i refuse to accept this reality


02 / 11 / 17 • I haven’t posted in while oops but second semester has started and I’m pretty hype about it!! We watched The Help in english class a few days ago and because it’s one of my favourite movies and February is Black History Month, I decided to incorporate a quote from it in this week’s spread. Also, thanks for 7000+ followers!!!!! [click for quality + quote]

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“Well, I told you about the… the brains. I told you about the guts, I told you about the muscle, the scientist, the politician, the leader, I told you about every member of the team, except myself. The part I play. I’m the wild card. I’m the guy who looks at the reality in front of him and refuses to accept it. Like right now I should be terrified, right? But I’m not.“

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We're not paying enough attention to the fact that when Az and Feyre came back from saving Elain, Az had Elain CRADLED to his chest (while his wings were injured and bleeding) and didn't LET GO until Rhys literally took Elain from him. Not to mention he was in serious need of healing and all he cared about was getting the chains off of Elain. Boi I'm going down with this ship I need them to be canon !! 😩




AND THEN we get her ICONIC line “you came for me.” Now that’s right up there next to “there you are I’ve been looking for you.” Those two lines are used OVER AND OVER AND OVER in books and movies all over the place. And you can bet your sweet ass I have laid awake wondering if the Cauldron showed her something about who would save her or something! Because it almost read like she’d had a vision or something. It was odd.


LET ME REPHRASE: After Azriel saved Elain, she doesn’t get lost in her visions anymore. She is lucid the rest of the book.


[drops mic—but wants to pick it up and keep talking]

Never Ever.

Jaebum x reader

synopsis“After all these time of me hurting you, why?” “Because Jaebum, never ever, I would fall out of love with you.” 

word count: 1356

genre: angst

“I love you.”

A salty, wet drop of vapor rolled down onto your cheek as you shot up from the bed, eyes darting across the dim room to a small bed table. Stretching your hands towards the digital alarm clock to tap the button, causing the artificial light to shine all over your room, displaying the time “3:07a.m.”

“I love you.” The words that used to haunt you the most at 3am somehow found its way into your head again: Jaebum’s never ending, soothing voice roaming the halls of your head, locked inside the depths.

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'The Flash': What's Next for Barry and Iris?
EPs Andrew Kreisberg and Todd Helbing, along with stars Candice Patton and Grant Gustin, tease what’s coming up as Savitar’s threat looms

The lesson they both came to learn during the crossover, though — as was the Music Meister’s goal — was that love is enough. Thus, upon returning to the real world, Barry sang the Pasek and Paul-penned love song “Runnin’ Home to You” to Iris, culminating in a true proposal. So, what’s next for the couple?

They grow closer and closer,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg tells EW. “They’re both realizing that, like anybody, you don’t know how long you have together, so they’re trying to make every moment count.

While their romance is back on track, Patton notes it will be placed somewhat on the back burner as there are more pressing issues to deal with. “We’re not going to see wedding bells anytime soon, or wedding planning, because the most imminent situation is Iris’ impending death,” Patton says. “So that’s what we’ll be focusing on for the rest of the season, is making sure that prophecy does not come true.”

Though Barry has had his doubts when it comes to his ability to save Iris while being in a relationship with her, “We’ll see him moving forward with as much confidence as he can have right now with everything that’s happening,” Gustin says, noting that Barry has had blind faith all season that he will somehow persevere. “He lost it for a second and he’s got it back,” Gustin says. “He refuses to accept the reality that she will die.”

However, that doesn’t mean the couple won’t have concerns along the way. “They’re both fighting this, how do I be positive that we’re going to stop this while at the same time being realistic that maybe we don’t?” Kreisberg says. “It’s that push and pull. Like any couple, one starts to lose faith and the other one pulls them back up and vice versa. It’s an interesting dynamic that neither of them wants to wallow, and yet they’re struggling to keep going forward.

“From reading the scripts, I have to say, she is very strong,” Patton says of how Iris is handling her possible doom moving forward. “She’s accepting that this could be her potential fate. You get to this point in your life where, if you have a terminal illness, you accept that’s a possibility and you start to plan for that. We’ll see Iris deal with those thoughts and emotions as the season plays out.”

