i regret only a little bit of this


Summary: Pure porn without plot. You wake up and spend a morning with Sam and Dean.

Warnings: Smut, threesome (no Wincest), anal sex

Word Count: 2650ish

A/N: Hope y’all enjoy! XOXO

Too hot. Too bright. Everything feels heavy and suffocating, like you’re trapped or tied down. Leg muscles twitch, but you can’t move them as you force your brain to swim toward the surface, try to break your mind out of its haze.

And then you wake up.

For just a moment, you focus only on your breath. You wake up like this two or three times a week, have ever since you started hunting, and it will only take your body a few seconds to calm down.

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Ashi saved Jack’s life in more ways than one

I just noticed something about Jack and Ashi’s relationship. After rewatching the episodes I realized how fucked up Jack was in episode 1-3. 

Jack is miserable. I don’t remember him smiling hardly at all. I think the only time he was a little happy was when he was with that wolf. Every other time he is just full of regret and is considering suicide.

It really isn’t until episode 4 when he and Ashi are trapped in the beast when Jack shows any signs of playfulness or smiles.

 He is teasing her almost that entire episode. It is kind of like he’s flirting with her a little bit, saying things just to get on her nerves. Before that episode Jack was just depressed. Who he is in episode 1-3 is almost a total contrast to how he acts in episode 4 and it’s because of Ashi.

It’s obvious that he likes the companionship. He likes having someone to talk to and can reply back even if it’s negative. He’s lonely. 

In episode 5 Jack leaves Ashi. He did his part in saving her and goes about his way. During the camp fire scene when he is alone he sees visions again of his anscerors in agony. He is back to feeling that guilt and feeling isolated. He says “please stop.” The next shot is of Ashi. She asks him to prove to her that Aku is evil. I think that was great foreshadowing. How does Jack get over this guilt and reach happiness? Ashi. They answered it right there. 

After Jack shows Ashi how Aku corrupted the world Ashi not only sees the light but she wants to do something about it. She asks him “What do we do?”

He says “nothing.” He has lost hope. After episode 6 when Ashi literally stops Jack from committing suicide he is hopeful again in defeating Aku. He has the strength to go look for his sword. It was because of Ashi. 

It’s nice to look back on the early episodes and see how much the characters have grown. It’s kind of easy to see the change in Ashi after meeting Jack. Her whole tone of voice changed after episode 5. It’s also nice to see how Jack has changed because of Ashi. Even before she became a heroic figure she was already giving Jack some joy. 

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ice cream gays & very warm days

yes i did name it that just to piss u off 

based on the iconic ice cream and pool boy photos of 5/15/17

warnings ; none, sfw except for a few sexual jokes

pairing ; phan obviously 

summary ; dan is a bored pool boy who works for a rich and snotty couple on the rich side of london. but somehow, flirting with the ice-cream man who works outside their mansion makes it a little better. 

God, it was hot.

Dan didn’t care how many times he had to trundle down this asphalt street in the blistering heat, he was positive he would never get used to it. He just wouldn’t get used to the ground beneath him practically melting through his sneakers, sweat dripping from his forehead into his eyes and making his hair even curlier than it naturally was. 

Dan pressed his chapped lips together, wetting them with his tongue. He looked up, pushing his hair back on his sticky forehead and searching the horizon. 

Just down the street, there he was. Prowling his usual location, practically right in front of the house Dan worked at for the largest shift of his day, his pink cart shining, the bells tinkling. 

It was a good summer job; cleaning pools. It just sucked ass when the people giving you money are power-hungry jerks with the biggest pool in the UK. 

Phil made it a little better. 

Today he was wearing a short sleeved button up that showed off his lean arm muscles quite well, as well as black shorts. He was standing behind the small cart, digging through the basket for something. Dan grinned, leaning against the cart on his elbows.  

“Hey cutie,” he said nonchalantly, reaching into the cooler and taking out an ice cube, proceeding to press it to his face. 

Phil raised his head quickly, practically hitting it on the cart on the way. Dan laughed as his face went red, and he rolled his eyes. 

“Hey, Dan.” His voice sounded annoyed, but Dan knew he wasn’t. This was just the way they talked. 

Dan examined the piece of ice before shrugging and popping it into his mouth. “You look busy today.” He giggled. “How are you not burning up out here…?”

Phil huffed slightly, standing up straight so he could fully watch Dan, tugging the collar of his shirt up to wipe his forehead, exposing a strip of pale skin of his stomach. 

“Oh trust me, I am.” He sighed. “I burn like a marshmallow. But this is my job, y’know? There’s no avoiding it.”

Dan nodded slowly, almost sleepily, considering the heat was melting down his senses. “I get that.” He glanced down at the cooler, filled with dozens of different colors. “Can I get-”

“Strawberry double-scoop, with sprinkles and a cherry.” Phil made a clicking noise with his tongue at Dan, winking. “Gotcha.”

Dan laughed lightly, watching him open one of the containers. “Damn. Do you memorize all of your customer’s orders?”

Phil shrugged. “Only the cute ones.”

A blush burned at Dan’s cheeks, but he rolled his eyes to cover it up. “Wow. Smooth.”

“You love it.” Phil looked back up at him, smiling like a four year old who had just successfully copied the bill of rights. Happy and bright. If Dan’s heart wasn’t already melted, he was sure it would melt again. 

“A little bit. But don’t get cocky.” 

Phil held out his hand, handing Dan the ice cream. Dan took it graciously, going to dig through the pocket of his slightly skimpy pink shorts. He had gotten them about a week before, definitely not so he could impress Phil. Of course not. 

“Mmh, sorry, can’t let you pay for that,” Phil said lightly when Dan held out the change. Dan frowned, his rosy lips slightly turned down. 

“Why not?” He raised his eyebrows. 

“Because it’s on the house.” Phil reached down again, shutting the container and looking back up to smirk at Dan like a hyena. He pushed Dan’s hand away gently. 


“Won’t Mr. and Mrs. annoying-ass be upset if you’re late?” Phil asked, just to change the subject. Dan scowled at him. 

“Thanks for reminding me.”

He glanced down at his wrist, noting that his arm was considerably tanned since the beginning of summer. 

“Nah, they’re gone by now.” 

Phil nodded, just as something came to Dan’s mind. He snickered, leaning forward on the cart, closer to Phil. 

“You said you’re hot, right?”

“Dan, you’re a bloody idiot.” 

Dan picked up the nervousness in Phil’s tone, and glanced back at him from the edge of the pool. He was standing right outside the gate, in the grass, fiddling with his fingers. He looked terrified, which was adorable if Dan was in any position to be thinking so. Dan giggled. 

“You’re not scared, are you?” He spun on his heel, crossing his arms in a soft of challenge. “You’re not gonna get in trouble. They’re gone, remember? Besides, this is my job.” Dan scoffed, pouting slightly. “And they pay me hardly enough, the least they could do is let me have a little fun.”

“I dunno Dan…” Phil bit down on his lower lip, searching his face. “I left my cart out there…” 

Dan groaned, walking over to him and grabbing his hand. “It’ll only be a minute. It won’t melt, it’s in the freezer.” He gave Phil his best puppy dog eyes, flashing him a smile so sweet he was sure to get cavities. “Pleasee?”

Phil sighed, unable to look away for a moment. “Fine. But only for a minute.”

“Yay!” Dan cheered, grabbing Phil’s wrist and tugging him farther into the yard. “I promise, you won’t regret it.”

