i regret spending so much time on this

Honestly the best piece of advice I can give to younger girls trying to figure life out is to completely ignore men. I’m not being quirky or cute when I say that, I mean it seriously. Ignore men’s judgments of you, ignore their insincere compliments, ignore their half-assed romance. Focus on developing yourself. Practice your art, play sports, do theater, volunteer, spend time with your friends, but do not put substantial effort into pleasing men. They’ll be there for you to pursue when the time comes and if you want to. But nothing will waste your youth more than fighting for male acceptance.

When I don’t spend time with God I begin to feel so low and lose sight of the things that God has placed in my heart. When I spend time with God, I feel strong and I feel loved and I feel peace and I feel like I am going to be ok. I don’t know where God is taking me really, but I trust Him and I trust Him wholeheartedly. I am not ashamed to say that I am so in love with Jesus!

To those of you going through something that you want to go away. To those of you looking for an answer. To those of you whose herts are broken. To those of you who need love and support and peace and joy, spend time with Jesus and you will find what you’re really looking for. You might not find what you want, but you’ll definitely find what you really need. Let God melt away your sorrows. Let Him fill you with a bubbling joy! His love is for you! Don’t turn your face from God. He looks at you with love, not disgust. He is healing my heart and He can heal yours too. God is in love with you, absolutely in love with you. Run to Him, His arms are open waiting for you. Spend time with your Heavenly Father today, let Him embrace you and hold you tight, I know you won’t regret it! I hope this blesses someone today, I love you so much because Jesus does. God Bless yall!

never again.

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Hello! Is it okay if I request a Jungkook angst? A very angsty one that boh JK and Y/n are screaming at each other and Y/N almost commited a very painful suicide because JK keeps on putting Y/N aside because of his Ex that came back to korea something like that. And a good ending please. Thank you :)

 genre: angst

word count: 2312

warning(s): mentions of attempted suicide and mental health disorders (i dont take this topic lightly and neither should you, but should this trigger you, please do not read this)

You felt as though every time Jungkook and you argued you went on autopilot and automatically screamed to back him; you knew you were giving in, giving into everything you were against. Everything you feared. The very reason for these frequent fights was because his ex was coming back, back to Korea. The very place you had been calling home since she left, since she left him. He had been acting as though she were the priority, even though you were the one that had been there for him throughout all of this. What did she do? She left him heartbroken, unable to do anything, you were there for him throughout all of that and slowly your support became something more.

“For fuck’s sake, ___, not everything is about you!” Jungkook shouted. “I never said it had to be.” you calmly replied to him. “You’re implying it though; just because she was a bad person doesn’t mean she still is. I just wanna be friends with her anyway, what’s your problem?” “My problem is that she left broken and I had to come sweeping in and comfort you.” “I never asked you to do that!” “Well, sorry for being a good person!” “I can’t deal with you right now, I’m leaving!” “You’re seriously just gonna go in the middle of an argument?” “I’m leaving before I do something I regret!” he replied and slammed the front door.

Days had passed and Jungkook hadn’t bothered to reappear in your apartment, he was probably spending time with his ex. It wasn’t that you were jealous, that was just a minor fraction but you were scared that he would end up as hurt as he was before or that he would leave you in the state he used to be in. You were already struggling very much before the notice of his ex coming back arose; your struggle was the reason you were prescribed this and that. You never wanted to depend on these drugs so badly but it was inevitable for you, eventually you would have had to take them in order to ‘get better’. 

You had missed your prescription for many days and you thought you were doing fine, that was until he showed up with her, in your home. “Hey, babe, are you home? I wanna introduce you to someone!” Jungkook called as he opened your front door and made his way into your apartment. You emerged from the kitchen, you had grabbed your tub of ice cream and appeared in front of your boyfriend and, to your dismay, his ex. “___, this is Subin.” he smiled as he wrapped his left arm around her shoulders and squeezed gently. “Nice to meet you, I’m ___.” “Jungkook has told me so much about you! I hope we can be good friends!” she squealed. “That reminds me, ___? We’re going out tonight so feel free to join us!” Jungkook chuckled as he sat down on the sofa. “Don’t worry, I’m staying in for the night.” “Aw, babe, haven’t you been doing that every night?” he pouted. “Yeah, and I’m perfectly comfortable here.” you smiled as you made your way into your bedroom, which led to your balcony.

You sat down with your ice cream tub in one hand and your phone in the other; without even thinking you dialed the number of someone you could trust, Min Yoongi. “___? Is everything okay?” he worriedly asked you. “Right now? Yeah, but Jungkook decided to show up to my house with his ex girlfriend.” “He’s with that sicko? After all she did to him? He was on hiatus for a year! A whole fucking year because of her! But now they’re friends?” “Apparently so.” you answered while taking a spoonful of ice cream.

“How are you dealing with that?” Yoongi asked you after he had calmed down from his mini rant. “I’m not too bad right now.” “Right now, huh?” “You never really know how you’ll feel in the future.” you told him as you continued to feast on the ice cream. “We’re going now, babe! Have fun!” Jungkook called before the door shut with a bang. “Did he just leave?” Yoongi asked you. “Yup.” “Do you want me to come over?” “Yes, please, before I do something stupid.”

“___, wake up! Fuck, what did you do? ___, please, fucking wake up! Yes, hello? 119? My friend just overdosed on her medication, please send immediate help!” “___, please, don’t do this to yourself, why would you do this? Is it because of him and her? ___, please fucking wake up! You can’t leave me behind, I was supposed to protect you! Wake the fuck up!” Yoongi cried in distress, he had found you on the ground with the bottle of pills spilt on the ground and immediately attempted to wake you up but failed. He was supposed to be protecting you like an older brother but he was too late.

“We’re currently stabilising her conditions, do you know what she took?” “They were some kind of anti-depressants, here’s the bottle. Will she be alright?” “It’s hard to say right now, she’s not waking up as of right now and her oxygen to carbon dioxide ratio is deadly but we’ll try our best.” the doctor said as he entered your room once again. “You can’t be doing this to me. Did you seriously do this? You have so much to live for.” Yoongi muttered.

