Baekhyun Series) the

The bedroom door closed with a click and you were halfway out of the bed scrambling in much of the same way as Baekhyun had before he vanished through the bedroom door.

You tried to move as silently as possible and you found your clothes from yesterday on the bathroom floor. Hygiene be damned, this was an emergency.

You heard his voice through the door, much too close to where you sat with your heart in your throat on the edge of the bed.

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Imagine breaking Clint from Loki’s mind control

Clint Barton x Reader

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“Why am I back?”

You poured Clint a cup of cold water and handed it to him.

“True love’s kiss and bam good old Clint was back.”

The archer grunted and downed the cool drink. “You’re kidding.”

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Clay Jensen° Apology Kisses

“Psst Jensen!” You turned your back to the occupied teacher and faced said boy, “Clay! Stop ignoring me you idiot.”

He was hunched over his work, although he wasn’t doing anything. “What do you want?” He hissed, tilting his head slightly in your direction.

You furrowed your eyebrows at his sudden outburst. You two had been close friends for quite a long time but a few weeks after Hannah’s death, he became much more hostile towards you.

“What the fuck Clay? Look I know you miss her, so do I, but you don’t have to be such a dick about it.” Shaking his head he turned back to face the front and you did the same, annoyed at him.

° ° °

The rest of the school day, Clay avoided you, even going as far as sitting with Tony instead of you at lunch. Angry and hurt, you texted him to meet you at Monet’s at six to study and talk.

Five to six, you arrived at the coffee shop and took a seat at a small table towards the back, ordering yourself a hot chocolate.

When fifteen minutes passed with no sign of Clay, you decided to get started on your English assignment without him.
Once the time reached half past, you sent him a text asking where he was and if he was coming.

No response and thirty minutes later, being sat at the table alone, you left bearing a heavy heart and teary eyes.

° ° °

The next day at school, you spotted Clay getting out of Tony’s Mustang and quickly ran up to meet him. “Hey Clay.”

Being pulled out of his thoughts, he sent you a small smile, “Hi (Y/n).”

“So… Where were you yesterday?”

Confused, he looked at you. Giving him an expectant look, he quickly put on an apologetic one. “I’m sorry, I don’t follow.”
Reaching his locker he put in the combination and started fussing about within it.

“We were supposed to meet at Monet’s to study! I can’t believe you.”

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, I completely forgot; I was with To-”

“With Tony, of course.” You cut him off angrily, “I thought we were friends Clay, friends don’t blow each other off to hang with other people!”

“I’m honestly really sorry (Y/n). To make up for it let me take you to the Crestmont to catch a film?” He put on his innocent face and smiled at you.

“Goddammit man, you know I can’t refuse when you do that.” The first bell rang in the background signalling the students to head to their homeroom.

“I know.” Clay laughed. “So meet me there at 7?”

Swivelling around to make your way to your classroom, you sent him a small wave, “See you there Jensen.”

° ° °

Arriving at the Crestmont, you spotted Clay fiddling at the counter. “Aloha Helmet boy.”

Spinning around, his doubts of you standing him up like he did to you disappeared. He gave you a small grin before speaking, “Oh, hey (Y/n).”

“Don’t look so frightened Clay, I was late because my mom asked me to do something before I left. I didn’t forget or anything.” Sending him a gentle smile, you purchased the tickets and went on into the screening room.

° ° °

Oh how badly you regret picking a horror movie. There wasn’t a lot of people in the theatre so yours and Clays ‘manly’ scream echoed all around.  A series of jumpscares later, your popcorn had been strewn everywhere and you were seconds away from losing your voice.

Breathing a heavy sigh of relief as the credits rolled on screen, you turned to Clay, “Holy shit, never again. Let’s get out of here.” Tired, you got up and turned to leave before a hand grabbed yours.

“Wait a second (Y/n).” His hand pulled you back quickly and before you knew what what going on you felt a pair of warm lips on yours. Eyes wide, you looked to Clay, who looked just as shocked as you did. Seconds passed before he hesitantly moved his lips across yours, his eyes fluttering closed.

You stood there, not moving while Clay carried on. Pulling away, he took note of your confused face, and began apologising, stuttering uncontrollably. “Oh my go- (Y/n), I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to- I should have asked. No wonder you didn’t kiss back. Oh god, I’m such an idiot.” Internally face-palming, his face heated up and he avoided eye contact.

“Clay, it’s fine, I was just shocked.” You interrupted his rambling and set your hands on his arms. “We can try again if you want?”

'What the actual fuck (Y/n)?’

“Oh shit, I didn’t mean that. What I meant to say was… We can… Y'know what, I’m just gonna shut up.”

“That sounds like a good idea.” Laughing, he leant in and pressed his lips onto yours in a passionate and heated kiss. Clay’s arms wrapped around your waist whilst yours connected around his neck.

A few minutes and a make out session later, you both emerged breathing heavily and with swollen lips. He pressed his forehead onto yours and stared into your eyes. “Erm, I guess I’m supposed to walk you home now?”

Smiling at his awkwardness, you shook your head, “That would be ideal, yes.”

Clay intertwined your hands and lead you out of the cinema. “At least, this way we probably won’t be attack by any sadistic nun demons.”

“Oh yeah, I’m sure they’re not gonna waste their precious time on a socially-awkward, skinny boy obsessed with Star Wars,” Clay swung your arms and rolled his cerulean orbs.

“Very funny, (Y/n).”

“, and a… I don’t even know what I am.”

“An amazing, beautiful and kind girl.”

“Very cheesy, Clay.”

Showing off a toothy grin, he replied, “You like it.”

“I know.” Leaning up you left a small kiss on his cheek and closed your eyes in pure bliss.

• • •

Yeahhh… I had no idea how to end that, sorry if it seemed a bit rushed :/
Sorry for all the time skips as well; I’m lazy

Don´t judge a book by its cover Part 1

My entry for Michelle´s 2K Follower Challenge (@luci-in-trenchcoats)

First try at a Story with A/B/O dynamics.

I´ll porbably turn this into a series

Wordcount: 1706

Characters: Alpha!Dean, Alpha!Sam Omega!Reader

Pairing: Dean x Reader (eventually)

Warnings: Angst, language, attempted sexual assult (if this triggers you please don´t read), a little bit of fluff

Originally posted by stayclassysupernatural

When we first met

As an Omega you hadn´t allways had it easy. Burt as an Omega that was a hunter and worked alone? Well while it wasn´t unheard of it was definetily something other hunters frowned upon. That was the reason you avoided other hunters as best as you could your only contacts in the comunity being Bobby and Garth.

