i refuse to clean this up anymore

so, to be blunt, the clique sucks. not all of you, no, but a majority of the clique sucks. a lot of us lack respect, not only for tyler and josh, but for other artists, bands, and their fanbase, such as melanie martinez and the crybabies. (the melanie hate was very very strong on the clique amino app)

i know i’m not being any better than they are now, by ranting about all this, but i NEED to get it off my chest.

let’s start off with the whole fake fan thing. there is no such thing as a ‘fake fan’! only NEW fans! if you meet someone who only knows the radio hits, introduce them to more songs! back when i first got into tøp, i bought a blurryface shirt with lane boy lyrics on it, despite only listening to the song a few times and i hadn’t memorized EVERY word. i wore it to church one night and a clique member ran up to me and busted out rapping the whole song and i got pretty freaked out! i told her that i’d only listened to the song maybe three times and she rolled her eyes, called me a fake fan, and left me alone with my little emo eyeliner and my little emo self. it hurt me, because she was degrading me in the fanbase for not knowing all the words to lane boy.

next let’s talk about faking suicide. that’s OBVIOUSLY not okay. suicide is a very, very serious thing that shouldn’t be joked about. i see it happen within the clique all the time, both real suicides and fake, and both hurt me very badly. but in different ways. do you realize how many people you’re hurting by faking your own death, all for attention? tyler isn’t going to write a song about you, you know, because you “died”.

now the address leaking, ah, the address leaking. that’s tyler and jenna’s personal life and their privacy. they had JUST moved into this new house! they must have felt so unsafe in their own home, which is supposed to be a place of comfort and protection from all you crazy, rabid fans trying to rip his clothes and steal his shoes. how safe would you feel if someone leaked your address online for the whole world to see?

next we have the crashed wedding. that whole thing was so, so disrespectful. that was josh’s friend’s wedding. if you were famous, and went to your friend’s big special day, and a fan decided to break in in the middle of it just to get a picture with you, would you feel annoyed or upset? because in the picture the girls took with him, josh looked pretty pissed. and josh has the right to say “no” to anybody who wants a picture with him. he doesn’t have to do whatever you say, your wish isn’t his command, and that goes for tyler too. ever wonder why they walk fast in public, and why tyler started hearing hoods and baseball caps to cover his face lately? to hide from us.

the crap with the crybabies. it’s nuts. y'all are making nasty comments about melanie’s appearance, and personally, i think mel is a very beautiful young woman. the real ugly people are the ones who made fun of her and her fans, they’re ugly on the inside. it isn’t right. i know that you would all feel awful if someone told you that your tooth gap was the 8th wonder of the world or made rude comments on your eyebrows. mel is a human being, and so are all of her fans, so start treating them with respect. because EVERY human deserves respect.

i understand why the clique is so hated. we’re mostly made up of awful people. i feel bad for tyler and josh because they deserve better fans than us. they deserve respectful, thoughtful people that wait patiently for new music instead of rabid, rude kids who spam their social media accounts, pretty much harassing them and pressuring them into releasing new music, commenting “i love you” constantly on their posts, and invading their personal lives and their privacy.

that’s it. that’s all i have to say. the clique sucks and i’m pretty ashamed that i even called myself a clique member. until you all clean up your act, i’m not one of you. i’m not a part of the clique anymore, i’m simply someone who listens to tøp. i’m just a fan. i refuse to identify as part of this madhouse called the skeleton clique. feel free to rb and rant about it yourself. i’m done

The Fate of Black Cats

So I found myself reading some soulmate AU’s and I had this idea for one that nobody asked for. Well here it is anyway. For your reading pleasure.

Soulmate AU where whatever they write on their arms, appears on their soulmate’s. What happens when Marinette becomes convinced that her soulmate is gone for good? Part ½ Rating: G+? Idk, it’s kinda angsty

When Marinette was four years old, drawings started appearing on her arms. At first they frightened her, but her mamma assured her that they were only drawings from her soulmate. Whatever he wrote or drew on his arms would appear on hers and vice versa. After that, she always carried around a marker and would tell her soul mate stories on her arms. She drew him flowers, cakes from her parent’s bakery, the funny dog she saw outside her window, anything she could think of to show him. He wrote back in music notes and cats and silly stick figures. She insisted she learn to read and write so that she could really talk to him. Together they practiced their ABC’s and eventually held conversations. They couldn’t tell each other their names on their arms, but that was ok. He was her boy, and she was his girl. Their arms were never without ink for years to come.

When Marinette turned six, she decided she wanted to really talk to her boy. So she asked her mom if she could call him. She looked a little surprised, but said that if his mamma would give him the phone number she would call him for her. It wasn’t long after that, that neat and unfamiliar handwriting appeared on her arm. She showed it to her mamma and she dialed the phone for her and let her have it. When a lady picked up, she cleared her throat and spoke in her most adult voice.

“Hello, I need to talk to my boy.”

“Alright, here he is.” Marinette waited impatiently while the phone was handed off.



They talked for hours. They could finally say whatever they wanted, and it was much faster than writing it down. While they talked they drew each other pictures. It was only the first of many conversations.

They were eight before they told each other their names.

“Marinette is a princess name! It’s pretty and magical just like you!”

“If Marinette is a princess name then you have to be my knight. Knight Adrien.”

“Together we save all of France from an evil sorcerer who enslaves people to make them fight us and try and capture our magic! Knight Adrien and Princess Marinette to the rescue!”

“I think you mean Princess Marinette and Knight Adrien. I, obviously, am the more powerful one.”

“Well duh! You’re not royalty for nothing! I am but your humble sidekick.”

“Nonsense, we’re partners. What’s a princess without her knight?”

“And what’s a knight without his princess?”

“I love you, my princess.”

“I love you too, my knight.”

For years, these daily phone calls were enough for them. They told each other everything. They made up stories of their adventures together. Marinette and Adrien, best friends, storytellers, soulmates.

When they were eleven, Adrien’s mom started getting sick. He wouldn’t tell her much about it, but she knew he was worried. She got worse and worse, until one day Marinette called, and an unfamiliar voice answered the phone.

“I need to talk to my boy.”

“He isn’t here,” the man responded, and hung up.

When she tried calling back no one answered. She tried writing messages on her arms, but he never responded. Marinette grew desperate. She called multiple times a day and covered her arms in flowers and words, anything to try and get him to respond. But he never did. Finally, after a week, whenever she called the number she had long sense memorized, the line was disconnected. She cried for a week and refused to come out of her room. She wrote on her arms hoping for a reply, but none ever came. Finally she wrote just one sentence.

Just tell me if you’re alive.

No reply came, and Marinette promised never to write on her arms again.

The next morning, she came down stairs with her arms scrubbed clean, and for the first time since she was small, there was no trace of ink anywhere.

“Hey, princess, what happened to your drawings?” her papa asked.

“I’m not a princess anymore. I can’t be a princess when my knight is dead.”

Her parents never brought it up again.

Every year on Adrien’s birthday, Marinette broke her promise. She would draw only one thing. It was a black cat cuddling a ladybug, his favorite animal and hers, with the words a Princess and her Knight surrounding it. She never expected a response, and she never got one, but it was her way of remembering the soulmate she never met.

School was harder after that. All her classmates had soulmates who drew them pictures, and eventually some of them met them. She watched her classmates fall in love with their soulmates and send them messages, and ached at the loss of hers. She took to wearing long sleeves, even when it was warm. She never told them what happened to hers. She let them assume what they wanted. Some thought they were fighting. Some thought she was one of the rare few born without one. Chloe was a member of the latter group. It all came to a head when she was fourteen.

“Poor little Marinette. I guess even fate is choosey when it comes doling out soulmates.” Most days, Marinette was good at drowning her out. But that day was his birthday. Her traditional drawing already marred her wrist. “Who would want to be your soulmate? Even if you had one I would bet he would be the scummiest, the most disgusting-“

“He was wonderful!” Marinette screamed. She marched over to Chloe, poking her in the chest. “He was kind, and creative, and funny! He played piano, and he liked cats. He had blonde hair and green eyes, and he loved me!” She could feel tears threatening to overflow as she screamed at Chloe. “And now he’s dead! He died Chloe! I will never meet him!” She could see the horror growing in Chloe’s face, but she had put up with her for too long to stop now. “He died, and now I have to sit here and listen to you disgrace him. I have to listen to you try and sully what few memories I have of him with your lies. I have had enough! Don’t you think I have suffered enough?” At this, Marinette seemed to collapse in on herself. For the first time, she noticed that the entire school was watching. They were dead silent, hanging on her every word. She felt heavy as her tears finally dripped down her cheeks. She looked back up at Chloe, hugging her arms. Chloe was looking on with horror frozen on her face. It would seem even she had a since of decency. Finally, she whispered to Chloe, “Haven’t I suffered enough?” and fled the school. Tears blurred her eyes as she ran. On her way down out, she bumped into a blonde boy she could barely see through her tears.

“Are you ok? Can I-“

“Please don’t touch me.” Marinette choked out and continued on her way out. Once home she locked herself into her room. She refused to come out the rest of the day.

The next day at school, four things happened. First, Chloe avoided her. She wouldn’t look at her or sit near her or talk to her. This suited Marinette just fine.