Jungkook had been notified of the situation but didn’t seem to making an appearance any time soon. “We came as soon as we heard.” the other five members said as they each appeared in the hospital. “Where’s Jungkook?” Seokjin asked. “In some club with that Subin.” Yoongi spitefully replied. “Are you kidding me? Subin? Is he crazy?” Namjoon groaned. “Apparently they’re on good terms.” Yoongi muttered. “Seriously? After she left him in such a state? ___ was the one who was there, not her ass.” Taehyung ranted. “Is he coming any time soon?” Yoongi asked. “Doesn’t seem like it, I’ve sent him 30 something messages and he hasn’t read a single one of them.” Jimin muttered. “I didn’t know this boy was stupid enough to do this, to be in a club with his ex and leave his girlfriend to overdose.” Hoseok muttered as he placed his head in his hands.“Does he even care about her?” Jimin muttered.

Hours had passed and you seemed to be taking your time with recovering, “How is she?” “There’s minimal signs of recovery but her breathing’s somewhat better, we’re still trying.” Jungkook also failed to show up to the hospital, it was nearing 4am and everyone was knocking out but not Yoongi, Yoongi couldn’t sleep until he knew you were conscious. “Where is that stupid maknae?” Yoongi muttered, the anger rising in him as he messed with his phone.

“He’s on his way.” “Are you serious? Is there even any point, it’s been over 16 hours since I got here and now he decides to appear?” Yoongi responded. “Hyung, we all know he’s an idiot, so let’s just deal with him when he appears.” Jimin told him as he stood up to find some food. When Jungkook appeared, he was with Subin, and strolled in like it was nothing. He looked immaculate while everyone else had been sitting in their sweats for hours on end. “What time do you call this?” Yoongi growled. “3pm?” “Not the time, idiot! Your girlfriend has been in there for 16 hours and still hasn’t gained conscious from her overdose and you stroll in with this monster you call a woman as if it’s a mundane thing to do!” Yoongi shouted, the anger and stress of the situation had gotten to him and he could no longer keep it inside.

“One. I didn’t know which hospital she was in. Two. I was hungover. Three. My phone was off until this morning.” Jungkook replied as he took a seat next to Hoseok, who then moved away from him. “Okay, listen kid, your girlfriend who didn’t leave your side once overdosed herself which means she attempted suicide, why? Because of your ass. And for the record, we told you the hospital, you shouldn’t have been out clubbing with this woman and your phone should have been on for emergencies like this.” Yoongi told him from the seat closest to your room.

“Why are you all here anyway, she’s my girlfriend?” he muttered. “Without me, you could kiss your girlfriend goodbye. If she hadn’t told me to come over to stop her from doing this, she would have been dead!” “Then why didn’t you stop here?” Jungkook said, raising his voice. “I was too late but not as late as you.” Yoongi muttered as he walked out of the department and eventually the building. 

“Is that really how you guys see me? Am I just a monster to you?” a small voice asked. “Subin, know your place. This isn’t about you.” Taehyung snapped while fiddling with his phone. “Don’t worry, I’m sure they don’t mean it.” “Snap out of it Jungkook! We do not like her, we never did! You should be concerned about your girlfriend who is in there, closer to death than ever, not this girl you used to fuck!” Seokjin shouted out of frustration. “I think I should leave.” “No, stay.” Jungkook told her. “Let her fucking go, Jungkook. She has no place here.” Namjoon warned him. “Okay, I’ll see you later.”

“You’re an idiot, you know? You’re tearing us all apart and your girlfriend is in a battle with Death himself right now but all you seem to care about is her, open your eyes, kid.” Namjoon told him as he left to go for a walk. Eventually everyone had left Jungkook alone, he would finally have time to think over his actions. The reality of the situation hadn’t hit him until he was alone, he could lose you, his life partner, his saviour, how had he been so blind? Why was he so distracted by an ex who had done him nothing but harm.

“Min Yoongi-ssi?” the doctor called out. “Yes? Is she okay?” “She’s finally regained consciousness.” “Thank God, can we see her?” “Be my guest.” After a long 37 hours you were finally awake, a huge weight lifted of Yoongi’s shoulders and he felt as though he could breathe again. “Hey, kiddo, you alright?” he asked as he entered your room. “Could be better.” you muttered as you attempted to eat something. “Why did you do it, if you can’t answer, don’t?” Yoongi questioned. “I had missed a couple days of medication and thought I could make up for it this way, I also wanted to leave this place, so badly. Everything I have been doing led up to the moment he walked out of the door with her.” “Don’t blame yourself, it’s far from your fault.” “You look tired.” you pouted. “I haven’t slept in a ridiculous amount of time.” “Is it because of me? If so, I’m sorry.” “Don’t be. I’m okay.” “Liar.” “Whatever, do you wanna see the others?” 

You nodded in response and the rest of BTS flooded into the room, “How you doing?” Jimin asked you. “Alright, I’m sorry I made you all worry, I was being stupid.” “No, you weren’t stupid, you just wanted out, you wanted an exit. You weren’t stupid though.” Namjoon told you, causing you to smile, he understood you. “You know who was stupid though? Jungkook.” Seokjin told you. “Why?” “He was nowhere to be seen for almost half the time you were in here and he appeared with Subin.” he nagged. The name felt as though you had been shot in the chest with a machine gun that had no end. “Idiot.” Taehyung remarked from the side. 

