i refuse to believe thats a thing

Has anyone else wondered that Papyrus’s shoulders are round because he probably wears those MTT basketball things underneath?

This keeps me up at night.



Special clothes underneath his REGULAR clothes???


After throwing that pokeball at JK, Jimin’s gut reaction - his way of apologizing - was to try to kiss(?) Jungkook on the cheek. And the fact that they both practically ran away from the scene right afterwards made this 100 percent funnier (Jungkook was desperate for a drink of water and Jimin just kind of.. awkwardly floated somewhere to the side).

And god, look at Jin’s reaction:

^ Source: Same, Jin. Same. He totally knows something,,

But like, imagine this.. Jungkook rarely gets angry, right? Well, in comparison to Jimin, let’s say. So what if Jimin’s way of dealing with a sulking/angry Jungkook is to go full on aegyo mode? To cling to him and kiss him and do all the things that Jimin wouldn’t normally like to do… but would do anyway because Jungkook’s really into it? And Mr. Tsundere would, of course, try to resist and deny that it’s working..

…But it’ll totally work. Every single time.

jack is bad at food HC
  • so i have a headcanon that jack is actually REALLY BAD at nutrition
  • not so much ‘he eats mcdonalds five meals a day and chocolate for breakfast’ or whatever
  • but like
  • that boy subsists on all that nasty Athlete shit – protein powder, protein bars, gatorade, Hungry-Man Frozen Meals, etc. – because he cares about fueling the hockey machine
  • …not so much long-term care

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What real answer? When we get answers we refuse to believe. I mean, she's not gonna say that's my boyfriend, I doubt Gillian gonna do that or start kissing him publicly. So the best we'll ever get - if they are together - is them attending events together, sitting together and if the devil breaks his leg (it's a Greek expression and it means if we get lucky) a pic/sighting from someone who'll see them together in a random place.

I meant a real answer about that charity thing. If it happened for real, there’s a chance that either Gillian tweet about it, or the charity make it public knowledge because that’s what they do when celebrity help them. 

And for the rest of your message, it’s been what? 8 months now? Still no sightings of them together in a private context. That must mean something. 

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yo cuervo. was the guy she was dating particularly rude or did you just not want your sister to date a mortal? because if he was a jerk then yeah ok that's one thing but if this is just a matter of "ew he's a mortal" then you're entirely to blame here and should face punishment. also paloma you may have gone a little bit too far w that last comment. let's just. stay civil here and let the complete obliteration come after we hear his side of the story


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My nosy ass just wants to put it out there that Adam is a great and dedicated actor, but I do think that thing about him refusing lunch with Mark Hamill is a little :/// . I've seen many posts sweeping that under the rug entirely as just him being like really dedicated. And I think that's a little rose-colored glasses-ish. I think people believe that acknowledging it as even a little rude or weird would somehow be giving in to/agreeing with the screaming antis, so they won't do it.

No one is free of critique or criticism; that I understand. Everyone is human and if we fail to hold people to human standards than we just set ourselves up for crushing blows when we learn that they are not angelic, celestial pure beings.

I’ve been looking for the article that explicitly states that Adam turned down lunch. I’ve looked it up, but I would greatly appreciate if someone linked me to it. The main articles I’ve seen are John talking about hugging Adam and having a good laugh about it (John is hilarious) and a quote from Mark where he contemplates how Adam’s character was once his nephew and then he asks him to lunch.

Also, anything coming up lately I’m taking with a grain of salt and reading as critically as I can. Vanity Fair and journalists covering Star Wars seem to be caught up in the very same hysteria and excitement we are in. Mistakes happen, we saw that with the ‘Five Things That Won’t Be In Star Wars’ article

Summary: Think critically. Be kind. Keep yourself as grounded as possible. Remember that people are human.

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a little sheith hc~ keith has little fangs and when they cuddle and kiss and stuff, he likes to randomly nibble at shiro, shiro finds it endearing because keith does it lightly and sometimes he does it on a ticklish spot shiro has :3

aw ;; and since its not like this harmful or serious thing shiro probably finds it funny too, maybe teases him a bit ha. but yes i am very much for the whole Please Actually Give Keith Repercussions for his Galra Genes thing. i always headcanon he has slight fangs and a few mannerisms he thought were just “quirks” until other galra were like uhh,,,  No, no thats just caus youre an alien buddy

I saw a post a few days ago about how big a deal it is that Dave (who breaks swords) was able to cut through Dirk’s sword (the unbreakable katana), and I got to wondering on why that was the case. I think I’ve come up with an answer.

