i refuse to accept this reality

I get so absurdly angry perpetually, because I constantly think about how there is enough food, water, medicine and resources to help nearly everyone survive/live well, but this doesn’t happen because a small percentage of hoarding humans are selfish and refuse to change the system for the better. It’s so wrong. How has this become our world? How can these people get away with making everyone else suffer needlessly?? And it’s just accepted as the reality of our collective society by the vast majority, and the powerful love keeping it that way??

I just don’t understand. My mom and I are lower class based on our income and I’m chronically ill, but we are so lucky to have everything we need and fun clothes/video games/nice car (my mom is very smart with money and my badass independent grandma set her up to survive comfortably with her hard work). I want for nothing except better medical care and access to fodmap medical diet food. How can these people with an absurd amount of wealth not want to give back and help people who are struggling? Why do they need (want) so much money and don’t want to give back??? They should be paying the community taxes majority by far. They have the majority of the money, they need to pay the majority of the taxes. Taxing the poor is criminal and shouldn’t be a set norm that has been accepted for so many centuries.



02 / 11 / 17 • I haven’t posted in while oops but second semester has started and I’m pretty hype about it!! We watched The Help in english class a few days ago and because it’s one of my favourite movies and February is Black History Month, I decided to incorporate a quote from it in this week’s spread. Also, thanks for 7000+ followers!!!!! [click for quality + quote]

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An undeveloped Capricorn/Saturn dominant person is like being a tree that refuses to accept water to grow so that they can grow by themselves.

They’ll then argue they it’s “realistic and practical” because they’re very aware of the harshness of reality… But it’s through this harsh reality where they lose the fact it is also realistic to ask for help.

Drink Up



SummaryWhen Hoseok refuses to feed, you get desperate.

Genre: angst, fluff, vampire au

Length: 1.5k

A/N: soooo there will be hobi fluff duing my halloween daily post but i had to give the boy some angst

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“Please Hobi,” your voice broke as the phone fell from your hand as you watched him shake his head on FaceTime; he looked drained, dark bags collected under his eyes and his face seemed to have lost all of its colour.

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“Well, I told you about the… the brains. I told you about the guts, I told you about the muscle, the scientist, the politician, the leader, I told you about every member of the team, except myself. The part I play. I’m the wild card. I’m the guy who looks at the reality in front of him and refuses to accept it. Like right now I should be terrified, right? But I’m not.“


To Keith, the idea of him being the Black Paladin, the leader of Voltron, means something has happened to Shiro and rendering him unable to continue. Due to this, Keith’s mind draws on what he considers to be the reality that in order to be the Black Paladin, Shiro will no longer be in the picture, he will be absent from the team, and thus, refuses to accept this and rejects the notion.

Keith also displays a lack of faith in own abilities, comparing himself to Shiro and seeing nothing but his own faults, rendering himself useless and incompetent. Keith fees as though he’ll only disappoint Shiro because Keith believes as though he can’t live up to Shiro’s standards, and he fears the possible rejection he might face from this, as well from the rest of the team. He perceives his efforts to be a future of failure waiting for them, and thus, Keith pushes away from it, he actively rejects it. It plays into his own abandonment issues, where he is afraid of others rejecting and leaving him like he believes his mother did. In order to protect himself and preventing that from happening, he distances himself from the team, he is hostile to deter them, and retreats further into himself, isolating himself that he’s created a defense mechanism from.

Bonus because Keith knows that he does this:

Never Ever.

Jaebum x reader

synopsis“After all these time of me hurting you, why?” “Because Jaebum, never ever, I would fall out of love with you.” 

word count: 1356

genre: angst

“I love you.”

A salty, wet drop of vapor rolled down onto your cheek as you shot up from the bed, eyes darting across the dim room to a small bed table. Stretching your hands towards the digital alarm clock to tap the button, causing the artificial light to shine all over your room, displaying the time “3:07a.m.”

“I love you.” The words that used to haunt you the most at 3am somehow found its way into your head again: Jaebum’s never ending, soothing voice roaming the halls of your head, locked inside the depths.

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Why Storm is not Omega-Level Mutant. Welcome to the official disbelief.

