i refuse to cry about it

I'm in need of help

I’m a non-binary pal who just found out that a mere consultation with the plastic surgeon regarding top surgery, which I’ve wanted for 6 years now, will cost 138$ (dollars)… I want to cry, my parents don’t know and they will refuse to cover it

Would anyone support me if I set up a PayPal account and did commissions?

It seems like a lot has forgotten but Yuuri Katsuki has pride. A lot of it. This is why mistakes bother him so much no matter how little it was. This is why he hides his face and refuse to interact with the people at Hasetsu train station. He lost at the GPF and the Nationals. He’s ashamed of himself for failing that much. His pride was severely damaged since he didn’t fulfill the two goals he had set for himself at his JSF profile:

1.) To not cry during a competition

2.) To be victorious in the GPF. *Usually when an athlete says “victory”, they mean ‘get gold”

Add the fact that the GPF is just the 3rd most prestigious figure skating competition (Worlds is 2nd, Olympics is 1st), Yuuri’s self confidence would have been shaken to the core. He couldn’t get a bronze in the GPF. He couldn’t even get the top spot at the Nationals. What hope does he have for anything else? What is there for him to be proud of?

No wonder Yuuri hit rock bottom. He’s a sore loser because his pride couldn’t take it. His epic career slump is hardcore proof. His pride also magnified his lost spectacularly in his perspective that it took him ages to lick his wounds and get right back up.

To cultivate pride, reputation is a huge factor. So obviously, reputation would mean a lot to Yuuri. He’s very sensitive about it. In fact, the first thing he did after bombing his FS at Sochi was to check the news and the social media for comments about him. He was even upset with Phichit when he posted online the picture of drunk!Viktor clinging on him before the SP at the Cup of China.

Reputation is important to Yuuri. He values his dignity. His pride depends on it.

So wouldn’t the reveal of his drunk shenanigans in EP10 absolutely devastated him? For everybody else in the series, it was funny and memorable. Even us fans think the same. But for Yuuri? That probably felt like the end of his world. He made a fool of himself in front of the ISU, sponsors, coaches, and fellow athletes. He had dragged Japan and his family name through the mud. He’s now a laughingstock - a goddamn joke.

His pride took a heavy blow before the GPF SP. His reputation and dignity is gone. It’s miracle that he looked calm as he skated Eros… or not.

He probably kept lying to himself before his performance with an unknowing Viktor’s supporting him (Yeah, Viktor doesn’t know Yuuri’s pain because he will definitely hide it from him. What happened in Sochi was obviously a treasured memory of Viktor. Yuuri isn’t that heartless to taint it with his own issues. So kept his problems on his own.) He then must have convinced himself enough that he’s ok. He’s alright. Everything is fine. Everything will be just perfect. So he smiled with confidence built on lies and kissed his ring for further reassurance. (He’s still a total wreck inside barely holding himself together)

Then he skated and everything went shit.

Yuuri’s SP at Barcelona is devoid of seduction because he’s focusing too much on perfection. He desperately needed clean and perfect quad jumps. Quad jumps will help him win. He has to win because if he does, he’ll get his dignity back. He can mend his pride. He would be able to make up for the scandal he had caused in Sochi. Everybody loves a winner. Gaining victory will make everything alright. He must podium. He must get gold.

But then he flubbed his quad flip. He touched the ice. His SP was imperfect. His score would definitely be lower than what he wanted. He failed. He lost. Everything that he gives a damn about depended on that performance and he fucked it up. So Yuuri crumbles under the pressure and wept his heartbreak on the ice.

The other day I was at work and I had a customer start loudly complaining that the girl in line in front of him was paying for her food with an EBT card (food stamps). He starts loudly proclaiming right in earshot of her “look at this girl! She’s clearly able to work, why is she using food stamps? That’s bullshit! I work hard, I should get food stamps too!” I gritted my teeth and waited for the now-angry and tearful girl to leave, embarrassed, and then promptly refused to serve him. “I’m a customer, you have to serve me!”

“No, I refuse to serve a man who just made a girl cry and be embarrassed. You don’t know her. There could be a thousand mitigating circumstances in her life that you don’t know about.”

“Where is your manager???”

“Taking care of a customer less of an asshole than you. Get out of my store.”

My managers weren’t happy with my language, but they understood that a guy like that won’t be served at our store ever again.


Summary: All you want is for Bucky Barnes to talk to you. One night, you get just that, and a tiny bit more.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, sad reader maybe?