“Where is he anyway?” Yoongi asked. “I’m here. And I’ve had a lot of time to think about what I’ve done this past week or however long it’s been.” “Spill it, kid.” Namjoon told him. “With you all here?” “I want them here.” you told him as he walked towards you and took your left hand in his. “___, I’m sorry for being so blind to the situation you were in, I’m sorry I was oblivious to your struggle, when I was thinking about it, I didn’t understand why I was so absorbed in Subin, I guess it was because the memories I shared with her were overpowering but I should have known better that I should have made more memories with you. The thought of almost losing you broke me, I didn’t realise the reality of it all until I was left completely alone, it felt bad, I felt helpless but I only felt that for a couple hours, I don’t even understand how you must’ve felt. I was such a bad boyfriend for these past few weeks, picking a fight on you whenever and not truly caring for you, I hate that I did this and that I can’t reverse time but please forgive me so I can make this all up to you.”

“How do you plan on doing that?” you asked him after his meaningful monologue. “I will never let you out of my sight and I will do whatever you want, go on the dates you want and spend all the time that I have with you, in order to make new memories with you. I can’t risk losing you, not when I know what it’s like when you were so close to death.” “Okay.” “Okay?” Jungkook replied. “Yeah, okay.” “___, he just confessed so much to you and spilt his heart and emotions and you replied with okay?” Hoseok asked, clearly holding in his laughter. “What else is there to say to that?” you chuckled. “Glad to know, you’re still you, my love.”

Song of Themyscira | Seven

Summary: As an Amazonian warrior, you’re invited to Man’s World by Diana Prince. Ares, angered by the situation, decides to send an army, led by his son, to disrupt the peace. Will James be able to follow through, or will the Amazonians keep the peace?

Pairing: James ‘Bucky’ Barnes x Amazon!Reader

Word Count: 3.3k (wowza)

Warnings: Language (for now)

A/N: Update! This one is a long one, so I hope you enjoy :) s/o to mi amor, abril, for being with me every step of the way w/ this fic || SoT masterlist

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(this gif reflects James’ mood at a certain point in the chapter - try and guess when and where!!)

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Unrequited Love

Summary: You’re hoping a night out will help you forget about the Super soldier you’re pining over, but the night takes a turn you didn’t expect.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: alcohol consumption, drunk!reader, language, angst, protective Bucky, un beta’d

A/N: This is the first thing I’ve wrote in like a month [?!] I’m trying to get back into writing, so any ideas/requests are welcome right now! I can’t promise I’ll do them straight away, but if the inspiration strikes I’ll definitely work on it. 

You knew you were going to regret coming out with Nat and Wanda. As much as you loved spending time with your best friends, being at a bar wasn’t the best place for you in your current state of mind. The drink you consumed soon loosened both your mind and body, distracting you from the thoughts of Bucky and his latest prodigies.

God, for an almost 100 year old, he sure was clueless. You’d been pining for him pretty much since he arrived at the compound. I mean, who wouldn’t? He’s gorgeous, he makes you smile, he has this vulnerability about him that just makes you want to wrap him in your arms and never let go. But then, he’s also badass as hell and you knew he’d protect you with his life.

He chose to spend nights with random women, who you were sure we’re only after him for being an Avenger. That frustrated the hell out of you. You’d happily be with him, forever- not just for one sleazy night.

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BTS REACTION: They take care of you when you are sick

“Sick” is a really broad term for this reaction. I didn’t really name any “sickness,” except for Hobi’s. I’ve tailored these reactions to specific symptoms. I didn’t want them to sound too similar but I think that’s how they ended up anyways, which is disappointing. Even so, I really like how they came out. Although they are set at different times: either before, during, or after. I hope that it isn’t confusing for you. Thank you so much for the request. I hope you enjoy it! 😰

-Admin Goddessmoony

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S E O K J I N:

You have a high fever which makes you feel lethargic and frustrated. You’re in the tiniest clothes you own and it’s still too hot. When Jin gets home and is aware of your fever he makes you strip down to your undergarments.

“Just lay on the bed,” he tells you with concern while making sure all the fans and A/C are on, anything that can help you feel a little more cool.

Normally, you two are quite conservative with your use of the A/C, as it can increase the amount of the light bill significantly. But your health is more important to him right now. He hears you whimper and that says to him it’s not enough. He helps you drink a glass of water and refills it before going to the bathroom to soak a cloth in cold water and grab the jar of vaporub. Jin places the cloth on your head and gently turns you on your side to rub some of the vaporub on your back.

“Just go to sleep, Y/N. You’ll feel better when you wake up, I promise.” Jin presses a kiss to your forehead, not minding the light sweat. It worries him to see you like this and he doesn’t leave your side until your fever breaks.

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Tbh tho why aren’t there more gifs of Jin, he’s precious.

Y O O N G I:

You haven’t been feeling well all day and are quite annoyed at the fact that you might be getting sick. You should just stay home and treat the impending sickness before it can fully develop, but you have a dinner planned with Yoongi and his teammates. He’s been looking forward to this day, it isn’t often everyone’s schedules are free at the same time, so it isn’t exactly hard for you to choose the dinner over staying home. However, a few bites into your portion of the food you guys had ordered and your stomach starts feeling strange. Almost as if you want to throw up, but like hell are you going to do that at a restaurant.

Yoongi immediately notices your uneasy expression and that you’ve stopped eating.He halts his conversation with Hoseok to ask you, “Y/N, are you okay?”

All the boys look at you in worry and you feel horrible for ruining their good time. “Ahh…Don’t worry, I’m fine.” You try to reassure them but your intended smile comes out more like a grimace.

He lightly flicks you on your forehead. “Obviously you’re not fine, because you aren’t eating and I know you love meat. Are you getting sick? Do you feel nauseous?”

You nod your head reluctantly and immediately the boys start fretting.

“Excuse me? Can we get a cup of sprite and a box to go, please?” Jin politely asks the waitress.

“Hyung, you didn’t get Y/N pregnant right?” Jungkook says with wide eyes

“No, you idiot. Y/N’s just sick,” Yoongi snaps. Namjoon makes sure to smack the maknae upside the head. Yoongi hands you the Sprite when it arrives, “Drink this meanwhile I get us a cab home.”

“Sorry for ruining the dinner date guys,” you tell the boys before taking a sip.

