i regret a few things

I don’t regret many things in life. We were good for each other in all the abnormal ways; ways that weren’t necessarily associated with an average intimacy, but in ways some search their whole life for. We were good for each other in the rare, untraditional ways. The fiery ways. The passionate ways. But in the end, we lost the abnormal complimentary nature of our relationship. It’s not that he grew into someone who’d become no good for me, like most stories go. It was me. I was no good for him. I couldn’t be who he needed. Sure, he was cold and reckless. But I was defensive and I scared easy. I… I couldn’t soften into what he needed; I wasn’t in a place where I could help him. It’s like being trapped behind a two way mirror, watching someone alone, gasping for air. And he had no idea I was there. I’d always been there. I was frozen- and what a coward I was to stand by and watch. Because of my own past I couldn’t let down my walls for one second to show him how much I understood. I was there, but not there for him. I was selfish. I was no good for him. And for that, I will never forgive myself. It’s one of the few things I think I’ll regret in my life. Awfully. Indefinitely.
—  vigi-la-veris 

Mr Thesassygandalf got me a present *-*

Cheers! (I’ll Drink to That)

This is my first time writing a headcanon! I came up with this one while chatting with @themissimmortal last night about how the Chocobros + Cor, Ravus, Luna and Aranea would be if drunk out of their minds. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don’t own FFXV or any of the cultural references I used. I don’t own the concept of Leonhart either. (Ask Moosh about it! You won’t regret a thing ^^)

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Noctis: The Happy Drunk

- If you looked up the definition of ‘happy drunk’ in any urban dictionary, you’d see a picture of the normally sulky prince.

- He becomes a ball of sunshine rivaling a sober Prompto, a huge grin plastered on his face even when being chewed out by drunk Ignis or smothered by drunk Gladio.

- This guy will laugh at anything and everything. Hears a sneeze? He’ll bust a gut. Someone walks by? He can barely breathe from laughter. May the Gods help him if something crazy funny actually happens.

- Noct practically becomes the life of the party, dancing around and singing without a care in the world. If he happens to get control of the sound system, he will play the loudest and craziest tunes at full blast.

- Will last be seen either table dancing or going with Luna as she attempts another dangerous stunt/prank

Prompto: The Philosophical Drunk

- Our beloved chocobutt normally struggles with words. But get him drunk? His vocabulary becomes endless.

- Look out Einstein! This guy will suddenly know everything and speak to you for hours on end about topics like the meaning of life, the genetic make up of chocobos, and the physics behind Noct’s magical storage room.

- Have a lot of paper and pens ready, because he’ll start jotting down mathematical and chemical formulas like it’s nobody’s business.

- Prom’s imagination is also insanely active when he’s hammered. He can create worlds out of the simplest things. If you tell him to create a world based on music, he’ll not only give you a picture of the world and it’s residents, but also a full paper of their language, mythology, etc. The possibilities are endless!

- Will last be seen in the center of a small audience, either discussing his latest philosophical musings or the potential cure for cancer depending on his mood

Ignis: The Angry Drunk

- Specs normally doesn’t get drunk, especially since he has to worry about the other three bros. But on the rare chance that he is, the normally calm and collected man is now a stylish spitfire of pure, unadulterated rage.

- One drunk you MUST avoid at all costs! His anger rivals even that of the Hulk’s, Sonny Corleone’s and Gladio’s tempers combined.

- Ignis will suddenly remember any and every single thing you did to make him feel annoyed/frustrated/upset, even if it happened like over ten years ago. He will blow up and shove these back in your face, a truckload of expletives mixed in there for good measure (who knew he had such a dirty mouth?). My advice if you end up crossing paths with him? Just pick a god and pray.

- This guy becomes an absolute tornado of destruction, picking a fight with everything and anything that moves. Hell, he can even toss both Ravus and Gladio across the room now! Expect his knuckles to become a bloody mess at the end of the night if he forgets his gloves.

- Will last be seen screaming at someone/something for a death match (last time, it was a barrel)

Gladiolus: The Clingy Drunk

- The Shield was already a pretty friendly guy before. But drunk out of his mind? He’s on a whole ‘nother level.

- Like a cuddly teddy bear, he will give big warm hugs to everyone he meets. Unfortunately, unlike a teddy bear, these hugs will crush you down to your very soul.

- Gladio will cling to the closest person/object as if his life depended on it. Pulling away only strengthens his grip. Aranea tried this once and ended up dragging him around for the rest of the night.

- The resident tough guy’s soft side will come out in full force. He will affectionately stroke and sing to whatever/whomever he’s holding on to. If he’s really hammered, a bit of baby talk is involved.