Bobby had been a grumpy old Alpha who you had met a few years ago on a which hunt. He had known your father who had been a hunter too and so he had given you a fair chance to prove yourself as he knew that your father had trained his children, all being Alphas except for you, well. You had stayed in contact with the hunter ever since, taking up hunts if he asked you to or you calling him when you were stuck on the reserarch.

With Garth you would even go as far as to call him a friend. Bobby had called you once asking you to help the, at that time still inexpirienced Beta, to hunt down a pack of werewolves. You had taken an immediate liking to him as he hadn´t even so much as raised an eyebrow  at the fact that you were an Omega hunting all on your own.

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falling for you pt.4 | jimin

Originally posted by kthmyg

Pairing: Jimin + OC! Kim Yejin

Genre: angst/fluff + highschool au

Word Count: 3.3k

Part | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

Jimin’s P.O.V

Sitting on the couch, I ran my hands through my hair, contemplating whether I should talk to Yejin or not. Knowing that I was partially, ok completely, at fault, I had to apologize and make things right with her. I didn’t want to be the one making her upset, instead I wanted to be the one making her happy.

Groaning out loud, I put my head in my hands as I muttered,“Why is this so hard?!

Beside me the couch dipped a little, when a voice asked,“What’s wrong Jimin hyung?”

Looking up at Jungkook, I sighed as I fell against the couch, slumping.“I don’t know how to apologize to Yejin…I feel like I misunderstood the whole situation and got upset at her when it wasn’t even her fault…”

Rolling his eyes, he replied,“Hyung! You just gotta be a man and apologize. The more you drag it out, the more pain she’s going to be in.”

As he stood up, he said,“I’m going out for a run now, so just do it and get it over with, you’re gonna regret it more and more if you don’t, okay? And just relax, she doesn’t hate you, ya know?”

Sighing, I shook my head,“ Yea right, that’s not what it sounded like yesterday.”

Clapping me on my back, he cheered supportingly, “Hwaiting hyung!”

Groaning, I pushed him towards the door and said,“ Okay, okay just go now, so I can get this over with.”

Smiling cheekily, he put on his shoes and walked out the door before shooting me a thumbs up and another hwaiting gesture. Chuckling, I waved goodbye as I closed the door shut behind him.

Where is he going?” a small voice asked behind me.

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My Valentine

So, I had an idea for Valentine’s fluff and couldn’t wait to post it. So, here is some baisc fluff with terrible French. 

Pairing: Lafayette x reader

Warning: Awkward use of the word fuckboy

Requested: Nope, but requests are welcomed.

Word Count: 1266


Yes, it was true. It was three days until Valentine’s Day and you had yet to get plans. This didn’t bother you as much as it bothered your roommate, Eliza, and her two sisters, Angelica and Peggy, who were your best friends. The four of you were currently sitting in your and Eliza’s room eating ice cream and going through Eliza’s closet for something suitable to wear on Valentine’s Day.

“Come on, y/n. Peggy is busy with schoolwork, and Angelica thinks all men are insufferable. You’re my only single friend that doesn’t have an excuse,” Eliza pleaded.

“First of all, aside from your sisters, I’m your only friend. Second, I wish not to be set up with one of Alexander’s loud mouthed friends,” you said with your hands on your hips.

You had history with Alex and his three friends, along with a group of their “mortal enemies,” Thomas, Aaron, and James. You personally hated the later three, and secretly enjoyed when a certain Frenchman would chew them out for their ideas on immigration. Being an immigrant himself, he was very opinionated resulting in him talking faster than his brain could translate. He would often stumble over his words, which you thought was the most adorable thing you could imagine.

However, it was ruined when he would wink at you or any other girls in your class after making a suggestive comment, earning him a slap on the back of the head from Professor Washington. This only reminded you of his reputation as fuckboy, along with the other members of Alexander’s squad.

“Yes I am aware that you are my only friend that is not related to me. I’m super lame. You’re always right, you know,” Eliza smiled pleadingly at you.

“Not working today, Eliza” you smirked back.

“Y/n please! Alex has been begging me to set one of his friends up,” Eliza took you by the shoulders before whispering softly. “He still makes me nervous, y/n. I want someone there to help me calm myself down, so I can finally tell him I love him.” She blushed brightly.

You saw the helplessness in her eyes and sighed. The things you did for your friends…

“Fine,” you muttered.

Eliza squealed and wrapped you in a giant hug.

“We’ve got to find you something to wear now!” She shrieked and Peggy and Angelica laughed as you groaned. What had you just gotten yourself into?


The restaurant was beautiful. The roses outnumbered the people, but the radiance of the happy beautiful people out shined that of the roses.

You fiddled with the edge of your phone and self-consciously smoothed your f/c dress as Eliza took your hand and drug you through the restaurant to find Alex and his friend. She wouldn’t tell you who it was, only smirking when you asked.

Alex’s table came into view as you saw a small curly poof sticking up over the crowds. You groaned to yourself as Eliza laughed at your pain.

“Alex!” Eliza let go of your hand to kiss Alex hello. “Y/n, this is Alex’s friend, Lafayette.”

“He has a longer name, but no one has the time to pronounce it,” Alex laughed. Lafayette blushed.

“Y-you can just call me Laf,” he stuttered. His fuckboy exterior gone only for a second before smoothly picking it up. “And what is your name, mon cherie?”

“Y/n. It’s nice to meet you Laf,” you blushed. You nudged Eliza as you sat down across from your dates. This only caused her smirk to grow wider, and for Alex to notice and start smirking as well.

“Your body looks incredible in that dress,” Lafayette winked, pulling your chair out.

“My brain looks pretty good in this dress, too” you said sending him a sarcastic smile and sitting down.

He snorted at your comment, before settling into his own chair.

Throughout the night, Eliza and Alex stayed in their own world. You and Lafayette made small talk. You were beginning to like him even more, yet you still noticed the fuckboy attitude and tried to keep your giggles and flirty smiles at bay.

Lafayette was growing desperate by the end of the night, wanting to make you smile. You, on the other hand just wanted to go home.

Then, Eliza betrayed you.

“Alex and I are going to head back to his place-” you cut her off with a wink and a laughed.

“Oh shut up,” she laughed and continued. “I trust Laf is willing to drive you home?” Eliza said more as a question.

“I’d love to drive mon amour home,” Laf said with a wink.

Eliza left leaving you and Laf to head to his car.

The restaurant was in the middle of the city, which you found beautiful at night. You stared into the beautiful sky. There were so many lights, and you sighed just wanting to see the stars.

“It’s so out pretty tonight. I almost regret that we have to go home,” Laf sighed.

“What if we go somewhere else then?” you said before you could stop yourself.