Part of looking to the future, however, does not include wedding planning. “We will see that come up in episode 21,” Gustin teases. “It’s brought up for the first time, but it’s the fact that we haven’t been dealing with it is what’s brought up, that we haven’t had time. There’s more of just trying to save her life; it’s the more pressing matter at this point.”

Still, fellow executive producer Todd Helbing notes that this journey will only make the couple stronger. “Now it’s really the two of them as a unit trying to figure out how to stop Savitar and keep her alive,” Helbing says. “While they’ve never been closer, there’s a lot more pressure than there ever has been on them as a couple. They have to figure out how to work through the biggest tragedy that could befall them in the future.”

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Do you believe there's any validity to the idea of Tyrion being Aerys son? It certainly draws another parallel that foils Tywin to Ned but thematically, does it work? Tyrion shares traits that are generally associated with Targs, dreams of dragons, etc. but acts like the daddy that reared him. What are your thoughts? Thanks for your time.

Thanks for the question!

Well, you’re rather nice about this ask and I was thinking of putting my answer politely for you even before I had my realization… but @joannalannister​ already answered this question splendidly so I feel rather redundant.

And I know you already don’t like Secret Targaryen theories, so this next part isn’t meant for you but this is a good chance for me to make my feelings quite clear on the matter: I hate A+J=T so damn much.

I hate how I either have to accept Joanna got raped (Lannister x Bodily Autonomy or nothing), Joanna went to Aerys willingly (HAHAhahaHAha, read WOIAF, that book will disabuse you of the notion), Tyrion being a little person is due to Targaryen genes (little people are born through the same genes as anyone else, just saying, people who come at me with that notion) or a fundamental misunderstanding of four characters (Aerys, Tywin, Joanna and Tyrion) for this theory to bear fruit.

My biggest bone in the craw is that… this erases a really fascinating (and horribly dysfunctional) father-son dynamic for what looks like a rather cheap twist and also ableism validation (@secretlyatargaryen​, feel free to kick my ass if I get this wrong.) Tyrion is Tywin’s true heir in intelligence, strategy and politics, but, thanks to ableism, Tywin refuses to accept this reality, mostly because he thinks Lannisters are perfect and Tyrion doesn’t fit his ideal image of a Lannister due to being a little person. 

To hell with that Lannister ideal. It’s easily one of Tywin’s most toxic notions and has led to great deal of undue misery onto Tyrion from sexual to emotional abuse. GRRM wants us to be sympathetic towards Tyrion, who’s been suppressed, reduced, abused and scorned, despite flourishing when given opportunities, all because of something he can’t control and is a natural fact of life.

So, in my opinion, not only does A+J=T validate Tywin’s ableism (which you just know he’ll blame Tyrion being a little person on the Targaryen genes because Lannisters are perfect) and abuse (because Tyrion is Aerys’ child, thus not a “real” Lannister, ugh), but it’s actively anti-GRRM in terms of what he’s trying to say with Tyrion, full stop.

Hope this helps!

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Can I have some Reiner Braun relationship headcanons?

-He tries to be honest in the relationship. Honest and loyal, while doing so, he’s trying not to be strict or demanding.

-He refuses to accept care, as he has a tendency to think of others before him. This will, of course, include his s/o.

-When he gets sick, he finds it quite embarrassing to find his s/o having to take care of him. He’ll be very stubborn and say that he’s fine.

-When in reality, he is not. This will require you to be very persistent to get him to take his medicine and food.

-He likes to cuddle. When he cuddles, he wraps an arm around his s/o’s waist and brings them into his embrace. 

-He tries to be a gentlemen when it comes to dates or any sort of romantic activity. Being very polite and trying to use mannerism, only to sometimes knock things over or such.

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An open letter to the Girl Who Deserves Better

I saw you cry last night and the other night. I mean, I see you cry every night. I’m a bit confused for I always see you smile every day. I hear you laugh every day. You talk to him like everything’s fine.

You keep on asking yourself, “what’s the matter?” yet you’re never ready to hear the answer. You make yourself believe that everything’s fine when in reality, IT’S NOT.

