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The Signs As Weird Retail Customers I've Had To Deal With
  • Aries: The guy who went over to me with a knife and held it in front of my face, only to ask if I knew any place in the mall where he could have it sharpened.
  • Taurus: The woman who didn´t want to buy her son any toys and tried to tell him that “the toys are just for decoration; they actually sell shelves”.
  • Gemini: The man who tried to pay for a €10 soft toy with a €500 note and, when I refused to accept it, complained that this was “discrimination against rich people”.
  • Cancer: The guy who rode his bike through the mall.
  • Leo: The two students who each bought a giant teddy bear as “back-up presents” for their girlfriends, in case they forgot an anniversary or a birthday.
  • Virgo: The guy who bought 100 postcards for his sister´s wedding and came by two days later to show us wedding videos and photos on his tablet.
  • Libra: The woman who bought a llama soft toy, believing it was a cat.
  • Scorpio: The big, dangerously looking biker who walked straight up to me and asked for “the biggest and fluffiest bunny” we had.
  • Sagittarius: The man who looked at the giant 4.25-foot (1.20 metres) plush penguin and asked if we had a bigger one- preferably taller than him.
  • Capricorn: The woman who had a whole conversation with me in English, eventually realized that I wasn´t originally from Britain and then started to talk really, really slowly.
  • Aquarius: The woman who didn´t know what a penguin was- or the South Pole for that matter- and asked me to explain.
  • Pisces: The women who looked at the big cat soft toys and asked me why the hell we sold soft toys of animals that were not indigenous to Germany while standing next to a shelf filled with dragons and unicorns.
I call out my patient for treating me like garbage and then they accuse me of being rude to them...

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I love this fandom because the only type of complaining I see is,“ THOMAS REFUSES TO GO TO SLEEP STOP IT YOUNG MAN. WHY WONT HE SLEEP!? HE NEEDS SLEEP! I WILL FLY TO ORLANDO MYSELF.” and I think that’s really beautiful.

Just For Him - Loki x Reader

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Summary: In which (Y/N) dresses up in a revealing replica of Loki’s armor for a Halloween costume, only to realize his was far more interesting.

Sorry I didn’t do a request - I really had to do a Halloween theme one in order to feel satisfied!!!

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Warning: Kinda NSFW, but like it’s not that sexual, just intense makeout that’s all LOL

Word count: 2K!!

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A/N: Requests are open and I absolutely am open to anything! I love speaking to you guys and receiving any type of feed back so please don’t hesitate to send an ask or message (:

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Writing tips - Romance

Hey guys! Grim here.

One of my biggest pet peeves in writing is when a romance is poorly done. Many of you have probably already guessed that given the series that I constantly complain about but refuse to name for plausible deniability when it comes to fans finding my posts or potentially being C&D’d if the author’s legal team finds this blog. I sincerely believe that that could happen given some of the stuff that was said to fans of that series when they made a petition for the author to address some of their reasonable complaints.

So, anyway, here are some tips for writing a healthy, believable romance.

1. Mutual respect.

Your romance isn’t going to work if one of the characters is constantly being patronizing or overprotective of the other. It isn’t cute or endearing. It’s worryingly manipulative and abusive. Not things you want to be commending. 

Build a romance with a basis of respect however, and things are moving quickly in the right direction.

2. Familiarity

Okay, here’s where a bit of science comes in. Your likelihood of falling in love with someone (Propinquity. I am probably spelling that wrong. I took the first spellcheck option. Sounds like “per-pink-quitty”.) rises drastically the more time you spend with someone. This is why co-workers tend to have relationships - they see each other nearly every day. For a romance to blossom, you need a high propinquity and a level of familiarity that allows you to have a comfortable conversation, but not to have devolved into a pair of slippers for the other person. So best friends? Plausible, but they may be too familiar at that point.  

3. Westermark  Effect

Spellcheck does not recognize that, so I apologize if I have garbled the spelling. This is the thing that prevents rampant incest. basically, if you are raised in close proximity to someone else, your brain will trigger feelings of disgust at the thought of an intimate relationship with them. It is still possible, of course, but childhood friends may be prevented from entering a relationship because of this.

4. Stalking is not love

Stalking is not love. Most people will not find this attractive in the least. It is creepy and a violation of many laws. It is a major hint to the stalked person that the stalker is a yandere. A yandere for those who do not know (sounds like “yawn-deh-ree”) is a character who is obsessed with another, and will do anything to obtain attention and love from the object of their affection, including murder. Just look at any Let’s Play of the Yandere Simulator test builds. These characters are dangerous and extremely difficult to write well. 

