i regret not watching them that day

BS reactions S2E9-10

a note from the future: I was informed Shit Went Down in these episodes so i got impatient and watched them. I regret my decisions. I could have lived in happy ignorance a few more days. But noooooo. now in chronological order my growing distrust of all things and descent into madness; 


  • have i mentioned i love the theme music yet? because i love the theme music. big stompy piano and pirate bagpipes(?) 
  • and the opening credits are just gorgeous
  • ashe needs to not be a dick
  • “You became the captain of a pirate crew in four months?” “I became the captain of a pirate crew quicker than that.” his FACE “It took us four months to secure our first significant prize.” your fav could never
  • “how long after that was it you decided to murder alfred hamilton” do u mean two seconds after he was a murderous dickbag
  • “Thomas Hamilton” he says with a break in his voice *sniiiiff*
  • eleanor is gonna fuck shit uuuuuup. woot woot. 
  • mister scott remains the only person in this hell hole with some god given sense
  • “I feared the man I was going to create, that someone born of such darkness would consume me” 
  • “am i ready to let him go? the truth is. every day i’ve worn that name, i’ve hated him a little more. i’ve been ready to return him to the sea for a long time” 
  • well fuck me right up james. just FUCK ME RIGHT UP IN THE EMOTIONS. 
  • anne and jack being sweet goes straight to my heart
  • and then anne goes and KICKS ASS! 10/10 fight scene
  • the worshipful look jack gives anne after she shish-kabobed those dudes
  • they are legitimately a longburn pining fic and i love it
  • and now: Silver Putting His Captain Badass Lessons to practice
  • vane stop hitting on billy, he has a captainy boyfriend
  • no amount of screaming can get across my emotions
  • how DARE he
  • and. and oh god.
  • oh god miranda
  • gross sobbing
  • TO JAMES?????
  • and oh my god the dying wish of his last beloved to burn something to the ground, yeah i see how well this is gonna fucking go
  • why does my fairy child have to suffer so?
  • which btw ‘so my grandfather knew a man who came out of the water and then returned to it, no tale confirmed or existence definite’ is a fairy tale and a half. 
  • captain vane catches some sense and my heart is still broken
  • which on that subject HORNIGOLD HOW DARE. I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU. Dufrenes you can eat like ten dicks too. 
  • who allowed this credits song
  • i cannot cope. 
  • miranda


  • previously on black sails: everyone is a bag of dicks and all ur favs are being murdered emotionally. you question your own will to live and why you continue to torture yourself in this way
  • also that smile james gave in the prev ep right before he agreed to baring his soul. you could see him thinking of a dead man.
  • “you’re going to kill mister mcgraw” abigail murders me in cold blood
  • pirate queen abigail ashe 2k17
  • make abigaile ashe an orphan 2k17
  • “that was dark” something john silver actually said in the year of our lord whatever-the-fuck. billy and i made the same face. 
  • billy bones continues to be good and pure
  • someone please give charles vane a lozenge. maybe wash his hair while you’re at it. 
  • my poor fairy son is Suffering Horribly, is chained up and bloody, and still looks about as interested in proceedings as for speeches at a county fish fry
  • i will said ashe’s actor has mad skills tho. that last scene of his with james is mad good
  • i am so furious right now on miranda’s behalf
  • anne bonny is the embodiment of Google Earth is Always Watching
  • her convo with jack btw. i love my sweet brothel babies
  • i am wracked with sorrow. my heart is sore. but also. james flint’s legs in those pants. and his level of don’t give a fuck
  • john silver finds a shred of a conscious. noone is more surprised than john silver. 
  • “what the fuck are you doing here” james is us all
  • “so this is your plan. walk in here and read a girl’s diary?” i love james so much
  • “once it happens. don’t get in my way” in which i believe the man in chains and sentenced to death is going to bring down hell itself through the sheer force of his anger
  • okay vane looked pretty badass there
  • my sexuality is james strangling people with his own chains
  • miranda’s vengeful ghost bearing witness to charlestown’s destruction
  • “my men” john silver has feeling and that is not fair to any of us
  • also holy shit they cut off his leg, i’d totally forgotten that about treasure island. poor weasel. 
  • ah yes. the oft-seen multi-shot flintlock
  • rum is not a medical treatment
  • “Bit if turmoil since you left.” billy bones <3
  • that shot of silver waking up in flint’s office. talk about poignant shots. 
  • “on gets used to a certain state of affairs” speech. ugly crying. 
  • james stealing this moment to deliver good news
  • “the more those men need you, the moor you need them. and it drives us to do the most unexpected things.” 
  • those randall/silver parrallels tho
  • flint’s EMOTIONS he KNOWS what silver did oh god
  • the fury in that lip twitch holy shit
  • good on u max. good on u. now try not to get murdered horribly next season