Word count: 871

A/N: I’m just getting started over here. I haven’t posted my writing in over  a year and a half so I apologize that I’m a bit rusty.

He doesn’t speak to you. Ever. And you know you shouldn’t take it personally, but you definitely do. He talks to Steve, he talks to Sam, and he even talks to Tony for crying out loud. But he refuses to speak to you if he doesn’t have to.

Natasha insists that he’s just shy, but after about 6 months of living in the tower, he should have warmed up to you. Maybe he just doesn’t like you. Sometimes you’re a bit outspoken, and sometimes you get a little too excited over small things, and you can’t help but be overly-friendly with people. Whereas he is quiet and reserved and basically the complete opposite of you.

You sigh.

If only he wasn’t so disgustingly adorable with those baby blue eyes, long brown hair that he can’t ever seem to have tamed, those gorgeously broad shoulders, his chiseled torso that was sculpted by the gods, and oh boy his arms, specifically the metal one. What you would do to find out what he could do with that metal arm.

God (Y/N), get it together.

You save yourself from totally spacing out and decide to check the clock. 2:17 AM.

Fuck you did it again, missed out on sleep just thinking about some guy who definitely isn’t thinking about you. You toss and turn trying to find any trace of sleep only to come up empty handed. You decided the gym was the best place to wear yourself out.

Not feeling up for attending bloody knuckles, you skip the punching bag and head straight to the treadmill. Everyone can use a little bit of running. (You tell yourself that every day in hopes of actually enjoying running one day. That day is not today.)

You start off slowly but that easily picks up into a sprint as you try to focus on your breathing and the music flowing through your headphones. You don’t know how long you run, but it must be a couple hours. You are desperate to forget those cerulean eyes, even just for a second.

You hear your name called out and you assume it’s simply the exhaustion getting to your head. But nonetheless, you slow the treadmill to a stop. As soon as your legs stop moving, your knees buckle from underneath you.

Someone grabs your body, preventing you from actually hitting the ground. You look up only to meet those god damned eyes.

Suddenly you’re painfully aware of your sweat soaked body and disheveled appearance. “(Y/N), are you okay?” hearing your name from his lips is like absolute music to your ears. Your heart rate picks up.

You simply nod your head, not trusting your voice at the moment. “Why didn’t you stop? You could have seriously hurt yourself. How long have you been down here?” he assaults you with questions and suddenly your head begins to pound. “I don’t know.” You meekly respond, “I guess I just lost track of time.”

He sighs as he looks down at you. Worry carving deep into his usually unexpressive face and you can’t help but feel accomplished. Bucky Barnes is worried about you.

“I’m tired.” You mumble as your head sways backward and he struggles to hold you upright because you’re really not doing anything to stand on your own. “Night Bucky.” You don’t even know if you said it out loud, but next thing you know, you’re swallowed by sleep.

You wake up feeling more refreshed than you have in weeks. You gleefully stretch your body out, realizing your legs were nearly immobile. That’s when you become aware of the warmth radiating behind you.

You glance down at your body, eyes widening as you spot a metal arm draped snugly around your waist. You begin to panic; your heart begins to race and the room becomes way too hot for your liking. You slowly try to pry your way out of Bucky’s arms but he pulls you back, nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck.

This is what you’ve been dreaming about for months, and you can’t help but feel guilty. He doesn’t know what he’s doing, so you just can’t find it in you to enjoy it.

“Bucky.” You try, hoping that his trained ears would pick up on your voice. Apparently not.

“Bucky.” This time you say it significantly louder. Still no response.

For an ex-assassin, he really is a deep fucking sleeper.


He begins to stir, slowly opening his eyes and he catches your gaze. It takes him a moment to register what is going on, but when he does, he puts as much distance as he can between the two of you, ultimately flinging himself off the bed.

You’re gonna pretend that didn’t just punch you in the gut.

“I-I’m sorry.” He sputters, a pink tinge spreading across his entire face and neck.

You don’t waste any time in asking how you got to his room, you simply bolt out the door and frantically press the elevator button in hopes that he won’t attempt to come out and talk to you.

You finally breathe when you get back to your room, heart pounding wildly against your chest.

What the fuck just happened?

A/N: So if you guy’s liked it please give me some feedback. I will write a part two if it seems like you guys enjoyed this part! 