5. Appeal of the tsundere

I include this because the trend nowadays seems to be for tsundere love interests. Also, it has been proven to work in real life. Basically, a tsundere is a character who has a soft side and a harsh side. The most popular format seems to be for the harsh side to be the public face of the character and the soft side to be brought out by the love interest. 

There are many themed cafes in Japan with tsundere waitstaff. The waiter begins by being standoffish i.e. “Oh, so i have to take your order? Great…”, then gradually becomes more and more affectionate to the customer, ending with something like “Hey, I’m really sorry I was so rude to you. Please come again, I can’t wait to take your order next time!”. Psychologically speaking, this appeals to the side of our brains that crave social acceptance, by starting harsh and ending up sweet, the waitstaff trick you into thinking that you have made progress in your relationship with them, which releases happy chemicals and makes us want to see them again. Now, the love interest probably isn’t out to trick anyone, but the same principle applies. 

Tsundere characters can veer into abusive territory alarmingly fast - just see the Wolf Girl and Black Prince anime/manga series in which the titular Wolf Girl winds up in a relationship with the attractive “Prince” of her school, only to discover he has a black heart and is willing to blackmail her. Extremely polarizing anime/manga, to say the least! If you want to write a good tsundere love interest, be sure to check out the above anime and other works featuring the character archetype. (You can see it for free on Crunchyroll - not advertising there.)  

6. Family matters

Okay, I have seen a certain character in a certain work act like she is in a father/daughter relationship with her love interest, and it is freaky. Like, psychological horror movie stuff. She was being held in a rocking chair, told off like a child, sang to sleep, there was a major age gap, it just screamed “She has serious father issues”. It was not healthy. It was not good. Do not write like that.

If you’re writing scenes that are meant to be sweet or fluffy, always ask yourself: “Is this something I would do/associate with a parental figure?” If the answer is yes, cut it out.

Also, in general there is a clause in both the bro code and the sister code that clearly states “Do not date your best friend’s sibling.” If you know someone for more than twenty-four hours, their siblings are off limits. They can happen, and they can be wonderful, lasting relationships, but consider this: if the relationship goes sour, what happens to that friendship? Just be wary.

If a family member disapproves of a love interest, there is usually a valid reason why. Ditto approval. This is also pretty standard for any relationship. Have your character take the reasons into account and make an informed decision about their relationship. Family and their opinions are important that way. 

If a family member wholeheartedly approves or disapproves of someone though, there may be something strange going on there. Alarm bells about the relationship should start going off in your protagonist’s head. “Why is the love interest so perfect in the family’s minds?” or “Are they involved in something shady that my family doesn’t want to tell me?” are both questions that need to be asked in that case. If someone immediately ingratiates themselves with the in-laws or royally ticks them off the relationship may need to be reconsidered.

7. Forced kisses

Not romantic. These are classed as assault in many countries, in fact. Do not do. In general, have the instigator ask politely the first couple of times, at least until they have been in an established romance for a while. When it comes to stuff more intimate than kissing, always have your characters ask, and be sure not to have a sober character agree to intimacy with a drunk or otherwise impaired character - that is called taking advantage at best. Consent is the most important thing here.  

8. Age gaps

There are a few general rules when it comes to writing romances with an age gap. The most common would probably be the five year and ten year rules. These simply state that the age gap should be no larger than five/ten years. A somewhat newer rule goes like this:

(Older love interest’s age/2) + 7 = minimum age of younger love interest

This prevents anyone younger than fourteen from dating and allows a larger age gap as someone gets older and more emotionally mature. I like this rule, it sets a reasonable limit (after all, a sixty year old dating an eighty year old is way less icky than a twenty year old dating a forty year old despite the same age gap applying) and you can calculate this with the calculator app that comes with most phones/PCs.

9. Double standards

Both partners should be equal in the relationship, and that includes the behavior and standards that they are held up to. Allowing a guy to do something horrible to the love interest without repercussions is not acceptable. Allowing a girl to do something horrible to the love interest without repercussions is not acceptable. Gender should not come into it at all.

10. Writing relationships of a different orientation to your own.

Apart from intimate situations, the relationship should be fundamentally the same as one someone of your orientation would enter into. I need say no more.

11. Asexual relationships.

I’m including this because I myself am asexual, and a friend mistakenly thought that meant I did not want any form of romantic relationship. As I explained to my friend, that is not necessarily true, asexual does not mean quite the same thing as aromantic. Asexual people do exist, though sadly there seems to be many misunderstandings and misconceptions. In general, I would explain an asexual character’s sexuality (or my own) as Asexual, –romantic, be that bi, hetero, homo, or aromantic. 