They all assure you it’s fine and that they just want you to feel better. Jin packs food for Yoongi to take home and when he comes back you all quickly say your goodbyes before leaving. In the cab, your nausea gets worse and he carries you into your bedroom so that you don’t have to move. He lays you on your bed and gets you a glass of apple juice. You drink some and when you lay back down he snuggles beside you. You fall asleep to him lightly rubbing your stomach.

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H O S E O K:

You wake up in the morning feeling nauseous which immediately results in you throwing up in the toilet. In your misery, you completely forget that Hoseok had stayed the night.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” He says in concern from behind the bathroom door.

“Ugh, don’t come in Hoseok. I haven’t been feeling so well these days and now here I am vomiting in the toilet…Disgusting,” you manage to finish your sentence before ducking your head back over the toilet seat.

In a moment’s notice, his hands are holding up your hair and he’s rubbing your back soothingly. “Y/N, you have to take better care of yourself. If you didn’t feel well you should have went to the doctor.”

“I did go to the doctor,” you say after wiping the vomit from your mouth. He looks at you in confusion and you grab his wrists to lay his hands on your stomach. “Hoseok, I’m pregnant.”

“You mean…there’s a little us in there?” He points to your slightly protruding tummy and you can’t help but giggle. It’s so like him to not notice your slight weight gain in the last few months.

“You’re going to be a dad,” you confirm and his smile widens.

“I’m going to be a dad,” he exclaims and his expression falls before he takes off like a bullet, “Oh my gOD! Y/N, YOU’RE PREGNANT! YOU SHOULDN’T BE SITTING ON THE HARD FLOOR! I’LL GET YOU A PILLOW AND SOME WATER! YOU JUST THREW UP, YOU’RE PROBABLY THIRSTY. AHHHH! DON’T DEHYDRATE Y/N, I’M COMING!!!!

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N A M J O O N:

You’ve been lying in bed sick for two days but Namjoon hasn’t been able to visit due to his heavy schedule. Today, he has the remaining evening off and you haven’t sent him a message on how you are feeling, so instead of going to get some much needed sleep he goes to check on you. Luckily, he has a spare key to your apartment so he doesn’t have to wake you up. When he opens the door all lights are off, curtains drawn, and there is nothing but silence. He takes off his shoes, hangs up his coat, and drops his bag in the living room before going to your bedroom.

The pounding in your head hasn’t dulled a bit since you woke up, you feel like throwing up even though you haven’t had a proper meal in two days, and any source of light feels is a stab to your eyes. You pray for those poor souls who feel this on a regular base. The door to your room opens and you look up from your deathbed, “Namjoon, what are you doing here?”

He slowly closes the door behind you and pushes aside the blankets to lay beside you. You lay your head on his chest and he instinctively begins stroking your hair, unknowingly soothing your pain to a more bearable amount. “I had time off so I came to check on you. I was worried because you haven’t texted me all morning. But guessing from the cave you’ve locked yourself in, light is the enemy right now.”

You speak into his chest, “I didn’t think I’d get a migraine so I didn’t buy any pills, but what you’re doing right now feels really nice.”

“Are you feeling better though? I mean, besides the migraine.”

You nod. His movements change to him gently massaging your head and it’s almost as if the migraine is gone. You could use more sleep though, “I love you,” you tell him before yawning.

“I love you too.”

Eventually you both end up falling asleep.

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J I M I N:

You just finished your coffee date and you two aren’t ready to be apart so he decides to walk you home. It’s been a stressful week for you and you’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately. Spending time with Jimin helps you forget but now, as you are walking, you are suddenly reminded of your less than stellar health. Your mind goes blank, a cold feeling washes down your back, and you find yourself holding onto a nearby railing. You really don’t want to faint and fall on the cold hard ground. Jimin sweeps you into his arms as soon as he sees you are about to fall over. He carries you to a nearby bench and gently lays your head onto his lap.

He smooths out your hair and cups your face, “Y/N, do you feel better?”

Laying down does help you feel a lot better although it kind of upsets you of how well he handled your dizziness. It tells you that he’s experienced it a lot. Nevertheless, you nod with a reassuring smile. It doesn’t seem to relieve the scrunch between his brows.

“You’ve been eating well, right?”

“Yes, I’m just getting sick is all. I didn’t feel so good earlier but I forgot about it until now.”

He laughs at you, “How do you forget about being sick?”

You smile, “I don’t know, spending time with you just makes me happy.”

At this he blushes, “Jus…Just please, take better care of yourself.”

“Carry me home?”

He kisses you on the cheek, “Of course, I’ll take care of you Y/N.”

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T A E H Y U N G:

Runny noses are gross, stuffy noses are annoying, fevers are like dying, and migraines make you wanna die, but nothing is as painful as coughing. At least in your opinion. You’ve gotten over your illness a few days ago and yet you’re still choking on your own mucus. You are coughing into the couch pillow when you hear a knock. With a groan, you get up to open the door and there’s Taehyung giving you a smile.

“What are you doing here? I don’t want to get you sick.”

He gathers you into a hug and you don’t have the heart to tell him to get off of you. You missed him. Because one of the symptoms of your illness was the cough you told him to stay far away from you to prevent him from getting sick himself. After all, as a singer it’s important for him to take care of his throat. But at this rate you wouldn’t have seen him for another three weeks.

He kisses you on the forehead, “I missed you too much, Y/N.~ Besides, I brought some cough drops with me. I know you don’t like them but I need you to get better so that you can spend more time with me.”

You had forgotten that BTS is leaving on tour again soon. You regret banning Taehyung from seeing you until you got better. Even if it was for a good cause. Another coughing fit hits you and you quickly grab the bag of cough drops out of his hands. You doubt they will help you much but any sort of relief will be much appreciated at the moment.

“Can you believe that my abs hurt from coughing?” You tell him with a cough drop in your mouth as you lay down with him on the couch

He chuckles at you and cuddles closer to your back so that he can massage your stomach. You sigh in content and can’t help the loving smile that crosses your face.