You are allowed to bitch, cry, scream, deny and even put a blindfold to cover your eyes from seeing the reality. But for now, you can lay down and relaxe and enjoy the post. Denial sometimes actually works. Is the refusal to accept reality or fact, acting as if a painful event did not exist. Just remember wherever you are, you will be able to see it. Please concede….because this is getting tiresome.

I like Storm just like some of you but sometime you can’t refuse other things and think like it never existed. My post is about Storm vs ? That said, canon, non canon, Earth 616, non Earth 616, regardless they’re all Storm. But here, you will see that I do care a little for what you think. I’m putting up the best gallery show, ever.

Let’s begin with why she’s not Omega. So, why isn’t she Omega? Well, to be more specific, she has LIMITS.

Storm is not nearly as durable.

Storm vs Jean Grey/Phoenix

I like both of them!!! But who’s stronger? The reality is on panel. Jean would beat her. No contest. All she has to do is mess with her head and BAM she’s down and out for the count. Yeah, I know what you’re gonna say “Storm is a better fighter” but in the long run Jean could beat her

Another incident

AND another incident

Thanks to Magneto she didn’t die.

Storm vs Barnacle

Barnacle is a mutant from the Acolytes team. His mutant powers allow him to turn any type of moisture into a hardened shell and more. He can use this ability to encase people with their own bodily fluids and more. Hoping to capitalize on Storm’s claustrophobia, Barnacle jumped her and quickly began to encase Storm. Storm definitely struggled with Barnacle. Thanks to Nightcrawler for saving her.

Storm vs Sunspot/or should I say Eclipse???? I know that’s not really him.

Clearly he was faster than lightning. Thanks to Cyclops for saving her ass.

Storm vs Rogue

We know for a fact Rogue can sustain any power she absorbs from others. I see Storm struggling on her knees.

Storm vs War Machine

Despite what the Storm fanbase would like to believe, War Machine wins. War Machine who is way weaker than Iron-man tanked her attacks.

Storm vs Sage

Ain’t that’s the chick Storm was dating? Well she got her ass kicked by that chick.

Storm vs Polaris

Oh yes it counts. Despite This Polaris was a robot but she has exactly everything from the original Polaris.

Another incident

She did tie Storm in a knot and was about to fuck her up. Thank God she’s not like Storm who would’ve done it without thinking about it. It’s safe to say that in Gifted, Polaris seems stronger on screen than Storm has ever been.

Storm vs Domino

Domino guys, DOMINO even fucked her up.

Storm vs Sentinels

She has been depicted so poorly here. She couldn’t defeat those Sentinels but Jean could and did.

Storm vs Crystal

Crystal is an Inhuman and a Princess. She can also manipulate weather except she has the power of full control of the 4 elements. She’s a weather witch.

Storm vs Thor/robot Thor A FUCKING ROBOT THOR GUYS

Despite this was only a robot she couldn’t even beat that shit. Can you imagine the original Thor? She’ll be stomped.

Storm vs Proteus

Thanks to Wolverine she didn’t find herself in a claustrophobic place.

Storm Vs Nova

Yup! Nova from the New Warriors knocked her out.

Storm vs Madame Hydra

Don’t ask me where is this from. Consider Storm was knocked down by hydra

Storm vs Juggernaut

Well you already know the story lol

Storm vs StrongGuy

StrongGuy aka Guido Carosella from X-Factor. Sorry but he had the upper hand here.

Storm vs Snowbird

And yet, another weather manipulator. Sometime we keep forgetting there’s another weather witch aside from crystal. Storm got stumped by another weather witch from Alpha Flight.

Storm vs Apocalypse

What made Storm think she can beat Apocalypse? She’s not Magneto to compare to lol

Another Incident

Yup! Knocked the fuck out.

Storm vs Wonder Woman

Honestly, this is how it should’ve been. Lightning don’t do exact shit to WW as we saw in her amazing previous movie. Speed, Agility, Strength, Combat, Durability, resistance to cold wasn’t something for Storm to beat her with just lightning. WW can block those and fuck her up. Just saying.

Storm vs Valkyrie

Truly you can’t mess with a real God.

Storm vs Cyclops

We do know Storm can fight but so can Cyclops. Despite (I think) she was possessed by the Shadow King who used her to go against the X-men but this is only to show Cyclops can also fight in combat.