The only difference between an asexual and a non-asexual person is the lack of interest in sleeping with anyone. They could be just indifferent or actually repulsed by the thought of that kind of intimacy. (I actually upchucked a little when a friend described a sexual situation in a fanfic to me once. To this day i am both surprised and disgusted that they found that in a fanfic. To prevent this being a noodle incident, if you are really curious as to what they described to me, see the scene inside the dude’s head in Judge Dredd. Same thing really.)

Only example of this I’ve found in media would be Shelden Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. I don’t really watch it much, Shelden just stands out and sticks in my head.   

If you want to hint that a character is asexual without outright saying it, have them wear a plain black ring on the middle finger of their right hand.


Okay, I could ramble on for a while longer, but I’ve been typing this for the past few hours, so I’ll leave it at that.

Hope this was helpful! Have a nice day. :)

Princess Rebellion | Gil x Reader

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Prompt: “Frick.” “Why don’t you curse?” “There’s a story behind it.”

Summary: Gil is there to help you with your insecurities.

Author’s Note: I demand more Gil!

You peered into your locker mirror, noticing that your lipstick smudged. You quickly pulled out the tube, reapplying it carefully. “Hey sweetheart.” Gil’s voice from behind scared you and you jerked your hand, smearing lipstick on your chin. 

“Shit! You ok?” Gil asked, trying to stifle his laughter. “It’s just lipstick. Nothing important.” You waved him off. You mentally cringed. You could only imagine your mother’s reaction if she heard you say that. It would not be pretty.

You reached in your purse, feeling around for a makeup remover but not finding any. Crap! You let Audrey borrow them and she never gave them back. “Frick.” You whispered out, becoming increasingly frustrated. 

“Why don’t you curse?” Gil asked, bringing you back to reality. “There’s a story behind it.” You sighed. The bell rang and students started rushing to their classes. You refused to go to class looking like an idiot.

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day trips | cole sprouse

a/n: apparently you like cole one shots so i will deliver! a/n: apparently you like cole one shots so i will deliver!

prompts 6 “stop looking at me like that & 13 “i can’t believe you talked me into this”

“you excited?” cole teases as we drive to our secret location “i can’t believe you talked me into this” i complain rolling my eyes.

cole had managed to talk me into modelling for him and i was extremely nervous, you never consider yourself very photogenic and you would almost never let cole shoot you it was always you taking photos of him.

you’d know each other for years yet everytime he begged he was always unsuccessful but this time something was different when he asks so you decided to give the poor boy a shot.

you were now sitting in the passenger seat of Coles jeep driving to what he likes to call his ‘secret location’. after 20 minutes of guessing and begging him to tell me where we were going he just replied with “it’s a surprise”.

“you know i hate surprises” i complain dropping my bottom lip at him “oh god please don’t look at me like that you know how i feel about that” he warns

i batter my eye lids and fake sniffling and i can see him fighting with himself to not look and give in “stoppppp” he drags out the ‘p’ and fake whines.

i break character and place me feet up on the dash my long legs catching some sun “you suck” i tell him grabbing my phone and switching the song.

i glance at the window as we head through fields “where the hell are we cole?” i ask slightly worried at the lack of life. “you’ll see” he smirks.

i take a few pictures on my phone before i find myself feeling more at ease with the whole idea, i catch cole staring at me in the corner of my eye as my hair whips around my face in the wind.

after a few more minutes we pull into a dirt park and we hop out, i glance around breathless “it’s beautiful” i mumble glancing at the scenery taking in the smell the sound and the atmosphere.

i hear the clicks of a camera but im too engrossed in the surroundings “i know” i hear him replying snapping pictures of me.

“so?” i ask shyly turning to face him “what do i do?”

i scuff my cons in the dirt and he chuckles at my awkwardness

“here” he chuckles grabbing my hand and walking me over the small hill to reveal a field of flowers and overgrown grass.

“just explore and ill take some pictures and then ill take you into the field okay?” i nod fiddling with the ends of my cardigan.

i do as cole says and take in all my surrounds reaching out and feeling the small leaves in my hands frolicking around the fields glancing back every so often to make sure coles still trailing behind me.