Phil nodded, pulling his hand away and laughing. “I am pretty hot…”

Without warning he was stripping off his shirt, cannon-balling into the turquoise water, splashing practically the whole courtyard. Dan squealed, shielding himself from the spray. 

“Jesus, give me a warning next time you’re planning on undressing and spraying me.” Dan didn’t realize what he had said until it was too late, Phil had already winked. “Oh, shut up.” 

Phil grinned, swimming backwards and letting the water push his hair back into a quiff. “Aren’t you coming in?”

Dan grimaced. “Er, now that I think about it…”

Phil raised his eyebrows, incredulous. “Are you kidding me?”

Before Dan could think to run, the boy was pushing himself out of the pool, dripping wet. He shook his head like a dog, flicking water everywhere. “C’mere.”

“No!” Dan backed away, giggling at the dumb game he had gotten himself into. “Make me!”

“Oh I will, pretty boy.”

The words made him blush but Dan ignored it, attempting to escape to Phil’s left. Phil didn’t fall for it, grabbing him by the waist and holding him still. 

Dan thrashed, laughing and trying to push him away, but it was no use. Phil nearly flung him over his shoulder, carrying him back to the pool and throwing him in. 

Dan hit the water with a loud splash, the cool sensation flooding against the skin and causing temporary euphoria. When he came up for air, he sighed, running his fingers through his hair. 

“Good, yeah?” Phil asked, grinning and hopping in after him. 

“Yeah,” Dan replied almost dreamily. “Thanks for making me get in.”

“Hey, no problem.” Phil shrugged. “If it weren’t for you, I’d still be out there in the sun.”

Then came a silence between them, but it was comfortable. Dan floated on his back, watching the trees that grew around the courtyard sway in the slight (warm) breeze. 

Finally, Phil spoke again, and Dan popped his head up to listen. 

“You know, I wasn’t kidding about what I said.”

Dan raised an eyebrow, watching Phil play with the water, moving his hands to form tiny waves. 


“About you being cute.” He looked up, the corner of his lips pulled up in a lopsided grin. “You’re my cutest customer, and I mean that.”

Dan could feel his face going pink again and he brought his hands up to his cheeks, whether to cool them or hide the blush, Dan didn’t know. 

“Well I meant what I said too.” Dan snickered softly. “About you being hot.”

Phil groaned. “I thought you meant temperature wise.”

“I did.” Dan shrugged, a strand of hair falling between his eyes. “That too.”

Without noticing, one of them had moved closer, (neither was quite sure who but it really didn’t matter), and Dan placed a hand on Phil’s shoulder. 

“Hey…” Dan trailed his fingertips up Phil’s shoulder to his neck, and then up to his jaw. Phil visibly shivered. “I wanna pay you back.”

“For what?” Phil asked, his voice coming out a bit hazy and distracted, distracted by Dan’s fingers mindlessly moving up and down his cheekbone. 

“For the ice cream.” Dan let out a little huffy laugh. “Lemme take you out for coffee sometime.”

Phil couldn’t even bring himself to argue. He couldn’t bring himself to say ‘no, Dan, that ice cream was free because I really like you and I hope that free ice cream makes you want to be my boyfriend’. 

“Yes,” he breathed. 

Dan smiled, and then sighed, dunking back under the water momentarily. 

“Summer, right?” He said teasingly when he came back up, making a groaning noise. 

“I dunno.” Phil shrugged, grabbing Dan’s waist and pulling him close. “Summer isn’t so bad.” 

Montgomery x Reader Imagine (Part 1/?)

So on my other blog I asked if someone would like series imagine when Montgomery is fwb with reader and because I got over 70 notes at the moment and felt like a rockstar I decided to start a new blog for this and for everything related to 13 reasons why.

1. It’s going to be a series, so they haven’t gotten really close yet.
2. English is not my first language, I’m sorry for any grammar mistakes or something, if you spot any, feel free to let me know :)

