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RFA+Saeran and V Receive a Valentines Day Card from MC


  • “Well this cute butt of mine has kept you around for five years now,” he chuckled from the couch. 
  • “It’s really a powerful thing,” you agreed and relaxed into the cushions. 
  • He leaned in closer. “Isn’t there anything else you like about me?” 
  • “Hmm…like what?” you teased and pretended like you couldn’t think of anything else. 
  • An arm slipped around your waist and pulled you down roughly. 
  • Yoosung hovered over you with a flare of passion to his eyes as he looked down at your body. 
  • Your heart beat accelerated in excitement. 
  • His hand slowly wandered up and down the side of your frame.
  • “I could think of a few things…” his deep voice made you shiver. 
  • “Maybe a few things…” you swallowed. 
  • Because I am obsessed with older Yoosung 


  • You two were laying in bed when you handed him the envelope 
  • He sat up and hugged you to his chest with on arm 
  • When he read it his smile spread so wide he chuckled 
  • “We’re so perfect for each other!” 
  • You giggled as he started kissing you all over and dragged you both back down onto the bed


  • A small smile broke out
  • She looked up with an eyebrow raised at you
  • You held up a copy of the Promiscuous Jalapeno 
  • “I am willing to watch this, because I love you.” 
  • Jaehee’s smile only grew. “Are you trying to seduce me?”
  • You winked. “Maybe~”


  • You held up a bottle of red wine
  • “I’ve got wine and I’m not wearing any underwear,” you stated in a seductive tone. 
  • His eyes widened for a second and you could see his excitement 
  • He put down the card and pulled you close
  • “A woman after my own heart,” he smirked. 
  • You bit your lip. “Happy Valentines Day.”  ❤ 


  • “Happy Valentines Day!” you exclaim and hand him the card. 
  • He takes it, “Well well well, I bet it’s about my ravenous looks right?”  
  • He starts to read a loud, “Things I will never do: Give you up. Let you down. Run around…” he grew silent as the rest sunk in. 
  • He threw the card and started to walk away to the bedroom. “NO! NO! I REFUSE!” you heard him yell. 
  •  “I can’t believe you Rick rolled me on Valentines Day!!!” he shouted. 
  • You were laughing hysterically. 
  • “And they say I’m the sadist?” he exclaimed. 
  • You were leaning against the couch trying to catch your breath. 
  • He stomped out of the room and right up to you. 
  • Before you knew what was happening he picked you up. 
  • “There’s no way you’re getting away with this!” he said and locked the bedroom door behind you two. 
  • Aw, young love. 


  • You smiled so proud of yourself as you handed him the card and a pen. 
  • He handed it back to you
  • He had written no with a box next to it and checked it
  • You frowned. “Saeran! That’s not how this works!” you pouted. 
  • He patted your head. “I know,” he smirked. 
  • But your pouting face was so sexy he couldn’t resist 
  • “I’ll make it up to you…” he stated as he bent down to capture your lips. 


  • Imagine the card like this but also in braille 
  • He would blush and love how considerate it was
  • “I love you V,” you held his face in your hands. “I’ll kiss you and tell you how much every time you doubt it.” 
  • He covered your hands with his and smiled. 
  • And looked down at you with his bright blue eyes. 
  • “Than I’m the luckiest man in the world,” he replied.

BONUS: Vanderwood (by popular request) 

  • MC: *hopeful smile*   。◕‿◕。
  • Vanderwood: What is this?  ( ಠ_ಠ)
  • MC: A Valentines Day pun! \(^ω^\)
  • Vanderwood: Why? ( ಠ_ಠ)
  • MC: *making sad eyes like a seal* B-but, the bed.  \(◕︵◕\)
  • Vanderwood: Don’t you have work you need to do?   ┐(≖︿≖)
  • MC: *deflated* You’re right…  o(╥﹏╥)o
  • I’ll have to practice my Vanderwood writing…

It’s 2015…

And people are still complaining about characters not ‘looking/acting *insert ethnicity here* enough to be that ethnicity’…

We still have people insisting that satire anime like Hetalia are offensive

while ignoring the fact that we had an satire anime/manga series where the main on-going joke was about a sucidally depressed homeroom teacher and his classroom full of teenage girls who have one mental disorder or another.