Second, two new kids were introduced to the class. Marinette was studiously avoiding looking at anyone and was doodling in her sketchbook, so she missed their names. It wasn’t until the girl sat down next to her, that she looked up.

“Hi, I’m Alya, what’s your name?”


“Well, Marinette, we’re going to be best friends.” Marinette could feel a smile tugging at her lips as class began.

Third, Ivan turned into a rock monster. Like literally made of rocks. The crazy new girl went running after him yelling about super heroes, and Marinette ran home.

Fourth, Marinette became Ladybug. When she got home, she found a weird box with earrings inside, and a magic talking bug that turned her into a spandex wearing superhero named Ladybug. It’s safe to say the Marinette’s life was never same.

She gradually grew accustomed to her new role and her partner, Chat Noir. They learned to work together and managed to do a decent job of keeping the city safe. She enjoyed having a purpose, even if her partner was a little ridiculous.

Marinette was not very involved in school after her fight with Chloe. Chloe no longer bullied her, but much of her class looked at her with pity. She couldn’t stand it. She eventually discovered that the other new kid’s name was Adrien. Looking at him was a like a punch in the gut. Blonde hair, green eyes, named Adrien. If it weren’t for his subdued and reserved attitude, he could have been her Adrien. She tended to avoid him if only to save herself the pain of digging up old memories. Someone must have clued him in as to why, because he left her alone. She caught him looking at her sometimes, but he never forced a conversation with her.

A year later found her at fifteen celebrating Adrien’s birthday alone. Alya caught her drawing on her wrist before class started.

“What are you doing? I never see you writing on your arms.” She couldn’t see Adrien perk up in front of her and decided to answer truthfully.

“It’s my soulmate’s birthday,” she explained, “if he were alive, he would be fifteen today.” Marinette didn’t notice Adrien slowly turning around in his seat to look at her, she was too busy drawing, but Alya did. “Every year on his birthday I draw the same thing here on my wrist it’s my way of remembering him. See he loved black cats, I and I like ladybugs. We used to tell each other stories where I was the princess and he was my knight. This is how I remember him.” She showed the completed drawing to Alya, then rolled her sleeve back down and got her books ready for class.

Alya stared at Adrien’s wrist as the same drawing took shape there. He was staring at Marinette completely dumbfounded, before he turned to meet Alya’s eyes. In them he learned a new definition of fear. Alya was looking at him with murder in her eyes.

Ravus Nox Fleuret Headcanons
  • He needs reading glasses, but he absolutely despises wearing them, so he never does.
  • When he was younger, he was always getting into little mischiefs, but they were all with good intention. Lots of the time, he was trying to nab little gifts for his mother and his sister.
  • If he’s sleeping by himself, he starfishes out across the bed. Like, edge to edge. He also tosses and turns a lot, always wakes up in a blanket burrito regardless of his starting position.
  • If there’s someone else in the bed with him, however, he sleeps almost completely still. There’s very minimal movement between his positions from when he fell asleep to when he woke up.
  • He runs his hands through his hair a lot, which results in the hairstyle he’s always sporting.
  • He’s absolutely frustrated with his MagiTech arm because it’s mostly removable adornments on a base frame, but the claws on the fingers are actually part of the base frame. 
  • The MagiTech arm is removable, and he’s been told on several accounts that he needs to remove it when he sleeps, but he doesn’t really listen. (He’ll remove it if someone is sleeping beside him, but only then.)

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The Special Phone Call / Drabble

Fandom: Criminal Minds
Words: 2,725
Pairing: Luke Alvez / Penelope Garcia
Characters: Penelope Garcia, Luke Alvez and Derek Morgan
Requested by: @marialovesdean - she gave such a cute prompt so I hope I gave it justice by writing this little cute drabble (:  and here is the link of the same drabble on FF ^^

Luke leaned against the elevator as he closed his eyes for a few seconds. He spent the weekend playing with Roxy at the dog park for most of the time. With his body aching all over, he’s not exactly sure if he is up for another case that might take weeks to solve. The sound of the elevators arriving to the BAU’s floor and opening caused his eyes to open. Clenching onto his backpack, he exhaled deeply before exiting and making his way toward the bullpen. “Hey.”

JJ looked up from her phone. “You look tired.”

“Roxy was really hyper this weekend,” Luke put his backpack down on top of his desk and chuckled. “I changed her diet in the last few days, I think that’s why.”

Spencer leaned against his seat. “She’s not on the raw diet anymore?”

Luke shook his head. “She wasn’t feeling well when she was on the diet.” Settling into his seat, he sighed. “I was suggested to change the diet and see what happens.” He glanced around the bullpen. “What’s the case?”

“I don’t know,” JJ answered. “Both Emily and Penelope haven’t left the office yet, they’ve been discussing something for the last twenty minutes. And Rossi hasn’t arrived.”

“Maybe it’s not that bad,” Spencer suggested. “When we do have a bad case, we’re all huddled around the conference room instead.” Taking a book out from his drawer, he started opening it to read.

“Conference room.” Emily called out for the team as she slowly made her way over with Penelope following behind. “We have a case in Chicago. Double homicide, the third one in the last two weeks.”

“A serial killer?” JJ looked up at the screen just as Penelope brought up the pictures.

Emily nodded her head. “Rossi won’t be joining us due to personal issues but the case is simple. We just need to fly over there and try to help out the local officers.”

“Alright.” Spencer stood up. “Wheels up in 20?”

“Actually, with Rossi not being with us, I thought we needed another hand.” Emily suggested.

JJ knit her eyebrows together. “The case is simple? I think the four of us can handle the case.”

“Yeah,” Penelope agreed. “But you wouldn’t know Chicago as much as the guy that’s joining us.”

Luke arched an eyebrow. “Who is coming?”

Derek knocked on the door and smiled brightly at the team. “Agent Derek Morgan is joining you to Chicago.” He winked over at Penelope. “Baby Girl.”
Penelope smiled. “Welcome back.”

Luke glanced between Penelope and Derek as he collected his files in silence.

Penelope moved around comfortably on her chair around her office as she took a sip of her tea. Checking the time on her watch, the team should be looking over the crime scenes right now. Her eyes adverted over to her little figurines on her desk, landing particularly on the newest member of the family. The little cat stress toy that Luke had given her a couple weeks ago. The longer she looked at it, the wider her smile became on her face. She blinked her eyes in confusion when her phone started ringing. Getting into tech analyst mode, she pressed the button and cleared her throat as soon as she saw the caller ID. “Newbie.”

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it's always guesswork with them [forthbeam/dr. gang]

Summary: the dr. gang come over to beam’s place to study and discover what happened with forth and beam’s one night stand. their idea of support isn’t exactly orthodox.
Note: for the anon who requested “dr. gang discovering forthbeam.” i dont know how the one night stand went down in the novel, so this is my take!

beam wakes up in multiple kinds and severities of pain. the small of his back aches, along with the horrid pounding in his head. the sheets feel cool against his tender muscles. the sensation also leads him to painful awareness of the fact that he is naked. beam winces as he sits up, both from the memory of what happened the night prior and from what he guesses to be a lack of sufficient preparation during said night. “shit.” he groans at the pain, rolling over. “fuck!” he shouts upon seeing forth lying face down beside him.
forth turns toward him. he smiles lightly. “why are you upset?”

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agoraphobic || luke hemmings


Your fingers tugged gently at the hem of your shirt.

Luke absolutely took notice.

His hand left the steering wheel and found its way to one of yours. He gently grabbed it, and held it, caressing his thumb across the back of it.

“It’s just for a little bit.” He reminds you.

“Luke… I really don’t want to.” You twist your free hand up into the sleeve of the jacket you’re wearing.

“Baby I promise.” He looks over at you.

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“I don’t need you anymore.”

Relationship: Family

Fandom: DC Comics

Character: Damian

“Ummi!” Damian yelled as he rushed into the living room. Concerned you quickly set the book down and look to Damian.

“Damian? What’s wrong?”

“I was trying to cook and something happened.”

“Something happened?” The small boy quickly grabbed your hand and pulled you out of the living and into the kitchen.

The whole area was a mess, flour on whole counter top and most of the floor, walking forth into the kitchen you heard a crack under your sock. Looking down you saw that you had stepped on an eggshell. With a sigh, you shook your head.

“Let’s clean up first and I will help you with whatever you were doing in here.”

It turned out Damian was trying to make a cake, he refused to tell you who it was for. As you put the cake in and set the timer Damian started to push you out.

“I don’t need you anymore.” He said as he pushed you towards the door.

“Damian. Phrasing.” The small boy huffed a bit before speaking again.

“I don’t need your help anymore. Thank you for helping earlier.” You smile as you walked out of the kitchen and towards your bathroom to take a bath.

Dinner was nice seeing as everyone stayed for it, Alfred then brought out a cake. Looking at saw that it said thank you to you. You looked around the table at the boys.

“What is this about?” You asked confused.

“Today is the day you and Bruce started dating. So-” Damian quickly cut Tim off.

“So we wanted to thank you for dealing with Father.” You chuckled and shook your head.

“You boys are something.”

Things Felt But Unsaid

This is my little gift for @stoptryingtomakethingshappen for the Secret Santa event, hosted by @drarryexchange . It’s the first time I’ve written for the Drarry fandom and the first time I have written anything as fluffy as this, but I hope you’ll like it!