“okay let’s sit you here” he reaches out he’s hand and i take it stepping over a patch of flowers i sit where he instructs “okay and just pose ill take a few shots and see what the look like”

he starts off at a distance snapping photos and then inching closer to me “your doing really good” he mumbles letting me know that im doing something right.

i remove my cardigan leaving me in my white sundress, he lowers the camera and stares at me as i fiddle with my hair. i blush as he refuses to break eye contact “cole!” i complain “don’t look at me like that- it’s making me nervous-” i giggle nervously.

he snaps out of his daze licking his lips “sorry- uh maybe you should put the jacket back on-” he stutters clearing his throat, i look at him puzzled.

“what? too much skin” i tease pulling my hair to one side “yes a lot i it’s distracting” he finishes his Adam’s apple bobbling.

i let out a giggle my cheeks turning red as i clutch my stomach “are you laughing at me?” he asks the camera clicking “yes” i reply trying to catch my breathe.

i can hear his laughs as he moves his angle taking more photos before moving closer i lift my dress up a little further up my thigh and i see his eyes dart to my fingers before trying to look anywhere but my legs.

“your such a tease” he mumbles almost inaudible “what was that sprouse?”

“tilt your head a little and maybe play with your hair” i roll my eyes and follow his instructions noticing the redness tinting on he’s cheeks.

after another 20 or so minutes he finally told me i could have a break, i stood slowly brushing myself down getting all of the grass and flowers petals from my dress and hair.

i start toward cole watching my step when i hear buzzing i stop trying to find the source i spot a few bees hanging around me, i squeal and try and dodge them running blindly toward the dirt track.

my screaming must’ve got Cole’s attention because soon enough he was standing in front of my camera dangling from his neck and his hands on my shoulders “what’s wrong?” he asks worriedly.

i turn my head in search for the evil insects but no sign off them anywhere. “fucking bees” i tell him and he laughs at my distress.

i face him again and i notice that he’s hands where on my waist, i must’ve been too wrapped up in fear to notice them snake around me but now that they do i can’t seem to make eye contact with him.

a minute or so passes and he moves away from me looking out to the fields “do you-” i pause and he turns around

“do you ever get like nervous or flustered when your shooting with really good looking people? the models you shoot with well they’re models”

he slings the camera bag over his shoulder “well i mean no, not normally but there are certain times that i do, certain girls in pretty summer dresses” i glance down at my cons to try and hide my embarrassment.

“shall we go?” he asks and i nod “wanna give me a ride back” i ask sweetly placing my hands on his shoulders

“jump on” i squeak as he lowers himself down enough for me to jump around his hands finding my thighs to hold me up “sorry if im heavy” i apologise as we take the short walk to the car.

“please are you saying i am not strong enough” he scoffs pretending to take offence “well i mean-” i joke and he losses his grip so i slip a little before placing me on the floor in offence.

i decided to play with him and scream out falling out as i fall to the ground grasping my ankle, he turns around in a split second the smirk wiped off his face “oh my god”

he drops onto his knees “are you okay- what’s wrong- oh my god im sorry-” he rambles running his hands through his hair.

i break character and begin to laugh hysterically, he realises he fell for it and springs up picking m up by my waist and throwing me over his shoulder “thats it your dead”

i squeal trying to squirm out of his grip “put me down!!” i yell laughing at the brunette boy.

he places me on the bonnet of his jeep and stands inbetween my legs “admit it i got you good” i tease poking at his chest. he tries to fight the smile working it’s way across he’s face but fails miserably and starts laughing.

i take my hand and place it on his face and he inches closer hands on my thighs, i slip my hand down to the nape of his neck and pull his lips onto mine. he kisses back as he hands work they’re way up to my face mine go through his hair.

i pull away both of us panting for air “god i had no idea you could kiss like that-” he tells me surprised before re kindling our kiss my legs wrapping around his waist as the kiss turns into a make out sesh.

a car pulling up next to us in the only thing that stops us from continuing, i hide my face from the strangers cole still standing between my legs with his hands on my thighs. he smiles and greets the people awkwardly and waits for them to start down the trail before lifting me off the top of his car.

“to be continued” he mumbles kissing me.

i smile at him hopping into the passenger side, my feet up on the dash the music blaring his hand on my thigh and the wind in my hair as we make our way back home, i slip my hand over his and watch him as he drives the sunlight hitting his face thats when i realised, he is so out of my limit.

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Drabbles: Loki #54 + #71

(A/N) Here is the first Drabble! I hope you like it.
I put the two requests together, because it would’ve been about the same story anyway. I hope that’s okay with you two. Enjoy!~


#54 “So, what’s your plan?” – “My plan was to follow your plan!”