in conclusion; fuck everyone who got me watching this. i’m going to go sob uncontrollably. 

Let’s be real, if Yondu was somehow still around post-gotg vol 2, Peter would be SO OBNOXIOUS. And there would be no stopping him. - “Hey! Hey Dad! Watch this, old man!!” “QUIT IT, JACKASS,YOU GONNA GET US ALL KILLED” “Ha! Classic Yondu.” - “You’re proud of me. I can tell.” “Get away from me. Are… are you hUGGin’ me? Gerroff, and quit bein’ a goddamn pussy!” “So proud.” - “More trouble than you’re worth, boy. Startin’ to regret I kept you.” “Nah, you called yourself my daddy during a near death experience. Face it, ya old bastard, you loooooooove me!” “I’ll end you.” - “One'a these days I'ma go ahead and let them eat you.” “No ya won’t.” “… *exasperated sigh* Naw, I won’t.”

as it’s remus john lupin’s 57th birthday, let’s have a rundown of his wonderful life:

  • at 5, he was a werewolf wanting to be a boy
  • at 11, he learnt that he would have a new prison. he let himself be shackled by his screams. they say that that house was the most haunted in britain. what about his human heart?
  • at 12, they knew. it relieved some of the many weights slung around his soul so he could breathe
  • at 21, he lost the people who made him “happier than he had ever been in his life”.
  • was it at 21? or had he already lost them in the bitter twist of war that turned brothers into spies - but in this tale, no wolves were in sheep clothing
  • or perhaps he had known that they were slipping away? he watched and let them go because he hadn’t been enough anyway
  • at 33, the laughter, the smiles, the warm days were but two short words: “we’ve met”. what did he regret more? having received their love or being left behind to pick up the pieces of his soul?
  • at 36, there is nothing you can do harry. there is nothing there is nothing and everything I touch turns to ash to grime to dust
  • at 38, he would do his best to make the world a better place for teddy to live in. he was tired, so tired.
  • he wanted to be a boy again
a dire predicament

an: inspired by the bts of colin’s big number, and encouraged by @this-too-too-sullied-flesh and @gentlesleaze. Those fucking sweatpants, man.

She can’t stop laughing. Years of loss and loneliness, distrust, curses, death, pain and heartache. Being separated by realms, and temporarily defeated by foes - all the things they’ve been through, and as she stares up at the rooftop of her home, Killian looks as though this is the most difficult bind he’s ever gotten himself into.

He’s not…necessarily wrong.

She’d left her Poptarts behind at the store when she’d felt the tingling of her security charm at work, and had poofed herself back to the house fully prepared for battle with whatever idiot thought it was a good idea to mess with the Savior, and had instead been very confused to find no signs of an intrusion on the house, only the newspaper still sitting on the front lawn. Killian was usually up by now, reading through it like some old-timey gent, sipping his coffee while he flipped through the pages, like there was anything in there Leroy hadn’t already exclaimed in the streets for all to hear.

Her favorite part of the morning was distracting him enough to put the newspaper down and focus all his attention on her.

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the son of a god; the bastard

“… how Cassian had thrown that spear, how he’d cut down soldiers like stalks of wheat, how he’d fought like Enalius - their most ancient warrior-god and the first of the Illyrians”

“Like them, and yet Other”

Enalius. Enalius. Enalius. Whispers of his name, of his tales, of his great and powerful deeds had followed Cassian after the Second War, after he had thrown that spear at the commander with such precision. Those whispers, those looks, had not stopped, had not gotten quieter. 

