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Hey he y hey tip for parents:

Unless it was an awful experience and your child is guaranteed to have the same experience you did, dont stop your kids from doing something just because it turned out it wasnt right for you. Let your kids build their own identity. Why is this such a hard concept to understand.

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12 Days of Christmas: Under the Mistletoe ~ Roin and Arch 🎄

I’m really not liking my art at the moment but I’ve been planning this damn series all year and I refuse to allow my self hatred stop me from posting one thing on time so yeah -there will be 12 in this set, they won’t be posted daily, just whenever I get them done, and all leading up to Christmas as some gifts to my peeps. Starting with Roin and @evphaedrielle ’s Arch for reasons 😗

Eden prolly wouldn’t have mistletoe, or any traditions surrounding it, but considering the planet was once connected to Earth a long, long time ago, some of the foliage would be similar, or at least mutated strings from common Earth plants. Roin, being a “newer” race wouldn’t know anything about it either but considering Arch has been around from the start (and ignoring the fact that Christmas or related holidays didn’t exist in ancient Earth and Eden cultures) would know something along the line and would prolly come up with a (sexy) tradition of his own that he and Roin could practice 😏 -that’s my story anyway and I’m sticking with it, gives Roin a reason to be holding up some mistletoe over he and Arch’s heads 😅

Anywho, so yes, Roin (red hair) is mine, Arch (steel blue hair) is @evphaedrielle ’s. He’s in partial unmasked form for spacial issues, not because I forgot his antlers 😆 #art #traditionalart #traditionalartist #12daysofchristmas #underthemistletoe #eden #roin #arch #roinandarch #boylove #hunter #elkinphyr #gifts #holidays #sketchbook #myart #myworks #oc #ocs #originalcharacters #manga #copics #love

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