You know it, the problem, yet you refuse to accept. You know that YOU DESERVE BETTER however, you also believe that YOU DESERVE HIM. I can’t blame you for loving him. But honey, you——– deserve better.

I’m not saying that he’s not enough but his love…… maybe, his love is not enough. You get meee????

You deserve a guy that asks you how your day went.
You deserve a guy who can’t stand being mad at you for a long time.
You deserve a guy who can’t stand not talking to you.
You deserve a guy that still gets butterflies whenever he sees you.
You deserve a guy who forgets about his anger when you kissed him.
You deserve a guy who’s always there when you need someone to talk to.
You deserve a guy who won’t let your conversation end.
You deserve a guy that shows you how much he misses you, everyday.
You deserve a guy who gives you attention and affection without you having to ask for it.
You deserve a guy who listens to your stories, even the nonsense ones.
You deserve a guy whose efforts are consistent.
You deserve a guy who won’t let you stay sad.
You deserve a guy who will stay into you no matter how long your relationship gets.
You deserve a guy who will accept you and love you for who you are.
You deserve a guy whose willing to give up his bad habits for you. (if he can’t do it for himself)
You deserve a guy who helps you appreciate yourself more.
You deserve a guy who makes time for you.
You deserve a guy who’s loyal to you.
You deserve a guy who asks you if you have eaten your dinner already.
You deserve a guy who’s proud to have you.
You deserve a guy who believes in you.
You deserve a guy who will never get tired cheering you up.
You deserve a guy who sees your worth.
You deserve a guy who loves you unconditionally.
You deserve a guy who values you.

A guy who treats you dinner or brings you to a date is good. A guy who gives you flowers is good. A guy who sends kiss emojis is good. A guy who gives you your favorite chocolates is good. But it’s not all about those, LOVE IS SO MUCH MORE. AND YOU, YOU DESERVE TO BE LOVED AND BE IN LOVE.

I love VR but it’s stuff like this that kills it.

There’s three possible explanations:

- They actually expect you to buy Fallout 4 again for £39.99 so you can play it again in VR.

- This is a ‘bundle’ of Fallout 4 with all it’s DLCs and VR compatibility, with the price being this high because of the DLC. (This is a lot more understandable and probably the most likely case.)

- The above but there will be a discount before release for people who already own Fallout 4. (This is most likely the case and this confusion is all because of a lack of communication on their part.)

I’m really hoping this is just a lack of communication on Bethesda’s part because I refuse to believe they actually think it’s acceptable to say nothing about the project for over a year and then expect us to buy the game again at a higher price just for VR. Especially when you consider DOOM VFR is actually it’s own different game and is half the price, £19.99.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


I’ve touched up the designs to my little Super Looter guys!

Looter from Super Looter: The titular character and once the star of an immensely popular arcade game. Though those days are long gone, his ego remains just as large. Looter is often a guy full of many complaints, and refuses to face reality and accept he’s hit rock bottom. Despite being a bit whiny, Looter has the qualities of a good leader and is maybe even a bit of a ‘family man’ to his roommates… but it’s kinda dragged down by the fact he’s also keen on breaking and entering, petty thievery, and extravagant heists… you know, a real upstanding citizen who just so happens to have a criminal record.
(Also, don’t tell anyone, but I hear he collects merchandise of himself!)

Jay from Speedy Satan: Despite being a would-be star of a kart racing game canceled due to it’s controversial religious stance, Jay has an unusually positive outlook on life (in a cool way.) Jay lives for a thrill and can make the most mundane tasks COOL and EXTREME. EXTREME dishes, EXTREME laundry, EXTREME laying on the couch. She’s a bit competitive and quick to say the first rude thought that enters her brain, but she’s a nice (AND COOL) chick!
Word of advice, do not accept any offer to “race you there.” She takes it VERY seriously.

Squobby from Star Scrounge: Nowadays, most people say Star Scrounge was “ahead of its time” but to Squobby, it was “the scariest moments of my life.” The poor thing has always suffered from anxiety and leads the life of what one might call a “hikikomori.” She’s very reclusive, cowardly, and rejects any invitation to go to the outside world. Underneath the tough exterior of her metaphorical armor, Squobby’s a very nice little alien and a good friend.
(Under her not-so metaphorical armor lies a squishy little alien!)