That had caused the Commander to pour over books; to research and dissect what he learned. Everyone knew the story of Enalius. Every little young boy was to be raised to be like him. Strong, brutal, effective. A trained killer with no heart. 

Maybe that was why Cassian was shocked to find the Illyrian god indeed had a heart. Indeed had things the tales whispered and lied about him not having. He tucked the book under his arm, left the library and the priestesses, and entered the mountain ranges. 

He clutched that book to his heart, flying deeper and deeper into the mountains. The wind seemed to carry him, to support him, to guide him to the cabin that rested between two mountains, as if placed there. Placed there to keep hidden, to keep safe. 

His boots crushing against the rocks and soil created a loud thump, the earth shuddering beneath him. Cassian pulled out a long blade, flipping it in his right hand, before approaching the cabin. The book still tucked under his arm, his other hand ready to grab an extra knife, but the door merely swung open, revealing a small woman. 

Small may have been the wrong word. She only met Cassian’s chest, but her presence was suffocating. The air in his lungs ceased to his exist, his arm shook, causing his blade to drop to the ground. Her hand was braced on his heart and Cassian struggled to take a step back, to get away from this creature. 

When he looked downed at her, her eyes seemed a thousand eons away. Cassian blinked slowly and let out what seemed like his first breath when she dropped her hand, gesturing him inside. Her bare feet moved soundlessly against the floor, wings dragging on the ground behind her. 

Cassian left a wide breadth between them as he followed the strange woman. She poured tea, her eyes focused on the table instead of the cup. Cassian reached forward, moving the cup before the tea spilled on the table. The woman smiled. 

“Cassian,” She said, looking up. There was a wide smile on her face, love in her voice. She reached out and cupped his face, sighing, her thumb arching down his cheek and nose. “You’ve found me” 

Cassian wasn’t sure what, exactly, he found. But he took the tea anyway, holding the cup, but not drinking. The woman, the Illyrian, sat down across from him. Blind. She was blind. Even as she looked at her tea, stirred it, Cassian knew she didn’t really see it. 

“I’ve heard whispers of you, Cassian. Whispers of you on the battlefield,” That smile lit up her face again, crinkles forming around her mouth. She had a silent beauty to her, one that only came up on the surface when she summoned it. Those bright brown eyes that seemed to hold worlds within them, those freckles across her face, full cheeks, the dip of her collarbones. Brown skin glowing like a new source of light. 

Cassian decided not to question how she heard anything about him from within this isolated cabin. He brought the book forward, opening it to the page about Enalius. And the woman in the mountains. Her two fingers covered the words, brushing down. “This is you, isn’t it? You’re the woman in the cabin”

“I’m a woman in a cabin, yes,” She sighed, her teeth sinking into her full bottom lip. Her shoulders curved forward, sadness filling those eyes. Cassian reached forward, pressing his hand against her cheek. Her eyes lit up once more and she nodded, “Yes, Cassian. I’m the woman in the cabin. I’m Sutton”

“Enalius,” She whispered, her finger tracing around the rim of her cup, but then she froze. “What do you want to know about him, Cassian, General Commander, a force to be reckoned with, death brought to the battle field, fighter of mighty forces”

Cassian swallowed, digging his fingers into his knees. “Who is he? Who is he - to you” Cassian clarified. Her eyes softened and she reached forward, grabbing his hands, her own small ones encircling his. 

“Enalius is my first love and one day he will be my last love. Together, we made the Illyrians. I am sad to see how they are today, but I do not regret creating them. I had to watch them destroy themselves from within. Until Enalius spared me of that pain, of that torture” 

“He did this to you?” Cassian felt like he was drowning. “How could you blind someone you love?”

“Because you love them” She smiled and gripped his hands harder, pulling herself forward. “Cassian, my curly-headed warrior, the saint’s son, bringer of that is new, the awakener, ask me what you really want to ask”

“Are you my mother?” His voice cracked. The woman sighed and she shook her head, her hands sliding from his. Cassian gripped onto her harder, bringing her hands back to his. If he felt like he was drowning then he knew that if this woman let his hands go he would surely drown as if a boulder was tied to his feet. “Is he…” Cassian swallowed, “Enalius. Is he my father?” 