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

This warmth, those arms around his body, that messy dark hair tickling his neck.

Why, Potter? thought Draco as he watched with foggy, still tired eyes, the peaceful form laid in his bed.

Certain rays of sun were decorating their faces through the curtains, leaving small dots of light across pillow-patterned cheeks and closed eyelids.

The whole thing felt like some sort of dream to Draco. Too surreal, too good to be true after so many years of anger and self-destruction.

He turned his head a little to have a better look of the man still asleep behind him. Barely resisted the urge to extend his hand, to touch with pale fingers the warm skin pressed so beautifully against his.

Years before, every time the image of the familiar boy - now man - entered his field of vision, all he used to feel was rage and disappointment. And hatred, so much hatred… Sometimes he couldn’t even think because of it.

Things changed to such an extent that the past now seemed like an alternative existence, not part of the same life, full of anguish.

After all of that…How could you chose me?’

Harry’s breathing was caressing Draco’s neck while his chest moved with every puff that escaped past his parted lips. He’s always been a late sleeper and secretly, of course, Draco liked this. It gave him time to think, to appreciate better just how lucky he ended up.

After his sixth year, the only ending he visioned for himself was the cold, empty space of an Askaban cell. Or being Voldemort’s lap dog for the rest of eternity.

Not this. Not this closeness. Not so much forgiveness.

And especially not so much love.

Despite his earlier - better - judgement, Draco’s hand found itself buried in dark hair, too tangled for its own good and not soft enough. However, Draco felt a strange sort of affection every time his fingers moved across Harry’s unkempt locks, and the last thing he wanted was to stop.

“Malfoy” a morning voice echoed suddenly.

Draco stopped his movement, focusing his attention instead on green eyes, now open, gazing back at him.

“Morning, princess,” he said, his tone full of fondness. “Slept well?”

Harry blinked twice, trying process everything at once.

“Draco” he called out once again, a bit confused still. “Why are you up so early?”

Draco smiled.

“Not everybody can sleep until noon with no remorse like you, Potter,” he said, no bite in his words. “Most people have responsibilities, you know? We don’t have the luxury of taking a nap whenever we  want just because we defeated a wizard years ago.”

As usual, when confronted this way, Harry rolled his eyes.

“If I’m not wrong, Malfoy, you - as in, the responsible one out of the two of us, according to your words - are also still on bed. So, instead of throwing around baseless accusations, why don’t you keep messing with my hair since you like it and start telling me about what you seemed to be so conflicted about.”

Draco would’ve done anything to wipe the smirk out of his face. He should’ve known better than to bring up any sort of competition whenever it involved Harry. That bastard always had some sort of witty answer up his sleeve, no matter the time of the day of night.

“You know what, Potter?” he said. “I think I liked you better asleep. Why don’t you go back to it?”

Harry eyes sparkled at that. Draco didn’t apreciate that look.

“Neah,” said Harry in mocking laziness, perfectly aware of how much Draco hated when he did that. “I think getting on your nerves for a bit longer will be more entertaining.”

“Oh, shut it already,” said Draco, rolling over, having his back facing Harry once again.

Harry only laughed at how silly Draco was behaving.

“I see someone woke up quite cranky today,” he said.

“I’m not ‘cranky’. I’m just tired of you,” remarked Draco.

“Please, you’ll never get tired of me,” laughed Harry, poking Draco in the ribs to play around some more.

“Yes, I am. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to make me some breakfast. I can’t stand being hungry,” he said, rolling out of bed.

Harry raised his hand, gently touching Draco’s arm.

“You mean making us breakfast, right? he grinned, trying to make his voice sound sweet.

“As if you still deserve something after the trick you pulled last night. I won’t be able to sit for a whole week thanks to your lack of patience.” he mumbled hoping to come out as angry, but failing miserably. He couldn’t fool Harry so easily.

Of course, he still freed his arm and moved towards the door, his stepping as lazy as possible.

“Like you didn’t enjoy it,” Harry said, a bit frustrated by Draco’s pride and stubbornness.

The blond ignored him and left the room, leaving Harry behind without a care.

“Cranky indeed,” said Harry to himself, throwing the covers away from his body, with a trace of regret of abandoning the warmth of the bed. He searched in a hurry for a pair of trousers and a clean shirt before following Draco in the kitchen, a discreet smell already filling his senses.

Once entering the room, his eyes fell immediately on the shirtless form standing in front of the fridge, wand in hand, a frown painted on his features. It seemed like he was in the middle of warming up a piece of bread - “Again?” Harry noted, not knowing how to react anymore to Draco’s wierd antics. But no matter how hard he tried, Draco simply refused to touch anything that had to do with technology.

“I might hurt myself, Potter!” he shouted once, after a whole hour of washing the clothes - the muggle way. It had been a disaster, without any exaggerations. After ruining two perfect sweaters and a pair of boxers Harry gave up, leaving Draco to do things as he pleased.

Even if it wasn’t extremely practical.

“How much longer or you going to incendio that poor bread?” Harry asked, getting closer to the blond and observing his every move.

“Don’t disturb my concentration. I don’t want to burn it too much and deal with ashes.”

“Draco… That’s why we have the toaster,” sighed Harry.

“I’m not going to touch that machine. Ever. End of story,” said Draco, finally lowering his wand, deciding that it was enough. “Besides, it’s a good exercise of control.”

Harry decided not to comment. Instead, he positioned himself behind Draco and embraced him from behind, resting his chin on his shoulder.

“You are out of hope, you know?” said Harry, leaving a small kiss on Draco’s naked skin.

“And you are sweaty and in desperate need of a shower. You stink. But do you see me complaining?” said Draco as he placed the now slightly burned slice of bread on a plate, not impressed by Harry’s antics.

The other boy flinched at the words of the blond.

“For real?” he asked ashamed, lowering his arms.

“Yes, Potter. Now go throw some water and soap on yourself and come back looking acceptable for once. I’ll also dress accordingly to a kitchen when you are done and then we’ll finally eat as two normal human beings.”

“Fine,” he accepted the first part without a second thought. “But, for the record, I don’t mind seeing you shirtless at all times”.

“Noted. Now go. I’ll finish with the rest of the toast and deal with the eggs while you’re in there.”

Harry did as told and, with one last look at Draco, he left the room, almost running all the way to the shower. He turned on the water and walked inside after leaving his clothes nest to the sink, and allowed the cold liquid to touch furiously his heated skin.

On the other side of the house, Draco was preparing everything just as he promised, but no matter what his hands were doing or what words left his mouth with every textbook incantation, his thoughts were far from those actions.

He was taking in the last words words exchanged, replaying them over and over again, as well as the feeling of having Harry’s front pressed to his back. The dialogue, no matter how embarrassing and awkward it had been, was just another proof of their closeness, of how much they have evolved over the years to finally reach the point of talking about anything without fearing a thing from the other. That domesticity brought a soft smile to Draco’s face.

They were far from perfect. Both made mistakes that couldn’t ever be erased, but they learned. They have grown up together, step by step, curse after curse and now, with each caress of the other’s skin.

The sound of the shower stopping could be heard even from where Draco was standing, but somehow, in the hurricane that had taken over his mind, it ended up being missed. He heard, however, Harry’s steps as he got back, hair still dump and clothes fitting him a bit awkwardly.

“Good, you’re done,” said Draco, turning around as soon as Harry came back. “You can start eating if you want, I’ll be back in a second.”

Five minutes later they were both seated on each side of the table, eating in silence. Harry was enjoying a glass of orange juice while Draco was more than pleased with his water, taking a mouthful every few bites.

It was peaceful. Calming. Familiar. Precious.

“Harry, could you please give me the salt from over there?”

“Sure, but don’t you think it’s salty enough?”

“It needs a little bit more.”

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

It wasn’t what he expected, but it was better that everything Draco believed he deserved.

He might never be able to say out lout exactly what he felt. He might never leave his insecurities in the open so easily. But, with Harry, he wanted to at least try.

He was stubborn. Full of pride. A coward in every sense of the word.

It wasn’t like him to be so open.

One day, Harry, I will tell you everything I can’t say right now. I don’t know why you chose me, but I swear, on Merlin’s beard, that I’ll prove to you that giving me this wasn’t a mistake.

And it will never be.


Pairing: Yoongi x Reader, Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Angst

Summary: You and Min Yoongi had something special, you were sure of it. At least, that’s what you thought before you learnt what he was actually doing all those nights he had to “work late”.


A/N - I’m sorry.

You met Min Yoongi when you were just an innocent high school girl, you were a good and studious pupil, while he was rebellious and tough. Despite your differences you had been drawn to each other in a way neither of you could understand, but you just let it be. From the time you were sixteen years old you never even dreamed of being with anyone else apart from your surprisingly sweet boyfriend with ever changing hair.

Little did you know, he didn’t feel the same way.

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- Bobby x reader

- Angst (ish) + happy ending.

- Your friendship with Bobby got too complicated for comfort. You decided to end thing because you can’t handle the stress and confusion any longer.


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- “I’ll see you in a bit. I just got out of practice, gonna head home and shower first. Unless you prefer my au naturale scent.”

