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Ok so I can’t decide if Fai is going down there to meet Kurogane personally or if he freaked himself out by how scared he was and needs to not be here when Kurogane arrives.


In the meantime I fixed the dialogue. 

You’re welcome

I went to the shops unsupervised and bad things happened.


Okay… Am I the only one who thinks this scene was ultra CANON for these 2??

First off, let us look at these screencaps. We know for sure that this is in fact a fake motorcycle, right? Yes? 


Look at the first screencap… We know that Howard can easily sit here holding on to little to nothing. (AKA, Randy’s shoulder)

Look at the second one… He wrapped his arms around Randy’s waist. But… is there truly a reason to do this? He doesn’t HAVE to, right? So why is he.

Don’t even get me started on the 3rd one… THEIR FACEs ARE TOUchING, cheek to cheek. Notice how Randy is pretty neutral to this. If this wasn’t an everyday thing (contact wise) wouldn’t he be nervous, blushing, trying to pull away, etc? And don’t just say: “Oh, maybe he’s the kind of guy who just doesn’t have personal space?”

Ahem… notice he seems angry/pissed. However, we know he was already slightly peeved in this scene. Like, he wasn’t all happy and up-beat… He wasn’t in the previous screencap either, though… I’m rambling, now, i’m so sorry. ;V;

Weinerham is already at LEAST 85% canon, imo, tbh–

*flies away*


I saw this and just had to redraw it with klance and shiro

The Adventures of Roswell and Faust


The woman put her pen down, took a moment to gather herself, and said, “Yes, John?” 

“Olivia it damn well happened AGAIN!” John said, stepping into her office in a cloud of dissipating sulphur fumes and patting out stray embers on his short sleeved white shirt. “I had Asgog the Tormenter up here not five minutes ago demanding my soul in payment for breach of contract you have GOT to get your damn aliens under control!” 

“I see by your continued presence in my office that you beat the breach of contract..” 

“NOT the point, Olivia.” John said. “I can’t go around convincing people to sell their souls and then have them die unscheduled deaths by gamma laser or whatever the hell it is the Psions are using now.” 

“The psions are a peaceful race, John.” Olivia said. 

“Tell that to Tatum in HR.” 

“Tatum was an outlier.” 

“Olivia,” John whined, “do you know how much backlog I have now? Weeks. Nearly months I’ve got five scheduled miracle cancer cures lined up and a queue of angry demons a mile long what is happening?” 

“John if I knew I would tell you.” Olivia said waspishly. John gave her a long look. 

“Unknown species?” He asked carefully. 

“I don’t know.” Olivia said. “All I know is they’re targeting people coming out of our offices and if the Boss doesn’t get an answer soon I’m out of a job and the Intergalactic Alliance of Intelligent Life is going to jettison me to the nearest rock, atmosphere not included.” 

“Okay.” John said. “So what do you need help with?” 

“Help with- what do you mean?” 

“Your mystery aliens are killing my paying customers. That cuts into my commission and it’s aggravating every demon from the Lord of Lost Socks to the Mother of Bleeding Tears. We find your mystery aliens, you get to keep your job and your ability to breathe,  I get to stop pulling out my five hundred year old employment contract every time someone thinks they can fiddle me out of my immortality.”

“John it’s not that simple.” Olivia protested. “I don’t want to drag you into intergalactic negotiations in the middle of your heaviest season.” 

“Do other planets have demons?” John asked. 

Olivia tapped her pencil on her desk. “At least a hundred and forty have a similiar concept. Some fifty percent of those have actual manifestation like we do.” 

John grinned. “Then that’s all I need. Come on, it’ll be fun. Like that time we agreed to babysit for the Boss for a week and wound up in Dimension X.” 

“That was not fun, John. I never wore that coat again.” Olivia rubbed her eyes. “Okay you know what, yes. Yes, I could use your help. You sure you’re up to it?” 

John grinned at her, showing off slightly pointed teeth. “Oh ye of little faith.” He said. “Where do we start, Unity Felicity Olivia Roswell, Minister of Planetary Relations?”  

“Where we always start, Johnathan Johannes Ezekiel Faust, Free Agent of Faustian Affairs.” Olivia said. 

Paperwork.” they both muttered together.  


Nicole Beharie Appreciation Week Day 4
↳  Dream Role: Ariel in ‘The Little Mermaid’ Live-Action Movie.

“I’ve been really wanting to play a mermaid.”