“Is he not everyone’s father?” But the woman was smiling and frowning at the same time, pressing Cassian’s hands to the side of her face. “He loved your mother very much. The saying, if you love someone you must set them free, and if they are truly yours they will come back. I wish he hadn’t come back, Cassian, I do. I wish he had stayed with you and your mother. I wish he did not love me so much, I wish he had not left you with our tortured kind”

Cassian’s head was spinning, his eyes going cross. He couldn’t breathe, couldn’t breathe, couldn’t breathe. What this woman was saying, what Sutton was saying… 

“I wanted you, Cassian. To raise you as our son after your mother had died, for one day she would. She would grow old and die and I was willing to take you in as my own. I love Enalius and I love his son. It was too late and I am sorry for not fighting for you harder, son of Enalius”


General Commander. 

Son of a god; son of Enalius. 

This writing style is really different than what I normally do. Please tell me what you think. It’s all a bit different and I’m testing the waters, but I hope you liked it. It leaves off as if it isn’t finished and I think that’s my favorite part. 

Leave comments, please. 

@thatwetwomaybeone asked: We know Murtagh dies at Culloden ,I can’t recall Jamie talking much about him after although he must have missed his god father terribly .Could we have a story about Jamie and Claire talking about Murtagh and how much they miss him in their life .

They stood at the edge of the field, neither wishing to be the first to set foot on it.

“Have ye been here… then?” Jamie asked quietly, as though his voice would disturb someone but there were no living creatures to be seen in the short scrubby grass that unevenly covered the terrain.

“I went once before I ever came here,” Claire responded. “Before I knew anyone who…” but she couldn’t finish her thought.

Their horses stamped impatiently from where Jamie had hobbled them. They were on their way to Lallybroch, having fulfilled their duties escorting the body of one Simon Fraser home to Scotland. Neither had thought much about how close their journey would take them to Culloden Moor until they were practically upon it. Had they been on their own instead of together, neither would have had the strength to face it.

“Is it as desolate in yer time then, Sassenach?”

“In my experience, battlefields––no matter how far removed from the fight itself––are never cheerful places again,” she told him. “There will be cairns and markers. I don’t remember quite where, but for each of the clans… probably where their men were buried.”

Jamie looked around. It was sunnier than it had been the last time but he could still see the echoes of men on either side right down to the desperation and willingness to die on some of their faces; he hadn’t seen it but he knew he’d worn the same expression that day. He took a halting step forward and then another.

“We came down this way,” he said flatly.

Claire followed slowly behind him, willing herself to see what he saw but also shying away from it.

“Then, I moved… this direction––had to… there was such a press of men…” He wandered a little towards the right and down into a slightly lower pocket of growth, not large enough to be a true gully but it had offered a little protection from the canonfire, the angle too much for them to handle.

There were still large gaps in Jamie’s memory of that day. He didn’t recall seeing Black Jack Randall except after the man was dead and lying on top of him. He didn’t recall the face of the man who had slashed his leg and nearly killed him––for all he knew it might have been Randall to do it. He didn’t recall who it was that had struck the blow that eventually killed Murtagh.

But he knew the spot where it had happened as soon as he set foot on it. A chill went up his spine and then he felt a solid hand rest reassuringly on his shoulder. Looking up, he saw Claire watching him from several feet away.

He spoke quietly and used the Gáidhlig so that Claire wouldn’t hear him.