- “Gross, can you please shower… I shared a tent with you at camp. I wanted to die.”

Being Bobby’s best friend pretty much mean your apartment is his. Whether it be getting away from the boys, wanting to sleep alone, quiet space for working, or just chilling. Having him over so often wasn’t anything strange anymore. After more than once finding him sitting outside your doors waiting for you to get home from work, you just gave him a key.

- “If you fucking bring girls here, i will end you. Just remember, I know all your dirty secrets.”

- “You act like i’m a diary or something. Do I look like that kind of person to you? smh…”

- “Hey i see you be flirting with girls. desperate time calls for desperate measure. Hanbin would probably kill you if you bang some random girl in your dorm.”

- “Yes, mom. I won’t bring girls over.”

You didn’t start out having a crush on him, not even remote interest. However, as he spend more and more time with you, something changed. His action slowly becoming more sweet and meaningful. Whether it’s just him reminding you to eat, or giving you his jacket during cold days. Slowly his care tug at your heartstring and crushing turn into love. You’ve managed to hidden it well thus far. The frustrating part is you don’t even know if you’re special or this is how he’s usually is with girls. Other than the boys, he never brings you around any of his other friends. He does talks about girls but you never had the pleasure of meeting any of them. There were times where he brought you to parties but he stay by your side the whole time. Being possessive or protective is just something in his nature. He doesn’t let you out of his sight for one second, no guys can come within arm length of you. At this point however, you’d rather not risk a great friendship. Usually you’d come home and find him already lounging around your house. Today was one of those rare day you’re actually home before he comes over. You had some time to spare so you cooked up a meal knowing he’d be starving after practice.

- “Honey, I’m homeeee!!!”

- “STFU will you. How many time did i tell you to stop calling me honey.” you call out from the bedroom.

- “Fine! Did you cook babe? it smells so good.” he walks in the bedroom and jump on your bed.

- “Bobbyyyy NO. stop giving me pet names. if you want your dinner to be safe, stop this instance.”

He has a really bad habit of calling you names that make you dream he was serious about you. He chases you into the kitchen to try and save his meal. You just laugh and follow the crazy boy. After eating pretty much 85% of all the food and chatting your ears off, he slumps onto the couch to watch TV. He insisted on helping you clean up but seeing how tired he was, you shooed him off. 

- “I have that new movie  you wanted to watch. Are you planning on staying over?”

- “OMG YESH. You’re the best. If you don’t mind, can I? I just spent 18 hours with Hanbin. constant yelling for 18 hours. 18!!! if i see him for another minute i’ll have nightmare.”

- “Haha, you know he means well. Couch or bed?”

Of course he’d choose the bed. He’s a little too comfortable in your home that it seems like it’s really his apartment and you’re the guest. At first he’d offer to sleep on the couch or the floor. Following one particularly hard day at practice, he hurt his back and was dying in pain. You felt so bad and told him to come sleep on the bed. He refused at first but eventually gave in. Ever since then, he doesn’t even ask to share the bed anymore. Even with the close proximity, nothing ever happen except for innocent sleep. There was an actual barrier make out of pillows and blanket between the  two of you, always. After putting in the movie, he situates himself flat on his belly, head sideway facing toward the TV.

- “Massage pleaseeeee.” he whines loudly.

- “Are you serious? you take over my apartment, then i have to cook for you, and then clean up. Now you want massage. WTF?”

- “Pretty please, my whole back ache. I told you, i’ve been practicing for like 3 days straight. Please.”

- “Ugh, fine”

Hopping onto his back, legs straddling his sides, you begin to work your magic on him. His broad shoulders relax as his whole body melts onto the bed. Hands running over his smooth skin, fingers grace over the dimples on his shoulders’ muscles, a bit of sadness comes over you. You realize some day this would end time come when either one of you get a love interest. It’s all fun and game to you two but outsider might not fondly share the same view. This day might actually come sooner than you’d wanted. You had decided to give up on loving Bobby.

- “Omg, you should do this professionally. You’re so good babe.”

- “What did i tell you about calling me that?” 

You dig your elbow onto his back causing him to yelp out a loud apology.

- “Jeez, you’re so mean. I’m just playing.”

He lays back down and resumes his focus on the movie. You hesitantly speak up.

- “Can I tell you something?”

- “Uhmm.”

- “I actually agree to go grab a drink with Jason tonight…”

Still focusing on the movie, it almost feels like he’s ignoring. All of the sudden, he pushes your legs and gesture for you to get off. Thinking he’s mad, you scoot away to give him some room. Before you got too far away though, his arm wraps around your waist and pull you to lay down with him. Relaxing yourself into being his little spoon, you shed a tear knowing this feeling will cease to exist soon. Just like that most of the movie passed with him holding you tight. When there was 30 minutes left to the movie and the clock ticks 9:30, you whisper to him.

- “Hey, I have to get ready to go meet Jason…” you words cut off by a loud sigh.

- “Do you have to leave so soon?” His arms still tight around you.

- “What’s wrong? you’re never this clingy. Did something happen between you and the boys? or at home? Is your family okay?”

- “It’s nothing… i don’t know.”

You get a bad vibe from his behaviors and keep pressing for answer. Could he have heard a gossip about your potential new boyfriend? You did meet the guy through him.

- “No, Jason is a good guy. He’s actually would be a good fit for you…There’s nothing wrong with him.”

- “Then how come i’m getting the feeling that you don’t want me to go. If you don’t want me to go, i won’t go. It’s just a date, i’m not marrying the guy.”

- “Go, have fun on your date. I’ll probably head back to the dorm later…”

You’re now super uneasy at his words and action. He’s telling you to leave but his body is telling you to stay. You pull out of his arm and sit up to look at him.

- “Jiwon… you know i can tell if you’re lying right? what’s wrong?”

- “Nothing… just go”

Did you hear it wrong? Was the TV too loud? His words sounded like they were resisting on coming out of his throat as he chokes them up.

- “Jiwon… come on. Tell me.” You try your best to meet his gaze but he just shift it else where. “Fine, if you won’t say it to my face then just whisper it in my ear.”

You get back into being his tiny spoon and force him to wrap his arms around you once more. 

- “I… I just really don’t want you to go…” 

- “Why?”

- “I can’t do this… uh, shit… I, never mind.”

- “You know what? I can’t do this either… I’m leaving. Stay or go, whatever is fine with me.”

You were wiggling out of his hold when he grabs onto you super tight. One arm wraps around your chest, hand holding your shoulder. The other one snakes around your stomach. He presses his body as close to you as humanly possible and snuggle his face into your hair. 

- “I don’t want this to end, us to end.”

- “And what is this exactly? What is ‘us’?”

He practically struck you in the gut by saying that. For months now, for you it wasn’t as simple as best friends hanging out. You guys were practically in a relationship with none of the romance or obligation. You had a crush on Bobby, sure but it wasn’t anything serious. Lately, it’s getting harder for you to differentiate love from friendship.

- “…” Silence fell out of his mouth.

- “You don’t even know what this is, do you?” You were gradually getting frustrated. “Sometimes I wonder why you spend so much time here. You’re not a lonely guy. There’re tons of girls, and guys, that would kill to spend time with you but here you are. Day in, day out, wasting your time in this small average apartment with a completely average girl.”

- “IDK, you’re my best friend outside of the industry. I just want to spend time with you…What’s wrong with that? And you’re not average, stop thinking about yourself like that. Even if you were, what’s wrong with being average. I like you the way you are.”

- “Yes, i know we’re close but you literally spend all your free time here. Your phone blows up every time I see you. Sometimes I just sit and watch you make up bullshit excuses not to hang out with your other friends. I mean you literally was just sitting on my couch, not doing shit. So i really don’t know what this ‘us’ is that you’re referring to. What am I to you? a sister? substitute mom? shelter? What, Bobby.”

- “I.. I don’t know…” he stammers.

That only increases your frustration. All this confusion has to stop. When you’re with him, he has never made a move. The moment you want to see someone else he throws you in for a loop and got jealous? This is too much for your heart to handle so you decided to take your chance. What’s the worse that can happen? If things go south, at least you’ll have peace and can finally move on.

“To me, you’re the greatest person in this world. I had a strings of bad relationships, both romantic and platonic. I was betrayed, cheated on, stabbed in the back. For the longest i thought i was treated badly because i deserve it or that was the best i was gonna get. But you, you changed everything. You showed me how a proper relationship should be and made me better. You’re literally the ultimate best friend.  You showed me kindness. You picked me up when i was left wounded by my ex.You showed me a way out. That’s why I will walk through hell for you if you need me to. That’s why i’m your best friend. But fuck, lately it’s been so compilcated. You’re TOO kind to me that it make me soo confuse. You’d draw me into this whirlwind fantasy of thinking i might have a chance with you. You don’t even know how many time I got soo close to confessing to you but then… Then just when I was about to, you gushed hours on end about some girl that wouldn’t give you the time of day, WHILE laying in bed with me. I know these sleepover are purely because you need time away from your hectic life… But shit, it’s so vexing because right after you say craps like “don’t ever date or get marry because i need you”, you go and say friendzone shit to me. I can’t get mad Bobby… I can’t even get jealous when girls that are 10x prettier and more successful than me flirt with you. What right do i have to do that? I’m nothing when it comes to Bobby’s realm of love. That’s why i have to do this, i have to go on this date. I have to end this crazy confusing relationship of ‘us’… whatever ‘us’ is. I can’t keep getting string along like some doll. I don’t want to feel like some left over when you finally move on. I know it’s not your fault, it’s mine for falling for you. But i have to make things clear once and for all. Either you hold up your end of the friendzone bargain or just don’t see me anymore. At the end of the day, I’m nothing more than a comfort net for you and it breaks my heart. So, for the sake of my sanity and my heart… From this day on, i will stop loving you, Kim Jiwon.”