“What do you mean?” he asked confused.

“Just…get in your car and follow my directions.”

“You’re not going to kill me are you?” Laf joked.

“Only if you’re not going to make anymore comments about how I look in this dress,” you retorted.

Laf nodded. It was only ten minutes before the two of you were outside of the city, near a small field.

The both of you got out of the car and walked into the small clearing. You looked up into the sky and saw the beautiful mass of stars.

“Wow,” Lafayette breathed. “How did you find this place?”

“I was stressed about finals last year and just started driving. I found this clearing. I come back anytime I’m stressed,” you said.

He turned and stared down at you with love in his eyes that you couldn’t see.

You both sat down and started talking. You talked about the future and how the world worked. You found yourself actually agreeing with the things he said.

Lafayette finally worked up the nerve to ask the question he’d been wondering all night.

“Why have you been so cold tonight?” he asked with confusion in his eyes.

“Why have you been acting like a fuckboy tonight?” you retorted, regretting your words the instant you saw the look of pain gracing his features.

“I can’t believe you would actually think that,” he said with hurt lacing his voice.

“It’s not like that…it’s just… I’ve heard stories and I know what your friends are like,” you explained.

“What my friends are like?” He said in confusion.

“You guys are the biggest fuckboy squad on campus,” you said your voice rising in frustration.

“I’ll admit, my friends aren’t the settling down type, and hell, there was even a time when that was me, but then I met you!” he yelled.

Your world froze.

“You met me?” you asked dumbfounded.

“I met you…and I’ve been dying to tell you that. That I love you…That I want to be yours, not a casual fling. I understand your concerns, mon amour, but I guarantee you, that I will never let you feel helpless,” he smiled, cupping your face with his hands.

“I love you too,” you smiled.

He smiled wider.

“Now, I have a very important question,“ he said, in a feigning a serious tone.

“What is it?” you asked in the same tone.

“Will you be my Valentine?” his eyes searched yours nervously.

“Yes” you whispered.

With that, he pulled you close and placed his soft lips on yours.

Something About Alarms

Finally got around to writing my first ‘official’ piece on this blog. A bit on the shorter side, but, I think it still works well. I think I’ll file it under the concept category, since the idea came to me in the wee hours of the morning. Hopefully y’all enjoy it, and please let me know what you thought ! (good or bad, I throughly enjoy and appreciate feedback)!! 

 I would love to start talking to all of you. I know I’m relatively new, but I would love to be friends. :) As for requests, I have a few more things I’m working on, but I’m not opposed to you guys sending them in, if you’d like. 

Also, very very special thank you/dedication to @loonylittlemoony for being ever so patient with me and my weird writing funk. You’re an angel, as H would say. So much love for you, sweet Sar.  x

(Also also, let’s just take a moment to appreciate sleepy Harry.. or a few, oh my.)

Originally posted by yves-saintharry

The downright, horrid screeching and disappointingly familiar pounding of your alarm causes you to awake with a slight jolt. Your heavily lidded eyes open moments later, blinking in the darkness of the room before they betray you and fall shut again. The room is cold, and if the fact that light isn’t streaming through the slightly parted shutters of your rooms window is any indication, it seems that even the sun hasn’t woken up yet. The nightstand to your left is shaking from the vibration of the continued blaring and as your body slowly starts to catch up to your rebooted mind, it starts to irritate you. It’s the exact reason you had chosen the most annoying of sounds from the plethora your device offered, to actually get you up and to turn it off. It’s much like a siren, or, perhaps it’s better compared to one of those industrial fire alarm sounds, the ones without the voice instructing you there is an emergency and to exit accordingly. 

You whine, unable to ignore the sound any longer as you try to twist a bit, glancing briefly over your shoulder at the nightstand before reaching an arm out blindly to put a stop to it. Your lazy aimless fingers wander around the nightstand, eyes still shut as you try to feel around for your device. When you don’t come in contact with the familiar feeling of your case, you huff, forcing your eyes open to see the phone just a bit too far from your reach. A hoarse grunt leaves your throat, oddly timed to fit between the millisecond of a pause among the continuous blaring as you sit up a bit, trying to squirm close enough to grab the device. The strong, tattooed arm around your waist has other plans however as it’s grip tightens around you suddenly and keeps you from moving. The arm pulls you back to the chest it’s attached too, heavy and solid, and warm against your back as you land against it with a bit of a clumsy thud. You feel Harry bury his face into your hair, forcing it into the crook of your neck with his steady puff puffs of breath tickling the skin it’s pressed against. You humph a bit, fingers tracing his tattooed arm gently as your try to pull away again. 

“Will yeh stop movin? Tryin sleep, aren’t I?” His raspy voice grumbles into the skin of your neck, the usual attached endearments he has for you at a loss with his muddled morning brain. 

You snort a bit in reply, before locating your voice for the first time that day, “Harry, I need to turn the alarm off. Would you-” You grapple a bit, fingers now gripping his forearm as you yank at it without result. 

“Harry.” You try again, voice stern yet whiny in a sense. 

His only response is, “S’cold, sweetheart, don’t think yeh should move from here”, accompanied by a series of lazy, not so soothing kisses to your neck. You tilt your head back a bit, letting it rest on top of his wild and adorably fluffy morning hair for a few moments, hand reaching up to scratch his scalp gently. 

“S’not fair, tryin to butter me up so you can sneak away. No’ fallen for tha’ , love.” He whines after a moment, burying his head even deeper into your neck as his gravelly voice echos off your skin. 

You chuckle a bit, “Harry, I’m not getting up yet. I promise, let me just turn the alarm off love.” 

He doesn’t respond for a few moments and you’re just about at the end of your obscurely tiny morning dose of patience when he whines, much like a small child and pulls away the smallest of amount of space possible, arm a bit looser around you. “Hurry. ‘M nips are cold.” He mumbles as he pushes the leg that’s intertwined between yours to jab you in the calf. 

“Maybe you should wear a shirt then.” You muse as you take the opportunity and quickly lean over to silence the incessant blaring. 

“S’enough out of yeh.” He mutters, smacking your bum playfully as you put the phone back. 

“Hey.” You grumble half heartedly , glancing over your shoulder at him with your eyebrows quirked in question. 

“Hey wha? S’not like I have any left, yeh bloody steal em all anyway.” He retorts as his hand tugs at the material you’re wearing to cover your bum again, material, indeed of one of his shirts. His hand travels up to your waist, big and clumsy with its movements as his long fingers splay across your waist and dig, tugging until you’re toppling back over to him. This time, however, he pulls you into his chest with your face buried into his neck. He grunts, a terribly sleepy grunt as he shifts a little to readjust the covers before settling back down and securely anchoring you to his chest with both arms around you, encasing you to the spot once again with the extra arm for assurance that you won’t squirm away or deny him of his obligatory dose of morning cuddles. 