“There are so many things I wish ye could have lived to see, though I dinna ken that ye’d have been patient enough to wait for them all… I nearly wasn’t,” he murmured with a smile. “She looks like my mam… my Brianna does. Takes after her in other ways too. And her wee Jem… Though he puts me in mind of Willie, I ken ye’d have more stories of how he’s a devil like I was at his age.” Jamie’s smile faded and he swallowed hard. “I think their lass, Mandy will favor Claire and heaven help them if she takes after her grannie in finding trouble. And there’s my lad… William––though… callin’ him ‘mine’ still doesna feel quite right… Ye’d have a thing or two to say on the matter, I’m sure. Ye’d have plenty to say on all of them…

“I hope ye ken how I’ve tried to keep ye wi’ me, always…” Jamie’s voice grew thick, the words harder to say. “I was in such pain losin’ Claire… but losin’ you too made it harder. Not havin’ ye there to talk to… I did try to think what yer advice to me would ha’ been… though I’m sure I got it wrong from time to time… I hope I’ve done ye proud, though, and I want ye to know… I ken I’m a better man for having had ye at my side for as long as I did and I’d be better still if ye’d been there longer. Thank ye, for all ye did for me and mine. I’ll no let ye be forgotten.”

The feeling of weight left his shoulder and something within Jamie felt lighter.

Claire watched Jamie with his head bent and his hands cradled in front of him, his lips whispering a quick prayer.

They didn’t speak of Murtagh often the same way they didn’t speak of Faith often. The pain of such loss was simply a part of them the way the scars on Jamie’s back were a part of him or Claire’s curls were a part of her.

“I’m sorry I didn’t say a proper goodbye,” she whispered to the low breeze, hoping it would carry her words wherever they needed to go. “I sometimes wonder what things might’ve been like if we hadn’t gone to Paris; if we hadn’t gotten involved in affairs the way we did. I don’t know that what we did was entirely fair to you.” Tears pricked unexpectedly at her eyes and she reached up to wipe them away. “You deserved more––you deserved better than to end up here on that day… If I’d been here I might’ve been able to do something… If I’d never come at all maybe neither of you would have been here that day… But I don’t regret any of it and I’m sure you understand––you loved him too… Thank you for keeping him safe, for protecting him and watching over him when I wasn’t there. I wish I could have done more for you, that you could have seen Bree and the children… Or maybe you can… They wouldn’t exist if not for you.”

She blinked back the remaining tears in her eyes. Jamie had made his way back over to Claire and slipped his hand into hers. It was still a slightly awkward fit without that third finger but they held tightly to each other all the same.

With a solemn nod, they redirected their steps toward the horses. They had seen enough of Culloden Moor.

mélange | part 1

fandom: monsta x
member/reader: kihyun, female, minhyuk (mentioned)
genre/warning(s): smut, slight!degradation, power sub!reader
length: 2K+
summary: in which your new neighbor next door has really loud sex and so you decide to have a competition because there is no way blondie is having better sex than you.

Prologue  Part 1  ● Part 2  ● Part 3  ● Part 4

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The Crow’s Nest: A few thoughts on Oliver & SW

For those hating on Oliver right now: I feel you. I understand that you’re confused, that a character you just don’t get is making stupid choices.

From my experience with people, everyone is just plain stupid. Including me. I did a stupid thing yesterday that I had to pay the price today. It happens. We are irrational, skeptic, fearful, biased, and imperfect personages. We’re human.

And saying that one person is never at fault is not true. Even if it’s only 1% of the blame, we all make mistakes.

For Oliver, Susan is easy. In 5x05, Human Target comes into play, and tells Oliver that Felicity has moved on, and he should to. HT sets Oliver up to correspond with SW. He tells Oliver that since he’s become Oliver, he tells him that he should go for it.

Oliver goes for it. I mean, HT essentially tells him what to do. Have you ever wanted someone else to make a decision for you? To have your doppleganger to appear out of the sky and say, “Look! Date that one!” And so he takes an easy road. His life is hard. He’s mayor by day, hero by night. When does this guy sleep? 6am to 8am probably. And here is this guy telling him that a beautiful woman is interested in him and he should go for it.

Before he does though, he talks to Felicity.