We still have people insisting that  there are no video games with good, well-developed female characters but refuse to play games that actually have them on accounts of:

Them being too sexy

Too 'feminine' 

Or because (and I can’t believe I had to read this) they like the color pink.

It’s 2015…

And people are still harrassing people over stupid shit like headcanons.

It’s 2015 and people are still mentioning JonTron calling a broken PS4 digital service 'retarded’ and insisting that Markiplier is bad because he said that if a woman attacks a man, the man should be able to fight back but also that no one should be hitting anyone.

It’s 2015 and people are still saying that people who make fun of vile dictators like Kim Jong Un are racists and 'the worst kind of people’.

Oh my Old Ones, what the hell is the rest of this year going to be like..?

My friend asked me to take him to a poetry reading, and when we got there, he refused to leave. We were there for hours and I eventually got so mad and frustrated with asking him if we could leave, that I just left without him. Later, he showed up at my house and told me he owned the roof (but not the rest of it) and if I ever went on my roof that he would kill me.

Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.6

                                                 Part S I X 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 3k+

A/N: 100 notes is the goal, lovelies! im so happy a bunch of you are enjoying this series. i love writing each part knowing that a lot of you will be satisfied to read it! gives me a ton of confidence in my writing xx

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve,

                                                 I M A G I N E

Helsinki, 23:07 P.M. (post-concert, almost midnight)

“Hold on for a sec.” 

Those words stood still in the silence, making your bones completely freeze and stop you from joining the rest of the boys outside. The yanking of your hem became a distant memory as you looked up at the sweaty, yet stern-faced Calum right in front of you. 

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Best Friend!Wonwoo

Originally posted by soonrongs

- You probably met through a mutual friend because, let’s face it, Wonwoo would be too shy to approach you

- He was extremely shy at first and a little awkward, but super fluffy and adorable so that’s okay

- As he got more comfortable with you, he’d send you jokes throughout the day

- And pictures of stuff that reminded him of you (”Look, this phone case reminded me of you!” or “Look, I was googling pictures of tigers (don’t ask why) and this baby one is you when you’re mad!”)

- His feet are always cold and that means he’s always placing them on you sorry

- You guys are on the same wavelength and even finish each other’s sentences, which really annoys Woozi

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Lionhearted - part 3 - nessian fic

Summary: Nesta and Cassian go on their first date and try to figure out how they work when they aren’t expected to bicker all the time. Nesta has a candid conversation with Feyre about their mother. Later, as Nesta and Cassian are beginning to find a rhythm as a couple, an emergency interrupts their progress.

Notes: This is… going to be 5 parts now. Just an FYI. I don’t know how this happened. Thanks this time to @acourtofstarsanddreams for helping me figure out jobs and apartments, and @illyriantremors for helping me make their first date more awkward :D

Part one, Part two : AO3 for comments : this chapter rated T : tw brief mention of Feyre’s abuse


When Nesta made this date, she wasn’t thinking clearly.

She considered canceling, considered calling and just saying that it was a mistake, no hard feelings, that she wasn’t ready to go out with anyone.

Instead, when she called Cassian the next day, she reminded him that she lived outside the city and that he would likely need to leave early to make it to her place on time. She still had that nagging question in the back of her mind and had considered backing out then. But the smooth, confident tone in his voice had done something to her doubts, and by the time Nesta had shoved her phone back into her pocket, they had decided on a restaurant and a time and he knew her address.

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The Best Day of Your Life

Anon:  Soulmate AU! Where on your fifteenth birthday the name of your soulmate appears above your heart.  With Jaybird please!