- Will last be seen squeezing someone for dear life (most likely Ravus if he’s there) in the corner, making promises to protect them and to never let them go *cues My Heart Will Go On in the background*

Cor: The Flirty Drunk

- The mysterious Immortal is not so stoic and serious anymore once you get a few drinks in his system. Watch out ladies, you’ve got a bonafide Casanova on your hands now!

- He drops pick-up lines like a pro, knows exactly how to get your heart racing (or your panties wet), what positions to use to get you going…Who knew the Marshal could be so smooth?

- Much like a drunk Yuuri Katsuki, Cor can certainly work a pole when he’s wasted. Rumor has it that this is actually a skill acquired from his younger days. An occasional murmur of “Leonhart” will escape some lips if they happen to see.

- This man will flirt with anything that moves and has a pulse, XX or XY chromosomes be damned. Even the most straight-laced and homophobic fellows aren’t immune to his pheromones!

- Will last be seen entering a bedroom or supply closet with a small group of men and women in tow (the very same door will have obscenely loud moans and screams of pleasure coming from it a few minutes later)

Ravus: The Weepy Drunk

- The High Commander normally doesn’t let even a hint of emotion apart from disdain cross his features. But now? He’s a depressed, weeping mess in the corner.

- The smallest thing can set him off. Drop a napkin? Sobs will be heard and tears shed. Ignis screaming at a barrel? Ravus is now ugly crying in the corner while growing mushrooms.

- He becomes way more open to physical contact. If a drunk Gladio is in the area, the former Prince of Tenebrae will become his choking hugging partner for the night.

- Have plenty of tissue, ice cream and blankets on hand if you decide to approach a drunk Ravus. But be warned: don’t give him any sylleblossom-scented items or vanilla ice cream. Both remind him of Queen Sylva and will send him into hysterics.

- Will last be seen either being crushed to death by Gladiolus or curled up in a room somewhere, crying himself to sleep

Lunafreya: The Reckless Drunk

- The prim and proper Oracle? As soon as she gets wasted, it’s like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde all over again! Luna’s drunk personality prefers to be called “Stella”. She’s a braver and flirtier version of Luna. (Noctis admits that this switch actually turns him on quite a bit

- “Stella” is all for danger and adventure! Keg stand five times in a row? She’s game! Drunken daemon hunt? Try and stop her!

- A master prankster and all-around rebel, drunken Luna has had her fair share of run-ins with the police. Unfortunately for them, “Stella” is also a pretty good actress, imitating Lunafreya as needed. She takes advantage of her sober counterpart’s Oracle status to get away with anything and everything, a few eyelash bats and kind words enough to send them on their way.

- For reasons still unexplained, this woman is now a proficient monster tamer. A drunken hunt led her to befriending the imps she was supposed to kill, “Stella” then ordering the group to raid the nearest outpost for potato chips.

- Will last be seen dragging Noct along to help her with one of her schemes or to watch her perform one of many death-defying stunts

Aranea: The Sober Drunk

- The Commodore would look like she was totally fine, the only indication that she’d been drinking being a faint red tingeing her cheeks.

- Her normally brash and witty banter has pretty much stayed intact. She will trip over or slur a few of her words, but she’ll still be able to carry on a decent conversation.

- While the dragoon’s grace and precision is already impressive enough when she’s sober, it becomes that much more amazing when she’s hammered. Do not play Beer Pong with her; she will destroy you.

- Aranea can pretty much pass for sober when drunk and vice versa. She’s the one the others normally turn to when it comes to sending away the cops because of obvious reasons.

- Will last be seen watching the others make fools out of themselves, recording it for future blackmail material

Hope this was alright…Thanks for making it through this huge wall of text! Have a wonderful day/afternoon/evening :3

Long Life Friends (Harry Hook x Smee!daughter reader)

Requested by anon 
Request:  could you do a Harry Hook x daughter of Mr. Smee maybe?

“Dad, how did you end up on the isle when you’re so nice?” You ask one day as you got home from school 

“Because I was still part of Harry’s father’s crew, all of us ended up here.” He says “And I did do a few things I later regretted.” 

You look at him in surprise then nod, messing with your sword. 

“Aren’t you supposed to be meeting with the crew?” He asks 

“Technically yes. Am I? No. I don’t want to deal with Harry and Uma’s endless flirting.” You say 

“You still haven’t told him?” He asks 

“No. Are you kidding dad? You helped raised this child for heaven’s sake. He’s a player. Besides, if he does ever stick with one girl, it will be Uma.” You say 

Here’s the thing, you had fallen for your life long friend, but you knew he was probably in love with Uma. You have seen the way he looks at her, and the way she looks at him. Not that you are complaining. Uma was there after your good friend Carlos left you for that stupid prince and princess school. 

