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I headcanon Ketch is all over 'alternative substances' ....

You know what, I think you’re right. But I don’t think his idea of a good time on drugs and DEAN’S idea of a good time on drugs is the same.

Dean is the “let’s split this joint and watch movies under some warm blankets and eat nachos” kind of dude

Ketch is the “let’s do cocaine off a stripper’s ass in the casino VIP lounge on a Tuesday afternoon” kind of dude

(Ketch is a thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie - motorcycle, tattoos, reckless awol missions/problem with authority, indiscriminate killing. Dean is not. Often they are poised as the same in canon, but their reasons for doing similar things are different, which I think would translate here as well.)


been drawing a lot of team gai lately lol thought i’d give a shot at drawing the other peeps from memory 

not too bad…xcept kankurou lmao. i tried with the girls and team gai, and just like, gave up with the dudes 

also i will always draw neji with black pants b/c i can’t with his canon outfit, he is definitely wearing a hyuuga onesie underneath that stupid black apron. tho it’s super similar to tenten, so i guess design wise thats why kishimoto did what he did but….sTILL…

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I recently came out as trans to my significant other, and they promptly dumped me. I knew they were transphobic, but i couldn't help but feel like they should've accepted me and loved me for who i am. Any advice?

I had to dump my ex because he refused to accept me for who I was when I came out numerous times (he wanted to stay with me, but wanted me to not transition)

My advice is: it’s okay to feel sad about it. It’s okay to grieve a lost relationship and think back on better times. It is equally important that you give yourself space and time to heal, and know that in the long run you will be better off. You will grow into the person you want to be. You may even find someone who will love you for who you are, not for who you have been forced to be. 

Realize that people can hold good inside them as well as bad, and it’s okay to miss them for the good times you remember. You don’t have to live with the bad though. How one person acts is not a reflection on you- it is on them.

It will suck, it will hurt, but you will come out of it. It will be okay, and you will be happier.

- Mod K


I just walked out on my job (I’ve *never* done this before, even at jobs I really really hated) because my boss THREW THIS POOR BABY IN THE TRASH when I told her I was concerned it was dying. She told me to throw it away and when I refused she snatched it from me and dumped it in the garbage like it didn’t even matter. I’m still battling tears because it upset me so bad. She’s been very abusive to me this whole time I’ve worked at this place but I sort of just ignored it and kept pushing through but this was the last straw. I got the poor thing out of the trash, stole a few things to make him comfy and I walked out. I don’t have the means to properly take care of this precious creature so I’m going to make a Craigslist ad and hope someone will adopt him :’( now I have to start applying for a new job so any good vibes for me and this lil angel are so appreciated

Zhu Jianqiang, which translates to “strong willed pig”, is the name of a pig that was born in China with only two front legs. The owner, Wang Xihai stated “my wife asked me to dump it but I refused as it’s a life. I thought I should give it a chance to survive and unexpectedly it survived healthy.” Following the birth, Xihai decided he would train the pig to walk and Zhu Jianqiang now gets around on her two front legs. He stated that a circus offered money to buy the pig but he refused, stating “she proved to us that no matter what form life is it should continue to live on. I won’t sell it no matter how much the offer is.“

Me Too.

Age 9. He was a family friends’ kid. 14-15 y.o. can’t say. He wanted to play doctor. Turned out he is sick. Still, can’t feel sympathy for him.

Age 13 to 15. He was a classmate. Made my life pure hell during and after school. Touching, insinuating things, calling at home. Nearly got raped. Threatened to beat me if I told someone. Now he’s a father. Now, men scare the hell out of me. Can’t have a proper and healthy relationship.

Age 20. One assumed I was a slut, hooking up with every single guy I knew. Told everyone he could. Apparently can’t remember now.

Age 20. Forced himself on me while falling asleep at a friend’s party. Managed to stop him, but he considerated me his girlfriend the day after then « dumped » me one day later because I refused to sleep with him.

Age 24. He came at me during girls night out. Couldn’t stop touching me and trying to kiss me eventhough I told him I was taken (wasn’t but still). Escaped thanks to a colleague who played my boyfriend and got me out of here.