A/N:  You have no idea how excited I am for this.  Jay is my true love, and thinking about this request just gives me chills ^.^

(Y/F/S) – Your favorite show

Word Count:  This is hella long.  I have no regrets.  7,087

Warnings:  Language, sexual talk, sexual crap going on (not much detail)  NO SMUT

Also, this is my first reader insert.   So, please, cut me some slack!  And you may notice some similarity to Batman: Under the Red Hood. Well that’s because that is what I was going for.  But I had no way to watch it when I wrote this, so it is definitely different.  Oh well.  Let me know what you think!

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Lin-Manuel Miranda caps a huge ‘Hamilton’ year with 'Moana’ (L.A. Times):

[…] When did “Moana” come to you?

I can trace the journey of “Moana” in the journey of my son’s life. I found out I got the job on “Moana” the same day I found out I was going to be a father. My wife was going on a business trip and she was leaving first thing in the morning. She turned to me and said, “You’re gonna be a father. I gotta go catch a plane.”

And I went, “What? That’s great.” And fell back asleep. I had to call her back for confirmation. Then I got the call later that afternoon that I got the job. They called me again and said, “We’re all going to New Zealand this weekend; you’re leaving first thing in the morning.” It was pre-“Hamilton.” So I’ve been working on this for two years and seven months. My son [just] turned 2.

It was really kind of an incredible journey. And the “Hamilton” phenomenon happened while I was writing it.

How did you split the time?

I had to really protect my writing time. In one sense it was really great, because, you know, when something is as successful as “Hamilton” everyone wants a piece of you. Everyone wants 10 minutes to talk about their pitch, or press, or what have you. The things that come with the success of a thing.

I got the luxury of having to say no to a ton because I was like, “Tuesdays and Thursdays are full-time ‘Moana’ writing days.” I would meet via Skype with the creative writing team at 5 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday, then I would go to the chiropractor, then I would get into costume for a 7 p.m. show. It was built into my performance schedule.

I also had the luxury of amazing singers in the building — so a lot of my early demos for “Moana” is [the “Hamilton” cast]. Pippa [Phillipa] Soo, who played my wife, singing Moana’s tunes, and Chris Jackson, who played George Washington, singing Maui’s tunes. He’s actually in the movie: He’s the singing voice of Moana’s dad.


What was the key that unlocked the character of Moana for you?

The thing that resonated for me with Moana is she is not someone who hates where she is. Moana loves her family, she loves her island. She knows she’s got responsibilities and she’s ready to embrace them. And yet there is this voice inside her that says you’re not supposed to be here, you’re supposed to be somewhere else.

I can relate to that. I was a kid who was always making stuff. I didn’t know whether I wanted to make action movies or animated cartoons or musicals, but I was always just making stuff. My parents were like, “This is not practical. You’ll be a great lawyer.” And it was never gonna happen. I loved my parents and I loved where I lived, but I also had this voice that was, what’s the distance between me and what I want. That’s what I tried to imbue her with without villainizing the things around her. It’s not “there must be more than this provincial life,” it’s “I love it here and yet; and yet every time I absentmindedly walk I find myself at the water again.”

Given the love for “Hamilton” in the world, given that its journey is not over by a long shot, there is going to be some high school in Kansas that wants to mount a production of “Hamilton” and all of the roles are gonna be played by white kids. Is that missing the point? Or is that the point?

When it comes to kids, I relax all of my rules. When I think from my perspective I got to be a son in “Fiddler,” I got to be Conrad Birdie, I got to play roles that I’ll never get to play as an adult. Once you’re an adult, the world puts you in a box and you’re cast by type and ethnicity. I directed “West Side Story” my senior year in high school. I was one of the only Latino kinds in my school, so my Sharks were white and Asian. At the same time, I was able to flip that into a teaching moment. I brought my dad in to do dialect coaching so it wasn’t [bad] Hollywood accents, it was authentic Puerto Rico accents that these kids were attempting.