“You missed me too, right Y/N?”

“Of course I did, the only time I don’t miss you is when you’re here.”

“…What do you think of moving in together?”

Your next coughing fit is not caused by the previous illness.

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J U N G K O O K:

It isn’t often that you don’t feel tired. As a college student, running on almost no sleep is something you are far too used to. But today something is different: you can’t seem to concentrate in class, you have no drive to complete the essay you had finally thought of an idea for, and you are already tired of doing your homework despite only starting it five minutes ago. A nap definitely sounds like a good idea to you right now but Jungkook is supposed to come over to your apartment today. He puts a lot of effort into making sure you two see each other at least once a week and you don’t want his efforts to go to waste just because you felt a little tired.

Once you hear a knock, you open the door. His smiles turns into a look of concern right when he sees you. The constant dark circles under your eyes have always made him upset because it means you hardly ever get a good night’s sleep, but he’s learned to accept it. However, the far off look in your eyes tells him that this is more than you just being physically tired.

He immediately grabs your hand and pulls you to the bedroom, “I know that college is a lot of work Y/N, but you have to take better care of yourself or else you’re going to get sick. You look like a mess, more than usual.”

“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?!” You demand as he pushes you onto your bed and tucks you nicely into the sheets.

“It means that you’re always tired but now you just look exhausted,” he gives you a cheeky smile before planting a peck on your lips and shifting so that he can wrap himself around you.

“If I end up getting sick you’re going to go down with me because of this,” you tell him drowsily.

“Hmm…It will be worth it,” he sleepily says while nuzzling your neck.

Later that week he tells you that you are, in fact, not worth it. You sneeze on him in revenge.

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These girls really changed my life for the better. No matter how good or bad PP3 turns out, I’m sure I’m gonna love it anyway because all three movies mean so much to me and this is too sincere for me to be, it’s gross, but I can’t imagine how my life would turn out if I didn’t know them or even be in this fandom because this is one of the best times I’ve had and I don’t regret it at all these past 5 years. I’d gladly spend 5 years more with them.

hi my name is emily and in my free time i like to go through the entire comic (plus extras, blog, twitter, and instagram) and screenshot every single time jack laurent zimmermann has smiled 


  • year one- depressing af. only like 10 smiles
  • year two- exponentially better as he spends more time with bitty. so pure
  • year three- this boy has no chill. always smiling. brings me so much life

sui-senka  asked:

In IxFPs, how does a person know they have Ne-Si or Se-Ni (healthy and unhealthy) and how would it affect their Fi and Te? what would they act like?

(Gif: Anne Shirley, Anne with an E. INFP.)

When self-typing, it’s important to think about HOW you process information (where does it come from? what kind of focus do you have? on the sensory world or the unseen? do you judge by ethics or logical principles?), WHAT you can express with no difficulty (your feelings? your logic? your ideas? what you saw?), and WHY you do what you do, more than your behaviors.

Healthy Ne: I foresee different potential outcomes and come up with a generalized plan but can change tactics without much trouble if one of my ideas falls through. I believe in my ability to innovate. I often read between the lines and intuit what people’s motives or intentions may be, but leave room for my views to change with additional information. I have trained myself to find creative ways to make a point without being offensive, by provoking others to think or see something from another perspective. I recognize when my own views are self-contradictory, but my open-mindedness encourages continual growth. I have learned to separate my ‘imagined’ motives from people’s genuine motives; I recognize that my extremely high expectations for reality are not always realistic, but that’s okay – I can have fun wherever I go.

Unhealthy Ne: I abandon people when I lose interest in them, and fail to enjoy what I have in a quest for something more and better. As a result, I do not put much effort into my friendships and often do not realize how much I liked having someone around until they are gone. I am easily distracted, scatterbrained, and often abandon projects once my interest in their potential fades (poor Te). I assume that I know everyone’s motives and true intentions, and refuse to listen to their explanations, preferring instead to stay to ‘my side’ of things. I do not much care that I self-contradict all the time and become angry and defensive when others point out how inconsistent I can be. I justify being flighty, irresponsible, or unrealistic rather than focus on maturing myself. Real life often disappoints me, because it is so dull.

This naturally flows into the other functions, some of which may or may not be healthy all on their own (of course, Enneagram also plays a role, so don’t forget to factor that in – I’m not knowledgeable enough on Enneagram to speculate in depth, so you’ll have to do your own research).

Unhealthy Ne + Fi/Te: Since (unhealthy or emotionally stinted) high Fi tends to dig in its heels and become defensive over its actions, when paired with Ne you have an explosive combination of whimsical imagination and defiance, often with an interplay of subjective personal experiences (Si - well, that’s not how it happened TO ME!!) that ignore other people’s different experiences.

Unhealthy Ne + Ti/Fe: Since (unhealthy or emotionally stinted) high Ti tends to dismiss people as cogs in a greater faulty system, when paired with Ne, you have an extreme tendency toward detached arrogance and carelessness toward other people’s feelings, often with nitpicky subjective personal preferences (think Sheldon Cooper and his BUT THERE’S TWO PICKLES ON THIS SANDWICH AND THERE SHOULD BE THREE).

(Gif: Gilbert Blythe, Anne with an E. ESTP.)

Healthy Se: I engage casually and easily with the environment, noticing swift changes and able to react in a timely fashion. I am comfortable in my body, and in new spaces, with no needed time to adjust. I have learned that others are not as physically confident or aggressive as I am and respect their space, while urging them to try new things and instilling confidence in them through my easygoing methods of engagement. I am objective in my observations, and am good at collecting experiences. I have learned to experience all life has to offer but also to appreciate what I have and hold onto the things that matter. I have learned to move on with grace when I lose interest, but still value others while doing it, and pause to think how this will impact my future before I act rashly.