“Y/N!” Harry’s voice rings out 

“On the roof!” You yell 

“Why didn’t you show up to the meeting?” He asks 

“Cause I didn’t feel like it?” You say with a shrug 

“You know how Uma feels about you missing a meeting. Especially when it has to do with Mal and her king.” He says 

“What about them? We’re stuck on this stupid island while they get to live the perfect life!” You say, throwing a rock, watching it as it hits the water 

“They’re actually back as of right now. All four of those traitors.” He says “We nicked King Ben and could have used your help.” 

“How? You guys barely ever want me there. All I am good for is running errands and remembering the plans.” You say 

“That’s not true.” He argues 

“Yeah it is Harry. Why do you think I’m still here and not staying with everyone else.” You say “I’m only on the crew because of you.” 

Harry looks at you, and suddenly, you feel his lips on your’s. 

“Don’t ever think like that again Y/N. You know fully well that isn’t why you’re here.” He says “Now get up, we have to prepare for tomorrow. We’re getting the wand, or we get to watch the king walk the plank.” 

anonymous asked:

Sorry, hit ask before I was ready :( I was trying to write that I’ve read all of your Klaroline fics (which were all amazing, by the way) and I’m still dying for more. Have you read any you can recommend?

Okay! Since you have been reading my things, I am going to assume you are interested in mostly non-AH. If that is incorrect, I apologize, but here are a few suggestions! Also, please note, a great number of these are NSFW.

candycolamorgan: Pretty much everything that Colleen does is a gift. But I’d strongly suggest you start with say goodbye to our empty ruins I and II. I also suggest the only ones who do it right, and he told me i was holy. You can find her on A03 and her tumblr fic tag is fic:mine. You’ll need to be logged into A03 to see her fic.

LalainaJ: Again, such a gift. Her drable collection is A++, but here are a few of the things I have loved most. My Regrets Are Few, You Keep Track, Turn The Heavens DownOh How Strange, Whisper To Me, Help Me Remember. You can find her under A03, FFN, and her Tumblr.

If you manage to slog through those, here are a few more!

Devil’s Backbone - Willowaus

And the Moth Danced With the Flame  - Tarafina

sometimes i close my eyes and pretend i’m alright - Fancy Piece of Work

Inside the Studio - Biana Delacroix

Sympathy for the DevilTara1189

Tracing Poems On Your Body - fadingtales

Won’t You Lay Your Hands On Mewordspank

I also, I suggest: thetourguidebarbie, garglyswoof, delightfullysunny, lilbreck, accidental-rambler, and cbk1000.

Fingers crossed you haven’t read everyone on this list, and that at least one thing is new for you. Some of the suggestions are one-shots, some are multi-chapters. Hopefully you enjoy all of them!




yeah i got nothing

here’s a thing

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End - Reader x Samuel Drake: Welcome Home.

Set at the end of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. 
Elena calls you in the early morning, telling you that Nate and her have made it back home. That something happened on the trip, and Nate needs to talk to you as soon as possible.

When Elena had left you a voicemail about Nate’s whereabouts, you had panicked. The feeling of suffocation wrapped around your lungs, tightened your throat, and flashbacks of a life before everything flooded your mind.

You had left numerous messages since with Elena, and even Nate. You talked to Sully briefly, but the distance affected your call; drowning your words with static. Apparently Nate was after Avery’s treasure again, a dream you thought to be long lost since…

Sully mentioned that Elena was with him, and on a mission to getting home soon. But the thought of Nate out there again in danger like the old times scares you, and Elena being with him worsens your concern. You can’t lose them both. Not after Sam.

You place your mobile next to your pillow and curl up under your blankets, hugging your knees tightly to your chest. You breathe out a long sigh before sobs start to shake your chest, warm tears spilling over your cheeks in emotional waves. Fifteen years it’s been, fifteen long years of moving on from the past and looking towards the future. And yet, it feels like it was only yesterday when you first met him. When you first met Sam.

You close your eyes against the tears, too many have been spilled over him. It hurts your heart too much, even after all this time, it hurts just the same as it did when Nate first told you.

You remember the day Sam walked in to the local library. You were minding your own business, studying to finish your assignments. Ones that you weren’t particularly fond of, or on schedule with.

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Person: Bloo

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word count: 618

requested by anon

The bass was banging up the room, people surrounded you with their messy movements. You were never alone in a party before, none of your friend showed up except one. It had to be the one you kept for true feelings from, Bloo. You watched as Bloo flirt with girls around him, well they went to him first but he played along with them. 