You pucker your lips in a piss poor effort of a kiss to the skin where his 17BLACK tattoo is. Even with your eyes closed, you know it’s where your lips land. You intertwine your legs with his once again as one of his hand wanders up to brush through your hair, massaging your scalp gently. 

“How’re your nips now?” You mumble into his skin as your press yourself tighter to him. 

It’s his turn to laugh, and you feel his cheek against the top of your head while it rumbles from the laugh that’s shaking his chest, “Fine, now. Warmed em up, I reckon.” 

“Good.” You reply sleepily, feeling yourself slip deeper into the outstretched welcoming depths of sleep.  

He has always had a way with his hands, his fingers too, and the way the pads are oh so gently rubbing your scalp is like a sleep inducer itself. 

“Have to get up, H.” You manage to croak out with regret.

 Harry sighs, lips pressing to your head, “I know, pet. We’ll get up soon. Just, no’ yet.. No’ yet.” 

It’s a switch off routine, between you and Harry. When he has to get up early and leave you, it’s you clinging to him like a small child. Although, you can’t, and don’t really mind. He’s far more pleasant than that bloody alarm anyhow.

Every Life has a Moment ~ Olicity Fic

So this was written out of pure enjoyment. I have a prompt I need to finish but I’ve just been blocked. This I wrote for me and because I want to feel inspired to continuing writing. Thank you for everyone’s endless support I appreciate it more than I can possibly convey! 

P.S. I will be adding an additional chapter… If you want me too…

Every Life has a Moment

Every life has a moment… No everyone’s life has a key moment? Or should it be every person will experience a key moment?” 

Felicity dragged the graphite tip along the crinkled mass of paper beneath her tapping fingers then hovered over the illusive first line. She cocked her confused head while the curled brown tendrils fell freely over her bare left shoulder. The camisole strap slipped down the angled slope of her scapula when she moved the pencil back down to the second paragraph. “No…” she muttered lightly between clenched teeth, “It should stay here but then I would lose this line and then the bottom half won’t make any sense!” 

The indent in her furrowed brow grew as she sighed, “I’m never going to get this right…” 

The chuckle from the headboard of her cramped on leg room bed made her nearly snap the pencil in two. “No you’re never going to get to the point where you feel its perfect is what you should be muttering.” 

Felicity ran her nervous fingers through her maddening hair while growling, “This coming from the professional slacker…”  

Her best friend smirked, “I’m not the one who’s going to be bald by morning now am I?” 

Felicity’s fingers froze near the nape of her neck; she tapped along the taut skin before sighing in defeat, “Why can’t you just come with me? You know be my moral support while a crowd of eager minds laps up every stupid word I can hopefully deliver?” 

Those devious blue eyes slanted into two nearly invisible silts. The small worry lines near those fairly perfect lashes fluttered easily over the sharp contours of her favorite slacker’s cheek bones. Felicity crossed her legs at the ankles then flashed her sometimes roommate a dazzling grin. Her counterpart in turn huffed, “Felicity I’m not going to sit in a crowd filled with well wishers while you stand on a stage and nervously sweat.” 

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Nervous you sit in Negan’s bedroom, waiting for him to speak. You know that you’ve fucked up, this time more than before and you’re sure that he’ll punish you.
To steal medicine, even when your friend is suffering, is a big thing for your leader and on the inside you prepare yourself of losing a finger.
“I’m sorry.”
“I know you fucking are.” Negan hisses before letting out a small sigh. “Tell me what I should do with you now.”
You give him a shrug. “I’m not regretting it, he needed it. So do it.”
His eyes wander to your hand which hovers above his knee and you bite the lip as he takes it. But instead of chopping it off with the knife in his waistband he presses his lips on your fingers. Confused you shoot him a glare as he realizes what he’s doing and pulls away.
“You remind me of her.” Negan says, obviously lost in memories as he stares down at Lucille..

Fallen Angel-Part 2.

Summary- A young angel gets cast out of heaven for accidentally freeing Heaven’s most dangerous angel.

Characters- CastielxSister!Reader, SamxReader(platonic), DeanxReader(platonic).

A/N- Here’s part deux, hope you enjoy it!

Sam walked into the library, he had fallen asleep on his laptop researching some case and when he woke up it was gone, he stopped in his tracks when he saw you sat at the table engrossed in his laptop with Castiel sat in the corner looking around the room, he cocked his head slightly to the side, 

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Lily Evans was nervous.

Holy hell, she was nervous.

Her palms were sweating. Her hands were shaking so badly that when she’d tried to apply her favourite red lipstick this morning, she hadn’t been able to manage it.

It was time.

Finally, after two years of blood, sweat and tears she was here. At her very own photography/art exhibition in London, watching the throngs of people wander past, chattering excitedly.

Lily could only hope that their excitement was about her work and not about what they were going to do as soon as they managed to leave.

Spotting a critic she knew in the crowd, Lily straightened and tried to look like a professional.

Head up, Lily told herself, repeating the advice Marlene had given her in their rushed and panicked- at least on Lily’s part- call that morning. Chin up and smile. Imagine them naked.

Lily scanned the crowd again, and almost dropped the purse she held in her hand at the sight of a BOY.

She’d seen boys before, of course. She wasn’t blind, or a nun, but this boy was…

Well, he was gorgeous. Gorgeous brown hair that was messy in just the right way, lopsided glasses, lips that practically screamed kiss me… Lily itched for her sketchbook and some pencils.

That boy would make the best drawing.

She tried to contain her smirk as she imagined what Marlene would say- “Now, Lily, there’s somebody you could definitely imagine naked.”

Suddenly, Lily’s heart started to beat a thousand times a minute because hey, the boy was walking straight towards her, looking like he’d just waltzed out of a magazine shoot, grinning like he knew exactly what she was thinking. Well, he didn’t really need to know, because she’d been staring at him far longer than was socially acceptable.

Crap, Lily thought, and wondered if Marlene would think it was unprofessional to jump under the table and hide until her show was over.

Then she shook her head. No.

She wasn’t some silly schoolgirl- she was Lily Evans, and this was her show, she was a professional artist, and she looked incredibly hot in her black dress.

“This show is beautiful,” the boy said, coming to stand next to her by a large shot of three people on a sofa, a woman, a man, and a small girl in a patterned dress. The man’s arm was curved around nothing, but he didn’t appear to have noticed- he was simply smiling at the camera like everything was normal.