After a few minutes of quietness, you were sure it was done between you and him. His hold still tight, you couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable but there was no way of getting out. Just then, he starts to speak.

- “Please don’t do that… I don’t want you to see him or anyone else. I want you to myself, no other guys in this world can have you. You’re mine and i want to have the right to be selfish when it come to you. You’re wrong. You’re my everything and i prayed so hard that you’d look at me the same way. I can’t stand when you hang out with other guys, guys that would do anything to have you.Guys that can spend everyday with you instead of once in awhile because of some crazy schedule. I can’t help it but stand on the sideline and watch because you seemed so happy. I know I can’t give you all my time so I’d have to let someone else do that. I can’t even tell you how much i love you because i’m scare of losing you altogether. These past couple of months, i’ve been so happy that even the boys noticed. They kept asking me if i have a girlfriend and i love that you’re my secret. I wasn’t trying to string you along, i’m so sorry it came off that way. I was scare if you reject me, i’ll never be able to be in your life like this anymore. You always chase my loneliness away with your laughter and your warmth. One smile and i lose all my strength. I spent nights just watching you sleep, wishing you’d turn around and crawl into my arms. Now and then, I let my heart pretends like you’re my girlfriend… it hurt because you’re mine, but you’re not exclusively mine. I fear the day when you meet someone else and i’d have to let you go. Whenever I’m going to you and someone ask, I want so bad to tell them i’m going home to my girl. I wish i have the courage to tell you that sooner but it’s all too late now… You’re my perfect girl and i lost you because i waited too long.”

At his sweet, shy words, you roll back to face him. He has a painful expression on his face with a few tears stuck in his long eyelashes. Wiping the tears off him, you smile satisfyingly. 

- “I won’t go if you tell me not to… I only want to date so I can forget about you. I’ve been hiding my feeling for so long that I thought the only way to escape them was to let you go. I guess we both just fear rejection.” 

- “I don’t want you to go. I want you to stay home with me. If only I was more of a man and just come out with my feeling. I guess i’m not that good at hiding it… I’m really sorry for hurting you. It’s just you didn’t even show the slightest sign that you see me as more so I was scared” Hand move to stroke your cheeks softly.

- “It’s okay. You’re my man. Everything is just the way it should now… I love you, baby.” you reluctantly whisper, shy still from his confession.

- “I love you more.” he moves closer and places a kiss on your forehead, hands cupping your face.  “As your boyfriend, i forbid you to go on this nonsensical date. You are to stay home and let me hug you. Also, i thought you were allergic to pet name. what happened? ”

You laugh at his sudden boyfriend mode. You always knew he has a cute side but he rarely shows it. All this is so refreshing. 

- “You’re an idiot. I didn’t say i don’t like it, I just wanted you to stop calling me by those names. When you call me those things i wish i was more and it hurt that i couldn’t be. So i just yell at you when you do”

- “You are more, sooo much more. Well you’re gonna have to let me call you by whatever name I want now. Although, I think I like being call ‘baby’ more than ‘idiot’.”

- “Baby” you coo at him, cutting off his laugh.

- “hmm?”

- “I want to kiss you.”

He flashes the biggest smile you’ve ever seen before pulling your chin up and let his lips meet yours. You pull away and smile back at him. His long index reaches over and brushes a few hair strand away from your face.

- “What do you say you call Jason to cancel and we go out to celebrate?”

- “Can we just stay in? I don’t wanna leave your arm.” you whine and he place a haste kiss on your nose.

- “Okay. We’ll stay in for as long as you want if you promise to get rid of the sleep barrier. i don’t need to be cock block from my own girlfriend by a bunch of pillows. I mean, seriously. I couldn’t even “accidentally” cuddle you. I’d know, i tried, it doesn’t work. I hate those pillows so much. You always hug them too, i don’t like that either.”

- “Yes and yes. You’re so cute. I promise i will hug you more than the pillow.”

You giggle at his silliness before digging your face into his chest and letting yourself fall into his scent. He closes his eyes and let the feeling of you against him sinks in. Maybe it isn’t so bad to face your fear once in awhile.


Chapter 2

A couple quick notes:

I’m so sorry this took so long please keep letting me know what you wanna see

Warnings for smut and angst


Laying in my dimly lit room I don’t even try to sleep, I hardly do anymore; after all, I’ve always said that you should never sleep on a fight and fighting is all we seem to do anymore. Leaning my head back, i can hear him pacing. Oh Dan, my darling Dan. Why do you do this to yourself? To us?

Suddenly, his steps stutter. I silently plead that he isn’t headed into the kitchen; admittedly, I could’ve done a better job cleaning up the shattered glass. In some strange way, my plea is answered because there he is. He stands in silence; settled in my sour self importance, I refuse to be the first to speak.

Kneeling on the end of my bed, he whispers; in a voice that’s almost reverent, “please”.

I gently run my fingers down his throat just to watch him mewl like an animal. Then my hand is clutching, squeezing ever so slightly. It isn’t enough to stop his breath completely but he fell silent, his tongue darting over his lips.

“Do you deserve it?” I whispered, releasing my hand.

He answered honestly, “No” but i could hear the plea in his hushed voice.

So i kiss him. It is not gentle. It is not kind. But it is him, and he kisses back just as roughly. He’s whining into my mouth, clutching desperately at my shoulders. He begs, incoherent words pouring from his lips.

“Undress for me, bear” my voice sounds lower now, nearly a growl. He scrambles to obey, tearing his sweatshirt over his head. I step back, admiring him.

His eyes, nearly blackened from his blown out pupils, gazed up at me; and then in a barely audible voice “fuck my mouth?”.

“Gladly.” Grabbing his throat i slam him onto the bed. He struggles to undo my belt, when he finally succeeds I can’t help but gasp at the cool air.

With two fingers I push down his chin, stretching his neck over the edge of the mattress.

“What a pretty boy”, he only whines and squirms in response. I shift and bite down on his throat, harshly, he almost screams; body writhing out of his own control.

“Now open your pretty mouth, won’t you?” he does and I begin to thrust into his mouth, picking up a relentless pace almost immediately. It doesn’t take me very long at all to finish down his throat; as much as I’d have liked to have drawn it out, make him sob, he’s just so goddamn beautiful like this. “Look at yourself, all spread out for me” I say, pulling him up by his hair.

I hardly have to touch him before he’s coming undone, broken sounds falling from his bruised lips and my hand around his throat. I clean him up, or at least try.

Afterwards he collapses, heaving for air, into my chest.

I hold him, for as long as I can.

He smells sweet, like vanilla and he’s warm in my arms. His breathing steadies and slows, I am lucky tonight. Sometimes he asks me to hold him, sometimes he runs like he’s frightened; but sometimes, on the luckiest nights he will stay with me.

Those nights I can pretend that he cares, or that this won’t happen again, or that I’m not scared.

On those nights, I can sleep.

Gay up until my first Thai Massage - True Story

**True story

I was gay up until I was 19. I knew I was different as a kid and as I got

into my teenage years I started to experiment with older guys. I was a good

looking kid/teenager however very oblivious to it. It wasn’t until I was

about 18/19 that I realized I was actually good looking, nice body and what

would a lot consider a big dick. A little about me. I am half Cuban and

half Israeli. I have a swimmers built, I can thank Karate for that. I am

about 5'9 with light brown eyes and light brown hair. I have a bubble butt

which I love to show off and well, a big cock. I am what gay dudes would

consider “masculine” however behind closed doors I can be very

submissive. I’ve always been a horny kid and teenager. I’ve always had an

extremely high sex drive. When I was about 19, I was already fucking around

with guys, I was already experienced and out and about, there was no

question I was gay. I loved sucking big dick way too much not to admit I

was gay and a size queen at that. I did and do get off on straight porn. A

lot. I found it odd growing up because I knew I was gay but straight porn

definitely turned me on a lot more.  One day when I was in one of those

extremely heated moments, stroking for hours, watching porn, edging I

decided to go onto craigslist and see what I found. I was hoping to find a

big dick to swallow, take down my tight throat. I went through the casual

encounters and nothing of interest came up. I went through the M4M and

nothing really caught my interest. Maybe an ad or two that I did hit it up

but nothing solid and nothing came about it.

I decided, for the fuck of it to check the therapeutic section and I typed

in M4M. Eureka! A listing of massage parlors in my area with M4M

therapist. My dick was instantly brick hard. I have never been to a massage

parlor I have only heard stories. I went through the ads and saved a couple

that seemed interesting. After an hour or so I decided to call one of them

about 30 minutes away and make an appointment. I was nervous as hell, palms

sweaty, dick concrete hard. I dialed the number and a lady with a thick

accent said something massage. I figured it was the right place so i told

her i wanted to make an appointment for a Thai massage.