#71 “We have like five people trying to kill us. What are we gonna do?” – “Well, it’s more like nine.” – “Oh well, I’m sorry I wasn’t specific enough!”

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Warning: swearing, fighting, death




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Being an agent of shield has always been fun. Working for Tony though, that was just hilarious! The missions were screwed up and most of the time, no one came back unharmed. Still, we were a family and took care of each other, had each other’s back out in the field and joked like there was no tomorrow.
So, I think it’s understandable that I was surprised that I was send out on a mission with Loki. He was here to serve out his sentence, not to cause more trouble. But apparently, they needed him for this mission, and the only one he wanted to take with him was…me. Understandably, I was hella unmotivated. I trudged along behind him, while we made our way to the warehouse, Hydra was hiding.
“I don’t understand why they send me with you. I don’t even understand why they send you at all!” At first, I tried to make small talk with the god, but he refused to answer me, so I started to complain. Maybe I’ll get him to talk that way. I did. “Would you just shut up for a second?!” His outburst scared some birds away, causing me to smirk at him. “The mute can speak.” Grinning at him, I took the lead, leaving him standing there, staring at the spot where I just stood. And he seriously continued to stand there for some time. By the time, he finally started to follow me, I was already waiting at the next corner, leaning against the wall. “You aren’t scared.” His eyebrows were raised high, while he stared at me. “Should I be?” “That’s the normal reaction when I scream at someone.” I just smiled and patted his shoulder. “Doesn’t work with me. Let’s go.”
After another ten minutes of silent walking, we stood behind some crates, watching some Hydra agents load a truck.
“So, what’s your plan?” I looked over my shoulder at Loki, waiting for an answer. “My plan was to follow your plan!” Now we just stared at each other. “This is your mission and you don’t have a plan? Oh, for fuck’s sake.” My palm met my face. This mission is going to go very well. I had to come up with something. “Okay, let’s do it this way then. We’ll part. You’re an assassin, right? Take out as many as you can, without causing a commotion. When you’re finished, come back here. We’ll see from there.” I showed him the way he’ll go and got to work myself. It went well for a few minutes. I took out six guys and didn’t have a lot left but then, everything went to shit.
From Loki’s direction, gun shots sounded. The agents, that were still left on my side, immediately ran over. I could’ve just walked up to the truck and finish the mission on my own, but something told me that Loki needed help.
So, I carefully followed the other agents, and made my way to Loki. On the way there, I managed to take out some more, the others completely ignored me. I finally saw Loki, hiding behind some crates, trying to avoid bullets. I ran over and crouched down beside him.
“What happened?” I peeked over the crate and shot two of the agents, before a bullet came towards me and I had to duck again. “It was going well. But then two of them changed their walking pattern and surprised me.” He too, killed some of the agents, but there were still a lot left. We were clearly outnumbered.
“We have like five people trying to kill us. What are we gonna do?” After peeking over the crate once more, I turned to Loki, hoping he would have a plan. “Well, it’s more like nine.” “Oh well, I’m sorry I wasn’t specific enough!” I couldn’t believe him! He may be immortal, but I sure as hell wasn’t and if a bullet hit me in the wrong spot, I’d die. But no, the number of people trying to kill us was more important! “I should’ve just gotten into the truck and let you handle all this on your own!” “Maybe you should have! I’d be finished by now if I wouldn’t have to take care of a little mortal girl too!” Is he serious?! “Little mortal girl? You mean the one that just saved your sorry ass? Get of your high horse and come down to earth!” I completely forgot about Hydra and the mission. The only one, that was on my hitlist, was Loki. “I should get off my high horse? Why don’t you come down and finally admit that you’re not that good an agent as you think you are!” “Take that back!”
We were literally at each other’s throat, about to kill the other one, when I noticed the silence. No gunshots, no footsteps, slowly creeping towards us. Just…silence. I peeked out from behind our crate, looking for enemies, trying to shoot me, but there were none.
“What…What happened?” Completely forgetting my anger towards Loki, I stood up and walked into the open field. The Hydra agents, lied on the floor, dead. “I took them out. Accidently. I guess I was angry and just let my power get the better of me.” Loki stood behind me, staring at the mess he created. “Well, thanks for not killing me in your outburst.” I slightly smirked at the tall god, standing beside me. “No problem.” He nodded and turned around. “Let’s go?” Without waiting for an answer, he started to walk away, towards the truck, we saw earlier.
Arriving at the truck, we took a look inside and decided that we’d have to take the truck with us to get the machine in the back, to the Avengers Tower. Loki got comfy at the front, while I sat behind the steering wheel.
For a while, we drove in complete silence, the only thing that could be heard was Shakira’s voice singing ‘Try everything’. It was way more comfortable than I thought it would be. Turning up the radio as soon as ACDC’s ‘Highway to Hell’ started playing, I earned a nasty look from my companion.
“What? Don’t care about good music?” I turned the music down again, so I wouldn’t have to scream over it. “Good, is relative.” The god smirked at me, before he turned back, to look out of the window. I just rolled my eyes. If I drove faster, I wouldn’t have had to endure him for so long, but something held me back. To be exact, one question held me back.
“Why did you ask for me to come with you?” The question left my mouth before I could stop it. His head snapped around, and to be honest, I was surprised his neck didn’t break. “What?” “You heard me.” I stared the god in the eyes. Well, as long as that was possible while driving a truck. “You know why.” Did I? “Nope, not really.”
I stopped the vehicle and waited for the traffic light in front of me to turn green, while waiting for him to answer me. Even though there was no chance for me to crash the truck into something or someone, I didn’t take my eyes off the road.
Maybe that’s why I jumped, when Loki’s cold lips pressed against my cheek. “You know why.” He repeated his answer from before, but this time he whispered it in my ear and his voice sounded a lot huskier than I ever heard him sound before. Nodding, I pressed my foot against the gas pedal and sped down the motor way.