“I mean,” he continued. “The artist is obviously so talented…”

He smirked at her, eyes glittering, and Lily tried to ignore the way her heart fluttered in her chest because crap, he was hot.

“Is that so?” Lily wasn’t stupid. She was well aware her name was on the front entrance along with her picture, but it still didn’t hurt to be complimented. Even if this boy was obviously only doing it to get into her pants. “Well, I’m sure the artist would be pleased.”

His voice dropped the flirty tone as he leant forwards- Lily leant backwards automatically, only to realise that he was actually looking at the picture behind her, the one of the family on the couch.

"What inspired this?” He asked, genuine interest in his tone.

Hmm. Lily reconsidered the whole ‘he’s only complimenting me to get into my pants’ thing.

He didn’t look like your typical art fanatic… but then again, people were rarely like what they looked like.

"I left my family when I was eleven to study at an art school,” Lily explained. At his questioning look, she elaborated. “In America. My parents live in Oxford.”

He grinned. “The City of Dreaming Spires! I went to uni there. It’s a magical place.”

How exactly, Lily wondered, had she managed to end up talking to easily the hottest guy in the room about where she used to live, of all things?

She wasn’t sure if she liked it or not.

"Anyway, that must have sucked. But art school obviously worked, because hey.” He gestured around the room at the photographs and art on the walls. “You’re here. And this is all wonderful. You’re clearly very talented.”

Lily felt heat creep into her face, and wished that she wasn’t a redhead. Her skin was so pale that any flush was obvious instantly.

"I’m James, by the way,” the boy said, holding out a hand for her to shake. His hands were soft, and Lily felt electric tingles shoot up her spine as they touched. “James Potter. And you’re Lily Evans, I presume?”

"Yes,” Lily answered, smiling. “The one and only.”

God, that was cheesy, but James didn’t appear to mind, because he laughed and pushed his glasses up his nose. Lily spotted freckles as he did so, and mentally grinned.

Was there anything cuter than freckles?

"I have to go,” James said, sighing in regret. “Lunch with an old friend. But I hope to see you around, Lily Evans.”

He grinned at her and left, his hand sweeping over the small table beside the painting as he walked in a move that would have seemed casual had he not winked as he did so.

Lily spotted a piece of paper where his hand had been, and picked it up, unfolding it (how many times had the boy folded it?). On it were the words: James Potter, along with a telephone number and a scrawled message:


Lily laughed out loud and then clapped a hand over her mouth as the sound rang through the exhibit. Several people glared, and she had to hide her smile as she looked down at the paper again.

Well. She hadn’t been expecting this when she’d woken up that morning.

Christmas with the Malfoys

Notice: this is a long piece of writing, will take a while to read lmao!

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You take Draco’s hand after he pulls your luggage off of the Hogwarts Express as the two of you look around at the sea of faces until you finally find Narcissa’s.

Draco’s parents had offered to let you stay at their house over the holidays because yours were visiting your brother in Sweden - he was staying there for a while before moving on to Egypt, where he’ll train dragons. Your parents were hesitant about leaving you, but considering you were nearly seventeen, they said the choice was yours between staying with Draco or at Hogwarts. Of course you chose Draco.

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anonymous asked:

one word prompt: dab

The moment Victor learns how to dab, he is an unstoppable force.

“Victor? What happened to your hand?” Yuuri asks, sick on the couch, when Victor comes home late one evening. Despite his cold, he gets up and approaches him, lightly taking his bandaged palm in his own. “Are you okay?”

“I dabbed too hard,” Victor regrets. “I hit the doorway.”

“Victor,” Yuuri sighs, and puts a hand on the small of his back, leading him to sit down. “We need to talk about this. Yurio has been complaining, and I…”

He bows his head. “I can’t stop. I try, but I just can’t stop.”

Yuuri rubs his shoulder comfortingly. “I know.”

There’s a pause.

Yuuri realizes what’s about to happen too late. “Hang on, Victor, don’t–”

He dabs. Then, he buries his face in his hands. “I can’t stop, Yuuri, what do I do?”

After a second of consideration, he pulls Victor’s hands away so that he can watch him. “Would this make you feel better?” After biting his lip in hesitation, Yuuri dabs.

Victor scoops him into his arms and pulls him onto his lap, burying his face in his neck. “You’re the best husband ever.”

One of a kind

After the date, Alec is feeling self-conscious and even though he doesn’t mind Magnus’ past relationships, he can’t help himself but to compare himself to them and he thinks that he might not be enough. With that on his mind and his sister’s advice, for once he tries not to overthink things. However, things don’t exactly as he planned them to go.

(Shadowhunters, 2x07. I know what happened in the show – they went all the way – but in my fanfic things happen a bit differently).

“Magnus, you have nothing to worry about. I want this,” said Alec and let out a small, nervous chuckle, not really getting why his boyfriend had second thoughts about taking their relationship to the next level. Alec didn’t know how long one was supposed to wait, since this was the first relationship that he was in, but he didn’t want Magnus to think anything less of him because of that. Alec could see uncertainty in Magnus’ eyes and he could feel doubt creeping back into his heart. Trying to listen to his sister’s advice about not overthinking things too much, Alec grabbed the collar of Magnus’ shirt and claimed his lips once again, taking a few steps forwards, leading Magnus towards his bedroom and was kind of relieved that Magnus didn’t interrupt him again that time and went along with him.

Alec kissed Magnus with such passion and hunger that it made the older’s head spin and he kissed the Shadowhunter back, with the same hunger and need, gasping when he was pushed back and his eyes widened when Alec pushed him into his bedroom. He applied a bit more pressure to their kiss, but frowned as he kept his eyes open and his heart shook when he noticed that Alec’s fingers, which were still gripping onto his shirt, were shaking. There was something off about his boyfriend and no matter how much the warlock enjoyed the more aggressive side of Alec, he knew that Alec was probably pushing himself. He meant his every word from before; it’s been a while since he felt like that about someone and he didn’t want to rush into things, with the possibility of losing Alec in the process. He wished to take the next step in their relationship, gods knew how tempting the idea was, but he knew that Alexander wasn’t ready.

“Magnus,” gasped Alec against Magnus’ lips and the warlock’s breath shook as well, thickly swallowing when he felt Alec’s cold fingers travelling down his back, slowly slipping under his shirt, lifting it up. A smirk tugged at the warlock’s lips when he looked at Alec; he looked so worked up already, his lips swollen from his hectic kisses and there was a bright pink flush coming up his cheeks.