It was last Friday before school started again and Bryce decided to throw his typical huge pool party. You didn’t really feel like coming but Sheri called you about 50 times in last two days asking you to come and you finally gave up.
“Mom, I’m leaving! See you tomorrow!”, you shouted leaving the house. Your parents let you stay at Sheri’s place so you didn’t have to worry about coming home and still being a little buzzed.
“Bye honey, have a nice time!”, you heard your mom when you were closing the door.
Jeff, you best friend, was already here, waiting for you in his car.
“Jeez, I always have to wait for you”, he said when you got in.
“It’s nice to see you too, Jeffrey”, you ignored his moaning.
“Don’t make me wait for you after the party, or I will leave you there", he threatened, but you knew it was a joke.
You have known each other since you were 5 years old, he’s for you like a brother and he treats keeping Bryce away from you as his full time job.
“I’m staying at Sheri’s place so you don’t have to wait, don’t worry”, you smiled at him.
“Someone’s gonna get wasted today, huh?”
“I don’t know yet, Sheri made me go", I shrugged my arms.
Fifteen minutes lates we were at Bryce’s place, Jeff stopped the car and you went at the back of the house.
“Yooo, Jeff, Y/N!”, Justin Foley was the first one to notice you two.
“Hi Justin”, you answered looking for Sheri.
“Hey, you”, suddenly she jumped on you from behind. “ You got everything?”
“Yep, ready for sleepover”, you smiled.
“ Great!”, she clapped. “Where’s your bathing suit? Get changed and lets go to the pool”
“It’s already on me”, you let her look under your t-shirt dress.
“What do you have there, I wanna see too”, you hear Montgomery as he comes to you and Sheri and he puts his arms around your and her shoulders.
“You’re funny man, Monty, really funny”, you clapped his chest, and go with Sheri to put your stuff next to hers.
“I think he has a thing for you”, she said.
“Who, Monty?”, you laughed. “Come on, he has a thing for anything that moves”.
Suddenly someone grabbed you around the waist and throwed you into the pool.
“What the fuck?!”, you screamed when you resurfaced out of the water and saw who throwed you in. “Zach, you know I can’t swim”.
“Yeah, that’s why Justin waits right there, to grab you if there was a need”.
You turned around and saw Justin standing behind you.
“ Great, but couldn’t you wait until I take my dress off?”, you asked.
“Come on, we’ll grab some drinks, you’ll hang your dress on chair, it will be dry in less than hour”, Sheri gave you her hand and helped you get out of the pool.
You are a simple girl, you see vodka, you mix it with cola and so you did this time. You took of your dress and suddenly Monty showed up out of nowhere.
“I will wait in the pool”, Sheri mumbled and went to the pool as fast as glass full of drink let her.
“Lookin’ good, Y/N”, he said as he eyed you up and down.
You took a straw, put it in the glass, turned towards him, put it in your mouth and took a sip looking straight in his face while he stared at your lips probably imagining the straw was his dick.
Fucking horny bastard , you thought to yourself.
“In your dreams, Montgomery, in your dreams”, you walked past him.
“We’ll see”, he whispered.
You went to the pool and sat next to Sheri.
“Hi, guys”, Jessica swam to you. “What did you said to Monty, he stares at you all the time”, she asked.
“I told you”, Sheri punched your arm.
“And I told you”, you punched her too, “that he stares at anything that moves”.
“Well, yeah, it’s Montgomery, but…”, Jess took a break to take a sip of her drink, “there are bunch of hot girls in bathing suit today and he stares ONLY at you”.
“Probably because I’m one of very few left that didn’t make out with him”.
“You know, that if you do it some time, we won’t judge you”.
“Okay, I will make it clear”, you put your glass at the edge of the pool. “I admit, he’s fucking handsome and… I mean… Look at those abs. But other than that he’s so fucking stupid, typical arrogant jock, hot head that is first to fight”
“Alright then”, Sheri smiled.
All three of you are in the cheerleaders team so you spend some time talking about new routines and moves you could incorporate.
“Ladies”, Justin and Jeff came up to you, “ We need two of you to play a round of beer pong with us”.
“You drink, Atkins?”, you asked.
“No, I’m just gonna throw the ball, someone else is gonna do the drinking part”
It was obvious Jess is gonna play with Justin and because Sheri wasnt really into drinking games you had to play with Jeff.
“I just finished my drink, so I’m in, just bring me my dress” you pointed it as you didn’t want to walk past bunch od jockes wearing only bathing suit.
“Yes, ma'am”, he went to grab it and you slowly got out of the water.
You and Jess both were terrible at beer pong, so the game lasted ages and more and more people were gathering around the table waiting for their turn. You throw a ball and missed again.
“ Oh fuck me, Y/L/N”, Monty rolled his eyes.
“You wouldn’t handle this, babe”, you answered and everyone giggled waiting for him to response. Justin giggled so much he missed the shot while Jessica and Sheri stand speechless with their mouths open.
“Alright”, he said with a halfsmile.
Few hours later it got chillier, so you get in hot tub with few other people.
“Guys, I gotta go”, Jeff came over to say bye.
“You leaving?”
“Yeah, I promised dad to help him in the morning”, he said. “Girls”, he turned to you and Sheri, “if you need a ride home just call me.”
“My dad will pick us up, but thank you”, Sheri said.
“Okay, see you on Monday”
“Bye, Jeff”, you waved at him.
Some time later Sheri went to help other girl get to the bathroom, cause she felt sick and Justin and Jessica left too after you told them to get a room when the started heavy make out session. You soon regret it, cause suddenly it was only you and Montgomery. He got into got tub, holding to shots of tequila.
“Will you do me this honor?”, he handed you one of the shots.
“Whatever”, you rolled your eyes and drank tequila looking him right in the eyes.
“So…”, he started with a cocky grin on his face. “It’s just two of us. In a hot tub. Wearing barely anything”
“I already said it today, but I will repeat it for you”, you lean a little bit towards him, “this time read my lips. In. Your. Dreams. Monty”.
“Oh really?”, he asked still looking at your lips.
You felt his hand softly going up and down your back, you could’ve moved away but somehow you didn’t want to. He grabbed your waist, pull you closer and basically attacked you with his lips. And again, you didn’t push him away. Instead, you tucked your fingers into his hair pulling yourself even closer to him. You still hated him as a person, nothing has changed, but there was something about his kisses and his touch, you didn’t know what it was, but you didn’t want it to stop. It made shivers going down your spine. You felt him smiling as he moved his lips to your ear.
“Liberty high’s sweetheart also has needs, huh?”, he whispered and started kissing your neck. Alright, Monty came back to being Monty.
You felt his abs clenched under your touch.
Oh boy, I will fuck you up and you will not like it , you thought.
You felt him sucking your collarbone.
“No hickeys, Monty”, you slightly moved away.
“As you wish”, he pulled you back closer, started kissing you jaw. His hands went from your thighs, to your butt, squized it, went higher up to untie your bra.
“Easy boy”, you moved away from him, he couldn’t reach your back anymore so he placed them on your thighs moving closer again.
“No, no, no”, you whispered putting your foot on his strategic place and rub it gently.
Seeing grin of satisfaction on his face, you slowly came closer, but he wasted no time, grabbed you by your hips, put on his lap and kissed you again. You took his hands and put them on edges of hot tub.
“Keep your hands to yourself”, you said looking him in the eyes.
Your hands went slowly through his elbows to shoulders and down chest to the abs. You sucked his bottom lip, put tip of finger under his boxers and moved it from hip to hip. You felt him growing under you.
“Do I turn you on?”, you asked getting of his lap, placing your hands on the inside of his thighs.
“God, you’re so hot”, he whispered.
“Y/N!”, you heard Sheri.
What a perfect timing.
“Yep?”, you asked.
She was standing in the entrance and couldn’t see you from there but you still moved as far away from Monty as possible.
He looked confused as fuck.
“My dad is here, we gotta go”, she shouted.
“Okay, I’m coming”.
“I’ll bring you a towel, so you can dry yourself”, she went back inside.
“What the fuck are you doing?”, Montgomery asked, still confused.
“Liberty high’s fuckboy also can get played, huh?”, you whispered into his ear.
You left the hot tub.
“Get back in here!”
“Or what? You gonna chase me around with your boner?”
You saw Sheri coming up.
“It was fun”, you said louder.
“Here”, she gave you a towel.
“Thanks”, you started drying yourself.
“Boys are inside, they have some weed if you want”.
“Thanks, Sheri, I’m good”, de la Cruz tried his best to sound normal.
Sheri helped you pick up your stuff, you looked at Montgomery, saw him biting his fist. You put your dress on and grab your stuff.
“Good talk, Monty, see you on Monday”, you waved and followed Sheri to the car with a smile of the satisfaction on your face.

Let me know what you think, is it okay if I write in second person (is that even second person)? More action and more smut coming soon x


AN: Here have some Damian love, since I don’t post about our smol bird enough. Also I worked Zatanna in, I’m so excited.

Prompt: For a request, how about Damian being left alone with his baby sister for the first time?

Requested by: @a-kattie-c96

Words: 1063

Damian would never admit it out loud, but in the back of his mind, buried way deep, where even the Martians couldn’t go, Damian admitted that he wasn’t good with change. He thrived on routine and order, and change messed that up. Locked down, even deeper than that, was the fact that he actually enjoyed being the youngest. Sure there were jokes about his height, but he knew that would change in time. And with how tall both his parents were, he knew he had nothing to worry about.

    This, however, was something to worry about. Pink and squishy, and too fragile for his own good, his new “sister” was a sitting duck to an array of things. Even more than that she had disrupted his family. His father hadn’t been on patrol in weeks, and his wife was constantly falling asleep in strange places. Not that he could blame the witch. The infant had kept them all up past what even they deemed a decent bedtime.

    In all honesty Damian had done his best to have little to do with her, and yet here he was; child-sitting. What made it even worse was that he was a last resort. Grayson and Drake were out on a mission, Father and the witch were at a charity ball, their first since before the intruder was born, and Todd was patrolling the streets. And here he was, sitting and staring at the infant.

    By the time seven o’clock rolled around he was certain that his entire family had made a much bigger deal out of this thing then they should have. She had been happily occupied in the swinging chair, sucking on her binky, and then the crying started. And on and on it went, until Damian was forced to admit that he needed help. And so he called in the only person he could.

    By the time they arrived Damian was ready to pull his hair out, or possibly cut off his ears. From the grin on John Kent’s face, he instantly regretted it. “Having a bit of trouble Damian?” Damian scowled. “Need a little help?”

    Damian was tempted to say yes, but at the thought the screaming just seemed to get louder until he finally yelled, “Yes. I need help just make it stop.”

    The smirk on John’s face would be something Damian would recall for the rest of his life, and he vowed to never give the boy the opportunity to make that face again.

    The next hour saw the child fed, burped, changed and bounced; but nothing Kent did seem to calm her down.

“Don’t you have one of these at home?” Damian yelled over the crying.

“Yes! But my mom is there, and she takes my little brother anytime he gets bad.”