“ I want you to be happy, and in the spirit of that, I think that you owe it to yourself to find out if what you have with Billy is real, and I owe it to myself to embrace whatever’s next for–for me when I’m not (the GA)”

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  • simon, iron sisters: they (shadowhunters) act like they're our allies but they don't know what we go through just to get through the day
  • TRANSLATION: I'm homeless, starving, barely surviving, depressed and I had a clan who understood what it's like to live like this but I lost them. no one at the institute gives a damn and I realized this too late
  • maia, agreeing: tell me about it
  • TRANSLATION: we'll never be equals with them
  • simon: you know, and just when I thought I was starting to get the hang of it (being a vampire) I sank to an all all-time low
  • TRANSLATION: just when I started liking my life, the clan who became family and this new version of myself, I did the lowest thing I could've done and hurt people I cared about - it's something I regret
  • maia: what happened?
  • simon: *silence*
  • TRANSLATION: let's not do this, it's still an open wound (mentally flashes back to that day and raphael's behavior since, watching him walk away again and again)
  • maia: oh Now you're quiet?
  • TRANSLATION: that bad huh?
  • maia: *deflects by sharing an embarrassing story*

I was six when they cancelled Firefly and I still remember the giant hate and backlash the world felt over it; AND people are still bitter over it today. (I used to watch it with my dad.)

I know we’re still a relatively small fan base compared to them but maybe if we make enough noise Timeless will become a modern day Firefly and NBC will regret ever saying no to a second season. There is still hope that something can be done, the fight doesn’t have to be over- even if we have to settle for a movie (wouldn’t that be nice!)

Angsty and/or Romance Starters/prompts
  • “I hope you know that I’d choose you.”
  • “First love and the last thing on my mind before I die. Ironic.”
  • “I’d do anything! I’ll switch sides, stop fighting, surrender, abandon everything! Just please…let me stand with you…”
  • One. I know you hate me, but please, just one, and I won’t have to wonder what I missed.”
  • “It’s been a while…I know I shouldn’t be running back to you, but here I am, like time and time again.”
  • “Of course I lost them; I never had a steady grip.”
  • “No, take it-Please. If I take it, I’ll love you, and we can’t…I can’t…”
  • “We’ve been dancing around each other for so long, but I’m tired of being spun around and getting blisters.”
  • “I always say I would want to change everything, but now, I don’t want to change a thing.”
  • “I always say I wouldn’t change anything, but I would change everything.”
  • “It’s a shame I don’t love you, because I tried so hard to, and I just…can’t. I’m sorry.”
  • “I’d rather you do it than anyone else.”
  • “Until this day, I never knew. I still wouldn’t, if I hadn’t found it.”
  • “That makes all the difference!”
  • “Until we meet again.”
  • “We won’t.”
  • “Please just don’t look me in the eye; I might lose it if you do.”
  • “Fine, just stay there and let me try something.”
  • “Last dance together, we should make it worth it.”
  • “If I could just feel their pulse; I need them to be alive!”
  • “I’ll watch your back. Unlike last time…You know, I’ll regret it forever, right?”

anonymous asked:

prompt: they adopt a child??? or just talk about it????????? or something????????????????????????

I have a personal headcanon that Andrew and Neil never have children for multiple reasons. But you know who does have children? Matt and Dan. And they just moved to town.

Uncle Andrew and Uncle Neil spend extended amounts of time with the kids only three times. It goes as follows: 

Incident 1: The Presents

  • The second time that Neil and Andrew see Matt and Dan’s children is when the kids are 6, 8, and 9.
  • The first time was when they were born.
  • Around Christmas time, the foxes always make an effort to see each other.
  • It’s hard for them to all get together at once, so they make rounds as they can.
  • This year, things were more convenient for Andrew and Neil seeing as Matt, Dan, and the kids had just moved closer.
  • Dan got a new job and Matt was able to sign a new contract with a team in the same area.
  • They decide to meet up the week before Christmas this time.
  • Which means that Andrew and Neil need to buy some presents.
  • Except Andrew and Neil honestly know jack shit about children.
  • They have no idea what kids were into these days. They didn’t even know when they were children.
  • All that Neil knew was that he never had any toys. Ever.
  • All that Andrew knew was that toys were bribes and tricks and never anything he got to keep.
  • Which is how Andrew and Neil end up at Toys R Us.

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Inhumans Part Six

Originally posted by lullabyun

Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine,

Genre: A/U, Angst, Violence, Fluff, Romance, more in the future.