A warning: I went full literary analysis with this, and it’s pretty long. Prepare yourself.

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i think the reason why i came to identify as gay over bi demonstrated itself today:

my grandma seems to be much more ok with the idea of me being bi than with me being gay

the reason i think, is that if i am bi, then from her point of view i am still available to straight people, and it is still possible to imagine me living out a heterosexual life.

but if i am gay, then I am not available to straight people and my living a straight life is impossible. I am a reproductive dead-end for the family.

because i refuse to be available to heterosexuality, I will never have a straight partner, i call myself gay more than i call myself bi

this is not to say that bi people are necessarily available to heterosexuality, to the contrary, but straight people don’t understand that. this also isn’t to say that bi people have privilege or anything because thats a terrible way of thinking about things and i dont believe that

i hope this makes sense

Fireflies - Elijah Mikaelson Oneshot

Requested by @encantando-se

Word cont - 815

Note: This is a little cheesy but nevertheless I hope you enjoy it!


It was the middle of the night on a full moon and you just couldn’t sleep, for some reason full moons gave you butterflies in your stomach and made your whole body ache with excitement. You had been laid next to your best friend, Elijah for hours, trying desperately to sleep. Elijah was your best friend, he had come to you after he left is family a few months ago claiming they were evil, you believed this to be a little on the dramatic side but Elijah was your closest friend so you never questioned it. After trying for half of the night to get to sleep to no avail and so you decided to follow your instincts and left your husband, sleeping soundly to go on a late night adventure.

You had ventured into the forest which neighboured your village and had found yourself enchanted by the thousands of fireflies which hovered around you, you found yourself sat on the floor, watching the fireflies flying around you, tempting you further away from your village but you knew better. After a while you saw one firefly in particular which had been stationary for a few minutes opposite you. You could have sworn it was staring at you, just as you reached out to touch the creature someone had grabbed hold of your shoulders from behind you, causing the firefly to flee. You too would have attempted to escape had you not known exactly who had crept behind you.

‘Elijah Mikaelson you scared me half to death!’ You shouted as he helped you up onto your feet, you tapped him lightly on his chest as a playful punishment.

‘I do apologise Y/N, but if we’re debating scaring each other perhaps we could mention your little disappearing act from your home, hmm?’ He reprimanded you, Elijah’s tone was accusatory, however the smile on his face said otherwise.

‘I know I know, but I couldn’t sleep and well, I was bored so I came out here. I did intend on returning, honestly I did, but when I saw these fireflies I started watching them and I guess I lost track of time.’ You admitted to Elijah.

'Well why don’t we see if we can’t catch a few and we can take them back with us and maybe then you will consider returning home at this ungodly hour.’ Elijah stated before he ran off out of sight, returning a few minutes later with two jars in order to try and catch a firefly or two.’

This is how you and Elijah found yourselves prancing through the forest, waving mason jars in the air in hopes of catching fireflies, you had followed the fireflies halfway around the forest before the two of you reached a clearing revealing a lake which had been lit beautifully by the moon overhead and more fireflies than the two of you had ever seen.

'Wow.’ You gasped, you were speechless, you had never seen something so beautiful. You placed your jar on the grass beneath you before lying down on the grass.

'Y/N?What on earth are you doing?’ Elijah questioned you chuckling slightly at the sight of you led on the ground below him.

'Look at the stars Elijah’ You pointed towards the sky. 'Isn’t it amazing’ You stared at the moon and stars in awe and Elijah smiled down at you thoughtfully before deciding to join you and laid down next to you. After a while you noticed Elijah’s gaze fixed on you.

You know, we are currently in witnessing one of the most beautiful scenes in the world and you are here looking at me. Honestly Elijah, whats wrong with you?’ You were clearly puzzled as to why Elijah was looking at you so intently,and you’d be lying if you said it was the first time you’d noticed it.

'You know Y/N, I really do think it funny that you haven’t noticed before now, how much I admire you. You really are the best thing thats happened to me in a long time.’ Elijah smiled at you before he reached for your hand,your fingers interlinked with his and it felt so natural, it was also something you’d been waiting for for such a long time but did not believe Elijah saw you in the same way.