EoS Theory

So I don’t know if someone has pointed this out/noticed yet…

I was born in Italy and therefore am fluent in Italian so Lorcan’s last name immediately caught my eye I had a fit in the middle of maths. His last name Salvaterre roughly translates to ‘saviour of the lands’ in Italian. (If you want proof, put salva terre into Google translate and even though Google translate sucks you get the idea, I’m not making this up)

So as I carried on reading EoS I kept on coming back to his last name, I thought maybe he would aid the crew and save the lands from Erawan. 

Clearly this did not happen I cry so this leads me to think that either we don’t know enough about Lorcan’s past or he will play a very important part in ToG6. This is just a theory but Sarah being the Queen of Foreshadowing I refuse to believe that his last name was a mistake or just coincidence. 

Sometimes lesbians do get happy endings. 

Mum wasn’t going to come to my wedding. It was hard, but I’d made peace with that. My girlfriend and I would get married without her blessing. 

Then, two days before the big day, when we were already in New Zealand, I got a frantic call at 11pm at night. I answered it and it was her, crying and asking if she’d still be welcome. We said yes, of course, and she booked herself last minute flights to get to New Zealand. 

When I first saw her outside the registry, all dressed up with her hair done and holding flowers, I burst into tears. She came up to me and touched my face, saying, “You look so happy. Both of you, you look so happy,” and gave us these roses.

They’re more than flowers to me. 

They’re given to me by a women to cried and shouted and refused to talk about my sexuality for seven years after I came out to her. It may not seem like much: but she had to walk into that flower store and buy these. She had to choose roses - the symbol of love - for her gay daughter and her gay daughter’s ‘friend’. There’s an admission in that. There’s acceptance in that. These roses say, “I know you love each other,” and she gave them to us at our wedding, which she flew three thousand kilometres to attend. 

I sobbed as she placed them in my hand. 

Because nothing will ever touch what it feels like to finally, finally know your mother loves you just the way you are. 

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Supercorp. Who would be the one to spoil their children? Could be adopted or science magic that makes them biologically theirs.

Alright so I just got this super sad headcanon where when they adopt their child (now accepting suggestions for a good name), she’s about two years old and that first night it takes her forever to go to sleep and the only way she finally sleeps is to have Lena hold her and Kara sing to her.

After she falls asleep, Kara tries to get Lena to come to bed because it’s 3am but Lena starts crying and refuses to let go, saying that her daughter needs to be held and to always ķnow that she’s loved.  And Kara doesn’t really have an answer for that other than to gather them up in her arms and rock them until they fall asleep in an uncomfortable mess on the couch.

Alright so anyways,  Lena is all the time buying the kid stuff because while the Luthors had money, they never really spent it on what she wanted just on what she needed to keep up the Luthor name and Kara has just given up trying to fight it.

But they do family charity work all the time and it keeps her grounded. And her favorite toy by far is the big brown teddy bear her Mum gave her when she was first adopted - yes, that teddy bear!

Stormy weather - Mileven

It had been a year. A year of Mike daydreaming about seeing Eleven again. A year of Mike staying in his room and refusing to see anyone but his three best friends. A year of fighting with his Mom over imaginary frustrations. A year of slamming doors and crying in the shower and nightmares. A year of constantly asking Will about the Upside Down so he knew just was Eleven was facing. A year before she finally returned, completely unconscious and on the brink of death. A year before Mike felt whole again.

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Black queen, keep your head up. I know it doesn’t seem like it sometimes - okay, a lot of the time - but there are people that see you. There are black men that see you. I see you. You with your sun-kissed skin. You with your coconut oil and cocoa butter. You with your backbone hardened by living in this world with more melanin than it has ever been historically ready for and a mother always threatening to give you somethin’ to cry about if you didn’t stop crying. You with your refusal to back down seen as toxic attitude. You with your beautiful Afro-textured hair that on some days makes you feel mistaken for a zoo animal due to the amount of people that want to touch it. You with a voice like honey and a tongue always ready to drag someone if necessary. You with your hopes and dreams and accomplishments that far surpass what has been expected of you. I see you.
—  I see you. // Maxwell Diawuoh

Dearly beloved is still you,
dearly beloved you’re still blue
I find the hours confused about itself
I find myself refusing to breathe like this
Nowadays the words just don’t sound right
These nights I’m not right
My thoughts steer clear of the world
We all have things we can’t say
and people that we can’t love
Dearly beloved you’re still writing,
dearly beloved you’re still reading
with wings like yours
with thoughts like never
with life like sand filling up
our fingertips into a dream
we won’t remember
and into a cry we won’t recall
I find myself writing about you again
I find myself missing you again

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I work at Starbills and today a girl wanted an iced mango black tea, but the mom forced (12-13 yr old) to get a hot dronk, because it's cold outside(and 0.40 more) I asked the girl if she still wanted the mango, but the mom refused to pay 0.60 to save money and forced her to get honey 'cause it's free. I gave the girl the mango fo free cause she was about to cry. I just felt bad. The mom later LIED to my manager about the tea burning her tounge and gave my manager shit and demanded a free drink.