Damian watched the boy bounce the infant for a bit, until John stuck his arms out, “You need to take her, the crying is too much for my ears.” Damian just stared at the boy, until he scowled and reluctantly took the infant into his arms.

John just winced and finally said, “I’ll be downstairs for a few minutes.” And just like that Damian was alone with the child again.

He tried to recall what Zatanna had done to calm the infant, but the screaming made it difficult. So Damian did what he always did in dire situations, he followed his instincts. Making sure her head was supported he began to rock her back and forth slowly, and then he began to sing.

It was an old lullaby that his mother had sung to him. A song she had used to get him to sleep, when his grandfather had been away. She had sung it softly, and close to his ear but it had been soothing.

And soon the crying stopped, until all that was left was his voice. He made sure to keep going until he finally sat down in the rocking chair. And as he finished the last verse, he took in the quiet of the room, and relaxed.

“You have a nice voice.”

Damian kept his eyes on the infant. She had a small smile on her face, and her hand kept reaching for air. “Both my parents can sing. My father is particularly good. I thought you went downstairs to escape the noise.”

John shrugged, “I could still hear it. Super hearing and all that. I got scared that something had happened.”

“The caterwauling just stopped.”

“Or she recognized she’s safe.”

Damian met his friends eyes, “Explain.”

John smiled, “You’ve spent the past two months writing me emails of complaints about her, I overheard our dads talking about you leaving the room anytime Ms. Zee came in, and you’ve been spending a lot of time at the station lately. You’ve had very little interaction with her, it’s safe to assume she didn’t feel safe with you.”

“Smart kid.”

John let out a sigh, “You’re an idiot. She’s your sister Damian. For someone so obsessed with blood, I figured you’d be all over her. Claiming she’s your sister and not your brothers’.”

    “That’s the problem. She’s blood. She’s not some orphan my father took in. She’s a legitimate child born to not only his wife but a woman my father loves.”

    John stared at his friend, “Doesn’t mean she’ll replace you Damian. If anything I think she’ll lean on you. Think of everything you could teach her, and do with her. Little siblings are ready made friends, at least that’s what my mom says.”

    “For a Pulitzer Prize winner your mother can say some stupid things sometimes.”

    John scowled and rolled his eyes, “And with that I say goodnight. I have my own banshee and family to get back to.”

    Damian said nothing, as his friend left. He simply stared down at his sister for a few moments before he began to lay down the rules, “If we’re going to make this sibling thing work we’re going to need to establish some things. First, I’m your favorite. We share blood, that’s a big thing. Second, don’t befriend a Kent, while reliable they’re often more trouble than they’re worth. Third, I’ll protect you from things until you’re three, then we start your training. After all, I’ll need a Robin someday. And no magic. We fight with our fists here, and you’re a Wayne so that includes you.”

Baby Daddy: Birth

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson


N/A - this is scene is so magic I just had to have it on this imagine, even though it’s not a gif. I’m sorry it took so long to be out, as I said, I was sick. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy. :)


Imagine: You and Klaus are chilling and talking at a large bed when you suddenly goes into labour. 

Word Count: 2817

Resting in a huge soft mattress, you thought about no one bothered to let you know how hard being pregnant was. The fact you had a little person growing inside of you was weird. Oh, if only that was it… The baby kicked, twisted and danced a lot, making a whole party in your uterus. Every. Single. Day. And Klaus, who should be helping and regretting for putting you through this, would only laugh, saying it was cute. Also, that she had his impulsive genes. God, you hoped he was wrong!

“Oh no, baby.” You whispered, feeling it move. “I know it’s tight in there, but try to stay still.”

“Are you in pain, love?”

“Huh? Nah, I’m fine. A little bit uncomfortable, though.”

“It’s almost over.” He sat straight in the bed and stroke your belly, which made you smile. “Hey, sweetheart. It’s daddy.”

The baby girl kicked, almost as if she recognised who was talking to her. Klaus let a genuine grin slip under the response of his daughter and your heart warmed up at the sight. It was wonderful to see him as his true version. No anger, no resentment, not anything, just the man you have come to love very much.

“Y/N? Are you in there?”

You giggled, stretching your arm to touch the wrinkle formed between his eyebrows from the frowning. Klaus grasped your wrist, carefully, then placed a kiss on the soft skin, making you shudder. Yes, it did not matter that you were nine months pregnant, the man still managed to soak up your panties.

“Not fair, Niklaus…”

“I miss you so much…” He hummed against your forehead. “Your silky moans when I go down on you. Or the mewls whenever a kiss you right here.”

Klaus leant in, nuzzling on your neck and letting your scent intoxicate him. The reaction came pretty quickly to you, for it made you clutch a lock of his hair and pull it as hard as you could. He groaned, tightening the grip on your shoulders. After a lot of teasing, the blond man finally kissed you. His plump and warm lips connected to yours in a perfect match.

“Hum, allowed to make a fun fact?” Your voice was merely a whisper, while you stared deep into his blue eyes.

“Go ahead.”

“I know an effective method to help start the labouring process.”

“Like actually help you get that baby out sooner?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Share it, then!” 

You laughed.

“We need to have sex. Lots of it.”

"W-What?” He stuttered, surprised. “Sex helps?”

“It does.”

“So let’s get that started.”

The Mikaelson attacked your lips once more, only this time more wildly and lewd. You smirked between kisses, grasping the collar of his shirt and pulling him closer. However, before you could go any further, a sharp pain invaded your body, which lead you to stop everything.

“What is it, love?”

“Don’t freak out, OK?”

“I can’t promise anything when you say it like that… Come on, Y/N, tell me what is going on!”

“Alright.” You clenched your jaw, enduring the second contraction. “The baby is coming.”

“Huh? Are you sure?”

“Yes. Pretty sure.”

“What do I do?” Klaus looked lost and you felt sorry for him. 

“I don’t know!” You cried, feeling the pain crawling up your body again. “Go off to find Davina, she might have herbs or any knowledge that could help.”

“I won’t leave you alone.”

“Please, Klaus! I don’t think I can withstand this much pain.” Your voice was now barely a whisper. “Get Davina. For me.”

“Alright. But Rebekah and Elijah will be with you while I get the witch. Stay still.”

“Yeah, I’ll do my best.” You retorted, sarcastic. 

Like you could actually move from where you were under such a unbearable pain. It was utterly awful, something like being torn apart from the insides. Again, a scream slipped, which made you realise that keeping it together was no longer an option. Heck, you needed your brothers so much… Damon would make the whole situation lighter, whilst Stefan could give you support. You sighed, hating the idea of them not being around. 

“OK, screw this. I’m calling them.” You reached your cell, which was lying on the nightstand and dialled the Salvatore mansion’s number. 


Urgh, hi, brother. I’m sorry I’ve been so… Ah! Absent lately.”

You sound tired.

“I am. That’s exactly why I called you.”

Because you’re tired?”

You giggled and shook your head.

“No, I called because your niece decided that today is the day she comes to meet this world. Oh, for God’s sake this hurts!”

What?!” His voice sounded like he was shocked. “You’re having the baby right now?”

“Sort of.” You shrugged and Klaus returned to the room, bringing two of his siblings with him. “Can you come?”

Yes, of course I can. I’ll be there in five.

He hung up and you were left alone with your new found family, which were incredibly silent. 

The Mikaelson siblings soon shook it off, splitting and begginning to work on making you comfortable. Rebekah sat by your side, cleaning your forehead with a warm white cloth, while Elijah brought some clean sheets and a towel, probably for the baby. Klaus, on the other hand, kept looking at you with desaprovement infused on his eyes. There was no doubt that he was acting like that because of the call. Your boyfriend developed a huge resentment towards Damon and Stefan and it did not matter what you said on the subject, the man would not cave in.  