I hope there’s enough in “Hamilton” that if you go to a school where there are literally no kids of color — and that is increasingly rare in our country, which is a good thing — your job is to honor the story. For me “In the Heights” has been this. I get joy from both sides of it. I get joy that kids who go to schools that are largely white suddenly are waving Dominican flags around and having to learn Spanish to understand what they’re singing. So they’re getting a dose of cultural education by virtue of doing this show they like. Whether or not they have quote unquote permission to do it. They’re getting it. The medicine is going in. You now have empathy for a group of people that have never been in your school.

I’m grateful for that. Then when a school in the South Bronx does it and it’s all black and Latino kids and the sense of ownership and pride they feel — like this is ours, this is about our families — there’s no quantifying the joy I get from seeing a production like that.

I think keeping kids from art is not something that’s interesting to me. Now, regional productions are a whole different thing. When you’re in a professional production it’s like, cast [it] right. Save yourself the headache of everything that comes with a very important conversation about cultural appropriation.

Is there somebody who has the ‘How to be a Celebrity’ playbook that you’re cribbing from? You’ve navigated the pre-“Hamilton” to post-“Hamilton” transition better than most.

You learn very quickly that the trappings of it is how much you bring to it. If you surround yourself with three security guards and an entourage, people are gonna look at you. As opposed to my friend Josh Groban, who takes the train to work. And he’s Josh Groban. He’s got millions of fans. He wears it lightly. He’s still just a guy. I’m inspired by that. I refuse to sit on a pedestal that people want to put you on. I’ll write a dumb tweet in the morning and someone will be like, “Pulitzer Prize winner. Can’t get his coffee right.”

You can’t stop being the person you were just because more people are looking at you. […]

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Fluffy Thomas/James headcanons

- After they reunite, James regrows his hair. They spend lazy Sunday morning reading under a tree, James resting his head in Thomas’ lap and Thomas running his fingers through James’ hair.

- They live in the cutest little cottage. Silver brings a book every time he visits (I refuse to believe they’re gonna have a falling out). Soon, the cottage is overflowing with books.

- They grow vegetables that they sell on the market in the nearby village. It’s a simple life but they are content. James has a bit of the treasure stashed away just in case.

- Madi and Thomas becomes the best of friends

- Silver and Madi eventually have a child. Thomas reads bedtimes stories to the child every time they visit. James is usually the one who falls asleep first because he finds his boyfriend’s voice so soothing.

- They spend most of their days working on the farm and most nights reading and discussing literature. As they get older, Thomas eyes starts growing tired from long reading sessions in dim light. James doesn’t say anything when he notices, but he makes it a habit to read out loud every evening.


He pretends not to notice when he hears Eren settle behind him, feels the boy rest his head against the small of Levi’s back.

If the music filled them both, how could Levi refuse?

@inkshaming wrote a thing and it’s so beautiful, Y’ALL DON’T EVEN KNOOOW ㅠㅡㅠ

please read it because it has pianist!levi and all good things ereri :’)

Sleepy (Grayson)

request: (kkswaggles) Hey, I live for your imagines!! I’m a Gray girl tho… So could you do one where like y/n’s all sleepy and Gray starts like carrying her everywhere and being super cute (not that he isn’t already)? You can do with it what you want, it’s just an idea. Thanks! xx


word count: 590

Originally posted by coupleaims

I had my last final this morning and I was now finally free. Since it was a Friday night and the last day of school before break pretty much all of my friends were partying tonight. Honestly I don’t know how they can do it because I’m exhausted, I have been surviving on max 3 hours sleep a night for the past couple weeks and it has definitely caught up to me.

I heard my phone ringing in the kitchen so I walked through to answer it, glancing at the screen I saw it was Grayson calling.

“Hey babe.” I sighed.

“Hey princess, I’m going to come over is that okay?” he asked me. We had plans to celebrate finals being over together tonight.

“Can we do the celebration tomorrow night? I think I’m going to pass out I’m so tired.” I asked.

