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I can’t even handle how absurdly offensive and ridiculous Emma’s wedding dress is

like truly. I can’t. 

I really, honest to God, thought that AT LEAST they would have the decency to put Emma in something–anything–that even approximated ANYTHING of her character’s personality or general fashion choices. Like that bar was something I thought was low enough that I didn’t need to worry that much. 

And they made her into a Grace Kelly cosplay what in the ever living fuck were they THINKING?

Also double misogyny points for implying Emma is feminine and vulnerable and somehow Uniquely Her Own Person Now in a…pretty standard and old fashioned wedding dress???

Emma can be feminine in whatever she goddamn wants to be, and also feminine is not an intrinsically Good Thing (nor is vulnerable tbqh) 

Like the implication is that Emma’s journey has lead her to femininity–embodied in a white wedding dress from the 50s– and that is…gross and sad and quite frankly hurtful to a lot of people. 

The level of implicit contempt for women who are not *feminine* (esp queer ones) is really undeniable at this point. 

It’s not just, “oh, JMO put Emma in weird button-up florals because she doesn’t get costuming” which was One Thing

this is a show problem and it’s a misogyny problem and it’s a heterosexist problem. 

And as someone who loves Emma Swan and relates to her…it fucking sucks.

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i want lego joker 2 sing how bad can i be from the lorax

don’t do this to me

don’t make me remember my past

Hide And Seek.

Just a few more hours. Just a few more hours and they would be in bed, fast asleep and quiet.

Most importantly, Q U I E T.

That’s all I kept telling myself as I sat at the kitchen bar with my head laying against the cool counter, letting that coolness relieve me of the pulsing I was starting to feel in my head. I was pretty close to actually rummaging through my parents’ kitchen cabinets and seeing if they had any alcohol of any kind. I could have settled for taking a few shots or five.

“You look tired.”

That familiar chuckle made me turn my head to see Calum standing over my shoulder near laughter. Apparently he was amused and why wouldn’t he be? All of the raucous children seemed to enjoy my boyfriend while they tortured me. I didn’t know why I agreed to preside over my little brother’s sleepover party. It wasn’t like my parents were paying me for it. I was just getting tortured for free at this point. I guess I underestimated how tiring nine years old could be.

“And you’re not?” I was astonished that he wasn’t. He had been stuck with the six kids as long as I had been. I didn’t know how I had convinced my boyfriend to suffer along with me but like the Prince Charming he was he agreed to it. I think after I mentioned pizza and other junk foods he was all in.

He shrugged. “I’m actually having a good time. I never thought I could get beat in FIFA by a 9 year old.”

“My brother and his friends are FIFA fanatics. That’s all they do in their spare time. Kids these days don’t go outside. They just sit on their gaming systems and on the computers writing sophisticated software code that I would never be able to understand.”

I think my brother was literally a genius. I was waiting for the day when he would be accepting a Nobel Peace Prize or discovering a cure to cancer and I would just be known as his low-life sister who had no status at all aside from being in the spotlight a bit for dating a footballer.

Calum chuckled. “You don’t understand much of any technology besides Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.”

I shrugged. I couldn’t disagree with that.

Loud footsteps could be heard and soon my brother was running up to the stool where I sat. “We want to play tag.”

“So play.”

“We want you to play too. And Calum.”

Calum responded before I could object. “Sure.”

I threw a cold glare his way and he chuckled. Right now I didn’t want to be stuck playing tag with my brothers and his friends but it seemed as if I was left with little choice. I couldn’t be the boring sister who refused to play along. “Fine,” I groaned. “But I’m not it this time.”

“That’s fine. I’ll be the tagger. Go hide. You have 30 seconds!” My brother ran out of the kitchen and I could hear him yell, “They’re playing!”

I took that as a signal to get a move on and I darted out of the kitchen. To where I didn’t know but I had to find a hiding spot quick because I refused to lose in the first damn round of tag. Not seeing anyone in my path I darted up the steps and to the top of the landing. I stopped, trying to decide which room I was going to run into before I decided on my parents’ room. That was surely big enough. I ran into their large walk-in closet.

My mother had a lot of shoes but there was thankfully enough room for me to squeeze in behind the boxes. I grabbed my knees to my chest and sat there silently in hopes I would go undiscovered. There was a lot of space in this house and with so many people playing there was no way I could be the first one found, right?

I sat there for a few minutes longer until I heard, “Psttt.”