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Doesn't the EQ messing with Belle's pregnancy break the deal she made with Rumple to leave Belle & their son alone? A deal made before the GQ nonsense. Belle needs to find out it was her & apologise to Rumple (this is NOT anti-belle, I'm making reference to S1 when Emma thought August was working with Regina & then found out it was Sidney & found him later to apologise for wrongly accusing him). I don't like blame being dumped on 1 person or someone refusing to admit when they're wrong.

Please note this is a positive post. No Rumple or Belle bashing.

I’m furious with the Evil Queen and yeah, it does break their deal and Rumple isn’t going to allow her to forget it. Good. Since Season 1 she has been throwing a wrench into Rumbelle’s progress and I’m 1000% done with other people/half people/entities/unborn babies inserting themselves into this relationship where they DON’T BELONG. Let Rumbelle make mistakes, but let them be their mistakes.

Blame for this is terrible situation is certainly not all Belle and it’s certainly not all Rumple. Blame is a vicious finger-pointing circle that accomplishes nothing.

Yeah, if it were me writing, I would be having Belle find out immediately that it was the EQ, apologize for getting it wrong, and go tear the harpy’s hair out. I’d have Belle learning from this and other questionable decisions that she’s made. They haven’t been without reason, but Rumple has been misunderstood and no one will tell Belle what she needs to know. She’s in the light about his bad deeds, but not about his honorable ones. It’s the exact opposite of 4A when Belle knew all the sweet wonderful things Rumple was doing and none of the wrong.

I would also have Rumple learning from his bad decisions…his threats, long-suffering silence, secrecy, and the fact that he was going to use the sands until Belle convinced him not to is what led to 6x09′s reckless conclusions. Trust issues run deep on both sides but LOVE is still there. I see it. I’ve always seen it. Rumple and Belle’s faces and the pitch of their voices show their desperation. They weren’t simply talking this episode, they were begging. 

 And when I say Rumple and Belle need to learn I don’t mean they, and by extent the fans, need to be PUNISHED. I mean forgiveness. I mean actual character growth for them both. Heck, if it were my decision, I would lock my precious ones up in a padded room and MAKE THEM TALK. No running away, no accusing, no magic-throwing, no threats, no ultimatums. Not from either party. 

I also want to know exactly what the deal is with Morpheus and what he has led Belle to believe. He’s insisted twice now that it’s OUR dream world, not just Belle’s. That tells me he is influencing the environment and Belle’s decisions beyond what a regular in utero baby is capable of and yes, I feel owed an explanation. 

And I want Gideon Gold back in both his parents’ arms like NOW.

A message to all them fuckboys:

You’re b e t t e r than this. Please, try to be a *little* bit more respectful of our dignity. We have feelings, just like you. Catcalling us as we walk down the street and telling us we have “nice tits” on social media is not complimenting to many. In fact, it’s usually considered harassment. It wears down our integrity and self-esteem more than you may think.

Don’t tell me you love me and then dump me when I refuse to have sex with you. Don’t tell me I mean the world to you, and then tell me I mean nothing when I keep you from getting inside my pants. In my opinion, it’s just disrespectful and inhuman.

I’m not going to speak for everyone. But I will speak for myself and those who I know feel the same.


And btw can u just stop with the whats in ur pants bullshit? It’s really weird k thx baiii cx

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Klaroline + "So my friends dared me to ask a random person out on a date and the person I asked actually said yes wth do I do?!" :)

The atmosphere of the club was electric, but Caroline Forbes felt anything but.

“He dumped me! The bastard actually dumped me because I refused to get down on my knees and suck his dick dry everytime we had sex. Do you know how unsatisfying it was to give and not receive? He would just pass out and start snoring!” Caroline pronounces in disgust.

Katherine Pierce, her ridiculously gorgeous co worker who never had any sort of trouble holding onto her men, crosses her legs and sips at her drink. With toned legs a mile long and a head full of dark curls, not to mention the throaty voice, Katherine was the sort of woman that men aspired to be with and women wanted to be. 

She was currently engaged to Elijah Mikaelson though, and together the two of them made the ultimate power couple, what with both of them being high flying lawyers.