'What are you saying Elijah?'You spoke softly, refusing to believe this was really happening.

'Isn’t it obvious, Y/N. I love you, I have done for quite some time and honestly I was going to wait before I said something but I-’ You cut Elijah off as you leaned over him slightly, kissing him slowly and passionately before your kiss eventually broke.

'I love you too’ You grinned at Elijah before lying back down, facing the stars, hands intertwined as a comfortable and content silence fell between the two of you.

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do you remember the post going around a while back about speirs being clumsy and walking in things?? a dear friend of mine started writing a oneshot and its so cute i swear to god. but she says sshe probably wont finish it and so she wont post it so basically i was wondering if you think theres anything i can do to encourage her to feel proud of her fics? i keep telling her how great the fic is but she refuses to believe me and thats just so sad..

omg i love that post!! and I would kill for a fic about it ngl

I’m so sorry to hear your friend is not feeling confident about her fic, but please do tell her that every word she writes is a gift. I am so thankful for each and every writer that contributes to this fandom, we’re so small and so lucky to have as many writers as we do. and every fic is so important

I would encourage her to do her very best and then: post it. don’t worry about it. people will be blessed by the fact that her fic exists, and they will love it no matter what. once it’s up, I think she’ll feel a lot better about it. and hey, if not, she can always delete it. I’ve done that before, and its totally okay, but it would be a shame to not even try, especially with a fic that has such potential. 

another thing I’d stress to her is that writing is a process. you don’t improve unless you practice. I look back at some of my older fics and am amazed at how far I’ve come, all because I decided to say ‘fuck it, I’m going to write for this fandom and share what talent I have.’ and you know what? the feedback was amazing. it encouraged me to keep writing and before I knew it, I had improved so much in only a matter of months. 

and, not to be cliche, but we are our own worst critics. something we write may not seem good enough to us because we tend to hold ourselves to impossible standards, standards we wouldn’t even hold our favorite writers to! don’t be afraid to give yourself room to grow. 

if there is one thing I’ve learned about this fandom it’s that it is literally the kindest and safest fandom you will ever find. everyone is encouraging and accepting, and the content you make will be cherished because everyone knows how lucky they are that it exists. 

please do tell her that I’m cheering for her, and will 100% read her fic if she decides to post it. also, I am always here to bounce ideas off of, or look over work, if thats helpful. 

much love to her and to you <333 

continued ( x ) | @elitaxne

          “Me? Staying out of trouble?” The girl chuckled, pressing into Elita’s fingers. “Now I thought you knew me better than that, Mama Bear. I may be able to do many, many things, but staying out of trouble is not one of them.”

Elita’s optics would find no new wounds; nothing terrible recent, anyways. There were a few healing scrapes, some lightening bruises. Leah wouldn’t be Leah if she didn’t get into a few fights, but she could handle herself. She always had before.

“How you an’ Other Prime been doin’? You guys still doing  your whole… relationship thing?”

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i was kicked out of class for disagreeing with my teacher on something stupid and silly today and i’m actually physically shaking with rage

i ask miss a question and we get talking about feminism (considering my essay is about sexism against men and the harm feminism has done to young men)

she says “the only problem with feminism is the people refuse to use the label”

me “But you can’t force people to use a label they don’t want - as long as they believe in gender equality, sure thats the only best thing?”

her “are you not a feminist?”

me “actually i would consider myself quite anti-feminism”

her “how about the fact that i’m scared to walk down the street in the dark?”

me “i’d put that down to fear tactics spread by feminists and paranoia as a result of them?”

her “you can’t say that, you’re a privileged person”

me “i don’t understand what you mean?”

her “for example, i came out as a lesbian 3 years ago into a country that pretty much 100% accepted gayness, so i’m privileged when it comes to lgbt issues, you’re the same with womens issues”

me “no offence meant i assure you miss, but you don’t know anything about me and you can’t call me privileged because you don’t know anything about my life”

at this point the conversation was getting petty (she used the “i’m twelvw years older than you and you’re still a child” argument which i called immature) and she left looking quite upset (i worried that i’d somehow said something rude because my autism stops me from really understanding tone)

a few minutes later she storms out of the classroom and slams the door - the other students look around like ?? wtf"

eventually she comes back in, and asks me with a shaky voice and her hands physically trembling “[my birthname] i feel so uncomfortable right now, can you please take your essay, finish it somewhere else and email it to me”

me “what? no?”