Masaru from Baka no Densetsu: This excitable little friend was the noble hero of a game that never made it outside of Japan. They have an intense urge to help anyone in need! But have long since strayed from their main objective (Gotta fulfill all of those sidequests first!) Masaru’s hyperactivity might be off-putting to some, but their helpful nature makes them easy to get along with. I mean. You tell them to do any chore and they do it no problem!
(No, bad! Don’t take advantage of Masaru!)

LockBlock from Block-a-Tock: A lazy square guy who was nothing more than a matching color block in his game. Lockblock often shirks responsibility around the apartment and digs into his roommates’ snack stash without asking. He often comes off as sarcastic and uninvolved. One might wonder where they stand with the guy because he doesn’t seem to care about anyone or anything.
(But shh! He’s the one to lock the doors at night, balance the checkbook, and make sure the bills are paid. I wonder why he does it in secret…!)

Squibbly from Star Scrounge: The villain from the underappreciated cult classic Star Scrounge. Squibbly is quite the megalomaniac. He possesses a prowess in all things technological. The blowing up the planet thing? Not a fluke at all! He meant to do that! We think…
The guy’s incredibly conceited and is quick to point out the flaws in his roommates. Someone of his status should be living “much more extravagantly,” after all.
(He quite enjoys the simple, mundane Earth life, though. He follows several TV shows religiously and maaaaybe got hooked on some MMOs.)

as hockey fans, we all have that one team that we can’t stand. that’s just part of the game. everyone on here, at least once, has probably made a post shitting on another team whether it’s because of a player, a rivalry, the fact that one team just beat yours, or maybe you just hate them for no reason. all those points are totally valid and everyone has the right to be vocal about their hate for another team. after all, what would hockey be without that?

where we draw the line is when the anger starts being directed at the fans.

i joined hockey tumblr during the 2014-15 season when everyone loved the blackhawks. more importantly, i went through the period of time where most hawks blogs transformed into very anti-hawks blogs because of the patrick kane scandal. that seemed to be, and still is the predominant reason about 75% of people on here cannot stand the hawks, and i get that, i do.

even as a blackhawks fan, i agree with those blogs stances on patrick kane. i’m one of the few hawks fans who doesn’t like him in any way, shape or form. i don’t find him to be a good human being, i don’t cheer for him when he scores a goal, and frankly i wouldn’t be upset if he somehow got traded away.

my point is, the hate that most anti-hawks blogs feel stems from hating patrick kane, which again, is valid. if they weren’t my hometown team or the first team i fell in love with, i’d probably hate them too. but being an anti-kane blog, i still have learned to be nice towards fans of his (i’m even mutuals with a lot of them). sure, not all, but most kane blogs i’ve seen around here want to be civil towards people who hate him and understand their viewpoint, but anti-kane blogs not only refuse, but give kane fans undeserved hate for this.

since the kane case, the hate for him and his fans has transferred over to the entire hawks fanbase. now especially since it’s playoffs, i see blackhawks fans get hated on on a daily basis. i’ve seen people call us “horrible”, “idiotic”, “ugly”, i’ve seen people tell us to commit suicide, etc., by anti-hawks blogs.. there are a few problems with this:

  1. you guys will type these things out on your keyboard, hit post, and then when you get fired at back by hawks blogs, you act like the victims, like hawks fans have no rationality for chiming in. look, when you callout a fanbase you can’t get mad at them for calling you out in return. it’s not one sided.
  2. you assume you know everything about hawks fans when in reality most of you don’t even make an effort to understand us before hating on us. you’re so quick to judge us that you literally don’t even listen to what we have to say. for example, with the pkane drama mentioned earlier, you refuse to accept that most kane fans want to be civil towards you. and last year, when andrew shaw made homophobic comments on the ice, without missing a beat, all of you claimed that all our fanbase was doing was brushing the situation off and downplaying it. as far as i saw, every single hawks fan on here was speaking out about how shaw deserved punsishment and that what he said was unacceptable. but you all saw it and refused to acknowledge it just so you could make your “all offense but bl*ckh*wks fans are trash” posts.
  3. to those of you who say we should stop being so sensitive, or claim when you say hawks fans you don’t mean ALL hawks fans, understand that when 75% of a fandom shits on you, it’s easy to take those posts personally no matter the intent. furthermore, just because you may not feel like hawks fans should be hurt by what you say doesn’t mean you’re not still hurting them. understand that some people are more sensitive than others when it comes to those posts. i know a lot of you very well mean to hurt us, but those who don’t, you can’t tell us to feel a certain way in response.

