i refuse to stop posting


supercat appreciation post: 

Ms. Grant, I need you now more than I ever have. Oh, I’ll be back.

I will say this

‪I know my art and plush is all over Pinterest and Instagram without my permission. But I watermark all my work it’s sad people do this tho.‬ ‪

I guess I just gave up on reporting everyone as long as they’re not pretending to be me and take orders.‬

I still don’t like it one bit. What’s so hard about not posting something that you didn’t make yourself?

The sad part is even with my name clear as day on my work people still say “I don’t know who made it but posting anyway without credit”

I been quiet about it, but it really needs to stop.

still meaning to return to blogging here more, even though im completely clueless as to who/what i am or am not even familiar with anymore on here as far as Lokean community goes or anything…i’m of course sure the nearly 900 of you are likely half dead blogs or pornbots i missed blocking lol but

i made a huge huge HUGE breakthrough with Loki on my personal growth and I feel so so good about Everything so I’m less stressed now about how this community [tumblr pagans in general] can be. it really fucked me up before, thats why i disappeared for my health but i mean it this time i really wanna blog more ❗ idk how soon ill be back to talking AS much so if i were to get messages again dont hold your breath for me to respond quickly rn unless you dont care when i respond or not. but yeah :) i was struggling for awhile but as usual Loki saved my ass ~ ~ ~

anonymous asked:

So i noticed you drew our beloved HoO girls (that look amazing btw, just found out about your art and i'm in love w/ your style) and i was wondering if you also drew the HoO guys the same way? :^)

I have plans to! Right now my HoO girls post is still ongoing and I refuse to stop until I am certain I have drawn every HoO girl that has a speaking role. I wanna finish them all off before I start the boys but I shall eventually get there!

okay fuck off disney channel

Hey he y hey tip for parents:

Unless it was an awful experience and your child is guaranteed to have the same experience you did, dont stop your kids from doing something just because it turned out it wasnt right for you. Let your kids build their own identity. Why is this such a hard concept to understand.

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Just because I am pansexual does not make me “slutty.” It does not mean I want to sleep with everyone or whatever. I am capable of a monogamous, long-term relationships, as I have demonstrated in the past. I am not going to run off with one of my friends. I want to be able to have friends without people thinking I’m going to have sex with all of them due to my sexuality. I was afraid and ashamed of who I was for far too long, and I refuse to be any longer. Stop making me into a stereotype.

I think I get to credit myself w being the reason Sierra and Jesse started dating officially. I made a text post that said “I’m undateable bc I refuse to stop thinking” n Sierra reblogged it which prompted Jesse 2 be like “wait are we not dating?” And love is alive n a thing of purity and nuance