“Yeah of course, but I’m coming over anyway to see you.” he insisted. I smiled, he truly was the best boyfriend. We said our goodbyes and I laid on the couch and flicked on Netflix while I waited for him.


“Hey babe, I brought snacks, where are you?” Grayson called out as he entered my house. I groaned in response rubbing my eyes as I came to. “Oh my God, y/n I’m sorry I didn’t mean to wake you.” he said and rushed over to me. My eyes fluttered open to see my beautiful boyfriend kneeling at the couch. 

“It’s okay.” I mumbled back to him. He placed a kiss on my lips.

“I’m going to make us some food but I think you should sleep in bed not on this couch.” he said, I was convinced he was the most thoughtful guy on the planet but the idea of getting up and walking to my room didn’t appeal. Luckily Grayson read my mind. I felt his strong arms grip around my torso and lift me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist and rested my head on his shoulder as he carried me. He laid me down on my bed and pulled the blankets over me. I held onto his hand and refused to let it go.

“Cuddle me.” I moaned. I heard Grayson laughing a bit.

“I will, soon but you need to eat, let me go and I’ll come back soon.” he replied. I pouted and rolled over, snuggling down into bed.


“Foods ready, let me take you out to the kitchen so you don’t get it all over your bed.” Grayson said as he picked me up, I could get used to being carried around all the time. As he plonked me down on a bar stool my eyes fluttered open. He had made us both grilled cheese sandwiches because he knew it was my favorite, what a sweetheart.

“Your so cute.” I mumbled to him as he sat down beside me. He smiled and we ate. Grayson made most of the conversation, he told me about his day and I just sat there and listened as I could barely form a response I was so tired. When we both finished and he picked me up again, carrying me back to my bed. This time he got in next to me, wrapping me in a tight hug, as my eyes closed again he kissed me all over my face. I wanted to tell him how much this meant to me but the overwhelming tiredness overcame me and I was out like a light, dreaming of more nights like this one.

newyorkrican922  asked:

Bawson - #2 “Have you lost your damn mind!?”

Prompt: Have you lost your damn mind?

This is a companion piece to the previous chapter “A Special Season”. It’s not exactly a prequel, but it does happen before that chapter takes place.

“I can’t believe you dragged me here,” Ginny mumbles as she lays in the hospital bed, her beanie askew on her fuzzy head.

“You’ve been throwing up for two days,” Mike replies, sitting on the bed beside her. He’s removed his own beanie, his head dark with new growth. He pulls the blanket up around her waist. “Why won’t you let me take care of you?”

“Because I’m fine.”

“Well then humor an old man, would you?”

“I can’t. I’m hungry.”
He leaves the room, asks the nurses for her previously refused dinner tray. He brings it back into the room and sets it on the moving table that he slides over to her bed before he removes the cloche. “Ooh you got that chicken soup you like.”

“I can’t believe I’m back on soft food,” she whines.

“Well you’ve got ice cream for dessert,” he replies as he opens her plastic spoon. Ginny opens her mouth and Mike smirks, rolling his eyes. “Seriously?”

She shrugs. “You said you wanted to take care of me.”

He feeds her the soup, wiping her mouth with a napkin after every few spoonfuls.

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Originally posted by wonhontology

Synopsis: Get an insight into the job requirements of a celebrity. 

Genre: Angst/ Adrenaline? (LOL I don’t know for this one)

Warnings: Violence and Cursing. (There will be more violence and explicit scenes in future chapters. 



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RP Starters for kids/kid muses!

( These are starters that can be used with kid muses! This was a request. )


Rain, Rain: Our muses play in rain puddles together during a light shower!

Go away: One muse hides under the bed from the big storm outside!

Monsters!: One muse is convinced there’s a monster under the bed!

I didn’t do it!: One muse drew/painted all over the walls!

Ready or not!: Our muses play a game of hide-and-seek!

I’m not going!: One muse really doesn’t want to go to school!