Unhealthy Se: I have left wrecked friendships and relationships in my wake in my continual quest for new experiences. I lose interest in things once I conquer them and I often over-indulge my senses by spending more than I have on things that will not matter and that I will lose interest in over time. I live so much for the moment that I give no thought to how I might look back in five years and regret my actions today. I stubbornly refuse to look beyond the surface of anyone or anything and either over-rely on my “gut instinct) (Ni loop) or ignore my hunches altogether in favor of immediate action.

This naturally flows into the other functions, some of which may or may not be healthy all on their own (of course, Enneagram also plays a role, so don’t forget to factor that in – I’m not knowledgeable enough on Enneagram to speculate in depth, so you’ll have to do your own research).

Unhealthy Se + Fi/Te: Since (unhealthy or emotionally stinted) high Fi tends to dig in its heels and become defensive over its actions, when paired with Se you have an explosive combination of someone acting on all their feelings, all the time, without thought for how this will play out in the future, sometimes with take-charge Te bossiness and/or emphasis (GET IT DONE) along for the ride.

Unhealthy Se + Ti/Fe: Since (unhealthy or emotionally stinted) high Ti tends to dismiss people as cogs in a greater faulty system, when paired with Se, the result can sometimes be bullying / aggressive physical behavior, sometimes aimed at provoking an emotional reaction (Fe) from its targets. This often comes along with detached arrogance or carelessness toward others’ feelings, and a fatalistic futuristic attitude (we’re all screwed, I’m screwed).

This goes for all types:

To determine health levels:

  • Ask yourself how much control you have over this function (all)
  • Ask yourself how skillfully you use this function (all)
  • Ask yourself how defensive you are over this function (all)
  • Ask yourself how often you question your perceptions (Ne/Se/Ni/Si)
  • Ask yourself how often you question your motives (Fe/Fi)

Functional health means attaining a balance between your functions, where you are self-aware enough to realize and admit to your faults, where you can objectively assess your attitudes and behaviors for maturity, admit when you are wrong, take responsibility for your mistakes, apologize when you need to, resist bullying / shaming behaviors toward those who disagree with you, accept that no one is responsible for your behaviors, mistakes, and choices but you, and utilize your functions for fun as well as at work / schoolwork.

- ENFP Mod

20 signs of Typical kpop scenarios

1. We know each other since childhood.. And I love you more than a sibling.. But you already have a girlfriend who is dating you for fame and money.
2. Let’s break up. (After one week) in drunken state, 3 at night banging on you door. I want you back (y/n).. Let’s get back together..
3. You are hanging out with my band members. I am jealous now!!
4. You couldn’t believe you eyes. You own bf naked with another girl on your shared bed.. Cheating on you…
5. Grabbing you wrist* let me explain..(y/n)! There is nothing left to explain.. We are over!!
6. I have been out for one month on tours n stuff. I missed you and I know u are horny af too.. So let just have rough sex..
7. Making breakfast in his shirt and not wearing pants.. Him coming and hugging you from behind and kissing your neck…
8. Making a confession while drunk
9. Making a confession because of jealousy.
10. I am pregnant… Wow I can’t wait to be a dad I m so happy!!
11. Being insecure and him showing you how beautiful you are through soft and romantic love making….
12. Sex in shower
13. Sex on kitchen counter
14. Sex in a changing room. Moaning loudly and not getting caught….
15. Will your parents like me..? Don’t worry baby they will love you!!
16. They don’t like me wiping tears from the back of your hands*
17. You are so fucking busy!! You don’t spend time with me!!
18. Heated argument. One person leaving the house. Getting into a car accident. Apologies
19. I am so so sorry (y/n) I love you so much. I love you too.
20. Him seeing in your wedding dress. And regretting that he wished he shud have asked you out..

Safe Haven

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Pairing: Clay Jensen x Reader

Request: “So i loved “I’m here” and i was wondering if you could write another one but maybe the reader is Hannah’s sister. The reader and Clay were already together but after Hannah’s death they become closer and there’s just loads of fluff??? Xx”

Word count: 838

Posted: 20th of April 2017

A/N: I am glad that you liked “I’m here”. Thank you for reading it and it flatters me every time. Here’s your request and I hope that you like this too. Please send me some feedbacks in my ask, because I would really love to read what you think of it.
Anyways, I am into writing 13 Reasons Why imagines in these days, so I am accepting requests! Please don’t be shy. Sorry for those pending Barry Allen requests though, I will write them soon as I find time to write for both TV series. Thank you for understanding, guys. I love you all so much.

- G. x

Losing someone was hard and we all know that it was hard, mostly if you lost someone who you considered as your best friend, as your confidante, even more than just being your beloved sister.

During the first weeks after her death, you couldn’t help but spend your nights in your room, crying and regretting for what has happened to your sister Hannah. You would lock yourself in your room and only Clay, your boyfriend, could take you out of your drenched bed covers. Of course, you would’ve acted that way, she was your everything and you showed her nothing but kindness, but why did she take her life away? Was it your fault too?

“Babe,” Your boyfriend interrupted your thoughts as he sat beside you, leaving his books and highlighters on your desk. “it was not your fault. Stop blaming yourself, please?”

“Was I thinking out loud?” You looked at your boyfriend’s blue worried eyes as he curled his lips and nodded slowly. “I’m sorry, Clay. I just miss her.” You apologized while fidgeting with your sweater’s sleeves.

“Stop saying sorry, because it’s normal to miss her.” He smiled at you, calming his gaze this time, while he dried your cheeks from the salty tears that have been burning your cheeks. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Don’t worry.” You smiled widely at him for taking care of you. Hannah would be so happy if she was still beside you, because all what she wanted for you was a boy who would make you happy, even you had no reason to smile.

“Do you need help with that?” He pointed at your opened Geometry book, changing the topic. You looked at it for a while and you thought if you were in the mood to do your homework.

“No, thanks.” You smiled at him, shaking your thoughts off. He caressed your cheeks with his right thumb and you melted in his touch. He had this effect on you and you found it sweet that he can cheer you up with his caresses.