She said “male or female?”

I said “Male please”.

She asked “what time?”

I said “4:30PM”.

She said “okay”.

I hung up, quickly got up and headed to the shower. I showered real good,

not knowing what to expect. I wore some tight white briefs, I made sure

they were a little extra tight to show off my bulge (I love showing off,

that is another story). I grabbed my wallet, phone and headed out. When I

got there I parked on the streets, easy parking, my favorite. I walked into

the building, the building looked like it was made for offices. I walked

in, there was two elevators and a directory. It was all offices so I found

it strange it was in here. I was hesitant. I looked for the suite number

and walked over to it, there was no sign, no business name, just a door

bell. Right when I was about to walk away someone walked out. A white man,

middle aged so I told myself fuck it. I quickly grabbed the door before it

closed and walked in.

When I walked in an older Asian women greeted me. She was probably in her

late thirties, maybe early forties. Black hair in a bun wearing what looked

to be a kimono.

She greeted me and asked if I had appointment.

I said “yes mam, I do, at 4:30 with a male therapist.”

She said okay “hold on”.

I waited for about 5 minutes and she said her male therapist was not coming

in she apologized, would I like a female therapist. I thought about it for

a moment and was about to say NO thanks I’ll come back but I said fuck it,

I came all the way over here, I might as well go for it.

So I said “sure, a female therapist was fine”.

She said “alright”.

She showed me to the massage room. It was a private room with a door. Very

dim, low music playing in the background and a couple candles lit. I found

it comfortable. The older women said my therapist would be here in a minute

to go ahead and get undressed and lay on the massage table and she quickly

shut the door. I looked around and wasn’t sure if I was supposed to get

completely naked. I didn’t know if that would offend her or what would

happen. So I decided to play it safe and leave my briefs on. I was already

sporting a huge bulge, and I’m a shower not a grower. I was semi-hard and

my bulge definitely showed it. I proceeded to lay down on my stomach. After

a couple minutes I heard the door open. I looked up and there was an Asian

women, maybe in her late thirties, not bad looking at all wearing a black

spaghetti strap shirt, tits were a good size and a short black skirt. Very

short. She had black hair, shoulder length and was not wearing any

shoes. She came in and asked if I wanted a soft massage or hard massage. I

said soft. She massaged my back and lower back for a couple minutes. Then

she moved on to my thighs and legs. As she was massaging my inner thighs,

she would let a finger or two rub against my ball sack, half my balls were

hanging out my underwear. She continued doing this for about 5 minutes, I

was brick hard laying on my stomach.

She tapped my shoulder and she said “flip over”.

I felt my face flush red because I knew I had the biggest boner and I was

not going to be able to hide it at all. So I did what she asked, I flipped

over. My dick was so hard, big fucking bulge in my tight briefs and my face

was so flushed. I kept my eyes closed out of embarrassment. She massaged my

legs for a few minutes then went up to my thighs. She started to use

massage oil and rubbed my thighs for a couple minutes.

She leaned over and asked if I wanted to take off my underwear so she

could use the oil better.

I said “sure”.

I pulled them down as she was putting more oil on her hands. My underwear

came down, boner sticking straight up. She massaged my thighs for a few

minutes and then asked me what I wanted to do.

I said “I’m sorry what was that?”

she kept rubbing my thighs and now my balls and asked if I wanted “extra”


I looked at her and asked “like what?”

She continued rubbing my balls, at this point I’m pre-cumming and horny as

fuck and she said “extra service, everything you like”,

So I said “okay, fuck?”

She said “$100 tip”

I thought for a minute, a $100 to fuck is a lot, I’ve never had pussy

before, I am hard as fuck. I must have grown an extra fucking inch.

I said “Alright”

She said “tip first”

I said “okay”. I got up and went to where my clothes was. I reached in my

pocket and grabbed the 100 I had withdrawn earlier. The only reason why I

had 100 in cash was because I read reviews online to take at least 100.


I gave her the cash, she put it away and she started to stroke my cock. She

started saying how big my dick was. As she was stroking my dick I slipped

my hand under her skirt. She didn’t protest so I started to massage her

puss through her panties with my fingers. Felt so fucking good. My first

time rubbing pussy, fuck. She started to suck my dick. She was licking the

head and swirling her tongue around it. She pulled my foreskin back and

started really licking the head. Licking it nice and clean. She was licking

the head and started to stroke me at the same time. I felt like I was about

to fucking BLOW so I grabbed her hand and said I didn’t want to cum just


She said, “oh no, oh no, no”.

She ran to the nightstand and pulled out a condom. She opened it and

wrapped my dick up, if I would’ve blinked I would’ve missed the process,

she put that condom on so fucking fast.

As soon as she put the condom on my dick she dropped her skirt and panties

and hopped on top of me on the table. She squatted over my dick, she

grabbed it and started to sit on it. I felt the head going in her hairless

tight puss, i grabbed her tits and started playing with her nipples, she

was still holding my cock, guiding it, the head was all the way in, I was

moaning, she sat on it a little more and she started to moan. She got about

half way down my cock, still squatting and started going up and down, up

and down, up and down. It felt so fucking amazing and watching her puss eat

my big dick had me in a fucking trance. I wanted her to sit all the way on

my cock but she refused too, I grabbed her waist and tried to sit her down

but she kept refusing. I watched her tight hairless Asian pussy swallowing

half my big brown uncut banana dick and I couldn’t take it anymore, I told

her I was going to nutt, she started to go up and down my big dick faster,

up and down, up and down, all I kept thinking about was “holy fuck, why

didn’t I try pussy before?” still never sitting completely on my dick but

it felt fucking nice. I busted, at that point I didn’t give a fuck who

heard me or how loud I was. I busted in her, moaning loud as fuck, she

moaned and grunted.

She got off and wiped me clean. She took off the condom full of my baby

batter and threw it away. I got up, I was still semi-hard, big ol dick

hanging down like a big fucking ripe banana.

She looked at it and said “It’s so big, hold on”

I said “okay”.

She walked out in a hurry and a couple seconds later her friend walked in,

another Asian lady, about the same age but her tits were HUGE. They both

walked in and she told her, look at his dick.

They giggled and said “it’s so big”

I was a bit embarrassed and I had already busted a load so I wanted to get

out of there as quickly as possible.

I said “it isn’t that big” with a chuckle and a smile as I continued to put

on my underwear and clothes.

SAVED BY THE BELL, the doorbell rang and they both hurried out. I got

dressed and walked out to find the lady who I was first greeted by with a

small cup of water, she handed me the plastic cup and said thank you.

I drank the small plastic cup of water, took a deep breath and walked out.

After this experience my sex life has changed dramatically. I was a

complete horn dog before now it has increased. Not only am I addicted to

monster cocks, big cocks but I love pussy. Love stretching out tight pussy

with my big cock.

Pete Wentz x Reader (younger sibling): Best Brother Ever

A/N: this is a fanfic dedicated to all you proud LGBT+ friends out there. love is love, okay? i’m happy i got this in my requests because it gave me a chance to see things through a “new perspective.” i fully support those rights, and i cried when i heard brendon urie’s girls/girls/boys speech. trust me, i love y'all. so here it is, hope you enjoy. thank you for all the love and support guys, you’re the best! please do keep sending me requests, they make me so happy and are a perfect cure to my writer’s block. i will get to them as fast as i can. thank you! hope you enjoy…

Anonymous said:
hi, you’re a super awesome writer! I’m not sure if it’s okay, but can you write an imagine where you’re Pete (wentz) little sister, and you come out as a transboy, and pete takes you shopping for guy clothes and a haircut and stuff? It’s fine if you’re not comfortable with it. But, yeah. You’re really awesome!

You were sitting in your room, on your bed, listening to music when your older brother Pete came home from school. His hair was disheveled, headphones on, and he tossed his bookbag on the floor and looked at the mess of clothes beside your dirty laundry bin. “Come on y/n,” he groaned. “I’ve told you a million times to clean this shit up.”

“Sorry,” you sighed, getting off the bed and going over to it.

“You don’t even wear those anymore,” he put his hands on his hips and slid his headphones to around his neck, pausing his music. “What happened?”

“I don’t know,” you shrugged, still refusing to tell him.

When you told your best friend, they didn’t know how to react. They were unsure how to feel. I mean, it shouldn’t change anything, right? You had always been yourself, just not quite right. People didn’t see what you saw when you looked in the mirror, they didn’t understand, they didn’t know. You had always kept quiet until recently. You started thinking it was time to tell them. Yeah, you were transgender. So what? It was just you being who you were. You had always seen yourself as a boy, acted like a boy, even hung out with boys more than girls, ever since you were young. But lately it seemed like you actually felt like you should tell people. Let them know the real you. After telling your friends, you became worried. They didn’t quite take the news as well as you had hoped, but they still loved you. They still cared for you. You just wished they’d use the right pronouns, maybe get to see things through your own eyes, know how you felt and who you are. For all the times people had told you to be yourself, you’d think they’d be able to back up their own advice.