But I’m not tired: One muse simply refuses to go to bed! 

Excuse me, sir: Our muses go house to house selling chocolate!

Sugar rush: One muse had way too much candy and is now super hyper!

Pretend: Our muses play ‘pretend’ together - costumes and all!

Ouchies: One muse falls down and scrapes up their knee!

Nightmare: One muse wakes up from a scary nightmare!

Uh oh!: One muse gets caught stealing some candy from the store!

Yuck!: One muse refuses to eat their healthy veggies during dinner!

Would you like a glass?: Our muses open a lemon-aid stand! 

Time to bake!: Our muses make pie… except, it’s made out of mud.

Play with me! Now.: One muse demands the other plays with them!

I’m fi- achoo!: One muse is sick… but they refuse to stay in bed and rest!

Birthday: One muse throws a a giant birthday party for the other!

Splish splash: One muse teaches the other how to swim!

Read to me: One muse reads the other a bed-time story!

Tag, your it!: Our muses play a fun game of tag!

Oh no…: One muse got lost on their way home from school!

I want it!: One muse throws a tantrum in the store for a toy/item they want!

Draw with me: Our muses finger-paint together!

The mean kid: One muse is being bullied by another student!

Peaceful outing: Our muses go to the park together!

It’s a giraffe!: Our muses go to the zoo! One is scared of some of the animals.

Just a few more minutes: One muse is too obsessed with watching t.v!

Makeover!: One muse insists to give the other a makeover - makeup and all!

A fort for us: Our muses make a blanket/pillow fort together!

Pillows: Our muses have a pillow fight!

Up all night: Our muses have a sleepover with snacks and movies!

Boo-hoo: One muse is having a bad day and keeps crying over everything!

Snip Snip: One muse tries to give themselves a hair-cut… and fails.

I’ll fix it!: One muse breaks something and tries to fix it with glue before someone notices!

Do you want to build a snowman?: One muse wants to play in the snow! However, the other would rather stay inside.

It’s mine!: One muse simply refuses to share any of their things!

Rotten: One muse keeps misbehaving everywhere they go!

Detention: One muse gets in trouble for something at school!

Turtle: One muse is too shy to play with others and stays alone!

Can we keep him?: One muse brings an animal home without permission!

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry if what I am asking is against your rules of not picking up works after others have scanned. But the group that originally translated the first two chapters of HASHIBA Mizu's Harami Bara absolutely refuse to translate the rest of the manga because they found out it has m-preg. You're the only group I know who are willing touch m-preg so is there anyway you can either translate the rest or help in getting someone else to translate it?

lol whaaa the fuk. they should know that it’s mpreg just by the title alone. i read it up until i saw some labor axn but i dropped it bc the story is repetitive and meh. i love me some mpreg, but if the story is boring, i sure as heck don’t want to spend time scanlating it. 

there are much better mpreg stories out there imo!

The One Event Your Story MUST Have

“What if I told you that removing one event from Harry Potter’s life would stop his story from ever happening?”

*intrigued Voldy noises*

Yes, one thing would’ve fixed it all for Voldemort. Just stop one thing from happening, and life would’ve gone back to being great for him. There wouldn’t have been a kid around to stop him from getting that Elixir of Life. He would’ve gotten a body again, maybe one with hair and a nose, and gone back to his favorite hobbies: morning house elf kicking, going down to the pub with his Death Eaters, Avada Kedavra-ing the bartender because he doesn’t serve snake milk, taking over more of the wizarding world every day – all of it. If he’d known about this all-important scene, and had the wherewithal to stop it, he could’ve prevented his life from spiraling into this:

This was a particular low point. Even lower than becoming an evil infant.

Happily for us and Harry, Voldemort never bothered to study the science of story, and obviously wasn’t a writer. Writers know this scene instinctively, and their brains are geared to generate these story events endlessly.