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Hi I thought I could give u a cute request of the members reacting to a box of abandoned kittens and/or puppies <3

Hoseok: This man would melt and be furious at the same time upon finding an abandoned box of precious baby animals. “How could someone do such a thing?!” He would say to himself or to the other boys if they were with him. He wouldn’t be able to just leave them all there and go on about his day like normal, he would feel incredibly guilty if he did that. So, the box of animals went with him for a few hours, refusing to let them go anywhere he felt wouldn’t be safe for them. 

Ahhh, I just want to take all of you home with me!”

Originally posted by chimneytaels

Namjoon: Being the biggest softy a heart, he wouldn’t be able to pass the box of crying puppies. He’d instantly think of RapMon and how the thought of him being abandoned the way these puppies were absolutely crushed him. If he wasn’t in any rush, he would sit right there on the ground and give all of his attention to the now excited animals. He couldn’t just leave them there, so, he would look up the nearest no-kill shelters and take them there. 

It’s gonna be okay, I’m taking everyone somewhere safe.”

Originally posted by joeguk

Taehyung: He wouldn’t have even noticed the box of puppies on the sidewalk if he didn’t hear a bark. He’d stop in his tracks and listen carefully, just to make sure he wasn’t just hearing things. However, when he heard the bark again, he was quick to turn around and find two puppies in a box. The three just looked at each other before he wouldn’t be able to resist any longer. He would play with the puppies for a few minutes before it sunk in that they were abandoned. He’d quickly take the two puppies home with him and see if anyone he knew wanted one or both. 

Ah, don’t worry, uncle Tae Tae is here to save the day!”

Originally posted by aestheticvbts

Yoongi: Hearing the loud cries of kittens as he walked down the street made him curious, causing him to search for where the noise was coming from. When he finally found what he was looking for, he bent down and pet the small kittens who craved attention. He didn’t remember how long he had been there playing with the animals, but when he heard the booming cackle of sharp thunder in the sky, he knew that he needed to get home and that the kittens couldn’t stay out. Grabbing the box, he shook his head. 

This isn’t permanent, you three. Just for the night.” *meow* “……Just until I can find you somewhere else to go.”

Originally posted by yoongishappiness

Jungkook: Stumbling upon the box of an abandoned kitten and puppy made him upset, wondering how someone could be this heartless. “They’re babies! They’re defenseless!” He would say to himself and then to the other boys after he brought them home for the night. He would ask around those he knew if anyone wanted them and if not, then he would start looking at taking them to a shelter.

What was I supposed to do? Leave them there? I didn’t think so.”

Originally posted by theseoks

Jin: He and the boys would have been leaving a restaurant when someone mentioned that there was a box of puppies and kittens outside the building in a casual conversation. Turning around, he would go to where the person said the box was, to see if it was true. When he saw the box that consisted of two kittens and a puppy, he quickly moved the box from the busy street, not wanting something bad to happen to them. Looking at the other boys, he’d give them a small look before picking up the box. 

We’re taking them to the shelter.” “But-” “Sorry, can’t hear you.” 

Originally posted by syubbie

Jimin: Crossing paths with the abandoned box of kittens made his heart hurt a little. He’d lean down and pet the babies for a good long while before he realized it was getting dark. “Ah, I have to get going! I’m sorry little ones.” He’d say to the kittens and start walking away. However, the would cries of the animals made him feel guilty. Turning back around, he would quickly pick up the box of five kittens and hold it close to his chest as he hurriedly made his way home. 

It’s supposed to get cold tonight, so you guys can stay with Jiminnie- There you’ll be nice and warm.” 

Originally posted by jitaeme

Ah, this was such a cute one to do !! Thank you so much for requesting and I hope you enjoy !

Fights (TylerxReader)

Plot: Tyler and Reader get into a heated fight. Reader than goes out to clear her mind.

“You could have done something about it! Instead you just sat there flirting? Wow.. how low can you get in a Matter of 10 minutes?” I yelled. Tears threatening to spill. I refuse to cry. I blink it back I was brave.

