i regret telling anyone about my problems

I did something really stupid today

Earlier today, I did something that received a lot of backlash and with good reason. It was wrong and insensitive for me to talk about something that’s happening in real life and use something that is supposed to be light hearted, fun, and loving as a vehicle to raise awareness about this issue. Even worse was to drag the fandom into this painful situation.

And I am going to name it: I mentioned and used the anime series, Yuri on Ice to raise awareness of the extreme homophobia and treatment of gays in Russia. In the post, I tactlessly and poorly pointed out how unrealistic the official couple, Viktuuri, would be due to the current nature of Russia in real life in regards to their stance on Same Sex relations. To finish, I used this relationship as a reason to protest against the homophobia there.
It was wrong of me to do that.

At that time of posting, I was mindless and impulsive. I heard about the news of what is happening on Tumblr and my thoughts were to spread that news in a fandom, which I personally am a part of, as the issue of same-sex relationships are also a major part of the story. I made the connection, hoping this would further highlight the homophobia in Russia, and raise awareness.

Instead, I received a harsh reminder from the tumblr community to keep these two things separated. I was told to delete my account, that they are not real people, that my behaviour went too far, and that the problems were real and I shouldn’t have taken it so lightly when responding to it.

And you are all right about that.
I am regretting what I have done and I don’t expect anyone here on tumblr to forgive or accept my apologies for what I have done.
So, I want to say how sorry I am for what I did earlier today.
I took down the post, but I am here to tell you that it did happen earlier today at 10:30-ish GMT+11 time.

And as for deletion of this account, there are too many happier memories of Tumblr in it, so I will not delete this account. I don’t want this disaster destroy my love for this platform. It raises awareness of so many issues, has beautiful fandoms and artwork, and many wonderful people on it.

I hope that this is enough for everyone.

TL;DR- I am regretting what I did earlier, and I am sorry for my impulsive and mindless actions. I will not take this account down, but I have deleted the post. This apology post will stay just to clear things up.

White Daisies(Taehyung)

Genre: Angst

Word Count:1,506

Request: may I request a fic where taehyung is aware of your anxiety depression panic attacks etc, he helps you through everything but one day it piles up on you and you end your life + how he is after / sorry it’s really triggering

A/n: Another depressing story, hope you enjoy reading it!

Warnings: Mentions of anxiety, depression, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, family abuse, and suicide.

Another Saturday night, another bruise, another reason to run away. You felt the sting of your father’s hand hitting your cheek, as you held your hand to feel the bruise. “If I ever catch you coming home after curfew I’ll make sure to bruise your disgusting face permanently.” His harsh drunken words spat, it didn’t do any effect to you, the only thing you did was give him a glare as you ran to your room. You looked at the mirror seeing the blood red cheek as your tears started to form. You constantly cried yourself to sleep every night, you would have left this house years ago if you could, but the fear of not having warmth or a roof over your head kept you caged here. 

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I got trust issues problem with people.

Sometimes you trust someone and tell them what comes to mind. But then you realize how stupid you are when you told them this thing and trusted them.

A long time ago, I’ve been betrayed by my friend. I will talk to her about my problem or if I have something on my mind. I say keep it as a secret, but then everyone knows. Since that, I’m not trust anyone even my family. If I’m having trouble, I keep it secretly. And it become to be my habit.

Recently, I’ve family issues. Well, I don’t know who to be trust. So i did tell my cousin how we really feel bout this. But then, when they come to my house, they ask me, “Is it true blablabla…” Nah.. I feel so regret, so i tell myself, what ever happen– keep silently. Don’t show any feeling, or it will hurt you back. Even your cousins.

Surely, I’ve a lot of friends, but none knows my stories. None of them. I don’t want to share something private, or my true colors because I don’t want people see my weakness. I’ve to be strong for my own good. Yet, I do tell them– but it still have to be secret or people who I can be trusted.

Hey, you’re so lucky if you’re one of them that I trust tho. But most of them, have taken their own life. Whenever you right now, may Allah bless you and hope you’re doing well. Thank you for being there when I need you.

—  I know I shouldn’t keep this as my personality or my habits, but soon or later– I’ll fix it. Yeah, surely. Hm