her “ please just go and email it to me at the end of the block”

me “i haven’t done anything wrong except disagree with you on some silly political thing?”

her “please just go im very uncomfortable”

me: “fine fuck you” and i storm out of the classroom, punch the exit door of the building and call my mum who’s gonna get in contact

i’m never going to another one of her lessons again and i’m honestly just so angry i feel sick and my hand stings and i’m so angry that she had the nerve to act like she knew me at all i hope she loses her fucking job

Since I absolutely refuse to believe that Chad would take up boxing as a profession, imagine this:

Chad applying for a job in a flower shop.

Chad being the one tending to the flowers in the shop’s greenhouse, and falling in love with the process of growing things, and nurturing them instead of destroying them. And also learning how to make the most beautiful flower arrangements in Karakura town, and becoming the go-to person for bouquets and fancy flower arrangements.

alright so this is a dream world right? So why not do some dream interpretation on this. Feel free to correct any of the meanings i give, im using a couple sites and cross checking to make sure im giving the best interpretation i can.  This is a LONG post

“To dream of a building symbolizes your physical being. Your state of comprehension is indicated by which floor of the building you are on. If you are in the lower levels of the building, the dream reflects your base desires, sexual wants and needs.

To see a ruined or damaged building implies that you need to tackle a problem or issue in a different method. Your current system is proving to be unsuccessful. You must make major alterations. Perhaps your ego has been damaged.”

Half the building seems to be upside down

“To dream that you are upside down represents that there is a problem in your conscious life that you need to fix. It can also mean that your initial presumptions are completely different than what you have originally thought.”

what about that weird moon

“To dream of the moon symbolizes female attributes that are as yet undiscovered. A full moon represents the end of a problem, issue, or project. A new moon represents the start of a new endeavor.

To dream that the moon is odd in any way implies that your significant other may be unfaithful or you will experience problems in financial ventures.

To see the eclipse of the moon implies that your female attributes are being suppressed. It may also mean that a close friend or family member will soon face a sickness.”

and the totem pole is enlarged and fairly significant seeming, im not sure if its an eagle or hawk though

“A hawk is known for its unique skill in hunting prey. It is often observed to be roaming in the sky as if preparing for a strategic attack.

To dream of a hawk points to suspicions directed at you. Be more careful in your dealings.

"To dream about an eagle suggests aristocracy, dignity, honor, elevated status, freedom, and great wisdom. Eagles also suggest rebirth of the self. You will make every effort to reach your dreams.”

the hawk seems to fit better, but can anyone tell what bird is on the pole?

theres alot of triangles in here, more the the shack normally has. Now this could just be because of bill but lets see what triangles mean

To dream of triangles signifies your goals, potential, and truth. It is also a symbol of spirituality and oneness of mind, body, and spirit. On one hand, it may also refer to a love relationship you have with two other people in your waking life.”

Its also night in this dreamworld, whereas it was daytime in the dream world with gideon, so its not just that the dream world is alway kinda dark.

“To dream of night denotes serious difficulty and hurdles in achieving your real life goals. There are still gray areas about some issues affecting your life. You have to put aside your prejudice and objectively look at the circumstances when you tackle these issues.”

The shack seems to be falling into a pit or into the abyss

“To dream that you are in a pit points to a sense of despair about some situation or problem.

“Often, an abyss is seen as a hurdle or something to overcome. Trying to avoid slipping into an abyss means you will overpower a current situation or problem. Tumbling into an abyss, on the other hand, can be viewed as a signal to use extreme care as trouble could arise in current business situations.”

and alot of this world seems out of focus

“To dream that things are blurry means that there is something you are refusing to recognize. It can also signify clandestine things and befuddlement. You might believe that a person is hiding something.

thats alot of stuff to go through, but some reoccurring parts are, that stan has some problem he is working on, but hes been going about the wrong way to solve it