“Wow, I was flirting? What were you doing, just getting ‘Friendly’ with that other guy Y/N? I don’t think so!” He yelled trying to overpower my voice from being heard.

“Listen to me Tyler I was not flirting, I was trying to get him off me for your Information. I have nothing to prove to you because I did nothing wrong. What’s your excuse? Did undressing each other with your eyes not work?” I just wanted to run right now.

•♡•♡• Flash Back to the bar •♡•♡•

The man clearly wanted to go home with you. I didn’t want that. I tried pushing him off of me. He wouldn’t stop. I looked at(Okay this is not a thing Tyler would do but go with it) Tyler who was clearly getting comfortable with a blonde haired girl.

They were so close to each other that the only thing separating them was their clothes. I kicked the guy where the sun don’t shine and walked towards Tyler and the blonde. As I got closer I could tell he had Lust in his eyes. I was so pissed off that when I was next to the blonde I grabbed the girls drink and dumped it on her head.

“Welp looks like you can have him now since he’s single.” I stated. I looked at Tyler his eyes showed anger. Was he really going to walk out of the bar without me and with a different girl?

I walked out and held up my middle finger towards Tyler and smiled. I went to an alley just in case Tyler ran out to find you he wouldn’t see you. I called Josh to pick you up.

“Josh could you pick me up please?“ My voice was weak due to you are holding back tears.

“Yea, sure. What happened?” He asked truly sounding concerned.

“I’ll tell you later I don’t think I could talk.” I said as a single tear fell from your beautiful (Eye color) eyes, that we’re now clouded with tears. I hung up the phone after telling Josh where you were. I looked around expecting to find Tyler looking for me.

I found nothing. Not a soul in sight. The sun set was dark. Not as colorful as it usally was. Clouds forming and surrounding the sky blocking out the fading sun. As if on cue a rain drop fell from the sky.

Mixing my tears with the rain. Not more than two minutes later it was almost a storm. The rain was falling so hard it almost made me jump. It was cold the wind was blowing up my shirt making I shiver. I heard an engine roar. His car. You thought.

“Wow, not only did he do me dirty he left me in the rain.” I frowned.

Josh pulled up by the curve a few moments later. I was freezing. Josh jumped out of the car ruining his gorgeous brown hair. He ran towards you with a blanket.

“Y/n I am so sorry.” Josh didn’t know what happened and still was there for you. He was your best friend. I could depend on him to catch me if I were falling. He would always be there. If it took you a million years for you fall he wouldn’t move an inch.

“Josh…H-he almost took someone else home.” I looked deep into his puppy eyes. They looked sad at the words that just came out of my mouth. He looked at me with the same amount of sadness and just kept hugging you. He kissed my forehead and rested his chin on top of my head whilst keeping his arms secure around my waist.

~{♡-♡}~ End of Flash back~{♡-♡}~

“Yea, whatever you say!” He said sarcasm dripping from his words. “Y/n sure this was all a misunderstanding, right? I don’t think so.”

“Tyler, I really don’t care if you believe me right now. I just want you to understand that I did nothing wrong and you tried to take matters into your own hand and tried to get back at me for something I didn’t even do. That hurts. That hurts like hell.” I said letting rears fall freely from your eyes.

“Why are you such a pain in the ass Y/n?” He asked “That’s what I hate about you, you over exaggerate things that are so little.

Than you try and accuse me of flirty whilst you were sluting around with some other dude.” I knew he didn’t mean it but it hurt like hell to hear those words from the one you loved. I looked at him. Not believing what you just heard.

“Y/n I didn’t mean that!” He yelled as I ran out the door and jumping in the car. My tears were once again coming out for the second time tonight.

“Please, I love you Y/n” was the last thing I heard before driving off into the foggy night. I just needed time to cool off. I wanted this to work but I just didn’t know anymore. He’s been so distant lately and going to the bar was your idea. All I wanted is the Tyler that told you he loved me every night and morning.

He would always cuddle you like it was the last thing he’d do. He’d kiss me on my lips than my forehead and lastly on top of my head before saying I love you and going to sleep. He would wake me by showering you with kisses. Until I would wake up and have a laughing fit.

Then he would pull me into a hug and say “Good morning princess.” He didn’t do that anymore. He would barley even stay in the same room as me.