as a blackhawks fan, i’ll say we do have our share of bad fans, maybe more than other fanbases, but what i know from following most blackhawks blogs on tumblr is that we have some really great fans too who are only asking for respect.

yes, i get that it’s easy for you to hate the hawks, but understand that people may have differing views from you. that’s how the world works, thats how hockey works, and part of accepting that is learning to be civil.

try to visualize this for a second. imagine an entire fanbase is out to get you and literally won’t stop talking about how awful you are when they have never met you before. don’t pretend you wouldn’t get angry too. don’t pretend you wouldn’t be defensive. evidently, you guys don’t know a lot about hawks fans on tumblr, so stop trying to claim that you do.

even if you do think hawks fans are horrible, it doesn’t make you a better person to send them hate or call them names. i don’t care if think it does, it doesn’t, end of story. tumblr is a lot better when you’re nice to people, maybe try it.

and to other blackhawks fans, remember that your love for your team is valid. you’re not a bad person for rooting for the hawks, no matter how much people say you are. don’t listen to what someone on tumblr says who has nothing better to do. it’s hard to be a hawks fan right now, but just because most of hockey tumblr calls you a bad person does not mean it’s true.

and if anyone needs to talk or rant about this i’m always here :))

NCT 127 wanting to cuddle when they're feeling down 😔

Taeil: Even though at the start of the relationship he’s going to struggle with any sort of physical contact, as the bond between you two strengths, his insecurities will fade away. You two may have started off as strangers, but now you’re the person he shares all of his thoughts and feelings with.

So, after a less than perfect day, Taeil has no reservations about seeking you out for emotional support. He’s going to throw his arms around your waist and bury his face in the crook of your neck, refusing to let go until you’ve heard every last detail about his disastrous day. “Y/N, you’re so lucky you weren’t there. The guy is a complete asshole, do you know what he said to me while I was in the studio today? He told me that I apparently…”

He’s one of the quieter members, but on days like these he needs to vent, and that’s just what he’ll do for hours at a time. Clear your schedule because you’re spending the rest of the afternoon in bed listening to Taeil talk, and talk, and talk some more.

Taeyong: We all know how emotional he is, and it’s not that he tries to hide it from you, but he still isn’t comfortable enough to seek you out. Most people can’t grasp his emotional complexity. What some people might consider to be constructive criticism, can be one huge blow to his at times very fragile ego and self image. He wants your comfort, but he wonders if he’s earned it.

You’re going to have to be the one to recognize that something is wrong and force him to open up. At first he might push you away, making light of the situation, but at the end of the day there’s noway he’d ever say no to cuddling with you.

He won’t talk much, if at all, about the issue, but he will let you know how much you mean to him. “Y/N, I love you. You’re cute, and kind, and I could spend all night complimenting you.” Taeyong will cling to you the entire night because he is so extremely thankful that he has someone who cares so deeply about him in his life.

Yuta: He’s super straightforward about his thoughts and feelings, especially when it comes to your relationship. The one thing Yuta doesn’t do is hold back. If he’s feeling like crap, and he’s craving physical attention to make it better, he is going to let you know. “Babe, get your ass in the bedroom.” He shouts the minute he hears you walk through the front door.

“Seriously? Yuta, I just got back from the gym. I’m sweaty, and smelly, and I want to be alone. Later.” You refuse, dropping your bag on the floor as you head towards the bathroom, in desperate need of a shower.

If you won’t join him in the bedroom, for some much needed cuddles, then Yuta’s just going to have to join in the shower. It’ll start off super sweet and innocent. You’ll baby him and wash his hair while he tells you all about the shitty day he’s had, but the moment you’re about to turn off the water, he’s going to pounce on you, so he can let off all of his built up frustration.

