i refuse to clean this up anymore

 They say your first love makes you bitter and the second one makes the bitterness go away, but I wake up every day and practically spit on those that are in love. I’m bitter because no one understands how I feel. I know he left me eight months ago, but I finally passed the stage where all I do is miss him and want him back. No, I don’t exactly love him anymore, I just spend every fucking night remembering how he’s fucked me up mentally and emotionally. I am a mess he made that he refuses to clean up. I don’t want his help anyways, I need to put myself back together. There’s so much worry, so much darkness in my thoughts. He wrecked me and he doesn’t  get sentenced to prison because they don’t jail boys who break hearts. Prison would be over crowded if that were the case. Instead, he’s beginning destroy a pale girl that somewhat looks like me. I act like I have these walls around my heart, but in reality, I have no heart anymore. I’m cold, distant and I shove all my feelings aside and get high off my mind instead. I wish I still had my heart, or at least who I used to be. I’m decaying from the inside out.

Some female cousin of mine just posted a picture on Facebook that says “for every male action there is a female overreaction.” 

Yeah! Hilarious. Like - like demanding the right to vote, right? Fucking crazy. Women totally overreacted on that one. Getting thrown into prison for the right to vote - such an overreaction. 

And like, when men refuse to do cleaning around the house and women have to pick up the slack and then they nag about it and get mad that the men aren’t cleaning. SUCH an overreaction - like, clearly, all housework should be done by women and men absolutely shouldn’t have to pull their own weight around the house. 

Or like, if a guy forgets her birthday. Clearly she’s crying about this isolated incident and not the fact that this guy forgetting her birthday is the last in a long chain of events that make her feel unappreciated and lonely and depressed. Such an overreaction. Who needs birthdays anyway? Or anniversaries, like, what-ever.

I swear to god, ladies - don’t you dare belittle other women’s emotions. Don’t act like it makes you tough to think “other women” are such pussies. Don’t do it to feel superior, don’t do it to make men think you’re cool. Just be a good fucking person and treat other women like they’re fucking human beings. 

Don’t try to live up to men’s standards when you could be burning those standards to the ground.

“Are you a feminist?”

On Tumblr: I don’t know how I feel about that label anymore.  Of course I strongly support gender equality, but there’s a lot of things that have been said and done in the name of feminism that make me deeply uncomfortable, particularly with regard to the treatment of poor women, women of color, disabled women, and trans women.  And as my own gender identity evolves towards male I have to be mindful of the pitfalls involved with identifying oneself as a “male feminist”.  I would need to construct a narrow and personal definition of feminism before I would be comfortable aligning myself with…

At work when a coworker refuses to clean up his own messes because “that’s women’s work”: Yes. Yes I am a feminist.

If I had to sum up why I don’t think Jon’s going to be King, or try to be, or want to be, after learning the truth of his parentage: 

“Your name has been put forth as Lord Commander, Jon.”

That was so absurd Jon had to smile. "By who?” he said, looking for his friends. This had to be one of Pyp’s japes, surely. 

Jon finds this hilarious (in part) because he just decided outside to refuse a leadership role, because his magical wolf hijacked his hunger and reminded him his destiny lies elsewhere.

He takes the job of LC because he’s elected to it, but lbr: by and large, he hates it. To borrow from the Smiths, that joke isn’t funny anymore. 

“I had a frightening dream last night, m’lord,” Dolorous Edd confessed. “You were my steward, fetching my food and cleaning up my leavings. I was lord commander, with never a moment’s peace.”

Jon did not smile. “Your nightmare, my life.”

Now, of course, plenty of leaders hate their job. But note the ecstasy with which Jon abandons his command at the end of ADWD. It’s that of a man who’s known all along his story wasn’t leading that way…which, as it happens, is an exact parallel for Dany’s revelations (“Meereen was not her home, and would never be”) in her own final ADWD chapter, in which she realizes she’s more prophet than politician. As I’ve said, Jon’s coming back different thanks to his layover in Ghost (he’ll be more on the three-eyed crow’s wavelength from here on in), and Dany’s going to be learning from Marwyn, called the Mage for a reason. Sansa’s the one being groomed to rule.