“Two cheeseburgers and one tall strawberry milkshake please. Loki, do you want something?” Turning away from the microphone in the drive through, I looked at the god behind me. “Fries with sour cream.” “And large fries with sour cream, please.”

dont ask me why because i dont know

genji bought it for him

(sh//im//dac//est shippers fuck off)

A Little Bit of Poe

Summary: Lin is good at a lot of things, but being sick is not one of them.

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

A/N: This was originally supposed to be short. For @gratitudejoyandsorrow because she works too hard.

Lin was terrible at being sick. He had been trying to hide it from you for the past few days, but you weren’t that thick. You awoke to the sound of him drumming on every surface he could reach, trying to figure out a beat. Armed with a thermometer, you entered the living room. His hair was getting long, and it fell around his face in a way that you found oddly attractive, since he usually kept it short. Bits of paper were strewn around him, littering the floor where the garbage can used to be. He had turned it upside down and was using it as a drum.

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youcancallmedale  asked:

If you're still taking prompts, then perhaps something a little mundane. Could you write something about LB And CN hanging out with the newbies Volpina and Queen Bee if that's even what they're gonna be called and just generally chatting about life while avoiding specifics or maybe QB talking about talking to the media and loving the attention. Just take it whatever direction you want I just feel like a calmer story would be nice tonight. Good luck and have fun

do you mind if i use this prompt to vent a little? :P

Words: 770

“Is anyone else in the middle of exams right now?”

Ladybug, Chat Noir, and Queen Bee all shot their hands up in the air, each with an equally distasteful look on their faces. Volpina winced. “Yup. Explains why we’re all tired.”

They were all laid out on their backs on the top of a roof, deciding that patrolling was useless at this point. Ladybug suspected that was going to be the case when Chat Noir announced that he only got three hours of sleep last night and when Queen Bee looked like she was two seconds away from falling on her face. Ladybug herself had just shaken herself out of a long bout of studying and the last thing she wanted to do was be active. Volpina looked to be the only one who was functioning. 

“How the fuck are you so perky right now?” Queen Bee muttered. Ladybug snorted. As sweet and kind as she was with Ladybug, Queen Bee had a bad habit of cursing up a storm when she was around the other two heroes. Ladybug found the switch hilarious and wondered if that was some of her civilian side poking through. 

“Coffee, dude,” Volpina answered. “A crap ton of coffee.”

“It is way too early into exams for coffee,” Chat Noir complained. “It’s only the first one. I refuse to drink it until like….exam three at least.”

“Oh good luck with that,” Ladybug snorted. “My coffee presser is already in top form.”

“Ayyy!” Volpina held out her hand for a high five and Ladybug enthusiastically returned it. 

“Forget coffee, I need a window to throw myself out of,” Queen Bee complained. “I don’t understand why in the holy hell we have to take physics. It’s not like I’m even going to be doing that track for the bac anyway.”

“Oh my God, physics is terrible!” Ladybug groaned. “I don’t get any of it…”

“Same!” Queen Bee exclaimed. “It’s the dumbest subject.”

“Um!” Chat Noir piped. “You losers are so ungrateful. Physics is beautiful.”