Jaehyun: I don’t see him as much of a cuddler, but that’s only because once he gets his hands on you it’ll quickly escalate to something more. However, if he’s really going through a rough time, he might actually forget about sex for a few hours.

Like Yuta, Jaehyun is very direct with you about his needs in your relationship. He knows he can trust you with his emotions and he knows that you care enough to actually listen to what he has to say. If you’re laying in bed watching television, Jaehyun will come up behind you and pull you into his chest.

“I know you’re busy watching that soap opera you love so much, but you’re going to have to turn in off and focus the rest of your attention on me for tonight. I promise I’ll make it up you later.” The remainder of the night will be spent talking about whatever it is that’s got Jaehyun in a slump, with lots of cute, little kisses in between.

Winwin: He’s kind of like a giant baby that just wants to be nurtured and loved. Yes, he is a grown man who can take care of himself, but he’d much rather have you taking care of him. The second he walks through the door, he’s going to cement himself to your side.

“Babeeeee, the photographer was really mean to me during the photo shoot today.” That’s about all the detail he’s going to go into because it really is a silly reason to be upset, but sometimes we just can’t control our feelings. Once he starts feeling down, it isn’t something Winwin can just get over instantly.

You’ll spend a good half hour trying to bring up his mood, but you two still have to eat dinner and you have an assignment due the next day, so as much as you want to continue cuddling with Winwin on the sofa, you can’t. He’ll be whiny about it, but ultimately accept reality. That being said, he’ll hover over you all day until you finally go to bed, where the two of you can continue your cuddle session.

Mark: I have a feeling that there’s nothing Mark loves more than cuddling with the love of his life. Mark is shy, but he’s also open, and honest, and great with people. He’s a positive thinker, so if he’s feeling down something seriously terrible happened.

He’s going to ambush you out of nowhere with a giant bear hug and refuse to let go. Mark is going to give you all the details and then ask for your honest opinion on the matter. There’s no one’s decision that he trusts more than your’s because he knows that there’s no one else who cares as much about his wellbeing as you do.

After coming up with a solution, you’re both going to realize that you never want your little cuddle session to come to an end. You’ll spend the rest of the night snuggling on the couch, enjoying each other’s company.

Haechan: He literally lives off of your attention. When he’s had a bad day, you will definitely be the first person he’ll go to for support and cuddles. He never shuts up, unless he’s suffering through something, and then he completely shuts down. Haechan’s got pretty thick skin, so you know it’s really bad when he’s begging for cuddles.

Rather than talk about what a nightmare his day was, he’s going to have you sit with him on the sofa and play with his hair or rub his back. He wants to forget about what happened, so he’s going to ask you to fill in the silence with pretty much anything you want. “Y/N, tell me how shopping with the girls went yesterday.”

Normally he hates hearing people go on and on about their mundane lives, but nothing makes him him happier than hearing you talk, no matter what you have to say. Being near you and knowing that he has someone who loves him and who he loves is all he needs to overcome any hurdles that come his way.

Go without me

“Regina, I’m dying”

“No, you are not, Emma.”

“I am. We have to accept the reality.”

“I refuse to be left alone. Don’t you dare die on me, Miss Swan.”

“I’m dying and you call me Miss Swan?”

“I’ll call you whatever I want when you’re being an idiot.”

“Your idiot.”

“Mine. Now drink this.”

She hands Emma a glass of some fizzy concoction. Emma drinks it and burps, then burps some more.

“Wow. I feel so much better. What was in it?”

“Water, baking soda and vinegar. How are you feeling?”

“Less like I’m about to die, but my stomach still  hurts.”

“You ate half a chicken and fries and drank two cans of beer. I’m amazed you didn’t burst.”

“I’m never eating this much, ever again.”

“You said the same thing last week when I made enchiladas.”

“Not my fault your food tastes amazing.”

“Idiot,”Regina’s smiling at this.


Emma leans in to kiss Regina but no sooner do their lips touch that Emma lets out another burp. 

I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality… I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.
—  Martin Luther King, Jr.

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How would a slytherin flirt with a ravenclaw???