 He had put his hands around their waist and danced along with them. It made you mad, even though he was only doing it because he was drunk and was usually flirty. You had been looking down at glass of alcohol for quite a long time, not being to think correctly since jealousy seems to become a thick barrier.  What even made it worse was he was dancing with one of you high school friend, you never thought would become like this since she was a party pooper.

“Hey,” you lifted your head up to see a familiar face, “how’s you night?“ 

“Johnny? What are you doing here?” Johnny was your ex boyfriend whom you had broken up with several months ago.  It was a surprise to see him here, he was never into partying.  Johnny always locked himself up in his studio, there he slowly drifted apart from you.

“To party, what else?” He chuckled as he took a seat next to you.  Not focusing on Johnny anymore, your wandered back to where Bloo had been but he wasn’t there.  You turned your head from side to side trying to find him again.

“Hey who are you looking for?”

“No one.” You replied to Johnny and calmed down, taking your seat again.  Awkward silence fell between you guys, it wasn’t surprising, isn’t ever ex relationship like thsi? isn’t it normal to be awkward? “so how have you been?”

“I have been well, although there are things I regret that happened a few months ago,” Johnny said, I saw him playing around with his fingers ands scratching his thumbs, “Not much we can do about it now.”

“Yeah..well I’m going to get out of here,” You stood up from your seat but nearly lost your footing and landed in your ex lover’s arms.

“Hey are you okay? Here Let me drive you home!” Johnny lifted your up and carried you out of the place, “You sure did drink too much.”

As you let you ex  lover carry you out, you noticed Bloo was outside too.  You began to mess around with Johnny’s hair with one hand and with your other hand, your rubbed his chest softly.  Still Bloo did not notice you.

“Johnny lets go home together at your place, okay?” You took a glance toward Bloo, he looked your way and put his bottle down onto the table and began walking your way.

“Hey, can you put y/n down please, she’s going to go home with me, I’m going right now anyways,” At first Johnny was going to decline and take you home himself, he wasn’t really a troublemaker and so he put you into Bloo’s arms.  You wrapped your arms around Bloo neck and waved good bye to your ex(mainly because you were drunk). He set you down onto the car seat and buckled you in and started the engine.

“Y/n, can you please not talk to that guy anymore?!”

“Why? I can talk to anyone I want. Why should I—”

“Because I like you okay”

It took you a moment to process what he said.  You nearly doubted it since Bloo was kind of drunk but then again, why would he stop partying just to take you home.  He’ve never done that before and you’ve never believed he would but now it’s happening, “Bloo?”

“What?” His voice sound angry but still soft at the same time.

“I like you too lets fuck

A/N” I am so so so so sorry for the anon who requested this, it;s been like two months and I began this morning!!!

Soulmates - Chris Jericho

Originally posted by wrestling-giffer

This wasn’t requested but I got this idea with Chris Jericho. Reader’s boyfriend just broke up with her and she has been pretty down about it and Chris notices it and tries to cheer her up, etc. 

Tears filled my eyes. “We spent three years together. Why are you throwing it down the drain?” I asked my now ex boyfriend. We’ve been together for three years. Four years coming up in a week. 
“I’m sorry. I hardly see you with your schedule with WWE. I get tired of celebrating our anniversary alone.” He answered. I crossed my arms, studying his face.
“When we started dating, you said you wouldn’t have a problem with it. There’s another girl, isn’t there?” I asked as another tear fell. He looked me straight in the face. “Yes.” 

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Busy day:

  • Cooked a thing!
  • Got fingerprinted for my federal background check thing.
  • Printed forms for my federal background check thing.
  • Talked to the bank about an issue on my account. They want me to show up in person.
  • Together with my landlady, tried and failed to solve the mystery of the Seattle Seahawks jersey that UPS delivered to me this weekend. (Weirdly, I am wearing a Seattle t-shirt right now…)
  • Took a Lyft out to the bank to solve all my problems.
  • Veered off to the mall and bought a bunch of semi-grown-up work clothes so I’m not always frantically trying to find the least scruffy of my jeans-and-t-shirt combos. I mean, it’s still a sciencey place in a town that’s over 90F in September, so people are pretty chill about dress codes, but hey. Good impressions.
  • Stopped to grab nachos at the mall and the server came up to me and said, “Would you like to add a margarita to your order for $2.99?” to which the only possible answer was “…oh no.”

A good day! But now tired (and slightly tipsy) eponymous_rose has taken over, which means I am doing things I may regret in a few hours, including a Facebook post about the academic reviewing process and maybe possibly maybe maybe messaging back that cute girl on the dating app shush I don’t know what I’m doing.