If there was one thing you didn’t want to change though, it was the relationship with your brother Pete. You two were like peas in a pod. Sure, he teased you sometimes and could be a jerk, and yeah, you often embarrassed him or stole his things, you guys were tight. Pete was basically your best friend, which was sort of strange, because he was your brother too, but he took care of you. Because both your parents worked super long hours and didn’t give you a whole lot of attention, Pete basically raised you. He taught you everything you needed to know, from music to school to pretty much everything in life. If there was one person you trusted most in the world, it was Pete. You didn’t know why you didn’t tell him first. It was sort of odd not doing it, but you felt like it just wasn’t the right time. You were afraid he wouldn’t see you the same way, treat you the same way, look at you and know that you were the same person, just, different.

“Come on,” he walked over to you and nudged you slightly. “You’re keeping something, I know you are.”

“I’m not,” you lied.

“Shut up,” he rolled his eyes. “Come on y/n, you can tell me anything.”

“It’s nothing,” you shook your head, picking up the clothes. He was right, you hadn’t worn these in forever. These were from several years ago, and you couldn’t remember the last time you had worn them. One was a skirt that had floral print, which you barely ever even touched, but less a skirt, and one was a pink tank top, and who knows the last time you even tried on that color. It just seemed like memories from your past rushing back to you, and you couldn’t even remember when you put those clothes there in the first place, and you decided it was probably your mom cleaning out old stuff that didn’t fit you from the closet again. You picked up an old dress, from at least five years ago, and frowned, staring at it and feeling sick to your stomach. How could you ever tell Pete? He wouldn’t understand, would he? You took a deep breath, picking up the old clothes and slowly folding them, putting them in a pile.

“What? Those are too colorful for you?” he teased. “Come on, you gotta stop wearing black all the time. I’m supposed to be the emo in the family.”

“Whatever,” you let out a fake chuckle, still folding the clothes.

“No, really. What’s up?” he insisted. “You look kind of sad.”

“I’m fine,” you reassured a little too quickly.

“You’re not,” Pete shook his head. “I know you too well.”

“Pete, I swear-” you kept persisting but he sat down beside you and looked you in the eyes and you felt flooded with guilt. He knew you were keeping something from him. He’s right. He knows you like the back of his hand, you’ve been around him your entire life, you’re practically twins. He probably already knows, honestly.

“Come on,” he sighed. “Stop playing these games.”

“I don’t know how to tell you,” you whispered, closing your eyes and putting down the old princess shirt you were holding. “I’ve been wanting to tell you, honest to god, I have. I just, I don’t know how.”

“Well…” Pete’s voice trailed off. “Maybe I can ask you questions. Can you do that for me? Answer a couple questions? Would that make it easier?”

“Yeah,” you nodded. “I guess.”

“Okay,” he gave a half smile. “Um, did something happen at school today?”

“No,” you replied.

“Was someone mean to you?” he wondered.

“No,” you answered.

“Did I do something?” he inquired.

“No,” you responded.

“Is it an emotion or an event?” he questioned.

“I don’t know,” you murmured. “It’s just, a secret, I guess.”

“You’ve been keeping secrets, huh?” he raised an eyebrow. “Sneaky little bitch.”

“Inquisitive asshole,” you smirked.

“So how long have you been keeping it?” he continued.

“Uh, forever I guess,” you thought hard. “It’s not really a secret I guess.”

“I just-” you gathered up all the confidence inside you, trying to gain the strength you knew you had, forcing yourself to tell him the words. “I’m a boy. Okay?”

“What?” Pete looked at you, his head tilted, his eyebrows furrowed.

“I’m trans,” you explained.

“Oh,” his eyes lit up, pursing his lips, a confused expression on his face. “That’s… that’s awesome.”

“Wait. What?” you narrowed your eyes. You expected him to freak out or pester you with more questions or be speechless, but not this. You were actually really happy. You smiled, and so did Pete.

“I kind of knew, you know,” he laughed.

“I hoped you did,” you admitted.

“That’s great,” he sighed. “That’s wonderful. I’m really proud of you. I think that’s amazing.”

“Thanks,” you felt yourself turn embarrassed.

“So have you told anyone else?” he asked.

“A couple friends,” you told him, starting to feel self conscious. “They didn’t really take the news that well.”

“Fuck that,” he shook his head. “They don’t know what they’re talking about.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you first,” you apologized. “I just, I didn’t want you to hate me.”

“Why would I hate you?” he wondered, hurt in his eyes. “I love you, y/n.”

“I don’t know,” you mumbled. “Maybe you’d treat me different.”

“I think it’s amazing,” he reassured. “It’s you.”

“Yeah,” you nodded slowly, your eyes drifting back to the pile of clothes. “I guess this all just sort of triggered me a little bit.”

“It’s fine,” Pete put a hand on your shoulder. “I’m here if you ever need to talk.”

“I know,” you smiled. “That’s why I love having you as a brother.”

“Well, we’re brothers,” he winked. “And we always will be.”

“Damn, I haven’t worn any of this stuff in forever,” you sighed, folding the last of the clothes.

“Then let’s go get some stuff,” he decided. “I’ll drive you. Come on.”

“What?” you raised your eyebrows.

“Let’s go get you some new clothes,” he suggested. “You need new ones anyways.”

“No I don’t,” you argued. “I have plenty of stuff.”

“What? Band shirts? Ripped jeans? Hoodies?” he crossed his arms. “I mean real clothes.”

“Like what?” you inquired.

“Well come on and maybe you’ll find out,” he winked.

You both got in his car, and you sat shotgun, blaring your favorite album through the speakers as you rolled down the windows and screamed the lyrics at the top of your lungs. He took you to the mall and you shopped for clothes you’d actually wear, things that suited you, colors you liked, as well as some hats and sweatshirts. “What do you think?” you inquired, fixing a baseball cap on your head backwards.

“You’re going to start wearing hats now too?” Pete chuckled.

“Yeah,” you grinned. “I like them.”

“I don’t know,” he shrugged. “I think it kind of gets in the way of your hair.”

“My hair,” you groaned.

“What? You don’t like it?” Pete wondered.

“Nope,” you confessed. “I hate it.”

“Well since we’re changing your wardrobe, how about we give you a new hairstyle too?” he offered.

“Really?” you laughed.

“Why not?” he smiled. “I think it could do you some good.”

“I think so too,” you agreed.

Pete took you to a barber shop, which also happened to be located in the mall, and you picked out the style you had in mind. Pete grinned, loving what you had planned, and watched as your locks got cut off, a smile on his face. You were so happy he took the news well, unlike your unsupportive friends, and was really grateful to have him as a brother. He was always there for you when nobody else was, and you could always depend on Pete. You didn’t know what you would do without him.

He decided to end the trip with some cheese pizza in the food court, both of you taking bites of the delicious food and smiling at each other. “Thanks Pete,” you grinned.

“No problem, y/n,” he replied. “I’m really proud of you.”

“You’re the best,” you sighed. “I couldn’t be happier.”

“If you’re happy, I’m happy,” he explained. “I just want what’s best for you.”

“You’re the best brother ever,” you beamed.

“Nah, you are,” he chuckled.

“Whatever,” you rolled your eyes. “I love you.”

“I love you too y/n,” he answered. “Now come on. Let’s go set those old clothes on fire or something.”

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Helloooo!! Could you write a scenario for Taichi, Kenjiro, Semi and Tendou when they have their first big fight with their s/o? I need something angsty with a good ending >.< I hope that's not too many characters but I'm on mobild and don't know where your rules are/ if you have any x.x sorry!

YES SHIRATORIZAWA. Honestly guys, send in more of these boys. I am so hyped about this season!!! 

Also, yes I do have rules! I posted a link for mobile users but you would have to scroll down my blog to find them. I also forgot that you asked for a first big fight and I was really tired when I wrote this BUT I tried really hard on these(: (but if you don’t like these, definitely feel free to send in the request again!)

Long//Female Pronouns Used


It was after Taichi’s volleyball game, his team had won and you guys were going to go out and celebrate. You exited the bleachers and started making your way to find Taichi. That’s when you say him, except, he was with another girl. She was hanging all over your man. You felt your stomach drop and your face burning up with anger. You could feel the tears starting to well up in your eyes, “Taichi how could you?!” The middle blocker was shocked to see you, “(Y/n)-chan!” The sight before your eyes was too painful to look at. You turned your back and ran out of the gymnasium as fast as your feet could carry you. 

You made it all the way home. You were out of breath but you were too sad to even notice. As soon as you entered your room, you threw yourself onto your bed. You muffled your loud cries into your pillow, not wanting your parents to hear. All of a sudden you felt your phone vibrating, you looked at the screen and saw Taichi’s name. You ignored him and went back to crying into your pillow. That’s when you heard something against your window. At first, you didn’t think anything about it, but the noise wouldn’t stop. You went to look out your window to see what was up. 

Standing outside of your window was Taichi, he had small pebbles in his hands. “Taichi, what’re you doing here?” He dropped the tiny stones, “I came to see what was wrong! You started crying and ran out of the gym!” Crossing your arms over your chest you said, “Don’t play dumb Taichi! You know I saw you with that girl. She had her hands all over you!” Kawanishi dropped his head into his hands. “No, (y/n)! It’s not what you think, that was Reon’s sister!” 