“What do you think of cuddles then?” He smiled widely at you and you let out some soft giggles. You knew that he was trying to cheer you up.

“Is that even a question to ask, Jensen?” You raised your eyebrows at him as you watch him laugh. He then hugged you tightly and you let yourself fall on the bed, having Clay on top of you. You laughed for his actions, achieving his goal to make you laugh.

“It was just a proposal, idiot.” He pressed the tip of his noise against yours and you both brushed them, doing the famous eskimo kiss. “I know how much you loved cuddles.”

“Only Jensen’s cuddles.” You highlighted and he let out a laugh as he rolled himself on your right side. He hugged you tighter, but this time his weight was distributed on the bed and not on your body anymore.

“Right!” He pulled you closer to him and you could perfectly see his beautiful blue orbs. You caressed his cheek and he didn’t hesitate to bring his face closer to yours. “May I, beautiful?”

“Another proposal, cheeky?” You winked at him. “Because you also know how much I love your kisses, right?” You bit your lip as you saw him smirking at your words. He took those words as some sort of compliments.

“Of course, I know that.” He confidently answered right before closing the gap between the two of you.

You shared a passionate and slow kiss. It was sweet and it didn’t show any malice or any desire of making love. It was one of those kisses that could make you feel better, that could assure you that you were safe.

Right! Clay’s side has been that place where you were protected from any harm or danger since you started seeing each other and he was that soldier who protected you from every battle. You loved him so much and you loved him even more when he was there to cheer you up when Hannah wasn’t beside you anymore. Cheering you up somehow helped you and Clay to strengthen your relationship, because you earned a certain intimacy and invincibility together.

“I love you so much, beautiful.” Clay sweetly said as you broke the kiss in need of air.

“I love you too, babe.” You smiled as you caressed his cheek with your thumb.

“But I love you more.” He flashed you a playful smile as he played with your hair. “And that’s final.”

“Oh, shut up!” You rolled your eyes and he just let out a loud laugh.

“Then shut me up!” He winked at you and, without thinking twice, you pulled him closer your body and you kissed him once again, in which he responded back without hesitations.

You were thankful that you always had Clay by your side, no matter what you were going through. You were thankful and you will keep on thanking, because you have your safe haven.


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Jeremy could tell something was off with Michael from the beginning. His usual carefree attitude is gone and replaced with a tenseness unusual for him. What bothers him most was that he didn’t have a clue of what could be causing it.

The night had started off normal. He had gone to bed after hanging out at Michael’s for a while after school. Just as he was about to fall asleep around midnight, he heard his phone softly ping in the darkness. He had been half tempted to just ignore it until morning, but fortunately he made himself sit up and look at the text message he had received.

Hey im outside ur house lets go for a night drive pls

And, okay, that in itself isn’t unusual. This isn’t the first time Michael has shown up unannounced at his house, but he could feel that something is different this time. Maybe it’s the “pls” at the end. Maybe he’s just thinking too much into it. There’s probably nothing wrong and Michael just couldn’t sleep and wanted to hang out with Jeremy some more. Yeah, that’s probably it.


He’s brought back from his thoughts when the car stops. They have reached an empty intersection, the stop sign glinting from the headlights. Michael is staring straight ahead, hands coming from the steering wheel to rest on his lap.

“Uh, Michael, what’s up? Why aren’t we moving? There’s no other cars…” Jeremy stutters out somewhat nervously, his worry increasing.

Michael continues staring in front of him as he says, “There’s just been something…. Just… buddy, I -” He stops suddenly.

“Michael, please, tell me. I’m wor -” He’s cut off by Michael abruptly turning towards him.

“Jeremy, I’m gonna do something. And it’s a pretty big something, like monumental, okay. I just…” He looks determined, though his voice wavers as he says, “I need to do this.”

“Um, okay. But what…?” Jeremy trails off when a warm hand comes up to rest on his cheek. Michael’s thumb traces lightly under his eye as he smiles softly, nervously.

“Just stop me if I'm… doing anything wrong, okay?”

And, oh God, Jeremy is blushing so hard that Michael surely can feel it. His heart is beating rapidly as Michael leans closer and closer. Is he really going to…?

His question is answered when lips meet his own.

It’s chaste and quick and hardly to write home about, but it was so much more to Jeremy and he could only imagine what Michael must be feeling right now. Even after Michael is leaning back with his hand gone from Jeremy’s cheek, he swears he can still feel the warmth and softness of it all. He’s still blushing profusely and he can see that Michael is too.

Michael becomes more and more tense and nervous as Jeremy continues to just sit there and stare at him, mouth slightly agape and eyes wide.

“Jeremy? I — I’m sorry; I just… You’re so… amazing? And cute and funny and I love everything about you and I love spending time with you so much and I… I’m sorry if I just ruined everything or something, I dunno, I just…” He shrugs helplessly at the end.

Jeremy finally snaps from his stupor and rushes to lean over the center console and place his hands on the sides of Michael’s face.

“Dude, that’s so gay.” Jeremy says because he can’t think of anything else to say that wouldn’t make him stutter and blush even more. He begins to regret those words until he sees Michael starting to grin widely and laugh. Jeremy leans back over to the passenger side and begins to laugh as well. Michael laughs louder as he hears Jeremy joining him and -

Jeremy stops as he takes in the sight. Michael’s eyes are closed and his head is tilted back — Jeremy can clearly see the line of his Adam’s apple from the streetlight shining through the driver side’s window — and this all causes Jeremy to swallow nervously but with a slight giddy feeling. He can’t believe someone as attractive and amazing as Michael likes him. Awkward, stutter-y Jeremy. He almost feels overwhelmed. Maybe this is all just a dream; maybe he had never checked his phone after all.

“Is this a dream?”

Michael looks at him, laughing subsiding but a smile is still there. He takes Jeremy’s hand in his own and kisses him again, harder and longer this time. Thankfully, he pulls back before Jeremy can feel embarrassed about the moan that was trying to push its way pass his lips.