Another incident


Storm vs Legion

I posted this before only this time will post these two pages. We know how “powerful” her lightning is but apparently not too powerful for some. It took Chamber (who’s not an Omega) to put Legion down.

another incident

SHA-THOW! she was already on the ground lol. Legion mocking her prayers. I guess not even praying can make her Omega LOL.

Storm vs Chandra

We know there was another incident and a very interesting one where they were facing each other and Storm stumped her. Here is another incident where Chandra was paying back lol. She did fuck Storm’s up badly. You can see blood coming out of her mouth. I guess payback is a bitch  LOL.

Storm vs Magneto

Magneto is stronger than Storm and we all know it. Magneto reacts with the speed of thought. What is more powerful than this shit alone? And as we know there are more incidents

Storm only charged Magneto’s power with her own lightning. Storm using her lightning is defenseless against Magneto. Same can be said for Polaris who can absorb electrical energy to make herself more powerful and we know it.

Another incident

and another incident

and believe me there are more incidents but this would be enough to make myself clear that between Storm vs Magneto….Magneto wins. No contest. Despite Storm winds and “holding herself back” she still lost battle.

Man, there are still more to come.

Storm vs Callisto

Storm and Callisto had a long history of fighting each other. It’s true Storm beats Callisto but usually Callisto gets the upper hand first. Storm did beat Callisto here but it wasn’t until after she was defeated first. My point exactly is that Storm got stumped big time.

Storm vs Dazzler

This was one badass Dazzler from Ultimate. She totally pounded Storm.

Storm vs Robot I guess

Her lightning once again can’t do shit to the robot.

Storm vs Sunfire

BROOOOOM! not once but twice


Storm vs Hussar and Earthquake


Storm vs Doctor Strange

Yup! She’s nothing compared to real magic. Though I don’t think she ever uses magic.

Storm vs Black Panther

Can this count? I think so. Though there are more incidents of these two “lovers” trying to kill each other LOL

Storm vs Sienna Blaze

If I remember correctly, Storm couldn’t defeat Sienna.

Storm vs (you’re not gonna believe it) Thunderball and Wrecker

This is sososo but sososo funny LOL. She thought she was Hulk or something? LOL get the fuck outta here LOL.

Storm vs ? Can someone help me identify this man

Whoever he is, beat Storm.

Although even in game Scarlet Witch beats Storm LOL

Now let’s go to recent battles.

Storm vs Collosus

Oh yes, lightning doing nothing.

Storm vs Omega Red. All I know she was in the air and the next few panels she was on

the floor knocked the fuck out.

Storm vs Spider-Man I just has to post it

Storm vs Mosaic

Mosaic is from Inhumans and he can project from his physical body as a being consisting primarily of a previously unknown form of energy. He easily took Storm’s body. Naja thought it was the actual Storm so she started beating her up LOl.

Storm vs Archangel

Yes, Storm got Angel but what she didn’t know is that Angel also got her.

Ok. In extraordinary X-men, Storm was so incompetent and was getting beaten every second. She was getting beaten by a group from limbo. Her body was used against her will (like possessed if you ask me). Oh boy. I will name this Storm vs Hell LOL

Poor Storm and no, I’m not joking. She was treated so bad here.

And at last (out of so many more) Bloodstorm from x-men Blue which is where we’re at now.

Sadly we don’t know when Storm might get back from that. I assume she’s dead but since she’s shown on other future covers, that suggests she’s coming back. But this doesn’t stop from what I’ve been trying to say

Whoooo. This was ONE HELL OF A POST. So, how you guys like the gallery? Truly this is one of the most awesome galleries that you can find about Storm getting her ass kicked MANY TIMES.

So my question still remains for you guys…..it she an Omega-Level Mutant?

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Can I have some Reiner Braun relationship headcanons?

-He tries to be honest in the relationship. Honest and loyal, while doing so, he’s trying not to be strict or demanding.

-He refuses to accept care, as he has a tendency to think of others before him. This will, of course, include his s/o.

-When he gets sick, he finds it quite embarrassing to find his s/o having to take care of him. He’ll be very stubborn and say that he’s fine.

-When in reality, he is not. This will require you to be very persistent to get him to take his medicine and food.