“Yeah,” Queen Bee snorted. “Beautiful like punch in the face.” 

“Let’s be honest, history is way worse,” Volpina piped in. “Tooooo much to memorize.”

Chat Noir nodded. “Seconded.”

Ladybug and Queen Bee both scoffed. “History is easy!” “Lord, history is nothing!”

“You two are freakin’ crazy! If only you knew how much was on our exam….”

“It’s just memorizing dates,” Ladybug said. “And like….general story lines. If you can memorize movie plots, you can memorize history.”

“Seriously, just read the textbook,” Queen Bee said. 

Just read the textbook!” Volpina mocked. “The textbook makes everything so complicated.”

“Oh, no it doesn’t.”

“Dude, the textbook is insane,” Chat Noir complained. 

“What textbook are you using?” Ladybug asked. “Ours is super straightforward.” 

“Are you kidding me!? Unless we’re out to become politicians, history has no use.”

“Not true!” Queen Bee piped in. “Trust me. My father says history is always important. Physics and math have no use.”

Ladybug and Queen Bee fist bumped. “Amen.”

“Okay,” Chat Noir frowned. “Physics has way more real life applicability than history. When am I ever going to need to know specifics about the French Revolution?”

“When am I ever going to need to know how to calculate force? I just want to be able to count my change and that’s it. What else would I need?”

“Your entire existence is thanks to physics!”

“So? That means I have to learn about it?”

Volpina groaned. “If we wanna pass our classes, we do.”

“Ugh, this is torture,” Queen Bee said. “There’s a week left of this crap.”

“Well look on the bright side,” Ladybug assured. “After this? Summer break!”

“Oooh!” Chat Noir piped up. “Can we have a superhero beach day?”

“How is that going to work if we have to stay transformed?” Ladybug asked in exasperation. 

“Swimsuits. Over. Our superhero suits.”

Queen Bee glared. “That’s the stupidest thing to come out of your mouth.”

Volpina grinned. “Actually, I like that. I approve.”

“Okay, we’re not doing a swimsuit day. Come up with something else.”

“Oh come on!! It’ll be cool! We can play beach sports! I’m very good at volleyball.”

“Okay, that’s super fun, I totally second this,” Volpina laughed. 

“No effing way,” Queen Bee deadpanned. 

“Of all the things you could’ve come up with,” Ladybug said with an eye roll. “Ice cream! Movies! Chilling in the park! You had to pick the most inconvenient activity.”

“Most inconvenient, or the most genius?”


Aw come on, my Lady, use your imagination a little.”

Queen Bee looked over the ledge of the roof. “Oh my God, get me out of here.”

So mostly a fuck customer submission

I work at an outdoors store in Canada. I’ve made submissions on here about how we handle weapons in our store: hunting rifles, ammunition, knives, as well as bear spray. Keep in mind this is Canada so unlike the US you need a lot of paperwork to handle or even buy a gun and if you are flagged as dangerous in the governments system for whatever reason then we are allowed to refuse service. This also goes for bear spray where we are allowed to tell people no if they seem like they want to use it for protection against other people.

So on Saturday we had a few gentleman come into the store. Our firearms inspector at the door is trained in AP through his other job, so we trust him when he says to keep an eye on potential risks that might try to steal. I would have never flagged these guys as risks as they look like they are just shopping, but I trust his judgment, and so we keep an eye on them as they make a beeline for the hunting department. They are doing the regular behaviour of people who aren’t shopping: looking over stands, splitting up, etc.

One of them are identified as wearing a neckerchief around his neck. The hunting department radios us over our head sets at customer service to let us know that he’s coming over to buy bear spray.

Another thing to note here is that this is March and there are no bears out… even if you are in the deep wilds camping, you need to worry about wolves, not bears that are pretty much still hibernating through winter. We aren’t in bear season until late May early June. And even then the bears leave you alone and will only charge if you get in the way of their babies. Anyone buying bear spray at this time of year is usually someone not up to any good. These are weapons that can destroy someone’s life and are illegal to even have in your car unless if it is locked away out of reach in the trunk.

So anyways, neckerchief comes up and asks for bear spray. I politely ask why, he says he’s going camping right away, and since we were previously watching him throughout the store I politely tell him that we are out of stock since this is not bear season. This is a lie, we do have stock, but I’ve been taught this tactic to defuse customers so they do not scream at me for denying them the equivalent of acid in a can.