I peaked past the boxes blocking my view to see Calum creeping in.

“What are you doing?”

“I couldn’t find a place to hide.”

“So you chose where I am?! Now we’re both going to lose.”

Calum didn’t care as he crept into the space beside me. “There’s no way they find us here.”

I scoffed. “You say that but my brother is really good at hide-and-seek. I have a losing record.”

“I’m not surprised.”

I playfully hit his chest and he began to laugh until I instructed him to be quiet. Calum was enjoying getting us caught a little too much. He pulled me closer to him and placed a kiss to my cheek. “We could just stay here all night if they don’t find us.”

“We could make good use of this closet,” I smirked.

“I’m telling your father.”

I pushed him away once more. “You’re no fun.”

“And you’re always trying to get me in trouble. Your parents love me. I’m trying to keep it that way.”

I rolled my eyes though he was right. It was disgusting sometimes how my mom gushed about Calum Chambers. It was like he was her son too. Whenever we were around family she would bring up my ‘perfect, gentleman-like’ boyfriend and brag on what a good catch he was as if she had handpicked him herself. I think my cousins got incredibly sick of hearing about Chambers as they always seemed to seethe with jealousy whenever my mother found a new story to tell.

I kind of liked it.

“Oh Caluuum,” I heard Bryce call out. “Where are you?”

“Oh great. Now I’m going to go down with you,” I whispered to Calum. No way was I going to get caught because of my incredibly tall boyfriend who couldn’t quite hide behind the boxes of shoes like I could.

I remained silent after that and practically holding my breath incase that was louder than I thought. There was silence for a while until I heard creeping footsteps. I cursed under my breath. The squeaking of a door was dangerously close and a light flicked on. The bedroom light.

I squinted my eyes closed as if that could somehow make me invisible.

Hey, I was trying.

The next light that followed was the closet light. Bryce was incredibly close but maybe he would overlook us.

A box knocked to the floor. Then two.

Nope. No chance he would overlook us.

My eyes opened to meet Bryce’s which were lit up with excitement and pleasure that he had beat me once again only this time he had an army behind him. “GET THEM!”

I didn’t have time to react and neither did Calum because soon enough there was a dogpile of seven kids on us, all breaking out into laughter as they held all the power while me and Calum, the ‘adults’ were stuck under them and at their mercy.

Calum was doubled over in laughter, enjoying all of the fun and I could admit I was to though I was pretty close to surrender and waving a white flag.

I now held an 11-16 record in tag to my nine year old brother.

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i was informed i had to participate in that “6 selfies of 2k15” thing or i’d be disowned but i didn’t take a lot of selfies because, as you can see, i literally did not pluck my eyebrows the entire year so i had Limited Options™

Name: Logan
Rules: Tag 5 people you want to get to know better and fill out the questions so they get to know some stuff about you!
Nickname: Toppy
Star sign: Capricorn
Gender: Male
Height: 5″7
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Romantic Orientation: Bi
Favorite Colour: Green
Time rn: 9:17pm
Hours of sleep: 8
Lucky numbers: 16, 27, 56
Last thing I googled: ‘pigeon man’
Favorite Celebrities: I don’t really have one. :<
Favorite Bands/Artists: Death Cab for Cutie, Passion Pit, Brand New
Dream Trip: hell is a good answer, I’m keeping it
Dream job: forensic psychologist 

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Stop with the Regina and Henry screencaps. She was a horrible mother and denied him a life and schooling. Emma is his mother not the Evil witch

This message actually made me laugh, sorry Anonymous-Rude-Person. “Regina denied him a life and schooling” - Are you an complete ignoramus, or do you just ignore the show and its legitimate storyline? Seriously… what is this argument? Regina had him attend school, and even made sure he went to school everyday in the fake memories she gave Emma!

Regina is his legal mother who adopted him, and Emma is his biological mother. I agree that they both can share custody of Henry, but only if he and Regina - his mother for ten years prior - agree to the arrangement. 

As for the screencaps… I will consider your objection. If it bothers more than one person, of course I’ll stop - I refuse to be harmful or intrusive to anyone or any tag.

I’m very sorry if I am coming across as cruel Anonymous-Person, but today has not been a good day for me (that’s no excuse but I’m grinding my teeth right now). You are totally open to having your own opinion, but do not come into my ask box and make these incredibly inane and outlandish claims. I am Pro-Mills-Family, end of story.