-He likes to cuddle. When he cuddles, he wraps an arm around his s/o’s waist and brings them into his embrace. 

-He tries to be a gentlemen when it comes to dates or any sort of romantic activity. Being very polite and trying to use mannerism, only to sometimes knock things over or such.

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My Top 5 Puzzleshipping Moments

Remember that ‘Puzzleshipping moments’ review I thought I’d do? Well, I’m about 2/3rds of the way through my scans, and I’m estimating a total of at least FIFTY SCENES so uh… in the interests of not slowing all of my writings this weekend, I’m going to make THAT project a long-term goal, and instead go back to my request from @tarashima and do the original ask: My Top 5 Puzzleshipping moments! WITH BAD SCANS AND CAPTION JOKES and a lot of cheating, because the first two are more arcs/a string of moments. But uh… sorry not sorry.

Anyways… on with the program!

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An open letter to the Girl Who Deserves Better

I saw you cry last night and the other night. I mean, I see you cry every night. I’m a bit confused for I always see you smile every day. I hear you laugh every day. You talk to him like everything’s fine.

You keep on asking yourself, “what’s the matter?” yet you’re never ready to hear the answer. You make yourself believe that everything’s fine when in reality, IT’S NOT.

You know it, the problem, yet you refuse to accept. You know that YOU DESERVE BETTER however, you also believe that YOU DESERVE HIM. I can’t blame you for loving him. But honey, you——– deserve better.

I’m not saying that he’s not enough but his love…… maybe, his love is not enough. You get meee????

You deserve a guy that asks you how your day went.
You deserve a guy who can’t stand being mad at you for a long time.
You deserve a guy who can’t stand not talking to you.
You deserve a guy that still gets butterflies whenever he sees you.
You deserve a guy who forgets about his anger when you kissed him.
You deserve a guy who’s always there when you need someone to talk to.
You deserve a guy who won’t let your conversation end.
You deserve a guy that shows you how much he misses you, everyday.
You deserve a guy who gives you attention and affection without you having to ask for it.
You deserve a guy who listens to your stories, even the nonsense ones.
You deserve a guy whose efforts are consistent.
You deserve a guy who won’t let you stay sad.
You deserve a guy who will stay into you no matter how long your relationship gets.
You deserve a guy who will accept you and love you for who you are.
You deserve a guy whose willing to give up his bad habits for you. (if he can’t do it for himself)
You deserve a guy who helps you appreciate yourself more.
You deserve a guy who makes time for you.
You deserve a guy who’s loyal to you.
You deserve a guy who asks you if you have eaten your dinner already.
You deserve a guy who’s proud to have you.
You deserve a guy who believes in you.
You deserve a guy who will never get tired cheering you up.
You deserve a guy who sees your worth.
You deserve a guy who loves you unconditionally.
You deserve a guy who values you.

A guy who treats you dinner or brings you to a date is good. A guy who gives you flowers is good. A guy who sends kiss emojis is good. A guy who gives you your favorite chocolates is good. But it’s not all about those, LOVE IS SO MUCH MORE. AND YOU, YOU DESERVE TO BE LOVED AND BE IN LOVE.

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We're not paying enough attention to the fact that when Az and Feyre came back from saving Elain, Az had Elain CRADLED to his chest (while his wings were injured and bleeding) and didn't LET GO until Rhys literally took Elain from him. Not to mention he was in serious need of healing and all he cared about was getting the chains off of Elain. Boi I'm going down with this ship I need them to be canon !! 😩




AND THEN we get her ICONIC line “you came for me.” Now that’s right up there next to “there you are I’ve been looking for you.” Those two lines are used OVER AND OVER AND OVER in books and movies all over the place. And you can bet your sweet ass I have laid awake wondering if the Cauldron showed her something about who would save her or something! Because it almost read like she’d had a vision or something. It was odd.


LET ME REPHRASE: After Azriel saved Elain, she doesn’t get lost in her visions anymore. She is lucid the rest of the book.