“Did that feel like a dream?” Michael is smirking now, hand still clasped with Jeremy’s.

Jeremy blushes as he shakes his head vigorously. “Not at all.”

Michael laughs softly as leans over.

“Good,” he says, before kissing him once again.


They’re sitting in the car outside Jeremy’s house now.

Michael looks a little disappointed as he says, “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow, yeah?” He still smiles slightly, though.

Jeremy wonders why this all feels so awkward because it’s just Michael, his best friend, so why does it feel like he can’t think of the right thing to say? Then he remembers why it’s awkward because things are different now. It makes him wonder what Michael is to him now. What are they? Are they… boyfriends?

“What are we?” Jeremy blurts out, face already a deep shade of red.

“Well, uh, what do you want to be? Do you wanna, like, go on a, you know, a date first?”

Jeremy lets out a breathy laugh as he nods. “Yeah, yeah, let’s, uh, do that.”

“Okay, okay, cool.”

“Yeah, cool.”

A beat.

“Sooooo…” Jeremy starts but stops when Michael starts laughing. “What? What? Why are you laughing?”

“Because, buddy, best friend, light of my life (Jeremy blushes at that), you are so hopelessly awkward.”

Jeremy sputters, “Wha — Hey! You aren’t any better right now! And can you blame me?” He mumbles the last part.

Michael puts up his hands in mock surrender. “No, no, you’re right.”

Jeremy intertwines his hands with Michael’s before he can think about it too much. Michael grins and Jeremy smiles nervously back.

“Do you wanna come inside for a bit?” Jeremy asks.


Moonlight streams through the window of Jeremy’s room. It casts a pale glow on the two of them lying together on Jeremy’s bed. They’re facing each other, curled up and hands together. Both are on the verge of sleep, eyes heavy and breathing slow.

“I think it’s safe to say that we’re boyfriends.” Michael says softly.

“Yeah, but ‘m still expectin’ that date…” Jeremy responds sleepily, shifting closer to him.

Michael smiles, eyes lit up with adoration. “Of course, Jer, of course.”

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Does Yuuri's heart just break when he realises how Viktor based his skating programs on him? When he learns that he was the motivating factor for Viktor's return from his injury? Does he feel bad for turning away and not watching that first program Viktor choreographed with Yuuri in mind? I would think the depth of their years of misunderstanding each other would weigh on him, especially when he realised how long Viktor was trying to reach him through his skating.

It really does weigh on Yuuri which is something that they need to clarify in their Big Talk. Viktor doesn’t want Yuuri to spend the rest of his life feeling guilty or feeling like he owes Viktor to make up for everything that happened as that’s not a healthy basis for a relationship. But the one thing that Yuuri will always regret is how much more time the two of them could have had if he had just realized sooner. That’s why after they kiss at the wedding he tells Viktor ‘I’m sorry I made you wait for so long’. Viktor is very insistent that they were both at fault and Yuuri doesn’t need to try and ‘make up’ for anything now that they have both apologized and forgiven each other, which Yuuri accepts, but that big regret about time stays for a long time, although it lessens a lot throughout all the happy years they spend together until finally Yuuri is able to let it go

No Regrets - Beautiful

This is not a request, just something I felt like writing. It does join with a drabble I am going to write for @ellen-reincarnated1967 @feelmyroarrrr @secretlyfurrydragon and @tas898 about how Becca handles having a little sister. This is more the adult side though. Becca’s will be written later.  

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Insecurities post birth, implied smut, talk about sex.

Word Count: 1100ish (I knooooow but I can’t drabble!)

A/N: I am just gonna keep drabbling for this guys till I feel my fire return. I still can’t seem to get any words out for anything else but this series. So sorry. But I hope you like it.

This is set a few months after Y/N had AJ so near the end of season 11 (spring 2016)



The first few months of AJ’s life had not gone as smoothly as Jensen had hoped they would. Becca had been thrilled about getting a baby sister at first, right up until she realized how much of her parents time a baby stole from her. She had started acting up and denying spending time with Jensen when he offered.

It was different with Y/N. She sat around watching her with AJ and she still talked to her mom when asked. She was more quiet all in all but at least she didn’t run from the room when her mom picked up the baby like she did with Jensen.

Y/N had suggested they would all fly back to Austin for the weekend and that when Jensen had to return to set Becca would be the only one to go with him. Y/N was sure Becca was just scared of losing the Dad she had only just gained a few years ago. Y/N had always been around, Jensen hadn’t.

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My brain vs. the fangirl in me

Brain: you gotta stop following more accounts of your ships. It’s too much, you’re getting addicted to this shit.

Me: it’s true. I won’t follow any new accounts. I won’t spend so much time scrolling down my dashboard.

Brain: hey, what are you…?

Me: it’s okay, it’s just one new account, this content it’s amazing! Look at my OTP, how adorable these edits are…

Brain: they’re the same scenes you’ve seen before from other edits!

Me: ugh, okay, fine *must-resist*

Brain: hoe don’t do it!!

Me: I’m sorry, I’m weak!! *follows 5 new accounts*

Brain: you happy?? 😑


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I know I'm all to blame
  • Me: nobody likes me
  • Me: *doesn't go out*
  • Me: why should I try...
  • Me: *doesn't talk to people*
  • Me: socializing is hard
  • Me: *doesn't make an effort to stay in contact with friends*
  • Me: everything is too much of an effort
  • Me: *stops doing activities I love*
  • Me: I bet they secretly hate me I mean I hate me so why shouldn't they
  • Me: *pushes people away*
  • Me: *stays locked up in room*
  • Me: *spends free time staring into space*
  • Me: *starts self loathing*
  • Me: *realizes I'm all alone now*
  • Me: *regretting everything*
  • Me: I know I'm to blame...for lost friends wasted time....I can't get out its too far gone how do I fix myself ?
  • Me: How do I make friends ?
  • Me: Where did it all go wrong?
  • Me: *gives up*
  • Source: anx-skinnygirl-94