Pairing: Yixing x Reader

Word Count: 6K

Summary: Inhumans are people born with powers, feared by most all over the world. Inhumans are often killed before the age of three or kept locked up and tested on. EXO is a rogue group of Inhumans who broke free and are now looking to free fellow Inhumans as well as get justice for their kind. However, with their powers come limitations. With these limitations, they sometimes need a helping hand.

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anonymous asked:

I am so looking forward to that scene fro the promo pics where das is touching Cas' belly. I love these scenes where Cas meets children, becuause there you have this ancient creature of celestial wrath and get him into the presence of a child and he just melts. Remeber that scene with the little girl in s10? I feel like this might be one of those moments. Also, I hope that maybe the scene will truly tackle the philosophcal and moral dillema that he faces.I have such high hopes for this episode.

Oh gosh yeah, that scene in 10.02 where he’s talking to the girl and she’s telling him all about her dream… and he’s just like… amazed by this human child’s imagination.

(incidentally written by Andrew Dabb)

Or that time in 8.10 where he’d gone off on his own for a while and was just popping in to heal random babies.

Or that time in 9.06 where he not only sweetly takes care of a lil baby, he heartbreakingly identifies with it:

CASTIEL (to the baby): Nobody told you. Nobody explained. You’re just … shoved out kicking and screaming into this human life, without any idea why any of it feels the way it feels, or why this confusion, which feels like it’s … a hair’s breadth (The baby stops crying.) from terror or pain. You know, just when you think you do understand, it’ll turn out you’re wrong. You didn’t understand anything at all. Guess that’s just how it is when you’re new at this. You know, it wasn’t that long ago when all I’d need to do to ease your pain was touch you.

Yeah, he cares. I mean, one of his first ever interactions with Dean at the end of 4.07, the two of them are sitting on park benches watching the children of the town play happily, oblivious to the fact that their entire town had nearly been blotted off the map a day earlier (if Uriel had gotten his way, it would’ve been, but Cas had been praying that Dean would save the town).

And with the regret he feels over not only Lily Sunder’s human child, but the nephilim Cas himself killed in 8.22 as part of Metatron’s spell… I think he’s open to choosing another way than he has in the past, when he felt he had no other choice. He’s not going to trust anyone else’s word on what the fate of this child should be. He’s learned his lesson after trusting Ishim and Metatron…

The Chronicler

Spirit Cove is a small village by the ocean. It’s only a blip on the map of the enormous universe it occupies. But to me it’s important.

Though it’s not my home, I know its streets by heart. I have been to every home, I visited every store and I met every villager, and I consider many of them to be my friends.

I am The Chronicler. I’ve been to this village so many times, I lost count. Sometimes I even visit it in my dreams. It’s hard to tell which visit counts and which doesn’t. And it’s difficult to make sense of Spirit Cove’s many stories and legends. Luckily, I was there for most of them.

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i remember that one of my history teachers idolized andrew jackson. would go on and on about andrew jackson, the president for the common man, day after day. i sat in front of a native american student, and every time good ole mr. sherril would say, “president andrew jackson - ” i watched that boy’s face crumble, but he never once said a word.

imagine what it’d be like, sitting in a class, day after day, having to listen to someone sing the praises of the man who tore your ancestors off their land, killed thousands of them in doing so. who stuck your ancestors on reservations. imagine having to hear someone praise the genocide of your people.

Today, it was sunny.
Today, you left
and it was sunny.
It is strange how infuriating
such an
innocent detail can be.
Today, it was sunny
but you might as well have taken
Spring away with you.

You left so much behind.
Your red-tinted glass,
the soft plaid that you always put
at the end of your bed,
pens, note sticks, empty envelops
Bits and ends
that no one cares about
when leaving a country.
But tell me, how
I am supposed to walk past them now
and not to think about
all the times you held them
between your hands,
when they were still yours?

You left some hand towels
and bedsheets, and you
gave them to me
neatly folded, because you said
they were of good cotton.
Forgive me,
for how I took them to the charity shop
down the road.
I couldn’t look the lady in the eye
as she thanked me for my donation,
because she had no idea of the value
of what I was  giving her.