[drops mic—but wants to pick it up and keep talking]

'The Flash': What's Next for Barry and Iris?
EPs Andrew Kreisberg and Todd Helbing, along with stars Candice Patton and Grant Gustin, tease what’s coming up as Savitar’s threat looms

The lesson they both came to learn during the crossover, though — as was the Music Meister’s goal — was that love is enough. Thus, upon returning to the real world, Barry sang the Pasek and Paul-penned love song “Runnin’ Home to You” to Iris, culminating in a true proposal. So, what’s next for the couple?

They grow closer and closer,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg tells EW. “They’re both realizing that, like anybody, you don’t know how long you have together, so they’re trying to make every moment count.

While their romance is back on track, Patton notes it will be placed somewhat on the back burner as there are more pressing issues to deal with. “We’re not going to see wedding bells anytime soon, or wedding planning, because the most imminent situation is Iris’ impending death,” Patton says. “So that’s what we’ll be focusing on for the rest of the season, is making sure that prophecy does not come true.”

Though Barry has had his doubts when it comes to his ability to save Iris while being in a relationship with her, “We’ll see him moving forward with as much confidence as he can have right now with everything that’s happening,” Gustin says, noting that Barry has had blind faith all season that he will somehow persevere. “He lost it for a second and he’s got it back,” Gustin says. “He refuses to accept the reality that she will die.”

However, that doesn’t mean the couple won’t have concerns along the way. “They’re both fighting this, how do I be positive that we’re going to stop this while at the same time being realistic that maybe we don’t?” Kreisberg says. “It’s that push and pull. Like any couple, one starts to lose faith and the other one pulls them back up and vice versa. It’s an interesting dynamic that neither of them wants to wallow, and yet they’re struggling to keep going forward.

“From reading the scripts, I have to say, she is very strong,” Patton says of how Iris is handling her possible doom moving forward. “She’s accepting that this could be her potential fate. You get to this point in your life where, if you have a terminal illness, you accept that’s a possibility and you start to plan for that. We’ll see Iris deal with those thoughts and emotions as the season plays out.”

Part of looking to the future, however, does not include wedding planning. “We will see that come up in episode 21,” Gustin teases. “It’s brought up for the first time, but it’s the fact that we haven’t been dealing with it is what’s brought up, that we haven’t had time. There’s more of just trying to save her life; it’s the more pressing matter at this point.”

Still, fellow executive producer Todd Helbing notes that this journey will only make the couple stronger. “Now it’s really the two of them as a unit trying to figure out how to stop Savitar and keep her alive,” Helbing says. “While they’ve never been closer, there’s a lot more pressure than there ever has been on them as a couple. They have to figure out how to work through the biggest tragedy that could befall them in the future.”

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I want to know your thoughts (regardless of your Starco bias) about the following, don't you think Star's crush on Marco happened so quickly? Don't get me wrong, I know there are a lot of reasons why she should be in love with him, but in the episode 'Girl's Day Out' Star was still crushing hard on Oskar, and just ONE segment later (In 'Sleepover') Star had this supposedly secret feelings for Marco. Basically, we didn't get a smoother transition between Star's drooling over Oskar... (1/2)

… And the beginning of Star’s deep feelings for Marco (Even if she wasn’t fully aware of them, since I know that only happened until Just Friends) (2/2)

TV shows obviously have to simplify the depths of the human mind, since they have to portray huge character growth and developments in a handful of hours worth of time, but sometimes it might be hard to know what we truly want. In Star’s case, her crush on Oskar was a very shallow, “hormonal” one: based on look and her passion for “bad boys”, she was essentially thirsty. When Oskar was around, Star would drool and be a blabbering mess, when not around she would hardly give a thought, mentioning his name only in Sleepover. And from that episode to Starcrushed Star matured a lot, and went through emotionally draining and impactful moments in Bon Bon The Birthday Clown and Just Friends - all the while apparently not seeing young Greason anymore until the season finale, since he dropped out school. By the time they met again in Starcrushed she had matured enough to see that Oskar had no more appeal on her - on a more meta level he was literally all she had painfully outgrown during two seasons, someone who runs away from any responsability and refuses to accept any reality except for his own.