I turned into the motel. I was a couple of cities away. I knew he would tried to find me. Hopefully. If not Josh. I knew that I was taking a risk. I didn’t care because my number one priority right now was to get away from Tyler. I wanted to work things out but I was having second thoughts. Was this relationship really worth saving? Am I going to fight for him? Or simply sit there and wait for it to pass?

I love Tyler, no doubt about it but does he return the feeling? I hated the night. That’s when I are most alone. There could be hundreds of people in the same room and I would still feel alone because of the thoughts that flooded my mind. Some people were a daydreamer,

I wasn’t. I was a night thinker. Yes, I had a history with running away because I couldn’t handle certain things but things felt different. Out of place even. As soon as I floped into the cheep motel bed I turned around to the sound of a door opening.

There stood Josh. His eyes fading from bright to dark..

“So what brings you to my humble abode.” I smiled. “Y/n why are you here and not with us?” He asked.“I followed you and drove here and you didn’t lock the door.”

“Well you see me a Tyler got into a fight and I wanted to be left alone and stay on the low for a while but you ruined that so plan B.” You stated.

“What’s “Plan B?” “Nothing you need to know about.”

“Oh well then.” Josh looked like he was pissed off by my carelessness and was ready to go.

“Hey, at lest there still a shoot for Joshler.” I winked. He rolled his eyes officially done with my crap and pick me up and put me in the car along with my stuff. Next thing I knew I was back at the house. Great. I sighed.

Not wanting to deal with anyone I started walking to my room.

To my luck Tyler came in the room with a glass of water and red sore eyes and looked at me. As soon as he recognized me he dropped his glass leaving it on the ground in a million shattered glass pieces. He grabbed me and pulled me into a hug. I could tell there was tears spilling from those beautiful eyes.

“Please, for the life of me don’t you ever leave again.” Tyler pleaded.

I looked at Tyler carefully making sure to look at every last detail of his face. His gorgeous eyes now seemed dark and red.

His face seemed tired as if fighting for consciousness. His hair was in every direction. He looked like he hadn’t slept for days. I didn’t care. He was still Tyler and I loved him to death. Even if he hadn’t returned the favor you would still love him no matter what.

(Okay confession. I cheated. This was one of my old Supernatural writings I just changed the names. But I did 100% write this)

Don't Tell Your Brother

“Don’t tell your brother”

Aaron Burr x Reader

Prompt/request: Burr x reader with her finding young Theo wandering the market, sobbing, its 2 yrs after Thoedosia I died. Reader can be Alexander’s sister, so she understands losing mother at young age. Aaron doesn’t know her. Does this help, or am I imposing somehow?

Warnings: mentions of death, sickness, loneliness, implied smut at the end

Thank you so much to @tyntathefangurl for this request!