That’s fine. Cut to the next day, my lead received a phone call about a customer who is very angry about being refused service to buy bear spray. My manager is involved and another lead is involved, and then my gossip mongering coworker starts making it into a huge deal like someone might be fired. No one is getting fired, management doesn’t give a shit, they understand that we are within our rights to say no. Now I’m super worried and I talk to my manager to explain myself and she says it’s fine, and actually gets my coworker into trouble for gossiping and making things into a huge deal. (Drama happens in front end a lot, I avoid it at all costs, and I really hope that coworker E doesn’t try to start drama with me over that, but that’s another story.)

Now it’s Tuesday (this happened Friday/Saturday) and I receive a phone call from my manager while I’m in the bath tub. She calls to ask the entire situation because he called again to complain about us refusing service, and I go over the entire situation to let her know everything that happened. She didn’t say anything else other than “okay, thank you for your help.”

I work at 4:30 today and I’m really worried that my job might be in trouble, or that they might try throwing me under the bus to appease this customer who is harassing us. He won’t stop. He can buy bear spray at a different camping store in town, but he’s harassing us for whatever reason. I refused to sell because he was flagged as a risk. I’m kinda scared he might try harassing the store in person and I work there tonight and tomorrow evenings. I really hope management doesn’t try to get me in trouble for this.

Loss Countdown Day 2: Best Moment of Sora Before Tri

I know that I said that Yamato’s Dark Cave scene was “probably my favorite moment,” but my God do I love this scene where Sora sacrifices herself to save Takeru and Hikari. I appreciate the Dark Cave scenes because they’re so introspective, but in the following episode then actions speak louder than words, and for me, Sora’s sacrifice speaks the loudest.

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iv. Velvet Suit.

This idea came to my mind thanks to Born’s After Dark Sessions where he wore that beautiful Gucci suit (i think it was from Gucci, but correct me if I’m wrong, I’ve seen that velvet suit in a lot of fashion shows) I’ve always been a fan of Tom Ford’s suits, and really coudln’t help myself once the thought of riding Harry’s tight while wearing a suit like that came to my mind.

So, please bear with me! I’m far from being a good writer and this is the first piece of smut I’ve ever write.

If you want a second part of this, let me know!

It happened a while ago. You remember entering with him to the Gucci Store in London. It was nice to have a client who knew exactly what he wanted and take risks here and there. That’s was fashion is about, after all. As his personal assistant, you had to attend his errands with him 24/7, as long as he wanted you, of course. You couldn’t mind — seeing him getting so excited while inspecting a piece of clothing, touching its fabric, admiring its print… It was like seeing a child on Christmas. A very tall, clumsy and cheeky child. The way his face lighted up when he found something he liked, the way he bit his lips in concentration already planning where and when he’ll wear that specific outfit was already making you lose your mind.

Falling in love with your boss was probably the worst way of going. You couldn’t believe how silly you were, pinning for someone who was like the sun. It angered you, seeing him so freely enjoying himself… but could you blame him? Just having the chance to watching him so excited, with his dimples already popping, his eyes bright and his movements so tranquil… you could to that forever. So you pushed aside your tiredness, trying hard to keep concentrated. It was your work, after all.

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Sorry it's so lengthy!

Summary of my time in new department: 1. Accidentally forgot to clock in even though I was ready to work (3 coworkers can vouch for me) and had to do a clocking correction.
2. Was I can’t take break where I did because it’s too close to my department and therefore unprofessional.
3. Had a customer complain I refused his return (he had a product box from a leased brand, which those managers have been very firm about us not returning those). It was actually holding clothing but he didn’t tell me that and I was just trying to follow company policy. Past coworkers and managers can attest to the fact that I would never deny assistance to somebody, and am very good at dealing with difficult customers.
4. Had a customer definitely try to commit fraud. He tried to return two $100 gift cards/or get the original transaction receipt (which can be used to file a claim with customer service and they can refund it) that we could not verify purchase of, even with a manager looking it up. He wanted cash back. We don’t return gift cards anyways. He proceeded to file a complaint. I did contact our asset protection team and gave them his description so that they could see if he tried it somewhere else which is good I guess.
5. Customer needed a tag removed because the associate didn’t do it at point of sale, and so I told her I would go and remove it. For some dumb reason we only have one in the store in our security office. Despite asking her to take a seat, she followed me. Then security chewed me out for showing a customer where our asset protection office is. The customer said I was amazing and apologized that I got in trouble and was grateful for my help but she couldn’t be bothered to tell a manager how helpful I was, like fuck dude, I got in trouble and all you could say was thanks? I don’t think they realize how valuable and beneficial telling a manager or filling out a survey is to the associate.

This has all been within 4 shifts.