“It sounds like you’re better off without him babe. I’m not really sure why you’re getting so worked up about it? In all honestly, Tyler was a dud anyway, I just didn’t want to tell you because I know how upset you were after I scared off Matt…”

The other thing about Katherine Pierce being your best friend? She was kind of intense and weirdly protective when it came to the men in her life.

Despite Caroline’s protestations, Katherine insisted on meeting each of her boyfriends, insisting that she had to judge them worthy. Tyler never did get to meet Katherine. Maybe she could have saved herself the embarrassment and months of really shitty sex.

Caroline throws her hands up in the air in frustration.

“It’s the injustice of it all! He was the one that was rubbish at sex, and yet I’m the one getting dumped? I’ll have you know that I am awesome at sex.” She says, perhaps a little too loudly as a passing suit gives her a lecherous wink.

Katherine just sighs, sipping at her drink again.

“Look I get it, you’re horny, you’ve been devoid of intelligent companionship for months now- present company excluded.” Katherine notes with a quick flash of teeth. “So you need to put yourself back out there and find a gorgeous, intelligent, well rounded man that is actually deserving of you and your awesome sex skills.”

“I also need a new vibrator.” Caroline deadpans as Katherine rolls her eyes. “My Rabbit died last week.”

“Babe, go and find a man who will satisfy your needs and you won’t need a vibrator, trust me.”

Caroline’s eyes shoot into her hairline at that seemingly satisfied pronouncement.

“Are you seriously saying that Elijah Mikaelson is enough to satisfy your needs Kat? He’s so stiff, it’s like he walks around with a pole shoved up his-“ She trails off at the glare her best friend levels her with.

“Caroline, did you really think I was marrying the man for his money?” Katherine asks, one perfect eyebrow arched at her. “The man is a freak in the bedroom.”

Caroline reaches for her drink and downs it in one, before grabbing Katherine’s out of her hand and finishing it off as well.

“I will need at least one more drink before I can erase that statement from my mind and pretend that I never heard those words fall from your lips. I’m getting mental images.”

Katherine’s eyes leave hers for a moment, scanning the club with a single minded determination.

Caroline can practically see the idea forming in Katherine’s head, and just knows that it won’t bode well for her.

“Okay, so how about you go and get a drink. And while you’re there, I dare you to ask the blonde guy leaning up against the bar on a date.”

Caroline just sighs, twisting her upper body so she can see out of the booth and down to the bar where Katherine is still gazing. Her eyes land on the male in question, and she has to stop herself from staring.

Because he’s actually pretty easy on the eyes. Her ex boyfriend hadn’t exactly been a looker, but he’d had a hot body and their first time together had been okay. Not her best, but certainly not her worst.

But this guy… this guy is something else entirely. It’s not just the chiselled jawline and the sandy blonde hair, it’s the way he carries himself, exuding confidence and totally at ease with the situation as he sips from a bottle of beer.

She’s not sure if he’s here alone or if he’s waiting for someone or whatever, but when she turns back to Katherine there’s a silent challenge in Katherine’s expression.


Caroline grabs her purse, stepping down from the booth, steadying herself as the alcohol she’d just drank washes over her senses, making her sway a little.

She makes her way towards the bar, winding her way around sweaty bodies, stepping up to an open spot next to the hot blonde guy.

She can feel her gaze on him and turns to meet his eyes, cocking her head to the side.

“Alright there love?” The blonde guy pronounces with a bemused smile, British accent coming through loud and clear. Of fucking course.

“My friend dared me to ask you out on a date.”

“Okay.” Blonde guy replies with a laugh. “I wouldn’t dare refuse Katherine Pierce. She is engaged to my brother after all.”


“Wait you’re being serious?” Caroline yells above the music, even as the bartender settles her drinks in front of her.

Blonde guy sticks out his hand with a grin.

“Klaus Mikaelson. Perhaps we should start off properly. I can’t very well go to dinner with you without knowing your name.”

She takes his proffered hand with a tentative smile.

“Caroline Forbes, lovely to meet you. Katherine is going to have a field day with this.”