Alec closed his eyes, trying to stay focused. The way that Magnus’ eyes were travelling up and down his face made that kind of impossible and he gasped when he heard Magnus’ soft gasp when his fingers finally came in contact with Magnus’ hot skin. The Shadowhunter bit into his lower lip as he lifted Magnus’ shirt more and dragged his tongue over his under lip. He had the chance to see the older one shirtless before, but this time it was different. He didn’t get to touch his boyfriend the last time and before Magnus could say something, Alec had already gotten rid of his shirt, throwing it onto the bed.

It took a while for Alec to calm his racing heart a bit as his hazel eyes admired Magnus’ sun-kissed skin and he let out a hitched breath as he found himself to be staring into Magnus’ eyes, which were full of love and affection. “Magnus, uh,” stammered the younger one, his voice an octave lower than usual. “Can I, um, touch you?” was Alec’s question and the innocence of the question made Magnus’ heart melt.

“Yeah, touch as much as you want, Alexander,” whispered Magnus and gently took Alec’s hand into his own, guiding it closer to his bare chest, placing the Shadowhunter’s palm over his heart. Alec’s eyes widened when he could feel Magnus’ racing heart and he gasped, moving his hand a little bit. Alec’s fingers travelled across the warlock’s chest and he parted his lips just a little bit as he allowed his hand to move lower slightly, enjoying the feeling of his fingers sliding across Magnus’ rock hard body. As he continued to touch, he could see the change in Magnus’ breathing, his chest was lifting and descending much faster, heaving for air when he felt Alec’s fingers sliding across his abdomen. Alec’s eyes flickered up again and his throat went dry.

Magnus could barely feel the touch, Alexander’s fingers were merely grazing against his skin as he explored his body, yet every place that Alec touched, burned. The moment was far too intimate on Magnus’ part and he barely restrained himself from pushing Alec down and devour him right at that spot. Knowing that it was Alec’s first time, he allowed the younger man to take things at his own pace, like always. He didn’t want to be seen as too pushy. When Alec’s hands were on his chest, Magnus looked down and let out a hitched breath; only then he noticed just how beautiful Alec’s hands were. They were rough at the touch and filled with little scars, but beautiful.

“I, uh, I,” stammered Alec and closed his eyes again, trying to stay focused. “You’re beautiful, Magnus,” he then blurted out and went red into the face when he heard himself say that. Magnus chewed on his lower lip and he couldn’t hide his smile really, it was rare that someone called him beautiful.

“You’re quite pleasant on the eyes as well,” whispered Magnus, serious, but there was a hint of playfulness in his voice as well. He placed his own hand over Alec’s heart and chuckled when he felt just how fast Alec’s heart was beating. Then again, his own was racing as well. Magnus’ eyes travelled down to Alec’s deflect rune and he then gently touched Alec’s neck, running his thumb up and down it. Before Alec could say anything, Magnus leaned forward and did something that he’d found himself wishing to do for a while now; he placed a few gentle kisses over the rune on the Shadowhunter’s neck, Alec’s eyebrows curling up as a surprised gasp left his mouth. With a grin, Magnus kissed his way along Alec’s jaw and he came closer a little bit to Alec, gently cupping his face and then gently kissed him. It was the first time that Magnus was the one to initiate the kiss and a soft ‘oh,’ left Alec’s lips as their lips met in a soft kiss.

It was at that exact moment that Alec found himself thinking about it again. He tried not to think too much, but he couldn’t help himself really. Magnus didn’t look too enthusiastic earlier, but he didn’t know how to take that. It was Magnus usually the one who kept on constantly flirting with him, so he was puzzled with his reaction before. The Shadowhunter didn’t really understand what Magnus meant by losing him; it didn’t make any sense. Alec wanted to do it, with every inch of his body, yet, he felt nervous about it. He tried to hide and fight it, but he couldn’t really stop himself from comparing himself to Magnus’ exes. He didn’t mind that Magnus had a past, but he was still self-conscious. What if he wasn’t good enough? Taking the next step was the only way that Alec could think of to make sure of that.

Magnus frowned when Alec suddenly stopped kissing him and he let out a small sigh as he broke their kiss, running fingers through his hair, but the smile remained on his face. That, however, brought Alec back to reality and he gave the warlock a puzzled look. “Why did you stop?” asked Alec with a small voice.

“Alexander,” started Magnus. “I have a feeling that if we take things any further than this, we’d be rushing into something that you’d probably later regret,” he then added.

“No, I wouldn’t regret it,” said Alec and started panicking again. It took him so much to gather enough courage to bring this issue up and there was no way that he was backing from it at this point. “I’m sure enough, so let’s just get over with it and-”

“Get over with it?” asked Magnus, offended and he shook his head, taking a step back. “This would be your, our, first time. It isn’t something that you just get ‘over with’, as you put it. Frankly, it makes me upset that it would mean this little to you,” he then added and folded his arms on top of his chest, his expression turning into a troubled and hurt one, making Alec’s heart fall to the pit of his stomach.

“I didn’t mean it like that,” whispered Alec, hurt himself as well and he then looked down. He should’ve put it in a better way, so he was annoyed with himself. Alec wasn’t good with words and with people, he always managed to mess something up. Usually, he wouldn’t care, but not that much. There was too much at stake and he didn’t want to risk ending a relationship that he fought for so much to make it work. “I just-”

“Then what exactly did you mean?” asked Magnus, interrupting Alec and he quickly walked to the bed, taking his shirt into his hands and he then put it back on, the moment from before completely ruined. So much about taking things to another level.

“I just,” started Alec, but his voice trailed off and he took in a deep breath. He was doing that again, overthinking things and he nervously put his hands together behind his back. Say what’s on your mind, he thought and looked up at Magnus, who looked rather annoyed by then. “For once I didn’t want to overthink things and I, um, I just wanted to go with the flow,” whispered Alec and saw that Magnus arched his eyebrow. “Izzy said that I shouldn’t overthink things like I usually am and just go-”

“Ah, Isabelle?” asked Magnus and chuckled. So, Alec probably went to his sister for an advice about his love life? Alec nervously nodded and Magnus sighed, shaking his head. It was Isabelle probably who gave him the advice that he shouldn’t overthink things and while Magnus would agree with her on that usually, having sex wasn’t something that one could just do without thinking about it for a little longer. “While your dear sister usually has good advice, I wouldn’t think of this one as a good one,” said Magnus softly and stepped closer to the Shadowhunter again. “Now tell me this, do you think that you’re ready? Ask yourself and give me an honest answer, without worrying about anything or anyone else.”

Alec hesitated about giving Magnus an answer, but deep inside he knew it all along that it was still a bit early. Plus, Magnus as well thought that it would be rushing into it, so he slowly nodded. “Maybe we should wait a bit longer, yeah,” muttered Alec and Magnus gave him a little nod and kissed him softly.