You stood there dumb founded. Not only did you falsely accuse Taichi of cheating, but you made a complete idiot of yourself in front of everyone. You couldn’t take it anymore. You left your room and headed down the stairs and out of the house to where Taichi was. You jumped into his arms, knocking him onto the ground, smothering him with tiny apology kisses. 


“Kenjiro, I know you want to get better, but practice has been over for two hours and I need to get home.” Shirabu looked unphased, “Ok. I’m going to stay here for a while. I’ll see you at school on Monday.” He didn’t move his eyes from the ball and continued to practice. You were worried about Shirabu, he’s been practicing non-stop. Lately, he’s been so tired that he’s falling asleep in class. You walked behind Kenjiro and wrapped your arms around him, “Kenny please stop, you’re going to over work yourself!” He clutched the ball with his large hands. You could feel his sweat seeping through his shirt, but that wasn’t going to make you let go. “Please Kenjiro, please st-”

“I can’t! I have to be able to give the best tosses I can to Ushijima! If I don’t, then I won’t be able to play with strong players. So please (y/n), just keep supporting me and let me-” 

You squeezed him harder, “No Shirabu! You need to rest! I can’t support you if you don’t know when to take a break! I refuse to help you practice or got to your matches anymore. I-I just don’t want you to make yourself sick. I love you Kenjiro…I want to see you succeed but you need to go home and get your rest!” 

Shirabu was silent for a moment, then he started to chuckle, “That’s what I like about you (y/n). You always know how to keep me in line…” He turned around and placed his hands on your cheeks. “You’re right, I’m sorry.” Kenjiro leaned his, resting his forehead on yours. “Come on (y/n)-chan, let’s clean up the gym. I’ll walk you to the station tonight.” 


Semi had asked to come over and go swimming with you. At first you were excited, not only would you get to see Semi in all his glory, but you got to show off your cute new swimsuit! Only problem was, you guys hadn’t even been in the water for ten minutes and all Eita was doing was complaining about Kenjiro. Semi didn’t even comment on your new one piece! 

“That punk Shirabu…I can’t believe he replaced me as the official setter!” Lately, that’s all your boyfriend has been talking about. Shirabu this, Shirabu that. Usually you took the time to comfort Semi, but today you just weren’t having it. “I’m not trying to be rude Semi, but don’t you think you should get over it now? I mean it’s been a few months? Plus isn’t he a second year? Maybe take this time to coach him or something.” You could tell he was getting pouty because he crossed his arms and puffed out his chest. That’s when he swam over to you, “I thought you were on my side!” 

You sighed, “I am on your side Eita, I just think it’s time for you to move on. Just work even harder to get your spot back!” He made a pouty face, “You don’t get it do you?” Ugh that’s it, you have had enough! “You know what? Do whatever, I’m tired of always comforting and supporting you about this. If you don’t want my opinion, then don’t come to about your problems.” You started to get out of the pool, “Hey! Where are you going?” 

“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m going to dry off and go inside.”

“Oh no you don’t!” Eita grabbed you by the waist and pulled you back in. “What the heck Semi?!” He started poking you around your hips and stomach. His was face turning red. “I guess I’m upset about the whole situation mainly because now I don’t look as cool when you come to my games. I mean I’m always on the bench watching everyone else…” Oh, now you get it. He was worried about trying to impress you.

“Semi, you’re so silly.” You turned to face Eita and gave him a wet kiss. “I don’t care about that. I mean, of course I want to see you play, and I get really excited when you do. But all I care about is you wanting to get better and giving it your all!” 

He gave you a big grin, “You know (y/n), I can tell you’re starting to fill out some.” You splashed him, “Shut up!” He gave you even more tiny kisses and he continued to poke at sides.

Tendou (This one isn’t too angsty sorry)

“(Y/n)-chan, take a look at this manga!” You and Tendou were having yourselves a cute little date. He wanted to head on over to the bookstore to see if any new Shounen Jump had been released. “Oh cool! Is that the new one from that anime you’ve been watching?” He nodded his head in excitement, “Yes! I’m going to go pay for it! You wait here, I’ll be right back!” He practically skipped to the register. “He’s so cute…”

“Speaking of cute.” You heard a voice behind you. When you looked to see who it was, you saw that it was classmate of yours. “Oh, hello (c/m/n). Are you here to buy the new shounen jump to?” He shook his head, “Not exactly.” He took a step closer. “By the way, you look absolutely adorable today. Are you alone today? We could get away from here if that’s ok with you?” He grabbed your wrist and started to pull on you.

“Actually, I’m here with my boyfriend, and will you please let me go?” He wouldn’t take no for an answer though. “Oh are you still dating that chump Tendou? Why don’t you dump him and go with a real man like me?” That’s when a large shadow appeared. It loomed over your classmate, you recognized it perfectly. It was Tendou. 

He snorted, “Excuse me? What’re you doing to my girl?” (C/m/n) let go of your wrist. “Hey look man I don’t want any trouble.” Satori wasn’t having it though, he grabbed your classmate by the collar and held him against the book shelf. “Let me give you some advice pal, if I ever hear about you hitting on my girl ever again, I’ll throw volleyballs at your head so hard that you’ll slip into a coma.” 

“Ok, Ok! I’ll leave her alone for good, just let me go!” Tendou set down the scared boy and watched as he ran out of the bookstore. You looked up to Satori, “Thanks babe!” He draped an arm around your shoulder, “Nobody messes with miracle boy’s girl!” 

You sighed, “The moment’s over…” He yelped a little, making the store clerk shush him. The two of you left the bookstore hand in hand, feeling very proud to have such a protective boyfriend. But not before Tendou snuck in some kisses in between the bookshelves~ 

usuk writing 10/5

hey guys this week is #testin me but im living!! glad 2 be back with some writing – this is a sequel to this fic! shoutout 2 @bluekujira for this cute prompt, lmao im dead af yall love omegaverse – lucky for u so do i B) B) B) 

Alfred bounced a little with excitement in the red booth seat. He raised his paper cup, smiling. “Happy birthday, baby!” 

Arthur grimaced, touching the rim of his cup to Alfred’s. “Christ, Alfred, you’re being too loud. We’re in public.”

“But it’s your birthday! And I love you!” Alfred took a quick sip from his straw, then put down the cup. He leaned over, giggling a little. “I’ll buy you another Big Mac ‘cause it’s your special day.”

Arthur groaned, resting his head in his hands. “I hate college.”

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I really struggle with keeping things clean and tidy. I live on my own and it's almost as if I don't notice the mess build up around me until it's absolutely everywhere. I suffer from bouts of executive dysfunction which make cleaning sprees almost impossible. It's really getting me down. Has anyone got any advice on how to easily manage a home? Or any routine tips that aren't hugely overwhelming? My mother refuses to visit me anymore.

Hi !

You might want to start with this link that will lead you to a masterpost of links on how to clean your house and keep it clean (it includes info for people with health issues and low energy, as well as lists to tick off for routine cleaning). This link particularly might be helpful, it’s about cleaning up your house in a short amount of time.

This is a list of tips about cleaning when you have executive dysfunction.

Good luck !

- Sister Cat


Older!Damian x Reader

Requested by Anon

Warning: A little bit of angst but fluff….in a Damian type of way.

You smiled at the cameras flashing around you. You and your fiance kept walking until entering your limousine. There you sat next to Damian, looking at him and his striking blue eyes.

Most people would call him the exact copy of Bruce when he was his age. But you knew better. 

Damian had still haven’t taken his hand out of yours. He kept applying more pressure to it until we arrived at the mansion. For a guy that knows how to lie through his body language he wasn’t fooling anybody. You could see his shoulders tense. His jawline  was clenched. But you could see the huge bags under his eyes, if you were close enough to see them.

You went up to your room and changed into a more comfortable attire. Aka Damian’s sweater and sweatpants. You went in search of Damian, to find him in the Batcave training. Like last night. And the day before. And the day before that. He has been nonstop training for months. And it has been worrying you for weeks. But Damian just brush it off. 

“You don’t have to sneak up on me to try to talk to me.” He said wiping of the sweat from his forehead.  

“Well it must be because you refuse to talk to me. Damian, what’s the matter?” You said walking towards him.

“It’s nothing.” You didn’t ask him anymore. You just pulled him into a hug. And you just stood there in silence. You felt as if he was going to say anything, but you shushed him.

“ I know better then to ask a bat about their feelings. You don’t have to say anything. Just get cleaned up, and we will watch a movie or something. Just you and me and the movie.” He slightly smiled. 

“What would I do without you/” He then pulled you in into a kiss.

i’m so glad i decided not to be my sister’s roommate bc doing something as simple as asking her to get her clothes out of the dryer so i could do mine would be confrontational. asking her to empty the dishwasher sometime today would result in her getting mad at me. if i ever got mad at her, she would get mad at me, and i’ve never heard an apology from her in my life. she was an absolute slob that i had to clean up after if i wanted to live in a reasonably clean house. when my mom moved out for half a year and left me with her and a friend of hers i was miserable, never left my room, and the house became filthy when i refused to clean up after them. i am so much happier that she doesn’t live with me anymore and i’m perfectly satisfied when she visits for a couple hours every now and then. i don’t think you’re supposed to be scared of your little sister though. is this abuse or is she just mean? i need validation