“OK, do not give me that look. Get me my witch and don’t worry about my siblings.”

“You shouldn’t have called them here!" 

"Niklaus Mikaelson, I’m giving birth to your daughter. It’s no time to be fighting, alright?”

“She’s right, Nik. We need as much help as we can get." 

He huffed and crossed his arms. 

"This is not over.”

“I really don’t care, Klaus.” You sighed. “Just help me, OK? We can discuss everything later. After she’s born and safe.”

Since the Mikaelson could not bear the sight of you hurting, he agreed to your terms and left to find Davina. A second later, another set of labouring cramps came and, heck, you were so going to need drugs. 

[A couple of hours later]

“Bekah, this hurts!” You whimpered, screwing your eyes shut. 

“Oh, darling. I know it does.”

The blonde stroke your forehead, which by now was all covered in sweat. 

“Thanks for being here." 

Your mere whisper made the girl smile. Poor Rebekah. She was doing everything she could to make you comfortable, yet, as the time passed, the ache only grew worse. And nothing in that goddamned house was able ease what you were feeling. 

"Elijah, please, call out brother." 

"He doesn’t seem to be getting the calls at all.”

“She needs him, don’t you see?”

“I can watch out for her.” Stefan said, stepping out the couch near the big window. “I’m used to that by now, since she’s my sister.

Oh, yes. He had arrived a little after your boyfriend left, offering his support and helping hand. Yet, despite all of the good intentions the Salvatore had, he was definitely not allowed to come close. Doomed to observe you from a cold furniture. It was rather sad. However, there was not much you could do about it. 

“Oh, dear Stefan. I’m not sure my brother would appreciate if we allow you to do that.”

“And we certainly don’t care.” A sassy voice echoed, coming from the door. “Now, if you excuse me, I have to take my baby sister away from you guys.”


“Thank me later, sis.”

“Are you crazy?” Elijah questioned, eyes widened. “We are not letting you get Y/N away from here. Otherwise…”

“… Klaus will go oh so pyschotic and destroy the whole town? Yeah, I know. Save it. I’ll take her to Bonnie, she has some witchy stuff that will help.”

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The End Justifies The Wait


That one little word could be my entire analysis of this episode. Hey Gene, what did you think of the Season Finale? Wow is what I think. Goodnight and I’ll see you all in October.

But there is just too much stuff to talk about. Watching the episode, I felt I was on an emotional roller coaster, one with no safety bars or seat belts, and at any given moment, it would jump its track and spill me out into electrified air.

To quote Tom Petty—the waiting is the hardest part. I’m talking about Olicity of course. It was a short, sweet moment they shared, but for me, it was the whole season wrapped up in a kiss and a hug. Amid all the danger and threats and potential devastation Chase had in mind, Oliver and Felicity was a promise given to us. And that promise is—there will be a lot more scenes in the Loft next season. Maybe we’ll get a whole episode of the team coming together to help Oliver move back in. I see Curtis and Rene bantering over all the boxes Oliver has his things in. I see John with a big, satisfied grin on his face, happily lugging those boxes into his OTP’s love nest. Ditto Lance and Dinah. And coordinating it all is Felicity and Thea.

Okay, I want to break down that kiss and hug from how I see it, not from a male or female perspective—but as a fan. Some might think, (and I’ve already read some of these thoughts) ‘okay, so they kissed and hugged and heart-eyed each other, but that doesn’t mean they’re back together.’ Uh, that is exactly what it means. The look they gave to one another during that small intimacy was them saying they are never going to let each other go again. When Oliver came out of the trees with his “team” and Felicity called his name from inside her cage—I wanted Oliver to respond with, “sorry I’m late, honey. I had to make a quick stop to let Slade Wilson and Digger Harkness out.” After Talia and Evelyn and Dickhead Harkness attempted to do harm to our heroes, Felicity wanted so badly to get out of her cage and go to Oliver. He does owe her another manicure/pedicure, so just saying.

When Felicity saw Slade was working with Oliver, I was reminded of 312 in that alley when she was pissed Oliver hooked up with Merlyn. She walked away from him then. Not this time. Yeah, she might have been a little irked that Oliver was basically doing the same thing with Slade, but she  understands her BAE more than she did in that alley. When she asked Oliver if they are going to talk about Slade running around loose again, and when Oliver answered yes, they were going to talk about it; one word came to me—married.

So Oliver and Slade had a plan. But in order to implement it, Oliver needed to stay focused. In his mind and heart, that meant making sure Felicity was out of harm’s way. Like he told her in 522, tactical wasn’t the only reason he wanted her safe. It wasn’t the old, I-can’t-involve-you-in-my-plans bit. It wasn’t him being secretive or a loner. It was a heartfelt moment of honesty and inclusion. He straight up let her know that the shit was going to hit the fan and he didn’t want any of it getting on her. No excuses. He spoke his heart. And I think Felicity understood this. Remember that she told him she got a tiny taste of what he went through. She was willing to let him go so he could be a hero and save the day. But she was still in the background as Overwatch, discovering Chase’s diabolical dead-man switch. Too bad it literally blew up in everybody’s faces.

So there they were, standing in front of each other, understanding one another and being okay with it all. It overwhelmed Felicity, that way they used to communicate with a look or a touch. She didn’t hesitate. She kissed him. It might have been a telegraphed blow to all of us, but she put one on him. Everything that kept them apart for a season and a half: lying, betrayals, lack of trust, other LI’s, the darkness of loss and torture and their need for each other—it was all in that brief kiss. I felt the only thing missing was some privacy and the salmon ladder. But they didn’t need any wine to fuel their passion this time. They were drunk on their love for one another. (I can’t believe I wrote that sentence, it sounds so—corny.) I also wondered (a guy thing) if Oliver was a little secretly turned on by the cuts and scrapes on Felicity’s face. She looked battle-worn and maybe might come away from this with some new scars. Again, I am reminded of another episode in Season 2 when Oliver, Diggle and Sara were comparing their scars. They should have a reunion, only this time Felicity will be part of the club.

Anyway, Oliver seemed a little surprised by Felicity’s sudden kiss, but he got into the spirit of it. He softened a bit and took her in. Felicity was only being true to herself. She wanted the memory of a kiss in case something happened to either one of them. She told him she didn’t want any regrets if she denied herself that kiss. Oliver assured her that once they were off the island and safe, they would talk about their future. Felicity gave a little nod to let him know she was all in for that.

Then Oliver, yes Oliver, initiated physical contact and took her in his arms with a hug. It was hello, goodbye, I miss you, I want you, I need and I love you—all in one embrace. So yeah, I’d say Oliver and Felicity are back together. They’re endgame, always have been and always will be.

The rest of the episode was just as rewarding. Lian Yu blowing up was spectacular in its symbolism of Oliver eradicating his past. The fireballs were fun too. Oliver reuniting with William was a special moment, showing his paternal instincts and bringing a new side to his character going forward. Felicity and Thea bonding over their evil fathers, and that soft kiss Felicity planted on the side of Thea’s head—sisters. Team Arrow vs. Team Chase was exciting. The same for Talia vs. Nyssa and Dinah vs. BS. Lance almost stole the show taking BS out. Really fun was Slade and Oliver working together again with Slade serving up some truth tea on forgiveness—wonderful.