So! What story event holds all this power? An event that can make or break the story? To find out, let’s remove it from some movies and see what happens.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them:

Kowalski never picks up Newt’s case. In fact, Jacob gets run over by a renegade penny-farthing rider just before he picks it up. Newt grabs his magical suitcase, and continues about his business.

Yup, Jacob gets runs over by this guy.

  And Newt doesn’t even notice. 


Rapunzel asks Gothel if she can go see the floating lights for her birthday. Gothel doesn’t say “You may never ask to leave this tower again.” She instead says, “Sure! Let’s go. Bring a thermos of hazelnut soup for the trip.”

Uh … yum.

Harry Potter:

Voldemort gets a job at the post office and intercepts every Hogwarts letter sent to Harry. He then sabotages every attempt the wizarding world makes to contact Harry. Maybe he even fakes Harry’s death.

And Harry continues his lifetime of frying bacon for Dudley.

So, with these changes, what happens next in these stories?

– Newt finishes his business in New York, and sails back to London.

– Rapunzel goes on a trip, returns to her tower, finds Flynn there, hits him with a frying pan, and he runs for his life.

– Harry never finds out he’s a wizard.

Or in other words, nothing. Nothing happens next. They have ceased to be stories.

How did removing one event stop them from happening?

Because the event we removed was the Catalyst. The inciting incident. The event that triggers CHANGE.

In stories, a catalyst causes things to happen. The hero is always paralyzed in some way in the beginning, their ordinary life stagnant and unchanging. The catalyst introduces change, motion, trouble. Without it, nothing else can happen. Which is why a villain would be really smart to keep his nemesis in that trouble-free life, and prevent any sort of catalyst that could trigger a story.

Oddly, heroes are far more prone to killing catalysts. Some ignore it, refuse to be affected by it, or – worst of all – complain about it. Imagine Harry getting the mysterious letters from no one, but having no desire to read it, simply wishing to keep things as they are. Imagine Newt shrugging when he discovers his case is gone, and saying “Well, I can get other magical creatures” before going back to London. Or Rapunzel being perfectly content to practice ventriloquism and dip candles for the rest of her life. This is why whiny main characters who “just want to be a normal person” or “just want to be happy” are so annoying: they are stopping their own story from happening.

So! This one is super easy. When you’re developing the foundation of your story, ask yourself these things: What event is going to trigger change in my hero’s life? And how will they react?



teruelfxonsuvar  asked:

Im drunk and sleep deprived and I just thought id share with you my headcanon that maybe ravus isnt frowning all the time, maybe he needs glasses and doesn't wear them and is actually just squinting because he cant see well

Squinting, having a hard time seeing, Ravus Nox Fleuret refuses to wear a part of glasses – even if that meant having to stare a bit too long at the menu at the restaurant as he and Ardyn are trying to have dinner to discuss ‘important matters.’ You know, the matters of how brilliant Ardyn is, that sort of thing.

Ravus stares. And stares. And frowns before he decides to just make up the first thing that comes to mind in terms of food that might be on the menu. Too bad his first instinct was to say ‘Garlic Bread…’ When they went out to a sushi place. He just panicked and had to rub his temples in embarrassment.

It isn’t until Ardyn digs into his vest pocket and puts a pair of really thick framed and thick-lensed glasses on Ravus’s nose, blessing the commander with the ability to – what do you know? – actually see. Ravus can finally read the Japanese all over the menu, ordering what he wants before Ardyn just tells Ravus to keep wearing the glasses just in case. That, and because Ravus with giant black frames that and a pout on his face was too cute of a sight of Ardyn to change.

And so that’s how Ravus got his first pair of glasses. They’re hideous. But they allow him to see, at least.

The Healing Properties of a Bath 2/5

2 - 1888

It was summer, sweltering hot and humid, quite unusual for our ordinary climate. London’s citizens were desperately scrambling about, seeking out its parks and gardens for the shade the trees had to offer. I, myself, was not made for heat like this, despite the time I had served in the war or perhaps because of it.

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