When you find a 5 year old roaming the big market space, alone and crying, you can either act, or ignore.
Thankfully, you chose to act.
Your life in America had begun not too long ago, only about 3 years had you been in this country. You had traveled the long journey, alone, to reunite with your brother, Alexander.
You always enjoyed company, but unfortunately, as you were an immigrant, people often refused to talk to you. Very few people had accepted you in this new, cold country. Thus, you were often found spending your afternoons alone, trying to kill time, because Alexander was always busy, always gone.
Today, like most days, you found yourself wandering the marketplace, occupying yourself in the tailor’s window, giggling and waving at the big burly man inside, who always pretended to dance with the mannequins when you passed. He was one of Alexander’s friends, and he was usually able to cheer you up.
You crossed the street to the bakery, opting to buy a pastry to bring home to Alexander, who you knew would be writing for a couple days straight.
You sat at one of the tables, alone, and began to think to yourself of all the things that had led you to be here. Why did Alexander have to lead you to this country, where you were almost certain you were hated? If it weren’t for Alexander’s fiancée’s family, the Schuyler’s, you were almost certain that you would have been back in St. Croix, most likely dead.
You were interrupted from your thoughts by a small shriek.
Your head whipped up, and you saw a woman pointing her finger, horrified, at a young girl standing in the middle of Main Street. A horse and carriage was only feet away from her, and she was about to get hit.
Quickly, you jumped up from your seat and grabbed the girl’s arm, yanking her backwards, just barely avoiding the carriage.
A cloud of dust surrounded you, and you collapsed into a coughing fit. Your family had a history of bad health, and you were the victim of it all.
You sat down in your chair, trying to stop the fits of coughing that racked your body. The girl was still there, staring absentmindedly at you. Then, she took off running, past the men and women, who curiously followed her with their eyes.
You took deep breaths, but only ended up inhaling more dust. Tears streamed down your cheeks as you couldn’t seem to catch a single breath.
Then, you felt a comforting hand rubbing your back, helping you slowly calm down.
You breathed a sigh of relief, and closed your eyes for a moment before looking up at your savior.
He was a younger looking man, with dark eyes and a concerned expression.
“Are you alright, ma'am? I’m really sorry, my daughter-”
You waved your hand at him.
“No. No, it’s alright. I just wanted to make sure she was safe.”
His eyes displayed great gratitude.
“Even so, you could have disregarded her completely. Thank you very much for saving Theodosia here. I’m forever in debt.”
You smiled back.
“No worries. I’m glad she’s alright.”
He smiled.
“My name is Aaron Burr. And who do I have the great delight of greeting?”
You laughed.
“Y/N Hamilton. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
His brow furrowed at the mention of your last name, but he didn’t address it, so you convinced yourself that you were imagining it all.
“The pleasures all mine. Would you-”
He blushed a bit.
“Would you enjoy accompanying me for a walk around the town?”
You smiled, a true gracious smile.
An excuse to talk to another ACTUAL person? How could you refuse?
“I’d be delighted.”
He offered his arm, and you grasped it.
The first minutes were quite or so, as Theodosia skipped ahead of you, the same gaunt look on her face.
You both said at the same time.
Laughing, you proceeded to let him speak first.
“So, how’d you end up in the particular marketplace that we currently walk in, at the amazingly right time?”
You smiled.
“My brother isn’t the talkative type, more of than all-work and no-play type of guy. So I try to kill time on my own, many people won’t talk to me so I make do.”
Again, at the mention of your brother, his face scrunched up just a bit.
But like before, he didn’t address it.
“Why doesn’t anyone talk to you? You seem like a wonderful woman, and you are quite beautiful as well. What’s there not to like?”
You blushed.
“I’m an immigrant, I suppose that’s it.”
He was quite for a moment, then spoke again.
“Even if many people don’t talk to you, I want to let you know that I certainly think you are a wonderful person. And I, once again, want to thank you for saving Theo. She-”
His voice cracked slightly.
“She’s all I have. My wife died two years ago.”
You stopped him.
“Oh, Mr. Burr-”
“It’s Aaron. Please.”
“Okay. Aaron. I’m so sorry. Theodosia is a wonderful girl, and I’m very sorry for what happened to her mother.”
He nodded.
“Thank you. She was a great woman. And…”
He trailed off.
“Never mind. I suppose you wouldn’t understand.”
You stopped again.
“Understand what?”
“It’s… never mind.”
“Please, tell me.”
“You haven’t gone through my situation. I can’t say.”
“Your situation?”
You felt your anger growing.
“I’m sorry if I offend you, but I honestly can’t do this.”
You let go of his arm and began to run through the market, towards your home.
You slammed the door and began to cry. As soon as you’d met someone new, it all came crashing down.
You missed your mom. A lot. And for Aaron to say that you didn’t understand his loss was a punch to the chest.
You sat on your bed until you were sure Alexander was securely in his office for the rest of the night before putting on your shawl and heading out into the darkness.
You began to travel to the address you’d scrawled on a piece of paper before Alexander had returned from Eliza’s house. You’d snuck into his office and nabbed his address book for sending letters, quickly copying down Aaron’s address.
You arrived at the brick house, and squared your shoulders before knocking on the heavy door.
You heard footsteps coming from inside, then a disheveled-looking Aaron emerged.
“Y/N, I-”
“Please just listen to me. Just for a minute.”
He closed his mouth and nodded. You took a deep breath.
“I have never married. I don’t know what it’s like to fall in love. Yes, I love my brother. But I’ve never felt anything of romance. So no, I may not understand your EXACT situation. But I’ve experienced loss, Aaron. My mother died when I was 9. I was old enough to remember her. And I miss her. Dearly. It hurts me everyday to wake up and know she’s not here. And it’s sad. Those we love are taken far too soon. And I may not know what love is, but I damn know for sure that I know what loss is like.”
Aaron stood there, his eyes slightly glazed over.
“Y/N, I’m sorry. I didn’t know. I was being stupid. I’m in over my head but god… you’re an amazing woman, Y/N. I knew the minute I saw you that I would be swept off my feet. But you completely knocked me out. And I’m struggling to comprehend what’s right and wrong. I love Theodosia, the woman for who my daughter is named after. And I will forever be thinking of her. But you have stolen my heart and I think I’m going insane. So I’m sorry, Y/N. I didn’t mean it, I hope that-”
You cut him off by pressing your lips to his, very softly. He kissed back, and you felt a warm feeling spread through your body. Pure bliss.
Once you pulled apart, you stared into his eyes.
“You’ve shown me what love is, Aaron.”
“And you’ve shown me how to love again.”
“How can I ever repay you, kind sir?”
You joked sarcastically.
He smirked and whispered in your ear.
“I can think of a few ways.”
You smiled, and said,
“Don’t worry. My love can be shown throughout my body.”
He pulled you close, and flipped you into his house.
“Oh, and Y/N, one thing before we do this.”
You hummed.
“Don’t tell your brother.”