“I agree,” said Magnus and pressed their foreheads together for a moment. “Why were you in such a hurry to suddenly make such a big step? I mean I do get you, because look at me,” said Magnus playfully and Alec snorted at his boyfriend’s comment, rolling his eyes. “But we were just on our first date and you, yourself, told me that I am your first relationship,” he said, because he still didn’t get it.

“Well,” stammered Alec and looked down. “I was just afraid that I wouldn’t be good enough,” he then after a few moments of silence and Magnus’ eyes grew wide. “I mean, as you’ve said before, you are experienced and I’m… the complete opposite of that. I’m not bothered by your past relationships, but I couldn’t help but to…”

Magnus heart fell heavy when he heard those words and he quickly shook his head. “Don’t compare yourself to any of my exes and don’t force yourself to be someone that you aren’t,” said Magnus softly and gently took Alec’s hand into his own, lacing their fingers together. ”This, between us, the way I feel for you, is different from any other times that I’ve been with someone. You’re different and that’s a good thing. You’re one of a kind, Alexander, so please, don’t compare yourself to others, because you can’t compare yourself to others. You’re special and something new for me to. In a way, my first as well.”

Alec opened his mouth to say something, but then just closed it again and pressed his lips together. Suddenly, he felt like the biggest moron ever and he just bowed his head down, defeated. He was no match for Magnus’ maturity. “I’m sorry, I was acting like a complete idiot. Look, let’s just do something else, okay?”

“You shouldn’t feel stupid,” whispered Magnus and kissed the top of Alec’s head, still holding the younger’s hand in his own, slowly stepping towards the bed. He then sat down and Alec’s eyes widened when the warlock pulled him down onto the bed as well. Alec sent his boyfriend a confused look. “Now, I have another idea how we could enjoyed ourselves between the sheets,” he said with a smirk and Alec arched an eyebrow. “Cuddling would count as taking a step further in our relationship, right?”

“Right,” said Alec and a smile spread across his face as he laid down and felt how Magnus placed his head on top of his chest. Too lazy to put the bedcovers over them himself, Magnus snapped his fingers, blue sparks flying underneath his fingers and Alec chuckled as the bedsheets were being pulled up, enjoying the warmth and comfort of Magnus’ bed. “Perfect,” he muttered, his worries from before finally fleeing away. Magnus’ words stuck with him and he smiled. One of a kind, he thought. He was quite pleased with that.

“Hmm, more than perfect,” said Magnus and leaned up, giving his boyfriend one final kiss.

The red strings of Fate

For my dear valentine @captainswansettingsail, i’m sorry for not being the best cssv, but i hope you’ll like this gift. 

Friends to Lovers ⚜ Soulmate AU ⚜ 2k words ⚜ Fluff/Angst ⚜ Ao3

The Red String of Fate exists, and only some people have the ability to see the strings, and these people can actually cut strings and knot other people’s strings in to alter the soulmate laws. Your best friend’s wedding is tomorrow and they know you can see the string. They ask you to help them defy the laws of the universe and help them be with the person they love even though they know that’s not their soulmate. You know they love each other so much so you help them, even though the person your best friend’s marrying/your best friend is your soulmate.

Experience has taught Emma Swan that sometimes, most of the time, love happens to not be enough. Love, not matter how fierce, cannot help but kneel in front of life.

Human’s devotion does not overcome Fate.

(Fate cares little that the shade of his eyes is still printed over her heart, this warm chocolate with green sparkles, that his perfume causes her to stop mid sentence, a lump in her throat, that her entire being yearns for him and he is gone.)

When she falls in love with Graham, she knows she must ensure their future.

She knows she must face Fate with her hands fisted, jaw clenched, and her heart on her sleeves.

His name is Doctor Jones. There are few people like him: he is able to see the red strings of Fate, and play with them.

“He is the best on this matter, Emma,” assures her Elsa, a warm hand over her anguished heart. “He will make sure everything goes just the way you want it to.”

If his science is admitted as one per see, Emma has always been one to be sceptical.

Therefore, as she stands in front of a lovely wooden door where golden letters give away the name of her doctor, she is frowning furiously. A so-called slogan causes her to cringe and roll her eyes: “A man/woman unwilling to fight for what he/she wants, deserves what he/she gets.”

It is a beautiful day of summer, the breeze a tender and lukewarm embrace against her bare arms. In the park surrounding the cabinet, birds are singing playfully. She cannot seem to feel as light; there is this heavy burden on her shoulders, the thought that she might fail.

There’s bitterness on the tip of her tongue.

“Miss Swan,” a British accent cuts her in her thought, and she looks up to discover a friendly smile, “you may come in.”

He smells good, spices and leather and something childish, a little bit of chocolate. There’s something very soft in the waves of his gaze, a rest of childhood at the corner of his eyes, while the fullness of his pink lips seems to give away innocence. It contrasts with the arsh lign of his brows, with how absent his gaze can get, a grey veil prevailing over azul.

His voice, too, is disconcertingly tender as he explains to her the extent of her demand with a smile she cannot quite comprehend.

“…it will be inalterable. Your life will be forever tangled together, and of course, you will-” his tone gets unsure as he quits her gaze to look at his shoes.

There are roses on the desk between them, and their hue is reflected on his cheeks.

She frowns, licks her lips. (Finds him endearing.)

“I will, doctor?”

She swallows as he pours his eyes in hers again; they seem lost and agare, and she wonders why she feels so connected to this stranger.

“ -you will lose any possibility to share your life with your true soulmate.”

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falling for you pt.3 | jimin

Originally posted by valieen

Pairing: Jimin + OC! Kim Yejin

Genre: Fluff/Angst + highschool au

Word Count: 3.3k

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 

3 months later

Jimin’s P.O.V.

As the sunshine streamed brightly through the curtains, I laid back down on my bed, taking in the peace of quiet that came with it. Holding my phone up,  I scrolled through my camera roll, looking at my pictures and reminiscing every memory associated with it.

Eventually, I stumbled upon a selfie that Yejin and I took, which I couldn’t help but chuckle at. While I was smiling at the camera, she hadn’t noticed I was taking a picture until the very last second as she broke out into a laugh, shown through her radiating smile.

Smiling at the memory, I continued looking through the rest. As my mind mindlessly wandered to her, wondering if she actually felt better?


“Yah? Kim Yejin.” I said seriously, as I held her chin and lifted her head up so I could look her in the eye. 