From unfortunate personal experience T-T
-Trying to make witty comments during movies
or about people around them.
-Unintentionally getting physically close to them but then as soon as their voice level even changes, backing up.
-“It’s your birthday? Oh, here’s a seashell, I just picked it up off the beach when I was visiting. Nothing special.” In reality you spent hours trying to pick out that seashell.
-There are two types of Slytherins for this one, either they give up and are very open about their feelings. Or they refuse to accept that the other person knows.
-Waiting for them at places they know they’ll be with a dramatic entrance.
-Trying to impress the Ravenclaw, but in reality just being kinda loud (even if they were originally a shy person)
-Constantly trying to find out things the Ravenclaw doesn’t know so they have some kind of power over the situation.

Of course, this isn’t all Slytherins! Thank you nonny!

Some people believe in love at first sight; others believe that love is part of a process, part of something that constantly develops. Maybe those kinds of love exist. I cannot tell. Because the only time I ever fell in love, it was with you. And I fell in love with you for every single thing that you are. It wasn’t love at first sight exactly. I knew who I was in love with when I realized that I had fallen in love with you. You weren’t a stranger anymore then, someone I just met. I knew you. I knew what decisions you made in your life, what dreams you wanted to become reality and I knew your smile. The one you fake, but also the one you reserve for me. I also refuse to accept that my love for you has been part of a process. Because it was clear all this time, ever since the first moment I saw you, that you are the one. I did not see nor know the truth back when I met you - how could I? I didn’t know you. -, but there was only one way for me to go from there: to fall in love with you. You never owed me anything. There are no debts in love. But I want you to know that I love you and I’m in love with you. I was yesterday, I am today and I will be tomorrow. I know now that once love is there, it will never leave. Love is rare, and I never knew what it would be like, what it would feel like. I know now ever since you are here. As long as you are by my side, I know what love is. If you leave, the love will still be here, but it won’t be visible. Not for others, not for you, and certainly not for me. Yet love is not evanescent. It can be ignored or shushed, but it can never go away. So you can leave me, my life will go on without you. Or you can stay, and my life will go on with you by my side. My love for you won’t die with whatever choice you make. But it is your choice whether this love will be lost for me or if it can exist for you too.
—  that book of mine about a love that I know exists (M.B.)

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I think people have been so use to someone like Taylor Swift writing about her exes (even if she pretends they are about the beards not the gfs) they presume he will too... the fact he has no exes to talk about would make that a tad difficult

I think people have been conditioned to accept that pop music is all about sex and romance – hetero sex and romance! – and can’t imagine that anyone could be deeper than that. They cast Harry into the slot in their brains reserved for “womanizing baby boy band poppet” and refuse to acknowledge the reality of him because they’d have to admit that they blithely accepted the marketing that was shoved at them. Harry isn’t a person to them, he’s a marketed persona. To hell with what he’s actually trying to say. Even setting aside Larry altogether, his actual words and actions cannot reasonably be read as those of a straight serial monogamist, which is the best possible interpretation of his previous image.



 From this gif post (taken with permission)

First off, we have

 White carnation: innocence, remembrance

This could both represent the Keneki we see at the beginning of the series, and the inner reminiscing of the past by the current Kaneki.

Don’t forget, don’t forget

Remember who I am

The flower was stained in blood, resulting in a

Striped Carnation: refusal (I’m sorry I can’t be with you, but I wish I could)

This could be viewed as his necessary rejection of his past self, regardless of how strongly he has been clinging on to it so far. This reminds me of these two separate lines from the OP

The me that has stood in this shaken, distorted world-

Was pierced by the memory of the time I laughed so innocently

It starts as just a droplet of doubt, but Kaneki has to accept the reality, no matter how unpleasant it is

and finally,

Red Spider Lily/ Higanbana: the flower of death

Higanbana is a very famous flower in Japan so the meaning is clear here. This flower is associated with loss, longing, abandonment and lost memories. It is believed that if one meets a person one will never see again, this flower will grow along one’s path. I find that there are elements of yearning and regret a midst the finality and interpret this as Kaneki being forced to abandon it all- the death to his former self.

I have changed; I can’t return anymore