I’m so sad about kibo what the heck

he was a manipulated doll controlled by the audience and the mastermind to keep the game in order but he refused to stay that way. Even though he WAS created that way from the beginning. He was able to save his friends with his life which makes him more human than anyone else. I respect him so much… He didn’t deserve it.. he was so brave to have gone against what he was supposed to be, his identity.  He broke out of that shell and ended up saving three whole precious lives (thanks to all of the connections he’s made throughout the plot) I’M SO PROUD OUR ROBOT BOY

it makes me so sad to think our cute robot cinnamon roll never stood a chance to live the way he is.. if the game continued on he would have lived but he would have lost all his friends and perhaps even wiped of his previous memories. If the game came to an end like how it was like in the end he would have needed to die. Either way his fate is ugh and he’s such a tragic character

he deserves a lot of love people pLEASE GIVE HIM LOTS OF LOVE…

I don’t know what part of this frame I like most. Amethyst being super excited to be Sugilite again, Steven’s face or Pearl’s horrified expression.

Oh wow, I mean I expected her to refuse it but she’s being pretty self aware here.

Last time was, indeed, a disaster. And while I think this time it would be different thanks to the growth Garnet and Amethyst have gone through, it’s still risky.

Have we ever seen Garnet be this honest about her failures before? This is very smart and nice how she’s admitting that they fucked up.

Good job Garnet.

Okay that last part was a bit unnecessary.

You shouldn’t tell Amethyst that the fusion is benched like it’s a punishment for her. Not after seeing just how many self esteem issues she has and how much she looks up to you, Garnet.

anonymous asked:

Alpha child clingy of their omega father (since male omegas can have children) which makes the alpha father jealous hcs?

Hm, I wrote some before (x). Though I can try to do a few more, love. Sorry if they are shitty. And sorry for taking so long. 

  • - Alpha pup first word is mom (or daddy, whichever you prefer to call your male omegas) and they refuse to call anyone anything because all they care about is their mother
  • - alpha child always scenting their omega parent, crying whenever they hold them and they smell like their sire
  • - the pup not wanting to do the smallest things with their dad and crying until they get their mother, alpha is left sulking in the background
  • - alpha excited to have a day with their pup, only for them to cry and have a tantrum as soon as the omega leaves 
  • - alpha being extremely possessive of their mate, and doing things to get their pup to sleep early or to play so they can have time with their omega
  • - omega being completely oblivious to their pup’s clinginess and they laugh every time their pup does something that makes the alpha sulk 
  • - alpha pup smirking whenever they hear their alpha sigh when they crawl over their mother
  • - alpha is taking care of the pup and they finally get them to sleep, only for them to wake up immediately as soon as their omega comes in 
  • - alpha feeling distance from their pup because of how jealous they feel that they get more attention
  • - omega trying to get the pup to like the pup to like their father more, but feeling sad when the pup refuses and the alpha is even more sadden than before
  • - pup slowly warming up to their father, though occasionally reverting back to just wanting their omega, making the alpha even more jealous than before
  • - at one point, the alpha refuses to be near their pup and omega at the same time. only that doesn’t work because the pup wants him around too
  • - alpha huffing and puffing each time the pup gets called a cute nickname because he used to be their omega’s “cute pootie sugar drop”
  • - pup purposefully scenting all of the places that their has, alpha looking at their pup like they are an evil mastermind
  • - alpha explaining that they feel jealous of their pup and the omega telling them not to worry, while the pup just smirks and scents their mother

Eventually though, the pup warms up to their father. Realizing that they love their father just as much as their mother. As much as they adore their Omega’s comfort and love, they love their father’s protection and love all the same. 

I hope you like these love. Again, sorry these took so long. <3