Tonight, I dread going home.
I don’t want to sit
in the kitchen with a cup of tea,
As I’ve done countless times before,
Because tonight, you’re not going
to walk through the door
Tonight, you’re not going
to open your cupboard
and make yourself some rice
using the same old pan.
Tonight, you’ll be cooking
in another kitchen
barefoot, and humming to yourself
But I won’t be there to hear it.
Tonight, I’ll go the cinema on my own.
You know how much that will embarrass me,
but I want to share your absence
with others.

Now that you’ve gone
from a vivid face in my everyday life
to a name on the screen,
how I regret
all the times that I didn’t speak,
all the times that you were there
and I just kept to myself.
You saw the boundaries
of my solitude
and you always encouraged me
to loosen them up
‘let’s make some dinner, you’d tell me
‘let’s watch that movie you like’,
‘turn up the volume, Tchaikovsky
deserves it’ but you never
stepped on them,
not even once.

It is absurd to even voice it,
But I hope we will meet again, one day.
Maybe I will have come home too
Or maybe you’ll soon catch another plane
because London is stifling but you can’t
stay too long away from it.
Maybe I will have stopped
dying my hair red
Or maybe you’ll have let yours
Grow back again.
Maybe you will have lost my number
And maybe you won’t look for it,
but I’ll always be waiting,
I’ll always pick up.

I’ll always be waiting
for you to bring Spring back to me.

—  M.B, Left Behind

so. i wrote this fic for @jugheadweek for the aroace pride prompt. it may not be what you’re expecting, but i feel that this shows that sometimes we feel insecure about our sexuality, no matter how happy we are with it usually, and i feel that even someone like jughead would need a friend to be there for him on the rare times he feels insecure, and that friend can raise you back up and make you feel even prouder of who you are. i need to warn you that there is aphobia and mild violence in this, but nothing bad. in terms of the violence. 

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Valentines Day

Friendly reminder that Valentines Day is just a commercial holiday and your worth is not based on if you have a Valentine or not; you are all still amazing and beautiful and wonderful.

And I wanted to write Valentines headcanons for my favorite characters lol

Hope you guys like them :)


- He doesn’t care too much about this holiday

- He may watch a sappy movie with you while cuddling or take you out if you really wanted him to, but he won’t do anything over the top.

- He really only cares about the day after. Two words: discount candy

- The day after you and him go to the nearest store and buy all that half-off chocolate

- You two will watch movies or something while just indulging yourselves in candy. Y'all almost regret it later, almost.


- He would wake you up with breakfast in bed. He’d cook something really cliche but really sweet, like heart-shaped pancakes

- He’s pretty simple. He would buy you your favorite flowers and favorite candy, attached with a really sweet note

- Throughout the day he would randomly tell you how much he love you and how amazing you are

- He would take you out for dinner, or if you prefer, cook a candlelight dinner for you and make your favorite meal


- This dude is extra

- Would buy you a really large bouquet of roses. Something elaborate and where each color flower represents something (Red means romance, pink means joy, white means purity and charm, etc.)

- You know those scavenger hunts where notes are left at certain locations? It starts at home, goes to where you first met, the location of your first date, your first kiss, your one year anniversary, etc. Each locations has a note, where he explains the significance of the destination and his memories of that day. (I was so nervous during our first date…/I remember you looked stunning that night…/I remember I went home and couldn’t stop smiling afterwards…)

- He’s a sap

- You’d end up on the top of Prism Tower, where’d he’s waiting for you. He’d kiss you and tell you how much he loves you before getting down on one knee and asking you to marry him


- She is so pure protect her

- Will whisper “Happy Valentines day” to you ask you wake up and kiss your cheek

- She would want to go out with you. Someplace calm like a cafe or to a park for a picnic

- Remember how she stayed up really late the night before? Turns out it was so she could surprise you with your favorite type of cookie with “I love you” delicately written on each one

- Would hand you a note confessing how much she loves you, as when ever she tried to say it out loud she would get flustered

- You two would end up kissing, cuddling, and snacking on cookies until neither of you could stay awake.