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Not a good idea|Derek x human!reader

Requested by : @fangirl-moment-x

“Hey! Could you do a Derek Hale x human!reader fluff imagine where the reader of Derek’s age and is super shy and insecure and one day the people from her new workplace ask her to go clubbing with them and she says yes, even if she doesn’t like parties, bc she wants to fit in. Derek thinks it’s a bad idea but she goes anyway. Then she gets in trouble and calls Derek for help and he comes and saves her from said trouble and then takes care of her bc she’s a drunk, crying mess. (Sorry it’s so long)”

Thank you for requesting honey xx. I messed this up a little bit sorry.

Sorry for the grammar english isn’t my first language.



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You enter in your office walking fast, hoping that no one notices you.
You arrive at the elevator and one of your co-workers keeps it open for you smiling.
‘Oh no’ you think trying hard to look busy.
The last think you want is starting a conversation.
You close your eyes, biting your lip.
‘Please don’t ask me anything’.
Saying 'no’ is really hard for you.
“We go to the club tonight for celebrating Steve’s birthday, do you wanna come?”
He stated at you, his eyes shining a little.
He has had a crush for you for years but don’t have the guts to say that you’re not interested.
“I have to think about it.”
In the exact moment the elevator opens you run out, trying to reach fastly your desk.

You stare at your coffee thinking about your co-worker’s invitation.
It has been a very bad morning for you, you stressed your self even more after the little “conversation” in the elevator.
Should you go?
This is the perfect occasion to fit in and finally make some friends.
But clubbing isn’t really your thing, you didn’t even like it when you were a teenager and now that you’re an adult your repulsion for them became worse.
The sound of your phone buzzing snaps you out of your thoughts.

I’m here.

Wait a minute

You drink your coffee as fast as you can and grab all of your things, running towards the exit.
“Hi” he says as you slam the door of his car.
“Hello” you answer as you continue to think about the invitation.
“What’s wrong?”
“It’s just that my co-workers asked me to go clubbing with them and I think that I’’ll go but I’m not sure.”
He furrow his brows, taking a deep breath.
“I don’t it’s a good idea honestly” he turns his head to stare at you.
“Keep your eyes on the road! And too late by the way, I am saying yes right now.”
You type on your phone sending your co-worker a message as he stops in front of your house.
“We’re here”
“Look, Derek, this is the perfect occasion for me to fit in. I don’t wanna be alone any more” you stare deeply into his eyes trying to make him understand.
“You’re not alone, you have me”
“See you tomorrow Derek.”

When you step in the club the smell of alcohol and smoke hits you like a truck.
Around you people are dancing and drinking, making you feel really uncomfortable.
You’re about to turn around and go home when you hear a voice.
“Y/N, you made it”
“Yes, I’m here” you say, looking at your shoes.
“Come we’re about to make a toast”
You are pushed through the hot bodies and arrive at a small table at the end of the room.
They give you a small glass full of what looks like vodka.
You smell the transparent liquid, groaning after the strong scent hits you.
“I don’t really drink” you say trying to put the shit back on the table.
“Oh, c'mon! Don’t be so boring”
You look at the glass and sigh deeply.
'I’m gonna regret this’ you think as you swallow all the liquid.
You hear all of your co-workers scream as they pass you another glass.

You push your self into the bathroom trying to hold back the tears as you lock the door.
You sit on the toilet taking your phone.
“Y/N?” Derek’s voice feels like the one of an angel in this moment.
“I’m sorry, so sorry. I was a stupid today, I was mean to you. Please, forgive me, you’re my only friend” you mumble as you cry out all the frustration.
“I’m coming please wait there.”
He hungs up and you place your head on the wall trying to calm your self, falling in a state between sleep and wakefulness.

You shot your eyes open, looking around you.
“Where are we?” you ask confused.
“I am taking you to my loft, we are currently in the elevator”
“You can let me go, I can walk”
“Don’t even think about it”.
You sigh, testing your head on his chest, closing your eyes again and trying to hold back the tears once again.
You explode only when he  places you on his bed carefully.
You sob violently as he kneels in front of you stroking your hand.
“I’m so sorry. You always take care of me and I treated you so badly. Please forgive me.”
He looks you in the eyes, a serious expression on his face as he moves closer.

He puts his lips on yours so lightly that if you don’t have your eyes open you won’t belive it.
He pulls away slowly.
“It’s fine. Now get some sleep.”
He stands up, turning around.
“Derek, the next time don’t let me go please”.
He laughs litghly, stepping out of the room.

Damaged 4/??

AN: guys Dm me ideas and ships cause i have no ideas

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader

Warnings: bucky being a huge asshat, fighting, blood, injury, angst af, worried avengers, torture(not to bad) and cussing

Word count: 1368

Characters: Bucky Barnes, reader and other avengers

summary: Y/N and Bucky have been dating for a few months. But everything isn’t as happy as before.

Y/N is your name L/N is last name Y/H/C is your hair color Y/E/C is your eye color

FORMER PARTS: one , two three

Originally posted by il-salice-errante

It was a cold and snowy day in New York, streets still alive with Taxi’s and people trying to get home before the blizzard was supposed to hit. Everything seemed so quiet and peaceful outside, but not in the Avengers tower. Y/N and bucky were arguing for what felt like the hundredth time. The two were yelling, voices raw and throats aching. But neither really cared, to caught up in being angry with one another.

The other avengers sat in the living room, having to hear the screaming and rude words being thrown back and forth. This whole thing was because Y/N was trying to be nice and sat with some random stranger at the coffee shop who seemed so sad. So now here they were, Bucky angry and just being a plain asshole.

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One year at a time ( Jasmine Cephas Jones x reader )

a/n: !! hello hello, yes it’s finally here. jasmine cephas jones owns my heart so i was very happy to do this request !! im super insecure about this fic so please let me know if there’s anything I can change.

words: 3,137 (help)

summary: This is based on this request but I changed it quite a bit (a lot). Sorry anon. (Also, this is fucking terrible. My attempt at writing jasmine and my attempt at writing flashbacks is awful. I’m sorry) also, I wrote a lot of different scenes that didn’t make it into the fic so I might post those at a later point if you like this fic.

warnings: illusions to smut ( ?? ) and fluff

December 2013. NYC (9.00pm)

You were walking through the snow, trying to get home as fast as possible after your shift at work. You tried to make yourself warmer by wrapping your coat tighter around your body and rubbing your hands together, but nothing was enough to escape the freezing New York weather.

There was no point in trying to hail a cab, because the streets were practically flooded with people and there was no way that you would manage at this point. So off you went, trudging through the slush beneath your feet, hoping to get home in time to watch your favourite show.

“Excuse me?” You stopped walking and your head turned to the girl standing next to you, a cup of steaming coffee in her hand and a beanie placed on top of her head. She smiled at you and held out something for you to take.

Your wallet.

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