Since they interacted just three times during the whole season I can kinda understand why you’d think that her transition was abrupt, but I think you’re looking at the matter from the wrong point of view. From Girls’ Day Out to Starcrushed Star:

- Had to give voice to her thoughts about what feelings are, and how they might change

- Lost Glossaryck and her book, experiencing a heavy hit that made her reconsider how little attention she always paid to her responsibilities and duties. At the same time she felt an unspecified pain and sense of uneasiness at seeing Marco go to fancydance with Jackie and not with her (she didn’t get fully aware about this for some more episodes though, apparently)

- Was told by her parents not to worry, sit and do nothing, feeling underestimated once again in her life, and starting to work on her own Spellbook, following the urge to prove herself

- Almost failed Baby’s examination, was seen practicing Levitato in the following episode, probably reinforced the feelings from above

- Voiced her concerns and feelings of failure in Collateral Damage, understood that even when it’s not possible to delete the mistakes from the pas it’s still possible to find solutions in the present

- Played wingwoman to her bestie once again, during a moment where everyone but her was kissing understood that being “just a friend” might not have been enough, that she wanted more, but couldn’t admit it to herself, let alone to Marco, because it would have ruined his happiness and their friendship

- Put all of herself into a song because she came to the conclusion that hiding the truth about her failures and “side adventures” (something that she did ever since S1) was not the right nor wise thing anymore. This backfired, but it still showed growth.

After all of this she went to a party and talked with her old crush, seeing how immature and devoid of any worry in the world he is, and she didn’t feel anything anymore. She looked uncomfortable at moments, even, possibly because Oskar thought that he and she were the same, free spirits who don’t care about what other say, to the point of turning a blind eye to reality and important things. And Star doesn’t want to be like that anymore, and that’s probably going to be an important theme in S3. “It’s time to be a better princess”, as heard in a teaser.

So the transition from Oskar to Marco didn’t feel smooth because it happened almost entirely without Oskar being involved, since the focal point was for Star to grow, regardless of what our favorite keytarist was doing. This is my impression on the subject, at least, as usual I have my own bias and ideas and might be wrong about a lot of interpretations.

Some people believe in love at first sight; others believe that love is part of a process, part of something that constantly develops. Maybe those kinds of love exist. I cannot tell. Because the only time I ever fell in love, it was with you. And I fell in love with you for every single thing that you are. It wasn’t love at first sight exactly. I knew who I was in love with when I realized that I had fallen in love with you. You weren’t a stranger anymore then, someone I just met. I knew you. I knew what decisions you made in your life, what dreams you wanted to become reality and I knew your smile. The one you fake, but also the one you reserve for me. I also refuse to accept that my love for you has been part of a process. Because it was clear all this time, ever since the first moment I saw you, that you are the one. I did not see nor know the truth back when I met you - how could I? I didn’t know you. -, but there was only one way for me to go from there: to fall in love with you. You never owed me anything. There are no debts in love. But I want you to know that I love you and I’m in love with you. I was yesterday, I am today and I will be tomorrow. I know now that once love is there, it will never leave. Love is rare, and I never knew what it would be like, what it would feel like. I know now ever since you are here. As long as you are by my side, I know what love is. If you leave, the love will still be here, but it won’t be visible. Not for others, not for you, and certainly not for me. Yet love is not evanescent. It can be ignored or shushed, but it can never go away. So you can leave me, my life will go on without you. Or you can stay, and my life will go on with you by my side. My love for you won’t die with whatever choice you make. But it is your choice whether this love will be lost for me or if it can exist for you too.
—  that book of mine about a love that I know exists (M.B.)
Love Is Blind

[ Warning: Suggestive Content Ahead ] 

Deok Kwang didn’t know why he allowed his friend to put him in this position. It was a favor to him, all he had to do was show up to a date pretending to be him. It was a blind date and the girl had never met him before so it would be easy to pull off. It didn’t feel right though. He didn’t know what he should do; it was all just so crazy. He had never talked to the girl or seen a picture. He didn’t know what to expect because the only thing Hyo Eun told him was to look for a girl with pink hair. 

When you walked into the cafe you looked around feeling a bit nervous. After spotting someone in a corner table wearing a white hat, like you had been told, you went over to him. After a gentle tap on his shoulder sent him jumping up in surprise you apologized. “Sorry, are you Kim Hyo Eun?”

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Thorin can't be upset that Fili and Kili died, because all three of them are alive and safe and happy in Erebor. I refuse to accept any other reality

Same, Anon… same.