I was talking to a client at the spa the other day, and she bought a foot scraper.
  • Me: *showing her how to use it*
  • Her: It's not like I'm the one who's gonna do it.
  • Me: Uh...
  • Her: I meant my boyfriend *laughs* We've been together for 20 years, and he always takes care of me. Everyday at work I receive a bouquet of flowers, lunch, and a note from him. He never lets me carry my bags, and God Forbid that I open my own door. It's been twenty years, and he's still like that!
  • Me: When are you getting married?!
  • Her: He proposed a few times, but I don't believe in marriage.
  • Me: Wow. Well how did you train him to be like that for so long?
  • Her: Honey, the secret isn't in training him. Why would you go out with someone and want to change him? How I got him was by not settling. I refused to get emotionally attached to anyone who didn't do the things that Marc does for me. From the day we met, he opened doors for me and showered me with gifts. He saw me as an equal, but treated me like a Queen. That's what you have to go for. Don't settle for someone just because you don't want to be single. Sure, have some free lunches here and there, but nothing more. Only be in a relationship with someone who gives you exactly what you want. Don't go in thinking that you'll change him, it's not gonna happen.
  • Me: *Rethinks every fucking relationship I've had and dumps every guy that is wasting my time with his bullshit.*

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does tae loves to sneak into the kitchen at ungodly hours at night to grab a snack even after seokjin's extra snacks cause black hole tummy and once he caught a little jeongguk sleeping there (cause this kid's actually horrible at cooking at first but refuses to believe it so stays up secretly to practice) and that's how they met idk i love to think about things pls ignore hahah and i already love this au royalty aus are great ily too <3

That’s how they meet!

Taetae just woke up at, like, 3 AM and decided he needed snacks to go to back to sleep, so he sneaked out of his room through the maids’ door and went all the way to the kitchen.

And there, sleeping on the floor, with flour in his hair and a bit of cream on his nose was Jungkook. 

Taetae just spent a few minutes looking at this kid, smiling to himself and trying to figure out what he was cooking. And as if deciding that was the best way to find out, he just licked the ream off of Kookie’s nose (which woke him up)

And then Jungkook takes a moment to figure out if he’s awake or not, because why else would there be a prince in front of him, in nothing but a lose shirt and boxers and bunny slippers and an elephant plushy in hand, kneeling besides him and looking at him and smiling at hims and Oh Sweet mother of all that is sacred, The prince is in the kitchen in boxers and a shirt and cute, fluffy slippers, he might actually die right now.

And Taetae sees how the kid’s panicking and just starts giggling, before he takes cake out of one of the fridges and sits next to the boy and offers him a fork and tells him to eat with him.

So, in the morning, Jin is this close to smashing his head on the wall, because his brother is on the floor with the youngest prince in his arms, snuggling and they ate the entire cake and he’s just so done.

Brad Simpson Imagine

Because You Live 


Stuck On You by Ross Lynch 

Album:Austin and Ally: Turn It Up 

Because You live by Jesse McCartney 

Album:Beautiful Soul


“I know you most likely can’t hear me, but I really want you to know who I feel about you love. Oh God, I remember when I had first met you. You were this shy little thing that could hardly even mange to say a word to me, let alone the other lads. 

I remember our first ever date. the way your eyes sparkled in the light of the restaurant. Lets not forget when I had asked you to be my girlfriend at you favorite place in town. I know this is silly, how you must likely can’t hear me but babe I’m stuck on you…" 

He mumbled softly before resting his head on top of you lifeless hand. 

You see just a couple of weeks ago you were on your way home from work when a drunk driver crashed into your car. the doctors were unsure if you were going to make it. Everyone was suffering deeply, but yet Bradley seemed to be hurting more than your own parents. 

"Everyday when I come and see you they tell me that same thing. That there is a high chance you won’t make it. I refuse to believe them. Maybe it’s because I just don’t wanna believe them. But I know thats not the case babe, because i know you will make it…” He stated as he played with the diamond ring on your ring finger. 

“I need you with me all the time babe. You were my rock when everything and everyone kept putting me down. It feelings like my world is crashing down because you aren’t here with me. 

I know this is silly, but you are the reason was I placed here..” He mumbled before kissing your lips lightly and looking back at you for a second. Sighing as once again he got no reaction from you. He was just about you leave the room when he heard something.

“Don’t leave..” Was all you said before he shouted for a doctor with a smile on his face knowing that his wife was going to be okay.

A/N: Sorry it toke so long my love! I was waiting for the perfect idea and than this popped up. Hope it was worth the wait.