Everybody is going to survive the cliffhanger. The only thing that will be hard to take is having to wait five months to see it.

Until then…

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Why do I dislike Tales of Zestiria the X?

Recently I’ve been asked one question numerous times: “Why do you think the anime is shit? You only hate it because it doesn’t focus on SorMik, right?”

Now guys, I think it’s vital for me to answer this. Because let’s face it, we will never see face to face if we don’t discuss the matter. And look, here I am, typing this out because I feel this is important. So if you’re curious and want to understand why a lot of us dislike the anime then please bear with me because this will be long (6 pages in Word, 6!)

To make this a little bit easier for me, I’ll assume that you haven’t played the game or watched its walkthrough yet and that you like the anime. But of course if you did either of them it’s good, bc at least you’ll know what I am talking about.

And so, I shall do a character analysis in this post, comparing the game and anime selves to each other while I name some other issues as well. I won’t list all the inconsistency and plot holes the anime has for I’d be here even after my death.

I’m going to try to make you guys understand that while the SorMik fandom is not happy, there are more pressing issues with the anime than that.

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The pack of werewolves had gotten you. You’d been hunting them for weeks but they turned the game around, when you were out alone. You still managed to kill them but they had gotten you bad. No need to take a better look, you knew you would die. 

It was okay. Being a Shadowhunter, death was always a part of your life. There was only one thing you were regretting, but you still could fix that before dying.

Somehow you’d managed to get to Raphael’s name in your contacts and call him.
“Hey, (y/n). Are you okay?” Hearing his voice made the cold around you a little bit warmer, the dark alley a little bit brighter.
“No, not really”, you confessed. “I think this is it for me.”
“That’s not funny, (y/n).” You could hear that Raphael was concerned and for a second you wished that you had had the courage before to tell him, what you wanted to tell him now.

“Raph, I’m serious. The werewolves got me but I can’t die before I tell you the truth. I was falling in love with you and I wish I would have told you sooner.”
For a moment it was silent on the other end on the phone but you couldn’t even feel scared to be rejected. It would be over soon anyway.

“Don’t you dare die on me like that. You can’t just tell me that finally and then just die! I demand at least one date!”
His answer made you laugh eventhough it became a cough soon.
“I think you aren’t the one who can make that call, Raph.”

“Yes I can. And now stop talking about dying. I’m already on my way and getting Magnus to you. So better keep telling me, how you fell in love with me until I’m there.”

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hope you like it

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Here’s a little bit of a sneak peak of my Taako cosplay from this past Anime Boston! Stay tuned for more photosets, because this is one of my favorite cosplays ever, and I have so many nice pictures of it that I am eager as hell to post. My only regret is that I had taken off my pink sparkly nails by the time this was taken ;-;

I would just like to say how grateful I am for The Adventure Zone. It’s such a Good Pure show, and it brings me so much joy.

Thank you so much @nootnootcosplay for this beautiful photo (AND EDITING!!! HOLY FUCK!!! THANK YOU!!!)

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Tyler Seguin - Persistent

Originally posted by mrsmariacrosby

Request: “  Can you make a Tyler Seguin one where you’re best friends and he keeps asking to date you but you’re resistant due to his reputation but he doesn’t stop trying and eventually you cave in? Hope you’re having a good day ❤️ “

idk about this one man. Hope you enjoy!

Warning: None

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I Hate You, Jughead Jones

Anon Prompt: “Could you do a fic where Jughead cheats on the reader and does everything to fix it? (Super angsty please)

A/N: You know what I’m about >;)  

Warnings: Swearing, alcohol, depictions of sex, underage sex and drinking, angst.
Words: 2.4k

I hold my drink close to me, laughing as Reggie leans in closer to me; telling me a stupid story.

Putting my hand on his chest, I tell him to stop.

“Reggie, you’re too funny. Stop!” I’m out of breath from how much he’s making me laugh. I was worried about attending his house part, sceptical of the football boys and other people who were invited but I’m having a really good time.

“Y/N, did I ever tell you about the time I thought I was running across a field but it turned out to be a bog?” He asks, grinning at me.

I’m already cackling at the thought of Reggie falling through the water of a bog, I wipe a stray tear away from my eye and try and regain my breath. I notice Jughead standing by the music station with the others. I smile at him but he doesn’t return it, I excuse myself from Reggie’s presence and head in Jug’s direction, when I reach him, I lean up and give him a kiss on the cheek. Veronica, Archie and Betty say hello to me, excusing themselves leaving Jughead and I alone together.

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Not Her. (SR)


 Hey, can I request a Spencer x reader fic where they both work at the bau and are in love with each other but haven’t confessed yet but the reader hears a rumor that Spencer likes someone else so she starts to distance herself but Spencer confronts and they both confess and there’s just loads of fluff. I hope that’s okay. Your writing is great 

 Warnings: none

 I walked into the BAU, strutting with pride. I smiled at my colleagues when I noticed the girls crouched around in a circle, gossiping. “What are we gossiping about ladies?” I said softly giggling and placing my purse down on my desk. They all dispersed, going their own ways and keeping their heads down. I tilted my head towards JJ raising my eyebrows. She coughed and placed a hand on my shoulder. “Um, I heard Spence talking the other day. I heard he likes someone.” She said with a sympathetic smile. My shinning smile dropped into a frown, tucking my hair behind my ears. “Did he say who?” I questioned softly. She shook her head no, patting me on the back- going back to her desk. 

My heart was broken and my mind was not clear. I have loved him for a long time. I don’t know what I would do without him. I sighed and sat at my desk, mindlessly playing with my hair in hopes it’d calm me. “Hey Y/N!” Spencer said excitedly. “Oh hey Spencer.” I said quietly, looking down at my paperwork, hopefully ignoring him. “How was your night?” He said thoughtfully, sitting in his chair across. Don’t say anything you’ll regret, don’t say anything you’ll regret. “It was great. I had a date.” Shit, stupid. “Wh-what? I didn’t know you were dating someone?” He said almost, upset, “Yeah. We’ve gone on a couple of dates, no biggie.” Stop it, he hung his head low and stared at his case files. I bit my lip and silently groaned to myself. “Stupid.” I muttered under my breath.

 Over the week we had completely ignored each other. Only little glances from time to time. It was killing me not talking to him. Even if it wasn’t romantically, he was still my best friend. It was finally Friday night though and no cases came through, which meant me at home with some me time.

 I made it home stripping off my bra and work clothes, settling myself into a comfy pair of sweatpants and a huge worn shirt. I made myself comfy on the couch and relaxed back with my glass of wine and a chick flick. The sounds of fee pattering on the floor pulled me out of my zone. I looked towards the door and furrowed my eyebrows when I heard a loud knock on my door. “Fucks sake, I can’t even have time to myself.” I mumbled opening the door. “What.” I said coldly only to take it back, “Spencer what are you doing here?” I asked frantically trying to hide my embarrassing clothing. “Look I just need to talk to you please.” He said with sorrow. I nodded my head opening my door to him. “You’re not out on a date?” He asked awkwardly. I sighed and sat down on the couch, feeling the couch shift from his weight. “Look Spencer I have something to confess.” I told him taking a big breath. “I like you Spencer okay. I like you a lot more than a friend a lot and when I heard that you liked someone else I just said that I had a date to make it seem like I wasn’t so lonely.” His mouth hung open in shock. I stood up and shook my head going to the door and opening it, “I understand you don’t feel the same way. I think it’s best if you leave now.” I told him rubbing my hand over my arm. He stood slowly and shuffled across the floor to me, pinning me against the door closing it. He pushed his forehead to mine and glanced down at my lips. “Please, please may I kiss you?” He said almost as a whimper. I smiled and nodded as he placed his hands on my cheeks pulling me into his lips placing his messily on mine. Sure it was sloppy and wet but it was perfect to me. “I like you, trust me.” He said running his fingers through my hair. “Spencer this is not how I wanted this conversation to go.” I said groaning looking down at my attire. “Look at me. I’m dressed in ragged clothes.” I told him huffing out into a pout. He laughed and pulled my into him closely. “You look beautiful. I promise.”

One of the Ways - Peter Quill/Star Lord Imagine

Word Count: 1619

Rating: PG

Warnings: kissing, fluff, indirect confessions, sparring!

Summary: You and Peter have bonded quite closely, since both of you were from Terra. However, a friendly bet turned competition can change a few things.

Word Count: 1619

You never planned on being away from so long. Earth wasn’t that bad of a place. It was just dull. And that’s coming from someone who was born there. You wanted a more interesting life, and boy, did you get what you wanted.

The Guardians of the Galaxy, your team and family. Nothing was ever dull with them. Even when there was nothing to save or protect, your friends always seemed to make things more interesting.

Gamora, Rocket, and Groot were discussing something. Peter Quill was listening to music, and you and Drax were exchanging some fighting techniques.

“I just look around for the best thing to hit them with,” you shrugged.

Drax stared at you. “Hitting someone with a pipe doesn’t do much. Punching them in the face does.”

You shook your head. “Sorry, Drax, but not all of us rely on pure muscle.”

“I don’t rely on pure muscle. I rely on food, sleep, and-”

“It’s an expression, Drax.” You laughed.

“I still don’t think you could handle yourself with just mere logic.”

“Of course she can,” Raccoon stated. “She could even take Quill down!”

“Down where?” Drax asked.

Gamora shook her head. “It’s an expression. It means that (Y/n) can beat Peter in a fight.”

Drax dragged his finger across his throat. “Like this then?”

“No!” you shouted. You shook your head. “Not like that. At all. What she means to say is that in a fight, I would win. Without death, just a surrender or immobilizing him for more than a few seconds.”

Rocket shrugged. “She’d win.”

“I agree that (Y/n) will win this duel where no one dies.”

Peter removed his headphones and gasped. “Nice to see you guys have faith in me. I, personally, think I would win.”

“Ha!” Rocket shouted.

Drax just stared at him. “Why are you laughing?”

“Sarcasm, Drax!” the raccoon stated.

Suddenly, the small plant, Groot, spoke up in a squeaky voice, “I am Groot.”

“A bet?” Rocket asked. he picked up the pot and stared at it.

“I. Am Groot.”

“Ten units on her?” Rocket looked at the plant surprised. “Fine. Fifteen units on (Y/n).”

“We’re betting on this?” Peter took off his headphones.

“No, we are not!” you protested.

Drax raised his hand. “I put fifteen units on (Y/n).”

Peter’s jaw dropped. “Seriously. Fine. Fifty units on me.” He stared at the green-skinned woman. “Gamora? Come on. Help me out here?”

“Ten.” Gamora smirked. “Ten on (Y/n).”

Peter groaned. “Oh come on!”

You shrugged. “Too bad, no one will be winning or losing the bet. I’m not doing it.”

“Neither am I,” stated Peter. “I don’t want to do that to her and embarrass my entire team.”

You blinked. “Do what?”

“Completely humiliate you in front of our team. It just… it doesn’t seem fair.”

Your jaw dropped. “Get ready to lose your money, Quill.”

Peter smiled deviously. “It’s on.”

Twenty minutes later you were clad in some old leggings, sports bra, and fingerless gloves. You were warming up in your corner. Next to you was Gamora, who was nodding in approval. “Just don’t lose.”

You scoffed. “See what I’m up against?” You nodded to the man at the other side of the room, the man was currently being cut off multiple times by a dancing tree.

You smirked. “I got this.”

You faced Peter Quill, your fist raised in front of you. Gamora stated the rules, “No rules. Do whatever it takes to win.”

“That’s not fair,” you argued. “Do you want me to knock him out?”

“I’m right here, (Y/n)!” Peter reminded you.

Groot waved his arms around. “I am Groot.”

Rocket exclaimed, “What! No weapons? That sucks the fun out of everything.”

“I’m good with no weapons,” Peter agreed. He eyes the many heavy objects that you could lift and use against him.

You scoffed. “Fine.”

You barely heard Gamora start the round. Peter lunged for you. You easily evaded his attack by stepping to the side and pushing him to the ground. “I like no weapons.”

Peter grunted in discomfort. “You know what?” He took you by surprise. Somehow, he flipped the two of you over and laughed. “I like no weapons, too.”

You growled. Blow after blow, neither of you seemed to have the upper hand. Peter didn’t have rocket blasters of his handy guns. You weren’t allowed to use the discarded items around the ship, like that conveniently placed pipe in the corner of the room. However, you had many tricks up your sleeve. Peter was too impulsive.

Finally, you had him against the wall, holding his arm behind his back. “Ready to surrender, Quill.”

“Not just yet.” The man hooked his foot behind your leg and tripped you. You fell on your back.

Peter leaned over, ready to pin your to the ground.

You rolled over, narrowly missing his next move. You stood up. For a split second, you paused to think out your next few moves.

With all the energy spent on strategy and actually defending yourself, your brain drawn up a complete blank. Before you could block an incoming punch, Peter pushed you to the wall, his elbow lightly pressed against your throat. “Got anything smart to say now, hm?”

Blinking furiously, you fought the urge to grab the thing nearest to you and knock him out. There was a compact, heavy-looking machine on the shelf nearby. Thinking back to all of your years on Earth, you rattled your brain for any advice you could use. Then, it hit you. You could practically hear the light switch go on.

You licked your lips. “You’d be surprised.” Leaning forward, you pressed your lips against his.

Peter was shook, his eyes wide open. He tried to ignore your lips that were constantly pressing against his own. He needed to win this! He had it in the bag. His elbow was at your throat! But, he couldn’t help it.

The elbow at your throat was lowered. You smiled against his lips and kissed him harder. Despite the fact that this kiss was just a way to get the upper hand, you, admittedly, lost yourself. Kissing Peter Quill… it was the best feeling you’ve ever felt. Better than when you left Earth and all the weight of your burdens was released. it was better than realizing you could take care of yourself and not have to rely on anyone. It was better than finding your team, your friends, and realizing that you are able to rely on yourself and rely on them as well.

Your fingers threaded through his hair, pulling and tugging. His hands found your hips and pulled them closer to him.

You gasped in surprise, making you remember your plan. You smiled and kissed him harder. You reached down and rested your hands on his.

Then, you tripped him. Peter landed on the mat with a slight thud. Easily, you straddled his hips, held his hand above his head, and smirked.  You counted down from ten.

Peter, unexpectedly, did nothing. He just stared at you or, more specifically, your lips.

The count hit zero.

Cheers erupted from the team.

You tilted your head, feeling pride well up in your chest. “Got anything to say now, huh, Quill?”

He blinked. “Me? Ha! All I need to say is that I let you win.”

You scoffed. “And lose fifty units for it?”

Rocket leaped onto his chest. “Speaking of which, I believe you still owe us fifty.”

The team, except for Peter and you, were celebrating their newfound wealth. You were celebrating with them, but Peter needed a co-pilot.

“You fought well,” you stated.

Peter cleared his throat. “As did you. Does seduction count as a weapon?”

You rolled your eyes and punched him playfully. “Shut that mouth, Quill. It was just a strategic move. Nothing more,” you blurted out. Once those words left your mouth, you instantly regretted it. Not because you thought you’d hurt his feelings in any way, but because you knew you were lying to yourself. Sure, that’s how it started, but you longed to feel those lips against yours again.

You glanced at Peter, and he seemed a bit tense. Squared shoulders. Clenched jaw, white knuckles. You stared at your lap.

“Well, if that’s the only way I can get you to kiss me, maybe we should spar more?” he suggested.

You stared at him, surprised. However, Peter was focused on driving the Milano. He never turned to face you. You smiled a little. “Well, I’m sure there are other ways to get me to kiss you again.”

Peter Quill smirked. “Can you tell me these ways?”

You shrugged. “You’re Star Lord, leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy. I’m sure you could figure it out.”

“(Y/n)!” Gamora shouted. “Rocket’s taking apart your radio!”

You groaned and got up. However, the door to the next room shut. You whipped around. “Pete-” The said Star Lord was right in front of you, his lips set in a devious smile. “Well, first off, I can get you a new radio. Second, do you think if I put Milano on autopilot, and, I don’t know,” he grasped your hips and pulled you closer, “this.” He leaned down, his lips only inches from yours. “Do you think these could be one of the ways to get you to kiss me?”

You smiled. “Promise me a radio, and I’ll answer.”

“I promise you a new radio.”


Your lips met his, and that spark you felt before appeared once again. With a smile and giddiness, you pulled away slowly. “You should discover more ways to get me to kiss you.”

“Trust me. I will.”

Hey, guys! it’s been a while. So sorry for the hope I gave. I was pulled into babysitting some kids, and I love those kids! So, so so sorry about that. Anyway, hope you like it!

4 Senses

None of these pictures and gifs are mine! Credits to the owners (everything found on google; if I took your picture without credits by mistake, or you didn’t want it edited, let me know so I can fix it): source 01 / source 02 / source 03 / source 04 / source 05 / source 06 / source 07 / source 08 / source 09 / source 10 / source 11 | Take out pictures with full credits | Reblog/like if you use | MASTERPOST |

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"You would sacrifice anyone to save your own neck. Including me"

Throughout this entire episode, I feel like sentences Nygma says has completely different meanings.

As showed multiple times, especially recently by @casenumber825, Oswald has proven to show throughout the series that he is willing to give up his life for the people he cares about (His mother, Jim Gordon, his father if he ever had to and recently Nygma). But I feel like when Nygma said this, he meant himself in particular.

 In the comics, Nygma was abused, especially by his father. And just like the show, no one ever cared about him or wanted to be his friend. Even in S2 when Jim says “I thought we were friends”, Nygma points out that Jim wasn’t really his friend, he just felt sorry for him (I personally think that Jim actually did look at Nygma as a friend. That’s why Nygma wouldn’t be on his radar for who framed him because he considered him his friend. Also why he never considered Ed a suspect in Kristens disappearance). Ed is not used to having friends. He is used to caring for people, but people not caring for him back. I feel like it’s the same with Oswald as it was with Jim. Ed considered Oswald his friend, and what was different between Oz and Jim, he knew that Oswald considered Ed a friend as well. But when Ed says “Including me…” that means the whole time him and Oz were friends (Oswald visiting him in Arkham,giving him a place to stay, a job etc) he never, ever thought that Oswald cared about him as vise versa. He told Oswald he would do anything for him. He said this knowing (thinking) that Oswald would never do the same for him. That if push came to shove, Oswald would get rid of Ed in a heartbeat, while Ed on the other hand, if push came to shove, would save Oz.

 When Ed reveals to be working with Barbs and co, he is obviously confused by Oz willing to sacrifice his life so Barbs wouldn’t hurt Ed. He says “I wanted to show you before you die, that you were incapable of loving of loving another person” I think at this part, Ed once again was roping the entire population into this to take it off that he really just means himself. That Oswald is incapable of loving him, that no one is capable of loving him.

 I realized throughout the episode, Nygma never talks about how Isabella felt.I couldn’t have lived the life with the women I loved. I could’ve been happy” I loved her Oswald" “She was my everything” he never brings up how Isabella felt. We all know that Isabella was obsessed with Ed just like Ed was with her, but he never brought up how she would’ve been happy with him, or how she obviously cared cause she helped him get over his fear of killing her. When it comes to Isabella or even Kristen, he doesn’t care. He never thought that Kristen loved him (and she didn’t, she didn’t choose to date him until he saved her). Same with Isabella, they never loved each other but Ed doesn’t care because he is not used to being loved back. He just wanted to take any type of affection he could get. I do believe that Ed was conflicted with shooting Oswald. Here is this man, who claims to love him and claims to do anything for him, but yet was willing to kill someone he cared about because it made the other person unhappy. But was still willing to give up his life for him. Was he truly willing to give up his life? Did he just say that to survive? Is everything coming out of this persons mouth just him trying to live? When Ed says “you killed Isabella” in my opinion that is him trying to stay in the anger he has for Oz. I feel like we see how stressed this is making Ed when he says “you killed her so you die” A part of him doesn’t want to kill Oswald because he still deep down cares about him. But the part where he realized that no one can actually love him won and he ended up shooting him. Ed loves Oswald. Whether you look at it as romantic or platonic, he loves him. I mean come on the guy was willing to get himself killed by one handed ape just to make Oswald look like an awesome Mayor. He obviously loves him to some degree. Oswald is the exact opposite. He doesn’t have the same insecurities as Ed. Yea he was bullied when he was younger but he still had the love of his mother. When Nygma told him “I hope you know Oswald, that I would do anything for you” Oswald knew right Than and there that Ed loved him. Judging by the next episode he knew that Ed would possibly not feel the same way, but he knew Ed cared about him enough to almost die for him. So when Oswald says that Ed loves him, he didn’t mean romantically, he just meant love in general. 

What I really want out of this relationship is the same thing most people want. I want Ed to miss Oswald. And I think with the leaked photo of Ed getting a hallucination of Oswald is a little bit of proof that there is a part of Ed that does regret killing him and now it’s forming into an hallucination of Oswald himself. The only other person Ed has hallucinations of (aside from himself) was Kristen. Ed seems to only have hallucinations of people he killed who he cared about. He doesn’t have hallucinations of everyone (he also killed officer dourghty and picney and never saw them). This part of him is going to be the part that regrets killing him, that misses him, trying to get him to admit that he does need Oswald. I still do not know if Ed feels love for Oswald, and if he does, this hallucination needs to bring it to his attention. I am very excited to see how these characters grow. Even if it doesn’t go the way I want to it will still be exciting.
Chapter VII | Tell Me - A Harry Styles Uni AU

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“Morning!” Gemma startled Eden as she walked out of her room and they met in the hallway. “Harry’s been up for hours, it seems. Probably wouldn’t be if he’d come back any later. What happened to you?”

It took a moment for her mind to adjust and understand what Gemma was saying before she replied. “Oh, uh…he was so slow that by the time we could back, there wasn’t any point in me going out again,” she faked a smile.

“Ah well. You all packed? Breakfast is on the table if you wanted some. Think we’re leaving in about an hour.”

When Eden left Gemma for the meantime, she walked lazily down the stairs towards the kitchen for food, and stumbled a little when she spotted the frame of Harry in the living room, his face staring into nothing.

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